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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
J - L

J K State Legislative Political Action Committee
J Berry Harrison Campaign
J Brooke Hern For Mayor
J Preston Campaign Fund
J R Gonzalez Committee To Elect
J Ross Lacy For Midland City Council
J Y Trans Pac
J. Brian Murphy Campaign To Elect
J. Douglas Welborn Campaign Fund
J. Mark Lawler For Mayor Committee
J. Murray Clark Committee
J. Murray Clark For Governor
J. P. Mauffray, Jr., Campaign Fund
Jabaily For House Committee
Jack C. Davis For School Board
Jack Follis For Judge Committee To Elect
Jack For Kansas
Jack Ford Committee
Jack Hayman For Volusia County Council, District 3
Jack Heidel For Congress
Jack Hill For Senate Campaign
Jack In The Box Political Action Committee
Jack Nichols For House District 61
Jack R. Myers Campaign Account
Jack Riggs For Idaho Lt. Govenor
Jack Roberts For Governor
Jack Ross For Public Office
Jack Schofield For Congress
Jack Scott For State Senate
Jack Stick Campaign
Jack Taylor For Senate
Jack Thomas For Mayor
Jack Uppal For Congress
Jack W. Harper For Az Senate
Jacki Backhaus For Auditor
Jackie Biskupski For Mayor
Jackson 20-20 Political Action Committee
Jackson County Democratic Party
Jackson County Republican Committee
Jackson For Senate
Jackson Pride
Jackson Township Democratic Club
Jackson Walker Llp Political Action Committee
Jacksonville Citizens For Better Leadership
Jacksonville Public Safety Officers Committee
Jacob Brimm Friends Of
Jacobson For Governor
Jacqueline D. Knight Campaign
Jacqueline Vitti Frederick For Judge
Jaguar Political Action Committee
Jaime Capelo Campaign
Jaime Esparza
Jaime Velasquez Treasurer Race Candidate
Jainchell For Delegate
Jameia Haines Citizens For
James Abeler Volunteer Committee
James Alan Williams Campaign Fund
James Austin Scott Committee To Re-Elect
James Bellet For Klamath County Commissioner
James Bordonaro For Congress
James Brown For Congress
James Bruce Jimmy Dunn Re-Election Campaign 2013
James D. Arnold Campaign
James Dewberry Citizens For
James E Mayo Mayoral Campaign
James E. Bryant
James F. Coats Sheriff Campaign Account
James F. Mckay Committee To Re-Elect
James For Judge Committee
James Gabbert Campaign
James H. Gunter, Jr. Re-Election Committee
James Hardie State Political Action Committee Fund
James Harris For Oakland School Board
James Hetzel For Congress
James Jim Hughes For Mayor
James K. Booras For Judge
James L. Moore, Circuit Court Clerk
James M Oquinn For Delegate
James Madison Pac
James N. Point For State Representative
James O Springate For District Judge
James Okeefe Election Committee
James Pate Philip Campaign Fund
James Pearson Psc Election Fund
James R. Dunnam
James Rittenourdistrict 15A Campaign
James Rodriguez Campaign
James Sigman Committee To Elect Sheriff
James T Golden Campaign
James T Hargrett Campaign Account
James T. Payton, Jr, Campaign
James Taylor For Congress
James Thomas Dubois Jr For State Representative
James V Dipaola Committee
James Vanhofwegen For Congress
James Welch For Florida House District 54
James Woods For Congress
Jamie Miller For Mayor Of Hazard Ky
Jammat Housing
Jan Angel For State Senate
Jan Brewer For Secretary Of State
Jan Danford For State Board Of Education
Jan Goodwin Campaign
Jan Hooks Campaign
Jan Lang Kish Campaign
Jane Angvik For State House
Jane Brunner For City Council 2004
Jane Carpenter Citizens To Elect Mayor Of Ozark
Jane Dawkins For Tn State Rep. 37Th District
Jane Dolan For Supervisor
Jane Earll For Lt. Governor
Jane H. Smith Campaign Fund
Jane Howard For Assembly
Jane Ranum Volunteer Committee
Janelle Treganza Campaign Fund
Janet Henderson Campaign Account
Janet Napolitano For Governor Committee
Janet Reno For Governor
Janet Sterman Candidate For Alderman
Janet Wallace For Clerk
Janice Arnold-Jones For Congress
Janis Perecefull
Janny Catlin Meyer For School Board 2010
Jansen Administrative Account
Jared Blankenship For President
Jared For Wilton
Jason Deberry For Colorado Hd7
Jason Diponzio For Brighton Town Board
Jason For Texas
Jason Gad Supporters Of
Jason Galbraith For Criminal Court Judge
Jason Greene For Congress
Jason Hardin For Mayor 2015
Jason Kendall For Congress
Jason Klumb For State Senate
Jason Lee Jones For Congress
Jason Massie For Western Commissioner
Jason R. Lester 2012
Jason Rarick For Mn House 11B
Jason Roberts For Us Congress
Jason Smith For Mayor
Jax Beach Aplus
Jax Biz
Jax Biz Eco
Jay Davis Campaign
Jay Devivo For Selectman 2013
Jay Kaufman Committee To Re-Elect
Jay Liles For Congress
Jay Ramras For Lieutenant Governor
Jay Tibshraeny Committee To Elect
Jay Trucks And Associates Pc Iec
Jayhawk-Wildcat Fund - Action Network
Jcp&L Political Action Committee
Jd Alexander Campaign
Jdc Pac
Jdli Pac
Jean Hundertmark For Assembly Committee
Jean Swanson Reed Campaign
Jeanne Raymond For City Council
Jeanne Shaheen For Senate Committee
Jeannine Barr Campaign
Jefcoat For Commissioner
Jeff Atwater For Florida House Of Representatives
Jeff Barnett For Congress
Jeff Block For President For 100 Days, Inc.
Jeff Bostwick For Judge
Jeff Brown Campaign
Jeff Chapman For Governor Inc.
Jeff Coy Committee
Jeff Deen Campaign
Jeff For Hollywood City Council
Jeff Freeman Campaign
Jeff Gardner For Senate
Jeff Gilliam For County Council
Jeff Hall Committee To Elect
Jeff Hayner For City Council
Jeff Hollingshead For Mayor
Jeff Jacques For State Representative Committee
Jeff King For Congress
Jeff Kottkamp For Florida Attorney General
Jeff Kropf For State Representative
Jeff Kropf For State Representative
Jeff Lindy For Judge 2015
Jeff Pauley Volunteer Campaign Committee
Jeff Rasmussen For Monroe City Council
Jeff Semon Committee To Elect For Us Congress
Jeff Taylor For Congress
Jeff Wood Campaign Committee
Jeffco Family And Business Alliance
Jefferson County Democratic Party
Jefferson County Economic Development Pac
Jefferson County Education Association Pac
Jefferson County Leadership Pac
Jefferson County Republican Central Committee
Jefferson Pac
Jefferson United Inc
Jeffersonian Democratic Club
Jeffersonian Party
Jeffeson County Resitents For Transit
Jeffrey Marks School Board For
Jeffrey Richard Campaign
Jeffrey S Evans For Judge
Jeffries For Assembly 2010 Officeholder Account
Jen Greenfield For State Senate
Jena Culler For Judge
Jenaro Centeno For Board Of Education - Kids First
Jenisch Citizens For
Jenkins 4 Tucson`
Jennifer Burnett For Judge
Jennifer Dupre For District Attorney 2014
Jennifer Fisher For County Council
Jennifer For Kids
Jennifer J. Burns 2002
Jennifer M. Granholm For Governor
Jennifer Mcvay Martin Campaign
Jennifer Mendoza For City Council 2014
Jennifer Roberts For Congress
Jennifer Rymell Campaign
Jennifer Talbot
Jent For Governor
Jeremy Burgess For Congress
Jergeson For Psc
Jeri Muoio Legal Expense Trust Fund
Jeri Slone Campaign
Jeri Woodhouse For Town Trustee
Jerome C Pandell For School Board 2014
Jerry Allison For County Judge
Jerry Elsner Friends Of
Jerry Gist Campaign
Jerry Green Association
Jerry Hill Campaign Account
Jerry Hill For State Assembly
Jerry Kilgore Inaugural Committee 2001
Jerry Melvin Campaign For State Senate
Jerry Odom For Congress
Jerry Theunissen Campaign Fund
Jerry Vilander For Sanitary District
Jerry Voorhis Claremont Democratic Club
Jerse For Senate
Jersey City Fire Officers Pac
Jersey First
Jersey Pac
Jes Defense Fund
Jess & Michelle Santamaria For Honest Government, Inc.
