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Will Donald Trump Survive the Attacks on Him in His Bid for the Presidency?

4/3/2016  articles

Donald Trump is living the role of a man who believes that what he does is the American way of doing business, be it changing a city’s skyline with powerful sky towers or winning the presidency of the United States of America.

Cheap attacks and lies aimed at him irritate him as they would any normal leader, but Trump, with a will of iron, does not allow them to totally overwhelm him causing him to run from the fight under cover of cowardice.

Americans should keep in mind that, according to journalist Charles Hurt, writing from Boca Grande, Fla., “Trump stands to walk into the Republican Convention in Cleveland with a sizable plurality—if not an outright majority—of votes from primary voters. It will be his first priority to unify the party around him, the new king of the Grand Old Party.”

Keep in mind that political power peddlers do not care one bit about Trump except to get him out of their way.

The Vicious Attack Force: Republican National Committee (RNC) elites; GOP presidential candidates: Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich; Washington Insider elites; Wall Street Power Players; Democrats and the Media. These attacks are vicious because none of these attackers want Donald Trump to upset their “apple carts.” They like the status quo the way it is, no matter what promises they have made to the voters and public at large.

Republican National Committee held meetings after the Romney Presidential loss of 2012. The RNC deduced that they had to expand their base dramatically. Trump fulfilled this mandate by bringing millions of dedicated voters into the party to vote in the primary and the national elections. These are independents, cross-over Democrats, former dissatisfied Republicans who chose to not vote for the RNC presidential nominees in 2008 and 2012, and people qualified to vote but who have never voted before.

These people will vote only for Trump because they like who he is, what he has done, and what he promises to do to make America great again. Along with a plethora of Republican voters in good standing these people will not vote for a “fresh new face” a possibility stated by Karl Rove recently.

Once Trump is the GOP nominee, Democrats know that he can beat any of their current presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and any potential candidate. That’s why Obama, Democrats, and their media beholden to Democrats attack Trump mercilessly.

“Washington insiders feel threatened by Mr. Trump because he is an outsider who self-finances his campaign and can’t be bought….You’ve got the establishment that doesn’t want someone like Trump because their power goes away, their access. They can’t control somebody that they didn’t put money into.” S.A. Miller The Washington Times. This is appealing to the new voters in the expanded base.

Trump said he would pick a political person to be his vice president rather than choose someone from the outside. He would want a vice president who supported his vow to cut taxes, re-negotiate trade and military deals, and alter the U.S. roll in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He never said we should sever our ties with NATO.


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