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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
A - C

! Si Se Puede ! Boston 2004, Inc.
1 Cent For Children Of Lasalle County Schools
1. Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund Pac
100 Group Of Orange County
100,000 Frontline Firefighters & Law Enforcement For Jerry Brown Gov
10Th District Democrats 2011
10Th Senate District Democrat Coalition
11-02-04 Project
1199 Seiu Nonfederal Committee
1199Seiu Massachusetts Political Action Fund
11Th District Democrats
11Th District Unity Team
1215 Foundation
12Georgia Highway Contractors Association Pac
12Th Congressional District Democrats
12Th Ward Pac% Zendora Armstrong
15 Now
159Th Victory Committee
15Th Congressional Democratic District Organizatio
15Th Congressional Dist. Republican State Account
15Th Ward Regular Democratic Organization
15Th-29Th Democratic Club
1776 Political Action Committe (Pac)
1787 National Committee, Inc.
17Th District State Central Committee
1836 Pac
18Th Friends Of Senator Velmanette Montgomery
18Th Senatorial District Republican Committee
18Th Ward Democratic Organization
19Th Ward Democratic Organization
1St Congressional Brain Trust
1St Mariner Bank Poitical Action Committee
2 Help The Vets
2002 Committee To Re-Elect Judge Deirdre O. Dexter
2002 Friends Of Judge Paul Bonin
2002-2003 Candace Watkins For City Of Covington
2007 Conservative Victory Committee
2007 Council President Celebration Committee
2007 Florida Inaugural Committee, Inc.
2008 Id State Republican Convention
2008 Sacramento Mayoral Swearing-In Committee
2010 Tea Party Usa Pac
2012 Committee To Elect Gregory Oliver Superior Court Judge
2012 Education Splost Renewal Committee
2012 Pa Gop Delegation
2015 Governor's Inaugural Committee
2020 Vision For Oregon
2023 Pac
21 Gop
21St Century Education Pac
21St Century Florida
21St Century Florida
21St Century Freedom Pac - Iowa
21St Century Freedom Pac Non-Federal
21St Century Leadership Fund
21St Century Leadership Project
21St Century Pac
21St Century Pac
21St Century Progress Pac
21St Century South Dakota Pac
21St Century Virginia Coalition, Inc.
21St District Republican Pac
21Stcen Pac
22Nd District Progressive Democratic Team
23Rd District Team Slate
23Rd Legislative District Republican Committee
25,000 Knights Of The Democratic Party
250 More Inc
25Th Legislative District Republicans
28Th District Citizens For Real Democracy
2Nd Century Project
2Nd Defense
2Nd Ward Regular Democratic Organization
3 Strikes Ballot Guide
303 Group Holdings
30Th District Citizens For Democracy
30Th District Democrats
31St Ward Regular Democratic Organization
32Bj Empire State American Dream Fund
33Rd District Fund
33Rd Ward Regular Democratic Organization
35Th District Citizens For Integrity In Government
38Th Ward Regular Democratic Organization
3Rd Congressional District Republican Central Committee
4 Democracy, Inc.
4-Star Democratic Club
400 Percent Interest Is Too High Cap The Rate
40Th District Legislative Committee
42Nd District Legislative Committee
42Nd Ward Democratic Party, Inc.
43Rd District Leadership Team Slate
44Th District Republican Committee
45Th District Unity Team
47Th Ward Regular Democratic Organization
4Borax Political Action Committee
4Th Congressional District Democratic Committee
4Th Ld Democrats
4Th Representative District Republican Committee
5 For The Future
50 + 1 Wyoming
51St Ward - Demorcratic Comm
5280 Small Donor Committee
53Rd Senate District Rpm
56Th Assembly District Democratic Committee
5Th Yd Delegates
67 Florida
68Th Assembly District
6Th District Victory Fund Nonfederal
7 For A Better New York
72Nd Mp Co Frg
80-20 Ne-Ohio Chapter Pac
8Th Congressional District Republican Comm. Pac
9-1-1 Committee
904Ward Pc
911 Ballot Initiative Inc.
912 Coalition For A Better America
912 Project Tennessee Victory Fund
99 Percent Working Group, Ltd
99Th Representative
9Ers Of Western North Carolina
A Better Arizona
A Better Broward, Eco
A Better California, Sponsored By Montgomery Advisors
A Better Colorado
A Better Colorado Future
A Better Congress Pac
A Better Country
A Better Forsyth County, Inc.
A Better Fullerton - No On Measure W
A Better Future For Our Town, Inc.
A Better Kitsap
A Better Miami Beach
A Better Pittsburg 2014 In Support Of Sal Evola, Pete Longmire And Ces
A Better South Dakota Pac
A Better Virgin Islands Action Fund
A Better Way For Florida
A Brighter Future For Florida, Inc
A Brighter Miami Springs
A C Wharton For Public Service
A Change For A Better Local 2010
A Change Is Going To Come Inc
A Clean California Committee
A Coalition Of Taxpayers & Employers
A Committee For Measure Q
A Fresh Start For Bayonne
A Hero Political Action Committee
A J Fardella Election Committee
A Lot Of Good People For Erin Fitzsimmons
A New Day For Miami-Dade
A New Direction For Florida
A Stronger America
A Tenth Of A Percent
A Voice For The People
A Wethersfield Party
A Working Person Like You
A&M Pac
A. Wellington Barlow For Florida House District 14
A.A. Baker Campaign
Aapa Political Action Committee
Aarc Of Illinois
Aaron Broussard-Parish President Campaign Com, Inc
Aaron Johnson For Doco School Board District 4
Aaron Osmond For Senate
Aaron Persky For Judge
Aaron Starr For Oxnard City Council 2014
Aaron Thatcher Committee To Elect
Aasp-Pa Pac
Abamcis Critiquing America For A More Prosperous Future
Abbe For Judge
Abbitt For House Of Delegates
Abby Arnold For Santa Monica City Council
Abc Federation Of Teachers Committee On Political
Abc Merit Pac
Abc Merit Shop Cce
Abc Merit Shop Contractor Pac
Abc Merit Shop Pc
Abc Of Florida Cce
Abc Of Florida Political Action Committee
Abc Pelican Pac
Abcd Temple
Abdul For Chair
Abe Snobar For City Council 2014
Abed Hammoud For Mayor Committee
Abelardo Diaz For School Board 2013
Abigail A Huffer For Prosecutor
Abo-2012, Inc
Aboulafia For City Council
Aboutface America Inc.
Abrams Volunteer Committee
Abramson For State Representative
Academy Of Trial Lawyers Political Action Committee
Acadia Political Action Committee
Acadian Ambulance Texas Employee Political Action Committee
Acadiana Republican Women
Accenture Texas Pac
Accessing A Better Chico Pac
Acciavatti Leadership Fund
Accountability For Chico's Tommorrow Pac
Accountability For Colorado
Accountability For Kids
Accountability For Westminster's Students And Schools
Accountability In Congress Matters Pac
Accountability In Government Inc
Accountability In Our Schools
Accountability Now Pac
Accountability To The Working Class Of America Fund
Accountability Watchdog, Eco
Accountable Florida
Accountable Government In Miami-Dade
Accountable Maryland
Ace Pac - Sponsored By Association Of College Educators
Acecny Pac
Acharlan Election Committee
Achievement 2000
Acjrc Pac
Acree For Assessor
Acsa Independent Expenditure Committee
Actblue Non-Federal
Actblue Non-Federal Exempt Accounts
Actblue Technical Services
Actfree, Inc.
Action Caucus
Action Committee For Dr. Miguel Perez
Action Committee For Rural Electrification
Action Committee For Rural Electrification
Action Congress Of Nigeria- New England
Action Democrats
Action For Behavioral Healthcare
Action Pac
Actionpac Inc.
Activate Idaho Iniative
Active Ballot Club Local 27 Education Fund
Active Children Association
Actright Fund
Actright Non-Federal Fund
Actright Virginia
Actright Wisconsin Conduit
Acupuncture Advocates
Acupuncture Advocates Political Action Committee
Acwa Pac
Ad 53 Voter Registration Committee
Ada County Lincoln Day Association
Ada County Republican Party
Ada Edwards Campaign
Adair For State Representative
Adam Bourne Committee To Elect
Adam Hasner Campaign
Adam King For Congress
Adam Maness For United States House
Adam Paul For Good Governance
Adam Plimpton For State Assembly
Adam Smith Pac
Adam Tebrugge Florida House 71 Race Candidate
Adams & Edson For Eastampton Council
Adams 4 Senate
Adams And Reese Political Action Committee
Adams And Reese Tennessee Political Action Committee
Adams County Council Of Republican Women
Adams County Reform Project
Adams County Republicans
Adams County Taxpayers
Adams County Young Democrats
Adamson For Indy
Adcock Commitee
Addison Township Democratic Organization
Adduci, Mastriani And Schaumberg, L.L.P. Pac
Adelante Coachella
Adelante! Pa
Adele M Krantz Campaign For Flathead County Treasurer
Adell Kemper For 1St District Magistrate
Administrative District Council 1 Of Il
Adrian A Spears For Judge Campaign
Adrian Welle Campaign Committee
Advance Allen Pac
Advance Detroit
Advance Mississippi Political Action Committee
Advance Pac
Advance Pac
Advance Tennessee
Advancing American Principles Inc
Advancing Freedom Action Network
Advocacy For Action Fund
Advocates For Alamance Education
Advocates For Business Growth
Advocates For Clarence W. Bell, Jr. For Sheriff
Advocates For Quality Of Life Political Action Committee
Advocating For Children And Teachers In Our Neighborhoods
Aeec Pac
Aelea Christofferson Committee To Elect For Congress
Aeropeace Inc
Aerospace Industries Association Of America Inc Political Action Commi
Aes New York State Political Action Committee
Affordable Assisted Living Coalition Pac
Affordable Healthcare Coalition
Affordable Housing Alliance Political Action Committee
Affordable Housing Council
Affordable Housing Council Of Kitsap County
Affordable Housing Pac
Affordable Housing Pac Ltd
Affordable San Francisco
Affordable Shelter Political Action Committee
Afgi Pac
Afl Cio Illinois State Comm On Political Education
Afl-Cio Target 5000 State And Local Fund
Afp Initial Fund--Jdg
Africa American Accountability Coalition
Africa-United States Friendship & Economic Development Group
African & Caribbean Pac
African American Empowerment Council Political Action Committee
African American Leadership Fund Of Nevada
African American Leadership Pac
African American Political Action Committee
African American Republican Leadership Council
African American Voter Outreach California
African Americans For Newsom
African Congress
African Diaspora/Dba Ivorian Diaspora
African Leadership Empowerment Council (Alec), Inc.