Jesse 2014
Jesse For Council
Jesse Guills For State Senate Committee
Jesse Jackson Jr. For Congress
Jessica Garrow Committee To Elect For Regent
Jesusi Quomuniti Qowncell
Jetton For Speaker Pro Tem
Jewish Civic Action Network Of Sacramento Pac
Jewish Floridians For Truth
Jewish Political Action Committee Massachusetts
Jewish Voters Association
Jews Against The Recall
Jfk Dinner Pac
Jgh Political Action Committee, Inc.
Jh Pac
Jill Galvez For City Council 2010
Jill Galvez For School Board
Jim Argue Campaign
Jim Aslanides For State Representative Committee
Jim Barone For State Senate
Jim Berg Volunteer Committee
Jim Bohl Trust
Jim Bowles For Sheriff
Jim Boyd Campaign
Jim Boynton For State Senate
Jim Clark
Jim Clayton For Circuit Judge
Jim Cline For City Attorney
Jim Douglas For Governor 2002
Jim Driggers For City Council
Jim Fowler Campaign Account
Jim French Campaign
Jim Gibson For Governor
Jim Gleason Campaign Committee
Jim Gordon Leadership Committee
Jim Graves For Congress
Jim Greer For Chairman Of The Republican Party Of Florida Committee
Jim Hackworth For State Representative
Jim Hardy For Supervisor Committee
Jim Henry For Governor
Jim Howell For State Representative
Jim Hutchins For Office
Jim Jackson For Missouri
Jim Jacksons Friends
Jim Johnson People For Justice
Jim Jordan For Congress
Jim Kennedy Election Fund
Jim Lacy For City Council
Jim Lee Campaign Committee
Jim Lewis For State Senate
Jim Libby For Governor
Jim Mader Citizens To Elect House District Seven
Jim Mcconoughey For Congress
Jim Meinel For Hollywood City Council
Jim Meyer For District Judge
Jim Miron 2008
Jim Mitchell Friends Of
Jim Mladek Volunteer Committee
Jim Norman Campaign
Jim Oddo For Nyc
Jim Pendergraph For Congress
Jim Phelan For State Senator
Jim Riske For State Representative
Jim Roache For Assembly
Jim Sebesta Campaign
Jim Senter For District Court Judge
Jim Simon For Congress
Jim Snyder For U.S. Senate
Jim Snyder For United States Congress
Jim Stonebraker For State Representative
Jim Tracy For State Representative
Jim Tullis
Jim West For Supervisor
Jim Westhoff Committee To Elect
Jim Wood Campaign Committee
Jimmie Lou Fisher Campaign
Jimmy Adams Campaign
Jimmy Delshad For City Council
Jimmy Fuller For Cypress School Board 2012
Jimmy L. Morales Campaign
Jimmy Van Bramer Inauguration Fund
Jinhee Wilde For Maryland House
Jj Scarborough For Jailer
Jmtmrf Incorporated
Jo Ann Davis Memorial Pac
Jo Ann Sprague Committee
Jo Carson For State Representative
Joan Oliver For School Committee
Joan Randolph Re-Election Campaign
Joanie Muenzler For State Board Of Education-District 3
Job Creators For A Strong Economy
Job Growth For South Florida
Jobe Political Action Committee - Texas
Jobs & Prosperity For Spokane
Jobs America Ct Pac
Jobs America Pac
Jobs And Opportunity
Jobs And Prosperity For Florida
Jobs First Coalition Political Fund
Jobs Florida
Jobs For A Better West Virginia Pac
Jobs For Florida
Jobs For Gadsden
Jobs For Jacksonville, Inc.
Jobs For Marion Committee
Jobs For Montana Pac
Jobs For New York, Inc.
Jobs For New Yorkers
Jobs For Scottsdale In Support Of Prop 200
Jobs For South Dakota Pac
Jobs For Texas Political Action Committee
Jobs For Tucson
Jobs For Vets
Jobs For Virginia Pac
Jobs Jobs Jobs
Jobs Justice And The Environment Pac
Jobs Now Eco
Jobs Now Sponsored By Chevron Corporation
Jobs Ny Committee
Jobs Pac
Jobspac Inc Dba Jobs For New Mexico
Jockisch Campaign Committee
Jodi Hack For Oregon
Jodi Rell 2002
Jody Carson For City Council
Jody Richards For Governor
Jody Richter Committee To Elect
Joe Aguirre For Council 2010
Joe Alioto Veronese For Democratic Central Committee 2010
Joe Baca For Senate
Joe Bentivegna For Congress
Joe Bowen For State Senate
Joe Bramblett
Joe Buscaino For City Council, 2011
Joe Bush For Drain Commissioner
Joe Canciamilla For Assembly 2002
Joe Chesser Friends Of For Supervisor
Joe Dunn Committee For Accountabiltiy
Joe E. Brown Campaign Fund
Joe Ford Jr. For Congress
Joe Fowlkes For State Representative
Joe Frank For Mayor Committee
Joe H. Pickens Campaign
Joe Hackney For House Committee
Joe Haynes For State Senate
Joe J. Hutchison Campaign Fund
Joe Larcheveque For Board Of Education
Joe Lavigne For Congress Exploratory Committee
Joe Mccomb Campaign Committee
Joe Mcleland Campaign Fund
Joe Nixon Campaign Committe
Joe Ortwerth For Good Government Committee
Joe Ross County Attorney Race Candidate
Joe Rothbauer For Congress
Joe Santoro For City Council
Joe Scarafone For Supervisor 2012
Joe Snyder For State Senate
Joe Snyder For City Council
Joe Soto For City Council
Joe Spatola Friends Of
Joe Swaim For City Council
Joe-Pac Non Federal
Joel Krause For The Us House
Joel Marchese For Congress
Joel Phelps For Congress
Joey Kyle Citizens For Sheriff
John A Kemler For Sheriff
John A. Celona Campaign Fund
John A. Cunningham For County Clerk
John Adams For Town Council
John B. Harwood
John Binkley For Governor
John Blake For Senate
John Bootie 2008
John Boruff Campaign Committee
John Braun For State Senate
John Budnik For Council At Large
John Burwell For Congress
John Byrne For Assembly
John Carassas Campaign
John Carlson For Governor
John Carroll Campaign Account
John Carter Campaign
John Charles Schlesinger
John Cupp For Sheriff - Committee To Re-Elect
John Curtis For Senate
John D Gass Committee To Elect For Chief Magistrate
John D'amico For City Council 2011
John D. Hood Campaign Fund For 48Th Representative
John D. Sutula For Judge Committee
John Dale For Congress
John Davies For State Senate
John Davis For President
John Dawson Campaign
John Delgado Campaign Committee
John Doyle Campaign Fund
John Duong For Mayor
John E. Aubrey
John E. Davis Campaign
John Ellerton For State Assembly
John F Kelley Campaign
John Fitzpatrick Campaign
John Flerlage For Commissioner
John Ford For Senate Campaign
John Franklin For Vista Irrigation District 2012
John Frey, Friends Of
John Fusaro Committee To Elect For Sunrise Commissioner Group A
John G Mckay Campaign Fund
John Glascott For Erie County Sheriff
John H. Hawkins, Jr. Hr District 48
John Hampton Election Committee
John Hank Evans Campaign Fund
John Hawkins For Attorney General
John Hill For Congress Committee
John Howard 3 For Congress
John Hull For Trumbull County Commissioner
John Hunt For Attorney General
John Jacobson For Congress Committee
John Jordan For State Senate
John K Clark Campaign Fund
John Kinard Campaign
John Legg Campaign
John Lewallen For Congress Committee
John Long For Agriculture
John M Beard For Congress
John M Studebaker Campaign Fund
John Marty Volunteer Committee
John Mccann For City Council 2014
John Mceachron Sr For Wilton Town Board
John Mcginness For Sheriff
John Milner For City Council
John Mirisch Bh First Mirisch For City Council
John Moorlach For Oc Treasurer
John Morton Committee To Elect For Magistrate
John Motsinger Committee To Elect
John Mullaney Election Fund
John Munn For Assembly
John Nelson Campaign Committee
John Newman For County Mayor
John Newton Campaign Account
John Obrien For Senate
John P. Lewis, Candidate For Sarasota Cnty Schl Bd
John Parke For Rep Campaign Comm
John Patrick Julien Campaign
John Paul Tabakian For Torrance City Council
John Paul Tabakian For Torrance School Board 2013
John Penny Campaign For Holly Hill City Commission District 1
John Peyton Campaign For Mayor
John Pikramenos For Sheriff Campaign
John R Pastor Leadership Fund
John R. Gavin-Candidate
John R. Newhart Re-Elect
John R. Reeves Campaign Fund
John Riggs For State Senate
John Ruiz For Public Office Friends Of
John Russo For City Attorney
John Sanchez For Governor
John Santoianni For Anaheim City School Board 2012
John Santoianni For City Council 2010
John Scott For Judge Committee
John Sellars For State Representative
John Sholden Campaign
John Spruill Campaign
John Spruill Campaign Committee
John Stoj For Council
John Sullivan For Congress
John Sullivan For Senate
John T. Lavarine, Jr. Campaign Fund
John T. Thrumston II Campaign
John Thrasher For Chairman Campaign
John Thune For Governor Exploratory Committee
John Tierney Legal Expense Trust
John Turner-Mcclelland Campaign
John Turner-Mcclelland For Director
John Tuteur Campaign To Elect Assr-Rec-Cclk 2010
John Vasconcellos For Senate
John Vitali-Candidate For Florida State House 54
John Vratil For State Senate
John W. Rhodes For Nc House
John Waltz For Congress
John Watson For Littleton
John Watts For Council Committee
John Webb For Congress
John Woods Pac
Johnnie Perkins For School Board
Johnny Ellis For State Senate
Johnny Laudermilk For Hd 101 -2010
Johnson Administrative Account
Johnson Campaign Committee
Johnson Controls Inc. Michigan Pac
Johnson County Republican Women
Johnson County Republicans For Education
Johnson County Republicans For Education, Inc.
