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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Friends of Lisa Gladden
"527" Political Organization
Contributions, Expenses, & Filing Information

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Group NameFriends of Lisa Gladden
Stated PurposeInitially, a democratic candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates in 1998. Candidate account never accurred donation more than IRS minimum in that time. Candidate ran for 2002 Maryland Senate and hired staff. The organization will solicit donations from the public as well as conduct fundraising events, accept contributions and donations from both the public and private sectors for the carrying out of the aforesaid purposes.
Email Addressno@email
Established Date04/20/1998
Contact PersonJeffrey B. Pope
Contact Address1165 Dingus Drive
Westminster, MD  21158
Mailing AddressPO Box 67081
Baltimore, MD  21215
Contributions Received
(since 04/20/1998)
Expenditures Made
(since 04/20/1998)

Download all of the Contribution Records made to this 527 organization
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

Friends of Lisa Gladden
"527" Contribution List

ContributorEmpoyer/Occupation$ Contribution AmountDate
& William B Garrett
Baltimore, MD  21215
Retired/Retired $10006/21/2011
and Randolph C Thompson
Owings Mills, MD  21117
Baltimore City Public Schools/retired, Assistant Principal at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School $5001/10/2011
Earl S Richarson
Baltimore, MD  21214
Morgan State University/President $25012/31/2004
Karen Meadow
Baltimore, MD  21209
unknown/unknown $5001/07/2011
Maryland Psychiatric Political Action Committee
Baltimore, MD  21202
Political Action Committee $25001/07/2011
Mendele G Cager
Baltimore, MD  21207
unknown/unknown $35012/28/2011
Phyllis T Reese
Baltimore, MD  21215
Baltimore County Public Schools/Chief Communications Officer $10001/06/2011
Taser Protect Life
Scottsdale, AZ  85255
Wells Fargo Employees Good Gvt
Baltimore, MD  21202
Wells Fargo/Financial Services $50012/14/2012

Friends of Lisa Gladden "527" Expenses

Vendor$ Expense AmountPurposeDate
A.S. Midway Trailways, Inc.
PO Box 26463
Baltimore, MD  21207
$1,100 Invoice 730910/25/2012
A.S. Midway Trailways, Inc.
PO Box 26463,
Baltimore, MD  21207
$367 Shared expense for Bus Rental.09/26/2012
Baltimore, MD  21210
$2,160 Retainer Fee check # 105612/02/2011
Abrams, Foster, Nole, & Williams
2 Hamill Rd # 241
Baltimore, MD  21210
$840 Retainer Fee Check # 105510/19/2011
BMGC Caterers
2900 Hillsdale Road,
Baltimore, MD  21207
$1,099 Invoice 011-00611/07/2012
Chesapeake Marketing Group
100 Rossier Road
Glen Burnie, MD  21060
$1,169 Printing and Campaign Materials11/05/2004
PO Box 3005,
Southeastern, PA  19398
$54 Cable service in Annapolis Office03/26/2012
D'Paul S Nibber
1101 North Calvert Street
Apt 1701
Baltimore, MD  21202
$1,000 Fundraiser Coordinator03/17/2012
H and W Printing
3616 Oak Lane
Mt. Rainer, MD  20712
$1,891 Printed invitation for December 2004 fundraiser.11/22/2004
Internal Revenue Service
201 West Rivercenter Blvd.
Attn Extracting Stop 312
Covington, KY  41011
$605 2010 Filing 1120-POL check # 105003/14/2011
Lisa Gladden
3505 White Chapel Road
Baltimore, MD  21215
$1,000 Reimbursement check for field expense07/26/2004
Manufacters and Traders Trust Company
25 South Charles Street
Suite 1
Baltimore, MD  21201
$27 Wire Transfer Service Charge10/11/2011
Maryland Democratic Party
33 West Street, Suite 200,
Annapolis, MD  21401
$100 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegation Registration07/20/2012
MD Screen Printers, Inc
1801 Portal St # D
Baltimore, MD  21224
$37 Invoice 261548 Check # 105204/08/2011
MD Screen Printers, Inc.
1801 Portal St # D
Baltimore, MD  21224
$260 Invoice 261434 Check # 105104/08/2011
Mt Vernon Printing
3229 Hubbard Rd.
Landover, MD  20785
$4,301 the postage amount for Gladden postcard drop and the production invoice. related to September 6, 2011 Election.09/06/2011
Patrice Wallace
231 East Baltimore Street
Suite 602
Baltimore, MD  21202
$2,454 District Newsletter (4 color glossy)03/04/2004
Radisson Hotel Of Cross Keys
5100 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD  21210
$2,792 Fundraiser Site Location Rental, Food, Beverage expenses12/16/2004
1050 17th Street NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC  20036
$2,468 Printing Service11/26/2004
Stephanie Mellinger
2020 Governor Thomas Bladen Way
Annapolis, MD  21401
$500 Down payment on Fundraiser11/01/2004
Stephanie Mellinger
2020 Governor Thomas Bladen Way
Annapolis, MD  21401
$1,250 Fundrasing10/19/2004
The Candy Store
7002 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, MD  21215
$85 Invoice #394 Check # 104801/03/2011
The Maryland Mentoring Partnership
517 North Charles Street
Suite 200
Baltimore, MD  21201
$500 Held to sponsor the 2nd Mentorship Annual Day in Annapolis, MD12/17/2004
The Mellinger Group
1200 Light St., Unit B
Baltimore, MD  21230
$1,000 Invoice # Gladden 2011 check #105409/12/2011
US Postal Service
3500 Dolfield Avenue
Baltimore, MD  21215
$60 Po Box 67081 Renewal for one year Check # 105304/12/2011
USPS (Arlington Station)
3500 Dolfield Ave,
Baltimore, MD  21215
$76 PO Box Renewal (One Year)04/16/2012
Working Together works for the 41st District
4505 Kenilworth Ave
Baltimore, MD  21212
$1,500 2011 District Night in Annapolis (Transfer to slate account)01/28/2011
Young Democrats of Maryland
PO Box 853,
Annapolis, MD  21404
$100 5th Annual YDM Women?s Caucus Annapolis Shadow Day03/23/2012


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