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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
M - O

M D Pac
M Sullivan Associates
M-I Homes Pac
M.C.Church Library Education Center Corp
M.T.A. Citizens For Excellence In Education
Maad 4 Congress
Mac Collins For Senate
Macb Pac
Macc Pac, Inc.
Macdougall For Congress
Macfpd Campaign Committee
Macgovern For Us Senate
Machado For Senate 2004
Maciel For Congress
Mack Pac
Mackres For School Board
Macomb County Republican Committee
Macon Cowles Just Say No To
Macon-Bibb 20-20 Inc
Macpac - Pa
Madaffer For City Council 2004
Madame Justice Political Action Committee
Madden For State Senate Campaign
Madeleine Landrieu Campaign
Madeline Rogero For Mayor
Madera Yes On Measure G
Madia For U.S. Congress
Madison County Republican Central Committee
Madison County Republican Party
Madison Shockley For City Council
Madpac Hawaii
Madrigal For Council 2013
Mady Reiter For House
Mae Beavers For Senate
Magic Circle Republican Women
Magnani Committee
Magnolia Pac
Magnus-Stinson For Judge
Mah Mah Wi No Min Fund 1
Mahoney For County Attorney
Mahoning Valley Arts And Culture Pac
Main Stream America
Main Stream America Party
Main Street Colorado, Llc
Main Street Leadership Council
Main Street Republic Pac
Main Street, Colorado
Maine Association Of Realtors Pac
Maine College Democrats
Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund
Maine Democratic State Committee
Maine Dental Political Action Committee
Maine Forward
Maine Senate 2002
Maine Senate Republican Majority
Maine Senate Republican Victory Fund
Maine State College Republican Organization
Maine Taxpayers United
Maine Truck Pac
Maine Unlimited
Maine Wildlife Conservation Council
Mainers For Health Care
Mainstream 2004
Mainstream Arizona Action Fund
Mainstream Colorado
Mainstream Democrats Of Evansville
Mainstream Michigan
Mainstream Political Action Committee
Mainstreet Merchants For A Better North Carolina
Mainstreet Moms Operation Blue
Mainstreet Moms Oppose Bush (The Mmob, Llc)
Majestic Michigan Fund
Major Campaign
Major Jemison For Ward 2
Majority 2002
Majority Action
Majority America.Net Political Organization
Majority Fund
Majority Fund, Inc.
Majority Leader Pac
Majority Project 2010
Make A Difference In New Mexico
Make A Difference Pac
Make A Difference Political Action Committee
Make California Strong Raul Bocanegra Ballot Measure Committee
Make Colorado Great Again
Make Education Affordable
Make Fairfield Safe
Make Our Voices Heard Cce
Make Point Pleasant Better
Make Schiff Happen Pac
Make The Road Political Action
Make The Road Political Action - Contributions
Make Women Count Pac
Make Your Vote Count Political Action Committee
Making A Better Tomorrow
Making Business Excel Political Action Committee
Making Colorado Great
Making The Right Call For Florida
Making The Right Call For Florida
Maldonado Ballot Measure Committee
Malheur County Republican Central Committee
Malia Cohen For Supervisor 2010
Malibu Bel-Air Republican Women Federated
Malibu Democratic Club
Mallett For Bart 2012
Mallory Committe To Elect Commissioner
Mallory For Citizens Committee
Malloy For Township Committee
Maloney Committee - Nys Pac
Maltese For Justice Committee - 2011
Mambi Pac
Mammoth Locals (Ml) - For A Sustainable Future
Mamroneck Village Republican Committee
Manalapan New Democrats
Manatee County Forever, Inc.
Manchester Democratic Chairmans Fund
Manchester Democratic Town Committee
Manchester First 2002
Manchester Libraryes
Manchin Inauguration Committee 2009 Inc
Mandeville Tea Party
Manh Nguyen For San Jose Council D4 2015
Manistee Area Tea Party Organization
Mannatech Inc. Political Action Committee
Mannatech Texas Political Action Committee
Manns For Judge Campaign Advisory Committee
Manny Diaz Jr Campaign For State Committeman
Manteca Republican Women Federated
Mantilla For State House District 49
Mantra Governmental Political Action Committee
Manuel Tijerina For Court Of Appeals
Manufacturers Making A Difference
Manufacturers Political Action Committee
Many Friends Of Harpreet Sandhu
Map The Vote
Maple Pac
Maplewwod Betterment Foundation
Mapp For U S Senate - Texas Inc
Marathon Oil Company Political Action Committee Of Texas
Marc Barnum For Supervisor 2010
Marc Eberlein For County Commissioner
Marc Gatton For Sheriff
Marc Kelly For Superior Court Judge
Marc Shulman For State Representative
Marc Whitehead Campaign
Marchbanks For Congress
Marcia L. Thompson For State Representative
Marcia Leclerc For Mayor
Marco Antonio Firebaugh For Senate
Marco Pena Campaign
Marcus Brandon For Mayor
Marcy Friedman -- 2013 Committee To
Marcy S Friedman Committee To Elect For Supreme Court
Marei K For County Commissioner
Marengo County Republican Executive Committee
Maretta M. Taylor Campaign Fund
Margaret Eberhardt Committee To Elect
Margarett Parman For Sheriff 2012
Margarita 2003
Margie Wakefield For Kansas
Margin Of Victory
Marginet For Commissioner
Maria For Chairman
Maria Sampedro Iglesia Campaign Account For Circuit Judge
Marian Turley State Representative Candidate
Marianne Barnebey For Bradenton City Counil
Maricopa County Democratic Party
Maricopagop To Elect Russell Pearce
Marietta Robinson For Attorney General
Marijuana Policy Project Political Fund
Marilyn Hatley For Mayor Campaign Committee To Elect
Marilyn J. Finney Committiee To Elect
Marilyn Singleton For Congress
Marin Association Of Public Employees Political Action Committee
Marin Firefighters Community Pac
Marin For 911 - Yes On A
Marin Professional Firefighters Pac
Marion Ashley For Supervisor
Marion B. Frye Campaign
Marion County Republican Executive Committee
Marion County Tn Republican Party
Marisa Defranco Committee To Elect
Marisa Valdez Yeager For City Council 2011
Maritime Leadership Committee
Marjorie 2014
Mark Andersen Campaign Account
Mark Bellue Campaign
Mark Blade For State Senate
Mark Cole For Delegate
Mark D Singer Committee To Elect For County Judge
Mark E Wilcox Political Campaign
Mark Greenberg For Congress
Mark Hillman For Rnc Committeeman
Mark Kaylor Judicial Campaign Account
Mark Kennell For Board Of Education
Mark Keough Campaign
Mark Leyes For Assembly
Mark Lutz For Congress
Mark Marciano Political Campaign Fund
Mark Marshall For Sheriff
Mark Mccullough Campaign
Mark Miller For Texas Railroad Commissioner
Mark Miloscia For State Representative Campaign
Mark Mulligan For Congress
Mark Mustian Campaign Account
Mark Painter For Tax Collector
Mark Pappa For Change
Mark Pc
Mark Pettine For District Attorney
Mark Read For Kansas House
Mark Ridley-Thomas Committee For A Better La
Mark Robertson Campaign Committee
Mark Salvaggio For City Council
Mark Salvaggio For City Council
Mark Slavens For State Representative
Mark Stodola Campaign Committee
Mark Swan For Council
Mark Twain Democratic Club
Mark Weprin For New York
Mark Wolken For The Port Of Everett
Mark York For Chief Magistrate
Mark Z For Ct
Mark Zehr Campaign
Marketaxess Holdings Inc. Pac
Markhellner4Mayor Committee
Marko For Senate
Markwest Liberty Political Action Committee
Markwest Ohio Pac
Markwest Texas Pac
Marlborough Working Together
Marlene Canter Political Funds
Marley Danner Campaign Committee
Marlin Gusman Campaign Committee
Marmon For Idaho
Marquis For City Clerk 2012
Marriage Pac Nj
Marsh 2010 Committee
Marsh For Senate 7
Marsh For Sheriff
Marsha Berkbigler For Washoe Ct Commission District 1
Marsha M. Faux, Candidate For Property Appraiser
Marshall Fire Fighters Association Political Action Committee
Marsy's Law For Illinois Committee
Martha For Congress
Martha G. Scott For Congress
Martha Geer Committee To Elect
Martha Mccaskill Campaing Fund
Martha Schrader For State Representative
Martha Wong Campaign
Marti Vanravenswaay Campaign
Martin 9-12 Teaparty Committee
Martin County Leadership Council, Inc.
Martin County Libertarian Party
Martin County Political Leadership Council
Martin County Republican Executive Committee
Martin County Republican Women Federated
Martin County Residents For Tax Fairness, Inc.
