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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Dennis Paul Campaign
"527" Political Organization
Contributions, Expenses, & Filing Information

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Group NameDennis Paul Campaign
Stated PurposeThe purpose of the Dennis Paul Campaign is to inform and attempt to influence the electorate of Texas House District 129 that they might elect Dennis Paul as a State Representative.
Established Date09/10/2013
Contact PersonDebra Risinger
Contact Address626 1/2 Barringer Lane
Suite A
Webster, TX  77598
Mailing Address626 1/2 Barringer Lane
Suite A
Webster, TX  77598
Contributions Received
(since 09/10/2013)
Expenditures Made
(since 09/10/2013)

Download all of the Contribution Records made to this 527 organization
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

Dennis Paul Campaign
"527" Contribution List

ContributorEmpoyer/Occupation$ Contribution AmountDate
Abreo Gerard
Houston, TX  77059
Southeast Houston Cardiology/Cardiologist $3,00011/01/2013
Aggregate below Threshhold
Webster, TX  77598
Beverly Gohlke
Friendswood, TX  77546
Dow Chemical/Personnel Manager $25011/30/2013
Damon Brotherton
Houston, TX  77018
DJB Engineering, PLLC/Engineer $50012/31/2013
David Osborn
Houston, TX  77062
Leon C. Osborn Co./Manufacturer's Representative $20012/20/2013
Don Paul
Rowlett, TX  75088
Global Fasteners Inc/Owner $1,00012/26/2013
Edward Ulrich
Sugar Land, TX  77478
Uulrich Engineers/Civil Engineer $1,00011/12/2013
Edwin Becnel
Houston, TX  77062
Retired/Retired $50010/09/2013
Joseph Camarata
League City, TX  77573
Camarata Platon/Construction $25010/16/2013
Karen Tso
Houston, TX  77025
Hope Clinic/Nutritionist $20011/28/2013
Lina Ching
Houston, TX  77072
The Methodist Hospital/Rheumatologist $50011/21/2013
Lumbermen's Association of Texas
Austin, TX  78752
Political Action Committee $25011/19/2013
Maria Chong
Houston, TX  77072
Houston Police Department/Criminal Intelligence Analyst $25011/25/2013
Mark Hesse
Nassau Bay, TX  77058
Mark E. Hesse CPA/CPA $25010/03/2013
Maryknoll Cheng
Livermore, CA  94550
IBM/IT Enablement Specialist $20011/18/2013
Norman Frede
Houston, TX  77058
Norman Frede Chevrolet/Automobile Dealership Owner $50010/03/2013
Norwood Richardson
Houston, TX  77059
Camarata Platon/Insurance Agent $25010/16/2013
Robert Navarro
El Paso, TX  79912
Robert Navarro Associates Engineering , Inc./Engineer $20011/18/2013
Ronnie Thomas, In-kind
Webster, TX  77598
Commercial Real Estate Investor $30012/31/2013
Scott Rainey
Houston, TX  77059
Hydrocarbon Resource Recovery/Manager $1,00012/21/2013
Stanley Briers
Taylor Lake Village, TX  77586
Retired/Retired $1,00009/10/2013
Vic Kimball
Pasadena, TX  77504
Self/Optometrist $1,00011/19/2013
William Ling
Houston, TX  77063
Double Trees Construction/Contractor $50011/08/2013

Dennis Paul Campaign "527" Expenses

Vendor$ Expense AmountPurposeDate
Apache Advertising and Design
4710 Pin Oak Creek Ln.
Kingwood, TX  77345
$2,262 Website design and social media09/30/2013
Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce
1201 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX  77058
$600 Organization sponsorship10/03/2013
Harris County Republican Primary
3311 Richmond, Suite 218
Houston, TX  77098
$750 Republican primary filing fee11/11/2013
Neumann and Company
1002 Pauline Avenue
Bellaire, TX  77401
$573 Campaign promotion material mailing lists12/03/2013
Neumann and Company
1002 Pauline Avenue
Bellaire, TX  77401
$1,347 Campaign promotion materials10/03/2013
Risinger Consulting
4919 Preston Trails Lane
Pasadena, TX  77505
$4,291 Contract campaign management services; campaign supplies reimbursement11/05/2013-
Texas Media Strategies
221 Norfolk St.
Suite 920
Houston, TX  77098
$3,500 Political publication advertising10/16/2013
The Yates Company
P.O. Box 75190
Houston, TX  77234
$5,000 General campaign consulting services10/03/2013-
626 1/2 Barringer Lane
Suite A
Webster, TX  77598
$1,114 Withheld12/31/2013


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