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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
S - U

S And S
S C Bankers Assoc State Pac
S C Winning Women Excellence In Public Service Series Inc
S D Police Officers Association Pac
S Randall Snead Campaign
S. Collins 2002
S.E.I.U. Local 73 Bi-Partisan Political Action Com
S.O.B.A. Of The Tbta - Pac Fund
S.T.I.P.E.N.D. Teamsters Local 710 Pac Fund
Sabo For Senate
Sabrin For Senate 2014
Sac Pac
Sachs For President Draft Committee
Saco Citizens For Property Tax Relief
Sacramentans For A Full Time Mayor
Sacramentans For Jobs And Prosperity
Sacramentans For Joe Yee
Sacramentans For Responsible Government
Sacramento Area Fairness Employment Pac
Sacramento Area Voter Education & Registration
Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association Independent Expenditure
Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association Pac
Sacramento County Office Of Education Teachers Association Pac
Sacramento County Probation Association Pac
Sacramento County Republican Party
Sacramento Mertropolitan Chamber Pac
Sacramento Metropolitan Registration Fund-Non Fed
Sacramento Police Officers Assn Pol. Activity Fund
Sacramento Police Officers Assn. Pol Activity Fund
Sacramento Regional Manufactures Pac-Region Manufacturers
Sacramento Regional Working Families Issues Pac
Sacramento Women's Campaign Fund
Sadler For Congress
Safari Club International California Political Action Committee
Safe Child Custody Fund
Safe Guard Children Political Action Group
Safe Kids Bright Futures
Safe Nbrhds & Better Schools For Steve Veres For City Council 2015
Safe Neighborhoods And Better Schools Coalition
Safe Oc
Safe Palo Alto
Safe Roads Ohio Pac
Safe Schools And Parks
Safe Sound Pac
Safe Street Coalition, Inc.
Safe Streets & Quality Neighborhoods For Daly City Ie Committee
Safeguard Arizonas Future
Safer Arizona 2016
Safer Families
Safer Families For Missouri
Safer Oregon Pac
Safer Tomorrow Pac
Safety First- A Committee Supporting Paul Tanaka For La Sheriff
Safety Net Health Care Alliance Cce
Safety Pac
Sager For Congress
Saginaw Area Young Democrats
Saginaw County Democratic Party Federal Pac
Sahr Pac
Saint Paul Area Chamber Of Commerce Political Fund
Saint Paul Area Trades And Labor Assembly
Saint Paul Dfl
Sal Quintero For Fresno County Supervisor
Sal Quintero For Mayor
Salazar Comisionado 2008, Inc.
Salem County Women Advocating Good Government
Salina Realtors Political Action Committee
Saline County Democrats
Sally Hollis For Clerk & Recorder
Salmon For All Oregon Pac
Salmon For Governor
Salt Lake County Constitution Party
Salt Of The Earth
Salt Pac
Salter For Congress
Salvatore 09
Salvatore 09
Sam Currin Campaign For D.A.
Sam D. Pendino Campaign Fund
Sam Daquilla Election Campaign Committee
Sam For State Assembly
Sam Kito For State House
Sam Lane Candidate For District 67
Sam Page, Committee To Elect
Sam Scott Page, Campaign For Sheriff
Sam Stretton For District Attorney
Samantha Allen-Newman For Assembly
Sampson For State Senate
Sams For Senate Committee
Samuel E. Palmer
Samuel W. Hunt
Samuelson For House
Samuelson Volunteer Committee
San Antonio Builders Political Action Committee
San Benito County Stewardship Council
San Bernardino County Homecare Workers United For Gloria Negrete Mcleo
San Bernardino County Public Attorneys Association Pac
San Bernardino County Republican Party Central Com
San Bernardino County Safety Employees' Benefit Association Federal Pa
San Bernardino County Seba Pac
San Bernardino County Young Republicans
San Bernardino Public Employees Association Pac
San Bernardino Young Republicans
San Clemente Residents For Responsible Government
San Diegans Against Crime
San Diegans Against Government Waste - No On D
San Diegans For A Republican Majority
San Diegans For Accountability At City Hall
San Diegans For Better Justice
San Diegans For Bonnie Dumanis - Mayor 2012
San Diegans For Fair And Open City Contracting
San Diegans For Honesty And Integrity
San Diegans For Nathan Fletcher - Mayor 2012
San Diegans For Reform In Opposition To Bob Filner Mayor 2012
San Diegans For Retirement Security-Oppose Demaio For Mayor 2012
San Diegans For Strong Neighborhoods In Support Of Bruce Williams
San Diegans For Voter Facts
San Diegans In Support Of Bob Filner For Mayor-2012
San Diegans In Support Of David Alvarez For Mayor - 2013
San Diegans To Protect Jobs & The Economy Supporting Kevin Faulconer F
San Diego Area Pac
San Diego Asian American For Equality
San Diego Board Of Realtors Impac
San Diego Board Of Realtors Pac
San Diego Citizens For Accountable Government
San Diego County Apartment Association Pac
San Diego County Deputy Sheriffs Association Pac
San Diego County Federation Of Republican Women
San Diego County Probation Officers Association Pac
San Diego County Prosperity Institute Non-Partisan Voter Guide
San Diego County Taxpayers Assoc Pac
San Diego County Voters For Progress And Reform
San Diego Democratic Club
San Diego For Democracy
San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council And Lab
San Diego Jobs Coalition
San Diego Jobs Political Action Committee
San Diego Lodging Industry Association Pac
San Diego Port Tenants Political Action Committee
San Diego Regional Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
San Diego Restaurant And Beverage Political Action Committee
San Diego Small Business Coalition
San Diego Unite
San Diego Voter Education Project
San Diegos Best
San Dieguito Citizens For Good Government
San Fernando United For Yes On Measure A
San Fernando Valley Business Pac
San Franciscans For A Better Future
San Franciscans For Jobs And Good Government
San Franciscans For New Priorities
San Franciscans For Quality Education
San Franciscans For Reform Voter Guide
San Franciscans For Safe Streets & Sound Government
San Franciscans To Hold Campos Accountable
San Franciscans To Hold Kim Accountable
San Francisco Alliance For Jobs And Sustainable Growth Pac
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Slate Card
San Francisco Building And Construction Trades Council Power Pac
San Francisco City Democratic Club Voter Guide
San Francisco Coalition For Responsible Growth
San Francisco Convention Committee
San Francisco Democratic Club
San Francisco Democratic Club Slate
San Francisco Democratic Cnty Central Com
San Francisco Democratic Women In Action Voter Guide
San Francisco Fire Fighters Pac
San Francisco Firefighters Slate Card
San Francisco For Democracy Pac
San Francisco Homeowners Council
San Francisco Independent Voters
San Francisco Labor Council-Labor & Neighbor Independent Expenditure
San Francisco Laborers Local 261 P.A.C.
San Francisco Medical Society Slate Mailer Organization
San Francisco Night Life Pac
San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee
San Francisco Parks Alliance Slate Mailer Organization
San Francisco Police Officers Assn. Independent Expenditure Committee
San Francisco Police Officers Association Pac
San Francisco Pro-Choice Voter Alliance
San Francisco Rising Action Fund Committee
San Francisco Sheriffs Managers And Supervisors Pac
San Francisco Students First
San Francisco Taxpayers Association Smo
San Francisco Women For Accountability And A Responsible Supervisor
San Francisco Women For Common Sense Government
San Gabrial Asian Voter Project 2008
San Gabriel Valley Committee For Economic Growth
San Jacinto Republican Women
San Joaquin Co Deputy Sheriff's Assn Pac
San Joaquin County Probation Officers Association Pac
San Joaquin Labor Coalition Pac
San Joaquin Valley Leadership Pac
San Jose Committee For Increased Cardroom Revenues
San Jose First
San Jose Police Officers' Association Pac
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber Of Commerce Pac
San Juan Hills Public Golf Course, Pac
San Luis Obispo County Wine Community Pac
San Marcos Citizens For Energy Choices
San Mateo County Bail Association Political Action Committee
San Mateo County Deputy Sheriffs Association Pac
San Mateo County Forward
San Mateo County Labor Council Cope
San Rafael Chamber Candidates Political Action Committee
San Ramon Valley Republican Women Federated
Sanchez For Supervisor 2012
Sanders For Congress
Sanders For Council
Sanders For Governor
Sanders For Jackson County Committee
Sandiegas For Bob Filner For Mayor 2012
Sandies Pack
Sandoval Inaugural Committee Pac
Sandra Frankel For Lt. Governor Committee
Sandra Jeannie Black Campaign Fund
Sandra Lee Wirth For Assembly
Sandra Moon Campaign 2002
Sandra Ray Campaign
Sandra Seton Adams Campaign Account
Sandy Graves Fpr Pasco County State Committeewoman
Sandy Hume For U S Congress Committee
Sandy Nafis 2008
Sandy Wegman Friends Of
Sandy Wilson Brewster County Attorney Candidate
Sanford Bishop Legal Expense Trust
Sanford For Governor
Sangamon County Young Democrats
Sansivieri 2001
Santa Ana And Orange County Professional Firefighters Assn Pac
Santa Ana Citizens For Democracy Yes On Measure D
Santa Ana Neighbors For Ethical Government
Santa Ana Police Officers Association Independent Expenditure Committe
Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee
Santa Barbara County Firefighters Government Pac
Santa Barbara County League Of Conservation Voters
Santa Barbara Police Officers Association Pac
Santa Barbara Republican Women's Club, Federated
Santa Clara & San Benito Counts Bldg & Cnstrn Trd Council Issues Acct
Santa Clara County Democratic Club
Santa Clara County Government Attorneys Assn Pac
Santa Clara County Public Safety Alliance
Santa Clara County Public Safety Workers Support Kevin Jensen For Sher
Santa Clara County Schools Pac
Santa Clara County Tea Party
Santa Clara Cpoa Pac
Santa Clara Employees For Effective Government
Santa Clarita Clean Money For Better Government
Santa Clarita Valley Clean Money For Better Government Committee
Santa Cruz County Committee For Quality Jobs Inc
Santa Cruz Republican Women Federated
Santa Monica College Faculty Assn Political Committee
Santa Monica Police Officers Assn For A Better Community
Santa Monicans For Renters Rights
Santa Monicans For Responsible Growth
Santa Monicans United For A Responsible Future
Santa Rosa Republican Women, Federated
Santa Ynez Valley Democratic Organization
Santarvis Brown Campaign Of
Santoro Committee
Santos 2013
Sara Hathaway For Mayor Committee
Sara Martinez For Justice Of The Peace
Sara Romeo-Campaign To Re-Elect -Fl House
Sarah Cannon Holden For Lt. Gov. Committee
Sarah E. Heard Campaign
Sarah Palin For Lt. Gov
Sarah Saldana For Judge Campaign
Sarasota Citizens For Our Schools
Sarasota County Forever
Sarasota County Voters For Public Safety, Inc
Sarasotans Motivated About A Responsible Tomorrow
Saratoga County Republican Committee
Sardo For Congress 08
Sartain For City Council 2014
Sartori For Board Of Ed
Satlak For Park District
Satterfield & Pontikes Pac
Sattgast For State Auditor
Satti For Senate 2014
Sauceda For County Commission
Saucedo Mercer For Congress
Saudino For Scheriff
Sav21 For Good Governement
Save Affordable Healthcare Pac
Save American Medicine
Save Antelope Valley Hospital, Sponsored By Gary Scales
Save Banning Ranch
Save Ca, A Coalition Of Highway Patrol Officers, Police, & Firefighter
Save Citrus County
Save Colorado Springs Now
Save Colorados Water
Save Essential Services - Yes On Measure E
Save Harahan
Save Historic Brickell Inc
Save Jeffco Schools
Save Malheur Extension
Save Memorial Causeway
Save Mission Bay Save Our Parks
Save Nevada
Save Newport Beach Country Club
Save Northeast Committee
Save Oceanside
Save Our Aloha State
Save Our Children & Choices
Save Our City Committee
Save Our City III
Save Our Community Hospital Pac
Save Our Constitution Now
Save Our Everglades Trust, Inc.
Save Our Generation
Save Our Internet Access Cce
Save Our Jobs Wa
Save Our Judges
Save Our Libraries
Save Our Republic
Save Our Schools
Save Our Seal Beach, Inc
Save Our Secret Ballot South Dakota
Save Our Services, Save Our Salinas
Save Our Social Security
Save Our Social Services Yes On B And C
Save Our Spending Limits
Save Our Spokane Political Committee
Save Our State
Save Our Stations Sos Committee Yes On Measure G
Save Our Students Political Action Committee
Save Our Swimming
Save Our Waterfronts Inc
Save Pennsylvania Medicine Northeast Chapter Pac
Save Phoenix Taxpayers
Save Planet Earth 2008
Save Ranching
Save Rsm (Rncho Snta Margarita)
Save Sacramentos Future, No On Measure T
Save San Jose Libraries
Save San Jose Libraries 2014
Save San Mateo City Services Yes On Measures L And M
Save Shelby County
Save Sun Valley
Save Texas Courts
Save The Gambia Democracy Project, Inc.
Save The Gulch
Save The Timber Open Space Committee
Save Ulistac
Save West Sacramento Ie Committee
Saving Florida's Future
Saving Florida's Heartland
Saving Jacksonville Business Opportunities Inc.
Saving Jeffco Schools
Saving Oklahoma's Future, Inc.
Saving Pacifica Schools
Saving St. Lucie, Inc.
