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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

Top '527' Political Organizations

(by money raised from 2011 - Present)
OrganizationAmount Raised
Republican Governors Association$77,064,777
Democratic Governors Association$62,813,421
The People Should Decide$33,441,560
Republican State Leadership Committee - Rslc$27,252,820
Nextgen Climate Action Committee-Nonfederal$23,757,715
Republican Attorneys General Association$16,322,523
College Republican National Committee, Inc.$16,183,285
Garden State Forward$14,916,098
Emily's List Non-Federal$11,701,070
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee$11,490,727
Actblue Technical Services$11,037,606
Actblue Non-Federal$7,146,716
Greater Wisconsin Political Fund$7,142,542
Tim Scott For Senate$6,867,802
United Association Political Issues Fund$6,201,140
American Comeback Committee$5,957,400
North Carolina Families First$5,670,863
Democratic Attorneys General Association, Inc.$5,001,967
Budget Watchdogs Newsletter$4,667,551
Unite Here Tip State And Local Fund$4,440,779
Rightchange.Com, Inc.$4,198,612
Arts Pac$3,882,328
Jobs For New York, Inc.$3,722,500
Jobs And Opportunity$3,409,602
Defend Justice From Politics$3,262,300
Gopac Inc$3,055,940
Ufcw Active Ballot Club Education Fund$2,938,100
O'say Can You See Pac - Non-Federal$2,851,521
Grassroots For Florida$2,618,636
Ibew Educational Committee$2,592,990
Laborers Political League - Education Fund$2,497,137
The Presidential Coalition, Llc$2,494,882
Democracy For America - Non-Federal$2,323,393
North Carolina Judicial Coalition$2,205,128
Michigan For All$2,176,356
Patriot Majority$2,124,585
Carpenters Fund For Growth & Progress$2,100,000
Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund$1,859,508
Emerge America$1,739,092
Nat. Assc. Mutual Ins Co. Administrative Fund$1,634,026
Election Digest - A Project Of The Coalition For Literacy$1,539,505
American Beverage Association Fund For Consumer Choice$1,500,000
Better Education For Nj Kids Inc$1,370,442
Ivote Fund$1,330,591
Believe In Louisiana$1,290,143
National Tax Limitation Committee Newsletter$1,280,400
New Approach Pac$1,260,000
Priorities For Iowa Political Fund$1,220,500
United Association Political Action Fund$1,205,946
The Movement Fund, Inc.$1,198,500
California Gop Delegation - Non Federal$1,195,211
North Carolina Homeowners Alliance$1,161,472
Engineers Political Education Committee Separate Education Fund$1,153,000
Believe In Indiana$1,115,947
Progressive Change Campaign Committee Non-Federal Account$1,100,992
California Public Safety Voter Guide$1,048,589
Small Business Action Committee Newsletter$1,035,658
Woman's Voice$1,002,910
Emerge California$992,243
Epec Ny Education Fund$971,921
Ohio Education Association Fund For Children And Public Education$907,179
Democratic Municipal Officials$896,509
Voters Newsletter A Project Of The Coalition For California$892,640
Partnership For Florida's Future, Inc.$875,000
Robert Menendez Legal Expense Trust$866,750
Common Sense Matters$848,835
Workers For A Better Hawaii$835,100
Real Jobs Nc, Inc$826,001
Orange Lake Resort Alliance$813,489
Level The Playing Field$778,621
Republican Agriculture Commissioners Committee Inc$775,231
2012 Pa Gop Delegation$759,342
Wisconsin Progress$753,154
Fund To Protect Working Hoosiers$744,846
Progressive Majority$697,239
Sid Dinsdale For Us Senate Inc$682,511
Actright Fund$655,916
Florida Chamber Of Commerce Alliance, Inc.$616,200
Republican State Leadership Committee - Judicial Fairness Initiative$600,000
Demand Progress (Non-Federal Account)$582,270
Cwa Non-Federal Separate Segregated Fund$561,624
Energy Transfer Employee Management Company Pac (Energy Transfer Pac)$560,559
Community Leadership Pac, Inc$550,922