Martin County Voters For Better Government
Martin D Reggi Citizens To Elect
Martin For Board Of Education
Martin Gallegos For State Senate
Martin Golderer Shamsudin For Boe
Martin Looney For State Senate
Martin Luther King Jr County Labor Council Comm On Political Education
Martin Walsh For Congress
Martinez For City Council
Martino Coalition Team
Marty Knollenberg Leadership Fund
Marty Mosley For Lauderdale County Superintendent
Marty Seifert For State Representative
Marty Stephens Election Committee
Marvin L Childers For State Rep Campaign Comm
Marvin Willis For Office
Mary Alice For Mayor
Mary Ann Eckles Committee To Elect
Mary Anne Salmon For Senate Campaign
Mary Beth Reynolds Campaign
Mary Ellen Balchunis For Congress
Mary For Mayor
Mary Glassman For First Selectman
Mary Hunt 4 Commissioner
Mary Hynes For Arlington School Board
Mary J. Tinkler For Senate 2002
Mary Jo Francis Campaign Account
Mary K Thomas Cte
Mary Kincaid Campaign
Mary Mccarty Campaign
Mary Salas For Chula Vista Mayor
Mary Scott Hunter Committee To Elect For State Senate
Mary Stone 2014
Mary Sue Polleys Campaign Committee
Maryland Business For Fiscal Responsibility
Maryland Democratic Senate Caucus Committee
Maryland First Now - Vote Yes On 7 Inc
Maryland Flooring Industry Pac
Maryland Future Fund
Maryland Grass Roots Political Action Committee, I
Maryland Hispanic Republican Caucus
Maryland House Democratic Caucus Committee
Maryland House Democratic Unity Committee
Maryland League Of Conservation Voters Pac
Maryland Life Underwriters Politcal Action Committ
Maryland My Maryland Pac Inc
Maryland New Car And Truck Dealers Assoc Pac
Maryland Standardbred Political Ation Committee
Maryland State Uaw Political Action Committee
Maryland Trial Lawyers Assoc. Pac
Maryland Votes For Animals Pac
Marylanders For Good Jobs And A Strong Economy
Marylanders For Richard Madaleno
Marysville Citizens For
Marysville Citizens For Quinn King
Marysville Concerned Citizens
Mas Mauleg Para Guahan
Masca Pac
Maske For Congress
Mason For Congress 2004
Mason Team For One Hoboken
Mass Alimony Reform
Mass Courage Independent Expenditure Pac
Mass Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee
Mass Pac
Mass. Dentists Interested In Legislation
Massachusetts Alliance Of College Republicans
Massachusetts Alliance Of College Republicans
Massachusetts Federation Of Young Republicans
Massachusetts Forward Together Iepac
Massachusetts Gay Pennies For Politics
Massachusetts League Of Environmental Voters Action Fund Political Act
Massachusetts Optometric Political Action Committe
Massachusetts Realtor Independent Expenditure Pac
Massachusetts Republican Liberty Caucus
Massachusetts Taxpayers Alliance
Massachusetts Teachers Association Independent Expenditure Pac
Massapequa Park Republican Committee
Massequality Pac
Master Builders Of Iowa Pac
Masters Exploratory Committee
Mat-Su Taxpayers Against Proposition 1
Matawan Democratic Executive Committee
Mathias H. Heck, Jr. Campaign Fund
Mathis Campaign Committee
Matson For Congress
Matson For Mayor
Matt Carlucci For Mayor
Matt Connolly For Senate
Matt Dababneh For Assembly 2014
Matt Gourley For Gonzales City Council
Matt Haney For School Board 2012
Matt Jette For Congress
Matt Lesser 2010
Matt Lesser 2014
Matt Lesser For State Representative
Matt Liesemeyer For City Council
Matt Rosendale For Montana
Matt Rowe For City Council 2012
Matt Sprader For Supervisor
Matt Williams For Assembly 2011
Matteo Dinolfo For City Council
Matthew Hess For Douglas County
Matthew Joseph For Delegate
Matthew Petty Campaign 2012
Mattingly For Judge Committee
Mattox For Mayor Exploratory Committee
Maui Timeshare Ohana Pac
Maureen Kane For City Council
Maverick Pac Of Texas
Maverick Pac Texas
Max Higgs Judicial Campaign
Max Martin For Congress Committee
Maximum Balance Foundation
Maxine Horner Re-Election Campaign
Maxwell For The House Committee
Maxxam Inc. Texas Political Action Committee
May Pac
Mayfair United Pac
Mayfield For State Representative
Maymin For Congress
Mayors Ball Fund 2002
Maza For Senate Committee
Maze For Assembly
Mba Capitol Region Pac
Mba Gateway Region Pac
Mba Ozark Region Pac
Mba Pony Express Region Pac
Mba River Heritage Region Pac
Mba State Pac
Mba Truman Region Pac
Mbf Conduit
Mbf Llc Il State And Local Pac
Mbna New Jersey Political Action Committee
Mcalister For School Board
Mcallister For Treasurer
Mcatee For Pike Constable
Mcbride 2002, Inc.
Mccabe For Stonington
Mccall For President In 2008
Mccallum 2010 Campaign
Mccarthy For Annapolis
Mccarty Candidate Election Committee
Mcclerren For County Council
Mcclintock Campaign For State Representative
Mcclung Volunteer Committee
Mcclure 2010
Mcclure 4 Az
Mccluskey For State Rep
Mcconnell For Congress
Mccoy For Congress
Mccracken For Congress
Mccracken For Mayor 2010
Mccready For Michigan Leadership Fund
Mccrone For Council 2012
Mccrory Pittenger Victory 08
Mccullen For Town Council
Mcdermott For Council
Mcdodnalds Local Owner Operators Of Arkansas Pac
Mcdonald 2002
Mcdonald 2005 Committee
Mcdonalds California Operators Pac
Mcdonnell For Virginia, Inc.
Mcdougle For Delegate
Mcgaha For Senate Campaign Fund
Mcgee For Nc House Comm
Mcghee For Dothan
Mcginley For Assembly
Mcginn For Mayor
Mcglenn For Liberty
Mcgovern For Congress Committee
Mcguire Woods Battle & Boothe State Political Action
Mchenry Republican Team 2013
Mci Fund For Fair Competition--Az
Mci Fund For Fair Competition--Co
Mci Iowa Pac
Mci Worldcom Texpac
Mcilvaine For The 196Th
Mcintosh For Senate
Mcintyre For Treasurer
Mckee For Lieutenant Governor
Mckendry For Minnesota Senate
Mckenna For Attorney General, A Ri Non-Profit Corporation
Mckenna For Senate
Mckenzie For Congress
Mckinney 2000
Mckinney Chamber Candidate Pac
Mckinney For Senate
Mckinney Tea Party Inc
Mcknight For State Senate Committee
Mclean County Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
Mclean County Libertarian Party
Mclendon For County Commission
Mcmahon For Council-2003
Mcmichael For Supervisor
Mcmillan For Nc House
Mcnamar For House
Mcnea 2008
Mcpadden For Congress
Mcpherson For Secretary Of State
Mcpherson For Senate
Mcpike For Senate
Mdadvantage Political Action Committee, Inc.
Mdc Ofp
Mdm27 Pac
Mea-Mft Cope
Meadowlands 21St Century Committee
Meadowlands United Pac
Meadows For District 74
Measure K For Kids Committee
Mec Pennsylvania Racing Pac
Mechanical Allied Crafts
Mechnical & Allied Crafts Council Of Nj Pac Fund
Media Fund
Medicaid Dental Advocacy Group
Medicaid Dental Advocacy Group Co
Medical Defense Pac
Medina County Republican Party
Mednax Inc Texas Political Action Committee
Medpro For Quality Healthcare Pac
Medtronic, Inc. Medical Technology Fund
Meekhof Administrative Account
Meekhof Majority Fund
Meeks For Mayor
Meg For Newington
Meg Harding For State Representative
Megan Quickle For Tulsa 2010
Mehlhaff Treasurer 2010
Mehringer 2010 Inc.
Meigs County Pachyderm Club
Meijer Political Action Committee
Meijer Political Action Committee Of Ohio
Meister For Senate
Mejias For Senate
Mel Levey For Congress
Mel Pittman For State Senate
Mel Wilson For Mayor
Melissa Hortman Campaign Committee
Melissa Lemke For City Council
Melissa Mckinlay Campaign
Melissa Romano For Superintendent Of Public Instruction
Mellon For Congress
Melrose Voters Party
Melton 2002
Melton For State House Committee
Members Political Action Committee
Members Voice Of The State Building Trades-No On Recall
Memphis Fire Fighters Assoc Pac
Men's Ledership Organization
Menard For Planning Board
Mendocino County Tomnorrow Candidate Pac
Mendoza For Insurance Commissioner
Mendoza For Valley Council
Menomonee Falls Taxpayers Association
Mens Excellence In Public Service Serise Inc
Meralee Goldman For City Council
Merced County Teamster Correctional Officers Pac
Mercer County Republican Central & Exec Committee
Mercer County Republican Committee
Mercer County Young Republican Federation
Merchants Political Action Committee
Merchants Political Action Committee
Merit Shop Roundtable Political Action Committee
Meritor Political Action Committee
Mesa Taxpayers Alliance
Messer Caparello Pac
Messerle 4 Commissioner
Messerle For Senate District 5
Messina For Supervisor 2012
Metallic Lathers Loc 46 Political Action Committee
Metlife Inc. Employees Political Participation Fund D
Metlife Inc. Political Fund B (Pac B)
Metlife Inc. Political Fund C (Pac C)
Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
Metro Broward Professional Fire Fighters Pac Fund
Metro Doctors Political Action Committee
Metro Housing Coalition
Metroconservative Pac
Metrolina Area Radiologist For Quality In Medicine
Metroplex Republican Women - Pac
Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants, Llp Political Action Committee
Metropolitan Baltimore Council Afl-Cio Separate Segregated Fund
Metropolitan Political Pact
Metropolitan Regional Council Of Carpenters - Baltimore Md Pac
Metropolitan Regional Council Of Carpenters - Washington Dc Pac
Metropolitan Republican Club
Metsopoulos 2001
Metta Barbour For State Representative
Metz, Husband, & Daughton, Cce-I
Meuser For State Senate 2012
Mexican American Political Association Political Action Committee
Mfc Action Fund
Mfda - Political Action Committee
Mfep Political Action Committee
Mg International Consulting, Inc
Mga Pac
Mha Central District Political Action Committee
Mha Kansas City District Political Action Committee
Mha Northwest District Political Action Committee
Mha Southeast District Political Action Committee
Mha Southwest District Political Action Committee
Mha St. Louis District Political Action Committee
Mhd Committee For Responsive Government
Mhet Pac
Mhsa Pac
Mi Greenstone Political Action Committee
Miami Beach Advisory Council
Miami Beach Civic League
Miami Beach Homeowners Coalition
Miami Beach Residents First
Miami Gardens First Pc
Miami Ironworkers Local 272 Local Political Action Committee Fund
Miami-Dade Bipartisans Foe Good Government
Miami-Dade Jobs Coalition
Miami-Dade Republican Lawyers Committee
Miami-Dade Residents First
Miami-Dade Working With The People Eco
Miasf Pac, Id 3578
Michael Ackerman For City Council
Michael Brown For Mayor Committee
Michael Brown For Mayor Exploratory Committee
Michael Cargill For State Representative
Michael Cornish Campaign
Michael Corrigan For City Council
Michael D Reynolds Campaign
Michael E. Gilfarb Campaign
Michael Fedele For Mayor
Michael Fedele For State Senate
Michael Fitzgibbons Campaign For County Commissioner
Michael Fortney For Vacaville Council
Michael Foster Committee To Elect For Judge
Michael G Strain Campaign
Michael G Wright Campaign Account
Michael G. Kaplan Campaign
Michael High For Bocs-Gainesville
Michael J. Courtney
Michael J. Orlando Campaign
Michael J. Satz Campaign Committee
Michael J. Shurin Campaign
Michael Jackson Vote For
Michael John Gray For State Representative
Michael Kobseff For Supervisor
Michael Kueker Constable Race Candidate
Michael Lamoureux Election Committee
Michael Lannon Candidate Superintendent Of Schools
Michael Lee Meredith
Michael Marsh For Anderson County Commissioner
Michael Marzigliano Candidate
Michael Mcdonough For Mayor
Michael Mcnair For State Representative
Michael R. Bloomberg
Michael S. Lamonte Campaign Fund
Michael Sanchez Friends Of
Michael Scheid For School Board 2013
Michael Schumacher For City Council 2014
Michael Smith For Congress
Michael Steele For Maryland Committee
Michael W Dawson Committee To Elect
Michael Williams 4 Congress
Micheal Gilmore Campaign
Michela Alioto-Pier For Insurance Commissioner 2010
Michele Branigan Campaign Committee, Inc.