Saving Whatcom
Sawiki For Comptroller
Saxby Chambliss Georgia Victory Committee
Saxhaug For State Senate Committee
Say No To Bush Political Committee
Say Yes To Libraries
Sayles Belton For Mayor Committee
Sayreville Democratic Organization
Sayreville Republican Municipal Committee
Sba Political Action Commitee
Sbc Pac
Sbcc For The 21St Century
Sc Accountability Coalition
Sc Association Of Convenience Stores Pac
Sc Conservative Reform Council
Sc Leadership Pac
Sc Optometric Association - Pac
Sc Women Palladian Political Action Committee
Scaglione Committee To Elect
Scala For Congress
Scalley For Delegate - Melody
Scanlon For Council 2001
Scarlet Victory 2008
Scca Political Action Committee
Scg Partners
Schaaf For Senate
Schaaf For State Rep 68Th
Schafer For Congress Committee
Schaffner For Scottsdale
Schenectady County Democratic Committee
Schenectady County Gop
Scherer For Your Congressman
Schley County Democratic Committee
Schmidhausler For Council
Schmidt For Attorney General Inc
Schmidt For State Senate Committee
Schnarre For Presiding Commissioner
Schneider For Assembly
Schneiderman 2014
Schofield For State Rep
School Choice Vermont Pac
School Funding Solutions
School Innovations For Better Education
School Road And Safety Funding Solutions
Schoor Depalma, Inc. Pac
Schor Leadership Fund
Schuitmaker For Majority
Schuler For Township Committee
Schulman For City Council
Schultz Volunteer Committee
Schumacher For Justice
Schundlerorg, Inc
Schupp For Senate
Schurman For State Senate
Schweich For Us Senate
Scio Township Democratic Club
Scioto County Coalition For Drug Prevention
Scontras For Congress 2010
Scorsone For Senate
Scotland County Republican Party, Inc.
Scott Austin For City Council 2015
Scott Barrish 2010
Scott Bland For State House 33
Scott Cain For District One
Scott County Citizens For Gallagher
Scott County Repubican Central Committee
Scott E. Reske For State Representative
Scott Edward Haugen For District 9A
Scott Farrell Campaign
Scott Farrell For Congress
Scott Hammond For Assembly
Scott Heydenfeldt For Congress
Scott Hopes Senate Campaign
Scott Hummel For State Representative
Scott Jensen Legal Defense Fund
Scott Lord For Judge
Scott Maddox Campaign Fund
Scott Neisler For Nc Senate
Scott Peterson For Judge
Scott Porter Campaign Pb Cnty School Board Dist 1
Scott Price Elect
Scott Pruitt For Senate
Scott Radcliffe For Congress
Scott Stringer Transition Committee
Scott Strong Campaign For Lake County School Board
Scott Swaim For Judge
Scott Weldy Committee To Elect
Scott White Memorial Pac
Scott-Hayes For Trustee
Scram - San Jacinto Corruption Recall Active Movement
Scrivner For Supervisor 2010
Scrivner For Supervisor 2014
Scta Tiger
Sd Ag Policy Task Force
Sd Association Of Specialty Care Providers Pac
Sd Gpldc Pac Fund
Sea Political Education Fund
Seafood Pac
Sean Connolly For Superior Court
Sean Kenney For Dublin School Board 2010
Sean Kenney For School Board 2014
Sean Mack Congressional Exploratory Committee
Sean Sutton Campaign Exploratory Committee
Searing For Solebury Committee
Searles For New Derby Democrats 2011
Seatac Committee For Good Jobs
Seattle Small Business Coalition
Seb 2011
Second Congressional District Republican Central Committee
Second Congressional District Republican Committee
Second District Republican Party Executive Committee
Second Service Veterans Pac
Secretary Of State Project
Secular Party Of America
Secure Pac
Securian Inc Pac
Securing Orange County's Future
Securing Our Safety
Security Benefit Corporation Federal Political Action Committee
Security Benefit Life Insurance Pac
Security Pac
Security Through Strength
Sedgwick County Republican Womens Club
Seeking Transparency In Government
Seeley For Congress
Segal For Michigan
Seguin Professional Firefighters Association Pac
Seidemann For Congress
Seikel 2000
Seiniger For Idaho Supreme Court Campaign
Seiu 1199 Florida Political Fund
Seiu 775 Montana
Seiu Ct State Council Pac
Seiu District 1199 Wv Pac
Seiu District 1199- Pce
Seiu Fhu Political Account
Seiu Fl St. Council Comte. Of Continuous Existence
Seiu Florida Healthcare Union Cce
Seiu Florida Public Services Union Pac Cce
Seiu Florida State Council Cce
Seiu Healthcare 775Nw Quality Care Committee
Seiu Healthcare 775Nw Quality Care Committee
Seiu Healthcare Illinois Indiana Pac
Seiu Healthcare Indiana Pac
Seiu Local 1 Missouri Division Pac
Seiu Local 105 Small Donor Committee For Working Families
Seiu Local 11 Cce
Seiu Local 113 Pac
Seiu Local 1220 Cce
Seiu Local 2000 Political Action Committee
Seiu Local 2000 Political Action Committee
Seiu Local 2028 Pac
Seiu Local 26 Section 527 Political Organization
Seiu Local 3 Pac
Seiu Local 3 Pce
Seiu Local 32Bj Connecticut Pac
Seiu Local 500 Pac
Seiu Local 517M Heros
Seiu Local 6 Pac
Seiu Local 715 Candidate Pac
Seiu Local 721 Ctw Clc Pac
Seiu Local 721 Ctw Coaliton For Responsible Government
Seiu Local 73 Indiana Bi-Partisan Pac
Seiu Local 775 Separate Segregated Fund
Seiu Local 790 Cope Candidate Committee
Seiu Local 8
Seiu Local 8 Cce
Seiu Local 82 Political Action Fund
Seiu Local 880 Political Action Committee
Seiu Local 998 Political Action Committee
Seiu Minnesota State Council
Seiu Missouri State Council Pac
Seiu Of Florida Cce
Seiu Ohio Pac
Seiu Pa Blue Fund
Seiu State Council Ssf
Seiu United Healthcare Workers West Political Action Committee
Seiu United Long Term Care Workers Local 6434 State Pac
Seiu United Long Term Care Workers State Pac
Seiu United Service Workers West (Seiu Usww) Candidate Pac
Seiu,State Pce Committee 7516
Select Milk Producers Inc Political Action Committee
Select Milk Producers, Inc. Political Action Committee-Texas
Semanko For Congress
Semco Energy Inc Political Action Com
Seminole County Republican Executive Committee
Seminole Tribe Employee Political Action Committee
Semper Fi N.Y. State Pac Inc.
Senate Democratic Leadership Committee
Senate Democratic Majority
Senate Democrats Campaign Committee
Senate Democtatic Victory Fund
Senate District 13 Pac
Senate District 13 Republicans
Senate District 23 Dfl Party
Senate District 41 Republican Party Of Minnesota
Senate District 42 Rpmn Committee
Senate District 61 Gop
Senate Majority 2002
Senate Majority 2014
Senate Majority Fund
Senate Majority Fund, Inc.
Senate Majority Fund, Llc
Senate Majority Pac
Senate Republican Campaign Com
Senate Republican Campaign Committee
Senate Republican Campaign Committee
Senate Republican Campaign Committee
Senate Republican Golf Tournament Fund
Senate Republican Leadership Conference
Senate Republican Leadership For The 21St Century
Senate Republican Vision 21
Senate Victory Committee
Senate Victory Fund
Senate Victory Pac
Senate Voter Registration Project
Senator Buster Brown Committee
Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. Campaign
Senator J. Chris Ullo
Senator Metzen Re-Election Committee
Senator Pat Hale Reelection Com
Senator Roy Dyson Committee
Senator William V. Irons Campaign
Send A Big Message
Send Ed Mishou To Washington
Send Harry Packing
Send Tim To Congress
Seneca Network State Pac And Affiliated Entity The Seneca Network, Inc
Senior Care Centers Llc Political Action Committee
Seniors For Affordable Care
Seniors For Prescription Cost Controls
Seniors For Prescription Costs Controls
Seniors Political Action Committee
Senjem For Senate
Senr Pac
Sensible Leadership For Whatcom
Sensible Washington
Sentillion Inc. Fund
Sepracor Inc. Good Governance Fund
September Fund
Serbian-American Voters' Union
Sergey For Congress
Sergio Contreras For Council 2012
Serve Florida Cce
Servenext Civic Action
Service Corporation International Political Action Cmte. - California
Service Corporation International Political Action Cmte. - Florida
Service Employees International Union Healthcare 1199 Northwest Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 1000 Candidate Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 1021 Candidate Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 121Rn Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 221 Ie Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 221 Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 26
Service Employees International Union Local 521 Candidate Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 535Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 925 Public Service Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 99 Candidate Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 99 Ie Pac
Service Employees International Union Local 99 Voter Reg Project
Service Employees International Union Political Ed & Action Fund
Service Employees International Union Virginia 512 Committee On Polope
Service Employees International Union Wa State Council Pac
Service Employees Intl Union Local 205 Cope Acct
Service Employees Intl Union Local 49
Service Employees Intl Union Local 99 - State Pac
Service Employees Intl. Union Local 1000 Independent Expenditure Comm.
Service Employees Intl. Union Local 1021 Independent Expenditure Pac
Service Employees Intl. Union Local 521 Independent Expenditure Comm
Service Employees Political Action Committee II
Service Workers Action Team
Set It Straight
Setco Republican Women Federated
Seth Moulton For Congress Exploratory
Sevier County Good Government Pac
Sex Crimes & Drunk Driving Committee
Sexton For Congress
Seymour Lachman, Friends Of
Sf Alliance For Jobs And Sustainable Growth David Chiu 2014
Sf Neighbor Alliance For Ed Lee For Mayor 2011
Sf Parent Pac Slate
Sfaa - Pac
Sfapac, Inc.
Sflaconservative, Inc.
Shadowfax Report
Shafroth For Congress
Shafter Democratic Club
Shaheen Inaugural Committee
Shahrukh S Dhanji Campaign Fund
Shale Power
Shamann Walton For School Board 2014
Shamsudin For Board Of Education
Shana Young - Risd Board Candidate
Shane Arabie Political Campaign
Shane Reeves For Tennessee
Shane Smith For Ripon City Council 2014
Shannon Wood Campaign Fund
Shans Friends
Shaping Banks Future
Shared Values
Sharon Ambrose For City Council Committee
Sharon I. Marchman
Sharon J Merchant Campaign For State Senate
Sharon Pritchett For Florida House Of Representatives District 103
Sharon Republican Town Committee
Sharon Russell For Senate 2010
Sharon Thompson For Nc House
Sharon Wise For Republican National Committeewoman
Sharon Zadra For Ward 2
Shasky For Senate
Shasta County United
Shawn Mcpherson For State Representative
Shawn Stephens Campaign
Shawn Teeters
She's Changed Pac
Sheet Metal Workers 104 District 2, Small Contributor Committee
Sheet Metal Workers Int Political Action League
Sheet Metal Workers Intl Assn Local Union 104 Pac
Sheet Metal Workers Local 13 Toledo Pce
Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 Political Expenditure Fund
Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 Voluntary Political Action Committee
Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 Pac
Sheet Metal Workers Local 214 Political Fund
Sheet Metal Workers Local 24 P.C.E. Fund
Sheet Metal Workers Local 273 Pac
Sheet Metal Workers Local 7 Pac
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 15 Pal
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 27 Pac Fund
Sheet Metal Workers Lu 33 Pce
Sheet Metal Workers No. 88 Pac
Sheet Metal Workers Pac 10
Sheet Metal Workers Toledo District Pac
Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 73 Pac
Sheila Collins 2002 State Representative 6Th Distr
Sheila Fell For Superior Court Judge
Sheila Jackson Lee For Congress
Sheila Kelly Volunteer Committee
Sheldon Bipartisan Committee
Shelia L Chabmerlain Campaign
Shelly Hartmann For Representative
Shelter Providers Political Action Committee Enter
Shelton Republican Town Committee
Shepard For Congress
Shepard For Congress
Sher For Superior Court
Sheridan Lowrey Campaign Account
Sheriff Action Fund For Excellence- Inc.
Sheriff Everett Rice Campaign
Sheriff Race Brian C Sparling
Sheriffs Of Florida For Good Government
Sheriffs Of Oregon Pac
Sherry Boyles Campaign
Sherry Butcher For State Senate, Citizens Committe
Sherry Scull Committee To Elect To Pemberton Council
Sherwin Alumina Company Political Action Committee
Sherwin For Ohio 57 Committee
Sheryl Hardin Committee To Elect
Shevawn Akers For Council
Shevich For Sheriff Campaign Fund
Shickle For Chairman
Shipp For Congress
Shirley Democratic Town Committee
Shirley Saunders New Beginnings
Shirley Walters Campiagn Fund
Shnelvar For Governor
Sho's Music
Shogan For Senate
Shop Live Dine - Lantern District
Shop Saginaw
Shopo Political Action Fund
Shoshone County Republican Central Committee
Should Trump Run Committee, Inc.
Show Me State Excellence In Public Service Series
Showme Better Courts
Showme Common Sense
Shumlin For Lieutenant Governor
Shut The Door On Racism Vote Yes On Four Pac
Shuttleworth For Congress
Sias Ttw
Sib For Winners Inc.