African Political Think Tank
African-American Vote 2000
African-Americans For Democracy
Africans Political Action Forum
Afscme - Ca People Small Contributor Committee
Afscme 2626 - Librarians Guild Pac Fund
Afscme Buckeye Project Pce
Afscme Council 14 People Committee
Afscme Council 37 Wisconsin Solidarity Form
Afscme Council 62 Political Contribution Account
Afscme District Council 33 Political Contributions Ssf
Afscme District Council 57 Pac
Afscme For Erie County
Afscme Illinois Political Action Committee
Afscme Illinois Political Action Committee
Afscme Illinois Political-Local Government Account
Afscme Illinois Solidarity Political Fund
Afscme Local 1083 - Political Action Fund
Afscme Local 1095 Erie County Blue Collar Workers, Political Action
Afscme Local 189 Political Action Committee
Afscme Local 3299 Pac
Afscme Local 88, Multnomah County Oregon Employees Union
Afscme Minnesota People Committee Council 5 Pac
Afscme Missouri People
Afscme Nm Council 18 Political Acct
Afscme Ohio Council 8, Afl-Cio Pac
Afscme Ohio Council 8, Afl-Cio Pce
Aft College Staff Guild - Los Angeles
Aft Committee For School Board Accountability In Jefferson Parish
Aft Guild - Sdccd C.O.P.E.
Aft Local 1493 Cope
Aft Local 1521-County
Aft Solidarity 527
Aft State And Local Fund
Ag 2006
Ag America
Ag Consultants
Agc Committee For Action
Agc Federal Pac
Agc Mo Pac
Agc Of America, Inc. Florida East Coast Chapter, Cce
Agc Of Nh Pac
Agc Pac
Agents For A Better Florida
Agents Pac
Agl Resources Chattanooga Gas Pac
Agl Resources Florida City Gas Pac
Agl Resources Georgia Pac
Agricultural Council Of California Pac
Agsh&F Texas Civic Action Committee
Ahwatukee Republican Women
Aiazzi For Council
Aikea Unite Here
Aiken County Committee For Good Government
Airsoft Safety Foundation Pac
Aj Wagner For Mayor Committee
Ajp Fund
Akram For Congress, Inc.
Akron Teachers Political Action Committee
Al Curtis 4 Ny Senate
Al Doty For House
Al French For Mayor
Al Hoang Campaign
Al Lawson For Congress
Al Leal For Judge Harris County Criminal Ct. No. 8
Al Mullek Campaign Fund
Al Nagy Mayor 2014
Al Pearn For Senate
Al Shoushtarian For Senate
Al Snyder Utah House 5
Ala Biz Pac
Ala Crna Pac
Alabama Academy Of Radiology Pac
Alabama Action Committee For Rural Electrification
Alabama Affordable Housing Pac
Alabama Afl-Cio Pac
Alabama Assoc Political Action Com
Alabama Association Of Insurance And Financial Adv
Alabama Builders Political Action Com
Alabama College Democrats
Alabama Commissioners United Political Action Comm
Alabama Committee For Progress Political Action Committee
Alabama Conservative Victory Fund
Alabama Cpa Pac
Alabama Credit Union Legislative Action Committee
Alabama Engineers Pac
Alabama Federation Of Democratic Women
Alabama Federation Of Democratic Women, Inc.
Alabama For Alabama
Alabama Independent Drugstore Assn Rx Pac
Alabama Judicial Committee
Alabama Legislative Leadership Initiative Pac
Alabama Med Pac Alapac State Fd
Alabama Oilmens Association Pac
Alabama Pharmacy Association Political Action Committee
Alabama Pharmacy Association Political Actions Committee
Alabama Power Co Employees State Pac
Alabama Republican Legislative Committee
Alabama Senate Conservative Caucus Pac
Alabama Senate Republican Conference, Inc.
Alabama Silver Haired Legislature
Alabama State Political Action Fund Uaw
Alabama Tea Party
Alabama Trucking Assoc. Truk Pac
Alabama Veterans Party Of America
Alabamians For Biotechnology
Alabamians For Forever Wild
Alabez Pac
Alachua County Citizens For Accountable Government
Alachua County Citizens For Change, Inc.
Alachua County Republican Executive Committee
Alachua County Tea Party
Alameda Building Trades Political Action Committee
Alameda County Business And Technology Consortium 2014
Alameda County Official Court Reporters Assn. Pac
Alameda Labor Council, Afl-Cio Solidarity Pac
Alamo City Republican Women Club
Alamo Millennium 2001 Committee
Alan Booth For Justice Of The Peace
Alan Cropsey For State Senate
Alan Gardner For S.C. House District 40
Alan L Postman Committe To Re-Elect
Alan Pedigo For State Senate
Alan W Edwards
Alan Williams Campaign Account
Alan Wise Committee To Elect
Alapta Political Action Committee
Alario Pac
Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers Political Action Committee
Alaska Conservation Voters Political Activity Fund
Alaska Federation Of College Republicans
Alaska Physicians And Surgeons Pac
Alaska Salmon Action Committee
Alaska To America Energy Initiative
Alaska Travel Industry Association Pac
Alaska Wilderness Political Fund
Alaskans Deserve Better, Inc
Alaskans First
Alaskans For A Fair Minimum Wage
Alaskans For Truth In Politics
Alaskans Working For Alaska
Albany County Republican Committee
Albany Kids First
Albert Clawson For State Representative
Albert Clawson For Walled Lake School Board
Albert D. Olszeski
Albert Morzuch 2012
Albies For Attorney General
Albracht For Senate
Albuq. New Car And Truck Dealer Assoc. Citi Car
Alday For Trustee
Alderman For Representative
Alderman Race For Chicago/Dorian Myrickes
Alec Brook-Krasny For City Council
Alex For Yda President
Alex Frick For Minnesota Senate
Alex Frick For Minnesota Senate Committee
Alex Grass For Mayor
Alex Knopp For Mayor Committee
Alex Portelli Committee To Elect For Mayor
Alex Sink Inauguration Committee
Alex Tavlian For Assembly 2010
Alex Wood Campaign
Alexander And Baldwin, Inc. Hipac
Alexander For House Of Delegates
Alexander R. Christine, Jr. Campaign
Alexandria Republican Roundtable
Alexandrians For Sensible Growth, Inc.
Alfonso For State Committee
Alfred J. Mascaro Campaign Account
Alfred Moya Political Action Committee
Alfred Ruiz Candidate For Fl House, Dist 58
Alfredo Gutierrez 2002
Algiers Political Action Committee
Alhambra Domestic Waste Water Improvement District
Aliana Apodaca For County Judge
Alice B Toklas Lgbt Democratic Vote
Alice B. Toklas Lgbt Democratic Club Pac
Alice Forgy Kerr For State Senate
Alice O. Mcmcollum For Probate Judge Committee
Alice Wolf Election Committee
Alicia Skillman For Judge
Alioto - Pier For Supervisor
Aliso Viejo United
Alison Lundergan Grimes For Secretary Of State
All Children Matter - Colorado
All Children Matter Indiana
All Children Matter, Inc.
All Citizens For Mississippi
All In For Jobs Committee
All South Dakota Pac
All-N 4Bisd
Allaince For The Next Generation
Allan Katz Campaign Account
Allan Levene For Congress Committee
Allan R. Earl Committee To Retain Judge
Allegiant Travel Company Pac
Allen Administrative Fund
Allen Chiu For City Council 2015
Allen County Libertarian Party
Allen For City Council
Allen Louderback For Delegate
Allen Pitner For State Representative
Allendale Civic Association
Allentown Future Fund, Inc.
Allergan, Inc. Political Action Committee For Empl
Allergy Partners Pac
Alliance Aft United Teachers Political Action Comm
Alliance Against Sexual Assault Pac
Alliance Cce
Alliance For A Better California 2010
Alliance For A Better California Political Fund
Alliance For A Better Colorado
Alliance For A Better Community
Alliance For A Better Community Pc
Alliance For A Better County
Alliance For A Better Florida, Inc.
Alliance For A Better Maryland
Alliance For A Better Minnesota
Alliance For A Better Minnesota 527
Alliance For A Better Minnesota Action Fund
Alliance For A Better Pennsylvania
Alliance For A Clean Everglades, Inc
Alliance For A New California
Alliance For A Regional Solution To Airport Conges
Alliance For A Strong Economy
Alliance For A Strong Florida, Inc.
Alliance For A Stronger Community
Alliance For Access To Dental Care Pac
Alliance For Better Classrooms (Abc), Inc.
Alliance For Better Communities
Alliance For Better Community Schools
Alliance For Better Florida Communities
Alliance For Better Representation
Alliance For California's Renewal
Alliance For California's Tomorrow
Alliance For Colorado's Families
Alliance For Community Progress
Alliance For Ethical Government
Alliance For Fair Taxation
Alliance For Florida
Alliance For Floridas Future
Alliance For Good Government
Alliance For Good Government
Alliance For Jobs And Sustainable Growth
Alliance For Jobs And The Economy
Alliance For New America
Alliance For North Carolina
Alliance For Patient Safety
Alliance For Progress
Alliance For Progressive Representation
Alliance For Progressive Representation Pac
Alliance For Property Protection Rights (Pac)
Alliance For Protecting Seniors
Alliance For Responsible Government
Alliance For Responsible Leadership
Alliance For Retail Markets Political Action Committee
Alliance For Retired Americans Voter Mobilization Fund
Alliance For Stronger Community-Cce
Alliance For The West State Account
Alliance For Truth
Alliance Invested In The Middle Class
Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers California Pac
Alliance Of Bankers For Wisconsin
Alliance Of Californians For Community Empowerment Action Pac
Alliance Of Florida Ppecs Pac
Alliance Of Illinois Taxpayers
Alliance Of Orange County Taxpayers
Alliance Pac
Alliance To Get California Working Political Action Committee
Alliance To Protect The Illinois Constitution
Alliance To Support Forescee Hogan Rowles
Allied Businesses Of Florida Political Action Committee Inc
Allison Bent Bowler Campaign Fund
Allister H. Obrien Political Campaign
Alma Wheeler Smith Take Back Pac
Alpine County Democratic Central Committee
Als Association Of Upstate New York
Alston And Bird California Pac
Altmann For State Rep 11
Alton Lightsey Campaign
Altria Group, Inc. Ohio Political Action Committee
Alvarez For Supervisor
Ama Political Action Committee
Amadeo Ortiz Campaign
Amalgamated Transit Union 757 Legislative Fund
Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Council
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1277 Political Action Committee
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1309 Pac
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555
Aman Singh For Rocklin City Council 2012
Amanda For Portland 2008
Amanda Ragan For Iowa Senate
Amber Fulton Campaign
Amboy Pac
Amc Research Fund
Amendment To Reform Congress, Inc.
