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Data Updated on 7/11/2020

Top '527' Political Organizations

(by money raised from 2011 - Present)
OrganizationAmount Raised
Actblue Technical Services$41,348,108
Republican Governors Association$26,022,403
Democratic Governors Association$9,597,647
Democrats For Educational Equity Pac$8,885,000
Actblue Non-Federal$7,101,771
Democratic Attorneys General Association, Inc.$7,023,305
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee$6,638,450
Republican State Leadership Committee - Rslc$5,735,698
State Victory Action$4,830,000
The Presidential Coalition, Llc$4,767,035
Republican Attorneys General Association$3,815,099
Mid-Atlantic Laborers Political Education Fund$3,478,199
Emily's List Non-Federal$3,241,859
Justice & Public Safety Pac$3,208,600
National Democratic Redistricting Committee$3,143,076
Firefighters Support Fund$3,073,023
Service Employees International Union Local 721 Ctw, Clc$3,035,319
Daga People's Lawyer Project$3,003,677
Emerge America$2,884,272
Lgbtq Victory Fund$2,260,368
Garden State Forward$2,210,851
United Association Political Issues Fund$2,176,540
New Approach Pac$2,035,000
End Citizens United Nonfederal$1,795,742
Carpenters Action Fund$1,721,660
Run For Something Pac$1,534,180
Reason To Believe$1,350,000
Ibew Pac Educational Fund$1,299,093
Gopac, Inc.$1,269,000
Good Government Coalition, Inc.$1,250,000
Future Now Fund$1,248,900
Pro-Israel America Inc$1,239,140
The Arena 527$1,102,243
Dignity Ca Seiu Local 2015$1,027,132
Rusty For Chair$956,717
Vote Tripling$902,365
Sister District Project, Inc.$805,071
American Beverage Association Fund For Consumer Choice$761,250
California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee$756,713
Greater Wisconsin Political Fund$733,759
Committee For A Great Denver$632,252
Engineers Political Education Committee Separate Education Fund$617,000
Adair For Senate Inc$543,719
American Breast Cancer Coalition$541,862
A Better Delaware$512,460
Citizens For A Responsible Energy Future, Inc.$500,000
Election Digest - A Project Of The Coalition For Literacy$499,087
Flippable - Nonfederal Account$492,080
Community Leaders Of America$469,581
Tim Scott For Senate$467,751
Young Republican National Federation, Inc.$449,572
Common Sense Party$446,513
College Republican National Committee, Inc.$444,538
National Federation Of Republican Women$415,412
United Police Fund$397,140
American Leadership Committee$376,159
Iowans For A Renewable Future$376,000
Forest County Potawatomi Action Fund$375,000
2020 Golden State Delegation - Non-Federal$372,400
Rise Up Denver$369,001
Democracy For America - Non-Federal$336,292
Veterans In Defense Of Liberty Action Committee$328,663
Georgia Wins Inc$327,625
Square One Politics 527$327,394
Anoatubby For Governor$320,870
Ohio Education Association Fund For Children And Public Education$311,038
Committee For Police Officers Defense$307,504
Rust Belt Rising Inc$306,636
One Minnesota Inaugural Committee$305,090
Progressive Change Campaign Committee Non-Federal Account$285,488
Emerge California$269,326
New Day For America$264,356
Let America Vote$262,762
General Majority Pac$256,845
Hoosier Women Forward, Inc.$256,190
National Conference Democratic Mayors, Inc.$255,017
Frontiers Of Freedom Action Inc$252,366
Franklin County Democrats United$244,561
Illinois Laborers Legislative Com$240,917
Smith Anderson Pac$221,934
Democratic Association Of Secretaries Of State$219,370
Republican National Lawyers Association$210,636
Fix Lincoln Streets Now Coalition$207,548