American Dental Pac Education Fund$549,420
Wisconsin Realtors Political Fund$534,357
Democratic Lieutenant Governors Assoc., Inc$522,000
Innovate Virginia Fund$513,796
We Are Wisconsin Political Fund$500,000
Fair Share Usa$490,507
Shuttleworth For Congress$479,410
Justice For All 2013, Inc.$476,900
Iowans For Jobs And Prosperity$470,065
Lets Move America Forward Fund$470,000
Iaff Firepac Educational - Treasury$462,653
National Public Education Action Fund 527$452,000
The Scott Walker Trust$447,602
Educate Your Vote - A Project Of The Coalition For Literacy$439,815
Nar State Exchange Account$438,831
Insulators International Non-Federal Political Action Committee$421,944
Catholics For Ohio, Inc.$414,315
Securing Our Safety$397,700
National Conference Democratic Mayors, Inc.$392,390
Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party In The Us$391,427
Njdc Victory Fund$388,015
Working Families Of Alaska$382,500
Hoosier Homeowners Alliance$358,942
P.O.A.M. - Legislative Fund$348,612
Education Opportunity Pac$345,000
Bobby Schostak For Chairman$342,601
Restoration Fund$334,432
Fund For American Opportunity- Educational & State Accounts$331,000
Jobs First Coalition Political Fund$327,000
Great Lakes Administrative Account$324,658
Geronimo Research, Education And Training, Inc.$317,600
Americans For Economic Opportunity$317,380
Wisconsin Club For Growth Political Fund$311,902
Advancing Freedom Action Network$310,086
Republican National Lawyers Association$301,249
Every Citizen's Voice$300,000
Tim Scott For Congress$297,862
Ironworkers Political Education Fund$294,302
The Progress Fund$289,500
The Governor's Club$288,741
Thomas Brown For Congress$284,146
Democrats For Public Education$283,200
Faith & Freedom Action$282,693
Tcg Foundation, Inc.$281,707
New Politics$278,960
Mark Greenberg For Congress$269,438
Bill Schuette Administrative Account$269,412
American Council Of Life Insurers Political Activity Fund$262,226
Committee For A Better Pittsburgh$261,000
America Votes 2006$256,850
Emerge Wisconsin$256,321
Alliance For Better Communities$254,242
Uaw International Region 3 Indiana & Kentucky State Sac$250,470
Excellence In Public Service, Inc.$247,505
Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.$241,451
Treasury Employees Democracy In Action Committee$240,000
Hospital And Healthsystem Assoc Of Pa Political Action Comm Hapac$239,760
Dodie Londen Series$236,865
The Constitution Trust$235,985
South Carolina Dental Pac$232,371
Independent Power Producers Of Ny Pac$229,699
Cincinnatians For Jobs Now$229,531
Vote No Committee$227,905
Mainstreet Merchants For A Better North Carolina$227,000
Florida Jobs First, Inc.$225,000
Growing Economic Opportunities$225,000
Wright Mcleod For Congress Incorporated$222,674
Committee For Justice And Fairness$216,041
Standing Up For West Virginia$212,150
Citizens For Responsible Research$210,821
Building A Better New Jersey$210,000
Young Democrats Of America$209,784
Fea Solidarity Fund, Inc.$206,657
Emerge Kentucky, Inc.$204,469
Strong New Jersey Inc$200,000
Nsa Pac$199,750
Progressive Vote Nf Dba Progressive Democrats Of America Nf$197,888
Emerge Nevada$196,882
Florida New Federation Of Republican Women$191,812
Americans For A Better Tomorrow$188,838
Arizona List$183,137
Emerge New Mexico$181,156
Service Employees International Union Political Ed & Action Fund$177,200
National Democratic County Officials$177,190
Metropolitan Baltimore Council Afl-Cio Separate Segregated Fund$175,525
Klw Political Fund$172,330
Smwia Political Education League$172,269
Seeking Transparency In Government$171,900
Pa Families First$170,000
Florida Farm Pac$168,022
Protect Our Liberty$167,300
Democratic Association Of Secretaries Of State$165,933
Community Bancpac$161,635
