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Is Trump the only candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton?

3/6/2016  articles

How does a Republican voter become a member? Support the establishment including the Republican establishment. Denounce front runner, Donald Trump. Vote for any Republican but Trump.

What are the roots of this religion? The Republican elites, chief elders claim that their conservatives go back to President Ronald Reagan. Some go further back to Sen. Barry Goldwater.

Having known Reagan, he would have been appalled at the antics happening with GOP candidates in 2016. His first commandment was that Republican candidates not speak ill of another Republican. He widened the voter base, increased enthusiasm among supporters, and promised a better life for Americans. He won the presidency and delivered.

Who does that sound like? Donald J. Trump. So why are GOP party elites hell-bent on destroying Trump? It’s called power and money. They have it now and they want to keep it. They want the status quo. The people who are the voters don’t want the status quo. They’re hurting too much. This includes the middle class who want a peaceful revolution with new leadership.

The elites say Trump speaks ill of his rivals. Having followed the debates, media including social media, Trump will respond to taunts begun by others. He doesn’t start invectives against GOP rivals. He will defend himself.

Elites want a brokered convention, a back room deal not transparent to the public. They would ignore the wishes of the public who voted for Trump and their delegates, and put forth their own choice of nominee. Do they really think the GOP voters and broadened base will come out and vote?

Other candidates claim Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders or any other Democrat. Trump is the only candidate who can beat Clinton or any other Democratic candidate. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FLA) claims Democrats are afraid of him. Are they really?

On FOX news Newt Gingrich said that there will be a frenzy among the Republican establishment to stop Trump from winning the nomination. “I don’t think the frenzy will work, and if it doesn’t then both Trump and the Republican leadership - the traditional leadership face a big decision…Republicans can take this campaign down the Barry Goldwater path and get beaten badly or be like Ronald Reagan and win a stunning victory.” The frenzy has already begun.

How did Trump Tower over the other candidates and win seven states on Super Tuesday, March 1?

The rural counties in states like Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Tennessee put Trump over the top at 60% +votes leaving other candidates way behind. Why did they vote for him? Trump talks about what the people are living and feeling every day, having a hard time making ends meet. Their jobs went away to other countries notably Mexico and China. These voters are not politically correct. Trump tells it like it is and he is the answer.

Former GOP 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, joins the battle to stop Trump

On Thursday, March 3, Mr. Romney called Trump a fraud, a phony, and a con man. He asked Trump for his endorsement and donations. Trump hosted two fundraisers at Trump Tower for Romney. Romney lost the presidential race in 2012. He would rather see Trump loose in 2016. Who is the real loser?

Romney changed his position on abortion, guns, immigration, socialized medicine, and global warming – a flip-flopper. He wasn’t enthusiastic and neither were the voters. They didn’t turn out.

Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC)

Trump snubbed CPAC where he was scheduled to answer questions. Protesters were prepared to demonstrate against him. Instead, Trump held rallies in Louisiana and Kansas prior to the primaries scheduled for this weekend. As Newt Gingrich noted it’s better to rally voters than attend a meeting.


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