Consumer Attorneys Of California Political Action Committee$203,668
Community Leadership Pac, Inc$200,000
Ohioans For Parental Choice$200,000
Forward Majority Action 527$190,000
Rocky Mountain Emerge$175,729
Serve America Movement, Inc.$152,500
Emerge Wisconsin$151,648
Budget Watchdogs Newsletter$150,841
Newport Harbor Republican Women$148,484
Nea Fund For Children & Public Education$146,975
Republican Liberty Caucus$146,376
Democratic Municipal Officials$142,645
Sullivan For Congress$132,797
Nat. Assc. Mutual Ins Co. Administrative Fund$132,289
Yrnc Omaha$131,039
Greg Pyle Campaign$129,466
Close The Gap Ca$128,825
Orange Lake Resort Alliance$127,466
Democratic Treasurers Association$125,150
Commonwealth Signature Industry-Csi Fund$125,000
American Dental Pac Education Fund$123,898
Black Economic Alliance Fund$120,000
Commerce City Forward$117,640
Democratic Lieutenant Governors Assoc., Inc$117,500
Florida Farm Pac$114,932
Better Roads 4 Douglas County$114,025
One Vote At A Time Nonfederal$110,451
American Police Officers Alliance$108,781
Responsible Solutions For New York$107,655
Emerge New Mexico$106,902
Laura Cox For Chair$106,518
Aft State And Local Fund$103,788
50Can Action Fund Pac$103,213
Excellence In Public Service, Inc.$101,624
Citizens First$100,000
Preserve Protect And Defend Pac$100,000
Veterans Action Network$99,680
Unite Here Arizona$98,062
Emerge Nevada$97,660
Arizona List$96,639
California Public Safety Voter Guide$96,528
Ironworkers Political Education Fund$92,105
Foley & Lardner Llp Texas Campaign Fund$91,626
Tony Cardenas Legal Expense Trust$89,700
National Tax Limitation Committee Newsletter$88,963
Jim Lacys Taxifornia - Tax Fighters Newsletter$87,554
American Democracy Legal Fund$87,500
Marc Flores For Congress$85,077
Woman's Voice$83,105
National Police Support Fund, Inc$82,666
Citizens For A Better Charleston Llc$82,500
Nvahf Pac$81,276
Hospital And Healthsystem Assoc Of Pa Political Action Comm Hapac$78,869
Montgomery County Womens Democratic Club$75,492
Allies For Educational Equity$75,000
Nc Citizens For Patient Safety, Inc.$75,000
Elect Her, Inc.$74,656
Anstine Series$73,275
Dlcc Mississippi$73,027
Protect Florida Families Fund$72,286
Ascend Pac$71,703
Indiana Laborers District Council Political Action Committee$70,591
Priorities Now$70,525
New Way California$67,585
United Association Political Action Fund$66,303
Emerge Oregon$65,471
Athena Pac$63,000
Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Assn - Support Main Street Il Pac$62,532
Jam For Pa$61,500
Smart Political Education League$60,000
Pueblo Library Proud$59,958
Progressive Turnout Project$59,888
Republican Leadership For Georgia, Inc.$58,367
Community Bancpac$57,979
Sheet Metal Workers Intl Assn Local Union 104 Pac$56,345
Young Democrats Of America$55,398
American Veterans Honor Fund, Inc.$54,690
Blue Institute Enterprises, Inc.$54,158
Emerge Massachusetts, Inc$53,260
Emerge Maryland, Inc.$53,026
National Sorghum Producers Political Action Committee$52,820
Taylor English Good Government$51,120
Emerge Maine$50,865
Justice Democrats Non-Federal$50,000
American Comeback Committee$49,624
Schor Lansing Fund$48,562
Protect Indiana's Future$47,902
Reclaim Chicago$46,230
Kuzmich For Congress$44,804
Oklahoma Federation Of Republican Women$43,637
Voters Newsletter A Project Of The Coalition For California$43,267
Florida New Federation Of Republican Women$42,630
Believe In Indiana$40,504
Energy Transfer Employee Management Company Pac (Energy Transfer Pac)$38,599
Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party In The Us$37,058
