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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Keep Hanceville Special
"527" Political Organization
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Organization Info

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Group NameKeep Hanceville Special
Stated PurposeA Wet/Dry Referendum was scheduled to be voted on in the city of Hanceville March 9, 2010. This committee set out to promote maintaining the Dry Status in the city of Hanceville.
Email Addressno@email
Established Date01/22/2010
Contact PersonJanet Davis
Contact Address261 County Road 522
Hanceville, AL  35077
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 722
Hanceville, AL  35077
Contributions Received
(since 01/22/2010)
Expenditures Made
(since 01/22/2010)

Download all of the Contribution Records made to this 527 organization
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

Keep Hanceville Special
"527" Contribution List

ContributorEmpoyer/Occupation$ Contribution AmountDate
Amy Edge
Cullman, AL  35055
Unknown/Unknown $1,50002/10/2010
Center Hill Baptist Church
Hanceville, AL  35077
Dorothy Frady
Cullman, AL  35055
Northbrook Baptist Church/Minister $20002/02/2010
Eastside Baptist Church
Cullman, AL  35055
First Baptist Church
Cullman, AL  35055
Hanceville First Baptist Church
Hanceville, AL  35077
Hanceville Lion's Club
Hanceville, AL  35077
Mt Zion Baptist Church
Cullman, AL  35055
New Hope #2 Baptist Church
Cullman, AL  35058
New Union Baptist Church
Hanceville, AL  35077
Phillip & Virginia Henderson
Hanceville, AL  35077
Cerrowire/Laborer $30001/31/2010
Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Hanceville, AL  35077
Simcoe Baptist Church
Cullman, AL  35058
St John's Missionary Baptist Church
Crane Hill, AL  35053
Valley Springs Baptist Church
Cullman, AL  35055
Walter Baptist Church
Hanceville, AL  35077
Hanceville, AL  35077

Keep Hanceville Special "527" Expenses

Vendor$ Expense AmountPurposeDate
Discount Printing
8991 US Hwy 31 South
Hanceville, AL  35077
$769 Printing of Flyers02/17/2010
Keep the Good in Good Hope
P.O. Box 355
Cullman, AL  35056
$5,438 Donation made to close account.05/03/2010
Superior Screen Printing
25 County Road 663
Cullman, AL  35055
$1,593 Printing of signs and bumper stickers02/04/2010


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