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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Is Marco Rubio a choke artist? Is Ted Cruz a liar?

2/28/2016  articles

Fearful that Donald Trump could win the 2016 Republican nomination, the party establishment launched an all-out attack on business executive Donald Trump, the GOP front runner.

This began on Thursday, Feb. 25, at the GOP debate hosted by CNN in Houston, Texas. The presidential candidates at the debate included Trump; Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla); Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex); Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio); and Dr. Ben Carson.

The latest delegate count is Trump, 82; Cruz, 17; Rubio, 16; Kasich, 6; Ben Carson, 4. Currently Trump is leading in Florida, Rubio’s home state. He has an impressive lead in many key states and expected to bring in many more delegates after the March primaries. Cruz is leading in Texas, according to two polls.

The Donald Trump Attack

Rubio and Cruz in a tag-team scenario attacked Trump on immigration, national health care, his personal finances and values. Opposition research is in play. Trump replied that Rubio and Cruz are inept politicians who are all talk and no action. He claimed Rubio is a “choke artist” who melts down under pressure as he did in the New Hampshire Republican debate. Trump said Cruz is a liar. He noted that no fellow Republican senators are endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz.

Rubio said Trump received $200 million from his father. In truth Trump got a $1 million loan from his father which he paid back. Cruz questioned Trump’s conservatism and fidelity to the Constitution, a litmus test to determine if Trump is fit to be the nominee of the Republican party.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney thinks there is a ‘bombshell’ involving Trump’s taxes. Trump said his taxes are being audited. His lawyers advised him not to release tax information until the audit is complete. Trump said he will release them at that time. Ted Cruz is anxious to see those taxes though neither he nor Rubio have released their taxes.

Is the fearful GOP establishment destroying itself?

“An old rumor that never seems to die is that the Republican Party just won’t quit “running scared” from the Democrats, but also from itself.” That’s the way Washington Times editor in chief emeritus Wesley Pruden calls it. “The Republican establishment, having seen that money doesn’t seem to work—nearly a quarter of a billion dollars have been spent against The Donald so far—this week called in dozens of Republican office holders to make ritual endorsements. Endorsers included mayors, aldermen, newspapers, sheriffs, senators, farmers, and dog-catchers.”

Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) Friday, Feb. 26 endorsed Trump - a big win

A former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, added his name to the lengthening roster of notables, who “can’t stand Trump.” Perhaps Fox is angry because Trump wants to bring back companies who are leaving the U.S. Carrier and Ford are examples. They are building manufacturing sites in Mexico and leaving thousands of American workers without jobs. China is also concerned about the upcoming election. Trump wants to bring our industries, companies, and jobs back to America.

The Super Tuesday primaries begin this Tuesday, March 1. Vote for your candidate.


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