American Council Of Life Insurers Political Activity Fund$35,497
Jenny Wilson For Mayor$35,355
Ruzziconi For Congress$34,000
North Carolinians For Health Care Access Inc$33,900
Young Conservatives For A Better America$33,530
Lorie Burch For Congress$32,697
Peace Officers Research Assn Of Ca Statewide Ie Comm$32,000
One Nation Party$31,297
Montana Rural Voters Action Fund$30,680
Teamsters 245 Paf$30,306
Joe Gruters For Rpof Chairman$30,000
Greenville Jobs Now$29,750
Uaw Illinois Political Action Comm.$29,218
Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition$28,850
New Politics$28,454
Conservative Leadership Committee Nc$28,000
Next Senate Pac$27,550
Unite Here Tip State And Local Fund$27,162
Grand Lake Administrative Fund$27,013
Dodie Londen Series$26,732
The Neuro-Spine Committee$26,000
One Minnesota Transition Committee$25,173
Kana Crna Pac$25,163
Lead Right New Jersey$25,000
Free Speech Pac$25,000
Texas Beverage Alliance Of The Texas Package Store$24,000
Ivote Fund$23,697
Texas Timeshare Owners Political Action Committee$23,029
The Senator Marian Bergeson Excellence In Public Service Series$22,633
Omg Wtf$22,373
Committee To Elect Ghana Goodwin-Dye$22,319
Friends Of Dave Bryant For Tacoma Port$21,317
Grow Elect 527 Fund$21,000
Stop Gop Governors Pac$18,640
Eastern Carolina Conservative Fund$18,500
Educate Your Vote - A Project Of The Coalition For Literacy$18,280
Why I'm A Democrat, Inc$18,205
Ufcw Active Ballot Club Education Fund$18,000
Independent Power Producers Of Ny Pac$16,849
Illinois Lincoln Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.$15,667
Friends Of Jason Dawkins$15,000
Leadership Operations Fund$15,000
Lcv Political Engagement Fund$15,000
Patti Bounds For Tn Rep$13,106
Motor Voter Committee$12,625
Republican Women Of Indian River$12,490
Citizens For Good Government$12,000
Republican Club Of Indian River, Inc.$11,772
Progressive Takeover$11,764
O'say Can You See Pac - Non-Federal$11,519
National Democratic County Officials$10,725
Advocates For Fairness In Transportation, Inc.$10,584
Friends Of Michael Weaver For Judge$10,350
Justin Anderson For Congress$10,336
Ibew Local 1547 Pac$10,253
Alliance For American Exceptionalism$10,000
American Dignity Pac$10,000
Kentucky Night At The Southern Legislative Conference Inc$10,000
Lori Trahan Legal Expense Trust$10,000
Committee On Political Activity$9,347
Mike Williams For Congress$9,312
Kellye Sorelle, Candidate$8,925
Charles Rand Barnett Us House Candidate$8,085
Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council$7,950
East Rising, Inc.$7,700
Alliance For Better Communities$7,500
Regional Airline Association Political Action Committee$7,500
Plumbers And Pipefitter Local Union 803$7,348
Gloria La Riva For President 2020$7,321
Vote Forward$7,200
Audra For New Mexico$7,105
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 569 Candpac$6,971
Insulators International Non-Federal Political Action Committee$6,871
Forward Cabarrus$6,715
Louisiana Federation Of Republican Women$6,300
Legal Defense Fund Of Jason O'donnell$6,300
Johnson Administrative Account$6,000
North Carolina Soybean Producers Association N.C. Soypac$5,745
Texas High School Coaches Assn Political Action Committee$5,484
John Manimas Campaign$5,451
Indian American Impact Fund$5,302
Women Who Identify, Recruit, And Elect$5,150
Street Bikers United Hawaii, Inc.$5,125
Dentaquest Political Action Committee Alabama$5,100
Friends Of Klein$5,037
Kentucky Strong, Inc.$5,000
Liberty Maritime Corporation Pac$5,000
Laborers Local 81 Political Fund$4,876