Michele For Re-Election 2000
Michele M Newman For Us Senate
Michele Rollins Congress 2010
Michele Waller For U S Congress
Michelle Ambrozic Assembly For
Michelle Ecsedy For Selectman
Michelle Pincket For Judge
Michgian List
Michiel R Noe Campaign
Michigan Advocacy Trust
Michigan Allstate Insurance Company Pac
Michigan Assisted Living Assoc Political Action Com
Michigan Association Of Health Plans Advocacy Pac
Michigan Association Of Health Plans Pac
Michigan Association Of Insurance Agents Agent Pac
Michigan Association Of Realtors
Michigan Business Aviation Association Pac
Michigan Business Political Action Committee
Michigan Cable Telecommunications Association Pac
Michigan Chamber Political Action Committee III
Michigan Commercial Real Estate Pac
Michigan Concrete Paving Association Pac
Michigan Credit Union League Action Fund
Michigan Creditors Bar Association Political Action Committee
Michigan Democratic Agriculture Committee
Michigan Democrats For Education Reform Political Action Committee
Michigan Deserves Better
Michigan Distributors & Vendors Assoc Pac
Michigan Ed Assoc-Pac
Michigan Families And Jobs Fund
Michigan Focus
Michigan For All
Michigan Freedom Fund
Michigan Freedom Network
Michigan Future Pac
Michigan Good Guys
Michigan Grocers Assn. Food Pac Of Michigan
Michigan Groundwater Association Pac
Michigan Health & Hospital Association Political Action Committee
Michigan Health Care Trust
Michigan House Republican Administrative Fund
Michigan Independent Providers Political Action Committee
Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association Pac
Michigan Insurance Coalition Political Action Comm
Michigan Is Yours
Michigan Leadership 2010 Pac
Michigan League Of Conservation Voters Inc., Pac
Michigan Liberty Club
Michigan Manufactured Housing Rv And Campground
Michigan Mcdonald's Government Association Pac
Michigan Minimum Wage Pac
Michigan Muslim Democratic Caucus
Michigan Outdoors Action Fund
Michigan Partnership To Prevent Gun Violence-On Target Coalition Pac
Michigan Party For Growth
Michigan Paving & Materials/Oldcastle Materials Pac
Michigan Petroleum Jobbers Pac
Michigan Petroleum Pac-State
Michigan Pharmacists Association Federal Pac
Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes Superpac
Michigan Prosperity Fund
Michigan Public Employees, Seiu Local 517M
Michigan Rebel Pac
Michigan Recall Headquarters
Michigan Recalls Organization
Michigan Regional Council Of Carpenters
Michigan Republican Women's Pipeline
Michigan Responsible Leadership Fund
Michigan Restaurant Assoc Pac
Michigan Retailers Association Pac
Michigan Rnc Fund
Michigan Senate 2002
Michigan Sportsmens Alliance Pac
Michigan State Afl-Cio
Michigan State Badc Mi Badc
Michigan Success Fund
Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Pac
Michigan Trial Lawyers Assoc -Justice Pac
Michigan Vaccine Freedom Pac
Michigan Values Leadership Fund
Michigan Victory 2002
Michigan's Future Political Committee
Michigan's Great Southwest Fund
Michiganders For Equal Love
Mickie Krause For Delegate, Committee To Elect
Mid America Political Action Committee
Mid Atl Reg Coun Of Carp Pol Act Com Dist Of Col
Mid Atlantic Leadership Fund
Mid-Hudson Valley Rural Broadband Alliance
Mid-Town Literacy Advocacy
Mid-Valley Political Action Committee
Middle Class Families For A Better 28Th
Middle Class Pac
Middle Class Rules
Middle Class Values Pac
Middle Resolution Pac Inc
Middlesex County Democratic Organization, Inc.
Middletown Democratic Executive Committee
Mideastern Campaign Club
Midpeninsula Political Action Cmte For Tomorrow
Midwest Alliance For Better Government
Midwest Contractors Association Of Illinois Pac
Midwest Enterprise Group
Midwest Values Pac (Mvp)
Miec Pac Id
Miec Pac Of Ca, Sponsored By The Miec
Mielke For Congress
Mifflin County 9-12 Project
Miguel Ortiz For Congress
Miguel P Rosales
Miguelino Joseph For Spring Valley
Mike Aguirre For City Council
Mike Aguirre For District Attorney
Mike Allen For City Council
Mike Bartlett For Judge
Mike Beatty For Lt. Governor
Mike Beebe For Attorney General Of Ark Campaign
Mike Beitler Committee
Mike Bonin For City Council
Mike Cantrell Officeholder Account
Mike Coleman Committee To Elect
Mike Coogan Committee To Elect
Mike Cox 2010 Exploratory Committee
Mike Cox For Attorney General
Mike Creekmore Campaign Fund
Mike Crews For Ward One
Mike Dages For Fresno City Council
Mike Daniel For Judge Campaign
Mike Duggan For Mayor Exploratory Committee
Mike For Mehlville Fire
Mike Garman For Congress
Mike Gaughan Committee
Mike Grchan For Sheriff Campaign Comm
Mike Greene For Congress Committee
Mike Hadley For Da Committee
Mike Hanna
Mike Haridopolos For State House
Mike Hawker For State House
Mike Heney For Delegate
Mike Hernandez Office Holder Committee
Mike Herring For Commonwealth Attorney
Mike Hrabal Campaign
Mike Jackson Campaign
Mike Johanns For Governor Committee
Mike Jones For Kansas
Mike Kafton For Mayor
Mike Kanalakis For Sheriff
Mike Kirby Campaign Fund
Mike Leavitt Exploratory Committee, Inc.
Mike Machado For Assembly
Mike Maggard For Bakersfield City Council
Mike Maggard For State Assembly
Mike Mcdonald For Ct
Mike Miller State Representative
Mike Morrell For Assembly 2012
Mike Munzing For Congress
Mike Nyden Friends Of
Mike Polak II - Mike For City Council
Mike Ranzenhofer For State Senate
Mike Ranzenhofer Friends For
Mike Rodgers For United States Congress
Mike Ropa Campaign For County Commissioner 5
Mike Ross For Governor Inc
Mike Rutherford For Sheriff Committee
Mike Sannella For Mayor
Mike Schaufler For State Representative
Mike Schneider Campaign
Mike Schofield Campaign
Mike Scott Campaign
Mike Smith State Representative Committee
Mike Spears For Us Senate
Mike Spence Supervisor District 3
Mike Swaim For The People Committee
Mike Thomas For Congress, Inc.
Mike Thomas For Judge Campaign
Mike Wilson Campaign Fund
Mile High Racing & Entertainment Political Committee
Mile Marker 1, Eco
Mile Square Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee Inc
Mile-Hi Coalition
Miles For Delegate
Miley 2012
Milford Democratic Town Committee
Millard H. Miller For County Commisioner
Millenium Fund
Miller 2014
Miller Brewing Company Conduit Committee
Miller Cole For Council 2012
Miller For Council
Miller For Council 2010
Miller For New York
Miller, Alfano Raspanti, Pac
Millie For Supervisor
Millie Greenberg Supervisor Office Holder Committee
Million More Voters
Mills For City Council
Mills For City Council
Milltown Democratic Campaign Committee
Milosavljevic For City Council
Milton Wolf For U.S. Senate
Milwaukee Police Assn Political Action Committee
Mimi Elrod For Delegate
Mimi Kehoe Osiason Campaign
Mining For Colorados Future Political Committee Llc
Minnbank State Political Action Committee
Minneapolis Police Relief Association
Minneapolis Progressive Education Fund
Minnesota Assoc. Of Professional Employees Pac
Minnesota Chamber Of Commerce Leadership Fund Pac
Minnesota Citizens In Defense Of Marriage
Minnesota Citizens In Defense Of Marriage
Minnesota D.R.I.V.E.
Minnesota Education League Fund For Better Schools
Minnesota Excellence In Public Service Series
Minnesota Food Coalition
Minnesota Future
Minnesota Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund
Minnesota League Of Conservation Voters Political Fund
Minnesota Nurses Association Political Committee
Minnesota Organization Of Republican Veterans
Minnesota People Committee
Minnesota Pro Pac
Minnesota Sixth Congressional District Republican Party
Minnesota Trial Pac
Minnesota Womens Campaign Fund - State Pac
Minnesotans First
Minnesotans For Growth
Minnesotans For Marty
Minnesotans For Responsible Limited Government
Minnesotas Future
Minor For Congress Inc.
Minorities In Law Enforcement Independent Expenditure Committee
Minorities In Law Enforcement Political Action Committee
Minority & Women Business Advocacy Political Action Committee
Minority Disabled Hope Program
Minuteman Pac
Minuteman Victory Pac
Minuteman-Conservative Coalition Pac
Mira Movimiento Politico Inc.
