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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
Y - Z

Y-Town Vehicle
Y.O.U.T.H. For America
Y.U.P. Pac
Yakima County 3/10Th
Yale Coalition For Democracy
Yamada Assembly 2012 Officeholder Account
Yamada For Senate 2016
Yampa Valley Citizens For Common Sense
Yarbrough 2002
Yavapai County Democratic Party
Ybarra For Idaho
Ycop Pac
Ycop Political Action
Ycop Voter Fund
Yda By The Bay Host Committee
Yeckel Leadership Fund
Yellow Dog Pac
Yelm Business Association, Inc
Yes 0N 84 Pac
Yes A New Library
Yes At Large
Yes For Collier Students
Yes For Constitutional Convention
Yes For Des Moines
Yes For Early Success
Yes For Fair And Impartial Judges
Yes For Greater Clark Parks
Yes For Idaho Education
Yes For Mapleton
Yes For Marion Schools
Yes For Milpitas Supporting Measure E
Yes For Our Schools
Yes For Parkrose
Yes For Water Gillette Regional Water Supply Project
Yes For West U Parks
Yes On 1
Yes On 1 - Save Our Homes Now, Inc.
Yes On 10
Yes On 117
Yes On 2 & 15
Yes On 20-213
Yes On 28 Committee
Yes On 301 - 2000
Yes On 4 Committee
Yes On 79
Yes On A Lake Tahoe Schools
Yes On Bail Reform
Yes On Crc
Yes On El Cerrito Streetlights And Parks
Yes On Equality
Yes On Kensington Measure L Committee
Yes On Measure 36-149
Yes On Measure A
Yes On Measure A - Beverly Hills United Supporting The Montage Hotel
Yes On Measure A Committee
Yes On Measure B - Sacramento Public Libraries 2014
Yes On Measure B Funded By Advanced Group 99-Sj And Advanced Group 03-
Yes On Measure J Alum Rock Schools 2012
Yes On Measure J, Councilmember Angelique Ashby Ballot Measure Comm
Yes On Measure Kk, Keep Improving Desert Sands
Yes On Measure L Campaign
Yes On Measure O 2012, Sponsored By: Hercules Police Officers Assoc
Yes On One
Yes On Prop A - Committee For Safe Schools
Yes On Proposition 1
Yes On Proposition 101
Yes On Proposition H
Yes On Question 1 For Springfield
Yes On Questions 4 & 5
Yes On S
Yes On Schools! Yes On E! - Committee For Measure E
Yes On Y
Yes Safe Schools Glencoe
Yes We Can
Yes We Can Pac
Yesterday's Gone, Inc.
Yesyesnov3 Committee
Ygnacio Valley Republican Women Federated
Yolo Customers For Smud
Yolo For Smud-Davis
Yolo Republican Women Federated
Yonkers Raceway Pac
Yonkers Republican City Committee
Yordi For Supervisor
Yorktown Guardians
Yost For Congress
You Can Do It
You Deserve To Know
You Have A Voice
You Ought To Know, Inc.
You Won Now What, Inc.
You're Fired
Young American Alliance
Young Americans For Liberty At Ohio State
Young Americans For Rational Politics
Young Black Progressives Pac
Young Conservative Coalition Pac, Inc.
Young Conservative Politician Coalition Of America Ycpca
Young Conservatives Of Oklahoma
Young Conservatives Of Texas Sfa
Young Democratic Delegate 2008
Young Democrats For A Progressive America
Young Democrats Of America
Young Democrats Of America - Va
Young Democrats Of Arizona
Young Democrats Of Carteret County
Young Democrats Of Erie County Pac
Young Democrats Of Georgia
Young Democrats Of Mississippi
Young Democrats Of Pitt County
Young Democrats Of Rockdale County
Young Democrats Of Sandoval County
Young Democrats Of Stanislaus County Pac
Young For Assembly District 62 Delegate 2011
Young Hispanic Republicans
Young Libertarians For America
Young People For Collective Good
Young Republican Federation Of San Diego
Young Republican Leadership Fund
Young Republican National Coalition
Young Republican National Committee
Young Republican National Federation, Inc.
Young Republicans Of Alaska
Young Republicans Of Ellis County
Young Texans For Democratic Change
Young Voter Pac State Fund
Your Fellow Taxpayers
Your Kids, Your Schools
Your Palm Beach Neighbors
Your Transportation Improvements Voter Guide, A Service Of Professiona
Your Voice Matters, Inc.
Your Vote Counts
Youth Conservatives Of Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Youth Matter Political Action Committee
Youth Voices Usa
Yp Pac
Ypsilanti Township Fire Pac
Yrnc 2003, Inc
Ys Elect Committee
Ysursa For Secretary Of State
Yuba County Alliance For Property Rights
Yuba Patients Coalition
Yuba-Sutter Democratic Club
Yvonne Colodny Campaign
Yvonne Dorsey Welch Campaign Fund
Yvonne Horton For City Clerk
Yvonne Prettner Solon Volunteer Committee
Yvonne Ward For State Senate
Z-Pac - Pa Society Of Anesthesiologists
Zach Scott For Sheriff
Zack Pac
Zaffke For Senate
Zapata Club, Established 2003
Zarelli For Congress
Zavala For Nevada
Zeb Zbranek Campaign
Zellerbach For District Attorney 2010
Zettler For Judge Election Committee
Zickefoose 2010
Ziegahn For Senate
Zimmerman For Arlington County Board
Zimmerman For County Board
Zimmerman Victory Fund
Zone Nguyen
Zorraine M. Waguespack
Zuk For State Representative Commitee
Zweifel For State Representative
Zwicker For Congress


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Celebrity Contributors:
   Aaron Sorkin
   Andrew Fastow
   Arnold Palmer
   Arnold Schwarzenegger
   Ben Affleck
   Bill Cosby
   Bill Gates
   Calvin Klein
   Dennis Kozlowski
   Donald Trump
   George Soros
   Hugh Hefner
   Jack Grubman
   Jeff Skilling
   John Grisham
   John Rigas
   Ken Lay
   Martha Stewart
   Mel Gibson
   Oprah Winfrey
   Ralph Lauren
   Donald Trump
   Richard Scrushy
   Rush Limbaugh
   Sam Waksal
   Scott Sullivan
   Steven Spielberg
   Tom Cruise
   Tommy Hilfiger
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Notable Politicians:
   Barack Obama
   George W Bush
   John Kerry
   Ralph Nader
   Hillary Clinton
   Apple Computer
   New York Times
   News Corporation
   General Electric
   Exxon Mobil
   Ford Motor
   Anheuser Busch
Top 10 Contributors:
   Thomas Steyer
   Linda Mcmahon
   Sheldon Adelson
   Miriam Adelson
   Bob Perry
   Michael Bloomberg
   Harold Simmons
   Fred Eychaner
   J Ricketts
   John Raese