Amer For A Republican Majority Non-Fed Account
Amer. Assoc. Vascular Surg. Political Action Comm
Amerencips Political Action Committee
Amerenue Political Action Committee
America 21 - 527 Fund
America 527
America Coming Together - Nonfederal Account
America Continues Inc
America For Diversity
America For Technocratic Action
America For Technocratic Action Ata
America Get Up
America In Solidarity
America Rents And Service
America Votes 2004
America Votes 2006
America Votes, Inc.
America Women Vote 2002 Non-Federal
America's Future First
America's Opportunity Fund State/Local Pac
America's Road Ahead Fund
America's Safety Trust
American Academy Of Nurse Practitioners-Political Action Committee
American Addiction Center Pac
American Affordable Health Care
American Agents Alliance Political Action Committee
American Allegiance Party
American Alliance For Energy Independence
American Alliance Of Young Voters
American Apparel Inc Defense Readiness Pac
American Association Bioanalysts Pac
American Bakers Association Political Education Co
American Beverage Association Fund For Consumer Choice
American Cancer Et Al Ballot Committee
American Cities
American Citizen Party
American Citizens Political Action Committee
American College Of Cardiology - Maryland Chapter Pac
American College Of Surgeons Professional Associat
American Comeback Committee
American Commercial Lines Inc. Pac
American Commoner Foundation
American Conservative Party, Inc
American Council Of Life Insurers California Pac
American Council Of Life Insurers Political Activity Fund
American Crossroads
American Defense Industrial Base Pac
American Democracy Legal Fund
American Democracy Project
American Dental Pac Education Fund
American Dialogue
American Edge
American Families For Christian Growth
American Family Political Action Committee
American Family Voices Voters' Alliance - Individual Account
American Family Voices Voters' Alliance, Inc.
American Federation For Children Action Fund, Inc.
American Federation Of Government Employees
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees 1902 Pac
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees Ie Committee
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees Local 2620 P
American Federation Of Teachers Pennsylvania - Solidarity Fund
American Federation Of Teachers-Oregon Candidate Pac
American For America Political Action Committee
American For Jobs
American Freedom Communion
American Freedom Fund
American Freedom Patriot Association
American Grizzlies United
American Institute Of Steel Construction Pac
American Insurance Assn Pac
American Insurance Association Florida Pac
American Insurance Association Illinois Pac
American Insurance Association Indiana Pac
American Jobs Alliance Inc
American Leadership Fund
American Leadership Pad
American Leadership Porject
American Leadership Project
American Liberation Party
American Liberty Pac
American Liberty Trust
American Majority Project, Inc.
American Middle Class Party
American Middle-Class Party
American Moderate Party
American Muslim Democratic Caucus
American National Party
American Parents
American Party P.A.C.
American Patriot Pac
American Patriot Party
American Patriot Party Of La Porte County
American Patriots Against Constitutional Tampering
American People's Lobby
American Peoples Fund
American Pirate Party
American Pistachio Growers Ca Pac
American Polish Council Of Nys Inc
American Progressive Causes
American Project For The Advacement Of Conservative Training
American Psychiatric Assoc. Political Action Comm
American Public Policy Comittee
American Renewal Pac - Non Federal
American Resolve
American Right To Life Action
American River Whitewater Rafting
American Shipping Group-Marine Resources Group Political Action Commit
American Sikh Pac
American Slingshot
American Society Of Pension Professionals & Actuaries Ca Pac
American Solutions
American Solutions For Winning The Future
American Spirit Fund Non Federal
American Strength And Values Committee
American Subcontractors Association Of Texas Political Action Committe
American Taxpayer Party
American Telephone Political Action Committee
American Tem Limits Party
American Third Position
American Third Position
American Third Position
American Third Position
American Third Position Of New Jersey
American Titty Committee
American Union Party
American Values Club
American Values In Democracy Project Inc
American Values, Inc.
American Veterans Political Action Committee
American Victory Fund
American Voice Pac
American's For Progress & Opportunity
Americans Against Illeagle Imigration
Americans Against Immigration Amnesty
Americans Against Infanticide
Americans Against Pornography
Americans Elect
Americans Ending Abuse Pac
Americans Fo A Better Government
Americans For A Better America, Inc.
Americans For A Better Country Pac Non-Federal (Abc Pac Non-Federal)
Americans For A Better Tomorrow
Americans For A Better Tomorrow
Americans For A Better Yesterday
Americans For A Brighter Tomorrow
Americans For A Culture Of Freedom
Americans For A Democratic Future
Americans For A Free Internet
Americans For A More American America
Americans For A Political Backbone
Americans For A Republican Future
Americans For A Strong Economy
Americans For America
Americans For Better Government
Americans For Brad Roark
Americans For Cain
Americans For Change
Americans For Change Corporation
Americans For Coal Jobs Voter Fund
Americans For Common Sense Policy
Americans For Common Sense Solutions
Americans For Conservation
Americans For Conservative Training Foundation
Americans For Conservative Values
Americans For Conservative Values
Americans For Dr. Rice
Americans For Economic Justice Political Committee Corp
Americans For Economic Opportunity
Americans For Economic Progress And Social Reform
Americans For Equal Credit Opportunity
Americans For Fair Elections
Americans For Free Speech
Americans For Honesty On Issues
Americans For Immigration Reform
Americans For Internet Freedom
Americans For Job Creation
Americans For Jobs
Americans For Joshua Freed
Americans For Lawsuit Reform
Americans For Liberty And Prosperity, Inc.
Americans For Life
Americans For Marriage And Life
Americans For Morality
Americans For Peace Through Diplomacy
Americans For Peace Through Justice
Americans For Peace Through Strength
Americans For Petraeus 2012
Americans For Progress
Americans For Progressing Freedom
Americans For Progressive Leadership
Americans For Real Immigration Reform
Americans For Responsible Government
Americans For Responsible Health Care
Americans For Rick Perry
Americans For The Conservation Of Liberty
Americans For The Right Moves Society
Americans For Truth
Americans For Working Families
Americans For World Peace,Org
Americans Restoring Conservative Values Pac
Americans Tired Of Lawsuit Abuse Fund
Americans United For Democracy
Americans United For Safe Streets
Americans United To End Free Trade .Org Political Action
Americans United To Preserve Marriage
Americans United Victory Fund
Americas Foundation Non-Federal Acct.
Americas Healthcare Townhall
Americas Pac
Americas Revolution Of Reason
Americas Superpac For The Permanent Elimination Of Americas Superpacs
Americas Tea Party 1773
Ameristar Pac
Amerisure Political Action Committee
Ames For Oregon
Amick For Senate Committee
Amigos De Spano
Aml Leadership Fund
Amps Pac Sponsored By Advocates For Malibu Public Schools
Amy Barenklau Campaign Fund
Amy G Mason Campaign Fund
Amy J Kinker For Associate Judge
Amy Keyes People To Elect
Amy Klobuchar Volunteer Committee
Amy L. Bodnar Campaign Committee
Amy Mercado For House District 35
Amy Miller For Dublin School Board
Ana Maria Pando For Cnty Court Judge
Anaheim Municipal Employees Association Independent Expenditure Cmte
Anaheim Municipal Employees Association Political Action Committee
Anaheim Police Officers Association Iec
Anaheim Voter Alert
Ancilliary One
And For The Sake Of The Kids
And Justice For All
And Justice For All
Andersohn For Sheriff Volunteer Committee
Anderson County Libertarian Party
Anderson For Congress
Anderson For Hd 20
Anderson For Sheriff Committee
Anderson For State Senate
Anderson For State Senate
Anderson For Township Committee
Andre Walker For School Board
Andrea Mcgivern For Auditor
Andrew A. White Campaign Fund
Andrew Barkis For County Commissioner
Andrew Groff For Senate
Andrew Markle For Indiana House District 99
Andrew Person For Legislature
Andrew Petersen For Oregon
Andrew Scott For Mayor 2014
Andrew Spar, Candidate For Fl. House
Andrew Wong For School Board 2013
Andrews And Kurth Federal Pac
Andrews And Kurth Texas Pac
Andy Dedmon Campaign
Andy Edwards For Fl State House Dist 85
Andy Gardiner For State Representative
Andy Harris For Senate
Andy Kerr Leadership Fund
Andy Mann For Congress
Andy Nickol For County Commissioner
Andy Schmookler For Congress
Andy Thomas Candidate For Public Defender 2Nd Judicial Circuit
Andy Toy 07 Aka Friends Of Andy Toy
Andy Vasquez For Supervisor 2010
Anesthesiologists Associated, P.C. Political Action Committee
Anesthesiology Leadership Council 1
Anesthesiology Leadership Council 2
Anesthesiology Leadership Council 3
Anesthesiology Pac
Angela Alioto For Mayor 2003
Angelenos For Safe Access Committee
Angelides 2006
Angelina County Republican Club
Angeline Kwasny Elect For 44Th
Anger Is Brewing
Angie Paccione Congressional Exploratory Committee
Angus G. Jennings For Lieutenant Governor
Angus King For Us Senate Campaign
Animal Pac
Animal Pac
Animal Protection Pac
Animals Elect Wisconsin
Aniskovich 2002
Anita Fuller Friends Of
Anita Yeckel For State Treasurer
Anjali Phukan For Maryland
Ann Hildebrand Campaign Account
Ann Kitchen Campaign
Ann Leber Friends Of
Ann Lewis For Mayor
Ann Marie Simmons For Judge
Ann R. Purcell Campaign Fund
Ann Rest For Senate Campaign Committee
Ann Teich For School Board
Ann Wagner For Rnc
Ann Williams For City Council
Ann Yarko For Florida House District 9
Anne Arundel Young Democrats
Anne Colt Leitess For States Attorney
Anne Flanigan Bassi For Lake County Board
Anne Gobi Election Committee
Anne Pasley-Stuart For Senate
Anne Pica Committee To Elect For City Council
Anne Sumers For Congress
Anne Zerr For State Representative
Annette D. Young
Annette Teijeiro For Congress Exploratory Committee
Annie's List
Annise Parker Campaign
Anoatubby For Governor
Antenori For Congress
Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Political Action Committee
Anthem Health Plans Of Virginia Political Action Committee
Anthony A. Beale Committee To Elect
Anthony Azadeh For State Representative
Anthony Brown For Attorney General
Anthony C. Hill Campaign, State Senate 2002
Anthony Jones For City Council
Anthony Kowbeidu For Mt Pleasant Town Council
Anthony Marabella For Judge Committee
Anthony Marquize Citzens For
Anthony Neiger For Sc District 5
Anthony Rackauckas For District Attorney
Antonia M. Ingversen Campaign
Anybody But Batt Political Action Committee
Apace Pac
Apapac (Asheville Pulmonary Associates Political Action Committee)
Apartment Association Of Greater Dallas - Pac
Apartment Assoc. Of Mich. Political Action Comm.
