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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
V - X

Va Hospital Association Political Action Commmitte
Va Liberty Defense
Vail Citizens For Change
Val Screen, State Representative To Elect
Valde Garcia Leadership Fund
Valerie Hill For City Council
Valerie Knol For State Representative
Valley Democrats For Change
Valley Families For Nury Martinez For City Council 2015
Valley Forge Patriots
Valley General Hospital Partners For Progressive Health Care
Valley Neighbors To Save Our Water
Valley Political Action Committee
Valley Reg Pac
Vallone 2003
Vallone 2005
Vallone For New York
Vallone Political Action Committee
Value Health Partners Pac
Values Are Vital Florida
Values, Energy And Growth Pac
Van De Ven Volunteer Campaign Committee
Van Engen Volunteer Committee
Van Hilleary For Governor
Van Hilleary For Governor - Exploratory Committee
Van Hilleary Pac
Van Hook For City Commission 2009
Vance Dennis For State Representative Committee
Vance Wilkins Friends Of
Vandenberg For Congress
Vanderbilt Brabson For State Representative Campaign
Vanessa Guidry-Whipple Campaign Committee, Inc.
Vann Smith For Circuit Judge Campaign
Vantage Oncology, Inc. Pac
Vargas For 43
Vasko For State Senate
Vass Majority
Vaudt For State Auditor
Vaughn For Congress
Vectren Employees State Pac
Veenker For State House - 2000
Velasco Ohana 2012
Velehradsky Campaign Committee
Velella Again 2002
Veneta Pool Committee
Venice Environmental Alliance
Ventura County Democratic Coalition
Ventura County Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Ventura County Young Republicans Slate Mailer Committee
Ventura Taxpayers For Responsible Government
Ventura Victory Committee
Verde Voters Pac
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club - California
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club - Indiana
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club - New York
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club - Pa
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club - Texas
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club Of Washington
Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club-Maryland Pac
Verizon Employees Good Government Club Of Oregon - Pac Id: 261
Verizon Good Government Club - Illinois
Verizon Good Government Club - New Mexico
Verizon Good Government Club Of New Jersey
Verizon Good Government Club Of Virginia
Verizon State Pac
Verl 4 President
Vermin Supreme Vote
Vermont First Pac
Vern Pierson For Senate Committee
Vernel Millercampaign Fund
Vernon Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Vernon Downs Proposition No 1 Committee
Vernon Walker For Ward 5 Councilman
Vernor Moran Pac Llc
Veronica Diaz Campaign
Veronica Frenkel Committee To Elect
Vessel Of Hope
Vet Pac
Veteran's Party Of Idaho
Veteran's Party Of Nevada
Veteran's Party Of Virginia
Veterans & Civilians Brain Injury Adovacates
Veterans Action Network
Veterans And Law Enforcement For Ethical Leadership Pac
Veterans For American Values
Veterans For Conservative Principles
Veterans For Conservative Principles Pc
Veterans For Democrats
Veterans For Justice
Veterans For Liberty Superpac
Veterans For Truth
Veterans In Action
Veterans In Defense Of Liberty Action Committee
Veterans Of Foreign Wars Of The United States Department Of Arizona D/
Veterans Party Of America
Veterans Party Of Florida
Veterans Party Of Kentucky
Veterans Party Of Montana
Veterans Party Of Wyoming
Veto Proof Congress
Vets For Freedom Action Fund
Vgh Campaign Committee
Vhca Political Action Committee
Vi Malone Legal Defense Fund
Vi Simpson For State Senate Committee
Viad Good Government Project
Vibrant Democracy
Vic Backlund For State Representative
Vica Pac
Vickerman Volunteers
Vicki A Schneider For State Rep
Vicki Cain For State Representative
Vickie Bridgman For Superior Court Judge
Vicky Varichak
Vicqhc Action Fund Committee
Victims Voice
Victor For Mayor
Victoria County Democratic Party
Victoria Freedom Coalition
Victoria L. Roemer For District Court Judge Commit
Victoria Lane Campaign Fund
Victoria Platzer Campaign
Victorious Living For Conservatism
Victory 08 Republican Rally East
Victory 2000 Indiana
Victory 2000, Inc.
Victory 2001, Inc.