Johnson Delegate Committee
Johnson Farms Of Vardaman Inc
Johnson For Council
Johnson For Senate
Johnson For Us Senate Com
Johnson Volunteer Committee
Joi Pac
Joint Council Of Teamsters No. 37 Political Fund
Joint Political Committee, Sponsored By Seiu
Joint Victory Campaign 2004
Joliet Firefighters Local 44 Political Action Committee
Jon A Gegenheimer Campaign Committee Inc
Jon C Porter Campaign Fund
Jon Cooper For Senate Exploratory Committee
Jon Huntsman For President, Inc
Jon Lauritzen For School Board
Jon Peat For Cypress City Council 2014
Jonathan Fish For Oc Superior Court
Jonathan Horton For Council
Jonathan Jenkins For A Better Pa
Jonathan Paton For Congress
Jonathan Standridge Committee To Elect For City Council
Jonathan Wong Committee To Elect
Jonathon Wolfson For City Council
Jones & Carter, Inc. Pac
Jones Day Ohio Pac
Jones Day Reavis Pogue Il Good Govt Fund
Jones For Columbia
Jones For Sc House
Jones Vargas Pac
Joni Gray For Supervisor
Joplin Progress Committee
Jordan Brandman For School Board
Jorge Bonilla For U.S. Congress, Inc.
Jorge J Perez Campaign Account
Jorge Pedraza Campaign
Jorge Rodriguez Campaign
Jorgensen For Congress
Jose Asmundsson
Jose Garcia-Pedrosa Campaign Fund
Jose Luis Rodriguez, State Representative To Elect
Jose M. Rodriguez Committee To Elect For Judge
Jose Orozco Campaign Fund
Jose Padilla For Congress
Joseff For Congress
Joseph A. Mullen
Joseph Adelizzi For Judge 2014
Joseph Berrios 31St Ward Committeeman
Joseph Capella For Civil Court
Joseph Divincenzo For Essex County Executive
Joseph E. Coakley For State Committeeman
Joseph Legere For Senate
Joseph R. Spratt Campaign
Joseph Tony St.Clair For County Commissioner
Joseph Yelencich, Jr. For State Representative
Josh Caesar For Us Congress
Josh Crocker For Council
Josh Maxwell Friends Of
Josh Mers For Fayette County Constable
Josh Moriarty For City Council
Joshua D Hendrix
Joshua W Levy - Candidate For State Representative
Journey The American Dream, Inc.
Joy Eakins For Wichita Schools
Joy Jubilee Of Yeoman Loyalist
Joyce A. Maines-Julian Campaign Account
Joyce Cusack Campaign
Joyce Dickersdon U S Senate
Joyce Moore Friends Of
Joyce Valentino Campaign
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Arizona Pac
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Florida Pac
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Michigan Pac
Jtk For Congress
Juan A. Montes For Mayor Of Dade County
Juan Chuy Hinojosa, Texas Senate Campaign
Juan Pablo Lopez Legal Defense Fund
Judge Amy Steele Donner Campaign
Judge Barry Sims Campaign
Judge Bill D Hicks Campaign
Judge Billy Bennett Campaign Committee
Judge Billy Mills Re-Election Campaign
Judge Bruce Balter For Supreme Court
Judge Chaney Re-Election Campaign
Judge Clarence Mcmanus Campaign Committee
Judge Diamond Committee To Re-Elect
Judge Frank Thaxton For Court Of Appeal Campaign C
Judge George Giacobbe Campaign Committee
Judge Gore Re-Election Committee
Judge Grace B. Gasaway Campaign Committee
Judge Harbour Election Committee
Judge Irizarry For Attorney General
Judge James C. Wood Campaign
Judge Javier Alvarez Election Campaign
Judge Joesph C. Calabrese Committee For The Re-El
Judge John A. Shea, Campaign
Judge John L. Weimer For Supreme Court Committee
Judge John Merrett Campaign
Judge Jon I. Gordon
Judge Joyce Williams Warren Campaign
Judge Kay Lias Com
Judge Leon Firtel Re-Election Campaign Fund
Judge Marion F Edwards Campaign Fund
Judge Mark R. Wolfe
Judge Martha Huerta Campaign
Judge Michael Cherry For Supreme Court
Judge Michael Spearman For Wash State Supreme Cour
Judge Myron E. Leavitt Campaign Fund
Judge Norman Gerstein Campaign
Judge O Leary For Supreme Court
Judge Oscar X. Garcia Campaign
Judge Patrick Keel Campaign
Judge Peter Peca Campaign
Judge Richey Campaign
Judge Robert E. Burgess Campaign Committee
Judge Roggensack For Supreme Court Committee
Judge Sandra Pomrenze Campaign
Judge Sandy Karlan Campaign Fund
Judge Schack For Supreme Court
Judge Sol Gothard Campaign Fund
Judge Stuart M. Simons Campaign Account
Judge Susan Chehardy Reelection Committe
Judge Thomas S. Wilson Campaign Fund
Judge Tom Fuller Campaign
Judge Valentino For Supreme Court
Judge Woody Nesbitt Campaign Committee
Judges For Tthe People
Judi Dutcher Committee To Elect
Judicial Accountability, Llc
Judicial Excellence Now Eco
Judicial Excellence Together
Judicial Fairness Fund
Judicial Roundup Pac
Judicial Term Limits
Judiciary Integrity Coalition
Judith Campbell For State Representative
Judith Judy Paul Campaign For Davie Mayor
Judith Mcmahon For Judge
Judson Community Action Committee
Judy Clibborn For State Representative
Judy Hunter For Judge Committee To Re-Elect
Judy Leunes For Texas House
Judy Nicastro For City Council
Judy Rice For Judge
Julia C Howard For House Committee
Julia C. Howard For House Committee
Julia Sichol For Commonwealth Attorney
Julian Collins Campaign Fund
Julian Pete Kelly II Campaign
Julie For Judge Campaign
Julie Ingleman For Senate
Julie Jenkins Campaign For
Julie Korenstein For City Council - General
Julie Macek For Judge
Julie Raque Adams For State Representative
Julie Stokes Campaign Inc
Julie Stone 2012
Julie Storm Volunteer Committee
Julie Wright For Judge Campaign
Julio Jimenez Campaing Fund
Jumpstart Vallejo Supporting Malgapo, Verder-Aliga, Dew And Summers Fo
Jungbauer For Governor
Juni For Senate
Just Patriots
Just Reform
Just Succeed
Justesen For Oregon
Justice And Peace Political Action Committee
Justice For All
Justice For All 2013, Inc.
Justice For All Nc
Justice For America
Justice For America, Inc.
Justice For Kansas, Inc.
Justice For Working Families, Inc.
Justice Glaze For Supreme Court
Justice Jim Hannah For Chief Justice
Justice League Pac
Justice Lee Yeakel Campaign
Justice Nathan L. Hecht Campaign
Justice Not Politics Action
Justice Party Of Tennessee
Justice Through Juries
Justice Victory 2004 Committee
Justin Fairfax For Virginia
Justin Gardner For Hilliard School Board
Justin Jelincic For Congress
Justin Kiska For Frederick
Juvenile Diabetes Public Policy Action Committee
Jw Paddio Campaign Committee
Jwg Congressional Campaign Fund
K Jackson For Commissioner
Kaczala Campaign Committee
Kaine Inaugural 2006
Kaj Selmann For State Representative
Kalamazoo Regional Chamber Super Pac
Kalin For House
Kalis For Arizona
Kalogianis For Congress, Inc.
