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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Friends for Firestone
"527" Political Organization
Contributions, Expenses, & Filing Information

Organization Info

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Group NameFriends for Firestone
Stated PurposeTo elect Curt Firestone to Seattle City Council in November 2001.
Established Daten/a
Contact PersonDavid Jette
Contact AddressP.O. Box 30726
Seattle, WA  98103
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 30726
Seattle, WA  98103
Contributions Received$21,268
Expenditures Made$26,473

Download all of the Contribution Records made to this 527 organization
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

Friends for Firestone
"527" Contribution List

ContributorEmpoyer/Occupation$ Contribution AmountDate
Alan Lloyd
Seattle, WA  98106
Washington State/Social Worker $200
Andrea Brenneke
Seattle, WA  98122
MacDonald Hoague and Bayless/attorney $350
Angie Bartels
Seattle, WA  98118
Bailey Boushay House/Registered Nurse $200
Ann Lennartz
Seattle, WA  98122
self-employed/horticulturist $600
Bernard Firestone
Goleta, CA  93117
retired/retired $600
Bill Wiginton
Seattle, WA  98109
Pelington Properties, LLC/R.E. mgmt. and equip. leasing $600
Cheryl Grunbock
Vashon, WA  98070
x/student $600
Curt Firestone
Seattle, WA  98144
retired/retired $3,998
Dan Merkle
Seattle, WA  98101
Merkle Siegel and Friedrichsen/attorney $250
Dave Jette
Seattle, WA  98103
The Lanzl Institute/medical physicist $530
David Gordon
Seattle, WA  98115
University of Washington/software engineer $320
David Lovell
Seattle, WA  98117
University of Washington/Research Associate Professor $400
Denys Howard
Seattle, WA  98103
FreeRein/technical writer $600
Diane Morrison
Seattle, WA  98103
University of Washington/Professor $250
Dick Burton
Seattle, WA  98122
Seattle Community College District/Teacher $270
Emanuel Gordon
Los Angeles, CA  90025
self-employed/physician $250
Frank Zucker
Seattle, WA  98103
Discovery Biosciences/software engineer $200
Green Party of Seattle
Seattle, WA  98145
x/x $600
Greg Katz
Seattle, WA  98115
software engineer/software engineer $300
Hanna Wilber
San Francisco, CA  94131
retired/retired $300
Helena Stephens
Seattle, WA  98118
City of Bellevue/Youth Programs Manager $400
Jean Colman
Seattle, WA  98122
Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition/Director $250
Joe Curiel
Seattle, WA  98102
Merrill Lynch/Financial Consultant $300
John Franco
Seattle, WA  98103
Microsoft Corporation/software engineer $400
Julie Sarkissian
Mercer Island, WA  98040
King County Health Department/administrator $250
Kent Johnson
Seattle, WA  98112
Morningside Academy/Executive Director $400
Larry Fein
Sacramento, CA  95818
retired/retired $300
Lee Daneker
Seattle, WA  98144
U.S. E.P.A./Civil Servant $200
Leslie Wall
Seattle, WA  98115
University of Washington/Program Manager $400
Lila Smith
Shoreline, WA  98177
Intl. Longshoremens and Warehousemens Union/ITF Inspector $400
Maia Krahl Astley
Seattle, WA  98125
Worker Center, AFL-CIO/office worker $500
Martin King
Vashon, WA  98070
Cosant, Inc./Engineer $600
Michael Kaufman
Alameda, CA  94501
computer programmer/MSc. Software Corporation $400
MJ Firestone
Beverly Hills, CA  90210
retired/retired $600
Pam Mills
Waldron, WA  98297
Swedish-Providence Medical Center/nurse $200
Pat Starkovich
Seattle, WA  98105
retired/retired $275
Patricia Kushmerick
Seattle, WA  98125
self-employed/accountant $300
Rick Hangartner
Seattle, WA  98104
Cray, Inc./engineer $400
Ruth Korkowski
Seattle, WA  98144
Seattle Public Library/Librarian $250
Sara Arnold
Seattle, WA  98118
self-employer/physician $500
Scott Tennican
Seattle, WA  98115
presently unemployed/software engineer $500
Sherry Johnston
Ashland, OR  97520
Cloverhay LLama Ranch/Llama Rancher $300
Sooz Appel
Seattle, WA  98109
Nuts n Bolts, Inc./business owner $600
Stuart Weiss
Seattle, WA  98118
presently unemployed/x $600
Thad Spratlen
Seattle, WA  98177
University of Washington/Professor $225
Tony Raugust
Seattle, WA  98102
Prudential Securities/Sales Associate $300

Friends for Firestone "527" Expenses

Vendor$ Expense AmountPurposeDate
Boruck Printing and Silk Screen
412 N.E. 72nd St.
Seattle, WA  98115
11841 124th Ave. N.E.
Kirkland, WA  98034
General Petroleum Institute
1526 Bellevue Ave.
Seattle, WA  98122
King County Director of Finance
500 4th Ave.
Seattle, WA  98104
Marc Smason
5321 33rd Ave. S.
Seattle, WA  98118
Mike Andrew
1615 15th Ave.
Seattle, WA  98122
Rise Up Productions
5322 46th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA  98118
United States Postal Service
East Union Station
Seattle, WA  98122
United States Treasury
IRS, P.O. Box 7922
San Francisco, CA  94120
Yes. The Mailroom
85 S. Atlantic St.
Seattle, WA  98124


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