Victory 2002 - Non-Federal Account
Victory 2005
Victory 2006
Victory 2008
Victory 2010
Victory 2010 Cce
Victory 2010 Committee
Victory Celebration
Victory In November
Victory In November Election Pac - Nonfederal Acct
Victory Pac
Victory Republican Committee
Victory Team 2006
Vietnam Expows
Vietnam Veterans Against John Mccain
Vietnam Vets For The Truth, Llc
Vietnamese American Leadership Pac/Val Pac
Vietnamese American Democratic Caucus
View Pac Non-Federal Account
Vigilant Coloradans For A Better America
Vigo County Democrat Central Committee
Vigor Pac
Vila For Congress
Village First
Village Independence Party
Village Laguna, Inc.
Village Of Stanford
Village Republican Women
Vince Biskupic For Attorney General
Vince Renzi Citizens To Elect
Vincent Dovydaitis Jr.
Vincent G. Berger, Jr. For Suffolk Surrogate
Vinroot For Senate
Virgil Moore Campaign
Virgin Islands Forward Pac
Virgina Conservative Action Pac
Virgina Transportation Construction Alliance-Pac
Virginia Advanced Energy Industries Pac
Virginia Agpac
Virginia Aia-Pac
Virginia Association Of Health Plans Pac
Virginia Auto Body Legislative Committee
Virginia Beer Wholesalers Assoc Pac
Virginia Board Of Trade Political Action Committee
Virginia Cable Political Action Committee
Virginia Chamber Political Action Committee
Virginia Conservative Foundation
Virginia Conservative Party
Virginia Conservative Victory Fund
Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee
Virginia Crnas Who Care About Health Care Political Action Committee
Virginia Dental Political Action Committee
Virginia Education Assoc Political Action Comm.
Virginia Empowerment Council
Virginia Family Values Pac
Virginia Federation Of Republican Women
Virginia First Pac
Virginia For Democracy
Virginia Foxx Senate Campaign
Virginia Highlands Advancement Fund
Virginia Korean Americans For Change
Virginia League Of Conservation Voters - Pac
Virginia Momentum Political Action Committee
Virginia Oil And Gas Association Pac
Virginia Peninsula Republican Assembly
Virginia Political Action Committee-Sierra Club
Virginia Principles Fund
Virginia Priorities Pac
Virginia Professional Investigators Pac
Virginia Progressive Caucus Pac
Virginia Ready Mixed Concrete Association Pac
Virginia Senate Republican Caucus
Virginia Sheriffs Assoc Pol Action Comm
Virginia Society Of Anesthesiologists Pac
Virginia Soft Drink Association Political Action Committee
Virginia State Uaw Political Action Committee
Virginia Taxicab Association Pac
Virginia Values Pac
Virginia Values Voter Pac
Virginia Victory Fund
Virginia Vines And Wines Political Action Committe
Virginia Vision
Virginia Wine Wholesalers Assoc Pac
Virginia Young Democrats
Virginia's Commitment Political Action Committee
Virginia's Future Leaders
Virginians For A Secure Future
Virginians For A Two Term Governor
Virginians For Jerry Kilgore
Virginians For Mike Signer
Virginians For Responsible Government Inc.
Virginians For Transportation Solutions
Virginians For Transportation Solutions
Virginians For Wagner
Visalia Democratic Club
Visalians For Measure E
Vision 305
Vision Council Of America Political Action Committ
Vision For 2006 Slate
Vision For A Brighter Michigan Fund
Vision For Hoboken
Vision For Michigan Fund
Vision For Virginia Pac
Vision Forward Administrative Fund
Vision Pac
Vision West Sacramento 2010
Visionary Political Action Committee
Visions For The Future
Visions New Mexico
Vista Pac
Vista Tea Party Patriots
Vitalmd Florida
Vitalmd For Responsible Government
Vito Pinto Friends Of
Viva Boxer
Vivian Torres Campaign Fund
Vivianne Falcone For Congress
Vocal Gap
Voice For The People
Voice Of Choice For 89A
Voice Of Florida Business
Voice Of Florida Business Political Action Committee
Voice Of Freedom Super Pac
Voice Of Housing Of Chester And Delaware Counties
Voice Of Teachers For Education Cope - State
Voice Of The Electorate - Vote
Voice Of The Electrorate Vote Pac
Voice Of The New Majority, Inc.
Voice Of The People Pac
Voices For Growth
Voices For Lakeland
Voices For Working Families
Voices Of Conservative Women State Pac
Voices Of Florida Citizens-Cce
Voices Of Main Street
Voices Of The Sunshine State, Inc.
