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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
G - I

G Pac
G Scott Macnaughton Campaign
G-O-P Is Bananas Fund
G. Thomas Lee Campaign
G4S Florida Pac
G4S Tn Pac
Ga Manufactured Housing Assn Pac
Ga Veterinary Medical Assn Political Action Cmmte
Gabriel Bey Campaign Committee
Gabriella For Assembly 2014
Gail D Serota Campaign Account
Gail Dekreon For Judge
Gail Lynch Abbott Election Committee
Gail Wadsworth Campaign
Gain Pac
Gainesville Federated Republican Women's Club
Gale Alexander For State Representative
Gale D. Candaras
Gale Wilkins Committee To Elect For City Council
Galen Clagett For Mayor
Galen Clagett Friends Of
Gallagher For Auditor
Gallagher For Mullica Twp Committee
Galloway Township Republican League
Galveston County Citizens For Proven Leadeship
Galveston County Citizens For Responsible Government
Galveston County Voters For Responsible Leadership
Galveston Stonewall Democrats
Galveston's New Voice
Galyean For Congress Inc
Game Changer Pac
Ganey For Congress
Gapb Pac Inc.
Garagiola For Congress
Garamendi For Lt. Governor
Garbage Haulers For Citizen Choice
Garber 2002
Garces For Delegate
Garden State Equality Federal Fund, Inc.
Garden State Equality, Inc.
Garden State Equality, L.L.C.
Garden State Forward
Gardena Police Officers Assoc Pac
Gardere Wynne Sewell L L P Campaign Fund
Gardiner For Congress
Gardiner For Freeholder
Gardiner For Kirkland City Council
Gardner For Assembly 2012
Gardner For Mayor 2012
Garey Conrad Friends Of
Garn Mabey For Assembly District 2
Garnet F Coleman Campaign
Garrett County Law Enforcement Officers P. A. C.
Gary Boswell For Judge Executive
Gary Burton Committee
Gary Burton Committee
Gary Chandler For Legislature
Gary Doc Dillon For State Senator
Gary Forby Campaign Fund
Gary Ivey For Mayor
Gary Johnson 2012, Inc
Gary Kendrick For Assembly
Gary L Groelle For Sheriff
Gary Latanich For Congress
Gary Locke Committee To Re-Elect Governor
Gary Low For Jp 4
Gary Miller For Sheriff Campaign
Gary Peters For Attorney General 2002
Gary Pierce 2002
Gary Reese Campaign Fund
Gary S Silow For Judge
Gary Siplin Campaign
Gary T. Steele For Governor
Gary Thompson For City Council
Gary W Elkins Campaign
Gary W. Holiway
Gas-Oil Political Action Committee
Gaston Campaign
Gaston Cantens Campaign Account
Gastroenterology Center Of The Midsouth Pac
Gatewood For Governor
Gatlin For City Council Pac
Gators For Excellence In Education Cce
Gators For Romney
Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund
Gayle For Senate
Gayle Gear Campaign
Gaztanaga, Lorenzo - Personal Treasurer Account
Gdo Democratic Victory Fund 02
Ge Free Yolo
Geanie Morrison Campaign
Geauga County Republican Party
Geauga People For Parks
Geiger For Sheriff
Gen Olson Volunteer Committee
Gen State Cce Nonpartisan Pac For Good Govt
Gen-Probe Pac
Gena M. Swartz Campaign
Gene Gantt For Assembly 2012
Gene Newman For Sib
Gene Roberts Campaign Fund
Gene Wells For County Commissioner District 1
Gene Wilson Nc House
General American Life Associates Pac
General Lafayette Reform
General Lafayette Reform For Recall Of Cullen
General Lafayette Reform For Recall Of Rhodes
General Lafayette Reform For Taxes
General Majority Pac
General Motors Company Pac - Michigan
General Motors Company Pac- Ny (Gm Pac-Ny)
General Motors Company Political Action Committee - Missouri
Generation America
Generation Democrat
Generation Forsaken Ltd
Generation Gop
Generation Next
Generationist Political Action Committee
Generations Federal Fund
Generations Pac
Genesee County Republican Committee
Genesee Victory Fund
Genethia Hayes For School Board
Genie Ohrenschall
Genon Energy Political Action Committee
Gentz For Assembly
Geoffrey Baum Pasadena Community College 2009
George Allen Committee
George Allen Committee
George Allen For President Draft Committee
George Craig 2013
George For Assembly
George French Campaign Fund
George G. Cromer Campaign Fund
George L Leventhal Friends Of
George Leach For State Senate District 32
George Logothetis Republican For Illinois State Representative
George Mason Democrats
George May Campaign
George Schaefer For State Attorney Campaign
George Schwartz For Delegate
George Sheldon For Attorney General
George Silver For Civil Court Committee
George Thomas For Senate
George Toothman Campaign Fund
Georgetown Area Republican Women Pac
Georgetown Divide Republican Women Federated
Georgia Association Of Educators Fund For Public Education
Georgia State Afl-Cio Political Action Acount
Georgia 21St Century Fund, Inc.
Georgia 7Th District Republican
Georgia Addictions Counselors Association Political Action Committee
Georgia Advicacy Council
Georgia Assoc. Of Democratic County Chairmen, Inc.
Georgia Association Of College Republicans
Georgia Association Of College Republicans
Georgia Association Of Mortgage Brokers Pac, Inc.
Georgia Bankers Association P.A.C. - State
Georgia Better Gov Fd
Georgia Black Gay And Lesbian Political Action Committee
Georgia Branch, Agc Pac
Georgia Business Political Action Committee, Inc.
Georgia Business Properties Inc
Georgia Chamber Of Commerce Independent Expenditure Committee Inc
Georgia Chamber Of Commerce State Pac Inc
Georgia Chiropractic Association Pac, Inc
Georgia Coalition For Job Creation, Inc.
Georgia Congressional Distrtict 13 Republican Party
Georgia Conservation Voters Action Fund
Georgia Conservative Party
Georgia Conservatives Fund, Inc.
Georgia Cupac
Georgia Dempster Campaign
Georgia Emc Pac, Inc.
Georgia Families Deserve The Best, Inc.
Georgia For Democracy Pac
Georgia For Wesley Clark
Georgia Forestry Association Political Action Committee
Georgia Forward
Georgia Group Pac
Georgia Health Care Assoc.- Political Action Commi
Georgia Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association Hotelpac, Inc.
Georgia House Republican Trust Inc
Georgia Mcdonalds Operators Association Pac
Georgia Medical Political Action Committee
Georgia Mining Association Committee For Good Govt
Georgia Modern Whig Party, Incorporated
Georgia Party Of The Veterans? Party Of America
Georgia Pharmacy Association Political Action Committee, Inc.
Georgia Poultry Federation Pac Inc
Georgia Power Company State Employee Pac Inc.
Georgia Republican Assembly Inc
Georgia Republican Senatorial Trust
Georgia Restaurant Association Pac, Inc.
Georgia Sportsmen Pac
Georgia Victory Fund, Inc.
