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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Another Side of Donald Trump: Statesman and Leader

3/27/2016  articles

Donald Trump addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on March 21 and revealed the depth and breadth of his leadership ability. Trump understands the threats facing America, Europe, and civilized people world-wide. He laid out his policy positions proving he knew what he was talking about.

Democrats and Republicans who are ‘Trump-haters’ are scared to death that this side of the Donald will dispel their campaign to destroy him. They are fearful that the voters will resonate overwhelmingly to his vision, words of wisdom, and clear path to success.

“At AIPAC, Mr. Trump laid out a clear and concise vision about the threats that we and our allies face from the terror and hatred spewing from Islamic radicals in the Middle East. The speech was highly informed and clearly influenced by the smart people he is listening to around him…it was one of his first speeches delivered to an audience that wasn’t filled with Republican Party faithful. It was his first major address of the general election. And he aced it,” according to Charles Hurt. Washington Times, March 22.

Brussels Terroist Attack

The airport and subway in Brussels, Belgium were attacked by radical Islamic terrorists a few hours after Trump’s AIPAC speech leaving over 30 people dead and more than a hundred seriously injured.

In light of on-going terrorism, voters consider security for themselves and their families as a top priority issue. How will the presidential candidates handle their security? Is it all talk and no action? This will influence their vote during the primaries and general election. They are asking: what are Congress and the federal government doing to

Current Delegate Count

On March 22 there was a heavy voter turnout in Arizona. Trump dominated the GOP primary in this winner-take-all state. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TEXAS) dominated Utah, a caucus state.

Current delegate count: Trump leads with 739 delegates; Cruz follows with 465 delegates; Gov. John Kasich (R-OHIO) with 143 delegates.

Trump does well in state primaries using secret ballots. Cruz does well in state primaries using caucuses. The general federal election in November calls for secret ballots. Cruz claims only he can beat the Democrats and win the general election. Secret paper ballots favor Trump.

Voter Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is important because an enthusiastic voter tends to remain faithful to his or her candidate. This fuels momentum. These voters believe their candidate can be trusted to do what their rhetoric claims they will do. They want action, not empty promises.

Candidate Intelligence

There is no doubt that Trump, Cruz, and Kasich are intelligent candidates. They’re not perfect but have sustained battles in their respective fields and have come out on top. The only true ‘outsider’ candidate on the political front is Trump. Cruz fights the system but he is part of it.

Candidate Empathy

This is the ability to link with people of all classes and all ages, to relate to their hopes and fears. They want a leader ‘who can feel their pain’ and do something about it.

Voters want to share in a vision that bespeaks success and that can be achieved by a good leader who they will willingly follow. You need head, heart, and respected followers to succeed.


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