Miracosta 2012
Miranda Rosenberg For Senate
Miriam Alonso Campaign
Misouri Commercial Real Estate Industry Political Action Committee
Missa Eaton For Congress
Mission Critical Partners Inc Pac
Mississippi Asphalt Contractors Political Action Committee
Mississippi Association Of Realtors
Mississippi Bankers Association On Pac - State Fund
Mississippi Coalition For Progress
Mississippi Concrete Industries Assoc Pac
Mississippi Democratic Trust
Mississippi Federation Of Republican Women
Mississippi Health Care Association Political Action Committee, Llc
Mississippi Hospital Association Political Action
Mississippi Hospital Association Political Action Committee
Mississippi Malt Beverage Association Political Action Committee
Mississippi Physicians Political Action Committee
Mississippi Political Action Committee
Mississippi Power Company State Pac
Mississippi Republican Party
Mississippi Restaurant Association Pac
Mississippi Road Builders' Association Political Action Committee
Mississippi Sierra Club Pac
Mississippi State Uaw Political Action Committee
Mississippi Transportation Contractors Political Action Committee
Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association Political Action Committee
Missouiri Pathfinders
Missouri American Water Company Employees Political Action Committee
Missouri Asphalt Pavement Assn. Continuing Committ
Missouri Asphalt Pavement Assoc Continuing Committee
Missouri Association Of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee
Missouri Association Of Trial Attorneys Political Action Committee
Missouri Billboard Project
Missouri Bistate Renewal Committee
Missouri Cigar And Pipe Association
Missouri Citizens For Liberty
Missouri Citizens For Mental Health
Missouri Club For Growth Political Action Committee
Missouri Corn Growers Association Federal Pac
Missouri Corn Growers Association State Political Action Committee
Missouri Dental Association Political Action Commi
Missouri Farmers Care
Missouri Freedom
Missouri Health Care Association Pac
Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee
Missouri Independent Bankers Association Political Action Committee
Missouri Libertarian Party
Missouri Millennium Fund
Missouri National Education Association
Missouri National Organization For Women Political Action Committee
Missouri Professional Bailbonds Association Pac
Missouri Renewal Political Action Committee
Missouri Senate 2002
Missouri Society Of Anesthesiologists P.A.C.
Missouri Solutions
Missouri Sos Ballot
Missouri State Chiropractors Association Pac
Missouri State Council Of Firefighters Political Action Com
Missouri State Council Of Machinists Pac
Missouri State Teachers Association
Missouri State Teachers Association Legislative Impact Committee
Missouri State Uaw - Pac Committee
Missouri State Uaw - Pac Committee
Missouri Votes Conservation
Missouri Whig Party
Missourians Against Higher Utility Rates
Missourians Defending Liberty
Missourians For Accountability
Missourians For Animal Care
Missourians For Better Courts
Missourians For Better Courts
Missourians For Choice
Missourians For Conservative Leadership
Missourians For Conservative Values Pac
Missourians For Fair And Impartial Courts Committee
Missourians For Fiscal Accountability
Missourians For Kinder Leadership Pac
Missourians For Kit Bond
Missourians For Mayer
Missourians For Open And Accountable Judicial Selection Committee
Missourians For Sustainable Growth
Missourians Taking Back Missouri
Missourians United For Life
Missourians With Jeffery Pogue
Missouris Food For America
Missouris For Koster
Missouris Future
Mitch Morrissey For District Attorney
Mitch Scott For Sheriff
Mitchell Contreras Campaign
Mitchell For Arizona
Mitchell For State Representative
Mitchelle Stephenson For 30B
Mittleman For Congress Election Committee
Mizzou Pac, Inc.
Mkie For Hertzberg
Mmha Vpac
Mmv Alliance Fund Inc
Mn Action Network Ie Pac
Mn Afl-Cio
Mn Corn
Mn Forward Llc
Mn Society Of Cpas - Public Affairs Committee
Mo Drive Fund
Mo Fed Pac
Mo Pac
Mo Tea Party Political Activists
Mobile Auto-Pac
Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee
Mobile Skatepark Committee
Mobilehome Owners And Consumer Attorneys For Sally
Moderate Democrats For California
Moderate Leadership Pac
Moderate Pac
Moderate Party Of Rhode Island State Comm
Modern Day Patriots
Modern Republican Women
Modern Whig Party
Modern Whig Party Of America
Modern Whig Party Of Arizona
Modern Whig Party Of Massachusetts
Modern Whig Party Of Michigan
Modern Whig Party Of Missouri
Modern Whig Party Of Wisconsin
Modernize Begren County Inc
Modesto Chamber Of Commerce - Pac
Modesto Citizens For Accountability
Moe For Minnesota
Moe Wampum, Inc.
Moen For Representative Committee
Mohave County Democratic Central Committee
Mohegan Sun Pac
Moises Denis, Committee To Elect
Moisses Gonzalez Campaign
Mojave Republicans
Molera 2002
Molera Education Account
Molgano 2010
Molgano 2012
Molgano 2014
Molinari Republican Club
Molinaro 2009
Momemtum Pac (Fec)
Momentum Pac
Mondragon For A New Illinois
Monica Conyers People First Pac
Monica L. Sierra Campaign For Circuit Judge
Monica Lewis-Patrick Committee To Elect
Monique Condominium Association
Monk Elmer For State Senate
Monmouth County Bayshore Young Democrats
Monmouth County Democrats
Monroe County Republican Women
Monroe For County Board
Monroe Nelson Benaim Campaign
Monroe Township Democratic Club
Monroe Township Democratic Organization
Monroe Yes Committee
Monserrate 2003
Montague County Republican Women
Montalbano For Senate
Montana Alliance For Constitutionalism
Montana Business Advocates For Sensible Elections
Montana Business Leadership Council Pac
Montana Conservation Voters Action Fund
Montana Credit Union League Political Action Committee
Montana Employess Of Qwest Pac
Montana Hunters And Anglers Political Action Committee
Montana Jobs Education And Technology Pac
Montana Legacy Fund
Montana Majority Fund
Montana Shrugged Teaparty Patriots
Montanan's For Effective Wildlife Management
Montanans For Better Government
Montanans For Fair Judiciary
Montanans For Fair Taxation
Montanans For Liberty And Justice
Montanans For The Future
Montanans For Trap-Free Public Lands
Montandon For Mayor
Monte Johnson For Delegate
Montebello Police Officers' Association Pac
Monterey Bay Republican Women Federated
Monterey County Business Political Action Committe
Monterey County Deputy Sheriff Association Pac
Monterey County Stewardship Council
Montgomery Bar Association Political Action Committee
Montgomery Cnty Democratic Party
Montgomery County Conservative Leadership Pac
Montgomery County Democratic Club
Montgomery County Democratic Executive Committee
Montgomery County Democratic Party
Montgomery County Republican Central Committee
Montgomery County Republican Party
Montgomery County Republican Women
Montgomery For Change Pac
Montgomery Women Leadership Pac
Monticello Business Alliance Pac
Montvale Republican Club
Montville Township Democratic Club
Montville Township Democratic Committee
Monty Mason For Delegate
Moore For Congress
Moore For Senate Commitee
Moore For West Virginia
Mooresville & Iredell & Mitchell Schools First
Moorish American Community Outreach Operation
Moorish American Party
Moorish American Party
Moorish League
Morals Pac: Masses Organizing Research Against Lying & Stealing Opposi
Moran For Delegate
More Jobs Alabama Pac
More Jobs And Better Schools For Florida
More Truth--Less Tax
Morehead For Assembly
Morelia For Metro Campaign Committee
Moreno Valley Citizens For Social Justice, Economic Development
Morgan Chip Welch For Circuit Judge
Morgan County Political Action Committee
Morgan County Republican Central Committee
Morgan County School Facility Tax Support Committee
Morgan County Young Republicans
Morgan Hill Federation Of Teachers Cope
Morgan Meyer For Texas
Morgan Rnc Reelect Committee
Morningstar Coalition
Morris & Mcveigh Nys Pac
Morris County Republican Committee
Morris County Womens Republican Club
Morris For 138Th
Morrison For Az House
Morrow County Citizens For Local Ems
Mortgage Bankers Association State Victory Fund
Mortgage Brokers Pac
Moses Sanchez For State Assembly
Mosfa Pac, Inc
Moskalski For Supervisor
Moss For Treasurer
Mother Lode Taxpayers Association Pac
Motion Picture Assn Of America Ca Pac
Motion Picture Association Of America
Motor Carrier Public Affairs Committee
Motor Vehicle Political Action Committee
Motorcycle Pac Of Minnesota
Mount Holly Democratic Committee
Mountain Political Action Committee
Mountainstar Healthcare Good Government
Mourges For Congress
Move Damascus Forward
Move Hoboken Ahead
Move Illinois Forward
Move Kentucky Forward
Move Macon Forward
Move Michigan Forward Fund
Move Nevada Forward Pac
Move On The Right Way Org
Move On Up Org Pac
Move Pac
Move Pc
Movement For Democratic Change Usa
Movement To Free America
Moveon.Org Voter Fund
Moving Albuquerque Forward
Moving America Forward, Inc.
Moving Arkansas Forward
Moving Colorado Forward
Moving Florida Forward
Moving Florida Forward Pc
Moving Forward A Coalition
Moving Forward With Corky Booze For City Council 2014
Moving Forward With Nat Bates For Mayor 2014
Moving Frankford Forward
Moving Kansas Forward
Moving Medicine Forward
Moving Ohio Forward Action Fund
Moving Ohio Forward Network
Moving Orlando Forward Pac
Moving Rhode Island Forward, Inc.
Moving Virginia Forward
Moving West Virginia Forward Bicpac
Moving Wichita Forward Pac Inc.
Mpa Campaign Vote!
