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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Monday, February 1, 2016: Caucus Day in Iowa - the Primary Voting Cycle Begins

1/31/2016  articles

“Donald Trump is dominating the GOP presidential field in the first three states to vote in the 2016 campaign, including in Iowa where he has extinguished the lead once held by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC/Marist Poll finds.” Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal, Jan. 29.


Iowa: Donald Trump 32%; Ted Cruz 25%; Marco Rubio 18%; Ben Carson 8%;
New Hampshire: Donald Trump 31%; Ted Cruz 12%; Marco Rubio, 11%; John Kasich 11%;
South Carolina: Donald Trump 36%; Ted Cruz 20%; Marco Rubio 14%;

“Trump is positioned to run the house in these first three states said Lee M. Miringoff, director, Marist College Institute of Public Opinion. His supporters are committed and plan to turn out.”


Iowa: Hillary Clinton 48%; Bernie Sanders 45%; Martin O’Malley 3%;
New Hampshire: Bernie Sanders 57%; Hillary Clinton 38%; Martin O’Malley 2%
South Carolina: Hillary Clinton 64%; Berne Sanders 27%; Martin O’Malley 2%;

Problems facing Hillary Clinton

“Hillary faces the challenge of a classic case of ‘lose-lose’. If she’s indicted for playing fast and loose with the nation’s most important secrets, she loses immediately. If she isn’t indicted but saved by the bell with Mr. Obama ringing it as softly as he can (which won’t be very softly), the mere suggestion of such irresponsibility will follow her all the way to November and who knows. Maybe to making license plates.” Weslely Pruden, The Washington Times, Jan. 29.

GOP Debate #7 Jan. 28

Debaters for the main event included Ted Cruz , Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and John Kasich. The highlight of the main debate was a lengthy debate about illegal immigration between Cruz and Rubio.

Donald Trump boycotted the debate and opted to stage a competing rally on the Des Moines campus of Drake University where he raised money, $6 million, for and honored veterans. Trump spoke to a packed house of 700 with 100 people waiting outside. Even off stage he dominated the news cycle, as well as Twitter.

Split-screen, live stream coverage of the Fox GOP debate and The Trump Show -15 minutes into the debate

“The crowd roared when Trump came on-stage . “On the live-streams, the red hats of his fans – the ‘Make America Great Again’ headgear of choice – bobbed up and down on screen. On one side, Rubio was talking about “armageddon” on the other Trump talked about raising millions for veterans… as Rubio warned about the dangers of terrorism on the other screen Trump was bringing on stage Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, two stars of the undercard debate held earlier. At Trump’s invitation, they went across town to stand up for veterans.” Manuel Roig-Franzia, Washington Post.

A Look at the Republican Race - Without Trump

“The evening offered an almost perfect reflection of the state of the Republican race, with Trump occupying his own space and the rest of the candidates competing with one another to emerge as his principal rival…the others struggled with only limited success to distinguish themselves.

“What might have been a lively and spirited evening turned into a mostly tepid affair, one that neither stoked the anti-establishment disaffection …nor provided energy to Republican voters on the eve of the caucuses.” Dan Balz, Washington Post.

To be continued


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