Voices Pac Wisconsin
Voive Of Conservatism And Liberty (Vocal)
Vol For Nelson Comm
Vols For Pennsylvania Political Action Committee
Volunteer Committee To Elect Fran Miron
Volunteer Committee To Re-Elect Judge Lefler
Volunteer Pac - Non Federal
Volunteer Pac-Tennessee
Volunteers For Agriculture Pac
Volunteers For Dibble
Volunteers For Eken
Volunteers For John Jordan
Volunteers For Maxine Penas
Volunteers Of Kathleen Murdock
Volusia Citizens Who Care, Inc.
Volusia County Ff Assoc, Iaff Local 3574
Volusia Good Governance Committee
Volusia Good Governance Pac
Volusiaflagler Clc Cope
Von Achen For Tow Council
Von Nagy For Beaverton Schools
Voss 2002 Constituent Services
Vota 100%
Vote 4 Ellie
Vote 4 Verner
Vote 4 Vogt For Congress Committee
Vote 4 Yoo
Vote A Vet
Vote Adam Lang 2011
Vote Azman Committee
Vote Barclay Campaign
Vote Bipartisan
Vote Brad Craver
Vote Character-Org
Vote Choice, A Political Action Committee Of Ppafg
Vote Choice: A Georgia Pac
Vote Cole For Sheriff
Vote Dan Coleman
Vote Donbach
Vote Eristoff
Vote Finkbeiner
Vote For Dahlys
Vote For David Roberts - Council District #9 - 2013
Vote For Denver's Future
Vote For Elijah Election Campaign
Vote For Growth In Columbia County
Vote For Houston's Future Committee
Vote For Jason M Critchlow
Vote For Mike Nieves Political Committee
Vote For Nctc
Vote For Our Parks
Vote For Parks
Vote For Students
Vote For The Other Guy
Vote Forese
Vote Hoboken, Inc.
Vote Holiday Ingraham
Vote Hope
Vote In Women
Vote Jefferson
Vote Jody Scott
Vote Joey Gray
Vote John Bell
Vote Kay.Com
Vote Kids Action Fund
Vote Lupo Team
Vote Marcone 08
Vote Matters
Vote Nancy Brouhard
Vote Neely
Vote No Committee
Vote No On 2
Vote No On 7
Vote No On 8
Vote No On A
Vote Palm Beach Cce
Vote Paul Cook
Vote Planned Parenthood Northern California, A Project Of Ppnc Af
Vote Point Pleasant
Vote Pono Paul Dolan
Vote Power Pac
Vote Quest
Vote Roberta
Vote Sean Corcoran
Vote Sharon Madson
Vote Smart No To State-Controlled Schools
Vote Strong California
Vote Theresa Mitchell Dudley Committee
Vote Tom Bowen
Vote Wright
Vote Yes Cowlitz 6 Fire
Vote Yes For A City Of Laughlin Committee
Vote Yes For Better Schools
Vote Yes For Clean Drinking Water
Vote Yes For Lake Central
Vote Yes For Lcisd Bond 2006
Vote Yes For Our Community
Vote Yes For Our Kids
Vote Yes For Queen Creek Kids
Vote Yes For Secure Energy
Vote Yes For Strong Schools
Vote Yes For The Aquatic Center
Vote Yes For The Library
Vote Yes Hudson Schools
Vote Yes Judson Isd 2010 Bond Election Committee
Vote Yes Maple Valley Fire
Vote Yes On 2 For Maine
Vote Yes On Measure O Committee
Vote Youra
Vote-Cope Unauthorized Committee
Voter Education Action Committee
Voter Education And Research Fund
Voter Education Group
Voter Improvement Program Ballot Measures Committe
Voter Information Network
Voter Information Network
Voter Interest Group
Voter Issues Forum
Voter Power
Voter Projects Pac
Voter Values Funds
Voters Club, Inc.
Voters Coalition Inc
Voters Education Committee
Voters Education Project
Voters For A New California
Voters For Californias Economy
Voters For Charles Rich
Voters For Choice Friends Of Fam Planning-Non-Federal
Voters For Common Sense
Voters For Common Sense Pac
Voters For Del Piero
Voters For Denver Public Schools
Voters For Eric Lee Lausd Board 2011
Voters For Good Government, Inc.
Voters For Honest Government
Voters For Jobs And Education
Voters For Kastama
Voters For Legislative Action
Voters For Loudoun's Future
Voters For Lower Taxes
Voters For Responsible Government
Voters For Sean M Morrison
Voters For Strong Leadership In The 47Th
Voters For Talcott
Voters In Hd100 For Conservative Values
Voters Information League, Inc.
Voters Newsletter A Project Of The Coalition For California
Voters Of America
Voters Opposed To Joel Anderson For Senate 2010
Voters Response
Voters Standing Up! Inc.