Apartment Association Of California Southern Cities Pac
Apartment Association Of Indiana, Inc
Apartment Association Political Action Committee
Apartment Political Action Committee
Apc Political Action Committee
Apex Clean Energy Pac
Apma Pac
Appleton Taxpayers United
Appoint Judges Fairly
Aptos La Selva Fire Fighters Assoc
Apwu Committee On Political Education-Treasury Fun
Ar-Pac, Inc.
Arab American Democrats Of California
Arab American Democrats Of California Pac
Arapahoe County Republican Party, Inc.
Arapahoe County Unaffiliated Voters
Arcadia Republican Women's Club, Federated
Archbald Borough Endorsed Democrats 2007
Archers Vision For A Brighter Future
Architects Of Colorado Small Donor Committee
Architects Political Action Committee
Area II Republican Committee
Arena Octavo Sector Usa Inc
Arena Pac Non-Federal Account
Arhme Pac
Arianna Moore For City Council District 7
Ariel Fernandez Campaign
Arista Indian Village*Arista Nation
Arizona Accountability Project
Arizona Advocates For Women, Children And Families
Arizona Assoc Of Realtors Leadership Committee
Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar
Arizona City Facts And Information Committee
Arizona Club For Growth Action
Arizona Conservative Party
Arizona Contractors Assoc Political Action Comm
Arizona Democratic Progressive Caucus
Arizona Democrats For Educational Equity
Arizona Education Network
Arizona Electoral College Reform Initiative
Arizona Entrepreneurs
Arizona Families United For Strong Communities -A Project Of Seiu-Cope
Arizona Federation Of Republican Women Inc
Arizona First
Arizona Home Preservation Council
Arizona Leadership Committee
Arizona Leadership Fund
Arizona List
Arizona List Pac
Arizona Log Cabin Republicans
Arizona Majority Fund
Arizona Needs A Lieutenant Governor
Arizona Patriots Alliance
Arizona Physical Therapy Association Political Action Committee
Arizona Pipe Trades 469 Pac
Arizona Republican Party
Arizona Rock Product Producers
Arizona Title Loan Association Political Action Committee
Arizona Values Coalition
Arizona Victory
Arizona Victory Fund
Arizona Vote Project
Arizona Wins Education Committee
Arizonans Against The Power Grab - No On 109
Arizonans Against Unfair Tax Schemes
Arizonans For A Democratic Congress
Arizonans For A Sound Economy
Arizonans For Ethical Leadership
Arizonans For Greene
Arizonans For Professional Law Enforcement
Arizonans For Responsible Law Enforcement
Arizonans For Responsible Public Policy 2006
Arizonans For Responsible Water Policy
Arkansans For Change
Arkansans For Compassionate Care 2016
Arkansans For Property Rights
Arkansans For The 21St Century
Arkansas Coalition Of Concerned Taxpayers
Arkansas Conservative Legislative Pac -- Administrative Fund
Arkansas Conservative Legislative Pac -- House Fund I
Arkansas Conservative Legislative Pac -- House Fund II
Arkansas Conservative Legislative Pac -- Senate Fund
Arkansas Conservatives United
Arkansas Libertarian Party
Arkansas Progressive Group
Arkansas Realtor Political Action Committee II
Arkansas Realtors Political Action Committee
Arkansas Senate 2002
Arkansas Tea Party, Inc.
Arkansas Trucking Association Political Action Committee
Arkansas Veterans Party Of America
Arkansas-Texas Victory Fund - Nonfederal Account
Arlene Sweeting Campaign
Arlene Waldron Campaign, Hills. Co. Comm. Dist. 4
Arlie Ricasa For Assembly
Arlington Area Democratic Alliance
Arlington Chamber Of Commerce
Arlington County Republican Committee
Armando For Assembly
Armando For Assembly 2006
Armando Villalobos For Congress Exploratory Committee
Armed Forces Political Action Committee
Armenian Americans Legislative Issues Committee Voter Fund
Armenian National Committee Municipal Pac
Armenian National Committee Pac
Armistead For Lt. Governor
Armour Smith For City Council Chair 2
Armstrong Coal Pac
Arnie Richard Royal Royal For Representative
Aro For Monona Council
Aroner For Assembly 2000
Aroner For Assembly 98
Aroused Body
Arredondo For Acc
Arredondo For Az Representative
Arredondo-Savage For Tempe City Council
Arreguin For Arizona
Arriola For Congress
Arrow Exterminators Pac Of Georgia, Inc. D/B/A Arrowpac
Art 2002
Arthenia Joyner State House District 59
Arthrell For 71
Arthritis Coalition
Arthur Graham Campaign
Arthur Ravenel For Senate Committee
Arthur Rothenberg Campaign Account
Article V Convention Project
Article V Political Action Committee
Artists Air Traffic Control, Inc.
Arts Pac
Asbury Park Democrats
Asc-Ga Pac
Ascendant Society
Asd Political Action Committee
Asgm Pac
Ash For Arizona
Ashdown For Senate
Asheville Cardiology Associates Political Action Committee
Asheville Forward
Asheville Hospitalist Group Pac
Ashford Neighbors Ballot Committee
Ashley For County Council
Asian American Political Action Committee
Asian American Republican Club Of New York
Asian American Small Business Pac
Asian American Voter Guide
Asian Americans For Political Advancement Pac
Asian Pacific American Convention Committee, Inc.
Asian Pacific American Network Of Oregon Political Action Committee
Asian Pacific American Pac
Asian Pacific Democratic Club Pac
Asian Pacific Democratic Club Voter Guide
Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs - Political Action Comm
Asian Political Leadership Fund
Asian Republicans Of Clark County
Ask First
Ask First Centennial
Askfirst Greeley
Asmg/Caa Good Gov't Fund - St & Loc
Aspire Michigan
Assembly Democratic Leadership 2000
Assembly Democrats Voter Registration 2002
Assembly Republican Leadership Fund 2000
Assemblyman John E Rooney Ca
Assemblymember Correa Campaign Legal Defense Fund
Assn Of Ca Life & Health Insurance Co P A C
Assoc Of California Healthcare Districts Pac
Assoc To Build A Better Indiana
Assoc. For Promoting Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Shpe
Assoc. Of Ca School Administrators Candidates Pac
Assoc. Of Former Gloucester Twp. Democratic Mayors
Associa Pac - Florida
Associa Pac Texas
Associated Builders & Contractors
Associated Builders & Contractors Inc Northern Ohio Chapter
Associated Builders & Contractors Of Michigan Merit Fund
Associated Builders & Contractors Of Southern California Pac
Associated Builders & Contractors Of Texas Political Action Committee
Associated Builders & Contractors Pac
Associated Builders & Contractors Pac
Associated Builders And Contractors Of So. Nv Pac
Associated Builders And Contractors Northern California Chapter Pac
Associated Builders And Contractors Of Texas, Inc
Associated Food And Petroleum Dealers Ohio Political Action Committee
Associated General Contractor Pac
Associated General Contractors Building Floridas Future
Associated General Contractors For Better Government
Associated General Contractors For Responsible Government
Associated General Contractors Of Iowa Pac
Associated General Contractors Of New York State Pac
Associated General Contractors Of Texas Pac
Associated General Contractors Of Virginia Pac
Associated General Contractors Pac
Associated Industries For A Strong Economy
Associated Industries Of Florida Energy Council Political Action Co
Associated Industries Of Florida Leadership Political Action Committee
Associated Industries Of Florida Political Action Committee
Associated Underground Contractors Pac
Association For A Better Collier, Inc.
Association For Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs State Pac
Association Of American Publishers Pac
Association Of American Publishers, Inc. Calpac
Association Of American Publishers,Inc. Calpac Two
Association Of California Insurance Companies Pac
Association Of California State Supervisors Pac
Association Of Canaan Democrats, Inc.
Association Of Gaming Equip Manuf Pac
Association Of Mo Electric Cooperatives Political Action Committee
Association Of Placentia-Linda Educators Cbs
Association Of Plainfield Teachers Political Action Committee
Association Of Texas Professional Educators
Association Of Wa Business Political Action Committee
Association Of Washington Spirits & Wine Distributors Pac
Assuring Quality Healthcare Access For Colorado
Aston Township Republican Executive Finance Commit
Asurion Llc Tennessee Political Action Committee
At And T Political Action Committee Texas
At&T Alabama Political Action Committee
At&T Arkansas Employee Political Action Committee
At&T California Employee Political Action Committee
At&T Colorado Employee Political Action Committee
At&T Connecticut Employee Pac
At&T Florida Political Action Committee D/B/A At&T Florida Pac
At&T Georgia Political Action Committee
At&T Illinois Employee Pac
At&T Inc. Texas Political Action Committee (At&T Texas Pac)
At&T Indiana Political Action Committee
At&T Kansas Pac
At&T Kentucky Political Action Committee
At&T Louisiana Political Action Committee
At&T Michigan Pac
At&T Mississippi Political Action Committee
At&T Missouri Employee Political Action Committee
At&T Mobility Llc Employee State Pac
At&T Nevada Employee Political Action Committee
At&T North Carolina Political Action Committee
At&T Ohio Employee Political Action Committee
At&T Ohio State Pac
At&T Oklahoma Political Action Committee
At&T Pac - Missouri
At&T Pac - Missouri/Kansas
At&T Pac - Oklahoma
At&T Political Action Committee-Illinois
At&T S Florida Political Action Committee D/B/A At&T South Florida Pac
At&T South Carolina Political Action Committee
At&T Tennessee Political Action Committee
Atandt - Political Action Committee Ny
Atascosa Co - Lytle Area Republican Women
Athena Pac
Atherton Police Officers Association Pac
Atkins For State Representative 2002
Atlangroup Llc Pac
Atlanta Politico, Inc.
Atlanta Realtors Political Action Committee
Atlantic County Regular Republican Committee
Atlantic Health System State Pac
Atlantic Highlands Democratic Campaign Committee
Atlas Oil Pac
Atlas Political Action Committee
Atlee Mercer Campaign Fund
Atley Brown For Sheriff
Atrisco Land Rights Council
Att Pac - Colorado
Att Pac - Mountain States
Att Pac - Northwest States
Atu Local 689 Political Action Committee
Atu-Cope Special Holding Account
Atu-Ny Cope Fund
Auburn Area Republican Women Federated
Auburn Trustee Improvement Pac
Audit The Vote
Audit, Pac
Audra Strickland For Assembly
Audra Strickland For Secretary Of State 2010
Audrey Haydon State Representative Candidate
Audrey K. Tyler For Trustee
Austerman For State Senate
Austin Allran For State Senate
Austin Board Of Realtors Political Action Committee
Austin Firefighters Pac
Austin Kids First
Austin Police Association Pac
Austin Republican Women Pac Fund
Austin Scott For Congress, Inc.
Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services Pac
Austinites For Accountability
Austinites For Geographic Representation
Autauga County Republican Club
Authors And Illustrators For Children
Auto Dealers Of Michigan Political Action Committe
Auto Political Action Committee
Automated Power Exchange Good Government Fund
Automotive Repair Coalition Pac
Autonomy Party
Ava Vannahmen Candidate For House Seat 50 Committee To Elect
Avi Fairness
Avon First Municipal Slate Committee For 2013
Ax The Tax Osceola
Axeon Specialty Products Llc Pac
Ayers For Council 2013
Ayrsley Fairness Action Committee
Az Assoc Of Realtors Leadership Committee
Az Firefighters
Az Free Enterprise Club's Freedom Club Pac
Az School Works
Azcona For Ross Township Board
Azcona For State Representative
B G Distribution Partners Political Action Committee
B.A.C. Local 7 Pac Fund
Babel Babes Preschool
Babel Baptist Church
Babette Josephs, Committee To Elect
Bac Administrative District Council Of Nj Political Action Committee
Bac Local 11 Ny Pac Fund
Baca Campaign
Bachmann Re-Election Committee
Bacigalupo For Judge
Back Pac
Back River Pac
Back To Basics Pac
Back To The Drawing Board
Backer 2010
Background Conservatives Pac
Backing Alabama Conservative Political Action Committee
Badillo 2001
Bagatelos For Assembly
Bagley For Judge Committee
Baian Barry Pollard For City Council
Bailey For Congress
Bainbridge Township
Baker & Hostetler Llp Ohio Pac
Baker & Hostetler New York Political Action Committee
Baker For State Representative
Bakersfield Firefighters Legislative Action Group
Bakersfield Professional Firefighters Local 246 Pac
Bakersfield Republican Women Federated
Balance 2008
Balance Fund
Balance New York
Balance Pac
Balanced And Fair Representation Committee
Balanced Courts Ohio
Balanced Growth Political Committee
Balanoff For Illinois
Baldacci For Governor Committee
Baldemar Flores 2010
Baldone For Congress
Baldwin Borough Democratic Organization
Balkema For Congress
Ballard Spur
Baltimore City Fraternal Order Of Police Political Action Fund
Baltimore City Sitting Judges Committee
Baltimore County Home Builders Pac
Baltimore County Lodge4 F.O.P. P.A.C. Fund
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee
Baltimore For Iowa House
Baltimore Washington Construction & Public Employees Laborers Pac
Ban The Ban Wisconsin, Inc
Band Of Brothers
Banducci For Sheriff 2014
Bangladeshi American Democratic Coalition
Bangor Citizens For Responsible Leadership
Bank Of America - Georgia Pac
Bank Of America Arkansas Political Action Committee
Bank Of America California Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Connecticut Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Corp. Pac - Ca (Fka Mbna California Pac)
Bank Of America Corp. Pac-Delaware (Fka Mbna De Pac)
Bank Of America Florida Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Maryland Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Missouri Political Action Committee
Bank Of America New Hampshire Political Action Committee
Bank Of America New York Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Rhode Island Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Tennessee Political Action Committee
Bank Of America Virginia Pac
Bank One Louisiana Political Action Committee
Bank One Ohio Pac
Bank One Texas N.A. Good Government Committee
Bank Pac
Banks For District Attorney
Banning Citizens Against Corruption
Banning Citizens Against Unfair Taxes And Wasteful Spending
Barb Davis White For Congress
Barb Johnson Volunteer Committee
Barb Vanderveen For State Representative
Barbara Canales-Black Campaign
Barbara Craft For State Represenative
Barbara Dooley For U.S. Congress, Inc.
Barbara Hollenbach For Judge Committee
Barbara Jordan For Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 1
Barbara Leding For Tn Senate
Barbara Lifton For State Assembly
Barbara M. Staggs Re-Election Committee
Barbara Mauro For Assembly
Barbara Meiklejohn For Clerk
Barbara Tichenor Campaign
Barbara Trovillion Rushing
Barbara's Early Child Development Day Center
Barbarians At The Gate Pac
Barchiesi For Judge Committee
Barett Byrd For Louisiana Campaign Fund
Barker For Representative
Barnes For District Attorney
Barnes For Treasurer
Baroni 2003
Barr For School Board
Barrett For State Senate
Barrett For Wisconsin
Barrett Harris For Judge 2010
Barry Brucker For School Board
Barry Campaign Committee
Barry Cassidy For The 45Th
Barry Groveman For Assembly
Barry Schiftic For City Council
Barry Smitherman Campaign
Barry Usher For Senate District 20
Bart Mcleay For U.S. Senate, Inc.
Bartholomew For City Council 2012
Bartle 2002
Basic Pac
Basic Rights Washington
Basta - Bell Association To Stop The Abuse
Bateman For Congress
Bates County Democratic Central Committee
Baton Rouge Tea Party
Battle Born Political Action Committee
Battleground Arizona
Battleground Texas
Bauer For Alderman
Bay Account
Bay Area Citizens For Responsible Government, Inc.
Bay Area Citizens Political Action Committee
Bay Area Cooperative Pac
Bay Area Dems
Bay Area Firefighters Pac Fund
Bay Area Firefighters Politcal Action Committee Fund
Bay Area Republican Women
Bay Area Union Labor Party
Bay Area Union Labor Party Voter Guide
Bay Area Voter Education Project
Bay County Republican Committee
Bay Lakes United Educators Pac
Bay State Future
Bayada Nurses Nc Political Action Committee
Bayada Nurses Political Action Committee
Baybio Pac, Sponsored By The Bay Area Bioscience Association
Bayless For Governor
Bayonne Residents For Taxpayers Fairness
Bayonne Taxpayers For Fairness
Bayou Teche Republican Womens Club
Bb And T - North Carolina Pac
Bb&T Texas Political Action Committee
Bbg Cce
Be Blue Indiana Pac
Be Fair Kenosha
Be For Change
Bea Lewis Campaign Committee
Beach Party
Bealls Pac Usa
Bear Republic Team
Beard Volunteer Committee
Bearden For House Seat 101
Beasley For Mayor
Beauprez For Colorado
Beaver County Young Republicans
Bebout For Governor
Becca Doten For Dnc
Becerra For City Council
Becker & Poliakoff Political Action Committee
Becker For Congress
Becky Carney For Nc State House
Becky For Judge
Becky Lourey For Governor
Becky Nordgren Campaign
Becky Siekmeier For Senate Campaign
Bedingfield For Congress
Beecher Gray For Court Of Appeals
Beehive Pac
Beer And Wine Pac
Beer Distributors Committee For Good Government
Beer Distributors Of Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Begin Blue, Inc.
Behavioral Health Awareness Of Florida
Behavioral Health Pac
Behrendt For Ohio
Behring For Council President
Belfatto Coburn For Council 2009
Believe Again Pac
Believe In Indiana
Believe In Lochbuie
Believe In Louisiana
Believe In Nashville
Believe In New York
Believe In Ohio Pac
Bell Helcopter Textron Political Committee
Bellevue Firefighters Political Action Committee
Bellevue Parks Yes
Bellew For State Senate
Bellone 2015
Ben Alexander For Sbe
Ben Brees Committee To Elect For Judge
Ben Brees For Judge 2012
Ben Cline For Virginia House Of Delegates
Ben Garves For Congress
Ben Johnson The Peoples Committee For
Ben Leman Campaign
Ben Prishtina Alabama Fifth Congressional District
Ben Smith For Judge Campaign
Ben Stotler For Mrh Board Of Education
Ben W. Nevers, Sr. Campaign Fund
Ben Wong For Assembly
Benanav For Judge Committee
Benicia Local Government Accountability Coalition
Benjamin Dunn For Senate
Benjamin Horner Committee To Elect
Benjamin Milks For House Of Representatives
Bennett For Assembly 2000
Bennett For City Council 2004
Bennett For Sc Senate
Bennett For Senate
Bennett Ford Campaign For Public Defender Of 7Th Judicial Circuit
Bennett H Brummer Campaign For Public Defender
Bennett Steil Us Senate 2014
Bennion Spencer For Congress Committee
Benny C . Petrus Campaign Fund
Benny For Nevada
Benny Puckett For President Campaign
Benoit For State Assembly
Bensalem Township Republican Executive Committee
Benson Committee
Benson For Governor
Bentley For House District 63
Benton County Central Committee
Benton Harbor Success Pac
Benton Township Organization
Benzie County Democratic Committee
Berg For Judge
Berg Volunteer Committee
Berg-Oliver Associates Political Action Committee
Bergen County Democratic Organization
Bergen County Education Assoc. Political Action Comm.
Bergen County Republican Organization
Bergen Pac, Inc.
Berger For Commonwealths Attorney
Berglin Volunteer Committee
Berglund (Jesse) For Minnesota
Bergstein For Assembly
Berkeley Citizens For Quality Schools
Berkeley Police Association Pac
Berkeley Tenants United For Fairness
Berks Business Executives For Accountable Government
Berkshire Greens
Bermudez For Assembly
Bernal For Valley Mayor
Bernard L. Stone Campaign Committee
Bernard Parks For City Council
Bernardo Sandoval For Grand Terrace City Council 2010
Bernie August For U.S. Congress
Bernie Meyer For Sheriff
Bernie Svalstad For City Council
Bernstein Family Pac
Bernstein For Nevada
Berry For Treasurer
Bert Bevis For Committman
Bert Mizusawa For Congress
Berta Gonzalez-Harper For City Council 2014
Berz For Judge
Bes Pac
Best For Cumberland County
Best Friends Action Fund
Best Strategy
Best4Bergen Org
Beter Civic Leadership Pac
Beter Transit Now
Beth Alois For State House
Beth Delbuono For Mayor
Beth Garfield For City Council
Beth Hambelton For School Board
Beth Mizell For Louisiana Inc
Beth Ostgaard For Nc House
Beth Rabb For Fairview Town Council
Bethlehem Republican Committee
Betsy Ross Movement
Betsy Wergin For Senate Volunteer Committee
Betsy Williams Campaign
Better Austin Today Pac
Better Citizens Committee
Better Courts For Missouri
Better Days Brighter Tommorrows Party
Better Education For Nj Kids Inc
Better Education Political Action Committee
Better Florida Coalition
Better Florida Education
Better Florida Fund Corp.
Better Florida Leadership Coalition
Better Foundations For Our Future
Better Future For Franklin
Better Georgia Action, Inc.
Better Government Committee
Better Government Through Balance
Better Houston Pac
Better Informed Legislative Leadership Cce
Better Leaders 2006
Better Leaders For Louisiana
Better Leadership For Missouri Pac
Better Libraries For Palo Alto
Better Local Government Pac
Better Long Island Political Action Committee
Better Neighborhoods Committee
Better New Mexico Pac
Better Norman Advocates, Inc.