Kamena For Assembly 08
Kanatzar For Prosecutor
Kane County Chapter Republican National Hispanic Assembly Of Illinois
Kane County Republican Advisory Council
Kane For Severance
Kaneshiro For Prosecutor
Kanka For Senate
Kansans For Democratic Leadership
Kansans For Derek Schmidt
Kansans For Limited Government
Kansans For Mike Dann
Kansans For Praeger
Kansans For The Support Of Business And Education
Kansas Association Of Realtors
Kansas Automobile Dealers Election Action Committe
Kansas Automobile Dealers Election Action Committe
Kansas Beverage Association Political Action Committee
Kansas Bi-State Renewal Committee
Kansas Cable Pac
Kansas Citizens For Excellence In Education
Kansas City Area Business Leaders Political Fund
Kansas City Business Rights Coalition
Kansas City College Republicans
Kansas City Pride Democratic Club
Kansas City Progress
Kansas Conservatives For Alan Lapolice
Kansas Contractors Assoc Pac
Kansas Dental Pac
Kansas Farm Bureau Vote Fbf-State
Kansas First Congressional District Democrats
Kansas For Shallenburger
Kansas Gas Service Employee Pac
Kansas Jobs Pac
Kansas Livestock Assoc Pac
Kansas National Education Assoc Pac
Kansas Peoples Action Political Fund
Kansas Public Employees Action Committee
Kansas Sf Insurance Agents And Employees, Inc
Kansas State Troopers Association Political Action Committee
Kansas Surgical Hospital Association Political Action Committee
Kansas Traditional Republican Majority, Inc.
Kansas Values Political Action Committee
Karben For The Assembly
Karcher For Assembly
Karen Angelini Campaign
Karen Bass For City Council
Karen Chellew For Pa
Karen Diebel For Congress
Karen Fraser -- Citizens For
Karen Hale For State Senate
Karen Houghtaling State Rep 80Th District Committee
Karen Miller Campaign
Karen Ray For Nc Senate
Karen Sonleitner Campaign
Karen Spiewak The Committee To Elect
Karen Stern Campaign
Karen Zirkle For Recorder
Karin 2009
Karl Hanson For State Senate
Karl Jabour District 5 City Council Campaign
Karl Mikel Olson Campaign
Karla Foreman Wright Campaign
Karon For Selectman
Kassakhian For Clerk
Kat Swift For President
Kate Dyer For Circuit Court Judge
Kate Murray For Supervisor
Kate Murray Friends For
Katherine Cabaniss Campaign
Katherine Smith For State Superintendent Of Public
Kathleen Dwyer For Treasurer / Tax Collector 2014
Kathleen Rice For Congress
Kathleen Sebelius Campaign
Kathleen Straus For Education
Kathy Dahlkemper For Congress
Kathy Evans For Revenue Commissioner
Kathy Heuer For State Representative Committee
Kathy Kreag Richardson For State Rep. Dist. 29
Katie Sieben Volunteer Committee
Katrina Accountability Project
Katy Creative Arts Parent Teacher Organization
Katz 2003
Katz Transition
Kauffman For Supervisor
Kaufman County Gop Club
Kaufman County Young Republicans
Kay Barnes For Mayor
Kay Oconnor Campaign
Kay Peterson For County Auditor
Kaying For Roseville
Kb-Pac, Inc.
Kbh Texas Fund
Kc Metropolitan Arts Political Action Committee
Keegan 2002
Keener 2002
Keep 29 Local Llc
Keep Alameda Schools Excellent - Kase
Keep America Strong
Keep Austin Free Pac
Keep Austin's Word Pac
Keep Building Little Rocks Future
Keep Ca Strong
Keep Defiance A Great Place To Live
Keep Dollars In Sherwood Inc.
Keep Education Local Pac
Keep Hanceville Special
Keep Hendry Safe Inc
Keep Hope Alive Political Action Committee
Keep Improving & Developing Schools
Keep Jim Laria Clerk Of Courts Committee
Keep Jobs In Pennsylvania
Keep Judge Allen
Keep Judge John Adams Committee
Keep Keith Auditor
Keep Martin County Green, Inc.
Keep Montgomery County Moving Pac
Keep Our Families Safe, Inc.
Keep Our Jobs In Kentucky, Inc.
Keep Our Libraries Open
Keep Our Libraries Strong
Keep Our North Strong Pac
Keep Our Ports Competitive Pac
Keep Seattle Moving
Keep Tahoe Blue Pac
Keep Tempe Different
Keep The Change
Keep The Circus In Denver
Keep The Public Noticed Coalition Committee Inc
Keep U.S. Strong Committee
Keep Virginia Moving
Keep West Sacramento Moving Forward
Keepincheck Pac
Keeping Californians Working
Keeping Central Florida Safe
Keeping Central Florida Safe Cce
Keeping Citizens First, Inc.
Keeping Citizens Safe Inc
Keeping Florida Growing
Keeping Mansfield Safe
Keeping Norfolk First
Kehoe For State Senate 2008
Keith Bee Campaign
Keith King Committee To Elect For City Council
Keith Macdonald For State Representative
Keith Olberg For Secretary Of State
Keith Phillips For State Representative, Inc.
Keith Sehon Campaign Fund
Keith Sommer Campaign Committee
Keith Spanarelli For Us Senate
Keith Starr For City Council Committee
Keith W Forsythe Democrat For Sheriff
Keith Weber Campaign
Keith Whited For Judge Committee
Keith Williams, Committee To Elect
Keith Woods For Srp
Kelli Wise Campaign
Kellie Greene For Congress Committee
Kelly Barlean For State House
Kelly Case For Judge Campaign
Kelly For Congress
Kelly For Senate 2014
Kelly Hart Pitre Pac
Kelly Shirley Committee To Elect For Congress
Ken Aslan 2003
Ken Clark 2002 Campaign Committee
Ken Clark Leadership Committee
Ken Cooley For Assembly
Ken Cuccinelli Inaugural Committee Inc.
Ken Doherty Campaign Account Of
Ken Feck Campaign For Fl State House, Dist 53
Ken Glasson For Congress
Ken Gordon For Colorado Secretary Of State
Ken Jefferson For Sheriff
Ken Klein For Council
Ken Leblanc For State Assembly
Ken Martin For Dfl Chair
Ken Mcinnis Volunteer Committee
Ken Parrish For State Representative
Ken Polke For Congress
Ken Reed For Congress
Ken Robinson 2014
Ken Sikkema Leadership Fund
Ken Sorensen Candidate House Of Rep. District 120
Ken Wise Campaign
Kendall Cnty Republican Central Com
Kendall County Young Republicans
Kendrick Meek For Congress
Kendrick Meek For Florida
Kenn Gilchrist For Congress
Kennedy Club Political Committee
Kennedy Covington Lobdell And Hickman Pac
Kennedy Exploratory Committee
Kenneth A. Hitt Campaign Committee
Kenneth Barber- Campaign
Kenneth Hubbard For The 106Th
Kenneth L. Brune
Kenneth Roderick Anderson -Candidate For Ut House Dist 71
Kenneth Rosen For State Representative
Kenneth Walker Committee To Elect
Kenney Leadership Fund
Kenny Wilson For Congress Campaign Committee
Kenny Wright For Mayor
Kensington Residents For Chuck Toombs & Patricia Gillette Kppcsd 2012
Kent County Chairmans Club
Kent Fowler For Supervisor
Kent L. Ivey For Nevada Assembly District 20
Kent Pauley For Assessor
Kent W Perkins Trucking
Kentuckians For Chandler Exploratory Committee
Kentucky Attorneys Political Action Tr
Kentucky Automobile Dealers Election Tr
Kentucky Beer Wholesalers Association Political Action Committee
Kentucky Broadcasters Alliance For Radio & Television Pac
Kentucky Chamber Pac
Kentucky Equine Education Project Pac
Kentucky Families For Richards And Miller
Kentucky Family Values
Kentucky First 2002
Kentucky Freedom Coalition Inc
Kentucky Knows Best
Kentucky Optometric Pac
Kentucky Pharmacists Political Advocacy Council
Kentucky Physicians Political Action Committee State
Kentucky Realtors Political Action Committee
Kentucky State Uaw Pac Council
Kentucky Values Coalition, Inc.