Common Sense Ny$160,000
Citizens For Effective Law Enforcement, Inc.$158,559
Republican Leadership For Georgia, Inc.$154,249
Nj 4Ward, Inc.$153,000
Pfaw Action Fund$151,414
Midwest Enterprise Group$151,310
General Majority Pac$150,000
Senate Majority Fund, Inc.$146,250
Campaign To Re-Elect Ann Mcclure$142,836
Walking America$136,500
A Working Person Like You$133,165
The Neuro-Spine Committee$131,500
Reince For Rnc Chairman$129,537
Indiana State Pipe Trades Pac Fund$128,659
Rob Zerban Congressional Exploratory Committee$127,043
Community Leaders Of America$127,000
Emerge Massachusetts, Inc$126,501
Teamsters 245 Paf$125,957
Asian American Small Business Pac$125,490
Indiana Friends Of Rural Electrification$125,465
Emerge Oregon$123,236
Johnson Administrative Account$122,092
The Next Generation Leadership Fund Inc$120,000
Emerge Arizona Women For A Democratic Future$117,082
Burton For Democratic Party Chair$117,000
Cabarrus Jobs Now$116,554
Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 Political Expenditure Fund$116,294
Saving Florida's Heartland$115,500
Americas Pac$115,000
Prosperous Michigan Fund$114,277
El Dorado County Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee$114,166
Southern Progress Fund$113,000
For Country, Inc.$112,152
Building For New Yorkers Pac$109,230
Committee To Elect Jd Winteregg$108,301
Georgia Conservatives Fund, Inc.$101,441
Electrical Workers 46 Pac$100,046
Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association$100,000
Aft Solidarity 527$100,000
National Uaw Political Action Committee$100,000
Uaw Illinois Political Action Comm.$97,041
Nea Fund For Children & Public Education$96,636
Building A Better Economy Pc$94,221
Council On Global Democracy$89,780
Dealers Interested In Government$89,596
Neighborhoods United Iepac$89,500
Louisiana Federation Of Republican Women$89,311
Yes On Measure Kk, Keep Improving Desert Sands$88,576
Construction Trades Coalition$88,500
Greg Pyle Campaign$87,364
Women Supporting Cory Gardner$85,500
Ibew Local Union No. 697 Political Action Committee$85,177
Iowans For A Renewable Future$84,500
Emerge Maine$83,782
Concord Administrative Fund$83,575
Leslie Dougher For Chair Of Rpof$81,925
Health Pal$81,556
Indiana Carpenters Political Fund$81,000
Truth And Concerns On Prop 117$80,900
Lcv Political Engagement Fund$80,500
Supporters Of Sheridan College$80,152
Fund To Uphold The Constitution$80,000
Housing And Bldg Assoc Of Colorado Springs Pac$78,473
Arreguin For Arizona$78,085
Shopo Political Action Fund$76,741
American Democracy Legal Fund$75,000
Howard Coble Fund$74,093
David Brinkley For Congress$73,319
Democratic Voices$73,000
Nchlp Education Fund$72,972
A Better Broward, Eco$72,000
Education Support Employees Assoc - Tip$70,716
Professional Insurance Agents Pac Non Fed$70,056
Conroe Citizens For Fair Laws Spac$70,000
Restore Justice Inc$69,250
Lon Johnson For Chair$69,223
Coalition For American Values$66,956
Property Casualty Insurers Association Of America Political Account$66,414
Ibew 481 Legislative Campaign Acct$65,699
Indiana Laborers District Council Political Action Committee$65,295
Special Operations Opsec Political Committee$64,990
City Adminisrative Account$64,919
Bruce Dale Carr For State Representative$63,692
Uaw Wisconsin Political Action Com (Pac)$63,209
Unigroup Political Action Committee$62,651
Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Assn - Support Main Street Il Pac$62,631
Citizens For Democracy$60,000
Eastern White Pine Administrative Fund$59,600
Florida Restaurant And Lodging Association Pac, Inc.$58,758
Meekhof Administrative Account$58,555
Texas Beverage Alliance Of The Texas Package Store$57,065
Committee To Elect Brody Kane$56,396
Bergen County Education Assoc. Political Action Comm.$56,000