Georgia Wholesalers For Better Gov (Gwbg)
Georgia Women For Freedom
Georgia Women For Freedom Fund
Georgia Women Vote Action Fund, Inc.
Georgia Young Republicans Of Henry County
Georgia's Win List, Inc.
Georgianext, Inc.
Georgians For Affordable Health Care Action
Georgians For Conservative Leadership
Georgians For Family Law Reform P.A.C.
Georgians For Hodges, Inc.
Georgians For Positive Growth
Georgians For Steve Stancil
Georgians For Truth, Inc.
Georgias Best Pac
Georgina Ruiz Goldman
Geovani V Hernandez
Gerald Dunn For Wylie City Council Place 5
Gerald L. Klein For Judge 2010
Gerald W Messer
Gerling For State Senate
Germantown Spirit Political Action Committee
Germond For Congress
Geronimo Research, Education And Training, Inc.
Gerry Dembrowski For Congress
Gerry Lynn For Meade County Judge Executive
Gerry Werven For Minnesota Senate
Gerson For Congress
Gerson For Congress
Gerson For Senate
Get Ahead With Fred
Get Cleveland To Vote
Get Government Out Of Politics
Get Government Out Of Politics 2
Get It Built Tehachapi Hospital
Get Out The Conservative Vote
Get Out The Vote America
Get Richmond Working
Get Things Done Make Government Work
Getco Pac
Getting Stronger
Ghrist For Congress
Gibbons For Supreme Court
Gibbons Leadership Fund
Gibens 4 Congress
Gietzen For Grps
Giffords 2002
Gil Coronado Campaign
Gilbert Baker For State Senate
Gilbert Cedillo For State Senate
Gilda Jacobs For Senate
Gilford L. Gillen Campaign Fund
Gilligan For City Commission
Gilliland Committee To Elect To Senate
Gilman Campaign
Gilroy Kids 2008
Gilyard For Augusta
Ginella For Judge Committee
Ginger Soud For Mayor Campaign
Giordano For Assembly
Gisele Pollack For Broward County Court Judge, Gp7
Git-R-Dunn Pac
Giuliano For Congress
Give A Rip Org
Give Me Five For Florida Future Inc
Gkcds Committee
Gkcwpc Separate Segregated Fund
Glades Republican Club
Glaser For State Representative
Glass For Congress, Inc.
Glassman For First Selectman
Glazer's Of Texas Pac
Glazers Louisiana Pac
Glembocki & Hand For Dennis Township Committee
Glen Bailey Campaign
Glen Cove Democratic City Committee
Glen Cove Republican City Committee
Glen R. Maynard Campaign 2002
Glenda Sanders For Superior Court Judge
Glendale Alliance
Glendale Firefighters
Glendale Teachers Public Education Improvement Fund
Glendorans For Equal Representation
Glenn Addison Senate Campaign
Glenn Chapman Committee To Elect
Glenn County Republican Assembly
Glenn Duncan Chino City Council Committee
Glenn Fallin Campaign
Glenn Harbaugh For Dahlgren District Supervisor
Glenn Ivey For Congress
Glenn Lightsey For Sheriff Campaign
Glenn Trowbridge For City Council
Glick For Prosecutor
Global Strategy Foundation
Glocester Democratic Town Committee
Gloucester County Chapter Nj Federation Of Democratic Women
Gloucester County Democrat Executive Committee
Gloucester Township Democrat County Committee
Gloucester Township Republican Municipal Committee
Glouster County Republican Committee
Gm Citizens For A Better Florida
Gm Citizens For A Smarter Florida
Gm Trial Lawyers For A Better And Smarter Florida
Gno Afl-Cio Pac
Gnyada Inc Political Action Committee
Go Blue Pac
Go Boca
Go Buck Campaign
Go Richmond Pac
Go West Michigan Pac
Go-Pac Sponsored By Great Oakland Public Schools
Goddard's Got Art!
Goetz For State Representative
Goff For The 34Th
Gold And Silver Pac
Golden California Committee
Golden For Congress
Golden Gate Restaurant Association Pac
Golden Isles Minority Republican Caucus
Golden Spread Political Action Committee
Golden State Alliance Supporting Dr. Richard Pan For Senate 2014
Golden State Leadership Council
Golden State Leadership Fund
Golden State Voter Registration Project
Golderer For Board Of Education
Goldfinger Leadership Fund
Goldman Sachs Political Action Committees
Goldstein For Judge
Goldstein For Manalapan
Goldstone For Council
Goldware For Rusd
Gomez For Town Board
Gonzalez For Congress Committee
Gonzalo Garcia Campaign Fund
Good Chemistry Pac
Good Foundation Florida
Good Government Action Fund
Good Government Citizens For
Good Government Committee Inc
Good Government For Florida Inc
Good Government For Georgia Committee
Good Government For The 45Th
Good Government For Utah
Good Government Fund
Good Government Fund - Louisiana
Good Government Golf Fund
Good Government Leadership Council
Good Government Montgomery Pac
Good Government Now
Good Government Pac
Good Government Political Action Com
Good Government Political Action Committee
Good Jobs And Schools For Colorado Llc
Good Jobs Pac A Sponsored Committee Of Unite Here Local 2850
Goodlatte Blunt Joint Fundraising Committee
Goodluck Na Kowa Usa Inc.
Goodman For Kansas House, District 41
Goodman For Senate
Goodpaster Committee To Elect For Center Township Trustee
Goodrich Campaign Committee
Goooh Florida
Goooh Florida Pac
Gop Donor.Org
Gop Funding
Gop Grassroots Leadership Fund
Gop Victory Club Of Columbia County Oregon
Gop Youth Scholarship Fund
Gopac Inc
Gopac-New York
Gopal For Assembly
Gopal For County Chairman
Goproud, Inc.
Goproud, Inc. 2.0
Gopvalues Com Corp
Gordon A Goodin Campaign Account
Gordon Allen For Nc House
Gordon Quan Campaign
Gordon Smith Oregon Victory Committee-Non Federal
Gore-Lieberman Recount Committee
Gorman 2000
Goshen Republican Town Committee
Gosule Committee
Gotv Pac
Gotv-Grassroots Communications
Gotva Inc
Goughnour For Senate
Gounares For Congress Committee
Govern For California Action Committee
Government Accountability Project Pac
Government For The People
Government Reform Coalition
Government Relations Education Fund
Government That Works For You
Governor Race - William Shea Candidate
Governors Special Initiatives Office
Govolusia.Org, Inc.