Kentucky Water Pac
Kentucky Workers Association - Pac
Keough For Governor
Kern County Citizens For Honest Govt
Kern County Employees Association Pac
Kern County Fire Fighters Union Local 1301 Pac
Kern County Public Safety Committee
Kern Families Supporting Steve Perez For Supervisor 2010
Kern Law Enforcement Association Pac
Kern Water A Matter Of Life
Kernan Skip Hand Judicial Campaign
Kerr For Kansas Governor Committee
Kesha Rogers For Congress
Kespohl For Council
Ketner Exploratory Team
Kevin Button For Corona City Council
Kevin Damian For Supervisor
Kevin Deguise For Congress
Kevin Howell For State Representative
Kevin Jackson For Arizona
Kevin Jeffries For Assembly 2010
Kevin Jeffries For Supervisor 2012
Kevin Jones For Kansas
Kevin Kelly Campaign
Kevin Mauzy Campaign
Kevin Mccarthy For Assembly
Kevin Mckeown For Council
Kevin Meyer For State House
Kevin Meyer For Statehouse
Kevin Nelson 2012
Kevin P Gilroy
Kevin Patrick Yeary For Judge
Kevin Wordelman For Kalamazoo
Kew Gardens Committee, Inc.
Keyspan Services Pac
Keystone Alliance Political Action Committee
Keystone Citizens For Immigration Control And Enforcement
Keystone Progress Action Fund
Keystone Strategies Pac
Khazei For Massachusetts
Khizar Jafri For Congress
Kibbie For Senate
Kicinski For Congress
Kid Pac
Kid's First For Lyndhurst Boe
Kids - Keep Improving District Schools
Kids Cleaning House
Kids Come First
Kids First
Kids First - Reform Episd Now!
Kids Yes On Measure P
Kidspac Cce
Kidspac Pc
Kiel Volunteer Committee
Kiffmeyer Mary For Secretary Of State
Killingworth Progressives
Killion Orth 2002
Kilmer For Council
Kim Brimer Campaign
Kim Can
Kim Clark For Congress
Kim Daughtry For City Council
Kim Fawcett 2012
Kim Menninger For Superior Court Judge
Kim Shepard Campaign To Elect
Kim Williams For State Representative
Kimberly Wicoff For School Board 2008
Kimiko Burton For Public Defender
Kinde Durkee
Kindred Healthcare, Inc. Kentucky Political Action
Kinecta Federal Credit Union State Pac
King Cnty Labor Coun Com On Political Ed Afl-Cio
King For Clerk-Recorder 2014
King Of Il Super Pac
Kingeter For City Council 2010
Kings River Water Pac
Kingsley For Congress
Kingwood Area Republican Women
Kinlaw For President
Kinnaird For State Senate
Kinnemore For State House
Kinney Drugs For A Healthier America Political Action Committee
Kinser Group Pac
Kinsey Campaign Committee
Kip Knippel For State Senate
Kirby For Governor
Kirk Brush 2002
Kirk V. Marek Campaign Fund
Kirk Watson Campaign For Texas Attorney General
Kirk-Dscc Victory Fund
Kis Party Of Washington State
Kiscaden Senate Committee
Kitchen Cabinet State Political Action Committee
Kitsap Citizens For Responsible Leadership
Kitsap Committee For Democracy
Kittila Campaign Llc
Klein Committee
Klein For Assembly
Klein, Mike - Personal Treasurer Account
Kleinhendler For Assembly
Klett Rooney Pac
Klickitat County Fire Protection District #4
Klindt For State Senate
Klindt For Leadership
Kline For Attorney General
Kline For Judge
Klinker For State Representative
Klug For Trustee
Klw Political Fund
Kmr Law Political Committee
Knack For Norfolk
Kniep For State Senate
Knight For Assembly
Knight For Presiding Commissioner
Knittel For Senate
Know More Marcy!
Know Your Vote Counts
Knowledge Of The Proactive Enterprise, Inc.
Knowles For Maryland
Knudsen For State Senate
Knute Buehler For Secretary Of State
Koch For Treasurer
Koehler For Congress
Koetz For State Assembly
Kohlhausen For Judge Campaign
Kokomo Fire Fighters Political Action Committee
Kolker For Senate
Kolodziej For Council
Komba Kpakiwa Parlimentary Campaign
Kondratick For Delegate
Kooiman Leadership Fund
Koon For Sheriff
Kootenai County Republican Women
Korean American Democratic Committee
Korean American Democratic Committee State
Korean American Plitical Action Group
Korean-American Republican Oranization Of New Jersey
Kork Inc. Dba Gayfund
Kosciusko Silent No More Corp
Kostmayer 02
Kozak Campaign
Kpsc Pac
Kraft For Council
Kramedjian For Giles County Commission
Krause For Iowas Future Inc
Krawchuk 02
Kreegel For Congress
Kris Fair For Frederick County
Kris Steele For State Representative
Krishna Abrams For District Attorney 2014
Krisiloff For City Council
Kristan Bagley-Jones Committe To Elect
Kristen Hansen Campaign
Kristin Kuhne For Risd
Krizek For Delegate
Krolicki For State Treasurer
Krom For Congress
Krupp For Congress
Ksmrs Pac
Kubik For Nd
Kucinich For President 2008, Inc.
Kuhn For County Commssion
Kulongoski For Governor
Kumbhat For Congress
Kunhardt For Council 2013
Kurato Shimada For Pers Board
Kurt Meyer For Congress
Kurt Myllymaki For House District 29
Kurt Schrader For State Senate
Kurta For City Council
Kustoff For Congress
Kutztown Area Democratic Club
Kwasman For Congress Exploratory
Ky Association Of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee
Ky Educators Political Action Comm.
Kyle Carter For Judge
Kyle For Madison
Kyle For Senate 2000
Kyle M Green Campaign
Kyle Roddey Friends Of
Kyra Watson Citizens To Re-Elect
Kyrene Community Leadership
L I U N A Pac
L&M And Friends For Affordable Housing
L. A. Community College District Admin. Assocn.
L. Douglass Brown Campaign
L. Rushing Jr. Campaign Fund
L.A. City School Employees 99 Cope
L.A. United
L.I.U.N.A., Local 252
La Canada Flintridge Democratic Club
La Habra Police Association Pac
La Jolla Citizens Foundation
La Pine Political Action Committee
La Republican Judiciary Pac Inc
La Resistance
La Together
La Tomorrow
La Young Dems Working In Long Beach Supporting Johnson City Attorney
La. Association Of Educators-Political Action Comm
La. Automobile Dealers Election Action Committee
La. Automobile Dealers Election Action Committee
La. Hospital Assoc. Politcal Action Cmte. Hosppac
Labor 2000 - California Labor Federation, Afl-Cio
Labor Initiatives Against Ritter
Labor Party Political Fund
Labor Ready Inc., Pac
Labor Votes Pac
Labor's Education And Political Club Independent Corporation
Laborer's International Union Of North America Local 340
Laborer's Local 340 Pac Fund
Laborers 517 Cce
Laborers Eastern Region Political Education Fund
Laborers International Union Of North America Local 1309 Pac
Laborers International Union Of North America Local 430
Laborers International Union Of North America Local 538 Pac
Laborers International Union Of North America Local 727 Pac Fund
Laborers Local 1191 Construction Workers Ind Ed Committee
Laborers Local 165 Pac Fund
Laborers Local 165 Pac Fund
Laborers Local 185 Pac
Laborers Local 190 Pac Fund
Laborers Local 220 Political Action Committee
Laborers Local 231 Political Action League
Laborers Local 242
Laborers Local 32 Union Pac
Laborers Local 430 Political Fund
Laborers Local 477 Cope
Laborers Local 500 Pce
Laborers Local 585 Political Action Committee
Laborers Local 60 Pac Fund
Laborers Local 652 Political Action Committee
Laborers Local 67 Pac
Laborers Local 81 Political Fund
Laborers Local 829 Voluntary Political Fund
Laborers Local 89 Political Action Committee
Laborers Local 996 Pac Fund
Laborers Local Union No. 270 Pac
Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition Pac
Laborers Political Action And Education League
Laborers Political League
Laborers Political League - Education Fund
Laborers Political Pac
Laborers Union Local 916 Voluntary Political Fund
Laborers' Local 265 Pce
Laborers' Local 41 Political Fund
Laborers' Local 620
Laborers' Local 802 Political Action Committee
Laborers' Political League - Great Lakes Region
Laboy 4 Council
Lacey Township Regular Republican Club
Lach Pac
Lackawanna County Democratic Committee
Lackawanna Republican City Committee
Laclede Political Action Committee
Lacobelle For Probate Judge 2010
Laddie Shane For Scottsdale Schools
Ladies Room Of Texas
Ladonna Lanning For District Judge
Lady Cage-Barile Campaign Committee To Elect
Lagrange-Troup County Chamber Of Commerce, Pac
Laguna Beach Firefighters Public Awareness Group
Laguna Beach Police Employees Assoc Pac
Laguna Beach Republicans Pac
Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated
Laidlaw Santas
Lajoy Leadership Fund
Lake Charles La For Obama
Lake Charles Pilots Inc Federal Political Action Committee
Lake Conroe Area Republican Women
Lake County Republican Executive Committee
Lake County Republican Federation
Lake County Young Republicans Inc
Lake Elsinore Democratic Club
Lake Forest Park Rangers
Lake Stevens Pac
Lake Zurich Tea Party
Lakefront Democratic Fund, Inc.