Roofers Political Ed And Legislative Fd$4,800
Teamsters Local 317 Political Action Committee$4,478
Seiu California State Council Political Committee$4,396
People For A Working Democracy$4,195
Touchstone Political Action Committee$4,139
Responsible Government Pac$4,000
Calvert County Democratic Womens Club$3,967
Feel Represented$3,851
Pinecrest H2O$3,800
Rodriguez For Congress 2020$3,797
Bamberg County Democratic Party$3,750
Mid-Michigan Strong$3,600
Don Hill For Congress Inc$3,361
Network Health Pac, Llc$3,212
Leaders In Education Fund$3,200
Elias R Garcia Campaign Account$3,085
American Bakers Association Political Education Co$3,000
Midwest Enterprise Group$3,000
Nishiki For Congress$3,000
Enough Is Enough Voter Project$2,896
Humans For Democracy$2,800
Grassroots Democrats$2,425
Nm-03 Legal Defense Fund$2,400
Carpenters Local Union 351 Pce$2,250
Elect Tom Smyly$2,100
Mens Excellence In Public Service Serise Inc$2,090
Home Builders Who Care$2,085
Todd Mckinley For Congress$2,071
Bah For Congress$2,000
Ohio Rural Water Association Pac$1,828
Golden Door Alliance Pac$1,784
Hunt For Congress$1,735
Shawn Roshan For Congress$1,717
Green Industry Political Action Committee$1,670
Piedmont Triad Anesthesia, P.A. Federal Pac$1,600
Uaw Region 5 Pac$1,563
Iowa Propane Gas Political Action Committee$1,520
Preserve Our Nation Llc$1,500
Associated Builders & Contractors Inc Northern Ohio Chapter$1,500
Campaign Fund Of Jimmy Ausbrooks$1,474
Victor Garcia Da Rosa For Congress$1,465
Laborers Political League - Education Fund$1,456
Randy Hopkins For Congress 2020$1,435
Atu-Cope Special Holding Account$1,429
Phillip Cox For Congress$1,300
Atlanta Democrats For Progress$1,231
Republican State Leadership Committee - Judicial Fairness Initiative$1,213
Friends Of Sabrina Shields-Cook$1,108
I.B.E.W. Local 38 Pce$1,102
Livingston Values Fund$1,100
Jackson County Democratic Party$1,047
Working America Independent Expenditure Pac$1,000
Hampton Roads Freedom Pac$1,000
Kenneth Morgan For Congress$958
Presidio County Republican Party$897
Rental Housing Alliance$879
Real Democracy Fund$875
Demoracyone, Inc$800
Diana Miller For Congress Committee$774
Vote Frank Krueger$750
The Rowan Alliance$750
Republican Women Of Central Iowa$675
Sending Jasen Lave To The Indiana State House 2020$608
Iaff Firepac Educational - Treasury$600
Mckinney Tea Party Inc$523
Peninsula Indivisible$500
Corey For Senate$500
Heather Garcia Vote$500
International Union Of Elevator Constructors Political Account$500
Great Lakes Justice Fund$500
Full Employment Now Political Action Committee$482
Santa Barbara Republican Women's Club, Federated$446
Peg Talk$425
Metropolitan Baltimore Council Afl-Cio Separate Segregated Fund$283
Gardiner Bink For County Council$260
Committee To Elect Michael J. Steele For Senate 2022$211
Sho's Music$200
New Afrikan Independence Party$175
Humanity First For Illinois$175
Uaw International Region 3 Indiana & Kentucky State Sac$165
Credit Union Pac Cupac Of Sc$150
Bobby Bliatout Congressional Exploratory Committee$135
Jackie For Salem$120
Pelosi For Dnc$105
Last Chance For Patient Choice$105
Plumbers Steamfitters Refrigeration Fitters Local 393 Pac$100
Somos Pac$100
Greater Johnstown Regional Pac, Inc.$100
American Alliance For Military Veterans$100
Fred Wysocki Friends Of$75
Nc Nurse Midwives Pac$60
West Michigan Republicans, Llc$50
Heerak Christian Kim For Congress$50
Business For Sustainable Forestry$38
State Conservation Voters Action Fund$5
Priorities For Iowa Political Fund$2
Good Citizens Fund$1


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