Sicard For Congress
Sick And Tired Of Washington
Sid Dinsdale For Us Senate Inc
Sidique Wai For Public Advocate
Sidran For Seattle
Sieben Volunteer Committee
Siegrist For State Rep
Sienna Green
Sierra Club Hawaii Pac
Sierra Club Healthy Communities Fund
Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Political Committee
Sierra Club Pac Wa State
Sierra Club Political Committee Of Texas
Sierra Club Sf Bay Chapter Campaigns
Sierra Club, Il Chapter Pac
Sierra Leadership Fund
Sierra Nevada Opportunity Political Action Committee
Sierra Vista Community Of Excellence Committee
Siferd For Congress Committee
Sigala For School Board
Sigler For Seattle
Sikh American Congress Inc
Sikh American Democrats Alliance
Sikh American Republican Congress
Sikh Political Action Committee
Silberger For Senator
Silentvoter-Com Pac
Silicon Valley Leadership Pac State
Silicon Valley Public Health & Safety Coalition
Silk Purses
Silver State 21St Century Pac - Non Federal
Silver State Committee For Justice & Fairness
Silverman For Congress
Simcha Felder For City Council
Simitian For State Senate
Simmons For Us Senate
Simon Rosenberg For Dnc Chair
Simon's Rock College Democrats
Simone Gordon For State Representative
Simpkins For Delegate
Simpson For Council
Simpson Volunteer Committee
Simpson Washington Pac
Sinanian For Hollywood City Council
Singer 2001
Singer For City Council
Singer For Judge Committee
Sink-Burris For Secretary Of State
Sisley For Leesburg Council
Sitco Pac
Sitting Judges Committee-Baltimore County, Marylan
Six Pac
Sj Family Pac
Skamania County Democratic Central Committee
Skamania County Republican Central Committee
Ski For Sheriff
Skinner For Assembly 2010
Skinner For Wv
Skip Campbell For Senate
Skip Mange For County Council
Skip Priest For Mayor
Skoglund Volunteer Committee
Slate Belt Republican Association
Slc Construction Pac
Slicon Valley Republican Women Federated
Slidell Republican Womens Club
Slv Pals
Small Business Action Committee Independent Expenditure Pac
Small Business Action Committee Newsletter
Small Business Action Network
Small Business Advocacy Council
Small Business Buzz
Small Business Coalition
Small Business Coalition Inc.
Small Business Majority Fund
Small Business Political Action Committee
Smart Choice Committee
Smart Government, Inc.
Smart Growth Colorado, Llc
Smart Leadership Alliance
Smart Pac
Smart Sheet Metal Workers International Union Local 105 Pac
Smarter Oklahoma Pac
Smith Anderson Pac
Smith For 7
Smith For 7-2006
Smith For Congress
Smith For Los Altos School District Board Of Trustees 2009
Smith For State Representative
Smoke Free Defense Pac
Smokeless Tobacco Council, Inc. Stcpac - Non Federal Account
Smokeless Tobaco Council, Inc. - Non Federal Acct.
Smoyer For Nebraska
Smwia Local 16 Political Organizing Fund
Smwia Political Action League Local 137
Smwia Political Education League
Smyth For Judge
Snake River Salmon Society
Sneitzer For Senate
Snohomish Citizens For Good Government
Snohomish County Coalition For Higher Education
Snohomish County Gop Leaders Fund
Snow Hume For Controller
Snowmen Pac
Snyder For Indiana Senate
Snyder For Senate
So Com To Protect Workers Voice Against 75
Social Conservatives Of Pennsylvania Inc
Social Justice Political Action Committee
Socialist Central Committee
Socialist Party Of Florida
Socialist Party Of Kansas
Society Against Private Gun Ownership
Society Of The Plastics Industry California Political Action Committee
Sod Pac
Softer Voices
Soglin For Mayor
Soklove For Board Of Education
Solano County Deputy Sheriffs' Association Political Action Committee
Solano Republican Women Federated
Solano United-Scdcc Federal Account
Solberg Volunteer Committee
Solidarity Pac
Solvang Political Action Committee
Somali International Affairs Committee (Siac)
Somerset County Democratic Committee
Somerset County Tea Party Organization
Sommer Barnard Ackerson Political Action Committee
Sommers For State Senate
Sommers Schwartz Campaign Fund
Somos Familia
Somos Unos
Sonar Productions
Sonny Daughtry For Harris County Constable 8
Sonny Mccullough Friends Of
Sonoma Co. Tech, And Manufacturung Group Pac
Sonoma Co. Tech. And Manufacturing Group Pac
Sonoma County Labor Environmentalists And Democrats For Change
Sonoma County Labor, Environmentalists And Democrats For Change
Sonoma County Progressive Labor Coalition
Sonoma Jobs Action League
Sonoma Valley Community Political Action Committee- Sonomapac
Sonoma Valley Republican Women, Federated
Sonoma Young Democrats For A Sustainable Environment
Sonya 4 Ward 2
Sonya Aston Campaign
Sonya Holmes For Congress
Sooner Fund Pac
Sophie Albrecht For Judge Committee
Sorsaia 2012 Committee
Sos Ballot Utah
Sos Pac Havasu
Sosnosky For Mayor 2011
Soucy For Senate
Sound Economy Colorado
Sound Economy Pac
Sound Foundations Political Action Committee
Sounique Kids
South Alabama Poitical Action Committee
South Amboy Demcratic Club
South Asian Americans For Government Accountability
South Asian Bar Association Pac
South Asian Community And Cultur Pac (Sacc Pac)
South Bay Latino Political Action Committee Sponsored By South Bay
South Bay Republican Women Federated
South Bay United Teachers Political Action Committee
South Belt Area Republicans Pac
South Bound Brook Gop Executive Committe D/B/A Sbb Gop 11
South Brunswick Democratic Municipal Committee
South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Pac
South Carolina Club For Growth Pac
South Carolina Dental Pac
South Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association
South Carolina Retail Association Political Action Committee
South Carolina Senate 2002
South Carolina State Farm Agents & Associates Political Committee, Inc
South Carolina Third Way Pac
South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association Pac
South Carolinians For Family Planning
South Carolinians For School Vouchers
South Central Kentucky Business Pac
South Cook Political Action Committee
South County Citizens Committee
South County Democrats United
South County Leadership Pac
South Dakota 2010 Victory Fund
South Dakota Assn Of Healthcare Organizations
South Dakota Democratic Party
South Dakota Education Political Involvement Committee
South Dakota Realtors Political Action Committee
South Dakotans For A Responsible Government
South Dakotans For Fair Elections
South East Queens County Young Democrats
South End Neighbors For Responsible Growth
South Florida Citizens For Justice Cce
South Florida Community Council
South Florida Concervative Republican Alliance
South Florida Horsemen's Pac
South Florida Longshoremen Making A Difference Inc.
South Florida Longshoremen Making A Difference Political Committee
South Florida Solutions
South Haven Area Democratic Club
South Jersey Leadership
South Metro Conservative Alliance
South Metro Economic Alliance
South Miami Taxpayers Coalition
South Mississippi Higher Education Alliance
South Orange County 912
South Orange County Political Action Committee - Socpac
South Philadelphia Democratic Club
South Placer Republican Women Federated
South Plainfield Democratic Organization
South Political Action Council
South River Democratic Campaign 2001
South River Democratic Organization
South San Franciscans Against Government Waste, No On J, A Coalition
South Siskiyou Republican Women Federated
South Texas Tea Party Inc
South Texas Young Republicans
Southampton 2001
Southampton Gop
Southampton Town Republican Committee
Southeast Cities Political Committee
Southeast Florida Chamber Alliance
Southeast Florida Chamber Alliance Cce
Southeast Milk, Inc Political Action Committee
Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council
Southeast Pa Republican Alliance
Southeast Realtors Pac
Southeast Texas Patriot Pac
Souther New England Telecommunications Political Action Committee
Southern Arizona Conservative Political Action Committee
Southern Arizona Government Action Committee
Southern California Ambulance Providers Association Pac
Southern California Concrete And Rock Products Pac
Southern California District Council Of Laborers Pac
Southern California Pipe Trades District Council No. 16 Pac
Southern California Water Pac
Southern Colorado Equality Alliance
Southern Delaware Democrats
Southern Heritage Political Action Committee Inc
Southern Hills Republican Women
Southern Illinois Laborers Political League
Southern In Gas And Elec. Co. Employees State Pac
Southern League For Social Change
Southern Missouri Professional Firefighters Pac
Southern Monterey County Republican Women Federated
Southern Nevada Elevator Constructors Political Action Committee
Southern Oklahoma Doctors Committed To Tort Reform
Southern Oklahoma Tourism Coalition
Southern Parties Of The Southwest
Southern Progress Fund
Southern Republican Leadership Committee Of Oklahoma
Southern Values Political Action Committee
Southern West Virginia Carpenter Locals Political Action Committee
Southernmost Preservation Fund
Southington First
Southland Motor Car Dealers Association Pac
Southold Gop
Southside Conservatives
Southside Foundation
Southside Victory Fund
Southwest Austin Republican Pac
Southwest Florida Chamber Alliance
Southwest Florida Professional Firefighters & Paramedics Pc
Southwest Florida Regional Chamber Alliance Cce
Southwest Indiana For Life
Southwest Michigan First Political Action Committee
Southwest Missouri Leadership Pac
Southwest Missouri Senate Pac
Southwest Regional Council Of Carpenters Nm Pac
Southwest Regional Council Of Carpenters Paf
Southwest Texas Water Resources General-Purpose Committee
Southwestern Committee On Political Education
Southwestern Illinois Laborers District Council Po
Southwestern Indiana Builders Association Build Pac, Inc.
Southwood Republican Club
Souza For Judge
Sovereign Investment Council
Sovereign Lot Foundation
Sp Democrats
Space City Historical Society
Space Coast Liberty Caucus
Space Coast Patriots
Spalter 2001
Sparks For 6
Spartanburg Tomorrow, A Political Action Committee
Spaulding For Treasurer
Spe I
Spe II
Speaker Jetton Leadership Fund
Speaker's Leadership Committee
Special Corporation For Ethics And Justice In America
Special Legislative Fund Of The Montana Afl-Cio
Special Operations Opsec Political Committee
Speech Now.Org
Speed For Levy Court
Speed Pac
Speed Southern Populist For An Enduring And Evolving Democracy
Speelman For Town Council
Spencer For Senator Campaign
Spirit Of America Pac
Spirit Of Democracy California
Spirit Of Freedom Republican Womens Club Pac
Spirit Of Michigan Fund
Spitzer For Supervisor 2012
Spkr Pac
Spokane Home Builders Pac (Shbapac)
Sport Persons Oppressed By Regulation And Taxes
Sportfishing Industry Political Action Committee
Sportsman Political Victory Fund
Sportsmen For Change
Sportsmen For Colorado
Sportsmen For Cory Gardner
Sportsmen For I-161
Sprague For State Representative
Sprankle For President
Spring Hill Little League Baseball Pac
Spring Hill Professional Firefighter Pac
Springfield Good Government Committee
Sprinkler Fitters & Apprentices Local 483 Legislative Political Action
Sprinkler Fitters & Apprentices Local 483 Local Political Action Comm
Sprinkler Fitters & Apprentices Local 483 Statewide Pac
Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 Ua Political Education Fund
Sprinkler Fitters United Association 709 Pac
Squire For Judge
Squires For Sheriff
Sslp Political Committee
St Joe County Tea Party Patriots
St John Citizens Against More Taxes Pac
St Johns Cty Prof Fierfighters Political Action Committee
St Louis County Community Preservation Committee
St Pete Beach Citizens For Unity
St Pierre For Council
St Transparency-Com Political Action Committee
St. Louis County Republican Club
St. Louis Education Coalition
St. Louis Firefighters Local No. 73 Pac
St. Louis Labor Council Afl-Cio Project 2000
St. Louis Tea Party Coalition
St. Pete Chamber Pac
Stabenow 2012 Victory Fund
Stacey Lyn Easterling For County Commission
Stadelman For State Senate
Stafford County Republican Committee
Stafford County Victory Pac
Stafford L Shenett For Maple Heights City Council
Stamford Republican Town Committee
Stan Geiswhite Friends Of
Stan Griffis Campaign
Stan Jagla For Congress
Stan Jagla For Us Senate
Stan Jordan For Florida House 17 Campaign
Stan Matarazzo Georgia House Campaign
Stan Skipworth For Assembly 2012
Stan Skipworth For City Council
Stand For Children Adams 50 Pc
Stand For Children Arizona Pac
Stand For Children Az Iec
Stand For Children Il Iec
Stand For Children Illinois Pac
Stand For Children In Denver Pc
Stand For Children Inc Independent Expenditure Committee
Stand For Children Indiana Pac
Stand For Children Louisiana Iec
Stand For Children Louisiana Pac
Stand For Children Massachusetts Independent Expenditure Only Pac
Stand For Children Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Stand For Children Oklahoma Pac
Stand For Children Oregon Pac
Stand For Children Small Donor Committee
Stand For Children Texas Pac
Stand For Children Washington Pac
Stand For Citizens
Stand For Florida
Stand Pac Of Tennessee
Stand Together Washington
Stand Up For Citizens
Stand Up For Fernley
Stand Up For Your Country
Stand Up Oklahoma
Stand Up Red
Stand With Citizens
Standard Aero (San Antonio) Inc Political Action Committee
Standard Federal Bank Political Action Committee
Standing Committee On Political Education, Calabor
Standing Together To Oppose Partial-Birth-Abortion
Standing Up For West Virginia
Stanford M. Adelstein - Stan For State House
Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee
Stanislaus Library Trust
Stanislaus Taxpayers For Traffic Relief
Stanley Chang For Congress
Stanley Election Committee
Stanley For Nh House
Stanley For Senate 2016
Stanley Mayfield Campaign
Staples Political Action Committee
Star City Leadership Pac
Star Johnson For A Brighter Ohio
Star Pac
Starboard Coalition, Inc.