Mpm Political Action Committee
Mrk Hanson
Ms Credit Union Political Action Committee
Ms Region 7
Msea - Paser
Msea Fund For Children And Public Education
Msnj Pain Political Action Committee
Msnj Spine Political Action Committee
Msoa Pac
Mtc Holdings Political Action Committee
Mtf Pac
Mti School Of Ministry
Mti Voters
Mudsling Free
Muhm For Judge
Muldoon Pac
Mullaney For Council
Mullett For Mayor
Mullins For State Representative
Multi-County Rentail Housing Pac, Sprd By Apt Assn Of Orange County
Multi-Housing Political Action Committee
Multnomah County Corrections Officers Assoc. -Pac
Mumpower For Representative
Munoz For Senate
Munzlinger For State Representative
Murkowski For Governor Committee
Murphy For Assembly
Murphy For Judge Committee
Murray For Downey City Council
Murrell Smith For House
Murrieta Firefighter's Association Political Action Team
Murrieta Unified Political Action Committee
Muscogee County Conservative Party, Inc
Muscogee County Democratic Committee
Muscogee County Republican Party
Muscular Dystrophy Hope Program
Music For America Voter Fund
Music Row Democrats Tennessee Pac, Llc
Muskegon Business Political Action Committee
Muslim American Vote
Muslims Of Ohio Pac
Mv Pac
Mvp Health Care New Hampshire Pac
Mvp Health Care, Inc Vermont Pac
Mvp Health Care, Inc. New York State Pac
Mwn Pac
My Oregon Rights Pac
My Special Interest 527
My Vote Is My Voice Corporation
My-Linh Thai For Bellevue School Board
Myers 4 Congress
Myles Perry For Prosecutor
Myra Sawyers For School Board
Myrtle Beach Lodging Political Action Committee
Mystic River Greens - Amended
N J Health Practitioners Association Pac
N. Central Il. Labor Council-Pol. Action Com.
N.C. Association Of Convenience Stores Pac
N.S.A Inc. Action Fund
Nace International Institute Political Action Committee
Nacogdoches County Republican Partypac
Nahville Fire Fighters Association Pac
Naifa-Oregon Pac
Naiop Developers Political Action Committee
Naiop Ma Commercial Real Estate Development Political Action Comm
Naiop Pac
Nakanishi For Assembly 2002
Nale Prop 34 Pac
Nalle Santa Ana Committee
Namic Cap Administrative Fund
Nana Akufo-Addo Campaign, Inc
Nancy 4 Wisconsin
Nancy Allen For County Executive 2002
Nancy Argenziano Campaign Fl Senate District 3
Nancy Bean Sboe Campaign
Nancy Coats For District Judge
Nancy Greenstein For Santa Monica Community Colleg
Nancy M. Hubers Citizens For Delegate
Nancy Mcfarlane Committee
Nancy Saitta For Supreme Court
Nancy Young For Tracy City Council 2010
Nancy Young For Tracy City Council 2012
Nancy Young Wright For State Representative
Nanula For New York
Naomi Wilson For King County Council
Napa Citizens For Yes On S
Napa Valley Republican Women Federated
Napa Vintage Republican Women,Federated
Naperville Area Chamber Political Action Committee
Naperville Voter Education League
Nar State Exchange Account
Naral Pro Choice Oregon Pac
Naral Pro-Choice America 527 Account
Naral Pro-Choice Colorado Fund
Naral Pro-Choice Colorado Independent Expenditure Committee
Naral Pro-Choice Connecticut Pac
Naral Pro-Choice Maine
Nareit Political Advocacy Accout
Nasb Committee 2013
Nashville Business Coalition
Nass For Auditor
Nassau Concerned Citizens Coalition
Nassau County Police Dept. Detectives Assoc. Pac
Nat'l Women's Political Caucus - La
Nat'l Women's Political Caucus-Ca
Nat. Assc. Mutual Ins Co. Administrative Fund
Nata Pac
Natalie Berg For Community College Board
Nate Miley For Supervisor
Nathan Buddy Reynolds Jr For Judge
Nathan Carter Campaign
Nathan Deal For Governor Inc
Nathan Dean Campaign
Nathan Eaton For Liberty
Nathan Lafrance For Us Senate
Nathan Page For Congress
Nathan Sosa Committee To Elect
National 912 Project Pac
National 912 Project, Inc
National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys Political Action Committee
National Asian American Pac Florida
National Asian Indian Republican Association
National Ass Of Government Employees Independent Expenditure Pac
National Assc. Of Mutual Insurance Companies Pac
National Assn Of Insurance & Financial Advisors-Nebr Pac
National Assn Of Insurance & Financial Advisors/ California Pac
National Assoc Of Office & Industrial Properties Inland Empire
National Association Of Black Veterans For Va Accountability
National Association Of Insurance And Financial Advisors-Florida Ifapa
National Association Of Recreational Anglers
National Association Of Young Libertarians
National Association Ofr Reators - 527 Fund
National Athletic Trainers' Assn, Inc. Political Action Committee
National Auto Auction Association
National Commitment For Research Political Action Committee
National Committee For Animal Welfare
National Common Sense Democratic Party
National Conference Democratic Mayors, Inc.
National Conservative Committee
National Corn Growers Association Pac (Cornpac)
National Deaf Freedom Association
National Democratic Alliance
National Democratic County Officials
National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council
National Democratic Party Of America
National Eagle Party National Committee
National Education Association Rhodeisland Pac For Education
National Feminism Political Party
National Fiscal Conservative Political Action Committee
National Fuel Gas Ny Political Action Committee
National Fuel Gas Pa Pac
National Interest Security Company Political Action Committee (Nisc Pa
National Korean American Republican Association
National Leadership Pac-Nonfederal
National Organization For Marriage California Pac
National Organization For Marriage California Pac
National Organization For Marriage Maine Pac
National Organization For Marriage Pac New York
National Organization For Marriage Rhode Island Pac
National Organization Of Women For Alimony Reform, Inc.
National People's Action Campaign Superpac
National Progress Fund
National Public Education Action Fund 527
National Rationals Research Organization
National Republican Womens Network, Inc.
National Right To Life State Political Committee
National Right To Vote Committee
National Semiconductor Employee Texas Pac
National Southeast Association
National Tax Limitation Committee Newsletter
National Tax Limitation Committee-State Pac
National Taxpayers Union
National Uaw Political Action Committee
National Voicing Association
National Women Political Caucus - Los Angeles Southeast
National Women's Political Caucus - Alameda North Independent Exp Comm
National Youth Connections
Nations For State House
Nationwide Carolina Political Participation Fund
Nationwide Insurance Better Citizen Fund
Nationwide Maryland State Political Participation Fund
Nationwide New York Political Participation Fund
Nationwide Pennsylvania Political Participation Com
Nationwide South Carolina Political Participation Fund
Nationwide Texas Political Participation Fund
Nationwide Virginia Political Participation Fund
Native Americans & Peace Officers Pac
Native Americans And Peace Officers Prop 34 Pac
Native Conservative Party
Natl Assoc Of Independent Insurers Political Acct
Nature Coast Conservative Coalition
Nature Coast Conservative Coalition Pc
Nature Coast Conservatives
Nava For Judge 2010
Nawbo Chicago Pac
Nazi Skinheads For Mccain 2008
Nc 5 Star Pac
Nc Chiropractic Association, Inc. Political Action Committee
Nc Cpa Political Action Committee
Nc Democratic Party Precinct H26
Nc Health Care Facilities Association-Pac
Nc Independent Finance Association Pac
Nc Land Title Association - Political Action Committee
Nc Landscape Architects Pac
Nc Limited Government Alliance
Nc Merchants Political Action Committee, Inc.
Nc Nurse Midwives Pac
Nc Petroleum Marketers Association Pac
Nc Republican Legislative Committee
Nc Small Business Pac Of Independent Ins. Agents
Nc11 Leadership Committee
Ncdp 11Th Congressional District
Nchlp Education Fund
Nda Pac, Nevpac, Fedpac
Ndnr Pac
Ne Gpldc Pac
Nea Advocacy Fund
Nea Fund For Children & Public Education
Nea Ri Retired Pac
Neal P. Pitts Campaign For Circuit Judge
Nebraska Bankers State Political Action Com
Nebraska Family Planning Political Action Committee
Nebraska Leadership Committee Inc
Nebraska League Of Conservation Voters Political Action Fund
Nebraska Optometric Association Political Action Committee
Nebraska Party Inc.
Nebraska Realtors Political Action Committee
Nebraska State Afl-Cio - Politcal Activist Fund
Nebraskans For Better Wages
Nebraskans For Glenn
Nebraskans For Tyson Larson
Nebraskans For Worker's Rights, Inc.
Neckermann For Rolla City Prosecutor
Ned Randolph Election Committee
Neighbor Hoods First
Neighbor To Neighbor Action Fund
Neighborhood Alliance For Safe & Healthy Families Bobby Shriver For
Neighborhood Coalition Supporting Chris Cate For Council 214
Neighborhood Empowerment Coalition
Neighborhood Market Association Pac
Neighborhood Preservation Coalition State Pac
Neighborhood Preservation Coalition Yes On W
Neighborhood Preservation Committee
Neighborhood Republican Clubs
Neighborhoods Against Billboard Blight
Neighborhoods First
Neighborhoods For Jose Gardea For Council 2013
Neighborhoods United
Neighborhoods United Iepac
Neighbors Against Drug Trafficking
Neighbors Allied For Accountable And Quality Schools
Neighbors For Schiele
Neighbors For A Better Anaheim Nba Pac
Neighbors For A Better Montgomery Pac
Neighbors For A Better Santa Ana, No On Measure A
Neighbors For A Professional Fire Board
Neighbors For A Safer Denver
Neighbors For An Effective District Attorney's Office
Neighbors For Better Schools
Neighbors For Carolyn Merrival
Neighbors For Earl Ehrhart
Neighbors For Elida M. Cruz
Neighbors For John Quincy
Neighbors For Mayor Gonzales
Neighbors For Mike Szymanski
Neighbors For Nordbye
Neighbors For Pat Kernighan
Neighbors For Safer Communities
Neighbors For Safer Pennsylvania
Neighbors For Schouten
Neighbors For Wear
Neighbors Opposing Tebbs Eason & Haney For Fire Board 2010
Neighbors To Elect Dick Matthews
Neighbors Unite Political Action Committee
Neighbors United For A Better City Government Supporting Lorie Zapf
Neil Blais For City Council
Neil Perry Campaign
Neil Williamson Sheriff Committee
Nellegar & Daly For Matawan Borough Council
Nelsen For Nj Senate
Nelson 2003
Nelson County Republican Committee
Nelson H. Balido Campaign
Nelson Volunteer Committee
Nepali Public Relations Committee In America
Neptune Education Leadership Pac
Nereyda Morales-Martinez Campaign
Netto For City Council 2012
Neuman For Pa
Neuville For Senate Volunteer Committee
Nevada Anesthesia Patient Safety Pac
Nevada Advocates For Planned Parenthood Affiliates - State Fund
Nevada Conservation League Pac
Nevada County Democratic Central Committee
Nevada County Republican Assembly
Nevada County Republican Women Federated
Nevada Credit Union League P A C
Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus
Nevada Hospital Association Healthpac
Nevada Jobs Coaltion Pac
Nevada Leadership Project
Nevada Liberty Alliance
Nevada Mining Association Political Action Committ
Nevada Next Political Action Committee
Nevada Republic Alliance
Nevada Republican Liberty Caucus
Nevada Republican Majority
Nevada S People For Animal Welfare
Nevada Service Employees Intl Union Local 1107 Issues Committee Fund
Nevada Society Of Certified Public Accountants Pac
Nevada State Afl-Cio Pac Contribution Account
Nevada State Education Association Separate Segregated Funds
Nevada State Health Underwriters Political Action Committee
Nevada Tavern Owners Assoc Pac
Nevada Wine Coalition
Nevadans Against Special Interest Taxation
Nevadans For Fair Taxes
Nevadans For Liberty L.L.C
Nevadans For The Protection Of Property Rights, Inc.