Emerge Maryland, Inc.$55,747
Sacramento County Office Of Education Teachers Association Pac$55,674
Njtha Ssf$55,370
Americans For Liberty And Prosperity, Inc.$55,007
New Conservative Coalition$54,855
John Tierney Legal Expense Trust$53,580
United Steelworkers Non-Federal Account$52,889
Americans United For Safe Streets$52,042
American Bakers Association Political Education Co$51,015
Conyers 13Th District Legal Expense Trust$51,000
Republicans Overseas, Inc$50,720
National Fuel Gas Ny Political Action Committee$50,568
Citizens Club For Growth$50,383
Responsibility And Integrity Now Rain Fund$50,000
Uaw Region 5 Pac$50,000
Americans United To Preserve Marriage$50,000
Keep West Sacramento Moving Forward$48,868
Independent Voices$48,655
Citizens For Good Government$48,492
I-Pac Jax, Inc.$48,375
Grassroots Democrats$47,500
Michigan Success Fund$47,305
Carpenters Local Union 351 Pce$47,209
The Senator Marian Bergeson Excellence In Public Service Series$47,120
C.O.A.M. - Capitol Campaign Fund$45,379
Friends Of Demetra$44,300
Builders Association Political Action Committee$42,978
Great Lakes Future Fund$42,950
Illinois Families First$42,500
Goproud, Inc.$41,808
Responsible Government Pac$40,718
Laredo Politcal Action Committee$40,000
Cotpac, Inc.$39,902
Bluegrass Committee For Justice And Fairness$39,638
Hoosier Host Committee$39,400
The Rowan Alliance$39,000
Close The Gap Ca$38,987
The Future Is Now$38,700
Progressive Kick$38,190
Gardere Wynne Sewell L L P Campaign Fund$37,833
Grand Lake Administrative Fund$37,650
Gulf Legacy Alliance Action Committee$37,516
Community Free Democrats, Inc.$37,132
Committee To Elect David Miller For Congress$37,055
Republican Women Of Indian River$36,833
Glenn Addison Senate Campaign$36,661
Hoe Brown For Hillsborough County State Committeeman$36,625
Florida Conservative Action Committee$36,500
North Carolina Soybean Producers Association N.C. Soypac$35,460
The Committee To Protect Broward Eco$35,162
Sanford Bishop Legal Expense Trust$35,000
Illinois Lincoln Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.$34,909
Committee To Elect Kurt Haskell$32,892
Brandenburg Freedom Fund$32,050
Utah Medical Political Action Committee$31,841
Garbage Haulers For Citizen Choice$31,800
You Deserve To Know$31,750
Rohl For Congress$31,347
New Republican Leadership Council$31,300
Wisconsin People Conference$30,883
Bayou Teche Republican Womens Club$30,846
Lone Star Project - Nf Account$30,000
The Coalition For A Better Michigan$30,000
Commitee For A Stronger Maryland$30,000
Ken Reed For Congress$29,920
Common Sense Information$29,858
Suburban Voters For Choice$29,525
Ua Local 38 Cope Fund$29,089
Iowa Legislative Majority Fund$29,000
Republican Women Of Anne Arundel County$28,796
Common Sense For Floridas Heartland$28,600
Santa Barbara Republican Women's Club, Federated$27,669
Joe Bentivegna For Congress$27,494
Athena Pac$27,000
Citizens For Conservative Values$27,000
The Sierra Club Voter Education Fund$26,695
Wake Up Florida$26,250
Pilots Assoc For The Bay And River Delaware Political Action$26,125
Friends Of Bola Omotosho$25,631
Alliance Of Bankers For Wisconsin$25,623
Anoatubby For Governor$25,220
National Republican Womens Network, Inc.$25,178
Gerson For Congress$25,102
They Work For Us Action Fund$25,000
Committee To Elect Dave Wilson$24,970
Building A Better Future$24,500
Iamcreatedequalcom Inc$24,435
Political Outgiving II$24,150
Teamsters Local 317 Political Action Committee$23,664
Christman Enterprises, Inc. - Pac$23,099
United Water Inc. New Jersey Pac$23,040
Republican Liberty Caucus$22,865
Empowerment Nevada$22,650
American Dialogue$22,000
Teamsters Local Union 541 Political Action Fund$21,263
Louises Pac$21,000
Aft State And Local Fund$20,543
Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council$18,906
