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Republican Debate - September 16: Post Analysis and Poll

9/20/2015  articles

Morning Consult Poll, Friday, September 18 as reported on Drudge

Trump moved from 33% to 36%; Carson from 17% to 12%; Fiorina from 3% to 10%; Rubio from 2% to 9%; Cruz at 7%; all other candidates at or below 6%

Favorability ratings: Trump favorable at 67%, unfavorable at 30%; Carson favorable at 79%; Fiorina favorable at 56%, unfavorable at 28%; Bush, Christie, Walker all at 50% favorable; Kasich favorable at 38%

Running for Office

The expression that so-and-so “runs for office” brings to mind this writer’s school days of “running to catch the bus, the taxi, the street car etc. etc.

Sometimes I’d miss the bus and wind up successfully thumbing a ride to school, to work, to a movie, etc, etc. You can name it from your own experience.

Today the big national interest is practiced by all of us watching hopeful politicians run their heads hoping to win the big prestigious job of president, congressman, senator, mayor, governor, etc. It’s actually called “public service.” And, of course, if you’re lucky or play your cards right, the pay on payday turns out to be a whopper.

The head line in one national newspaper read “Trump Fields Debate Jabs.” That’s a good description of a tough winning candidate no matter what the office might be.

Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio

“In more than three hours of give-and-take, former Hewlett-Packard head Carly Fiorina displayed a flair for sharp responses, hoping to sound presidential, while Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio showcased his knowledge of foreign policy.

“The Donald” King of the Mountain

However, The Donald is still king of the mountain, let alone full of “blather and bluster, as entertaining and satisfying as ever to the millions who have had it up to here with the backing, filling, evading, dodging and dancing of politicians trying to avoid crunch time.” as former Washington Times Editor Emeritus Wesley Pruden so aptly phrases it.

Ben Carson

“Ben Carson, the family doctor everyone would like to have, has ‘the vision thing,’ but he doesn’t say very much about how he can get from here to there with only the vision.”

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christy, and Ted Cruz

All were more lively and true to their own style and form during this second debate. Rubio was polished but firm. Bush was statesman-like. By the end of the debate Trump and Bush were in agreement giving low fives to each other several times. Christy focused on the audience and working class people more worried about their jobs than listening to back and forth jabs between Fiorina and Trump.

Scott Walker is still biding his time but heating up his rhetoric. Rand Paul remains authentic and true to his principles. Mike Huckabee is a good speaker and is comfortable on the platform. John Kasich is focusing on New Hampshire, the upcoming primary in 2016.

The primaries are still five to six months away but closer than you think.


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