Lakewood Ranch Republican Club
Lakewood Regular Democratic Club
Lakewood Unity
Lakey For Senate Committee
Lakin For Assembly
Lam 4 City Council
Lamar Neighbors Friends Of
Lamarand Leadership Pac
Lamare For Us Senate
Lamb For Nys Assembly
Lamishaw For City Council
Lamorinda Republican Women Federated
Lana Theis Committee To Elect
Lancaster County Democratic Committee
Lance Jensen For Superior Court Judge
Lance Maclean - Committee To Elect
Lance Wright For Congress
Land & Cole For Point Pleasant
Landis For New York
Landowners Conservancy Of Texas
Landowners For Montana Pac
Landrys Seafood Restaurants, Inc. General Pac
Landsberger For Congress
Lane County Public Works Assoc., Local 626 - Pac
Lane For Ok Senate
Lanford For Judge
Lange For Congress
Langevin For Congress
Lanie Black For State Representative
Laning For Senate
Lanning For State Representative
Lanny Jewell Candidate Ward 1
Lansdale Democratic Committee
Lanza For City Council
Lapietra For City Of Hollywood
Lappin Inauguration 2006
Laredo Politcal Action Committee
Large-Scale Solar Association Pac
Largent For Governor
Lark For State Represenatative
Larry Agran For Mayor 2002
Larry Bell Com
Larry Brown For County Commission
Larry Cretul, Candidate-Fl House Of Rep Dist2-Rep
Larry D. Mullins
Larry Deshazor Leadership Fund
Larry Dick For Assembly
Larry Doc Thomas, Committee To Elect
Larry E. Noe For State Representative
Larry E. Taylor State Representative
Larry Flynt For Governor
Larry Haskell For Spokane County Prosecutor
Larry Honig For City Council
Larry Justus Committee To Elect
Larry King Campaign Fund
Larry Nixon Candidate For Circuit Court Judge Group 24
Larry Oneal Friends Of
Larry Reed For California Lieutenant Governor 2010
Larry Reed For California Lieutenant Governor 2010
Larry Shallcross Campaign Fund
Larry Smith For Congress Committee
Larry Steckler For Marrana Council
Larry Stone County Assessor
Larry Swindle Campaign
Larry Thomas For Senate Committee
Larry Willey For Assembly
Larry Wilske For Congress
Larry Zilliox Campaign Committee
Larson For Hd129
Larson Political Committee
Lary J. Swoboda For Assembly
Las Adelitas Arizona Pac
Las Vegas Chamber Of Commerce Bizpac Fund
Las Vegas City Employees Pac
Las Vegas Issues Mobilization Fund
Las Vegas Metro Chamber Of Commerce - Fix Education First Fund
Lasalle Bank Corporation Indiana State Political Action Committee
Lasd Parents For Great Schools
Last Chance For Patient Choice
Latah County Republican Central Committee
Latin American Voters League Inc.
Latina Lawyers Political Action Committee
Latino Businesses For Consumer Education Political Action Committee
Latino Businesses For Economic Development Political Action Committee
Latino Conservative Values Network
Latino Engineers Architects And Developers Society Pac
Latino Infusion For Voter Empowerment
Latino Initiative For Better Public Schools
Latino Leaders Pac Sponsored By The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Assoc
Latino Nrc Of Dc
Latino Pac Of California
Latino Political Action Committee
Latino Political Action Committee Of Tulare County
Latinos For America's Future
Latinos For Obama
Latinos For Political Progress Pac
Latinos For Reform
Latz For Senate Volunteer Committee
Latz Volunteer Committee
Laughlin For President
Launchprogress Political Action Committee
Launchprogress Political Action Committee North Carolina
Laura Chick Officeholder Committee
Laura Higley Campaign
Laura Jane Mccumber
Laura Jean For City Council
Laura Jeffares Campaign Fund
Laura Richardson Officeholder Account
Lauretta Aiken Campaign
Laurie Bisch For Sheriff
Laurie Raisor To Elect For City Clerk
Laurie Robinson For Houston City Council
Laurie Stupak For State Representative
Lautenberg Clinton Committee
Laverne Villalobos For Pacifica School Board 2014
Law And Order Campaign Committee
Law Enforcement Against Discrimination
Law Enforcement Leaders For Quality Preschool - Yes On 82
Law Enforcement Officers For Truth
Law Enforcement Officers Union Council 82-Pac Fund
Lawpac Tr
Lawrence County Citizens For Political Change
Lawrence County Republican Executive Committee
Lawrence For Congress
Lawrence M. Borst For State Senate
Lawrence P Milford For State Senate Campaign
Lawrence Township Democratic Club
Lawrence United Llc
Lawson For A Better Tennessee Campaign
Lawsuit Reform Pac Of Alabama
Lawyers Action
Lawyers For Louisiana
Lazarus For City Attorney
Lbcc For The Community
Lccr Coalition On Electoral Reform
Lcv Political Engagement Fund
Ld5 Victory Fund
Lea Rachford For County Commissioner
Leach For Governor
Lead 2000
Lead 21
Lead Iowa
Lead Ohio Pac
Lead The Change
Leader Of The Pac
Leaders For A Better California
Leaders For Equal Rights
Leaders In Education Fund
Leaders In Support Of Action For District 2
Leadership 2010
Leadership 21 Non-Federal Account
Leadership Action Council Of Rhode Island
Leadership For A Brighter Future
Leadership For Americas Future
Leadership For Broward
Leadership For Caring Communities
Leadership For Connecticut
Leadership For Excellence In Education
Leadership For Excellence In Education
Leadership For Florida's Future
Leadership For Maines Future Pac
Leadership For Pa Committee
Leadership For The Future Of Cololorado
Leadership For Virginia
Leadership Fpr Paul Hegyi 2008 Independent Expenditure Committee
Leadership Fund
Leadership In The New Century Pac-Nonfederal
Leadership Matters
Leadership N.J. Committee, Inc.
Leadership N.J. Committee, Inc.
Leadership New Jersey Inc
Leadership Northwest
Leadership Of Today And Tomorrow Non-Federal Acct.
Leadership Tennessee Pac
Leadership That Cares
Leadership To Prosperity Political Action Committee
Leadership Under New Direction Fund
Leadingage California Pac
Leadingage Michigan Pac
League Of Conservation Voters Inc-527 II
League Of Education Voters Political Account
League Of Florida Voters
League Of Humane Voters Usa Pac, Inc.
League Of Wisconsin Voters
Leah Schad For Probate Judge
Leahy For State Senate
Leander Firefighters For Responsible Government
Leander Taxpayers For Responsible Government
Leatherman For Senate
Leaving The Past
Lebanese American Political Action Committee
Lebanese American Society Of California
Lebanon Area Leadership Fund
Lebeau 2000
Lebrun Costello Dilieto Committee
Ledbetter For Nc Senate Committee
Ledricka Thierry Campaign
Lee Building Industry Association Pc
Lee Burdick For City Attorney
Lee Cannon Campaign
Lee Cannon For Sheriff Campaign
Lee Constantine Senate Campaign Account 2001
Lee County Green Party
Lee County Republican Executive Committee
Lee County Republican Party
Lee County Young Democrats
Lee County Young Republicans
Lee Fisher For Ohio Exploratory Committee
Lee For Wv Committee
Lee Frank For Senate
Lee Hawkins For Congress
Lee Pinkoson Campaign
Lees Committee
Lees Committee
Leesburg Forward Pac
Leesburg Votes
Leff 2000
Leff 4 Supervisor Committee
Leftwich Senate Campaign
Legalize Marijuana - Me Pac
Legion Pac
Legislation Action Council For Ltc
Legislative Study Group, Inc.