Gpace Action
Gps Pac
Grabauskas For Treasurer
Gracie's List
Grade Pac
Graf For Congress
Graham Richard For Mayor Committee
Grain Pac
Grand Canyon Caucus
Grand Canyon Committee For Justice & Fairness
Grand Lake Administrative Fund
Grand Pac
Grand Rapids Chamber Comeback Political Action Committee
Grand Rapids Citizens For Municipal Term Limits
Grand Ronde For Open And Honest Leadership
Grand Strand Economic Improvement Alliance
Grand Strand Golf Political Action Committee
Grand Strand Restaurant Political Action Committee
Grand Strand Statewide Political Action Committee
Grand Traverse County Republican Committee
Grandview Heights City Schools Parents With Miller
Grange Mutual Casualty Company Ohio Pac
Grange Mutual Casualty Company Pac
Granger For Supervisor
Granger Political Action Committee
Granholm Leadership Fund
Granite State Teamsters Drive
Grant Cogswell For Seattle City Council
Grant For Senate
Grant M Axon Gallatin County Attorney Candidate
Grant Maloy For Seminole County Commission Dist.1
Grass Roots Candidates
Grass Roots North Carolina Forum For Firearm Education Pvf
Grass Roots Workers Of Maryland, Pac
Grassroots Advocates For The 2Nd Amendment, Inc.
Grassroots America We The People
Grassroots Democrats
Grassroots East - Federal
Grassroots For Democracy, Inc.
Grassroots For Florida
Grassroots Fund
Grassroots Information Project
Grassroots Nevada Llc
Grassroots Political Action Committee
Gray For Congress
Gray For State Auditor
Graymont Pac (Graypac)
Graziani 2010
Great American 9-12 Project
Great American Patriots Pac Non-Federal Account
Great Education Colorado Independent Expenditure Committee
Great Genesis
Great Lakes Administrative Account
Great Lakes Education Project
Great Lakes Future Fund
Great Lakes Leadership
Great Lakes Political Acttion Committee
Great Lakes Tea Party Pac
Great Park, Yes A Project Of The Safe And Healthy
Great Public Schools Los Angeles Pac
Great Public Schools Political Action Committee
Great Schools Denver
Great Seattle Schools
Great South Bay Political Action Committee
Greater Anesthesia Service & Pac
Greater Baltimore Committee Political Action Commi
Greater Basking Ridge Tea Party
Greater Carlisle Area Republican Club
Greater Dallas Republicans
Greater Dallas Republicans Political Action Commit
Greater Detroit Leadership Pac
Greater Florida Leadership Group
Greater Florida Leadership Group Pc
Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council Pac
Greater Greenville Business Leadership Committee
Greater Greer Business Leadership Committee
Greater Houston Council Of Federated Republican Women
Greater Johnstown Regional Pac, Inc.
Greater Kansas City Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Greater Lafayette Democracy For America
Greater Mclean Republican Womens Club
Greater Nashville Lambda Democrats
Greater New Orleans Republicans Fund
Greater New Orleans Republicans, Inc.
Greater Okc Chamber Pac
Greater Oklahoma City Legislative Committee
Greater Opportunities For Pennsylvanians
Greater Paterson Republican Club
Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee
Greater Pinellas Democratic Club Pc, Inc.
Greater Riverside Chambers Of Commerce Pac
Greater Rochester Victory 2002 Formerly Greater Ro
Greater Santa Barbara Lodging & Restaurant Association Pac
Greater Tampa Bay Socialist Party Elections Committee
Greater Tomorrow Political Action Committee
Greater West Bloomfield Republicans
Greater Wisconsin Pac
Greater Wisconsin Political Fund
Green Campaign 2002
Green Caucus Inc.
Green Change
Green Coal Now!, Inc.
Green For Senate
Green Mountain Future
Green Pac
Green Party Of Colorado
Green Party Of Jefferson County
Green Party Of New Hampshire
Green Party Of Pennsylvania
Green Party Of Princeton, Nj
Green Party Of Pueblo
Green Party Of Riverside County
Green Party Of Ventura
Green Team Majority Fund
Green-Rainbow Party Federal Fund
Green-Rainbow Party State Fund
Greenberg 2010
Greenberg Traurig Llp Texas Pac
Greenberg Traurig Ny Political Action Committee
Greene County Republican Central Committee
Greenhills Going Forward
Greenleaf For Congress
Greenlee County Democrats
Greenlee For Iowa House Committee
Greenlee Partners State Pac
Greenspace Nola Pac
Greenville County Republican Party
Greenville County Republican Women's Club
Greenville Real Estate Investors Association
Greenwald Campaign Fund
Greenwood Mills Political Action Committee
Greg Abbott For Lieutenant Governor
Greg Aguilar For Congress
Greg Barreto Foe Ne Oregon Hd 58
Greg Bedard For Bart Board Committee
Greg Bogdanski For State Representative
Greg Decker For Senate
Greg For Gc
Greg Gay For Treasurer
Greg Good For Newark City Council
Greg Gray Campaign Fund
Greg Harris For Congress
Greg Kraft For Alvord School Board- Trustee Area 4- 2014
Greg Leffew Campaign Fund
Greg Lyman For City Council 2012
Greg Porter For State Representative
Greg Pyle Campaign
Greg Rublee For Congress
Greg Ryberg For Treasurer
Greg Sebourn For Fullerton City Council 2012
Greg Turpin For Virginia Beach
Gregg County Democrates
Gregory Adams For Ceo
Gregory L. Williams Campaign
Gregory R Perry Campaign Fund
Gregory Royston For Pvp School Board
Gregory S. Griggers Campaign
Gregory Tubeck Committee To Elect For New York City Council
Greig Smith For City Council
Greimel For Michigan
Grey Victory
Griffin For Prosecutor Committee
Griffith Republican Precinct Organization
Grimsley For State Treasurer
Grinnell For Mayor
Griswold Citizens For Progress
Grocers Political Action Committee
Gross For Governor
Grosse Ile United
Groveport Madison Committee For Better Schools
Grover C. Trask Campaign Committee
Grow Elect 527 Fund
Grow Freedom Grow Prosperity
Grow Our Party
Growing Chesterfield, Inc.
Growing Economic Opportunities
Growing Florida's Future
Growing Florida's Future
Growing Resources For Excellent Auburn Teaching
Grown-Ups In Politics
Growpac - Non Federal
Growroots For Georgia, Inc.