Nevadans For True Conservatives
New Afrikan Independence Party
New Alliance Of California Republicans
New America Pac
New Americans Action Fund
New Apollo Fund
New Approach Oregon
New Approach Pac
New Avenues Democratic Club
New Beginnings Committee To Elect Nate Thomas
New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc. - Colorado Pac
New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc. - North Carolina Pac
New Better Government Committee Pac
New Braunfels Republican Women Pac
New Brunswick Democratic Organization
New Brunswick For Elected School Board
New Car Dealers Association Pac
New Century Leadership Fund Inc.
New Century Political Action Committee
New Century Project
New Commonwealth Pac
New Conservative Coalition
New Conservatives
New Democrat Coalition 2002
New Democrat Network - Non-Federal
New Democratic Majority
New Direction Kentucky
New Directions For America
New Directions Pac
New Directions Through Responsible Leadership
New Dixon High School Committee
New Energy Economy Idaho Pac
New Energy Leaders Of Nevada Pac
New Energy Super Pac Inc
New Energy Voter Pac
New England Conservative Coalition
New England Leadership Forum
New England Regional Council Of Carpenters Ct Opc
New Era Colorado Political Committee
New Era For Woodland Hills Education
New Era Fund
New Europe Coalition Political Action Committee
New Florida Leadership Committee
New Florida Political Committee
New Freedom Party
New Frontier Committee
New Frontier Young Democrats
New Generation
New Generation Democrats
New Generation Of Republican Women
New Generation Political Action Committee
New Hampshire Freedom Fund
New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
New Hampshire Patients First Committee
New Hampshire Republicans For Freedom And Equality
New Hampshire Senate 2002
New Haven Citizen Action Group
New House Pac - Nonfederal Account
New Independent Christian Party
New Independent Party
New Jersey 2002
New Jersey Cpa Political Action Committee
New Jersey Dental Political Action Committee
New Jersey Film Pac
New Jersey For The People
New Jersey Funeral Directors Pac
New Jersey Gastroenterology & Endoscopy Pac, Inc.
New Jersey Health Care Political Action Committee
New Jersey Healthy Insurance Political Action Committee
New Jersey League Of Conservation Voters - Political Action Committee
New Jersey League Of Conversation Voters For A Cleaner Environment
New Jersey Liberty Network, Inc.
New Jersey Obstetrical And Gynecological Pac, Inc.
New Jersey Optometric Political Action Committee
New Jersey Organization For A Better State
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance A Nj Nonprofit Corporation
New Jersey Patient Care And Access Pac
New Jersey Progress
New Jersey Progress Coalition
New Jersey Real Estate Advocacy League
New Jersey Republican State Committee
New Jersey Senate 2002
New Jersey Society Of Plastic Surgeons Pac
New Jersey State Sheriffs' Alliance, Inc
New Jersey Tea Party Coalition, Inc.
New Jersey Title Insurance Industry Political Action Committee
New Jersey Working Families Pac
New Jersey's Future First
New Latino Democrats
New Leaders Council
New Leadership Colorado
New Leadership For America, Nonfederal Accnt
New Leadership For Erie County
New Leadership For Missouri Pac
New Leadership In Colorado
New Leadership Network Cce
New Leadership Network Pc
New Leadership Pac
New Lenox Citizens For Property Tax Relief
New Libertarian Political Association
New Majority California Pac
New Majority Democrats
New Majority Matters
New Mass Playbook Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee
New Mexicans For A Better Tomorrow
New Mexicans For Democracy Pac
New Mexicans For Honest Leadership
New Mexico Counts, Inc.
New Mexico Gas Company Heat Pac
New Mexico Land Title Political Action Committee
New Mexico Taxpayers Alliance
New Mexico Turn Around
New Mexico Young Republican Federation
New Nevada Pac
New Organizing Fund
New Orleans Hospitality Coalition Pac, Inc
New Orleans Recreation Political Action Committee Inc
New Orleans Regional Phys Hosp Org Inc Political Action Committee
New Path Pac
New Politics
New Politics Colorado
New Progressive Alliance
New Reagan Patriots
New Republic Political Action Committee
New Republican Leadership Council
New Republican Leadership Pac
New Republican Majority
New Republican Majority Fund - State Pac
New Republican Party Of Northfield
New Revolution Party Inc
New Suburbia Political Action Committee
New Texas Pac
New Trier Democratic Organization
New Vision Political Action Committee
New Vision Youngstown
New West Fellowship Group
New York Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee
New York Assisted Living Federation Of America Pac
New York City Can Inc
New York City Justice Political Action Committee
New York City Justice Political Action Committee
New York City Kids Pac
New York City Partnership Pac
New York College Republican State Committee, Incorporated
New York Dems 2002
New York Families Pac
New York Federation Of College Republicans
New York Fund For Economic Advancement
New York Health Care Pac
New York Jobs Now Committee
New York League Of Conservation Voters Political Action Committee
New York Liberty Pac
New York Life - New York State Pac
New York Modern Whig Party
New York Physical Therapy Pac
New York Progress
New York Republican Main Street Committee
New York Retailers For Effective Government
New York State Afl-Cio Action Fund
New York State Afl-Cio Cope
New York State Asian American Republican Coalition
New York State Association Of Realtors Fund
New York State Beer Wholesalers Association Inc
New York State Building & Construction Trades Political Action Commite
New York State Coalition Of Phsps Pac, Inc.
New York State Council Of Machinists Political Action Fund
New York State Farm Associates Political Action Committee
New York State Funeral Directors Association Pac
New York State Laborers Political Action Committee
New York State Nurses Political Action Committee
New York State Optometric Association Pac
New York State Pac Uaw Region 9
New York State Pipe Trades Pac
New York State Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Pac Fund
New York State Public Employees Federation - Pac
New York State Public Employees Federation - Pac
New York State Society Cpa Pac
New York State Soft Drink Association Inc. Pac
New York Thoroughred Breeders Political Action Committee
New York Uprising Pac
New York Wine Industry Advocates, Inc.
New Yorkers Against The Death Penalty Pac
New Yorkers For A Balanced Albany
New Yorkers For Affordable Pensions, Inc.
New Yorkers For Better Communities
New Yorkers For Good Jobs And Good Schools
New Yorkers For Lower Auto Insurance Rates
New Yorkers For Proven Leadership Inc
New Yorkers For Putting Studentsfirst
New Yorkers For Putting Studentsfirst Independent Committee
New Yorkers For Randy Daniels, Inc.
New Yorkers For Responsible Leadership
New Yorkers Together
New Yorkers United Committee
New Yorkers With Strauss
Newark Progressive Alliance
Newark Teachers Union Cope Fd
Newberg Citizens For Tax And Fee Responsibility
Newbern For Ohio
Newell Normand Campaign Fund
Newhall Civic Improvement Association
Newhouse For State House
Newington First 2009
Newington Republican Town Committee
Newinski For Senate
Newman For Attorney General
Newman Group Partners
Newport Beach Police Employees Political Action Committee
Newport Votes No On Y
Newsom 2002
Newt 2012
Newton Fire Fighters Fire Pac 1457
Nexgen Political Action Committee
Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc Political Action Committee
Next Generation Leaders
Next Generation Leaders Pc
Next Level Young Republicans
Next Pac
Next Pac Virginia
Next Spring In Loomis
Nextdoor Political Action Committee
Nextgen Climate Action Committee-Nonfederal
Nextgen Pac
Nfib/Alabama Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Arizona Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Arkansas Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/California Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Colorado Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Connecticut Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Delaware Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Florida Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Georgia Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Hawaii Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Idaho Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Illinois Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Indiana Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Iowa Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Kansas Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Kentucky Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Louisiana Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Maine Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Maryland Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Nfib/Michigan Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Minnesota Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Mississippi Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Missouri Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Montana Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Nevada Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/New Hampshire Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/New Jersey Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/New Mexico
Nfib/New York Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/North Carolina Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Ohio Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Oklahoma Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Oregon Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Pennsylvania Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/South Carolina Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Tennessee Save America's Free Enterprise
Nfib/Texas Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Vermont Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Virginia Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Washington Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/West Virginia Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfib/Wisconsin Save America's Free Enterprise Trust
Nfra-Rhode Island Chapter
Nh Families For Education
Nhadic Pac
Niagara County Democratic Committee
Nicholas Anthony Del Vecchio
Nicholas Anthony Del Vecchio Candidate
Nicholas Arzio For Council 2014
Nicholas Ruiz For Congress
Nichols For Wisconsin
Nick Ciaramitaro For Macomb Probate Judge Committe
Nick Congemi Campaign Fund
Nick Garzilli For Congerss
Nick Land For Dcsd
Nick Loeb Campaign
Nick Pacheco For District Attorney
Nick Williams For Selectman 2011
Nico Lahood For District Attorney
Nicor Gas Political Action Committee
Nidaa Tounes-Usa
Nienow Volunteer Committee
Nigel M. Reid Ll For Mayor
Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee
Nigerians In Diaspora Voting Rights Fund
Nike Equality Pac
Nikki Lucas 2013
Nina Turner For Congress
Ninth Decade Fund
Nixon Peabody Llp Federal Pac
Nj 4Ward, Inc.
Nj Change Today
Nj Coalition Of Real Estate
Nj Council Of Teaching Hospitals - Pac
Nj Dem Gotv Pac
Nj Federation Of Republican Women
Nj Healthcare Coalition, Inc.
Nj Leadership A Nj Nonprofit Corporation
Nj State Assoc. Of Pipe Trades Pac Fund
Nj Workers' Voices
Njacc Pac, Inc.
Njascpac, Inc.
Njdc Victory Fund
Njdems.Com New Jersey Democratic Party
Njdocpac, Inc.
Njp-Pac, Inc
Njspba Pac
Njtha Ssf
Nlv Matters Pac
Nm Building & Construction Trades Council
Nm Conservation Voters Alliance Pac State Account
Nm Federation Of Labor, Afl-Cio Cope Account
No American Left Behind
No Excuse Ministry Pac
No Incinerator Pac
No Keys Back
No Louisiana In Santa Barbara - Independent Expenditure Committee
No More Unfair Taxes
No Negotiations Pac
No On 1240
No On 203 - 2000
No On 2A
No On 3
No On 3A 3B
No On 91
No On Ashburn Senate Recall
No On Coburg Recall
No On D Committee
No On I, Coalition To Stop The Billion Dollar Bill
No On I-502
No On I-97
No On Measure G
No On Prop 10. Californians Against The 10 Billion Dollar Lemon
No On Prop 102
No On Prop 105
No On R - A Coalition Of Business Labor And Taxpayers
No On Z
No Power Plant.Com
No Rain Tax Pac
No Tallahassee Takeover, Inc.