Legislative Watch
Lehigh Acres First
Lehigh County Republican Comm
Lehigh First
Leigh Bailey Campaign
Leisure World Democratic Club
Lemcke For Governor
Len Mannino For Congress
Lena Levario
Lena Levario
Lendrum Campaign Committee
Lennie Miller Committee To Elect
Lennox Bower For Judge Campaign
Lenny Curry For Chairman
Lenville Evans Campaign
Lenz For Council
Leo B Stahly For County Commission
Leo Berman Campaign
Leo Mcguire For Sheriff
Leo Paul For First Selectman
Leo Terrell For City Council
Leo Waters Campaign For Sheriff
Leon A. Cannizzaro, Jr. Campaign Committee
Leon Bryson For City Council
Leon County Citizens For Truth In Government Inc
Leon County Democratic Executive Committee
Leon County Libertarian Executive Committee
Leon County Republican Executive Committee
Leon Drolet, Committee To Elect
Leonard Bembry Campaign
Leonard Bernard Sparks
Leonard Boyd Curry
Leonard Davis Campaign For Chief Justice 12Th Coa
Leone For Senate
Leroy Hatcher For Shefiff
Leroy E. Dettling Campaign Fund
Leroy Meadows For Sheriff Campaign Committee
Les Donovan Campaign Committee
Les Gara For State House
Les Lambert For State Rep
Les Merritt Committee
Les Winningham Campaign
Lesewski For Senate
Lesley Hoenig Committee To Elect
Lesley Miller Campaign
Leslie Cox For Nc House
Leslie Dougher For Chair Of Rpof
Leslie For New York
Less Government Now
Less Taxation Trustworthy Representation, Inc.
Lessmann For Congress
Let Lubbock Vote
Let Ohio Know, Inc.
Let The People Decide On Hb 2162
Let The People Speak
Let Us Vote Political Committee
Let's Get To Work
Let's Make The World A Better Place Because We Have Been Here
Leticia Vasquez Friends To Elect
Lets Get To Work Cce
Lets Go Tucson
Lets Move America Forward Fund
Lets Preserve The American Dream
Levdansky For Legislature
Level The Playing Field
Level The Playing Field 2010
Levell 2008
Levitt For Lt Governor
Levittown West Golf Com
Levittown West Rep Com
Lewis And Moffa For Supervisor
Lewis Cook For Council Campaign
Lewis County Auditor Harry Green For
Lewis For Senate
Lewis For State Senate Committee
Lewis Hannah Congressional Exploratory Committee
Lgbt Caucus Leadership Fund
Lgbt Community For Newsom
Lgpac, Inc.
Lhbpa 1993, Inc.
Libby For Texas Senate
Libby Garvey For State Senate
Liberal Outreach Political Action Committee
Libertad Party
Libertarian Booster Pac
Libertarian Pac
Libertarian Party Of Atlanta
Libertarian Party Of Broward County
Libertarian Party Of Clark County
Libertarian Party Of Crawford County
Libertarian Party Of Denton County
Libertarian Party Of Florida
Libertarian Party Of Hernando County
Libertarian Party Of Livingston Parish
Libertarian Party Of Los Angeles County
Libertarian Party Of Louisiana
Libertarian Party Of Louisiana
Libertarian Party Of Manatee County
Libertarian Party Of Martin County
Libertarian Party Of Mecklenburg County
Libertarian Party Of Michigan
Libertarian Party Of Michigan
Libertarian Party Of Mississippi
Libertarian Party Of Morgan County
Libertarian Party Of Ohio
Libertarian Party Of Orange County Nc
Libertarian Party Of Oregon
Libertarian Party Of Tennessee
Libertarian Party Of Ventura County
Libertarian Party Of Virginia
Libertarian Party Of Virginia
Libertarian Party Of Washington State
Libertarian Party Of West Virginia
Libertarian Party Of Will County
Libertarian Party Of Wood County
Libertarian Party Of Yolo County
Liberty And Justice For All
Liberty And Justice For All
Liberty And Leadership Fund
Liberty Bell Pac
Liberty Catalyst Fund
Liberty Florida
Liberty For All Super Pac
Liberty Foundation Of Florida
Liberty In America Political Action Committee, Inc.
Liberty Leadership Fund
Liberty Leadership Political Action Committee
Liberty Maritime Corporation Pac
Liberty Nj
Liberty Now
Liberty Pac
Liberty Pac
Liberty Party
Liberty Racing Pac
Liberty Standard Pac
Liberty Tree Nc
Liberty Unleashed Pac
Liberty's Lantern
Libraries For Austin
Lieber For Assembly 2006
Liebtag For Frenchtown Council
Lieutenant Rodgers For City Council
Life Liberty Property Pac
Life Sciences Fund Of The Greater Kansas City Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Life Underwriters Political Action Com - Virginia
Life With Dignity Committee
Lifetouch Inc. Political Action Committee
Lighthouse Pac
Lily Limon Campaign
Limmer For Secretary Of State
Limmer For Senate Committee
Linares 2002
Lincoln Citizens For Fair Elections
Lincoln Club Of Morongo Basin
Lincoln Club Of Northern Ca Pac
Lincoln Club Of Palm Springs
Lincoln Club Of Placer County
Lincoln Club Of Riverside County
Lincoln Club Of San Bernardino County
Lincoln Club Of San Diego County Voter Guide
Lincoln Club Of Sandiego County Non-Partisan Voter Guide
Lincoln Club Of Southwest Riverside County
Lincoln County Democratic Executive Committee
Lincoln County Republican Central Committee
Lincoln Nunnally For Congress
Linda A Grace For Rov
Linda Allan Campaign Committee
Linda D. Garrou For Nc Senate
Linda Dixon For City Council
Linda Foster For Assessor
Linda Gray 2002
Linda Harper-Brown Campaign
Linda Hjelle Citizens To Elect
Linda Judson For Judge
Linda Lingle Campaign Committee
Linda Lopez
Linda Lopez For State Rep
Linda Lordi Cavanaugh For Assembly
Linda Parks For Congress
Linda Popp For Magistrate District 1
Linda Schoettker-2002
Linda Storey Campaign
Lindemulder For Congress
Lindsay For District 26
Lindsay M. Harrington Campaign
Lindsey Mckee Luther For District Court Judge
Ling-Ling Chang For City Council
Lingamfelter For Delegate Committee
Linking The People Of Fulton County
Linn County 4-H & Extension District Pac
Linn County Citizens For Riverboat Casino
Linn County Democratic Central Committee
Linn County Green Party
Linn Operating, Inc. Texas Pac
Linsco Private Ledger Inc Political Action Committee Massachusetts
Lisa Atkins For Congress
Lisa Carlton Campaign For Florida Senate Dist. 23
Lisa Coates For Judge Committee
Lisa Gonzales Campaign
Lisa Murkowski, State House
Lisa Weltman Presidential Exploratory Committee
Lisy 2000
Lititz Voters For Change
Little Falls Neighborhood Association Inc
Little Friends Of Public Spaces Committee
Little Village Business Owners Of The Midwest
Littleton Citizens First!, Llc
Litzen For City Council
Liuna Afl-Cio Local 362 Pac
Liuna Laborers Local Union 517 Pac
Liuna Local 159 Cope
Liuna Local 459 Pac Fund
Live Iowa
Live Oak Bank Political Action Committee
Live Pink Vote Red
Livermore Education Association
Livingston County Democratic Committee
Livingston County Senate Bill 40 "New Horizons"
Livingston-Mclean County B & T Pac
Liz Carter For Congress, Inc
Liz Hunt 4 City Council
Lkb For Good Government
Lkq Corporation Employee Good Government Fund - Rhode Island
Lll Fund
Lloyd For Mayor Committee
Lloyd Mickey Frith, Jr
Lm Pac
Lng-Pac, Inc.
Local 102 Pac Ibew Political Action
Local 104 Pac
Local 137 Cope Committee
Local 143 Iuoe P.A.C.
Local 1500 Political Candidates Education Fund
Local 1549 Nyc Clerical-Administrative Employee
Local 157 Pac Fund
Local 226 Action Pac
Local 271 Firepac
Local 32Bj Pa American Dream Fund
Local 32Bj Seiu Ny/Nj American Dream Fund
Local 344 Voluntary Pac Fund
Local 374 Political Action Committe
Local 399 P.A.C.
Local 444 Ipal Fund
Local 47, Ibew Political Action Committee
Local 520 Pac
Local 620 Political Action Committee "Pac Fund
Local 66 Pac Club
Local 68 Political Action Com
Local 701 Ibew Political Education Fund
Local 705 Teamsters Political Action Committee B
Local 715 Seiu-Pac
Local 827 Ibew Pac
Local 841 Illinois Political Action Committee
Local 841 Indiana Political Action Committee
Local 883 Pac
Local 924 For New York City Pac
Local Businesses And Employees Supporting Ken Cooley For Assembly 2012
Local Control, Yes On U
Local Experience We Trust For Our Communities
Local Home Builders Association Pac Commitee
Local Jobs For Spokane
Local Liberty Pac
Local Small Businesses, Comm. Leaders & Working Families Opposing Deb
Local Societies Of California Optometric Assn. Pac (Aka Lscoa-Pac)
Local Solutions
Local Union 1140 Pac Fund
Local Union 164 Ibew Cope Fund
Local Union 193 Commitee For Responsible Governmen
Local Union 293 State Legislature Fund
Local Union 53 Ibew Voluntary Political Fund
Local Voters
Locke Burt For Attorney General Of Fl Campaign
Lockridge Grindal Nauen State Political Fund
Lodi Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
Lofstad Erik For Maryland
Log Cabin - Kansas City
Log Cabin Republicans La
Log Cabin Republicans Of Austin
Log Cabin Republicans Of New Mexico
Log Cabin Republicans Of San Francisco
Log Cabin Republicans Of Texas
Log Cabin Republicans Of Ventura
Logan E Faulkner
Logan For House
Logan For Senate
Logpac Inc
Lois Benson Campaign
Lois Frankel For Governor
Loje Judicial Excellence Political Action Committee
Lola Spradley Committee To Elect
Lon Johnson For Chair
London's Boarding Home, Recreation, & Rehab Training Facilities, Inc.
