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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Why Are Trump and Bernie so Popular?

2/14/2016  articles

Most voters are angry, fearful, and in revolt. Why? They are hurting and feel the pain. Their world and future look bleak. The American dream has become a nightmare.

  • Loss of jobs; sinking economy; global financial crises
  • Lack of national security; open immigration; terrorism
  • Little or no competent leadership; distrust of the establishment

What can voters do? Defy the establishment and status quo by voting for an outsider in both the primary and national elections.

Republican Donald Trump and Socialist Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) project dynamic leadership, authority, and confidence. Voters see Trump and Sanders as honest and authentic. They attract enthusiastic and committed crowds which result in massive victories at the polls. Both attack the establishment with differing solutions.

Trump Solutions: Campaign Slogan: Make America Great Again

Trump promises to bring industries and jobs back from China, Mexico, and other countries to the United States. He’s a successful American and international business man with a track record. He analyzes the situation, plans, and gets the job done, on time and within budget. A large number of voters believe that this is what America needs. This is what voters believe he can get done. He’s a negotiator who works with the facts, not “pie-in-the-sky” unworkable compromises harmful to Americans.

Trump would uphold the U.S. Constitution including the right for all Americans to practice their religion. Though not an evangelical Christian he claims to be a Presbyterian Christian. He would protect their rights as promised in a recent rally at Liberty University. University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr. endorses him.

He would uphold the second amendment: the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Sen. Sanders Solutions: Tax the Rich Wall Street Speculators and Middle Class

Sanders is promising a lot of freebees including college education and single payer universal Obama health care for all. This socialist approach as envisioned by the Senator is resonating with a large number of voters, especially those who are in the 18 – 30 year old bracket. Sanders took 83% of this vote to Clinton’s 16%. As one college student and voter said, “I don’t know if Senator Sanders will be able to succeed in all he promises, but it feels good to hear how enthusiastic, sincere, and positive he is.”

The Senator could be taking an idea from Trump’s book, Art of the Deal. When you negotiate, think outside of the box and go for the most that you can in the beginning. You can always negotiate down from that point.

The Senator is an inspirational speaker. He believes in what he is saying. He brings in millions of dollars in campaign cash from donors who give $27 or less. In the New Hampshire primary election on February 9th he beat Hillary Clinton by a landslide. In spite of Sanders success Clinton gained more Democrat delegates. There are Super Delegates within the Democrat Party.

Trump and Sanders have the momentum, rolling along toward nominations within their respective parties.

For Democrats, Hillary was crowned nominee-in-waiting. Early on for Republicans, Jeb Bush was heir apparent and expected to win handily. Since then establishment Republicans sought their salvation with Senator Ted Cruz or Senator Marco Rubio – anyone but Trump.

Surprise! Who would have thought it was possible? This would be the people who voted overwhelmingly for both Sanders and Trump.


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