Better Opportunities For South King County
Better Pac
Better Pierce County
Better Portland Alliance
Better Representation Walnut Citizens Committee To Support The Recall
Better Sacramento Pac
Better Safer Lakeside Schools Committee For Proposition V
Better Safer Streets For Gilbert
Better Schools & Safer Neighborhoods For La To Support Curren Price
Better Schools For A Stronger Colorado
Better Schools For Missouri
Better Schools, Better Futures, Inc.
Better Way La Pac Inc
Betty Furr Richie Campaign
Betty Hicks For Wc2
Betty Jane Maniaci For Asembly
Betty Ringlee Committee To Elect
Betty Shultz For Council Committee
Bettye Fine Collins Committee
Bev Kilmer Campaign
Bevan Dufty For Supervisor
Beverly B Kennedy Campaign
Beverly Gard For State Senate Committee
Bexar County Justice Pac Of Satla
Bg Residents For Nathan Eberly
Bgla Headquarters Pac
Bi-Partisan Comittee To Elect Gary T. Harris Judge
Bi-Partisan Committee To Elect David Williamson
Bi-Partisan Friends Of Paul H Mccartney III
Bi-Partisans To Rebuild California
Bias For Congress
Bibliophiles United For The Preservation And Promotion Of Libr
Big Ideas 4 La
Big Red Political Action Committee
Big Sky Broadband Coalition For Lower Taxation Pac
Bill Armistead For Senate
Bill Bevis Campaign
Bill Bubrig For Sheriff
Bill Burnett Committee To Elect For Selectmen
Bill Campbell For Supervisor
Bill Cassidy Campaign
Bill Cervone Campaign
Bill Cimbrelo For Us Senate
Bill Connolly For Judge Campaign
Bill Crawford For Chatham County Commissioner
Bill Curry For Governor
Bill Curry For Governor 02
Bill Davis For Sheriff Campaign
Bill Denihan Friends Of
Bill Dodd For Supervisor
Bill Dunn For Pva
Bill Dunn Re-Elect
Bill Emmerson For Assembly
Bill English Campaign
Bill Fuzia For Sheriff
Bill Galvano Campaign For Florida House Representa
Bill Galvin Campaign Committee
Bill Gibson For Councilman
Bill Gillespie Jr Candidate City Of Prattville Mayor Campaign Fund
Bill Goodman Campaign Fund
Bill Grad Committee To Elect Tax Collector
Bill Halter Exploratory Committee
Bill Hansen Campaign
Bill Hardiman For State Senate Committee
Bill Hudak For Congress
Bill Hurlock For Montclair Town Council
Bill Jahn For Assembly 2012
Bill Keffer For State Representative
Bill Lawrence Senate Volunteer Committee
Bill Lee 2008
Bill Lewis Campaign For Circuit Judge
Bill Lindsay For County Legislator
Bill Loftus For State Senate
Bill Morrow For Senate 2002
Bill Ogurek Friends Of
Bill Posey Campaign
Bill Postmus For Supervisor
Bill Reather For Sheriff Committee
Bill Reeves For Assembly
Bill Ritter For Governor
Bill Sanderson Election Fund
Bill Schuette Administrative Account
Bill Schuette For Court Of Appeals
Bill Simon For Governor, Inc., A Ca. Nonprofit Mut
Bill Simon Fro Governor
Bill Sniffin For Governor
Bill Sowerby For Treasurer
Bill Thomas Committee To Elect
Bill Tofte For Congress
Bill Vance Campaign
Bill W. Harmon
Bill Witt For Oregon Senate
Bill Young For House District 13
Bill Young For Sheriff
Bill's Petroleum Products, Inc.
Billboards Against Obama, Inc.
Billie Woodard Campaign Fund
Billings Firefighters Local 521 Political Action Committee
Billings For House District 39, 2010
Billy Ashworth For House Of Delegates
Billy Long For Congress
Billy Maness Campaign
Billy Mcdonald Campaign
Billy Weeks For Council
Bilodeau For Council
Bingham For House Committee
Bio-Energy Coalition Of America
Biocom Pac
Biotechnology Council Of Nj-Pac
Birdpac Voter Fund
Birmingham Auto Pac
Bishop Majority Fund
Bistate Arts And Sports Corporation
Bitcoin Super Pac
Biter Eco Inc
Bivins For Senate Exploratory Committee
Biz Political Action Committee
Bizfed Pac, A Project Of Los Angeles County Business Federation
Bizpac - Folsom Chamber Of Commerce
Black & Veatch Corporation Americas Committee
Black America Leadership Institute Foundation
Black Americans For Common Sense, Llc
Black Americans Lobbying For Leadership Of Tomorrow
Black Americas Political Action Committee
Black Broke X Felon Political Action Committee
Black Elected Democrats Of Cleveland
Black Republican Freedom Fund
Black Village Voice Pac Incorporated
Black Young Dems Sf: Leadership Council
Blackhawk Consortium
Blaine Campaign Committee
Blaine Young For Maryland
Blair Mathies For Congress
Blair Sweeney Congressional Committee
Blair Taxpayer Alliance
Blakemore For State Treasurer
Blanchard For District Attorney
Blank Rome Llp Pa Pac
Blaydes For Commissioner
Blazsik For State Representative
Bledsoe For State Representative 2002
Bloom For Judge 2000
Bloomberg For Mayor Inc.
Bloomfield 2007 Democrats
Bloomfield 2010 Democrats
Bloomfield Republican Women's Club
Bloomingdale Township Republican Central Committee
Blount Countians For Educational Excellence
Blue Band Together Inc.
Blue Century
Blue Collar Conservatives
Blue Crab Progressives
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Alabama Pac
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Kansas City Pac For Missouri
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Kc Pac For Kansas
Blue Diamond Growers Pac
Blue Diamond Growers Pac - Federal
Blue Dog Non-Federal Pac
Blue House Pac
Blue Line Pac
Blue Mass Group Political Action Committee
Blue Monmouth
Blue Ribbon Pac
Blue Ribbon Team
Blue South
Blue Texas
Blue Voice
Blue Water Leadership Fund
Bluecross Blueshield Of Sc Federal Government Programs Pac
Blueflower Fund
Blueflower Project
Bluegrass Committee For Justice And Fairness
Bluegrass Freedom Fund
Bluegrass Fund
Bluegrass Votes Super Pac, Ucc
Blythe For Congress
Board Or Realtors Political Action Committe
Boatright Companies Pac
Bob Barr Presidential Exploratory Committee
Bob Beauprez For Congress Committee
Bob Bestani Friends Of For Congress
Bob Bohner For City Council
Bob Bullock Campaign
Bob Butterworth Campaign
Bob Clement For Governor Committee
Bob Coffin Campaign
Bob Derry For Congress
Bob Dillinger Campaign
Bob Dingethal For Congress
Bob Dutton For Assembly
Bob Dutton For Assembly 2004
Bob Dutton For State Senate
Bob Giuda Congressional Exploratory Committee
Bob Gough For State Rep
Bob Graham Leadership Forum
Bob Grode Campaign
Bob Hertzberg For A Great La
Bob Holbrook For City Council 2002
Bob Knight For Governor
Bob Livingston For Adjutant General
Bob Mccleary For State Assembly 11
Bob Mcdonnell Inaugural Committee Inc
Bob Mcdonnell Inaugural Committee Inc
Bob Mcdonnells Friends
Bob Pohl For State Assembly 2002
Bob Ries For Congress
Bob Riley For Governor
Bob Rosenberg Camapign Committee
Bob Rosenberger For Assessor
Bob Sahr For Puc
Bob Senter Campaign
Bob Spellane Committee
Bob Squeri For District 7 Supervisor 2012
Bob Valentine For State Senate 2011
Bob Whalen For Clovis City Council Committee
Bob Williams For Tax Collector
Bob Yancy Campaign
Bob Yeckel For Senate Committee
Bobby Hart Campaign
Bobby Kahn For Scccd Trustee 2014
Bobby Schostak For Chairman
Bobby Sullivan For Sheriff
Bobot For Judge Committee
Boca Area Commerce Political Action Committe
Boca Citizens For Prosperity
Boca Raton Public Safety Pac, Inc.
Bodack For Senate
Bodle For Mayor Committee
Boigon For Denver City Council At Large
Boilermakers - Blacksmiths Local 1 Pac
Boilermakers 647 Political Action Fund
Boilermakers Local 27 Vol Fd
Boilermakers Local 363 Pac Fund
Boilermakers Local 60 Political Action Comm Fund
Boisclair For Congress
Boland Campaign Committee
Boland For Congress
Bolden 2006 Exploratory Committee
Bolger For A Better Tomorrow
Bolger Restore Michigan Fund
Boltik For Supervisor
Boma California Issues Political Action Committee
Boma Of San Francisco Independent Expenditure Committee
Bonita Church For State Representative
Bonita Springs Community Action Committee
Bonita Unified Democratic Council
Bonner Citizens For Good Government
Bonnie Bjork For State Auditor
Bonnie Dumanis For District Attorney
Bonnie Huy For State Representative
Bonnie Parker Campaign For Texas State Representative, 134
Bonnie Voss For City Council
Bonpasse For President Committee
Bontrager For Congress
Book Election Committee
Boost Pac
Bordonaro For Assesor
Bordsen For N.C. House
Borenstein For State Assembly 2012
Borer 05
Boria Election Committee
Born Alive Infants
Born For Challenges Inc
Boschert 2010 Committee
Boschert For Congress Committee
Boschetto Campaign Committee
Boucher For Connecticut
Boulder Outdoor Coalition
Bowers Election Committee
Bowles-Dscc Victory Fund
Boyce For Attorney General
Boyd For Congress 3
Bozievich 2002
Bpac Of The Csra
Brab Pac, Inc.
Brad Donbach Vote
Brad For President
Brad Lowry For Liberty
Brad Marrs For Delegate
Brad Monson For State Senate Committee
Brad Sheffield For Albemarle Supervisor
Brad Souders Campaign Fund
Brad Spencer For City Council Committee
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Llp Alabama State Political Action Commit
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Tennessee State Pac
Bradley For Assembly
Bradley H. Ezell Campaign
Brady For Idaho
Brady For Justice
Braintrust Project
Bramson For New York
Brancato For Congress Committee
Branch Bank And Trust Alabama Pac
Brandenburg Freedom Fund
Brandin Bartley Campaign
Brandland For Senate Campaign
Brandner For Wisconsin
Brandon Ball For Magistrate 1St District
Brandon Criss For Supervisor 2012
Brandon Phelps For State Representative
Brandon Weaver Campaign
Brandywine Republican Club
Brasfield For State Senate
Bravo Ag Group Political Action Committee, Inc.
Brea Police Department Benefit Association Inc. Pac
Breathe Easy Kc
Breathe Free Kenosha
Breathefree Marshfield
Brecht Hart & Brecht 2010 For Water Board
Brecht Heuchan Campaign
Brenda Arp Running For District Clerk
Brenda For Senate
Brendan Mclaughlin Committee To Elect
Brenneman For Iowa
Brent Taylor For Congress
Brentwood Firefighters Association
Bres Outreach, Inc.
