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The Iowa State Fair - Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton

8/16/2015  articles

Meet Me in Des Moines, Iowa, Meet Me at the Fair…. also known as the Fair of Fried Food and Politics

Over a million people will visit the Iowa state fair, one of the largest in the country. Most, if not all of the candidates running for the Presidency in 2016 will be stumping here, each in his or her particular way to meet and greet prospective voters. Iowa caucuses will be held in February, 2016.

Former Governor, Mike Huckabee got on a platform and urged voters to vote for him even though February is a very cold month. He said if they planned to vote for somebody else they should stay home and stay warm.

Former Senator Rick Santorum was going to mount his soapbox and give a speech on Saturday.

“The Donald” proclaimed this the Summer of Trump

Trump, as flamboyant as ever preferred to walk into the crowd and answer any questions people wanted him to answer. His airplane and helicopter with large bold Trump written on them were evident for all to see.

Donald Trump is the one candidate for President who needs no introduction to those Americans who pay attention to what is going on in the news world and who are aware of the leading newsmakers. Simply stated he has no fear in taking giant steps to do what he believes is best for the United States.

Recently Trump admitted to coming down with a “massive headache.” Better put, as he said: He caught the headache from the only woman competing for the Republican presidential nomination – Carly Fiorina.

The New York Times, in a front-page story, Thursday August 13, noted Fiorina said she could not “spend very much of my campaign talking or thinking about Donald Trump.”

According to The Times, Mrs. Fiorina, a former Hewlett-Packard executive has tried to gain traction in the campaign by embracing the same tactics she employed against the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

As The Times reports, Mrs. Fiorina said concerning Hillary Clinton: “As a woman I am insulted when I hear somebody talk about women’s issues. Every issue is a woman’s issue…”

But when Trump has a hammer in his hands he plays to win by hitting hard, very hard indeed.

Trump’s longtime aide and adviser Roger Stone had a plan. In a 13-page memo to The Donald he urged him to state that “the system is rigged against the citizens” and that he is the one candidate who can’t be bought.

Looking ahead to a Trump Presidency, The Donald said he is going to turn the page. However, he resisted any advice and continued to go it alone.

Trump’s attackers

Those who have attacked Trump including Rick Perry, Lindsay Graham, and Rand Paul have lost support. Their polling numbers have dropped. Trump’s approval ratings vary from the mid-twenties to thirties. Dr. Ben Carson is up to double digits with the rest of the field lagging in single digit territory.

Pope Francis

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what Pope Francis is up to. In September he will visit the United States. Heavy on his agenda is believed to be the very sorrowful matter of clerical child sexual abuse.

Here’s hoping the Holy Father hits the immorality of this matter and moves to “clean house” of the deviants involved.


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