Stark Citizens For Meeks
Starke County Taking Back Our Country
Stars And Stripes Pac
Stars Over Texas Pac
Start Brookhaven Right Inc
State And Local Pac Of Iatse
State And School Employees For Steve Hardy
State And School Employees For Working Families
State Board Of Equalization Committee
State Buliding And Construction Trades Council Of California Pac
State Capitol Media Project
State Chamber Pac
State Coalition Of Probation Organizations Pac
State Coalition Of Probation Organizations Political Action Committee
State Conservation Voters Action Fund
State Council Of Illinois Sheet Metal Workers Pac
State Employee Rights Campaign Comm
State Employees Association Political Action Committee
State Fund For Economic Growth
State Of California Auto Dismantlers Assoc Pac
State Of Chatham Political Action Committee
State Of Franklin Political Action Committee
State Of Hope
State Of Jefferson Formation Political Action Committee
State Police Command Officers Association Political Action Committee
State Rep Race - Ralph Rosado Candidate
State Representative Race-Richard Tannous Candidate
State Troopers Fraternal Association Of Nj Pac
State Troopers Nco Association Pac
Staten Island Political Alliance
Staten Island Republican County Committee Pac
Stay Sacramento
Stay The Course West Virginia
Stbd. Breeders Assoc. Of Pa. Pol. Action Comm.
Steamboat Citizens To Regain Seats & Secure Our Economy
Steamfitters & Refrigeration U.A. Local 250 Pac
Steamfitters Local 342 Pac
Steamfitters Local 439 Political Action Committee
Steamfitters Local 638 Pac
Stec For Assembly
Steele For Chairman
Steele For Chairman 2011
Stefan Watchdog Stitch For Insurance Commissioner
Stefani Carter Campaign Fund
Stefanick For State Representative
Steffen For Judge
Steine Campaign Committee
Steiner For Council Committee
Steingard 2002
Stem Cell Majority
Step Up For North Penn
Stephanie E. Simmons For Texas Senate
Stephanie Rueter For West Covina School Board
Stephen A. Simon
Stephen Alan Stewart Campaign For Mayor
Stephen Bailey For Congress
Stephen D. Alves Senate Committee
Stephen Drummond Friends Of
Stephen For Yccd Trustee - 2010
Stephen J. Windhorst Campaign Fund
Stephen Kovach For Land Commissioner Committee, In
Stephen Sandstrom For Congress
Stephen Scarle Omaha Mayoral Race
Stephen Sherbin Campaign
Stephen Thomas For Senate
Stephen Tocco Committee To Recall
Stephen Walker Campaign
Stephen West Campaign For State Representative
Stephen Willden
Stephens For Mississippi
Stephens Political Action Committee
Steringer For State Representative
Sterling Pac Of Continental Services
Steve Abrahamson Campaign
Steve Barton Campaign, Inc.
Steve Barton For District 60
Steve Bradford For Assembly
Steve Cain For Senate Committee
Steve Carter For Attorney General
Steve Goforth For Senate
Steve Goforth For State Rep.
Steve Gomes For Merced County Superintendent Of Schools 2014
Steve Griffith For Oregon Senate
Steve Grossman For Treasurer Committee
Steve Hansen For Sacramento City Council 2012
Steve Hardy For Assembly
Steve House For Governor
Steve Hudson For Congress
Steve Hunt For Congress
Steve Jensen For State Senate Committee
Steve Knight For Assembly 2010
Steve Knight For Assembly 2012
Steve Laffey For Governor
Steve Lowry For Congress
Steve March, Friends Of
Steve Meisburg Campaign
Steve Metcalf Committee
Steve Miller Campaign Committee
Steve Moss School Board Candidate
Steve Munisteri Campaign
Steve Ogden Campaign
Steve Russell Campaign
Steve Simpson Valley Wide Rec And Park District Board Of Dir 2010
Steve Stanford For Congress
Steve Starr 2012
Steve Stokes For Congress
Steve Ward For Congress
Steve Wood Campaign
Steven A. Geller Campaign For Senate Dist. 29
Steven Brunk For State Senate District 31
Steven Bryles Campaign For Arkansas State Senate
Steven Burch Campaign Account
Steven Choi For Assembly 08
Steven May 2002 Committee
Steven Schiroo Mn House 18A
Steven Vasquez For Congress
Steven White For Sheriff
Stevenson For Congress
Stevenson For Illinois
Stewart Cathey Jr Campaign
Stewart L. Bell For District Attorney
Stickney Reform Party
Stidham For Portage
Stiles Campaign Committee
Stillings For Congress
Stimpson Stafford Leadership Pac
Stine For State Representative Committee
Stinson Leonard Street Political Action Committee
Stipe For Senate 2000
Stita Taxi Political Action Committee
Stockwell For Congress
Stokes County Democratic Executive Committee
Stolarski For President
Stone County Republican Executive Commitee
Stone For State Representative 2000
Stonewall Democratic Club Of Greater Sacramento
Stonewall Democrats Of Arizona
Stonewall Democrats Of Collin County
Stonewall Democrats Of Pinellas County
Stonewall Democrats Of San Antonio Political Action Committee
Stonewall Democrats Of The Rio Grande Valley
Stonewall Democrats United
Stonewall Young Democrats
Stonewall Young Democrats Of San Diego
Stop Borrowing Pac
Stop Common Core Political Action Committee
Stop Her Now
Stop Hermosa Beach Oil
Stop Illegal Hiring Inc
Stop Lawsuit Abuse In Ms Pac
Stop Payday Predators In Support Of I-09-2008
Stop Political Corruption In Highland
Stop Tax Waste Inc
Stop Taxing Oklahoma Property
Stop The Jobs Killing Tax
Stop The Mega Casino
Stop The Mega Casino Ie Candidate Pac
Stop The Power Grab No On L Councilmember Hansen Ballot Measure
Stop The Stadium Madness!
Stop The Stanton Tas No On Measure Gg
Stop The Tolls Pac
Stop The Trafficking Of People
Stopperoutka.Com Pac
Stopthemosque.Org, Inc.
Storm Chasers
Stormes For Commissioner
Storming The Statehouse Pac
Stormy For Governor Campaign Comm
Strachan Volunteer Committee
Strader For Congress
Straight Talk Colorado
Strat Pac
Stratagem, Inc.
Strategic Alliance For Colorado
Strategic Energy Political Action Committee
Strategic Training And Responsible Solution (Stars) Pac
Strategy Pac
Stratton Bone, Jr. Committee To Elect
Strauss For Judge Campaign
Strazishar For Assembly Committee To Elect
Street Bikers United Hawaii, Inc.
Strengthening Our Lives Through Education G Fund
Strengthening Our Lives Through Education, Community Action And Civic
Strickland For Controller 2010
Stride Pac
Stringer 2009
Stringer 2013
Stringer Explore
Stringer For Assembly, Inc.
Stroke Awareness Council
Strong And Educated Georgia
Strong And Prosperous Georgia
Strong Communities Coalition
Strong Communities Of Southwest Florida
Strong Communities Of Southwest Florida Pc
Strong Economy For Massachusetts Independent Expenditure Political
Strong Economy For The 30Th
Strong Economy For The 44Th
Strong Leadership For America, Inc.
Strong Leadership For Florida
Strong Leadership For South Dakota Pac
Strong Libraries Strong Communities
Strong Nebraska Pac
Strong New Jersey Inc
Strong Orange County Neighborhoods Pac
Strong Pac
Strong Schools Eugene
Strong Schools For A Strong Community
Strong Seattle Schools
Strong Values For Miami-Dade Pac
Stronger America Now
Stronger Future For Connecticut Pac
Stronger Illinois Committee
Stronger Maryland
Stronger New York
Stronger Together
Strongsville Firefighters Association
Stuart Benson For State Representative
Stuart Duncan For Princeton Township Committee
Stuart Ingle For Senate
Student Debt Reform Pac
Student Focused Public Education
Student Network For Action And Progress
Student Voice Project
Students Against Corruption
Students And Families Of Californai Yes On 30 No On 32
Students First Pac
Students First, Inc.
Students For A New American Politics (Snap)
Students For America's Future
Students For Huckabee National Coalition
Students For Mitt Romney Pac
Students For Principled Government
Students For Saving Social Security
Students Of William And Mary, Inc.
Students Spreading Environmental Awareness
Studio Mechanics Local 52 Local 52 Pac
Sturbridge Republican Town Committee
Subcontractors Association Of Northeast Ohio Pac
Substance Abuse Awareness Of Florida
Suburban Voters For Choice
Suburban York County Democratic Club
Succeed Pac
Suchitra Satpathi Dyer Commitee To Elect
Sue Lovell Campaign For Houston City Council
Sue Lowden Testing The Waters
Sue Madison State Senate Campaign
Sue Noack For Pleasant Hill City Council 2014
Sue Rahr For Sheriff
Suerte Political Action Committee
Suffolk County Correction Officers Association
Suffolk County Liberty Pac
Suffolk County Pac
Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association Pac
Suffolk County Republican Committee
Suffolk County Republican Women Pac
Suffolk County Young Democrats
Suffredin For Cook County
Sukup For Governor
Sullinger Sutter County Judge 2012
Sullivan For Senate
Sullivan Countians For Securing Our Future
Sullivan For Da
Sullivan For Senate
Sullivan Papain Block Mcgrath & Cannavo Pac
Sultan For Carteret Council
Summers 4 Mayor
Summit County Democratic And Executive Committee
Summit County Republican Victory
Summit Justice
Summit Pac
Summit Pac-Nonfederal Account
Sumner County Young Democrats
Sumner United For Responsible Government
Sumter County Citizens For Fair Tax
Sun Coast Patriots
Sun Life Assurance Company Of Canada (U.S.) Pac
Sun Pac
Sunada For Council 2014
Sundheim For Crp Chair Exploratory Committee
Sundquist For Governor
Sunkist Political Action Committee
Sunnyvale Employees Association Pac
Sunrise Healthcare System Good Government Pac Fund
Sunshine State Conservative Victory Fund
Sunshine State Conservatives
Sunshine State First
Sunshine State Freedom Fund
Sunshine State Leadership Fund
Sunshine State Leadership Project
Suntrust Bank Good Government Group Florida
Super Show Pac
Superior Officers Association Public Education Cor
Support A Future For Education
Support And Defend Pac
Support Austins Teachers Pac
Support For Conservative Values, Inc.
Support For Good Government Political Action Committee, Inc.
Support For Proposition 401
Support For Proposition 402
Support G. Brown Committee
Support Hood River County Schools
Support Our Anaheim Resort Area Pac - Soar Pac
Support Pac
Support Perez For Senate 2013, Sponsored By Employee Organizations
Support Rob Bonta For Assembly 2012
Support Schools Now
Supporter Of Estate Shopping Political Committee
Supporters For Tawana Keels Simons
Supporters Of Birchard Libraries
Supporters Of College Of Dupage
Supporters Of Fullerton And Cypress Colleges Yes On J
Supporters Of Gary Reinhardt
Supporters Of Hayward Who Assume Responsibility For Our Community
Supporters Of Health Research And Treatments
Supporters Of Mark Isaacs
Supporters Of North Carolina's Skilled Nursing Facilities
Supporters Of Nota Millage Committee
Supporters Of Sheridan College
Supporters Of Strong And Accountable Leaders
Supporters Of Susan Weber For Supervisor, 5Th Dist Santa Cruz Cty 2012
Supporters Of Team Tortorelli
Supporting Educational Excellence
Surety Bail Political Action Committee Of Indiana
Surgery Center Coalition Political Action Committee
Surgi Pac-Central
Surgi Pac-North
Surgi Pac-South
Surgical Institute Of Reading-Pac
Surgical Society-Pac
Surovell For Delegate
Surplus Line Insurance Pac
Susan Aumann For Delegate
Susan B Anthony List Abq
Susan Braniecki For Clerk Of Circuit Court
Susan Bucher Campaign
Susan Carter Campaign
Susan Chapman For Sarasota City Commission At Large
Susan Conroy For Representative
Susan Davis For Congress
Susan Davis For Georgia
Susan Gantman For Superior Court
Susan Heitzman For Congress
Susan Kellner Campaign
Susan Latvala Campaign Committee
Susan Lofthus For City Council 2014
Susan Lynn Election Committee
Susan Moore For State Committeewoman
Susan Motley Campaign
Susan Peppler For Assembly
Susan Poulos For Judge Committee
Susan Zimet For Senate
Susi Hamilton For North Carolina State House
Susquehanna County Republican Committee
Sussex County Democratic Committee
Sussex County Republican Committee
Sussex Victory Pac
Sustain Excellent Education
Sustainable Higher Education Initiative
Sutter County Citizens For Good Government
Sutter Taxpayers For Responsible Planning, Yes On M
Suzan Baucum For District Court
Suzanne Hawker Campaign
Suzanne Jones For Assembly 2010 Committee
Suzanne Jones For Congress Committee
Suzette Lagrange For City Council
Svea Ace-Pac
Sw Rail Vote Pac
Swagn Associates
Swaim For House
Swan For America
Swanick For Nys Senate
Swanzey Democratic Committee
Swedesboro Democrats Victory 2012
Swedesboro Regular Democrats
Sweet Tea Party Of Missouri
Swell Forgo Bank
Swift Boat Obama
Swift Boat Vets And Pows For Truth
Swiftboat This
Swim Medford
Swindell For Senate
Swing Back Pac
Swisher For Schools
Swla For Democrats
Swygert For House
Sycamore Hills Residents For Lower Taxes
Synergetic National Committee
Synergetic Party
Synergetic University
Synergy Leadership Fund
Syniverse Technologies Political Action Committee (Pac)
Synovus Financial Corp. State Fund For Effective Leadership
Syracuse Citizens For Change
T Lynn Clodfelter For District Attorney
T Pac
T&M Associates Pac
T-Town Pac
T-Town Pac II
T. R. Rupli & Associates, Inc. Political Action Committee
Taba Home-Pac
Tabor For Mayor
Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance
Tahitian Village Residents For Change
Tahoe Chamber Iec
Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party In The Us
Taiwan Government International Foundation Inc.