Voters Supporting Fort Worth's Future
Voters To Stop Sprawl
Voters To Stop Sprawl Prince William County Virgin
Voters To Stop Sprawl/Albemarle (Formerly Albemarle Smart Growth Initi
Votesane Pac Non Federal Account
Voting Is Not Enough Pac
Voting Rights Legal Defense Fund
Voting Veterans
Votizen Action
Vownowamerica, Inc
Vox Populi
Vsp Holding Company Inc Political Action Committee
Vt Independent Pharmacy Association Political Action Committee
Vt Pharmacists Association Political Action Committee
Vt Renewable Energy Political Action Committee
Vulcan Materials Company Florida Employees Political Action Committee
W. C. Gentry Senate Campaign
W. Gregg Mccaulie Re-Election Campaign
W.Percy Malone For State Senate
Wa Biotechnology & Biomedical Assn Pac
Wa Chapter American College Of Emergency Physicians Political Act
Wa State Council Of Fire Fighters Segregated Fund
Wa Teamsters Legislative League
Wa. Conservation Voters Action And Engagement Fund
Wade Brown 2012
Wadsworth Republican Campaign
Wagonseller Campaign Committee
Waide For State Rep
Wake County Republican Party
Wake Up America.Com
Wake Up Arizona Inc
Wake Up Florida
Walden Shelton For Judge Campaign
Waldron Campaign Committee
Walk Bike Transit
Walker 2002 Election Committee
Walker 4Boe
Walker County Republican Women
Walker For Congress
Walker For Court Of Appeals
Walker For West Texas
Walker Mallott 1
Walking America
Walking For Washington
Wall Of Separation
Wallace B. Jefferson For Texas Supreme Court
Wallace For America
Wallace Newquist
Wallington Republican Campaign 2010
Walsh For Corporation Commission
Walsh For Pinal County Attorney
Walsh Team 2011
Walt Disney Co Pac
Walt Helmick For Senate
Walter Andonov For Nevada State Assembly
Walter Birch Campaign
Walter Bradley Victory Campaign Fund
Walter Tejada For Arlington County Board
Walton County Citizens For Elost
Wanaque Republican Party Inc.
Wanaque Republicans For Fiscal Responsiblity
Wanda Thayer Campaign
Wangen For Congress 2010
War On Terrorism Veterans Of America
Ward 8 Democratic Executive Committee
Ward Crutchfield For State Senate
Waring 2002
Warner For Congress
Warner Norcross & Judd Political Action Committee
Warren County Libertarian Party
Warren County Republican Committee
Warren Furutani Campaign Committee
Warren Tessler For Hospital Commission
Warriors For Congress
Warsaw Democratic Committee
Warwick Democratic Committee
Wasatch Legislative Pac
Wasden For Attorney General
Wash U Young Americans For Liberty
Washbank Pac (State)
Washington & Northern Idaho District Council Of Laborers Pac
Washington Affordable Housing Coun
Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility Victory Fund
Washington Alternative Medicine Alliance
Washington Anglers For Conservation Political Action Committee
Washington Bankers Association Pac
Washington Beer & Wine Wholesalers Pac
Washington Cannabis Association
Washington Cannabusiness Association Pac
Washington Chiropractic Trust
Washington County Business Council Pac
Washington County Democrat, Inc.
Washington County Kids Fund
Washington County Republican Central Commitee
Washington Education Assn. Political Action Comm.
Washington Federation Of State Employees Ssf
Washington Federation Of Teachers Committee On Pol
Washington Food Industry Association Pac
Washington Food Pac
Washington For Change
Washington For City Council
Washington Forest Protection Association State Political Action Cmte
Washington Fund-State Account
Washington Leadership Council
Washington Leadership Fund
Washington Multi Family Housing Authority Political Action Committee
Washington Oil Marketers Association
Washington Refuse & Recycling Assoc Pac
Washington Self-Insurers Association Legislative Fund
Washington Senate Democratic Campaign
Washington Society Of Certified Public Accountants
Washington State Coun Of Cnty & City Employees Pac
Washington State Republican Liberty Caucus
Washington State Republican Party
Washington State Troopers Political Action Committee
Washington Wimp Watch
Washingtonians Against Higher Taxes
Washoe County Republican Central Committee
Washtenaw County Democratic Committee
Washtenaw County Republican Committee
Wasinger For Treasurer
Wasnick For Sammamish
Waste Management Pac Of Michigan
Watchung Republican Organization Inc
Water Barrier Manufacturers Association Inc.
