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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Primaries: Who Votes? How Do They Decide? Who are Committed Voters?

2/6/2016  articles

How it used to be: Both the Republican base and Democratic base vote for the candidate endorsed by their respective parties. Independent voters will vote for any of the candidates because they are not beholden to either party. Often they wait until election day to make up their minds.

From coast to coast and border to border each party in every state tries to entice Independents and others to vote for their candidate.

Things should be looking up in the nation with gasoline prices at a low of $1.50 or less. The nation’s unemployment rate is at an eight-year low.

Many primary voters, including New Hampshire voters, believe that appearances can be deceiving.

How it is now: Voters see the future as bleak. They’re not optimistic. Fear and anger dominate the scene. Why?

  • The voters are suspicious. They do not trust the numbers put out by the federal government.
  • There is deep-seated anger because they can’t find jobs. Many lost their jobs and are holding down two or three jobs to make ends meet.
  • The president is planning to increase the gasoline tax at the pump, a tax which will remain, even if gas prices go sky-high.
  • They fear unfettered immigration in the face of on-going terrorism.
  • Heroin, Cocaine, and other opioid drugs are running rampant in New Hampshire and many other states with no end in sight. People are dying at an unprecedented rate.

As a result, New Hampshire voters, who follow their heads are supporting two candidates, outsiders Republican Donald Trump, and Democratic Socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Both have recognized and tapped into the anger and frustration of voters. Their appeals are based on ambitious plans to re-make the nation. But can either of them do what they promise? Who can get the job done?

Donald Trump

Trump is self-funding his campaign. He is taking Donations when they come in but giving them to charities. He is not dependent or beholden to or influenced by lobbyists. Voters resonate to this stance attracting Democrats as well as Republicans and Independents.

Trump has a proven track record in business of getting major projects completed, under budget and on or before scheduled time. Trump said he would build a border wall and deport millions of illegal immigrants. The Mexicans would pay for the wall. Presidents Reagan, Clinton, and others have deported large numbers of immigrants during their tenure.

If Trump says he’ll do something he’ll do it. He’ll negotiate with Congress, other heads of nations, international businesses, and anyone with the wherewithal. People want a government that works not one that stagnates. People want jobs. He’ll bring jobs back to America.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders does not have a super PAC supporting him like Hillary Clinton, JEB Bush, and other candidates have. His donations average $27 apiece but he took in over $20 million compared to Hillary Clinton’s $15 million recently, including her large donors.

Sen. Sanders would give everyone “free” government-run health care and “free” tuition to public colleges. He wants a political revolution to remake Congress friendlier to his ideas. He would increase taxes to 90% to pay for his plans. His supporters trust his honest, straight talk. They trust him.


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