Take A Stand Civic
Take America Back
Take Back Damascus
Take Back Democrats
Take Back Federal Political Action Committee
Take Back Florida, Inc.
Take Back Georgia, Inc.
Take Back May Committee, Inc.
Take Back Our Power
Take Back Pac
Take Back Red California
Take The Fifth Nj Inc
Taking Back Hillsborough County, Inc.
Taking Care Of Business Fund
Taking Jacksonville To The Next Level
Taking Jacksonville To The Next Level Pc
Talent For Senate Committee
Talent Victory Committee
Talladega County Democratic Party
Talley For House Seat 34
Talmadge Heflin Campaign
Talmadge L. Bennett Campaign Fund
Tamar Galatzan For School Board 2015
Tamara Shanyfelt For Jackson Township Fiscal Officer
Tammy Baldwin Victory Committee
Tampa Bay Area Builder's Council, Inc.
Tancredo For Governor 2010
Tanelli For Freeholder
Tanonaka For Congress Campaign
Tanque Verde Education Alliance Inc
Taoist Temple
Targa Resources Corp Texas Pac
Targa Resources Corp. North Dakota Pac
Target Pac
Targetcongress.Org, Inc.
Tarryl Clark For Senate
Tate For Pa
Tate Hill For Council 2010
Tate Johnson Committee
Tatner Now
Tavish Kelly For Congress
Tax Accountability Coalition
Tax Cap Protection Committee
Tax Change Us
Tax Equity Council
Tax Payers For Truth
Taxbusters Us
Taxfighters For Jim Battin
Taxpayer Association Of Oregon Political Action Committee
Taxpayer Defense Project Pac
Taxpayers Against Corporate Welfare
Taxpayers Against Insurance Bad Faith Cce
Taxpayers Against The Governors Recall
Taxpayers Against The Wasteful Recall
Taxpayers And Working Families For Quality Housing
Taxpayers For A Bedtter Seminole County
Taxpayers For A Fair Neshaminy Budget (Tfnb)
Taxpayers For A Safer Tuolumne County- Yes On Measure P
Taxpayers For Accountability
Taxpayers For An Affordable New York Pac
Taxpayers For Better Public Safety Candidates
Taxpayers For Better Public Safety Issues
Taxpayers For Carl Demaio - Mayor 2012
Taxpayers For Change
Taxpayers For Clymer
Taxpayers For Conservative Government
Taxpayers For Experienced Leadership For Santa Ana
Taxpayers For Families And More Jobs
Taxpayers For Full Disclosure In Cnty Contracting
Taxpayers For Gene Todd Taliercio - 9Th Congressional District
Taxpayers For Gonzalez
Taxpayers For Government Accountability
Taxpayers For Integrity In Government
Taxpayers For Jeff Olson Assessor/Recorder/Clerk 2010
Taxpayers For Marklein
Taxpayers For Monique
Taxpayers For Nancy Naples
Taxpayers For Noelle Mattock
Taxpayers For Not 1 More Acre
Taxpayers For Oceanside Neighborhoods
Taxpayers For Public Integrity
Taxpayers For Public School System Accountability Pac, Inc.
Taxpayers For Quality Emergency Services- Yes On Measure C
Taxpayers For Quality Leadership
Taxpayers For Quinn, Inc.
Taxpayers For Responsible Growth
Taxpayers For Responsible Planning
Taxpayers For Russ Bogh
Taxpayers For Safe Schools- Yes On Measure E
Taxpayers For Safer Amador County Roads Yes On Measure K
Taxpayers For Sheldon
Taxpayers For The Protection Of Nevada Jobs
Taxpayers For Tom Sykora
Taxpayers In Action
Taxpayers In Support Of Public Education
Taxpayers Opposing Bonnie Garcia For State Senate 2014
Taxpayers Pac
Taxpayers Political Action Committee
Taxpayers Protection Council
Taxpayers To Save The Two Thirds Vote
Taxpayers United
Taxpayers United To Recall Jeff Miller
Taylor County Republican Party
Taylor County Republican Party
Taylor For City Council
Taylor For Township Committee 2001
Taylor Senate Committee
Tbb Pac
Tc Advocacy Committee
Tc Robinson Friends Of
Tcg Foundation, Inc.
Tcul Pac
Td Bank N.A. Political Action Committee
Tea Party Action Committee
Tea Party Alliance, Inc.
Tea Party Arizona
Tea Party Foundation Inc
Tea Party Manatee Inc
Tea Party Of Lafayette
Tea Party Of Louisiana, Llc
Tea Party Of W Mi
Tea Party Pac Inc
Tea Party Patriot Hq Inc
Tea Party Patriots Of Glendale, Arizona
Tea Party Patriots Pac Inc
Tea Party Political Action Committee
Teach Da Streets Entertainment
Teachers Active In Politics
Teachers And Families Supporting O'donnell For Assembly 2014
Teachers And Parents Putting Kids First, Sponsored By Sea
Teachers Association Of South Pasadena-Candidate
Teachers For Public School Excellence, Inc
Teachers Nurses & Neighbors Supporting Christina Olague For Supervisor
Teachers Nurses Et Al Supporting Mandelman For Supervisor 2010
Teachers United For Better Schools
Teachers United For Better Schools
Teachers United Wiht Firefighters And Correctional Officers
Teachers Wake Up
Teachers, Firefighters & Neighbors Supporting Fx Crowley For Superviso
Teachers, Principals, And Parents United For Quality Schools
Team [Teamster Education And Mobilization]
Team 2006
Team 40
Team 5 - Truth Education Accountability & Medicare For The 5Th Cd
Team Ballalatak
Team Bellwood
Team Bieri
Team Blockey
Team Coughlin
Team Donahue
Team Drago
Team Fitchburg For Edward
Team For A Remarkable City
Team Henry
Team Iowa Pac
Team Joe Woods
Team Lewis
Team Missouri
Team Picard 2009
Team Reber
Team Steve Vear Senate 2002
Team Tamagna
Team Taxpayer
Team Teefy, Mcilvaine, Miller & Heffner
Team To Elect Glenn Bestebreur Commissioner
Team Venezia
Team Vitamin C
Teamsters 150 Pac
Teamsters 245 Paf
Teamsters Florida Cce
Teamsters Local 117 Segregated Fund
Teamsters Local 120 Drive Dba 120Pac
Teamsters Local 20 Pce
Teamsters Local 222 Drive Inc
Teamsters Local 317 Political Action Committee
Teamsters Local 350 Voter Guide
Teamsters Local 577 Democratic Republican Independent Voter Ed Fn
Teamsters Local 600 Drive Pac
Teamsters Local 651 Pac
Teamsters Local 823 Political Action Fund
Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action Fund
Teamsters Local Union 79 Teampac
Teamsters Local Union No. 688 Political Action Committee
Teamsters Local Union No. 727 Political Action Committee
Teamsters Local Union No. 731 Pac
Teamsters Local Union No. 988 Drive
Teamstrs Volunteer In Pol. Of Chgo
Teays Valley Schools Levy Committee
Tech Political Action Committee
Techamerica Pac
Technet Non-Federal Pac
Technology Entrepreneur Coalition Pac
Technology Leadership Pac, Inc.
Technology Research & Innovation Pac
Techpac Political Action Committee
Techpoint Political Action Committee
Ted Capeheart Reelection Campaing
Ted Lieu Ballot Measure Committee
Ted Mcavoy For United States Congress
Ted Stevens Excellence In Public Service Inc
Teddy Roosevelt Democratic Club
Tedesco For Mayor
Teen Volition
Teenage Republicans
Telecommunication Systems Inc Political Action Committee
Tell The Public The Facts, Inc
Tell Washington No
Teller County Liberty Bell Headquarters
Tempe Votes Yes For Kids
Tempo Political Fund
Ten Pac
Tenant Advisory Service Committee Of Continuous Existence
Tenaska Employees Texas Political Action Committee
Tengen For Dc
Tennesseans For A Better Tomorrow
Tennesseans For Tomorrow
Tennesseans To Elect Doug Horne Governor
Tennessee 4 Tripp
Tennessee Anesthesiologists Political Action Commi
Tennessee Blue Pac
Tennessee Captive Insurance Association Inc. Pac
Tennessee Conservative Pac
Tennessee Conservatives Fund
Tennessee Cpa Political Action Committee
Tennessee Democratic Party
Tennessee Employees Action Movement
Tennessee Forum
Tennessee Forum Political Action Committee
Tennessee Highway Contractors Political Action Committee
Tennessee Laborers Pac Fund
Tennessee Legislative Campaign Committee
Tennessee Natural Resources Development Political Action Committee
Tennessee Party Of Veterans Party Of America
Tennessee Radiologists Political Action Committee
Tennessee Redistricting Alliance
Tennessee Senate 2002
Tennessee State Uaw Political Action Program
Tennessee State Uaw Political Action Program
Tennessee Teapot Party
Tennpac Fund Of The National Independent Pharmacy
Tennyson For Judge Committee
Tenthamendment Nh
Teresa M Clark Pac, Sponsored By Ca Academy Of Audiology (Caa)
Teresa Mcgraner Scarmack Committee To Elect
Teri Carey Campaign Fund
Teri Davis Newman For Congress
Term Limits By Vote, Llc
Terminate Term Limits
Terracon Political Action Committee
Terrell III For State House
Terrence Mcgowan 2012
Terrestar Networks Inc Political Action Committee
Terri Lynn Land For Rnc
Terri Sewell For Congress
Terry Asher Citizens For
Terry Goddard For Attorney General Cmtee
Terry Larue For Circuit Judge
Terry Mccarthy Campaign Fund
Terry Pickering Campaign Fund
Terry Robertson For Congress
Terry Tg Gardner Council District D
Terry Thomas For Town Of Florence Town Council
Terry Thompson For County Commissioner
Terry W. Smith
Terry White For Indiana Committee
Tesoroni For City Commission
Teton County Democratic Central Committee
Tetons For Tomorrow Inc
Tetons For Tomorrow, Llc
Texans Against Government Intrusion
Texans For A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow
Texans For A Lower Appraisal Cap
Texans For A Republican Majority
Texans For Accountability
Texans For Brasovan
Texans For Brent Perry
Texans For Brian Russell
Texans For Constitutional Rights Pac
Texans For Courthouse Excellence
Texans For Dan Branch
Texans For Economic Development Pac
Texans For Education Reform Pac
Texans For Energy Independence Pac
Texans For Excellence In Government-Non-Federal
Texans For Family Values Pac
Texans For Free Enterprise
Texans For Governmental Integrity
Texans For Homeowners Political Action Committee
Texans For Insurance Reform
Texans For Internet Freedom
Texans For Jay Kleberg Campaign
Texans For Jeff Boyd
Texans For Jimmie Don Aycock
Texans For Justice Rodriguez
Texans For Kenn George
Texans For Lawsuit Reform Pac
Texans For Local Control
Texans For Malachi Boyuls
Texans For Patients Rights
Texans For Phil Stephenson
Texans For Positive Economic Policy
Texans For Proposition 5
Texans For Public Education Pac
Texans For Responsible Government
Texans For Responsible Growth
Texans For School Choice Pac
Texans For Secure Retirement Political Action Committee
Texans For True Mobility Pac
Texans For Truth
Texans Helping Cannabis
Texans Together Pac
Texarkana United
Texas 02
Texas 2000
Texas 254 Republican Pac
Texas Affiliation Of Affordable Housing Providers Pac Inc.
Texas Aggies For Perry 2012
Texas Alliance Oil And Gas Pac
Texas Architects Committee
Texas Arts Community
Texas Asian Republican Assembly
Texas Assoc Of Equine Dentist & Allied Professionals Taedap-Pac
Texas Assoc Of Insurance & Financial Advisors Pac
Texas Association Of Consumer Lawyers
Texas Association Of Consumer Lawyers Pac
Texas Association Of Life And Health Insurers Life Insurance Pac
Texas Association Of Mortgage Attorneys Pac
Texas Association Of Realtors Political Action Com
Texas Automobile Dealers Assoc Pac
Texas Beverage Alliance Of The Texas Package Store
Texas Blue Dog Coalition
Texas Building Branch-Agc Pac
Texas Can Do Better
Texas Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committ
Texas Chemical Cncl - Assn Of Chemical Industry Of
Texas Chiropractic Assn. Political Action Cmte.
Texas Chiropractic Assoc District Five
Texas Club For Growth, Inc.
Texas Coalition Of Dental Service Organizations
Texas Construction Association Political Action Committee
Texas Consumer Finance Assoc Pac
Texas Consumer Lenders Pac
Texas County Democratic Campaign Committee
Texas Cpas For The Public Interest
Texas Dairymen Pac
Texas Deer Assn Political Action Committee
Texas Dental Assoc Pac
Texas Educators Pac
Texas Employee Political Action Com
Texas Equity Pac
Texas Events Pac
Texas Faith, Family And Freedom Pac
Texas Federation Of College Republicans Pac
Texas Federation Of Republican Women
Texas Forward Committee
Texas Future Pac
Texas Gallop Inc
Texas Gaming Association Pac
Texas Gas Service Employee Pac
Texas Grassroots Network
Texas Greyhound Association-Pac
Texas High School Coaches Assn Political Action Committee
Texas Home Care & Hospice Pac-State
Texas Horsemen's Partnership Pac
Texas Horsepower Political Action Committee
Texas House Campaign For Matthew Whittington
Texas House Pac
Texas Land Developers Association Pac
Texas Land Title Association Pac
Texas League Of Conservation Voters Political Cmte
Texas Libertarios
Texas Liberty Pac
Texas Masonry Council Political Action Committee
Texas Mcdonalds Operators Association Pac
Texas Municipal Police Association Pac
Texas Nurse Practitioners Pac
Texas Nursery & Landscape Association Political Action Committee
Texas Oil And Gas Political Action Committee
Texas On-Site Wastewater Association Pac
Texas Optometric Pac
Texas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Pac
Texas Parent Pac
Texas Partnership Political Action Committee
Texas Petroleum Marketers And Convenience Store Assoc Pac
Texas Pipeline Association Political Action Committee
Texas Podiatric Medical Association Pac
Texas Progress Council Political Action Committee
Texas Realtors Pac
Texas Recovery Foundation
Texas Republican Legislative Campaign Committee
Texas Republican Legislative Caucus
Texas Retailers Assn. Political Action Committee
Texas Right To Life Political Action Committee
Texas State Farm Agents Political Action Committee
Texas State Rifle Assoc Pac
Texas Strategy Group Pac
Texas Thoroughbred Breeders Association Pac
Texas Travel Industry Association Travelpac
Texas United Automobile Workers Cap Volunteer Fund Committee
Texas Values In Action Coalition
Texas Veterinary Medical Association Pac
Texas Victory Committee, Inc.