Waterbury Firefighters Association Local 1339
Waterford Township Republican Campaign Fund
Wathen For Governor
Watkins For Washington
Watts For Delegate
Wave Political Action Committee
Wayne Kuipers For State Senate
Wayne L Cobb Campaign To Re-Elect Judge
Wayne Mack Campaign
Wayne Messam Campaign
Wayne Peate 2008
Wayne Raffesberger For City Council
Wayne Regular Republican Organization, Inc.
Wayne Ryals For State Representative D-4
Wayne Schmidt For State Senate
Wayne True For Congress
Wayne Waddell 1999 Campaign
Waynesboro Sheriffs Office
Wba Issue Advocacy Fund
Wcc/Sin Pac
We All Count, Inc.
We Are All Workers Pac
We Are Delaware
We Are Manhasset
We Are Miami
We Are Real Republicans - Pac
We Are United
We Are Wisconsin Pac
We Are Wisconsin Political Fund
We Can Do Better
We Can Do Better Colorado
We Care - New Berlin
We Deserve Better. Yes On The Recall Of Jeff Denham
We Mean Business Nfp
We Need Nm Jobs Pac
We Support Jayme Wilson For City Council 2011
We The People
We The People Az
We The People Convention Inc.
We The People Demanding Integrity
We The People For Gilbert, Inc.
We The People For Larry Berry
We The People For Norma Jean Committee
We The People Michiana 912 Project, Inc
We The People Nevada
We The People Of Franklin Township
We The People Of Philadelphia Committee
We The People Of Pima County
We The People Speak, Inc.
We The People Trust International
We The People Trust International
Weama Pac
Wearegod Movement
Weaver For Congress Committee
Weaver For Sheriff
Web Sill For Colorado Senate 16
Webster Republican Committee
Webster Surgical Specialty Hospital Pac
Weca Good Government Pac
Wedemocrats Org
Weehawken And You Campaign Committee
Weehawken And You Civic Association
Weiers 2002
Weiland Exploratory Campaign
Weiland For Senate 2010
Weingart Committee
Weinzapfel For State Representative
Welborn For Prosecutor Committee
Welch For Congress 2010
Weld County Conservative Alliance
Welday For Congress
Wellcare Health Plans, Inc. Good Governemnt Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. California Employees Good Government Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. Georgia Employees Good Government Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. New Jersey Employees Good Governement Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. New York Employees Good Gov't Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. North Carolina Employees Good Government Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. South Carolina Employees Good Governement Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. Texas Employees Good Government Fund
Wells Fargo & Co. Virginia Employees Good Government Fund
Wells Fargo & Company Alabama Employees Good Government Fund
Wells Fargo Arizona Employee Pac (Formerly Norwest State Pac - Arizona
Wells Fargo Bank California Pac
Wells Fargo Pennsylvania Employees Good Government Fund
Wells For House Dist 58
Wendell "Clayton" Tindle For Congress Committee
Wendi Wrinkle For County Commissioner
Wendy For District 9
Wendy Greuel For City Council
Wendy Whetsel Campaign
Wenona For Arizona
Wepac - Wisconsin
Wepav Political Action Committee
Wercinski Victory Committee 2002
Werkheiser For Delegate
Wertz Victory Committee
Wes Bannister For Insurance Commisioner
Wes Hoaglund Campaign For Us House District 8
Wescom Credit Union Federal Pac
Wescom Credit Union State Pac
Wescorp Employees State Pac
Wesley Meredith For Senate
Wespac - Non-Federal
West Central Florida Chamber Alliance
West Central Florida Chamber Alliance Cce
West Central Ohio Tea Party
West County Labor, Environmentalists & Democrats For Change
West East North South Pac
West End Democratic Club - State
West Georgia Young Republicans
West Hartford For Investing Responsibly In A Strong Town
West Hartford Republican Town Committee
West Haven Republican Town Committee
West Hollywood United
West La Democratic Club
West Michigan Coalition For Democratic Values
West Michigan Conservatives For Growth
West Michigan Dads Pac
West Michigan Main Street Fund
West Monroe Street Good Government Committee Of Chapman And Cutler
West New York Democratic County Comittee
West Newbury Republican Town Committee
West Orange Republican Club
West Pac - Nonfederal Account
West Palm Voice
West Political Action Coun
West Sacramento Citizens For A Quality Community
West San Gabriel Valley Young Democrats
West Seattle For Chas
West Tennessee Radiology Pac
West Texas Coalition Of Democrats
West Tn Business Coalition
West Virginia Auto And Truck Dealers Assoc. Pac
West Virginia Chamber Of Commerce
West Virginia Consumers For Justice
West Virginia First
West Virginia Home Owners Alliance Political Action Committee
West Virginia Republican State Executive Committe
West Virginia State Council Of Machinists
West Virginia Values, Llc
West Virginians For Harrison
West695 Pac Inc.
