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Republican Presidenital Debate - Trump, Rubio, Cristie, Bush, Walker, Kasich, Cruz, Carson, Paul, Huckabee

8/9/2015  articles

Congratulations Fox News

More than 24 million people watched the two GOP presidential candidate debates on Thursday, August 6th – the greatest number in cable news history. In addition more than 10 million people watched on computer and mobile devices. Many of these included members of the younger generation, the-so-called millennials.” The 17 GOP candidates including Donald Trump were the great draw. The New York Times, August 7th calls Trump the winner in the debate. Paul Krugman, “…Donald Trump leads the field by a wide margin.”

Highlights from the Debate

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee on Ronald Reagan: Trust but verify; Huckabee on President Obama and his administration: Trust but vilify (vilify: agree with me or I’ll destroy you with malicious and abusive statements)

Donald Trump on Iranian deal: This is the worst deal ever. The U.S. gets nothing and Iranians get everything they wanted. This is no way to negotiate.

On Mexican deals: The drugs come into the U.S. and our money goes out to the Mexicans. We get nothing. The auto industry is building manufacturing companies in Mexico and leaving the U.S. We get nothing. The Mexican leadership is far smarter and craftier than the U.S. leadership.

Senator Rand Paul to Gov. Chris Christie on the Constitution and Privacy: The Patriot Act denies the constitutional rights to privacy for the American people as stated in the fourth amendment. I worked hard to protect American rights with my bill.

Governor Chris Christie replies to Senator Paul: After 9/11, I went to many funerals because New Jersey citizens were killed in that attack. Americans are less secure now because terrorists are difficult to track. I’d rather give up privacy and be secure than at risk waiting for another attack.

Rand Paul appeared petulant and out of sorts. His libertarian ideas do not seem to be resonating with domestic issues.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson identifying himself: I separated Siamese twins, operated on babies while in their mother’s wombs, and did what was considered by many people to be impossible. I took out half a brain, though coming to Washington you wouldn’t know it. We need new leadership.

Dr. Carson is a leader and has soft spoken strength as a speaker.

Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton is lying about Benghazi and her emails. She wants to fund Planned Parenthood and is the top contender for the Democratic Party nomination. The Progressive Democratic Party is destroying our culture, our nation.

Most observers of the debates called Carly Fiorina the winner in the first debate of seven contenders. Some said she was the winner in both debates including the final debate of ten.

Jeb Bush appears to be the odds-on favorite. He has strong financial backing. Former Governor Bush related his success in putting forth school choice three times to the citizens of Florida. He raised the standards and graduation rates rose well above what they were. Jeb Bush cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich could be his biggest threats.

Senator Marco Rubio: Many people consider him to have the best raw talent. He has a pleasant smile and outgoing attitude. According to Rich Lowry “Rubio doesn’t threaten or alienate people.”

Senator Rubio on Hillary Clinton: She talks about having no money but I lived paycheck to paycheck most of my life.


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