Thanksgiving 2004 Committee
Tharinger Surplus Funds Account
That's Just Not Right
The Hynes Committee
The 115 Group
The 165 Club
The 21St Century Fund
The 25Th Ward Regular Democratic Org.
The 5200 Club
The 7Th Amendment Pac Of Htla
The Akyumen Society
The Alexis Sky Group, Inc.
The Alliance For Good Government
The Alliance Pac
The Allliance
The Altruist Party
The American Eagle Party
The American Economy Pac
The American Electric Power Company Michigan Commi
The American Electric Power-Texas-Committee For Responsible Government
The American Fair Party
The American Fund
The American National Committee
The American People Committee Inc
The American Way Party
The April 6Th Committee
The Arlington Democratic Club
The Ave Maria List
The Baldwin Victory Fund
The Ballot Project, Inc.
The Barnett Leadership Fund
The Bart Peterson For Mayor Committee
The Black Watch Party
The Blake Committee
The Blue Bus
The Bon-Ton Political Action Committee
The Broward Economic Alliance
The Burnham Committee
The Burton Young Democrats
The California Academy Of Physicians Assistants Pac
The California Voter Education Project
The Campaign Committee To Elect Jennifer Evans For Judge
The Campaign For Equality In Pennsylvania
The Canary Party
The Candidate Support & Assistance Committee
The Centennial Alliance
The Centennial Fund
The Centennial Fund Committee
The Center
The Center For Civic Participation & Responsibility
The Center For Students
The Chairmans Fund
The Chamber Of Commerce Of St. Joseph County Pac
The Change For Detroit Fund
The Chicago Committee
The Cincinnatus Coalition
The Citizens Coalition, Inc.
The Citizens Voice
The Civic Participation & Responsibility Committee
The Clean Energy And Jobs Mobilization Committee
The Coalition For A Better Michigan
The Coalition For A Safer Escanaba
The Coalition For Responsible Development
The Coalition To Protect Kids From Tobacco
The Coalition To Swing Michigan
The Commander's Majority Fund
The Commanders Majority Fund Federal Account
The Committe To Elect Thomas L. Mason
The Committe To Elect Virgil Fludd
The Committee For A Strong Economy
The Committee For An Impartial Judiciary
The Committee For Effective Leadership
The Committee For Florida Justice Reform
The Committee For Florida's Fiscal Future
The Committee For Justice, Transportation And Business
The Committee For Leadership And Progress - Ny
The Committee For Leibell
The Committee For Mary Boyle
The Committee For Our Community
The Committee For Real Security
The Committee For The Determination Of The Good The Bad And The Ugly
The Committee For The Right To Know
The Committee To Elect Aaron Reardon
The Committee To Elect Amy Stephens
The Committee To Elect Ben Russell
The Committee To Elect Brad Avakian
The Committee To Elect Brian Ainley
The Committee To Elect Brian Davis
The Committee To Elect Brian T Campbell, Sr.
The Committee To Elect Bridget Simmons
The Committee To Elect Charles W. Bonfanti
The Committee To Elect Chase D. Waggoner
The Committee To Elect Chris Grunditz
The Committee To Elect Chris Stolarzyk For State Representative
The Committee To Elect Clay Cauley
The Committee To Elect Crystal Perkins
The Committee To Elect Curtis Railey
The Committee To Elect Dave
The Committee To Elect Dawn Phillips
The Committee To Elect Denise Graffeo
The Committee To Elect Eric Crump
The Committee To Elect Francisco Brea
The Committee To Elect George Swart
The Committee To Elect Gregory Adams
The Committee To Elect Heidi Dodd
The Committee To Elect J. Robert Leach
The Committee To Elect Jack Kessler
The Committee To Elect Jeffrey C. Nellis Probate Judge Of Mason County
The Committee To Elect Jennifer Justice-Carter
The Committee To Elect Jesse Lederman
The Committee To Elect Joel Supeck
The Committee To Elect John Paulk Jr
The Committee To Elect Joseph Ruggiero
The Committee To Elect June Darensburg, Inc
The Committee To Elect Justin Murphy 2010
The Committee To Elect Justin Olson
The Committee To Elect Kami Ervin To Town Council
The Committee To Elect Kathi-Anne Reinstein
The Committee To Elect Ken Jones
The Committee To Elect Kristi Davis
The Committee To Elect Marc Gofstein
The Committee To Elect Meghan Kinsey
The Committee To Elect Patricia Grande Rieder
The Committee To Elect Patrick Reynolds
The Committee To Elect Paul Butka
The Committee To Elect Paul Johnson
The Committee To Elect Peter A. Lynch
The Committee To Elect Phil Fraley To The Wayne County Board Of Educat
The Committee To Elect R Jay Driskill
The Committee To Elect Republican State Senators
The Committee To Elect Richard Fournier For Us Senate
The Committee To Elect Robert C. Dorf
The Committee To Elect Ross Bulla
The Committee To Elect Serfass For Judge
The Committee To Elect Sharon A Odell County Clerk
The Committee To Elect Stacie Wilke
The Committee To Elect Terry Player
The Committee To Elect Tim Carpenter
The Committee To Elect Tony Moore
The Committee To Elect Vaughn J. Begick State Rep
The Committee To Elect Vincent Forras To Us Senate
The Committee To Elect W. David Chance
The Committee To Elect Worth For House
The Committee To Elect Yvonne Selcer
The Committee To Keep Judge Dennis Mcdermott
The Committee To Keep Nevada Respectable
The Committee To Protect Broward Eco
The Committee To Re-Elect Clint Smith
The Committee To Re-Elect Jennifer Koethe
The Committee To Re-Elect Judge Charles R. Jones
The Committee To Re-Elect Judge Gaughan
The Committee To Re-Elect Judge Joan B. Armstrong
The Committee To Re-Elect Ozzie Knezovich For Sheriff
The Committee To Re-Elect Scott Haggerty
The Committee To Recall Scott Peters
The Committee To Reelect Judge Patrick G Quinlan
The Committee To Retain Judge James Laporte
The Committee To Revive Ellenwood
The Committee To Stop The Margin Tax
The Committee To Support Texas Libertarian Candidates
The Committee Toelect Terry Sullivan Circuit Judge
The Commonwealth Pac - Alabama
The Commonwealth Pac - Iowa
The Commonwealth Pac - Michigan
The Commonwealth Pac - New Hampshire
The Commonwealth Pac - South Carolina
The Community Information Project
The Concrete Pipe Preservation Cce
The Concrete Pipe Preservation Pc
The Conservative
The Conservative Caucus Political Action Committee
The Conservative Coalition Of Hampton Roads
The Conservative Issue Fund
The Conservative Student Foundation
The Constitution Group
The Constitution Trust
The Constitutional Patriots
The Cordray Committee, Fka Citizens For Cordray Co
The Council For Concerned Women Voters
The Cox Administrative Account
The Cross And The Resurrection
The Crumley Committee
The Curtis Hill For Prosecutor Committee
The David M. Parrott For District Judge Committee
The Debra Goldman Committee
The Dem. Pty Of 14Th Wrd. Ad Book C
The Democracy Project
The Democracy Project, Inc.
The Dirksen Committee
The District 17 Democratic Team
The Diverse Business Pac
The Doctors Company Florida Pac
The Doctors Company Of Virginia
The Doctors Company Political Action Comm
The Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.
The Eagle Group
The Eagle National Committee
The Ebby Halliday Centennial Fund
The Election Fund Of Fernando Linhares, Inc.
The Empowerment Council
The Empowerment Pac Inc
The Ensign Legal Expense Trust Fund
The Eureka Majority Pac
The Facility Group Political Action Committee, Inc.
The Fairness Act Pac
The Farhat Group Pac
The Farm Team
The Faros Foundation
The Fat Old Man Pac
The First State Series, Inc.
The Florida Committee For Water Quality Pc
The Florida Heritage Pc
The Florida Sportsmans Trust Cce
The Florida Sunshine Project
The Florida Watch
The Free America Society
The Freedom Caucus Political Committee
The Freedom Farm
The Freedomworks Fund
The Friendly Hand
The Friends Of Elmer Money
The Friends Of Mike Caracciolo
The Friends To Elect Sandy Smagac
The Fulcrum Group, Llc
The Fund For America
The Fund For Good Government, Inc.
The Fund For Political Change
The Future Focus Institute
The Future Is Now
The Gabrieli Committee
The General Wayne Tea Party
The Geo Group, Inc. Pac - Florida
The George Washington University
The Get Loud Project
The Gittings Trust
The Good Change Fund
The Gorman Good Government Group
The Government Of Democracy
The Governor's Club
The Grand Coalition
The Greater Carlisle Area Republican Club
The Hanover Organizations Of Republicans - Thor
The Hardiman Administrative Account
The Heart Of Bellwood Party
The Hillman Committee
The Hoboken Democratic Party
The Hope Voter Registration Project
The Human Party
The Human Sustainability Project
The Humane Party
The Humanistic Party
The Hynes Committee
The Infrastructure Pac Of The Associated General Contractors
The Integrity Fund
The Internet Association California Political Action Committee
The Ipatriot Foundation
The Islamic Political Party Of America Greater Richmond Chapter
The Islamic Political Party Of America National Inc
The Jeffersonian Coalition
The Jerome X. Odonovan Committee
The Jerry Girley For State Senate Campaign
The Jill Stein For Governor Campaign
The Jim Battin Committee
The John Davis Lodge Institute For International Policy
The John Lock Committee
The John Warner Fund
The Jones Committee
The Jordan Committee
The Judge Thomas R. Duplantier Re-Election Campaig
The Judge Wanda Bryant Committee
The Judge Wynn Committee
The Justice Committee
The Justice Fund
The Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pc Safe Michigan Fund
The Karben Committee
The Kelly Committee
The Keystone Fund - Nonfederal Account
The Kids Pac
The Kitchen Table Club
The Kitchen Table Group, Inc.
The Kitchen Table Patriots
The Klehs Committee
The Know Campaign
The Know Campaign
The Koutoujian Committee
The Lakeshore Liberty Fund
The Lantern Project
The Leadership Council
The Leadership Forum
The Leadership Pac
The League Of Iranian-American Voters
The Legacy Fund
The Legacy Group
The Legacy Project For Political Empowerment
The Liberty Campaign For Texas
The Liberty Committee
The Liberty Pac
The Liberty Restoration Project
The Liberty Voters Council
The Lilynn Cutrer Campaign Committee
The Limited Government Coalition
The Lincoln Club Of San Diego County
The Lincoln Club Of Santa Barbara
The Lincoln Club Of Santa Maria Valley Political Action Committee
The Lincoln Committee
The Lincoln Fund, Inc.
The Logical Party
The Majority Leaders Fund
The Majority Party Pa
The Majority Project
The Mannik & Smith Group Inc Michigan Pac
The Mannik & Smith Group Inc Pac
The Margin Of Victory
The Mark Frietch Committee
The Maryland Fund
The Maryland Multi-Housing Association Pac
The Matthews Committee
The Mayors Pac
The Mayors Pac
The Media Fund For Better Policies
The Meteorologist Faction
The Michigan Fund
The Mid-Atlantic Region Of The Young Democrats Of America
The Mighty Cannon
The Mike Murphy Committee
The Mike Squillante Committee
The Mile Marker One Fund Cce
The Military Pac
The Minority Republican
The Missouri Opportunity Fund
The Moderate American Party
The Moderate Party Corp
The Modern Republic
The Mormon Church
The Mormon Church
The Morris Campaign Committee
The Mother Pac
The Movement Fund, Inc.
The National Federalist Committee, Inc.
The National Freedom Alliance
The National General Assembly Of The United States
The National Hispanic Coalition
The National Hispanic Coalition Party
The National Party
The National Republican Hall Of Fame And Exhibits
The National Security Project
The Neighborhood Project
The Neuro-Spine Committee
The New Albany State Pac
The New Americans Initiative, Inc.
The New Economy Pol. Comm. Ct Corp System
The New Guard
The New Hempstead Democratic Club
The New Leadership Pac
The New Oklahoma
The New Paltz College Republicans
The New Populist Party, Inc.
The New Prosperity Foundation
The New Silent Majority
The New York High School Republican Federation
The New York Prosperity And Progress Pac
The Next Generation Leadership Fund Inc
The Northwest Connecticut Leadership Pac
The Nottoway Project
The November Fund
The Nys Economic Growth Pac
The Odysseus Organization
The Ohio Coalition For Quality Education Political Action Committee
The Oregon Opportunity Pac
The Organization To Preserve American Culture
The Pack Pac, Inc.