Growth Drives Progress Council
Growth Pac
Gruenberg For State House Committee
Grupo Caiman
Gsipp-Pac Inc
Gsp Consulting Corporation Pac
Gspo Pac
Gsrm Good Government Committee
Gte Virginia -State Political Action Comm
Gtech Corporation Political Action Committee - New York
Gtonow Inc
Guadalupe County Republican Women's Club
Guard Pac
Guardian Life Insurance Company Of America New York State Pac
Guardian Pac
Guilford County Democratic Party
Gulf Coast Builders Exchange Cce
Gulf Coast Builders Exchange Pc
Gulf Coast Conservatives
Gulf Greyhound Partners And Employees Political Action Committee
Gulf Legacy Alliance Action Committee
Gulf Pac
Gulf States Toyota State Pac
Gulfport Democratic Club Political Action Committee
Gumbel For House
Gumbo Pac Non Federal Account
Gun Owners Of Calif Campaign Com
Gun Rights Alabama
Gunfreekids - New Jersey
Gunfreekids - New York Pac
Gunfreekids - Usa
Gurrola For Assembly
Gus Garcia Mayoral Campaign
Gus Wingfield For State Treasurer Campaign
Guthrie For Senate
Gutierrez For Congress
Gwendolyn Hall Brady Political Action Committee
Gwinnett Citizens For Splost Renewal
Gwinnett Citizens To Re-Elect Judge Richard Winega
Gwinnett Kids Count 2008 Education Bond Campaign Committee
Gwinnett Minority Political Action Coalition
H Scottie Elam
H. G. Hill Realty Political Action Committee
H.S. Rock Gibboney, Iii, Campaign
Haake For Congress
Haapoja Volunteer Committee
Haas For Judge Committee
Hackensack Cititzens For Change
Hackett 14 Assembly
Hackett For Township Committee
Hadley Democratic Town Committee
Hafa Pac Corporation
Hafen For Congress
Haitian American Republican Political Action Cte
Haitian Political Alliance Of Union County
Hakka Public Affairs Of Houston
Hal Jordan For Congress
Hal Leland For Mayor
Hal Ray For Senate Campaign
Hal Valeche For Congress
Haley's Leadership Pac
Halifax Citizens Political Action Committee
Hall For Chairman
Hall For House District 29
Hall For Yakima County Auditor
Hall Of Fame Pac
Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman Employee Political Action Cmte Llc
Halt Hilary
Halter For Arkansas
Halvorsen For House
Hamilton County Democrat Club
Hamilton County Libertarian Party
Hamilton County Young Democrats
Hamilton County Young Republicans Inc
Hamilton Township Citizens For Action
Hamilton Township Democratic Committee
Hamlin For Congress
Hammer And Nails Club Greater Fort Worth Builders
Hammer For Congress
Hammond For Assembly
Hammonton Republican Committee
Hampton Cnty Republican Party
Hampton For Congress
Hampton Open Government Pac
Hampton Republican Town Committee
Hampton Roads Business Roundtable Pac
Hampton Roads Realtors Political Action Committee
Hampton Roads Transportation Solutions Political Action Committee
Hanaway For Speaker
Hancock Hope House, Inc
Hands Off My Ballot, Inc.
Hanger For Governor
Hank Goldberg For Judge
Hank Sopher For Good Government Committee
Hankerson For State Senate
Hanks Leadership Pac
Hannah Nc 50Th Campaign
Hannemann For Congress
Hannen For Cranford Township Committee
Hanover Conservation Voters
Hanover Taxpayer For Responsible Government
Hans J Liljeberg 5Th Circuit Campaign
Happy For Denvers Kids
Harbin Clinic State Political Action Committee Inc
Harbor Trucking Association State Political Action Committee
Hard Truth Pac
Hard Working San Diegans For Earned Sick Days And Minimum Wage
Harden Healthcare Texas Political Action Committee
Hardesty - Independent For Congress
Hardy-Magerko Pac
Hardyston Republican Club
Harford Conservative Business Caucus Inc
Harford County Home Builders Pac
Hark For Mayor
Harlem Now
Harlem School Referendum Campaign
Harleysville Insurance Political Action Committee
Harmsen For Congress
Harold Bazzel Candidate For The Office Of Clerk Of
Harold Cotler Do - Committee To Elect
Harold D Balcom Jr Friends Of
Harold Flaigle For Judge
Harold Johnson For Congress
Harold R Copenhaver For District 58 Representative
Harp 2006
Harp 2008
Harp 2012
Harper For Senate
Harper For State Senate
Harrell For Prosecutor
Harris County Conservative Republicans
Harris County Democratic Lawyers' Association Inc
Harris County Libertarian Party
Harris County Young Democrats
Harris For House
Harry B Fruge Campaign Fund
Harry Braun For President
Harry C. Brown
Harry Clerget For State Rep. Campaign Committee
Harry F. Cato Campaign
Harry Lee Sheriff Reelection Campaign
Harry Mitchell For State Senate
Harry Reid Votes
Harry S Truman Club
Harry S Truman Club Small Contributor Committee
Harry S. Trumans Democratic Club
Harry Sawicki For Congress
Harry Sidhu For State Senate
Hart 2002
Hartford Republican Committee
Hartley 2004
Hartley D.A. Campaign Fund Committee
Hartley For Senate 2002
Harvey Hilderbran Campaign Fund
Harvey Milk Stonewall Democrats Oc
Harvey Peeler For Senate
Haskell County Democrat Party
Hastings Forward, Inc.
Hatch For City Council 2012
Hatch-Miller In 02
Hatcher For Congress
Hatfield Area Democrats
Hattiesburg Clinic Healthcare Policy Committee
Hausam For Senate
Hawaii Center For Food Safety Action Fund
Hawaii Forward
Hawaii Medical Political Action Committee
Hawaii Progress
Hawaii Republican Assembly
Hawaii Solutions
Hawaii State Teachers Association Political Action Committee
Hawaii Young Republicans
Hawaii's Children First
Hawaii's Future
Hawkins For Congress
Hawthorn Woods Open Government Party
Hawthorn Woods Residents Party
Hayes For Treasurer Campaign Committee
Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, Pa State/Local Political Action Committee
Hays County Good Government Partners
Hayward Firefighters Pac
Hayward Police Officers' Political Action Committee
Hazelle P. Rogers Campaign
Hb Friends Of
Hbam Pac
Hbcu Fund
Hca California Good Government Group
Hca East Florida Division Good Gov't Pac
Hca For Good Government
Hca Georgia Pac
Hca Jacksonville Market Good Government Group Pac
Hca Kansas Good Government Fund
Hca Missouri Good Government Fund
Hca North Florida Division Good Gov't Pac
Hca Texas Good Government Fund
Hca Tristar Fund
Hca West Florida Division Good Gov't Pac
Hcam Pac
Hcg Campaign 2003
Hdr Employees Minnesota Fund
Headquarters Committee Of West Hollywood State
Headquarters Committee Of West Hollywood-Beverly Hills & Stonewal
Headway Pac
Heal Pro Pac
Healey For Lt. Governor
Healing The Heart Of Hayward Pac Supp. Lamnin & Fernandez For Cc 2014
Health Agents Pac Corporation (Hapac)
Health Care And Social Service Workers- Oh Pac
Health Care Council Of Illinois Political Action Committee
Health Care First
Health Care Issues Committee Of The Missouri Hospital Association
Health Care Party Usa
Health Care Professionals For Change
Health Care Providers For Dr. Vito Imbasciani For State Senate 2014
Health Care Providers For Ed Hernandez
Health Care Providers Political Action Com
Health Care Service Corporation Illinois State Pac, Nfp
Health Care South Jersey
Health Executives Action League
Health Insurance For All Americans (Hifaa)
Health Insurance Political Action Committee-Admin
Health Management Associates Inc Fed Pac Llc
Health Management Florida Llc
Health Management North Llc
Health Management South Llc
Health Network Solutions (Hns) Pac
Health Pal
Health Policy Leadership Alliance An Affiliate Of The Maryland Hosp As
Healthcare Assco Of Nys Pac (Hanys Pac)
Healthcare Choice For Colorado
Healthcare Excellence And Responsible Taxation, Inc.