Brett Carter For Congress Committee
Brett Morgan For Superior Court Judge 2012
Brett Wagner For Congress
Brevard County Young Republicans
Brevard Federated Republican Women
Brevard Quality Of Life Committee
Brewers Guild Of Florida
Brian A. Joyce Committee
Brian Abston For City Commissioner
Brian Baird For Congress
Brian Becker For State Rep.
Brian Brown For House
Brian Burke Legal Defense Fund
Brian C Pearcy For Superior Court Judge 2014
Brian Center Friends Of
Brian D Goldberg For Us Senate
Brian Dawson Campaign
Brian Dawson For The Future Committee
Brian Deleonardo Citizens For
Brian Elliott Presidential Exploratory Committee Inc
Brian For Commissioner
Brian Hill For Superior Court Judge
Brian Krolicki For Lieutenant Governor
Brian Lee For Judge Campaign
Brian Miller For Congress
Brian Nafarrete For Congress
Brian Nelson
Brian Owens For Congress Inc
Brian Palmer For State Representative
Brian Sandoval For Attorney General Inc
Brian Scroggins For County Commissioner
Brian Skalsky For Council 2010
Brian White For House
Brianne For Dc
Brick Democratic Municipal Committee
Brick Progress
Brick Township Democratic Club
Brick. And Allied Crfts Loc No 1 Pac
Brick. And Allied Crfts Loc.No 1 Pac
Bricker & Eckler Llp State Pac
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Political Action Committee
Bricklayers And Allied Craftworkers Local No. 3
Bricklayers And Allied Craftworkers Pac Education Fund
Bricklayers Local 1 Md, Va Dc Political Action C
Bricklayers Local Union No. 4 P.A.C.
Brickley For Congress
Bridgeport First
Bridgeport Recall Initiative
Bridges For Colorado
Bright Future Colorado, Llc
Bright Futures For California
Brighter Future America
Brighter Future For Creola Pac
Brighter Future North Dakota
Brighter Pennsylvania Pac
Brighton Republican Cand Support Committee
Bring Ohio Back
Bring Our Economy Back
Bring-It-On Org
Bringem Earnest & Young Enterprises
Briones Campaign
Briscoe For Congress
Bristol Library Levy Committee
Brizzi For Prosecutor
Broad Range
Broadcasting Freedom Americans For
Broader Representation Advocacy Team - Political Action Committee
Brock Jackley For State Representative Committee
Brockton Ward 6 Republican Committee
Broke Party
Bromley Leadership Maine
Bronc County Federal Committee
Bronin For Mayor
Bronner For Assembly
Bronson For Congress Committee
Bronx Democratic County Committee
Brookfield Atlantic Pac
Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee
Brookhaven Town Republican Pre-Primary Committee
Brooklyn Democrats
Brooklyn Thurgood Marshal Democratic Club
Brooklynites Democrats Association
Brooks For Congress
Brooks For Mayor
Brooks II For Congress
Brotherton For State Senate
Broward Citizens For A Strong Judiciary Eco
Broward Citizens For Truth
Broward Coalition For Justice And Equality
Broward County Council Of Prof Fire Fighters Pac
Broward County League Of Cities
Broward Deserves Better
Broward Good Government Committee
Broward Teachers Union Cope/Tiger
Broward Teachers Union-Local
Broward Teachers Union-Universal
Broward Trial Lawyers Political Action Committee
Brown For Congress
Brown For Court Of Appeals
Brown For Mayor
Brown For Senate In 2010
Brown For Ward 4 Exploratory Committee
Bruce A Miller - Candidate For Circuit Judge - Group 3
Bruce Bain Campaign
Bruce Caswell For State Representative
Bruce Chandler Campaign
Bruce Dale Carr For State Representative
Bruce Groff, Friends Of
Bruce Kyle Campaign
Bruce Lizana, Judge-Campaign Committee, Inc.
Bruce Mosier Campaign
Bruce Peller For Congress
Bruce R. Lees 2004
Bruce Starr For State Senate 2002
Bruce W. Dannemeyer For Superior Court Judge Comm.
Brumberg For Congress
Brummett For President
Brunswick County Republican Party
Brush Country Republican Women's Club
Bryan Cave Missouri Pac
Bryan Firefighters Association Political Action Committee
Bryan Hughes For State Representative
Bryan K Barnett For Congress Commitee
Bryan Rogan For Sd33
Bryan Smith For Congress, Inc.
Bryant For Senate Committee
Bryce U Graham Jr Committee To Elect
Brycki For 45Th District
Btea Contractors Association Of New York
Buchanan For Berkeley
Buchanan Ingersoll Pc Committe For Effective State
Buck For Judge Committee To Elect
Buck For School Board
Bud Gilbert For Mayor Campaign Committee
Bud Sasada Jr Campaign Fund
Buddhist Temple
Buddy Dyer Campaign
Buddy Moorehouse For State Representative
Budgefarks For Merica
Budget Watchdogs Newsletter
Buena Vista Pac
Buenas Escuelas, Trabajos Honrados
Buerkle For Congress
Buffalo Niagara 2003
Buffalo Pac
Buffalo Professional Firefighters Pac
Buffardi For Supervisor
Build And Develop America
Build Indiana Political Action Committee
Build Montana Pac
Build Pac
Build Pac Home Builders Association Of Grt Kc Political Action Cmte
Build Pac Of The North Carolina Home Builders Assoc
Build Schools Now
Build Sd Pac
Build The Library
Build The Vote
Build-Formerly Known As Iowa Bank Pac
Builders Association Political Action Committee
Builders Direct Fund
Builders Political Action Committee Of Nj
Builders United In Legislative Development
Builders' Association Political Action Committee
Building & Construction Trades Council Nassau & Suffolk Counties Pac
Building A Better Bluegrass Inc
Building A Better Board Committee In Support Of Recalling Janet Barnes
Building A Better Columbus Committe
Building A Better Economy Pc
Building A Better Florida
Building A Better Florida Pc
Building A Better Future
Building A Better Michigan
Building A Better New Jersey
Building A Better Oregon
Building A Better Pennsylvania Fund
Building A Better Philadelphia
Building A Better Philadelphia 2007
Building A Better Tampa, Inc.
Building A Better Wisconsin
Building A Brighter Future
Building A Majority Pc
Building A Stronger Ohio
Building America Committee
Building And Construction Trades Council Of No Nv Cope
Building And Protecting A Strong California
Building Arizona's Future
Building Blocks For Justice
Building Contractors Association Of New Jersey
Building D70 Communities
Building Excellent Schools For Today And Tomorrow
Building Floridas Future
Building For Excellence
Building For New Yorkers Pac
Building For The Future
Building In Democracy, Inc.
Building Industry Assoc. Of S.E. Mi
Building Industry Association Of Central California Pac
Building Industry Association Of San Diego County Pac
Building Industry Group
Building Integrity And Lasting Leadership Fund
Building Maypearl Kids' Future
Building Minneapolis
Building Nashville Together
Building Ohio Jobs Committee
Building On Success Yisd 2004 Bond
Building On Your Dreams
Building Oregon With Leadership Pac
Building Our Future Committee
Building Owners & Managers Association Of California Pac
Building Rapid City Pac
Building Trades Pac
Bull Moose Society
Bull Dogs Coalition
Bull Moose Pac
Bull Moose Pac
Bull Moose Republicans, Inc.
Bully Pac
Bumbgardner For Connecticut
Burgess For Sc Superintendent
Burke For School Board
Burkett For Senate
Burks For Senate Committee
Burlington Green Party
Burlington Township Democratic Club
Burlington Township Democratic Club
Burlington Township Democratic Committee
Burns For City Council
Burns For Kershaw County
Burt Aaronson Campaign Fund
Burt L. Saunders Campaign
Burton For Congress
Burton For Democratic Party Chair
Burton For Senate 2000
Burzichelli For Assembly
Bush Legacy Republican Women Of Weatherford
Bush-Brogan 2002
Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc-Recount Fund
Business & Values Coalition, Inc.
Business Advocacy Committee
Business Alliance For Small Employers
Business Alliance Of California Pac
Business Alliance Pac
Business Council Pac Inc
Business For Better Government
Business For Good Government Pac
Business Friends Of Sunnyvale
Business Leaders For Local Schools, Inc.
Business Leaders For Michigan Pac
Business Leaders For Michigan Pac II
Business Leaders For The Advancement Of Space Technology Pac
Business Leaders Of Oklahoma
Business Leaders United For Boca Raton
Business Leadership Fund
Business Minded Democrats
Business Opportunity Fund
Business Owners For Obama
Business Pac Of Central Illinois
Business Pac Of Palm Beach Co (Bizpac)
Business People For Good Government
Buspac, Inc.
Butkovitz For Legislature
Butler Co. Republican Party Executive Committee
Butler County Libertarian Party
Butler County Ohio Democratic Party
Butler For Congress
Butte County Citizens Against Irresponsible Government
Butte County Citizens For Fair Elections
Butzel Long Federal Political Action Committee
Buzz Felleke For Kings County Board Of Supervisors District 5
Bxny Pac
By The People, For The People
Byrd For House Campaign
Byrne For Congress Exploratory Committee
C I T I Z E N S F O R A B E T T E R B R O W A R D I N C .
C Lynn Bechler For Ky Rep
C Robert Brawley
C'tee To Elect Shannon Bulman Probate Judge
C. B. Dickinson Consultants
C. Michael Messick State Representative Campaign F
C. Vernon Gray For State Senate Committee
C.L. Carter For Congress
C.O.A.M. - Capitol Campaign Fund
C.O.P.E. Of San Diego Imperial Counties
C.O.V.E.R. - Council On Voter Education And Registration
C.V. Starr Political Action Committee - New York
C/Ts State Pac
Ca Pubilc Employee Health And Retirement Security
Ca Acec Pac
Ca Architects For Livable Comm. Pac
Ca Assn Of Competitive Telecommunictions Companies (Caltel) Pac
Ca Assn Of Marriage And Family Therapists Pac
Ca Assn Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons Pac
Ca Assn. Of Sheet Metal And Air Conditioning Contr
Ca Assoc Of Psychiatric Technicians Pac
Ca Association Of Mortgage Professionals Pac-State
Ca Attorneys, Admin. Law Judges, & Hearing Officers Aka Case Pac
Ca Berry Farmers Federal Pac
Ca Border Police Comm Fka Rescue California- Secure Our Borders
Ca Building Industry Assn Pac
Ca Building Industry Assn Small Contributor Comm
Ca Chamber Of Commerce Endorsement Committee
Ca Charter Schools Association Advocates Ie Committee
Ca College Republicans Political Action Committee
Ca Correctional Supervisors Organization Pac
Ca Electric Sign Industry Pac
Ca Family Voice
Ca Friends Of African American Caucus Pac
Ca Guardians
Ca Hispanic Chambers Of Commerce Candidate Pac
Ca Insurance Wholesalers Assn Pac
Ca Interior Design Pac
Ca Isri Pac
Ca League Of Conservation Voters Political Comm
Ca Medical Assn Indep Expenditure Committee
Ca Medical Assn Small Contributor Committee
Ca Mining Assn Mining Industries
Ca Motorcycle Dealers Assn Pac
Ca Moving And Storage Assn Pac
Ca Professional Firefighters Ie Pac
Ca Prosecutors For Safe Neighborhds Small Contrib
Ca Prosecutors For Safe Neighborhds Statewide Pac
Ca Psychiatric Pac
Ca Public Securities Association - Pac 2
Ca Republican National Convention Delegation 2004 Acct.