Greater Tomorrow Political Action Committee$18,500
I.B.E.W. Local 38 Pce$18,002
National Fuel Gas Pa Pac$17,936
Dr Pac$17,675
Freeport-Mcmoran New Mexico Political Action Committee$17,664
Voter Values Funds$17,000
New Braunfels Republican Women Pac$16,381
Libertarian Party Of Ventura County$16,315
Coalition For Contracting Fairness$16,250
Jon Peat For Cypress City Council 2014$16,250
Memphis Fire Fighters Assoc Pac$16,016
David S Brown Enterprises Pac$16,000
Friends For Amy M Meyer$15,626
Spirit Of Michigan Fund$15,600
Restoring America Inc$14,805
Dennis Paul Campaign$14,495
Plumbers And Pipefitter Local Union 803$14,294
Women For Tennessee's Future$14,034
Robertson For Congress Committee$13,843
Mens Excellence In Public Service Serise Inc$13,668
Tennessee Forum$13,308
Doherty For Us House$12,995
Working Montana Pac$12,694
Howard County Republican Club$12,437
Jim Mader Citizens To Elect House District Seven$12,187
Iranian American Political Action Committee, Inc.$12,000
Free Speech$12,000
All Children Matter, Inc.$12,000
Michigan Rnc Fund$11,500
La Together$11,500
Nc Limited Government Alliance$11,008
Elect Jim Evans$10,390
Alabama College Democrats$10,356
Americans For Common Sense Solutions$10,120
Behavioral Health Pac$10,100
Moving Frankford Forward$10,023
Cincinnati Tea Party$10,019
Iowa First Foundation$10,000
Intercounty Health Facilities Association Pac$10,000
North Carolina Agriculture Partnership$10,000
Advocacy For Action Fund$9,916
Ibew Local 9 Pac Fund$9,800
Fund For Colorado's Energy Future$9,725
Terri Lynn Land For Rnc$9,600
Axeon Specialty Products Llc Pac$9,254
Holmes For Congress$9,206
Eddie For Congress$9,182
Democratic Club Of Sunnyvale$9,167
Doug Conkey For State Committeeman$8,345
Washington Multi Family Housing Authority Political Action Committee$8,246
Nereyda Morales-Martinez Campaign$8,220
Alaskans First$8,100
Faith Matters$8,050
Jj Scarborough For Jailer$8,010
Texas High School Coaches Assn Political Action Committee$8,001
Texas Gallop Inc$8,000
All-N 4Bisd$7,950
Actright Non-Federal Fund$7,601
Advance Detroit$7,600
Show Me State Excellence In Public Service Series$7,500
Jeff Semon Committee To Elect For Us Congress$7,300
Last Chance For Patient Choice$7,060
Whitfield For Congress$7,010
Friends Of Sy Smith Inc$6,905
John Webb For Congress$6,250
Atu-Cope Special Holding Account$6,219
Better Florida Coalition$6,000
Campaign To Elect Bob Hastings$5,870
Friends Of Wallace$5,850
Stopthemosque.Org, Inc.$5,850
Jack Heidel For Congress$5,842
Robert Ewing For District Court Judge$5,720
Arizonans For A Sound Economy$5,516
New Progressive Alliance$5,039
Maryland Flooring Industry Pac$5,000
Ravenel For Senate Inc$5,000
Citizens For A Better Pensacola$5,000
Southern Republican Leadership Committee Of Oklahoma$5,000
Robert Karnes Committee To Elect$4,900
Committee To Elect Toni Morris For Congress$4,492
Graymont Pac (Graypac)$4,206
Voter Information Network$4,160
Washington Federation Of State Employees Ssf$4,100
Santa Barbara County Firefighters Government Pac$4,010
Energy Transfer Partners Texas Pac$3,990
William Llop Cpa For Congress$3,924
Dan Phillip For Congress$3,910
Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C. Political Action Committee$3,900
Malibu Bel-Air Republican Women Federated$3,700
Libertarian Party Of Tennessee$3,265
Senate District 23 Dfl Party$3,264
Team [Teamster Education And Mobilization]$3,262
Nathan Lafrance For Us Senate$3,235
Brian D Goldberg For Us Senate$3,112
Elect Steve Harrison-Former Steve Harrison 2014 Exploratory Committee$3,100
Citizens For Fairness Equality & Jobs$3,000
Courage Campaign$3,000
Adduci, Mastriani And Schaumberg, L.L.P. Pac$3,000
Coalition For A Better Memphis 527 Account$2,950