Healthcare Leaders For The Central Valley Independent Expenditure Comm
Healthtexas Medical Group Pac
Healthwatch Florida, Inc.
Healthy Child Initiative Ballot Measure Committee
Healthy Florida-Cce
Healthy H2O Austin
Healthy Kids Healthy Montana Ballot Committee
Healthy Pac
Healthy Wisconsin Conduit
Healthy Wisconsin State Pac
Heaney For Supervisor
Heart Of Texas Democratic Forum
Heartland Democrats Of America
Heartland Empowered Action Fund
Heartland Pac
Heartland Revolution Pac
Heartland Values Pac
Heartplace Pac
Heat & Frost Insulators And Allied Workers Local Union 16 Pac
Heath Ramsey For District Judge
Heather Mc Gowan For County Board Of Education 2012
Heather Sullivan For School Committee
Heavner For Selectman
Heavy Constructors Association Local Pac
Hebl For Assembly
Hecht For Congress
Heckler For District Attorney
Hedberg For Representative Committee
Hefley For Congress
Hei Ceg
Heidgerken For House 13A
Heinie For Us Congress
Heir For State Senate
Helen Cooper-Gregory For City Council
Helen L. Doherty Democratic Club
Helen Thomson
Helen Thomson Committee For A Healthy California
Helen Thomson For Supervisor
Helena Citizens Advisory Council
Helene Luce For Baltimore
Hellberg For Congress
Heller Election Committee
Hellgate Republican Club
Helmer For Mayor
Help America Recount Fund
Help Generate Responsive And Engaging Government Pac
Help Organize For Public Education
Help Preserve Open Spaces
Helping Our Public Endeavors New Jersey
Hemet Police Officers Association Political Action Committee
Hemp For Jobs
Hempton Committee
Henderson Chamber Of Commerce Inc Pac
Henderson Vance Black Leadership Caucas
Hendrix For President 2016
Hendry Coalition For Fair Taxes Inc
Henley For Congress
Henley For Council
Henrietta Republican Committee
Henry J. Camarot Campaign Political Committee
Henry L Garza
Henry Leyte-Vidal Campaign
Hensley For Congress
Henson For Senate
Her Due
Herbert J Baumann, Jr Campaign
Here Union Local 2 Political Action Committee
Herford For Congress
Herman Clause Campaign Committee
Herman Davis For County Commissioner Pct.4
Herman Taylor For Montgomery County, Llc
Hermes Architects Political Action Committee
Hermosa Beach Firefighters For Better Government
Herold For Assembly 2012
Herrera For City Attorney
Herrera For City Council
Herschel Brodkey For Wisconsin
Hertz For State Representative
Herzfeld For Prosecuting Attorney
Heuisler For Assessor
Hevesi 2002
Hgea Political Contribution Account
Hiawatha Referendum Committee
Hibbard For Senate
Hickenlooper For Colorado
Hickey For Governor
Hickory Pac
Hickory United Pac
Hicks For Judge Committee
Hidalgo County Democratic Party Primary Fund
Hidalgo County Texas Young Democrats
High Desert Yes On 8 A Committee For Prop 8
High On Liberty Committee
High School Democrats Victory Fund
High-Need Hospital Pac, Inc.
Higher Education Fund Of Greater Kansas City Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Higher Education Pac
Higher Education Works Fund
Higher Heights Political Fund
Highland Beach Coastal Democratic Club
Highland Organization For Political Excellence
Highland Pac
Highland Republican Central Commitee
Hightower For Judge Campaign
Hiland For Arkansas
Hilda M. Barg For Supervisor
Hilda Solis For State Senate
Hildenbrand Leadership Fund
Hill Country Strategies
Hill For Representative
Hillcrest Health-Pac
Hilliard Youth Athletic Boosters Fund
Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee
Hillsborough Cta-Pac
Hillsdale College Republicans
Hillsdale First
Hilty Volunteer Committee
His Majestys Service
Hispanic 100
Hispanic Council On Social Policy Center For Community Development
Hispanic Democrats United
Hispanic Power Pac Inc
Hispanic Republican Assembly Of Massachusetts
Hispanic Republican Pac
Hispanic Republican Voter Education Project
Hispanic Republicans Of Missouri, Inc.
Hispanic Republicans Of Texas - Hrt Fed Pac
Hispanic Republicans Of Texas Pac
Hispanic Vote El Voto Hispano
Hispanics Against Government Overspending, Inc.
Hispanos Unidos
Hobbs For State Representative
Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee
Hoboken Taxpayers For Fairness
Hockinson Citizens Levy Committee
Hodges For Mayor
Hodges For State House
Hodgson For Senate Committee
Hoe Brown For Hillsborough County State Committeeman
Hoehn And Disantis For Pennsville Township Committee
Hoeven For Senate, Inc.
Hoffer For State Representative
Hoffman For Supervisor
Hoffman Leadership Fund
Hogan For House Of Delegates
Hol Pac
Holcim (Us) Inc Michigan Pac
Hold Them Accountable, Inc.