No Tar Sands - Me Pac
No Taxpayer Money For Politicians
No. Ca Workers Compensation Defense Attorneys
Nob Hill Republican Women's Club, Federated
Noble County Democratic Party Central Committee
Noble For Congress
Nolan For Congress
Nolte For Congress
Nomorelip.Org Voter Fund
Nomura Pac , Inc
Nomura Pac , Inc
Non Partisan Candidate Evalnuation Committee
Non Partisan Committee To Keep Four Good Judges
Norcal Waste Systems Inc Pac
Nordin For District 7
Norm Phillips For Borough Mayor
Norman Business Pac
Norman Solomon For Congress Exploratory Committee
North American Association Of Subway Franchisees, Inc. Pac Or Subs-Pa
North Bay Leadership Council Pac
North Bay Transportation Alliance: Yes On Measure __
North Bay Village Voice
North Bergen Citizens For Change
North Brunswick Republican Club
North Carolina Advocacy Coalition Ncac
North Carolina Agriculture Partnership
North Carolina Association Of Insurance And Financ
North Carolina Association Of Insurance And Financial Advisors
North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association Pac
North Carolina Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association Pac
North Carolina Chamber Ie
North Carolina Chamber Pac
North Carolina Chiropractic Association Pac
North Carolina Conservatives United, Inc.
North Carolina Dental Pac
North Carolina Families First
North Carolina Friends And Familly For Safety Employee Respect And Vot
North Carolina Green Party
North Carolina Homeowners Alliance
North Carolina Hospital Association Pac
North Carolina Judicial Coalition
North Carolina Republican Main Street Committee
North Carolina Republican Party
North Carolina Soybean Producers Association N.C. Soypac
North Carolina Trucking Association Pac
North Carolina Voters For Animal Welfare
North Central Florida 912 Project Inc
North County Citizens Group
North Dakota Farm Bureau - Political Action Committee
North Dakota Hunters For Fair Chase
North Dakota Rural Electric Political Action Committee
North Dakota State Senate Republican Caucus
North Dakotans For Accountable Leadership
North East Bexar County Democrats Pac
North Florida Citizens For Justice Cce
North Florida Future
North Florida Leadership Coalition, Inc.
North Fork Committee
North Houston Tea Party Patriots
North Idaho Political Action Committee
North Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1607 Pac Fund
North Las Vegas For Truth In Campaigns
North Merrick Republican Party
North Penn Democratic Committee
North Political Action Coun
North Shore Young Republicans
North Star Chapter Sierra Club Political Committe
North Star Excellence In Public Service Series
North Star Sfaa-Pac
North Texas Young Republican Club
North Town Of Oyster Bay Democratic Club
North Tustin Pac Sponsored By Foothill Communities Association
North Valley Stream Repbulican Committee
North Wildwood Joint Republican Club
Northeast Florida Chamber Alliance
Northeast Florida Chamber Alliance Cce
Northeast Florida Committee For Principled Government Inc
Northeast Indiana Political Action Committee
Northeast Utilities Employees Political Action Committee - Connecticut
Northeastern Oklahoma Doctors Committed To Tort Reform
Northern Ca Carpenters Regional Council Small Contributor Committee
Northern Ca District Council Of Laborers Pac
Northern California Water Association Pac
Northern Californians For A Strong Economy
Northern Colorado Neighborhood Committee
Northern Colorado Victory Fund
Northern Grafton County Republican Committee
Northern Illinois Coordinated Campaign Committee (Niccc)
Northern Indiana Operators Joint Labor-Management Pac
Northern Kane County Democrats
Northern Kentucky Democratic League Inc
Northern Kentucky Tea Party Inc
Northern Laramie Range Alliance
Northern Lights Pac - Non Federal Account
Northern Lights Pac-Non-Federal Account
Northern Manhattan Committee For Shari Michels
Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum
Northern Wake Republican Club
Northland Administrative Fund
Northland Leadership Fund
Northlanders For Responsible Government
Northshore Republican Women Pac
Northstar Leadership Fund
Northstate Farm And Business Pac
Northumberland County Democratic Committee
Northwest Alliance For Progress Political Action Committee
Northwest Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus
Northwest Detroit Leadership Account
Northwest Florida Chamber Alliance
Northwest Florida Chamber Alliance Cce
Northwest Florida Deserves The Best
Northwest Florida Prosperity
Northwest Forest Republican Womens Club
Northwest Good Government Pac
Northwest Grocery Association Pac
Northwest Grocery Association Washington Pac
Northwest Indiana Contractors Political Action Committee
Northwest Marine Trade Association Pac
Northwest Michigan Values
Northwest Missouri Continuing Committee
Northwest Ohio Regional Council Of Carpenters Political Action Committ
Northwest Transit Pac
Northwest Tribal Pac
Northwestern Mutal Life Insurance Co Individual Political
Northwestern Mutual Life Linsurance Co Political Action Com
Northwoods Leadership Fund
Norton For Mn House
Norton School Levy Committee
Not Good Enough Florida
Not Your District Pac
Nova Biz Pac
Novak For Senate Volunteer Committee
Novato Republican Women, Federated
Now Equality Political Action Committee
Now Our Way
Nowview Expositor
Np Gop Campaign 2010
Npp-Usa, Inc.
Nrh4U.Com Llc Pac
Nsa Pac
Nsea - Tip
Nta Pac
Nu Skin Pac
Nuclear Bio Chem Political Action Committee, Incor
Nucleus Club Of Phoenix
Nucor Corp Political Action Committee Of Illinois
Nucor Corp Political Action Committee Of Mississip
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committe Of Ny
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committe Of Sc
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committe Of Ut
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of Al
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of Ar
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of In
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of Ne
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of Ohio, Inc.
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of Tx
Nucor Corporation Political Action Committee Of Washington
Nucor Political Action Committee Of Tennessee
Nucor Steel Recyclers Of Mississippi Political Action Committee
Nueces County Republican Women Pac
Nuestro Pueblo Unido Para El Progresso In Support Of Blanca Lopez Brow
Nuhw Committee For Quality Patient Care And Union Democracy - Candidat
Nurham Warwick Nc House Campaign
Nurses & Working Families For Better Healthcare
Nurses And Concerned Lawyers For Quality Health Ca
Nurses, Teachers & Working Families United To Support David Campos
Nursing Home Alliance Political Action Committee
Nutmeg Excellence In Public Service Series
Nutter 99
Nv Realtors Political Action Committee
Nvhba Pac
Nvjobs Pac
Nvos Bonepac
Nvtc Techpac
Nw Patriot
Nwora-Pac Political Action Committee
Ny - Republican State Committee - Reporting
Ny Build Pac
Ny Edpac
Ny Film Pac
Ny Power To The People Committee
Nyc Clc Political Action Campaign Fund
Nyc Conservative Campaign Committee
Nycqal Pac
Nyers For The Right Change
Nymta Boat-Pac
Nyobs Pac
Nys Chapter Agc-Pac
Nys Restaurant Ind Pac
Nyse State Pac
Nysna Political Action Committee (Independent Expenditures)
Nyspff Civil Involvement Services
O' Say Can You See Pac -Md
O'connell Leadership 2010
O'say Can You See Pac - Non-Federal
O. L. Raulerson
Oa Fund
Oaa Pac
Oak Pac Oakland Metropolitan Chamber Of Commerce
Oakland County Treasurers Committee
Oakland Families For Quality Schools Pac
Oakland Forward
Oakland Jobs Pac
Oakland Metropolitan Chamber Of Commerce Independent Expenditure Comm
Oakland Republicans For Schwager, Coira & Lesher
Oakland Rising Committee
Oakland University College Republicans Pac
Oakland Waterfront Parks Initiative Measure Dd
Oakland's Future Fund
Oaklanders For Safe Neighborhoods
Oakley For City Council 2010
Oapse Afscme Turnaround Ohio Pac
Oapse Afscme Turnaround Ohio Pce
Obama Democratic Club Of Silicon Valley
Obama Truth Squad
Obasanjo Solidarity Forum, Pac
Oberer For Congress
Obrien For City Council
Obrien For Seattle
Oc Cops Iec
Oc Cops Pac
Oc Recall Committee
Oc Vote
Occupational Therapy Assoc Of California Pac
Occupy Obamacare
Occupy The Congress
Occupy The Polls
Ocean Champions Voter Fund
Ocean Champions Voter Fund
Ocean Champions Voter Fund New Jersey
Ocean County Democratic Committee
Ocean County Democratic Infrastructure & Mentoring Committee
Ocean Seven
Ocean Spray Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Oceanside Firefighters Association Political Action Committee
Ocelot Operations
Oconnell For School Board Committee
Oconnor For Congress
Oconnor Ives Committee
Ocsea Afscme Local 11 Political Action Fund
Ocsea Pce
Ocsea Repeal Sb5
Octaxpac Sponsored By The Orange County Association
Oddo 2005
Oddo For New York
Odessans 4 Kids
Odom For Mayor 2009
Oea-Pce Ohio Education Association Political Contributing Entity
Office To Elect David A Boyd
Ofnhp Aft 5017 Political Action Committee
Ogg Election Committee
Ogg Election Committee
Oh Vicinity Reg Counc Of Carpenters Pce
Oh St Bldg & Const Trds Council Pce
Ohara For Bocc Chair
Ohca Political Action Committee
Ohio Afl-Cio Committee On Political Education
Ohio Afl-Cio Voter Education Fund
Ohio Agents Political Action Com
Ohio Aggregates Political Action Committee
Ohio Apartment Owners Political Action Committee
Ohio Cable-Pac
Ohio Chapter American College Of Surgeons S-Pac
Ohio Chiropractic Political Action Committee
Ohio Citizens Pac Inc.
