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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Mike Huckabee Running for President in 2016

5/10/2015  articles

On April 30, 2015, Vermont’s feisty socialist “Independent” U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for President of the United States

He cites those enemies of the people he wishes to put on the run are all members of the “billionaire class” especially those villains who belong to corporate America and who give heavily to Democrats who seek the highest office in the land—the presidency.

At this writing his sights are trained primarily on Hillary Clinton who with hubby Bill just can’t wait to renew their fights flinging expensive White House dinner ware at each other. One wonders if Bernie remembers or has consulted the Clintons about this high matter of state.

Sanders who has served 16 years in the House and 8 years in the Senate is quick to cite that he opposed the Iraq War in 2002 while in the House and that Hillary a Senator from New York voted in favor of that debacle.

As for Bernie, remember he’s the son of a Polish immigrant who finds time to spew his venom of the billionaire industrialists David and Charles Koch who do plenty of funding of Republican candidates in general and the conservative movement itself.

Note that Hilary is currently taking a lot of heat from Democrats (they’re not all billionaires). Sanders has cited the Clintons noting that it’s valid to raise questions about the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a non-profit philanthropy that has come under scrutiny.

Let’s face it. Sanders prefers to campaign in a folksy home-spun style. In fact, The Washington Post’s style and rhetoric pander to Sanders which identify him as a man of the people. Of himself Sanders says he has to defeat Hilary early on in the campaign.

But he reminds the people that they are “looking at a guy indisputably who has the most unusual political history of anybody in the United States Congress”

He insists that he will not register as a Democrat. Why? That is because he is the longest serving Independent in Congress and has even caucused with the Democrats in both the House and Senate.

Don’t look too hard but former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is running again with lots of vim and vigor.

A Bible college graduate who played well his role as an evangelical Baptist preacher is working extremely hard as a former governor seeking the votes of the working men and women of America.

“I don’t come from a family dynasty but a working family,” he proudly says to a packed audience in Hope which featured a performing color guard. He obviously had the Bush family, especially presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, in mind with this remark.

A recent television performance found Huckabee in a dynamic fighting form. He believes that with his Arkansas roots he is the best candidate to defeat the very highly financed Clinton machine. Your move!


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