Holland & Knight Florida Political Committee
Holland And Knight Cce
Holland And Knight Llp Ca Cmte For Effective Govt
Holland And Knight Llp Il Cmte Eff Govt
Holland Business Leaders For Economic Development
Hollingworth For Governor
Hollister For Mayor
Holly For House
Holly Hughes For National Committeewoman
Hollywood Chamber Pac
Hollywood Restoration Pac
Hollywood Restoration Pac
Holmes For Congress
Holt E. Getterman For State Representative
Holt For Senate 2012
Holt Pac For Responsive Government
Holt Post-Election Fund
Holtz For Alderman
Holtzman For Senate
Holtzmann For Judge
Holzer Clinic Inc. Pac
Home Builders Assn Of Central Arizona Pac
Home Builders Assoc Of Metro Harrisburg Political Action Committee
Home Builders Pac
Home Building Industry Political Action Committee
Home Building Industry-Political Action Committee
Home Buliders Association Of Mayland Pac
Home Care Political Action Committee
Home Of The Blue
Home Ownership Advancement Foundati
Home Pac
Homebuilders Assn. Of Greater Cincinnati Political
Homebuilders Association Political Action Committe
Homebuilders For Good Government
Homeowners For A Better Binghamton
Homeowners To Preserve Encinitas
Homer Hartage
Honest Government Pac
Honest Government Smithfield Citizens For
Honest Leadership For Virginia Pac
Honest Reform Pac
Honesty And Ethics.Org
Honesty In Legislation Political Action Committee
Honeywell International Pac - Florida
Honeywell International Political Action Committee-New York
Honeywell International Political Action Committee-Rhode Island
Honor And Freedom
Hoosier Beverage Association Political Action Committee
Hoosier Homeowners Alliance
Hoosier Host Committee
Hoosier Issues Political Action Committee
Hoosier Leadership Fund
Hoosier Political Action Committee
Hoosiers For Eric Miller
Hoosiers For Heim
Hoosiers For Kent Benson
Hoosiers For Lower Gas Prices
Hoosiers For Phillip Stoller
Hoosiers For Richard Mourdock
Hoosiers For Scott Pelath
Hoosiers Standing In The Gap
Hope And Opportunity Political Action Committee
Hope For America Political Action Committee (Formerly Healthy America)
Hope For Congress
Hope For Cures
Hope Mills Action Committee Inc
Hope Tieman Bristol Campaign
Horiuchi For County Council
Horizon Pac
Horizon Political Action Committee, Inc
Horn For Decatur
Horning For Congress
Horning For Senate Committee
Horoda For Pa
Horsey For Delegate
Horton 2002
Horton 2004
Hospice Political Action Committee
Hospira Pac, Llc
Hospital And Healthsystem Assoc Of Pa Political Action Comm Hapac
Hospitality For A Better Miami Beach Inc
Hospitality Political Action Committee
Hospitals Express Legislative Preference
Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees International Union Tip Education
Hotel Workers For A Stronger Middle Class
Hough For Congress
House Democrat Majority Pac
House Democratic Caucus
House Democratic Caucus Campaign Fund
House Democratic Leadership Pac
House Democratic Leadership Pac
House Democratic Victory Committee
House Democrats
House Democrats 2004
House Democrats Campaign Committee
House Democrats Caucus Committee
House Gop Pac
House Majority Fund Llc
House Pfeil Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee
House Republican Campaign Committee (Hrcc)
House Republican Campaign Committee Inc
House Republican Fund Pac
House Republican Leadership Fund
House Republican Majority Com
House Republican Majority Committee
House Republican Organization
House Republican Organizational Comm
House Republican Trust
House Senate Democratic Caucus
House United Pac Inc
Housecleaning 2004
Housen For Treasurer For The City Of Falls Church
Houser For Judge
Housing And Bldg Assoc Of Colorado Springs Pac
Housing Industry Political Action Committee
Housing New York Pac
Houston Area Stonewall Democrats
Houston Associated General Contractors Pac
Houston Bosshawg Rydaz
Houston Business-Education Coalition Pac
Houston Constitution Party
Houston Cookie Initiative
Houston Council Of Engineering Companies Political Action Committee
Houston For Mayor
Houston Glbt Political Caucus Pac
Houston Police Officers' Union Pac
Houston Professional Republican Women
Houston Realty Breakfast Club
Houston Realty Business Coalition
Houston Stonewall Young Democrats Pac
Houston Teapot Party
Houstonians For Performance & Accountability
Howard Coble Fund
Howard County Licensed Beverage Association Inc
Howard County Republican Club
Howard Finkelstein Campaign Account
Howard For Mayor
Howard Hawks For Regent
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Pac
Howard Lee For Senate
Howard Rosenblatt Campaign
Howard Tilis For Council
Howell For County Commission
Howell Prosecutor Committee To Elect
Hoylman For Senate
Hpa Pac
Hrc Arizona Pac
Hrc Legacy Pac
Hrc Minnesota Pac
Hrcc Inc
Hrec Inc Real Pac
Hrp District 34
Hs Law Pac
Hub Pac
Hubberman For Mayor Campaign Fund
Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club
Huckabee Campaign Committee
Hudson For Congress 2008
Hudson For County Judge
Hudson Valley Bank Pac
Hudson Valley Environmental Action Fund
Hudson Valley Victory Committee
Huerfano County Republican Party
Hugh B. Clarke For Judge Committee
Hugh Buddy Larose Campaign Comm.
Hugh C Davis
Hugh Hill For Maryland Senate
Hugh Lewis Election Committee
Hughes And Luce Committee For Good Government
Hui O Kilomana
Hui Ulakea
Huitt-Zollars Inc Texas Pac
Huizenga For Congress
Human Rights Campaign Arizona Families Pac
Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes
Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes Minnesota
Human Rights Campaign New York Pac
Human Rights Campaign Ohio Families Pac
Human Rights Campaign Texas Families Pac
Human Rights Campaign Washington Marriage Majority Pac
Humana Inc Texas Pac
Humana Kentucky Pac
Humane Dominion
Humane Usa - Nonfederal Account
Humane Usa Political Action Committee Nonfederal Account
Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization Pac
Hume For Senate Committee
Hummel For Congress
Hummer For Judge Committee
Humorists For Truth
Humphreys For Mayor
Hunt Forward
Hunter For Assembly 2010
Hunter Maclean Georgia Pac, Inc.
Hunterdon First Pac
Huntington Bch Property Owners For Property Right
Huntington Beach Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Huntington Chamber Committee For Better Government
Huntington Town Democratic Committee
Huntsville Industrial Expansion Committee Of 100
Hurlburt 2010
Hurlburt 2012
Hurt For Senate
Hutch For Congress Exploratory Committee
Hvj Political Action Committee
Hydrogen Political Action Committee
Hykes For The American Dream
I Adopt Republican
I Like Polly's Plan
I Love L.A.
I U O E Local 30 Political Action Committee
I-Care Pac
I-Pac Jax, Inc.
I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 33 Pro-Labor Candidates Pac
I.B.E.W Local Union 96 P.A.C.
I.B.E.W. Local 38 Pce
I.B.E.W. Local 38 Pce
I.B.E.W. Local Union 124 Voluntary Pac
I.U.O.E. Local 14-14B Vol. Political Action Cmte
Iaff Firepac Educational - Treasury
Iaff L2557 Pac
Iaff Local 1401 Committee For A Safe Santa Rosa
Iain Abernathy For Congress
Iamcreatedequalcom Inc
Ian Baltutis For Nc House
Ian Hunter For Syracuse
Ian J Berman Group
Ian Whitney Campaign
Iannarelli For Assembly
Iaste Local 8 Pac
Iatse 720 Legislative Co.
Iatse Local 484-Pac
Iatse Local 600 Political Action Committee
Ibew - Local Union 2222 Pac
Ibew 302 Community Candidates Pac
Ibew 332 Education Fund
Ibew 481 Legislative Campaign Acct
Ibew 668 Political Action Committee
Ibew 701 Political Action Committee
Ibew 725 Political Action Committee
Ibew Educational Committee
Ibew Local 176 Vol Pac
Ibew Local 2321 Cope Political Action Committee
Ibew Local 292 Pol Educ Fund
Ibew Local 440 Pac Fund
Ibew Local 456 Cope Fund
Ibew Local 477 Pac Fund
Ibew Local 477 Political Action Committee
Ibew Local 51 Political Action Committee
Ibew Local 540 Pce
Ibew Local 684 Pac
Ibew Local 77 Pac
Ibew Local 8 Pce
Ibew Local 9 Pac Fund
Ibew Local No. 180 Pac
Ibew Local Union #363 Political Action Committee
Ibew Local Union 124 Voluntary Pac
Ibew Local Union 302 Pac
Ibew Local Union 584-Political Action Fund
Ibew Local Union No. 697 Political Action Committee
Ibew Mn State Council Pac
Ibt Joint Council No. 16 Pac
Ice Miller Pac
Ice Pac
Idaho Association For Good Government
Idaho Chooses Life
Idaho Democratic Latino Caucus
Idaho First Congressional Club
Idaho Free Enterprise Association
Idaho Soft Drink Association Pac
Idaho State Afl-Cio
Idaho State Democratic Convention 2000
Idaho Young Republicans
Idahoans For A Strong Economy
Idahoans For Obama
Idc Initiative
Iec Oregon Metirt Shop Electrical Pac
Iec Oregon Pac
Ifo Political Action Committee Fund
Ignite Liberty Pac
Iii Percent Patriots
Il Coalition For Jobs, Growth & Prosperity Pac
Il Community Currency Exchange Pac
Il Corn Growers Association Political Involvement Fund
Il Harness Horsemens Association
Il League Of Financial Insts. Political Ed. Comm.
