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Florida and Ohio vote Tuesday, Protestors at Trump Rallies, Ben Carson Endorses Trump

3/13/2016  articles

Voters and candidates are sitting on pins and needles, waiting to vote on Tuesday, March 15 in a ‘winner- take- all’ race for delegates. There are 99 delegates in Florida and 66 delegates in Ohio. If front runner Donald Trump wins one or both of these states he could be unstoppable to become the Republican nominee. He is ahead of the pack to secure the 1237 delegates needed.

The rivals, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FLA) and Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) claim that they need to win the races in their home states to stay afloat with a path to the nomination.

They have to convince the voters to vote for anybody but Trump. He is 100 delegates ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Rubio is urging his voters in Ohio to vote for Kasich and Kasich in Florida to vote for Rubio. They are teaming up.

Protestors attending rallies

Move-On.Org funded by billionaire George Soros, organized these professional protests. They engineered the protesters for Trump’s Chicago rally on Friday evening, March 11. The rally planned to ‘storm the stage’ and take down Trump. Secret Service and law enforcement recommended that the rally be cancelled. Trump did not want violence or to have anyone injured so he complied and cancelled the event. The protesters vowed to continue protests at any and all future Trump rallies.

On Saturday, March 12, these protests continued In Dayton, Ohio, later in Cleveland, and Kansas City in the evening. Law enforcement officers curbed the mayhem on horseback and with a little pepper spray in Dayton. Trump had law officers remove protesters and the rallies continued to the cheers from the audience.

Why are Trump’s rivals hurling scornful comments, saying he helped create the nervous atmosphere that is now sweeping the race with his fiery rhetoric. Gov. Kasich said, “Trump created a toxic environment.”

Is this what happened? Rather, it looks like a mirror image of voters who are angry and frustrated. They are losing their jobs, their livelihood.

These jobs are going to Mexico, China, Korea, Japan and other countries. When Trump mentioned free trade which includes NAFTA and the Pacific Trade Agreement, the audience cheered and the protesters interrupted.

Even Bernie Sanders said that free trade is breaking through in the rust belt. Trump noted that Ford, the Ford Foundry, and Eaton are moving to Mexico. This is resonating with voters in Ohio and Illinois and they don’t like it.

Why are the rivals attacking Trump so viciously?

Rubio, Kasich, and Cruz want to win the Republican nomination. “Anyone but Trump” but are they thinking about the voters who will lose if these trade policies are allowed to continue? Maybe not, but the enthusiastic voters are thinking of them.

The voters believe that “Trump can and will get the job done. He’ll bring back the jobs and industries that have migrated to those other shores.

On Friday, Dr. Ben Carson, former candidate, endorsed Trump

Dr. Carson: “there’s the one you see on the stage and there’s the one who’s very cerebral and considers things carefully…the American people would be comforted when they observe Trump’s gentler side.”


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