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The Bumpy Road to the White House: Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie

5/24/2015  articles

There’s an old piece of advice about elections, especially the counting of the votes: “Count till you win.”

Many of you can remember the “close elections” between candidates for House and Senate in your state. Those ballot battles were not settled until a few days after the voters had spoken.

The ballots were impounded and taken to city hall. Often recounts of the votes were ordered under the assumption an honest recount would be made.

You might say that the winners often appeared to be predetermined forcing the poll workers and vote challengers not to call it quits until the “right” candidates had won or lost.

Enough of looking at yesteryear, let’s look at today.

Wesley Pruden, Editor Emeritus of The Washington Times, gave Hillary Clinton an unexpected spanking by writing, “She is turning her campaign into a game of hide-and-seek, and the party is terrified. Some leading Democrats are beginning to say out loud what they have said privately for weeks: “She took a spanking on the Sunday talk shows, with her party critics focusing on her reluctance to speak up on several key issues, including one or two that have been close to the beating heart of her party.”

“The rebukes are still softly stated, but there’s power in her understatement. Sen. Diane Feinstein, a powerful California Democrat, says it would be “very helpful” if Hillary took a stand on the Trans-Pacific trade agreement, which President Obama is trying hard to push through Congress. If he makes it, the credit will go to free-trade Republicans. Democrats beholden to the labor unions, most of them, threaten to deprive the president of a majority of his own Democrats.”

David Ignatius of The Washington Post says her silence on the trade debate in Congress is “deeply troubling,” which is soft speech for “bad.”

With all of the scandals brewing about the meandering Clinton Cash for influence, Mark Hemingway of The Weekly Standard writes there is an impending chorus of “but I’ll vote for her anyway.” The Clinton spin-meisters are counting on that. The willing media will continue their drum beat supporting Hillary.

Chris Christie Calls for Middle Class Leadership, Takes Swipe at Obama

In his second speech in New Hampshire, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie outlined an overhaul to entitlement programs such as Social Security last month—and marks his second visit to the state in a week as he works to lay the groundwork with possible Granite State voters ahead of a potential White House run in 2016.

He said President Obama’s policies were to blame for the comparatively weak growth during the current economic recovery.

“In my view, this weak growth is no coincidence. It is the direct result of the policies that this president, the worst economic president since Jimmy Carter, has put into position.”

“Under this president, we have a roaring financial markets economy for the wealthy and a weak economy for the middle class,” Mr. Christie said. “He—this president -- has worsened income inequality through his policies.”


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