Westbrook Citizens For Jobs And The Economy
Westchester Coalition For Legal Abortion-Pac
Westchester County Democratic Majority Action Comm
Westchesterdocs Pac Inc
Western Carolina Ent Pac
Western Carolina Obgyn Pac
Western Constructors
Western Growers Political Action Committee-Arizona
Western Growers Political Action Committee-Calif.
Western Heritage
Western Leadership Fund, L.L.C.
Western Majority Project
Western Manufactured Housing Communities Pac
Western Maryland Conservative Victory Team Pac, The
Western Mata-Pac
Western Matters
Western Michigan University College Democrats
Western Missouri & Kansas Laborers' District Council Pac Fund
Western Missouri Republican Coalition
Western Moderates For Change
Western New York Majority Leader Pac
Western New York Safari Club Pac
Western Oklahoma Doctors Committed To Tort Reform
Western Pennsylvania Laborers Political Action Fd
Western Plant Health Assn Pac
Western Representation Political Action Committee
Western Republican Leadership Conference
Western Republican Values
Western Reserve America Group Inc.
Western Reserve Conservation Education Fund Pac
Western Slope Citizens Action Network Llc
Western States Council Of Sheet Metal Workers Pac
Western States Council Political Action Committee
Western Values
Western Wake Democratic Organization
Westfield Invest In Quality Pac
Westfield Town Republican Committee
Westly 2006
Westly For Governor
Westmoreland Co Chapter Of The Pa Federation Of Republican Women
Westmoreland Young Democrats
Weston Solutions, Inc. Political Action Committee-Texas
Westphal Citizens For Sylvania City Council
Westrom For Senate Committee
Westrum Pac
Westside Chinese Democratic Club Voter Guide
Westside Grassroots Democratic Club
Westside Group Political Action Committee
Wet- Dry Lets Decide
Weyhrauch For House
Wharton For Congress
Whatcom Conservation Voters
Whatcom County Republican Party
Whatcom First
Wheatland Township Republican Organization
Wheeler Baker For Delegate
Wheres My Library
Whetstone For State Representative
Whig Party Of California
Whistle Political Action Committee Incorporated
Whitaker For Treasurer Committee
White County Tea Party Patriots
White For Alderman
White Revolution
Whitfield For Congress
Whiting For Iowa House
Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, Llc Pac
Whitt For Columbia School
Whittier Area Young Republicans
Whittier Republican Women Federated
Who Is Chris Dudley
Wholesale Distributors For Good Government
Why Benson. Com
Why Benson.Com
Why I'm A Democrat, Inc
Wi Education Assoc Council-Fox Valley Political Action Committee
Wib Gulley For Nc Senate
Wichita County Democratic Association
Wichita Falls Fire Pac
Wichitas Working Families
Wicker For Congress
Wiggins For Assembly 2002
Wilber For The 63Rd
Wilbert T. Holloway Campaign Account
Wild Pac
Wilder For Senate
Wiley Frias And Vargas Together We Can Wny
Wilfredo De Jesus For Mayor
Wilken For Senate
Wilkes For Council
Wilkins For Congress
Will County Liberty Club
Will For Sd 61
Will Gregory For Congress
Will Morefield For Delegate
William A Barnes Committee To Elect
William Allen For Uptown 2001
William Bill Johnson Campaign Fund
William C Bolen Committee To Elect
William D. Mitchell
William E. Fisher, Jr For U. S. Senate
William E. Moody Campaign
William Fisher For Florida House Of Representatives District 6
William G Beliles Campaign Fund
William Gabriel Commitee
William H. Overton Campaign
William H. Wright
William J. Bunting
William J. Knight Committee To Elect
William J. Mcafee Campaign
William Kephart For Judge
William Llop Cpa For Congress
William Markham For Property Appraiser - 2004
William Mccrary Ray For State Senate District 48
William Parks For Congress 2012 Election Committee
William Roscoe Reynolds Reynolds For Senate Accoun
William Sanchez For Congress
William Shields Committee To Elect
Williams For Clerk
Williams For Governor
Williamsburg Momentum Pac
Williamson County Republican Pac
Williamson County Republican Women - Pac
Williamson County Young Republicans
Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club
Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club Voter Guide
Willie Brown For Senate
Willie Landry Mount For Congress
Willie Williams Campaign
Willis 2000
Willow Cedar Pac
Wilmington Anesthesiologists Pac