Il Lunch Pail Republicans Pac
Il Mechanical And Specialty Contrs. Assn. P.A.C.
Il Society For Advanced Practice Nursing Pac
Illinois Action Com For Rural Electrification (Illinois Acre
Illinois Affordable Housing Institute Political Action Committee
Illinois American Water Political Action Committee
Illinois Citizens For Better Schools
Illinois Citizens For Ethics
Illinois Coalition For New Leadership Pac
Illinois College Republican Federation
Illinois Conservatives
Illinois Construction Industry Pac
Illinois Consulting Engineers Pac
Illinois Democratic Sportsmans Alliance
Illinois Democratic Victory 2002
Illinois Democratic Women
Illinois Families First
Illinois Federation For Right To Life Inc. Pac
Illinois Film Pac
Illinois Financial Services Association Pac
Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association
Illinois Food Distribution Political Action Commit
Illinois Freedom Pac
Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Assn - Support Main Street Il Pac
Illinois Good Government Project
Illinois Growth Pac - A Pac Of The Quad Cities Chamber Of Commerce
Illinois Health Care Association - Pac
Illinois High School Democrats
Illinois Host Committee, Inc.
Illinois Hotel And Motel Pac
Illinois Immigrant Action Pac
Illinois Insurance Political Committee
Illinois League Of Conservation Pac
Illinois Liberty Pac - John Tillman
Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
Illinois Lincoln Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.
Illinois Lumbermens Political Action Committee
Illinois National Bank P A C
Illinois Nurses Association Political Action Commi
Illinois Optometric Association
Illinois Physical Therapy Pac
Illinois Podiatric Medical Association Pac
Illinois Political Action Committee For Education
Illinois Republican Pro-Choice Coalition Pac
Illinois Republican Pro-Choice Coalition Pac
Illinois Restauranteurs Pac
Illinois Save Our State Action Nfp
Illinois School Administrators Political Action Committee
Illinois Tool Works Inc. State Pol. Action Comm.
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association Pac
Illinois Values First
Illinois Vendors Political Action Com
Illinois Veterans Party Of America
Illinoisans For Karmeier
Ilppma Pac
Ilwu Foreman's Union Local 94 Pac
Ilwu Hawaii Political Action Committee Fund
Imagine Hutchinson
Immigrants List
Impac Florida
Impact America, Inc.
Impact Fund
Impact Lake County
Impact Management Group Pac
Impact Pac
Impeach The 5
Imperial County Democratic Central Committee
Imperial Sugar Company Political Action Committee
Imperial Valley First
Imppac Inc
Improve Mississippi Pac
Improve Pac
Improvement Council Of Pomona
In Our Mother's Name
Inaugural 2006 Inc
Incorporation Of St George Committee For The
Incs Action Independent Committee
Incs Action Pac
Ind Ins Agents Of Il Political Action Committee
Independant Voters For Equality Education And Opportunity For Children
Independence Day Leadership Pac
Independence National Committee
Independence National Party
Independence Pac
Independence Party Of Guilderland
Independent 04
Independent Agents Political Action Corporation
Independent Campaign Committee
Independent Citizens Acting Now
Independent Coalition Of Educators
Independent Committee Pro Security And Liberty In America
Independent Committee To Support Local Schools
Independent Democrats For San Francisco
Independent Energy Producers Political Action Comm
Independent Expenditure Committee For Jobs And Prosperity
Independent Expenditure Committee For Quality Education
Independent Green Rail Va State Pac
Independent Ins Agents Of La Inc
Independent Insurance Agents Of New Jersey Political Action Committee
Independent Insurance Agents Political Action Committee
Independent Insurance Political Action Committee
Independent Movement
Independent Pac Local 188 Iaff
Independent People Like You
Independent Pharmacists Rx Pac
Independent Pharmacy Alliance (Ipa) Rx Political Action Commitee (Pac)
Independent Physical Therapist Pac
Independent Power Producers Of Ny Pac
Independent Revolution
Independent Voices
Independent Voices For A Fair California
Independent Voices For Change
Independent Voter Club Of Rye Town
Independent Voters For Common Sense Leadership
Independent Voters Of America
Independent Winston-Salem
Independents For Dunbar
Indian American Political Action Club
Indian Americans For Freedom
Indian River Conservatives For Better Schools
Indian River Fire Pac
Indian River Neighborhood Coalition
Indiana American Water Political Action Committee
Indiana Assn Of Beverage Retailers - Good Government Fund
Indiana Business For Responsive Government
Indiana Cable Political Action Committee
Indiana Carpenters Political Fund
Indiana County Republican Executive Committee
Indiana Dealers Election Action For Survival
Indiana Democratic State Central Committee
Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates Inc
Indiana Family Wineries Pac
Indiana Federation Of Republican Women
Indiana Friends Of Rural Electrification
Indiana Health Care Political Action Committee
Indiana Home Educators' Pac
Indiana House Democratic Caucus
Indiana Laborers District Council Political Action Committee
Indiana Manufacturers Political Action Committee
Indiana Merit Construction Pac Of Abc
Indiana Political Action Com For Ed
Indiana Professional Firefighters Pac
Indiana Realtors Pac
Indiana Regional Council Of Carpenters Cope
Indiana Republican Liberty Caucus
Indiana Republican Mayors Political Action Committee
Indiana Right To Life Political Action Committee
Indiana State Building & Construction Trades Council Pac
Indiana State Building And Construction Trades Council Legislative Fun
Indiana State Ironworkers Political Action Committee
Indiana State Pipe Trades Pac Fund
Indiana Statesman Of The Year State & Local Political Action Committee
Indiana Veteran's Party Of America
Indiana Windpac
Indiana Young Republicans
Indiana/Kentucky Regional Council Of Carpenters Kentucky Cope
Indianapolis Firefighters Pac
Indn's List Indigenous Democratic Network
Inernational Council Of Shopping Centers Candidates Pac - California
Inez Tenenbaum For Us Senate
Inform Illinois Pac
Information Action Committee
Informed Citizens Coalition
Informed Citizens Of Palm Coast
Informed Citizens Of Palm Coast
Informed Consumers Of Florida Inc
Informed Vote Inc
Informed Voters Coalition
Infratrust Management & Development Political Action Committee
Ing America Insurance Holdings Inc. New York Pac
Inglewood Citizens For Responsible Government
Inglewood Parents Association
Inherent Knowledge Llc
Initiative For Florida's Future
Initiative For Florida's Future Pc
Inkster Democratic Club
Inland Empire Business Political Action Committee (Iebizpac)
Inland Empire Pac
Inland Empire Pac
Inland Empire Taxpayers Association
Inmigrantes Unidos Pac Inc
Innovate Florida
Innovate Florida
Innovate Virginia Fund
Inspire & Ignite, Inc.