Ohio Coalition For Quality Education Pac
Ohio Committee To Elect Pro-Life Democrats
Ohio Conference Of Teamsters Political Contributing Entity
Ohio Counts Every Vote
Ohio Cpa/Pac
Ohio Democratic Policy Initiative
Ohio Dental Hygienists Political Action Committee
Ohio Education Association Fund For Children And Public Education
Ohio Edvoters Pac
Ohio Effective Government Project
Ohio First Voter Education Fund, Inc.(Federal Account)
Ohio Home Builders Associaition - Pac
Ohio Home Builders Association
Ohio House Republican Campaign Com
Ohio Lawpac
Ohio League Of Conservation Voters Political Action Committee
Ohio Legislative Black Caucus
Ohio Mortgage Banker Association Pac
Ohio Nurses Association Political Contributing Entity
Ohio Optometry Pac 329
Ohio Rural Water Association Pac
Ohio Senate Democrats Building Fund
Ohio Sierra Club Political Committee
Ohio Society Of Anesthesiologists Political Action
Ohio State Joint Council No. 25 Pac
Ohio Stonewall Democrats Pac
Ohio Taxpayers Association Voter Education Fund
Ohio Technology Council
Ohio Title Corp State Pac
Ohio Tobacco Alert
Ohio Township Democratic Club
Ohio's Energy Pac
Ohio's Future Pac
Ohioans For A Better Future
Ohioans For A Republican Majority Voter Fund
Ohioans For Accountable Government
Ohioans For Great Public Schools Political Action Committee
Ohioans For Liberty
Ohioans For Opportunity
Ohioans For School Choice Pac
Ohioans United To Protect Abused Women
Oil And Gas Producers Fund
Oil Patch Pac
Oiste Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee
Okie Force
Oklahoma Academy Of Ophthalmology Pac
Oklahoma Agc Pac
Oklahoma Ballot Access Reform Committee
Oklahoma Bankers Pac
Oklahoma Beverage Employees Pac
Oklahoma Biz Pac
Oklahoma Business Political Action Committee
Oklahoma City Business Council
Oklahoma Conservative Values Delegates
Oklahoma County Democratic Party
Oklahoma Dental Pac
Oklahoma Education Association Political Action C.
Oklahoma Family Focus
Oklahoma Freedom Fund
Oklahoma Media Awareness Alliance
Oklahoma Medical Pac
Oklahoma New Leadership Council
Oklahoma Physicians Alliance
Oklahoma Positive Influence
Oklahoma Property Owners Caolition
Oklahoma Prosperity Institute
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association
Oklahoma Speakers Ball Inc
Oklahoma State Republican Committee
Oklahoma Values Coalition
Oklahoma Values Coalition
Oklahomans For Anthony
Oklahomans For Dana Murphy
Oklahomans For Denise Bode
Oklahomans For Fiscal Responsibility
Oklahomans For Government Accountability
Oklahomans For Sound Leadership
Oklahomans For Strong Public Schools
Oklahomans For Winning Back Our State (Okwinpac)
Oklahomans For Workers' Compensation Reform
Old Bridge Democrats Victory 2003
Old Bridge Township Democratic County Committee
Old Bridge Ward One Now
Old Dominion Pac
Oldham County Young Republicans
Oldson For State Representative
Olene Walker's Special Projects Committee
Olive Republican Club
Oliver Campaign
Oliver For Legislature Committee
Oliver For Senate Committee
Olson 4 District 4
Olson For State Rep. Committee
Om For Kansas
Omaha Police Union Local 101
Omaha Tomorrow, Inc.
On The Cutting Edge Outreach Programs, Inc.
Oncor Texas Political Action Committee Of Oncor Electric Delivery Llc
Oncor Texas State Pac Of Oncor Electric Delivery Administration Corp.
One America Committee
One Arlington Pac
One Boston Political Independent Expenditure Committee
One California For All - Yee For C
One Choice Pac
One Community Around The Lake Pac
One Florida
One Florida Political Action Committee
One Haddonfield
One Katy
One Minneapolis Inaugural Committee
One Newark Political Action Committee
One South Florida Media Fund
One State, One Future Pac
One Step Closer Pac
One Term Only
One Texarkana
One Tough Nerd Pac
One Virginia
One Wisconsin Now Action
Oneil For Congress Committee
Onemaine Political Action Committee
Oneok, Inc. Employee Pac
Online Political Action Committee
Onondaga County Republican Committee
Ontario Firefighters For Responsible Government - Iaff Local 1430
Opassi White For Congress
Open Our Elections
Open Party Of America
Operating Engineers Continuing Political Committee
Operating Engineers Local 139 Pac
Operating Engineers Local 234 Political Fund
Operating Engineers Local 324 State Of Michigan Pac
Operating Engineers Local No. 12 Political Action
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 District 20
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 District 30
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 Statewide
Operating Engineers Segregated Transmittal Account
Operation Fortitude, Inc.
Operation Live Free Or Die Pac
Operation Proclamation Political Action Committee
Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township - 2013
Operations For Clean Elections
Operators Action Fund
Opis Pac
Opportunity Pac
Opportunity Pac Inc
Opportunity Virginia Pac
Opportunity West Virginia
Opticians For Better Vision
Optoelectronics Industry Association Development
Optometry For Progress
Oquin For Da
Orange Republican Women, Federated
Orange Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
Orange Cnty Employees Assoc Pac
Orange County Anti-Airport Voter Guide
Orange County Business Council's Biz Pac
Orange County Citizens For Fair Government
Orange County Democratic Committee
Orange County Democratic Women, Inc. Dba O.C.D.W.
Orange County Dignity Pac To Support Julio Perez For Assembly 2012
Orange County Employees Association Independent Expenditure Committee
Orange County Federation Of Republican Women
Orange County Firepac
Orange County Freedom Fund
Orange County Fund For Children And Public Education
Orange County Jobs Coalition
Orange County League Of Conservation Voters
Orange County Medical Pac
Orange County Prof Ff 3631 Pac
Orange County Professionals Seeking Respect
Orange County Property Rights Coalition
Orange County Republican Committee
Orange County Republican Committee
Orange County Republican Party
Orange County Republican Party Building Fund
Orange County Taxpayers For Accountability And Lobbying Reform
Orange County Veterans And Military Families Ie Committee
Orange County Victory Fund
Orange County Yes On A
Orange County Young Democrats
Orange County Young Republicans Pac
Orange County Young Republicans Voter Guide
Orange Lake Resort Alliance
Orange Pac, Inc.
Orange-Villa Park Republican Assembly
Orco Pac
Oregon 2012 Petition Committee
Oregon Action Committee For Rural Electrification
Oregon Adult Foster Homes Pac
Oregon Aea Pac
Oregon Aea Pac
Oregon Afl-Cio Committee On Political Education II
Oregon Alliance For Senior Access To Prescriptions
Oregon Alliance For Sustainable Salmon Fisheries
Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Pad
Oregon Association Of Broadcasters Pac
Oregon Back On Track
Oregon Bankers Pac
Oregon Beverage Pac
Oregon Business Association Pac
Oregon Business Leadership Council
Oregon Climate Pac
Oregon Death With Dignity Issue Pac
Oregon Death With Dignity State Pac Or Rt To Die
Oregon Educ Association People For Improvement Of Education
Oregon End Violence Against Women Political Action Committee
Oregon Family Council Pac
Oregon Family Farm Association Pac
Oregon Farm Bureau Pac
Oregon Federation Of Republican Women
Oregon Film & Television Political Action Committee
Oregon Financial Services Association Pac
Oregon Firearms Federation Pac
Oregon Food Pac
Oregon Forest Products Transportation Industry Pac
Oregon Funeral Directors Association Political Action Committee
Oregon Hunters Alliance
Oregon Insurance Pac
Oregon Jobs Pac
Oregon Laborers Political Action Committee
Oregon Landscape Contractors Association Pac
Oregon Leadership Initiative
Oregon League Of Conservation Voters
Oregon Liberty Alliance
Oregon Liberty Pac
Oregon Neighborhood Store Association - Pac
Oregon Nurse Anesthetist Pac
Oregon Nurseries Political Action Committee
Oregon Outdoor Council Pac
Oregon Pa Pac
Oregon Petroleum Marketers Assn Pac
Oregon Pharmacists Fund
Oregon Physical Therapy Pac
Oregon Policy Research Council
Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association Pac
Oregon Right To Die
Oregon Right To Repair Pac
Oregon Senate 2002
Oregon Small Business Association Pac
Oregon Society Of Anesthesiologists Pac
Oregon Sportsmans Political Victory Fd
Oregon Sportsmens Association Pac
Oregon State Farm Agents And Associates Pac
Oregon Tea Party State Pac
Oregon Technology Pac
Oregon Telecommunications Association Pac
Oregon Transformation Project Pac
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association Pac
Oregon Truck Pac
Oregon Victory 2002
Oregon Victory Political Action Committee
Oregon Votes
Oregon We The People Coalition
Oregon Winegrowers Pac
Oregonians For Higher Education Excellence
Oregonians For Schools
Oregonians In Action P.A.C.
Oregonians To Maintain Community Standards
Orendorff For Judge 2014
Organic Consumers Association Pac
Organization For America Marion
Organization Of Conservative Americans
Organizing And Campaign Training Center
Orla Local Action Committee
Orman For Us Senate Inc
Oroville Republican Women Federated
Orrick Herrington And Sutcliffe California Pac
Orthopedic Hospital Of Oklahoma, Llc Pac (Ortho-Pac)
Ortman For Senate Committee
Orza For Governor
Oscar Anderson South Dakota Freedom Fund
Osceola On The Move
Ottawa County Democratic Party
Ottawa Elementary School Referendum Committee
Otte For Iowa Senate
Otter Tail Power Company Political Action Committe
Otto For House
Otto Hanak Sheriff Race Candidate
Otto Krueger For Dubuque County Supervisor
Ottulich For Assembly
Our America Pac
Our American Revival
Our Colorado Values
Our Community Deserves The Best
Our Councilman Michael Nowakowski
Our County, Our Family, Our Home
Our Elders Count
Our Florida Elders Count
Our Future Ohio Pac
Our Louisiana Pac
Our Mighty God For America Political Action Committee
Our Nation Foundation
Our Nevada Pac
Our Patients Come First Pac
Our Voice Latino Voter Guide
Our Washington
Our Washington First Pac
Ourada Volunteer Committee
Out To Make A Difference
Outdoor Freedom Foundation Pac
Outer Banks For Liberty
Outfront Minnesota Action
Outreach Colorado
Ovide Ttw
Owen Carey For State House
Owen For Iowans
Owen's Law For A Safer Oregon
Oxley For State Representative
Oxnard Firefighters For Better Gove
Ozinga For Congress
Ozzie Defaria Exploratory Inc.


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