Lone Star Democratic Club Of Montgomery County
Lone Star First
Lone Star Fresh P A C 78
Lone Star Good Government Pac
Lone Star Leadership Fund
Lone Star Liberty
Lone Star Project - Nf Account
Long Aldridge Norman Llp Political Action Comm
Long Beach Area Chamber Of Commerce- State Political Action Committee
Long Beach Association Of Engineering Employees Pac
Long Beach Coalition For Working Families, Supporting Parkin 2014
Long Beach Community Advocates
Long Beach Democratic Club
Long Beach Firefighters
Long Beach First
Long Beach Human Rights Banquet Committee
Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club State
Long Beach Police Officers Association Independent Expenditure Committ
Long Beach Police Officers Association Pac
Long Beach Police Officers Association Pac
Long Island Association Action Committee
Long Island Contractors Association P.A.C., Inc.
Long Island Democratic Chairmans Club
Long Island Law Enforcement Foundation
Long Islanders For Educational Reform, Inc.
Long Term Careworkers For Seniors And People With
Long-A-Coming Democrats
Longview Chamber Of Commerce Business Political Action Committee
Loni Hancock For Assembly
Loni Hancock For Assembly 2006
Lonni Granlund For State Senate 2014
Lonsbury 4 Edina
Looking Forward
Lopes For Legislature
Lora Livingston Campaign
Lorain County Libertarian Party
Loren Bennett For Lieutenant Governor
Loren Hooker For Us Senate
Lorence Wenke For A Better Michigan
Lorenz Campaign Committee
Lorenzo Blake 1St District State Representative Candidate
Loretta Lorie Shekailo Campaign
Lori Berman Campaign
Lori Dolieslager For School Board
Lori Edwards Campaign
Lori Hansen Committee To Elect
Lori Wilson For City Council 2010
Lorri Galloway For Anaheim
Lorts For The Legislature
Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association Political Action Comm
Los Angeles Casinos Pac
Los Angeles Co Medical Assn Pac Lacpac
Los Angeles Constitutioinal Congressional Coalition
Los Angeles County Council On Political Education
Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Los Angeles County Employees Association Inc Seiu Local 660 Afl-Cio
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association's Political Action Committee
Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs
Los Angeles County Medical Association Physicians Committee
Los Angeles County Physicians Comm
Los Angeles County Police Officers Pac
Los Angeles County Young Democrats Independent Expenditure Committee
Los Angeles County Young Democrats Pac
Los Angeles Cunty Fire Fighters Local 1014 County Pac
Los Angeles De Bell
Los Angeles League Of Conservation Voters
Los Angeles Orange County Democrats United
Los Angeles Police Protective League Independent Expenditure Committee
Los Angeles Police Protective League Pac
Los Angeles Pwc Pac
Los Angeles Retired Fire And Police Pac
Los Angeles School Police Association Pac
Los Padres Agriculture And Land Pac
Lots Of People Who Support Eric Garcetti For Mayor 2013
Lotti For Senate
Lotts Volunteer Committee
Lou Ann For Congress
Lou Bone For City Council
Lou Correa For State Assembly 2002
Lou Daniel Campaign Committee
Lou Monville For State Assembly
Lou Pendas Campaign
Loudon For Leadership Pro Tempore Fund
Louiana Sure Political Action Committee, Inc.
Louie Minor For Congress
Louis Cain For Branchburg Township Committee
Louis Congemi Campaign Committee, Inc.
Louis Tayon Campaign Fund
Louise Bond Campaign Account
Louise Daggs 2002
Louises Pac
Louisiana Amusement & Music Operators Association Pac
Louisiana Asphalt Pavement Assn. Pac
Louisiana Asphalt Pavement Assn. Pac (Lapa Pac)
Louisiana Assn Of Wholesalers Pac
Louisiana Association Of Nurse Practitioners Political Action Comm
Louisiana Bankers Assoc State Pac
Louisiana Business Advocate Pac
Louisiana Carpenters Regional Council Pac Fund
Louisiana Cash Advance Association Pac
Louisiana Chiropractic Political Action Committee
Louisiana Citizens For Job Creators Inc
Louisiana Coalition Of Clubs
Louisiana Conservative Coalition
Louisiana Conserves Pac Llc
Louisiana Credit Union Legislative Action Committe
Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee
Louisiana Federation Of College Republicans Inc
Louisiana Federation Of Republican Women
Louisiana Finance Assoc-Pac
Louisiana First Pac
Louisiana Good Government Fund
Louisiana Grassroots Network, Llc
Louisiana Institute Of Politics Pac
Louisiana Justice Fund
Louisiana Justice Pac Inc
Louisiana Oil Marketeres Association Political Act
Louisiana Oil Marketeres Association Political Act
Louisiana Political Action Committee
Louisiana Realtors Political Action Committee
Louisiana River Pilots Assn. Political Action Comm
Louisiana Sheriffs And Deputies Political Action C
Louisiana Society Of Interventional Pain Physicians Pac
Louisiana Tea Party, Llc
Louisiana Truth Pac
Louisiana Victory
Louisianians In Action Pac
Louisianians United For Reform Pac
Louisville Tea Party
Lousisana Lesbian And Gay Political Action Caucus
Love Makes A Family Pac
Love Your Country. Vote., Inc
Love Your Library Committee
Loving Caring Sharing In The Hood Inc
Lowell Huggins For Chandler City Council
Lower Cape Fear Republican Women
Lower Cape Fear Young Republicans
Lower Cape Fear Young Republicans
Lower Taxes More Jobs Fund
Lower Township Republican Executive Committee
Lowery For State Senator Campaign
Lowes Exchange Project
Loyal Order Of Corrections Indep. Expenditure Cmte
Loyal Order Of Corrections Political Action Cmte
Lozada-Shaw For Council
Ls2Group Pac
Lsba Pac, Inc.
Lubbock Area Republican Women Pac
Lucas County Communist Party
Lucas County Democratic Party
Lucas County Libertarian Party
Lucas For Kc
Lucille Kring For Mayor
Lucille Kring For Mayor 20101
Lucy Baxley Campaign Committee
Luis Aguilar Political Compaign
Luis Alvarado For Council 2009
Luise Krieger Martin Campaign Account
Luke Kenley For Governor
Lulu Flores Campaign
Lumber Association Of Ca & Nv Political Action Committee
Lumbermens Association Of Texas Pac
Lummis For Congress
Lunch Pail Republicans Pac
Lunde For Sheriff Committee
Lundquist For Secretary Of State
Lungren Committee For Common Sense Conservatism
Lupe Arim-Law For Chico City Council 2014
Luzerne County Republican Committee
Lyen Crews For State Representative
Lynbrook New Vision Party
Lynch For Senate
Lynette Peters Campaign Committee
Lynette Self Campaign
Lynn Jenkins For Congress
Lynn Jones For Clerk Of Court Campaign Fund
Lynn Wardle For Congress, Inc.
Lynn Wilson Campaign
Lynne Woods For Assembly
Lynwood Employees Association - Political Action Committee
Lyon For Senate
Lysander Bipartisan Coalition
Lzaugg For State House


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   Aaron Sorkin
   Andrew Fastow
   Arnold Palmer
   Arnold Schwarzenegger
   Ben Affleck
   Bill Cosby
   Bill Gates
   Calvin Klein
   Dennis Kozlowski
   Donald Trump
   George Soros
   Hugh Hefner
   Jack Grubman
   Jeff Skilling
   John Grisham
   John Rigas
   Ken Lay
   Martha Stewart
   Mel Gibson
   Oprah Winfrey
   Ralph Lauren
   Donald Trump
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   Hillary Clinton
   Apple Computer
   New York Times
   News Corporation
   General Electric
   Exxon Mobil
   Ford Motor
   Anheuser Busch
Top 10 Contributors:
   Thomas Steyer
   Linda Mcmahon
   Sheldon Adelson
   Miriam Adelson
   Bob Perry
   Michael Bloomberg
   Harold Simmons
   Fred Eychaner
   J Ricketts
   John Raese