Associated Builders & Contractors Inc Northern Ohio Chapter$2,948
Committee To Elect Chris Edes$2,948
Joyce Dickersdon U S Senate$2,915
American Association Bioanalysts Pac$2,800
People Who Love Kanab$2,600
Informed Consumers Of Florida Inc$2,594
California League Of Conservation Voters Political Fund$2,504
Tpg Pac, Inc$2,500
Sho's Music$2,500
Make Schiff Happen Pac$2,377
Edukalb, Inc.$2,355
Neptune Education Leadership Pac$2,340
Advocates For Alamance Education$2,291
I.B.E.W. Local 38 Pce$2,208
Roofers Political Ed And Legislative Fd$2,100
Immigrants List$2,000
Votesane Pac Non Federal Account$2,000
Arizona Federation Of Republican Women Inc$2,000
The Empowerment Pac Inc$1,984
Support And Defend Pac$1,960
Louisiana Political Action Committee$1,875
Elect Michael Javorsky$1,875
Campaign Finance 21 Company$1,766
South Bay Republican Women Federated$1,760
Ohio Township Democratic Club$1,742
Preserving American Liberty$1,683
Citizen Tea Party Coalition, Inc.$1,671
Nahville Fire Fighters Association Pac$1,651
Harry Sawicki For Congress$1,620
American Academy Of Nurse Practitioners-Political Action Committee$1,390
The Military Pac$1,384
Liberty Maritime Corporation Pac$1,330
Committee To Elect Patty Campatelli$1,300
Ohio Rural Water Association Pac$1,150
Friends Of Steven Puckett Jr$1,116
Ironworkers Local 395 Political Action League$1,087
Young Americans For Rational Politics$1,075
Northern Kentucky Democratic League Inc$1,065
American Citizen Party$1,023
1776 Political Action Committe (Pac)$1,016
No On I-502$1,000
People For A Better Athens$966
Ohio Mortgage Banker Association Pac$930
Utah Fam Med Pac$760
Friends For Adam Sedlock$700
Business Owners For Obama$660
Illinois Veterans Party Of America$635
Franklin's List$600
Shane Smith For Ripon City Council 2014$600
Friends Of Jay Song For School Board 2014$600
Roaseau For President$580
Pennsylvania Freedom Fighters$579
Stop Borrowing Pac$549
Tea Party Patriot Hq Inc$546
Anesthesiologists Associated, P.C. Political Action Committee$500
Protect Seniors Now$500
Committee To Elect Chance D. Corbett$500
Morningstar Coalition$500
Friends Of Lisa Gladden$500
Citizens For Fair And Open Courts$500
Jacob Brimm Friends Of$500
Allendale Civic Association$455
Pass The Troch$455
Somerset County Tea Party Organization$375
New Brunswick For Elected School Board$369
Restoring Democracy$361
Restore Protections For American Older Workers$350
Nursing Home Alliance Political Action Committee$350
Renaissance Party Of North America$314
Jewish Voters Association$300
New Afrikan Independence Party$299
Vote Brad Craver$284
Voice Of The People Pac$255
In Our Mother's Name$251
Northwest Ohio Regional Council Of Carpenters Political Action Committ$250
Jackson County Democratic Party$250
Oklahoma Conservative Values Delegates$218
Friends Of Fairhaven Pac$205
Louisiana Grassroots Network, Llc$200
New Jersey Progress Coalition$200
Young Democrats Of Sandoval County$200
Citizens For Honorable Government$200
People For Floridas Future Inc.$196
Committee To Elect Bob Jackson$175
Republican Women Of Purpose$151
Berg-Oliver Associates Political Action Committee$150
Barbara Tichenor Campaign$150
Eric Hingsberger Friends Of$141
Libertarian Party Of Clark County$125
Elephant Talk, Inc.$124
Vote For Mike Nieves Political Committee$100
Keep Hendry Safe Inc$100
Rnc Alumni Association Inc$100
Liberty's Lantern$100
Americans For Progressing Freedom$94
Game Changer Pac$92
Secretary Of State Project$75
Committee To Elect Daniel E. Harrington$75
The Humane Party$65
Hykes For The American Dream$62
Lincoln Nunnally For Congress$60
Preserve Our Nation Llc$50
Illinois Conservatives$50
Coaches! 101 (Pac)$45
Justin Jelincic For Congress$25
American Grizzlies United$15


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