The Parker Group's Citizens For Affordable Healthcare
The Partnership For America's Families
The Party Of Tomorrow
The Patrick Henry Caucus, Inc
The Patriots Project Pac
The Paul S. Mannweiler Committee
The Pauly People
The Pennsylvania Leadership Fund
The People Cce
The People For Dave Seabrook
The People For Ken Diamondstone
The People For Ken Mann
The People For Mike Dethrow
The People Should Decide
The People's Agenda
The People's Alliance
The People's Superpak
The People's Voice
The Peoples Email Network
The Peoples Opinion And Will Registry Of The United States
The Peoples Plan Pac
The Peoples Solution Nonprofit Corporation
The Perry Committee
The Philadelphia Alliance Pac
The Philadelphia Education Project
The Phoenix Group Pac
The Pipe Fitters Assn Local 597 Pac
The Policy Council
The Polito Committee
The Presidential Coalition, Llc
The Principles Project
The Priorities Project, Inc.
The Progress Foundation, Inc.
The Progress Fund
The Progress Fund
The Progressives League
The Promise Pac
The Providential American
The Public Right To Know Committe Inc
The Public Speaks
The Rappaport Committee
The Real Economy Group
The Real Truth About Obama
The Red Mountain Pac
The Republican Democracy Party
The Republican Fund
The Republican Group, Inc.
The Republican National Media Fund
The Republican Organization
The Republican Victory Committee, Inc.
The Responsible Leadership Committee Inc
The Richard Morgan Campaign Committee
The Rick Green Team
The Right Choice For True Republicans
The Right Focus
The Right Way Pennsylvania
The Right-Balance
The Rogeness Committee
The Rook Llc
The Roosevelt Fund
The Roosevelt Republic
The Rough Mountain Leadership Pac
The Rowan Alliance
The San Diego Credit Union Federal Pac
The San Francisco Budget Project
The Scea Fund For Children And Public Education
The School Board Member Pac
The Schweiker Leadership Fund
The Scott Walker Trust
The Second Revolution
The Self-Government Coffeehouse
The Senate Accountability Project
The Senate Majority Project
The Senator Marian Bergeson Excellence In Public Service Series
The Sheriff's Roundtable
The Sierra Club Voter Education Fund
The Skyline Coalition
The Slattery Committee
The Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association Political Action Committ
The Southeast Permanete Medical Group State Healthcare Political
The Southern Policy Center Group, Inc.
The Speakers Fund
The Speakers Pac
The Speakers Roundtable
The Spiirit Of 76 Party Of America
The Spirit Of Florida
The Spotlight Project
The Sprague Committee
The St. Paul Travelers Companies, Inc. Political Action Committee - Ct
The State University Political Action Committee
The Stille Millennium Fund
The Straight Team For Lower Property Taxes Inc
The Straits Fund
The Student Pac
The Surface Committee
The Swartz For Ohio Committee
The Team To Elect James N Robey
The Texas Challenge
The Toby Mcclamroch Committee
The Tom Glennon Congressional Committee
The Tony Lorenzen For Lt. Governor Campaign
The Triangle Foundation
The Truman Forum
The Truth 101
The Truth About Iraq.Org
The Truth From American Workers, Inc.
The Truth Squad
The Tunbridge Political Action Committee
The U.S.-Mexico Border District Export Council
The United States Constitution Advocacy Group Corporation
The Unity Fund
The Utopian Party
The Valley Democratic Organization
The Versar, Inc. Pac
The Villages Tea Party, Inc.
The Vital Center
The Voice Of Florida Child Care
The Voice Of The American People
The Voice Party Of Island Park,N.Y.,Inc.
The Vote Against Project
The Walrath Committee
The Walsh Committee
The Washington Bus Pac
The Wheel Party Pac, Inc
The Wind Coalition Political Action Committee
The Wine Pac
The Wish List
The Womens Group
The Woodlands Quality Of Life Committee
The Woodlands Republican Women
The Woodlands Texas Tea Party Patriots Pac
The Working Families Committee
The Working Texas Fund
The Xii Project
The Xiii Th Legion
The Young Americans Fund
The Young Democrats Of Monterey County
The Yunits Committee
Theatrical Stage Employees Local 16 Iatse Pac
Thefbm: Citizen Platform
Thelma Drake
Theodore Cross, Treasurer, Dba Birders United
There Is A Difference
Theresa Daniel Campaign
Theresa Gabriel Committee
Theresa H. Esposito Campaign Fund
They Work For Us Action Fund
Thin Line Political Action Committee
Think Blue
Think Condi
Think Finance Inc. Political Action Committee
Third Amendment Center
Third Congressional District Rpm 20222
Third Party Coalition
Thirteenth District Slate
This Vote Counts
Thissen 2010 Committee
Thomas A Fuentes Committee To Elect To The Central Committee
Thomas B Freeman Campaign Account
Thomas B Mcknew Campaign
Thomas Batten Friends Of
Thomas Brown For Congress
Thomas Burns Childress Campaign
Thomas C Shoff Committee To Elect
Thomas C. Ceraso Campaign Committee
Thomas Campaign Fund
Thomas F. Fuselier Campaign Committe
Thomas For Attorney General
Thomas For Committeewoman
Thomas For Justice Committee
Thomas For Nc House
Thomas For School Board Committee
Thomas J. Schneider For Public Service Commission
Thomas Jefferson Movement
Thomas M Mielke State Representative
Thomas M. Stanley Committee
Thomas More Conference Pac
Thomas Poole
Thomas Santiago Committee To Elect For City Council
Thomas Scott
Thomas Tarantella Campaign Committee
Thompson And Knight Political Action Committee
Thompson For Austin Kids
Thompson For Township Committee
Thornton Keel Campaign
Thornton Professional Fire Fighters
Thoroughbred Breeders And Horsemens Pac
Thoroughbred Horsemen's Political Action Committee
Thoroughbred Owners Of Ca Pac, Aka, Toc Pac
Thoroughbred Pac
Thorsson For Congress
Thousand Oaks Republican Women Federated
Three Parks Independent Democrats Campaign Committee
Three Star Pac
Thurbert Baker For Governor, Inc.
Thurston Affordable Housing Council
Thurston County Democratic Central Committee
Tiaa-Cref New York State Political Action Committee
Tibbs For Congress
Tiepac (Tx),Inc.
Tiernan For State Senate
Tiffany Attwood Congressional Exploratory Commitee
Tiffany Christian Election Committee
Tiffany L. Coffland Re-Elect Treasurer
Tiffany Nash For State Representative
Tiger Pac
Tighe For Jeffco
Tillie Fowler Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.
Tillman Election Committe
Tim Alpers 4 Supervisor 2012
Tim Bee Campaign
Tim Burchett For State Senate
Tim Coulon Campaign Committee, Inc.
Tim Cunha For Congress
Tim D'annunzio For Congress
Tim Day For All Of America
Tim Day For Us Congress
Tim Dudderar For Sheriff Campaign
Tim For Ward 5
Tim Hagan For Governor
Tim Harris For District Attorney
Tim Hutchison For Sheriff
Tim Hyman Campaign Fund
Tim Kaine 2002 Inaugural Committee
Tim Keenan For Trustee 2010
Tim Kelley Campaign Committee
Tim Kelly Great Lakes Bay Fund
Tim Knopp For State Representative Committee
Tim Knopp For State Senate
Tim Murray For Congress
Tim Penny For Governor
Tim Pope Labor 2002
Tim Pope Labor 2002
Tim Rhodes For District Judge 2010
Tim Roemer For Dnc Chair
Tim Rusk
Tim Ryan For Congress
Tim Ryan For Freeholder
Tim Ryan For Senate
Tim Scott For Congress
Tim Scott For Senate
Tim Sprayberry Senate 13 Campaign
Tim Whitfield For Mcswain School Board 2009
Tim Wood For Kansas
Tim Wu For New York
Timber Pac
Timber Pac
Time 1000
Time For Trimble
Time Initiative
Time Warner Cable California Employees Pac
Time Warner Cable New York Political Action Committee
Time Warner Cable Ohio Pac
Time Warner Cable-North Carolina Political Action Committee
Timothy J. Cruz, Committee To Elect Plymouth Coun
Timothy P. Kerner Campaign Fund
Timothy Rexford Wilson For President
Timothy Ryan Campaign
Timpac, Pac Of Timothy M. Kaine
Tina Davis Friends Of
Tina Skeldon Wozniak For Council Committee
Tinkler For Senate
Tioga Downs For Proposition No 1 Committee
Tiscornia For Assembly 2013
Tisd Bond Pac
Tisei Congressional Committee
Title Industry Of Florida, Pac
Title Insurance Through Lawyers
Title Pac
Tito Montes For Senate 2010
Tlc Pac-Nonfederal
Tmc-Ed Pac
Tn Health Care Assn. Political Action Committee
Tn Hotel Lodging Political Action Committee
Tn Tea Party
Tnt Party
To Elect Lana Ensrud
Tob For Christopher Briggs
Tobacco And Candy Political Action Committee
Tobacco Settlement For Tobacco Prevention And Heal
Today Influences Tomorrow
Todd A Hunter Campaign
Todd Brand For State Auditor
Todd Dantzler Campaign Account
Todd Rokita Election Committee
Todd Wilcox For District 52 Representative
Together For A Greater Jacksonville
Together Illinois
Together Pac
Together Pac, Inc.
Together United Political Action Committee
Together We Can
Toledo Federation Of Teacher 250 Political Action Fund
Tolino For State Rep
Tom Bates For Mayor
Tom Berns For State Representative
Tom Calderon For Senate
Tom Carr For City Attorney
Tom Casperson For State Representative Committee To Elect
Tom Chambers Committee To Elect
Tom Craddick Campaign Fund
Tom Craddick For Speaker
Tom Crouse Let The People Vote Political Action Committee
Tom Daley Campaign Committee
Tom Duane For Senate
Tom For Loudoun
Tom Ganely For Senate Committee
Tom George For State Senate
Tom Golisano For Governor Committee
Tom Greenwell Campaign
Tom Hermann For Assembly
Tom Lagomarsino Campaign
Tom Lankey For Mayor 2013
Tom Levyn For City Council
Tom Miller For Sheriff
Tom Murphy Friends Of
Tom Owings For City Council 2012
Tom Pratt For Vusd
Tom Purl For Judge
Tom Red Taylor Campaign Committee
Tom Rice For Congress
Tom Rice For Horry County Council Chairman
Tom Rose For Congress
Tom Sacks For Sheriff
Tom Sawyer Election Committee
Tom Sherman For Mayor 2013
Tom Stearns 4 Cfo
Tom Temple Campaign Committee
Tom Uher, Political Campaign
Tom Umberg For State Senate
Tom Wall For Commissioner
Tom Walsh Senate Exploratory Committee
Tom Warner Campaign Committee To
Tom Watson For Congress
Tom Wesley For Us Congress
Toman For Treasurer
Tomas Jefferson Fund
Tomassoni For State Senate
Tommy Hazouri For Mayor
Tommy Johnson Campaign Fund
Tommy Merritt Campaign Fund
Toms River Regular Republican Club, Dover Twp. Inc
Toni Hellon For Senate
Toni Higginbotham People For Judge
Tonucci For Representative
Tony Allers State Senate
Tony Avella 2005
Tony Avella For City Council
Tony Avella For Queens
Tony Avella Reelection Committee
Tony Buntyn For Congress
Tony Cardenas For City Council - General
Tony Cornish For State Representative
Tony Dimatteo For Rpof Chairman
Tony Passalacqua For Us Congress
Tony Phillips Friends Of
Tony Ramos For Garvey School Board
Tony Rogers For Prosecuting Attorney Committe
Tony Saccone For Mayor
Tony Sanchez For Governor, Inc.
Tony Scotto For Clearfield County Controller
Tonya 2002
Tonya Miller Election Fund
Too Extreme For Colorado
Too Extreme For Oregon
Too Extreme For San Diego A Committee To Oppose Carl Demaio
Tootie Smith For Clackamas County Commissioner
Top Pac
Top Political Action Committee
Topaz Power Group, Llc Pac
Topher Lazarz Campaign Committee
Torch Pac, Inc.
Torgerson For Sheriff Campaign Committee
Torlakson For Senate
Torlakson For Superintendent Of Public Instruction 2010
Torlakson For Superintendent Of Public Instruction 2014
Torrance Police Officers Association Pac
Torres For State Rep 129Th
Toth For Treasurer Campaign
Touchstone Political Action Committee
Tourism Advocacy Coalition Political Action Commit
Tourism Pays, Inc.
Tourism Political Action Committee
Town Of Babylon Republican Committee
Town Of Burlington Exploratory Recall Committee
Town Of Colonie Republican Committee
Town Of Flower Mound Republicans
Town Of Islip Republican Committee
Town Of Lysander Democratic Committee
Towne For Congress
Townsend Larson Committee
Township Community Party
Township Improvement Party
Township Of Brighter Tommorrows
Tpg Pac, Inc
Tpp Of Woc Committee
Tracey Dent - Usa
Trachtenberg For County Council
Track Pac
Tracy Vandenbergh For Judge
Trade And Logistics Cce
Trade Appraisal Vendor Management Association Pac
Traditional Values Forum
Trager For Congress
Trailhead Group, Llc
Trammell For Congress
Transform Oakland Pac
Transform Ok
Transformation Party
Transit 2000
Transitional Fund For Peter Koo
Transparency In Government
Transport Workers Union, Local 514 Education Fund
Transportation Construction Industries
Transportation Energy And Healthcare Leadership Pac
Transylvania County Young Republicans
Travis Bridges Campaign
Travis Clinger For State Committeeman
Travis County Republican Party
Travis County Republican Party
Travis Danker For Metro Council
Travis Martinez For City Council
Travis Two-Step Political Action Committee
Treadwell Alaska Exploratory Committee
Treasure Coast Alliance
Treasurer-Elect Steve Grossman Committee
Treasurers Action Committee
Treasury Employees Democracy In Action Committee
Trent For New Hampshire
Trent Gaither For Judge
Trey Rochford For Council
Tri County Republican Women
Tri County Tea Party Inc.
