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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Edwards for Congress
"527" Political Organization
Contributions, Expenses, & Filing Information

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Group NameEdwards for Congress
Stated PurposeThe purpose was as a congressional campaign, which is no longer being pursued.
Established Date02/18/2010
Contact PersonMary Ruth Edwards
Contact Address1063 Yakima Ave.
Prosser, WA  99350
Mailing Address1063 Yakima Ave.
Prosser, WA  99350
Contributions Received
(since 02/18/2010)
Expenditures Made
(since 02/18/2010)

Download all of the Contribution Records made to this 527 organization
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

Edwards for Congress
"527" Contribution List

ContributorEmpoyer/Occupation$ Contribution AmountDate
Arlene Peck
Spokane Valley, WA  99206
retired/retired $10007/26/2010
Brian Gustin
Prosser, WA  99350
Carl B Shaw
West Richland, WA  99353
retired/retired $10007/16/2010
Carol Elder
Prosser, WA  99350
retired/retired $2006/01/2010
Charles Sleater
Kennewick, WA  99337
Hanford/Firefighter $7004/13/2010
Deborah Hill
Richland, WA  99352
retired/retired $4007/20/2010
Dianne Jung
Prosser, WA  99350
retired/retired $5006/07/2010
Edward L Zeiser
Ocean Shores, WA  98569
retired/retired $14005/08/2010-
Greg Boehring
Richland, WA  99354
unknown/unknown $2007/26/2010
Harold Hochstatter
Moses Lake, WA  98837
retired/retired $35807/10/2010
Jim Bell
Yakima, WA  98901
Bell & Upton/Surveyor $10005/28/2010
Joseph Bensch
Yakima, WA  98908
retired/retired $2507/27/2010
Karen Murray
Quincy, WA  98848
homemaker/homemaker $10004/16/2010-
Kevin Ganje
Prosser, WA  99350
not disclosed/not disclosed $4005/31/2010
Les Storm
Prosser, WA  99350
retired/retired $2506/01/2010
Lois Mae Kearns
Yakima, WA  98902
retired/retired $5007/10/2010
Lorne House
Yakima, WA  98909
Kwiklok Corporation/CFO $25006/30/2010
Marlo Buchanan
Toppenish, WA  98948
self/dairy cow artificial inseminator $4006/18/2010
Marty Arntzen
Prosser, WA  99350
retired/retired $2006/08/2010
Mary Ruth Edwards
Prosser, WA  99350
Prosser Schools/Teacher/Candidate $20502/19/2010-
Michael Helman
Othello, WA  99344
Aging and Elder Care/Individual Care Provider $47506/01/2010-
Paul Franklin
Selah, WA  98942
Union Gospel Mission/Computer guy $1006/01/2010
Randy Ripplinger
Prosser, WA  99350
Welches/Supervisor $15006/07/2010
Richard Schlalick
Mesa, WA  99343
retired/retired $10004/03/2010
Richard W Withers
Spokane, WA  99206
retired/retired $5004/29/2010
Rita Smith
Prosser, WA  99350
retired/retired $2006/18/2010
Robert Blahut
Prosser, WA  99350
Jackson Flight School/Manager $2006/01/2010
Robert Peck
Spokane Valley, WA  99206
self/Property Management $11005/22/2010-
Sharon Harvey
Prosser, WA  99350
retired/retired $15003/03/2010-
Sheila Adkins
Prosser, WA  99350
homemaker/homemaker $2506/11/2010
Steve Edwards
Moxee, WA  98936
self/Mechanic $2007/01/2010
Thomas Montgomery
Naches, WA  98937
retired/retired $2507/19/2010
William Greene
Braselton, GA  30517
SICM/Political consultant $2006/09/2010
Prosser, WA  99350

Edwards for Congress "527" Expenses

Vendor$ Expense AmountPurposeDate
Cherry Creek Broadcasting
PO Box 2623
Pasco, WA  99302
$523 Radio ads for Edwards for Congress07/19/2010-
Cherry Creek Broadcasting
PO Box 2623
Pasco, WA  99302
$192 Radio ads in Wenatchee for Edwards for Congress08/10/2010
Cherry Creek Broadcasting
PO Box 2623
Pasco, WA  99302
$69 Radio broadcasting on MIX 105.3 FM in TriCities for Edwards for Congress.08/06/2010


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