Wilmington Trust Political Action Committee
Wilson 2012
Wilson For State Representative
Wilson For Texas Senate
Wilson For Treasurer
Wilson,Elser,Moskowitz,Edelman Dicker Llp Pac
Win '04
Win 2K
Win 2K2
Win Back Respect
Win Pac
Win The Peace Political Action Committee
Win With Lynn
Win With Waugh Committee
Wincel For Congress
Windsor Coalition For A Healthy Community
Wine And Spirits Distributors Of Florida Political Committee
Wine Institute California Pac
Winfield First
Winkler For Congress
Winkler For State Representative
Winnebago County Republican Central Committee
Winning For Women- A Pac For The Government Affairs Council - Ppsa&Sct
Winning Freedom Inc
Winningham For Congress Committee
Winslow For House
Winter Park Republican Women, Federated
Winter Park Taxpayers Committee
Wired Oregon
Wisconsin Alliance For Better Election Information
Wisconsin Ban Action Network
Wisconsin Club For Growth Political Fund
Wisconsin Common Sense Citizens For Accountability And Recall
Wisconsin Concealed Carry Movement
Wisconsin Council 40 People Fund
Wisconsin Democratic Campaign Alliance Inc
Wisconsin Democratic Campaign Alliance Pac
Wisconsin Democratic Society Corporation
Wisconsin Education Association Council
Wisconsin Federation Of Republican Women
Wisconsin For Falk
Wisconsin For Shibilski
Wisconsin Forward
Wisconsin Freedom Fund
Wisconsin Friends Of Time Warner
Wisconsin Future Fund
Wisconsin Gun Owners - Political Action Committee
Wisconsin Hispanic Conduit Inc
Wisconsin Hmos-Conduit
Wisconsin Institute For Leadership Political Fund
Wisconsin Issue Education Fund
Wisconsin League Of Conservation Voters Pac
Wisconsin People Conference
Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association Political Action Committee
Wisconsin Professional Police Assn Political Action Committee
Wisconsin Progress
Wisconsin Progress Pac
Wisconsin Public Service Corp Conduit
Wisconsin Realtors Political Fund
Wisconsin Recall Action Fund
Wisconsin Recall Initiative
Wisconsin Restaurant Association - Pac
Wisconsin Right To Life State Pac
Wisconsin State Afl-Cio Political Education
Wisconsin Whig Party
With Women We Will Win
With Women We Win Federated Republican
Wittwer Senate Committee
Wmc Conduit
Wmc Political Action Committee
Wofford For Congress
Wolf Leadership Fund
Wolk For Assembly 2002
Woman Pac
Woman's Voice
Womble Georgia Political Action Committee
Womble North Carolina Political Action Committee
Women Achieving Victory In Elections
Women Against Hillary Pac
Women And Seniors For Jim Maloney
Women Building For The Future - The Future Pac
Women Democrats Of Sacramento County
Women For Change
Women For Cindy Montanez
Women For Congress
Women For Congress Initiative
Women For Tennessee's Future
Women In Numbers - Win
Women In Power (Wip Pac)
Women In The House
Women Of Louisiana
Women Of Ohio And The World
Women Pac
Women Right Of Center
Women Speak Out - Virginia
Women Supporting Cory Gardner
Women Vote Nc
Women Voter 2008
Women Win
Women's Campaign Fund
Women's Democratic Clb Of New York City
Women's Political Caucus Of New Jersey Pac
Women's Strike Force
Women's Tap Fund
Women's Voter Project
Women: Organized To Win Califorina
Womencount 527
Womens Action Group Of Pennsylvania
Womens Choice
Womens Choice Administrative Fund
Womens Political Committee Women In Leadership
Wonderling For State Senate
Woodbury County Riverboat Task Force
Woodford County Citizens For Schools
Woodings For Idaho
Woods Road Committee Against The Townhouse Development At 65 Woods Rd
Woodson To Washington
Woodward Workforce
Woody Isom Campaign For Circuit Court Judge, Group
Woolery For Assembly
Woolridge For Clerk
Worc Colorado Rural Voters Pac
Worc Pac
Work At Home Political Action Committee
Workers Against Job Killing Rules
Workers For A Better Hawaii
Workers United For Political Power State & Local Fund
Workers' Compensation Pac
Working America Independent Expenditure Pac
Working Californians
Working Californians To Elect Gil Cedillo To City Council 2013
Working Californians To Elect Wendy Greuel For Mayor 2013
Working Dog Group Voter Fund
Working Families
Working Families Against Low Wage Jobs, To Support Allen Oppose Levine
Working Families And Environmentalists Opposing J. Gore For Sup. 2014
Working Families Coalition
Working Families Count, Inc.