Tri Valley Growers For Responsible Gov
Tri Valley Republican Women Federated
Tri Ward Committee
Tri-Counties Central Labor Council Cope Political Action Committee
Tri-County Building Trades Pce
Tri-County Tea Party Florida, Inc.
Tri-County Trap And Wildlife Club
Tri-State Maxed Out Women, Inc.
Tri-State Professional Firefighters Union Local #3165
Triad Homebrew, Llc
Triad Hospitals, Inc. Good Government Fund
Triad Strategies Pac
Triad Strategies Pac
Triangle Orthopaedic Associates Political Action Committee, Inc.
Tricity 912 Of Mid-Michigan
Trinidad Navarro For New Castle County Sheriff
Trip 08 & More
Triple Crown Project, Inc.
Triplett For House
Trish 09
Trivedi Victory Fund 2014
Troopers Association Pac
Troopers For A Safer Ohio Pac
Troup County Democratic Party
Troup Together
Trousdale County Democratic Party
Troutman Sanders Llp Georgia Pac, Inc.
Troy State University Political Action Committee
Troy Stouffer For Congress
Troy Tuomey Friends Of
Troyer For Congress Inc
Truck Unit Pac
Truckee Tahoe Republican Women Federated
Truckerspac.Com, Inc.
Trucking Industry Non-Partisan Political Action Co
Trucking Industry Pac
Trucking Industry Political Action Committee
Trudi Walend
True American Principals Initiative
True American Values Coalition
True Blue Minnesota
True Blue Pac
True Republican Media Fund
True Sons Of Liberty
Trueblood-Scull&Stinney Committee
Trueblood-Stinney And Stull
Trulson For Minnesota
Truly Free Enterprise Inc.
Trumble For State House District 28
Trung Nguyen For Supervisor
Truong Diep For Sanitary Board
Trust Lands For Education
Trust Representing Involved Alabama Lawyers
Trusted Leadership Of Orlando, Inc.
Truth About Transportation
Truth And Concerns On Prop 117
Truth Az
Truth For Washington
Truth In Politics Inc
Truth In Surfside
Truth Is The Daughter Of Time
Truth Matters Inc
Truth Now Fund
Truth Pac
Tslms Pac/Tnlaser Pac
Tubman Action Committee
Tucker Anderson For State Representative, Tucker For 12
Tucker For Congress
Tucson Firefighters Association Local 479 Fire Pac
Tucson First
Tucson Tea Party
Tucson Vision Committee
Tucsonans For Alert Government
Tucsonans For Bipartisan Government
Tudor 2008
Tuke For Tennessee
Tulare Co. Democratic Central Comm.
Tully For 2002
Tulsa Biz Pac
Tulsa County Republican Committee
Tulsans For Lafortune For Mayor
Tunica- Biloxi Pac
Tunnell For Judge
Turcotte Senate Exploratory Committee
Turelli For Tomorrow
Turkish American Heritage Political Action Committee
Turkish Coalition California State Pac
Turkish Coalition Midwest Political Action Committee
Turlock Action For Business Political Action Committee
Turn Around Wayne County
Turn Montgomery County Blue
Turn Ohio Red
Turnaround Detroit
Turner Collie & Braden Political Action Committee
Turning Albany Upside Down
Turning Blue
Turning Texas Blue
Tusayan Moving Forward
Tusco Pac
Tustin Police Officers Association Pac
Tustin Residents United
Twelve Visions Party Of Alaska
Twelve Visions Party Of Illinois
Twelve Visions Party Of New Jersey
Twelve Visions Party Of New York
Twelve Visions Party Of Oregon
Twelve Visions Party Of Tennessee
Twenty First Century Florida Committee
Twenty Fourth District Republican Committee
Twenty-First Century Colorado
Twenty-First Century Recycling Pac
Twenty-One Pac
Twin Falls Republican Central Committee
Two Party System Inc.
Two Rivers Pac
Two Thirds Pi Over Pi
Tx Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry Pac (Pediatric Dentists Pac)
Tx State Bldg And Construction Trades Council Pac
Tx State Teachers Association Pac
Tyburczy For School Board
Tyler Diep For Assembly 2012
Tyler For Freedom
Tyrie W Boyer Campaign For County Judge Group 1
Tyrone K Yates For Us Senate Exploratory Committee
Tyson For Court Committee
U A Of Plumbers And Pipe Local 19 Pac
U A Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 357 Pac
U S Energy Pac
U. S. Constitution Matters
U.S. Bangladesh Public Affairs Commitee
U.S. Freedom Foundation
U.S. Marijuana Party Of Wyoming
U.S. Venture Wisconsin Pac
Ua Plumbers And Pipefitters Local 100 Pac Fund
Ua Friends For Arizona's Future
Ua Local 198 Political Action Committee
Ua Local 32 Political Action Segregated Fund
Ua Local 38 Cope Fund
Ua Local 50 Plumbers & Steamfitters Pce
Ua Local No. 355 Political Action Committee
Ua Of Journeymen & Apprentice Of The Plumbing & Pipefittingl 345 Pac
Ua Ohio Pac
Ua Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 286 Pac Fund
Uaw Illinois Political Action Comm.
Uaw International Region 3 Indiana & Kentucky State Sac
Uaw Ohio State Political Contributing Entity
Uaw Region 3 Victory Fund
Uaw Region 5 Pac
Uaw Region 5 Southwest States Pac
Uaw Region 5 Western States Pac
Uaw Wi Fox River Valley Area Political Action Prog
Uaw Wisconsin Political Action Com (Pac)
Ubcja Carpenters Local 87 Pac Fund
Uboa Pac
Uc-Aft Cope Committee
Udc America, Inc.
Ufcw 21 Pac
Ufcw Active Ballot Club Education Fund
Ufcw Local 1546 Political Action Fund
Ufcw Local 21 Pac
Ufcw Local 324 Pac
Ufcw Local 770 Pac
Ufcw Local 876 Political Fund
Ufcw Local 881 Political Action Com
Ufcw Political Action Fund
Ufcw Union Local 880 Political Contributing Entity
Ufcw Western States Council Ie Pac
Uh Professional Assembly - Pac
Uhfg Insurance Political Action Committee
Ujima Peoples Progress Party Organizing Committee
Ukiah Lacrosse Club
Ulster County Democratic Committee
Umwa Coal Miners Political Action Committee Ssf
Una Voz Unida Political Association Pac
Unac / Uhcp Pac
Unger For Deschutes
Unhyphenated America
Unidos Con Bernard Parks
Unidos Para Communidades Trabajadoras
Unidos Podemos
Unidos Project
Unifi Inc Political Action Committee
Uniformed Fire Officers Association Irs 527 Acct
Uniformed Firefighters Association Of Greater Ny
Unigroup Political Action Committee
Union County Libertarian Party
Union County Republican Mens Club, Ie,
Union For A Better New York
Union Of American Physicians And Dentists Medical Action Committee
Union Of Patriots Ks Segregated Fund
Unions For Good Government
Unis For Verona Board Of Education
Unit Corporation Political Action Committee
Unite 4 Property Fairness
Unite For Democracy
Unite For Education Az
Unite For Usa
Unite Here Independent
Unite Here Indianapolis
Unite Here Local 1 Political Action Committee
Unite Here Local 11 Pac
Unite Here Local 25
Unite Here Local 30 Pac
Unite Here Local 5 Pac Fund
Unite Here Missouri State Pac
Unite Here San Diego
Unite Here Tip Missouri State & Local Fund
Unite Here Tip State & Local - Connecticut
Unite Here Tip State & Local-Rhode Island
Unite Here Tip State And Local Fund
Unite The Gop Inc.
Unite Virginia Pac
United 4 Arizona
United Agricultural Political Action Committee
United America Party
United American Consumers
United Assoc Of Plumbers And Pipe 57 Pac
United Association Local 172 Political Action Comm
United Association Of Journeymen & Ppf Washington State Ass'n
United Association Of Journeymen And Apprentices
United Association Of Journeymen Apprenticeship
United Association Of Plumbers & Pipefitters Pce
United Association Political Action Fund
United Association Political Issues Fund
United Center Party
United Citizens For A New America
United Citizens For Yorba Linda
United Citizens Of Illinois
United Communities Of Chicago, Inc.
United Community Party
United Conservatives Fund
United Democrats For Central Committee - 16Th Assembly District
United Democrats For Lynwood
United Democrats Of Frederick County
United Democrats Of Moreno Valley
United Domestic Workers Of America Action Fund
United Domestic Workers Of America Independent Expenditure Pac
United Educators Of San Francisco Candidate Pac
United Employee Organizations Of Orange County Independent Expenditure
United Employee Organizations Of Orange County Prop 34 Pac
United Food & Commercial Workers Iowa Active Ballot Club
United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fun
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400 Abc Pac
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 5 Pac
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 655 Active Ballot Club Voluntar
United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 1167 Pac
United Food & Commercial Workers Union Of Az Local 99 Pac
United Food & Commercial Workers Western States Council Candidate Pac
United Food & Commerical Workers Union 152 Political Action Committee
United Food And Comm. Workers Union Local 1288 Pac
United Food And Comm. Workers Union Local 135 Pac
United Food And Commercial Workers 8 Golden State Pac
United Food And Commercial Workers Local 7R Pac
United Food And Commercial Workers Union Local
United Food Commercial Workers Local 428 Pac
United Food Commercial Workers Union No 880 Pac
United For A Stronger America
United For California
United For Family Values
United For Rudy Lozano Jr
United For Washington
United House Democrats
United Humanity Group
United In Freedom
United Independent Political Action Committee
United Neighbors Of Davie
United Parcel Service Inc Political Action Committee California
United Parcel Service Inc. Pac - Florida
United Parcel Service Inc. Pac - New York
United Parcel Service Inc. Pac-Indiana
United Parcel Service, Inc. Pac - New Jersey
United Parcel Service, Inc. Pac - Tennessee
United Physicians Of Florida
United Policyholders Of America
United Political Action Committee
United Political Action Committee
United Republican League
United Republicans Of Harris County
United Republicans Of Sacramento County
United States Canvass
United States Cuba Now Political Action Committee
United States Federal Constitution Party
United States Marijuana Party Of Wisconsin
United States Of America Ngo Security Council Inc.
United States Oversight Commission Inc.
United States Pirate Party
United Steel Workers Local 11-6 Gasworkers Voluntary Pac
United Steelworkers District 11 Non-Federal Account
United Steelworkers District 4 Ny Nj De Me Non-Federal Account
United Steelworkers Non-Federal Account
United Steelworkers Of America Dist 1 Ohio Pac La766
United Steelworkers Of America District 1 Pce
United Teachers Los Angeles - Pace
United Teachers Los Angeles Pace General Pac
United Teachers Of Dade Committee
United Teachers Of Lowell Cope Pac
United Teachers Of New Orleans Comm
United Tiger/Cope South
United Victory Fund
United Virginia
United Virginia Political Action Committee
United Voice For America Incorporated
United Water Inc. New Jersey Pac
United We Can Tv
United We Stand For Americans Inc
United We Stand For Lt
United Winchendon Political Action Committee
United Wisconsin Pac
United Workers For Local Government
Unitehere Local 8
Uniting Lawrence
Uniting People For Victory
Unity 08
Unity Campaign
Unity Pac
Unity Pac To Elect Guillen & Campbell Washington For City Council 2014
Unity Sd Women's Vote
Universal Leaf Tobacco Co., Inc. Pac State
University Development Coalition
University Of Washington Education Committee
Unleashed Technologies, Llc,
Up Power A Wps Resources Pac
Updegraff Campaign Fund For County Commissioner
Updike Kelly & Spellacy Pc Political Action Committee
Upper Chichester Democratic Committee
Upper Gwynedd Democratic Committee
Upstate New York Pac Region 9 Uaw
Upthegrove Campaign
Upton County Republican Party
Upward Pac
Uranium Producers Of New Mexico
Urban Business Pac
Urban Community Investment And Development
Urban Development & Education Initiative
Urban Leadership Committee
Urban Pac
Urban Renaissance Coalition
Urban Roundtable Pac Inc.
Urdahl Volunteer Committee
Urgo For Manalapan
Ursula Hall Campaign Fund
Ursula Rozum For Congress
Us Acts!
Us Chamber Of Commerce Maine State Pac
Us Citizens Association Pac
Us Lec Corp. Political Action Committee
Us Nigeria Political Action Committee, Inc.
Us Taxpayers Party Of Michigan State Central
Usa Conservative Patriot American Constitutionalist
Usa Freedom Alliance, Inc
Usa Public Affairs Committee
Usaction Fund For Truemajority
Uscso Pac
Use My Vote ~ To Send My Message
Usinpac Leadership Forum
Usmta Aware
Usw District 7 Non Federal Account Illinois
Usw Local 17 Pac Fund
Utah Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry
Utah Democratic Lawyers Council
Utah Democratic Legislature Fund
Utah Education Association-Pac - U-Pac
Utah Energy Summit
Utah Fam Med Pac
Utah Federation Of Republican Women
Utah Home Builder Political Action Committee
Utah Medical Political Action Committee
Utah Rural Electric Association Political Action Committee
Utah Tech Pac
Utah's Working Moms And Dads, Inc.
Utahns For Ethical Government
Ute Political Action Committee
Utility Workers Of America Afl-Cio Local 132 Cope
Utility Workers Union Of America Local 350 Pce
Uw Faculty And Friends Pac


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