Inspire Michigan
Inspired By Ethics
Institute For A Democratic Future
Institute For Democratic Studies - Committee Of Continuning Existence
Institute For Medical Freedom Inc
Insulators International Non-Federal Political Action Committee
Insurance Group Non-Affiliated Political Action Committee
Insuring Florida's Future
Int'l All. For Theatrical Stage Empl. Dis#14 - Comm. For Econ. Growth
Int'l Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Emp. Dis.#14 - Gov't Relations Prog
Int. Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 480
Integrity 2005 Committee
Integrity Counts Committee Inc
Integrity First
Integrity For Our Families
Integrity Matters Inc
Integrys Energy Group Pac
Interactive Digital Software Assn Non-Federal Pac 1
Interanational Association Bridge & Structural
Intercounty Health Facilities Association Pac
Intergrity Matters Pac
Internat'l Union Of Operating Engineers Local 542 De Pac
Internatiional Monitory Fun
International Assn Of Fire Fighters Local 1230 Pac
International Assn. Of Firefighters, Local 1706
International Assoc Of Fire Fighters 972 Pac
International Assoc. Of Firefighters Local 55 Pac
International Association Of Firefighters Local 188 Pac
International Brotherhood Electrical Wrkrs Lu 702
International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers Local 15 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers Local 549 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers Local 92 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 280 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 551 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 569 Candpac
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 569 Cope
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 595 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 640 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local Union 22 Pac
International Brotherhood Of Electricians
International Council Of Shopping Centers
International Council Of Shopping Centers Pac - Arizona
International Council Of Shopping Centers Pac - California
International Council Of Shopping Centers Pac - Georgia
International Council Of Shopping Centers Pac - New Jersey
International Council Of Shopping Centers Pac - New York
International Council Of Shopping Centers Pac Washington
International Lebanese Committee For Change And Stability In Lebanon
International Longshore And Warehouse Union - Paf
International Union Of Elevator Constructors Political Account
International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 15 Pac
International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 701 Misc Pac
International Union Of Painters & Allied Trades, Glaziers Local 2001
Interstate Natural Gas Association Of America Pac
Intl Assoc Of Fire Fighters 487
Intl Brotherhd Of Boilermkrs Legislative Educ Fund
Intl Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers
Intl Union Of Operating Engineers Stationary Engineers Local
Into The Blue
Invest In California
Invest In Long Islands Future Pac
Invest In Millis
Invest In Our Future
Invest In Our Kids Committee
Invest In Pa Pac
Invest In Progress For Baldwin Schools Pac
Invest In Virginia Political Action Committee
Investing In Florida's Future
Investing In Hamilton Kids
Investing In Our Future
Investors Action Fund
Invictus Florida Pac
Inyo County Republican Women Federated
Ioue Local 98 Pac
Iowa Chiropractic Society Pac
Iowa Committee Of Automotive Retailers
Iowa Dental Political Action Committee
Iowa Federation Of Republican Women
Iowa First Foundation
Iowa Growth Pac
Iowa Hospital Association Pac
Iowa Housing Pac
Iowa Housing Pac
Iowa Independent Bankers
Iowa Industry Political Action Committee
Iowa Keystone Political Action Committee
Iowa Laborers Political Action
Iowa Lawpac
Iowa Leadership Council
Iowa Legislative Majority Fund
Iowa Physicians Making A Difference Political Action Committee
Iowa Propane Gas Political Action Committee
Iowa State Building And Const Trades Pec
Iowa State Ed Assoc Political Action Com
Iowa State Uaw Pac Committee
Iowa Tpac
Iowa True Blue
Iowa-Louisiana Victory Fund
Iowacommittee On Political Education, Afl-Cio
Iowans Against Unsafe Public Projects
Iowans For A Renewable Future
Iowans For Agriculture
Iowans For Clean Energy
Iowans For Jobs And Prosperity
Iowans For Local Control
Iowans For Paul Thelen
Iowans For Responsible Government
Ipal Fund-Arch & Orn Iron Workers Local #63
Iparty Super Pac
Ipso Facto
Ira Tilley Committee
Irace For Congress
Iranian American Democrats Of Los Angeles
Iranian American Political Action Committee, Inc.
Iraq Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee
Ircea Pac
Irish Americans For Team Mccaffery
Irl Political Action Committee (Irl Pac)
Irna Political Committee
Iron Workers 40 Voluntary Com On Political Ed
Iron Workers Dcsov Pce Fund
Iron Workers District Council Of The Pacific Nw Political Action Fd
Iron Workers Local 22 Pac Fund
Iron Workers Local 383 Pac
Iron Workers Local 498 Pac
Iron Workers Local Union 1 Ipef Fund
Ironworker Local 397 Pac Fund
Ironworkers District Council Political Action Committee
Ironworkers For Better Government
Ironworkers Local 147 Pac
Ironworkers Local 21 Legislative Fund
Ironworkers Local 395 Political Action League
Ironworkers Political Education Fund
Ironwrkrs Local Union No. 1 Pol Action Committee
Irvine Chamber Educational Pac (Aka Icepac)
Irvine Citizens For Ethics In Government
Irvine For Congress
Irvine Homeowners Assoc.
Irving Fire Fighters Committee For Responsible Government
Irving Slosberg Campaign Fund
Irvington School Board Team 2006
Isbi.Org Inc. / Dba The Xsellix 527
Isenberg For Commissioner Committee
Isla Pac
Island Pac
Islandwide Republican Club Inc
Islip Republicans For Good Government
Isra Fed-Pac
Israelson Campaign Fund
Issue Advocacy Fd -Nd
Issue Advocacy Fund-D
Issues Matter
Issues Mobilization Pac
It's About Our Business
It's Now Or Never, Inc.
It's Our America
It's Personal To Me Campaign
It's Time For A Change
Itc Holdings Corp. Pac
Itc Holdings Corp. Pac - Michigan
Its About Time
Its Time Sarasota Pc
Iubac Local 4 Inky Political Action Committee
Iuoe Local 137 Pac Fd
Iuoe Local 138, 138A, 138B Pol Act Fund Nys
Iuoe Local 302 Pac
Iuoe Local 825 New Jersey Political Action & Education Committee
Iuoe Local 825 New York Political Action & Education Committee
Iuoe Local 965 Pec
Iupat- Political Action Together
Ivan Chand For Auditor 2010
Ivana For School Board
Ivote Fund


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   J Ricketts
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