Working Families For A Better Orange County
Working Families For A Progressive Sacramento
Working Families For Abel Guillen For Oakland City Council 2014
Working Families For Better Government
Working Families For Connecticut
Working Families For Ethical Government
Working Families For Leadership
Working Families For Mark Desaulinier
Working Families For Mark Parker
Working Families For Progressive Leadership
Working Families For Solorio Senate 2014 Sponsored By Labor And Public
Working Families For Tax Reform
Working Families For The 1St
Working Families For The 26Th
Working Families For The 29Th
Working Families For The 30Th
Working Families For The 35Th
Working Families For The 41St
Working Families For Vargas Senate 2010
Working Families For Vermont
Working Families Of Alaska
Working Families Opposing Glazer For Senate 2015 Sponsored By Labor Or
Working Families Pac
Working Families Party
Working Families Party State & Local Campaign Committee
Working Families Project
Working Families United For New Jersey, Inc. "Raise The Wage"
Working For Florida's Families
Working For Floridians, Inc.
Working For Workers
Working For Working Americans
Working For You Party
Working Group For American Issues
Working Illinois Political Action Committee
Working Joe Baca
Working Montana Pac
Working People For Truth
Working Taxpayers Of California Independent Expenditure Committee
Working Together For Families
Working Together For Florida
Working Together For Florida Pac
Working Together For Good Government Committee
Working Together For Neighborhood Fairness
Working Together For The 17Th Pac
Working Together For The 44Th House
Working Tulsans
Working Washington Pac
Workplace Injury Network Political Action Committee, Inc.
World Leadership Group Pac (Wlgpac)
Worldcom California Pac
Worried Women Of America
Worthen For Senate
Wortman For County Commissioner
Wozniak For Council
Wpb Residents For Integrity In Government Inc.
Wpsc Responsible Government Committee
Wpsr Employee Political Action Committee
Wra - Pac
Wright 2016
Wright For County Commissioner
Wright For Ct
Wright For Representative
Wright For The House
Wright For Treasurer
Wright Mcleod For Congress Incorporated
Write In Rosemary Pac
Wsbctc Pac
Wsvma Political Action Committee Fund
Wuf Pac
Wv Citizens For Karr
Wv Ed. Assoc. Political Action Council
Wvgop Presidential Convention, Inc
Wvldc - Pac
Www In Our Interest Org
Www Notakeover Info
Wyatt For Sheriff, Inc.
Wyoming Associated Builders Political Action Committee
Wyoming County Democratic Committee
Wyoming Ed Assoc - Pac For Ed
Wyoming Norml
Wyoming People For Ethics In Government
Wyoming Republican Legislative Trust
Wyoming Republican Party, Inc


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Celebrity Contributors:
   Aaron Sorkin
   Andrew Fastow
   Arnold Palmer
   Arnold Schwarzenegger
   Ben Affleck
   Bill Cosby
   Bill Gates
   Calvin Klein
   Dennis Kozlowski
   Donald Trump
   George Soros
   Hugh Hefner
   Jack Grubman
   Jeff Skilling
   John Grisham
   John Rigas
   Ken Lay
   Martha Stewart
   Mel Gibson
   Oprah Winfrey
   Ralph Lauren
   Donald Trump
   Richard Scrushy
   Rush Limbaugh
   Sam Waksal
   Scott Sullivan
   Steven Spielberg
   Tom Cruise
   Tommy Hilfiger
Industry Contributors:
   CEO/Chief Executives
   College Professors
   Trial Lawyers
   Golf Professionals
   Poker Professionals
   Mortgage Brokers
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   Life Insurance
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   Securities Lawyers
   Boats & Yachts
   Defense Contracts
Baseball Contributors:
   New York Yankees
   Boston Red Sox
   Chicago Cubs
Notable Politicians:
   Barack Obama
   George W Bush
   John Kerry
   Ralph Nader
   Hillary Clinton
   Apple Computer
   New York Times
   News Corporation
   General Electric
   Exxon Mobil
   Ford Motor
   Anheuser Busch
Top 10 Contributors:
   Thomas Steyer
   Linda Mcmahon
   Sheldon Adelson
   Miriam Adelson
   Bob Perry
   Michael Bloomberg
   Harold Simmons
   Fred Eychaner
   J Ricketts
   John Raese