Ca Service Station Automotive Repair Council
Ca Snow Political Committee
Ca Society Of Certified Public Acc
Ca Society Of Pathologists Pac
Ca Sporting Goods Assn. Political Action Committee
Ca State Council Of Laborers Pac
Ca State Outdoor Advertising Assn
Ca State Outdoor Advertising Pac
Ca Teachers Association Independent Expenditure Committee
Ca Voter Registration Project-St
Ca-Nv Conference Of Operating Engineers Victory Fu
Cabarrus County Conservatives
Cabarrus Jobs Now
Cabellos For Delegate
Cabiness For Council
Cable Pac Nj
Cable Television Association Of Georgia Pac Inc
Cable Television Political Action Committee For Florida
Cablevision Systems Corporation Ny Pac
Cablevision Systems Montana Political Action Committee
Cablevision Systems New Jersey Continuing Political Committee
Cablevision Systems Wyoming Political Action Committee
Cabot Hamilton Foe Commissioner
Cabrera For City Council
Cabrillo College Federation Of Teachers Committee On Political Educat
Caccamo For City Council Committee
Cafero Committee To Re-Elect
Cahp Political Action Committee
Cain For Congress
Cair - Ca Pac
Cal Fire Local 2881 Small Contributor Pac
Cal Grad Pac
Cal Hobson Senate Committee
Cal Larson For State Senate
Cal/Nev Transportation Pac
Calcom Pac
Caldero For Senate
Calexico Democratic Club
Calhoun County Citizens For Responsible Government
Calif Assn Of Hlth Facilities Good Government Pac
Calif. Cable Telecommunications Association Small Contributor Cmt
Calif. Republican Majority Cmte
California 2008 Gop Delegation Corporate
California 2600
California 2A Heritage Fund
California Ace Pac
California African Amer P A C
California Against Slavery
California Agribusiness Independent Expenditure Committee
California Aids Pac - State
California Aids Political Action Committee - State
California Alarm Association Pac
California Alliance For Progress And Education
California Alliance For Public Safety, A Sponsored
California Alliance Of Resale Merchants And Collectors Pac
California Alliance Of Taxpayer Advocates Political Action Committee
California Alliance, Coalition Of Consmr Attrnys, Consrvatits & Nurses
California Almond Industry Pac
California Ambulance Assoc Pac
California Ambulatory Surgery Association Issues Pac
California American Water Employee Political Action Committee
California Ammonia Company Pac
California Animal Voters Alliance
California Apartment Assoc Pac
California Apartment Association Independent Expenditure Committee
California Applicants Attorneys Association-Independent Committee
California Applicants Attorneys Association-Small Contributor Committe
California Asian Chamber Of Commerce Candidate Pac
California Asian Chamber Of Commerce Issues Political Action Committee
California Asian Peace Officers Pac
California Assn Of Professional Liability Insurers Pac
California Assoc Of Comn Managers Pac
California Assoc Of Health Plans Pac
California Assoc Of Highway Patrolmen Pac
California Assoc Of Licensed Investigators Pac
California Association For Behavior Analysis Pac
California Association For Nurse Practitioners Pac
California Association Of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Counselors Pac
California Association Of Code Enforcement Officers Pac
California Association Of Dental Plans Pac
California Association Of Health Plans Iec
California Association Of Health Underwriters Pac
California Association Of Industrial Banks
California Association Of Nurse Anesthetisis Pac
California Association Of Professional Employees
California Association Of Professional Scientists
California Association Of Winegrape Growers State Pac
California Attorneys For Criminal Justice Pac
California Bail Agents Association Pac
California Bankers Assoc State Pac
California Beer & Beverage Distributors Iec
California Beer And Beverage Distributors Caf
California Berry Farmers Political Action Committee
California Black Political Action Committee
California Building Industry Assn/Nat'l Assn Of Home Builders Iec
California Business And Affordable Housing Council
California Business Leadership Pac
California Business Properties Association Pac
California Cable &Telecommunications Association Pac
California Chiropractic Association Pac
California Citizens Fighting Government Waste
California Citizens For Ethics In Government
California Citizens For Excellence In Government
California Citizens For Fair Government
California Citizens For Good Government
California Citizens For Public Safety
California Civil Justice League Association
California Clinical Laboratory Assn Pac
California Club For Growth Fund
California Coalition For Honest Government
California College Democrats
California College Libertarians
California Committee For Constructive Change
California Community College Independents Pac
California Conference Board, Amalgamated Transit Union Pac
California Congress Of Republicans Pac Non-Federal
California Congressional Majority Committee
California Conservatives For Ethics And Integrity In Politics
California Construction & Industrial Material Assoc Pac
California Contractors Pac
California Credit Union League P A C
California Dairy Campaign Pac
California Democratic Business Alliance
California Democratic Business Pac
California Democratic Dialogue
California Democratic Moderates Pac
California Dental Political Action Committee
California Dialysis Pac
California Education Voter Guide
California Electrical Contractors Pac
California Empowerment Project
California Energy Efficiency Industry Council Pac
California Family Farmers Pac
California Farm Bureau Fund To Protect The Family Farm (Farm Pac)
California Federation Of Republican Women
California Federation Of Teachers Cope
California Fiduciary Lawyers Pac
California Financial Svc Assoc Pac
California Financial Svc Providers Pac
California Fisheries And Seafood Inst Pac
California For High-Speed Rail
California Freedom Pac
California Funeral Directors Association Pac
California Gay And Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce
California Good Government Fund
California Gop Delegation - Non Federal
California Grain And Feed Assoc Pac
California Grape & Tree Fruit League - Fruitpac
California Grassroots Leadership Committee
California Grocers Association Iec
California Grocers Association Pac
California Healthcare Institute Pac
California Healthcare Institute Pac
California Hearth Political Action Committee
California Hemp Initiative
California Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Independent Expenditure Commit
California Homeowners Association
California Hospital Association Pac
California Hotel And Motel Assoc Pac
California Housing Council Pac
California Independent Bankers Pac Of The Icba
California Independent Business Pac
California Independent Leadership Alliance
California Infill Builders Federation Pac
California Laborers For Equality And Progress
California Land Tiltle Assoc Pac
California Latino Alliance
California Latino Caucus Leadership Pac
California Latino Leadership Fund
California Law Enforcement For Garcetti For Mayor 2013
California Leadership Alliance
California Leadership Committee
California League Of Conservation Voters - Political Fund
California League Of Conservation Voters Ie Comm.
California League Of Conservation Voters Political Fund
California League Of Conservation Voters Scc
California League Of Food Processors Pac
California Legacy
California Legislative Black Caucus Political Action Committee
California Lodging Industry Association Politcal Action Committee
California Lodging Industry Issues Pac
California Machinists Non Partisan Political League
California Manufactured Housing Pac
California Manufacturers And Technology Assn Pac
California Matters
California Medical Assn Pac
California Mobilehome Parkowners Alliance Pac
California Moderate Party
California Mortgage Assn Pac
California National Guard Veterans Assn Newsletter
California National Guard Veterans Committee
California National Organization For Women Issues Pac
California Nations Indian Gaming Assoc. Sovereignty Protection Fund
California New Car Dealers Association Pac
California Nurses Association Pac
California Nurses Association Quality Health Care
California Nurses Association's Quality Health Care Committee
California Nut Pac
California Occupational Medicine Physicians Pac (Comp Pac)
California Oncology Pac Aka Calcancerpac
California Optometric Pac Aka Cal-Opac
California Organization Of Police And Sheriffs Pac
California Orthotics And Prosthetics Assn Pac
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance Candidate Pac
California Park & Recreation Society Candidate Pac
California Party Of Veterans Party Of America
California Pawnbrokers Association Federal Pac
California Pawnbrokers Association Pac
California Permanente Medical Groups Pac
California Permanente Medical Groups Pac
California Pharmacists Political Action Committee
California Pharmacists Political Action Committee
California Physical Therapy Pac
California Pirate Party
California Pirate Party
California Plastics Alliance Political Action Committee
California Podiatric Pac
California Political Empowerment Committee
California Power Pac
California Professional Firefighters Pac
California Progressives
California Prolife Council Inc Pac
California Psychological Association - Pac
California Public Safety Voter Guide
California Radiological Pac
California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee - C A R
California Real Estate Inspectors Pac
California Real Estate Political Action Committee (Crepac)
California Real Estate Political Action Committee - C A R
California Rebuilding The Economy (Care) - Corbett Ballot Measure
California Recreation Vehicle Dealers Assn Pac
California Redevelopment Association Pac
California Refuse Removal Council North Pac
California Refuse Removal Council South Pac
California Republican Lawyers Association Pac
California Republican Leadership Fund
California Republican League
California Republican League Committee Of 100
California Republican Majority Committee
California Republican National Delegation Commiteee
California Republican Policy Project Committee
California Republicans Aligned For Tomorrow (Craft)
California Restaurant Assoc Pac
California Retired Teachers Association Pac
California Rice Political Action Committee
California School Bus Contractors Assoc Pac
California Science Education Pac
California Seed Assoc Pac
California Senior Action Network Pac
California Senior Advocates League Pac
California Senior Advocates League Voter Guide
California Soc Of Indl Medicine And Surgery Pac
California Soc Of Plastic Surgeons Pac
California Space Authority Pac
California Speech-Lanquage-Hearing Association Pac
California Sportfishing Coalition
California Staffing Professionals Pac
California State Council Of Service Employees Political Committee
California State Council Of Service Employees Small Contributor Comm
California State Employees Assoc Mac
California State Lodge Fraternal Order Of Police Pac
California State Retirees Pac
California State University Employees Union Pac
California Statewide Law Enforcement Assoc Pac
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association Public Works Pac
California Taxpayer Protection Committee
California Taxpayers Aliiance Newsletter
California Taxpayers Alliance
California Taxpayers For Good Government
California Teachers Association Independent Expenditure Committee
California Teachers For Educational Excellence
California Term Limits Pac
California Thoroughbred Breeders Assoc. Local Pac
California Trailblazers
California Tribal Business Alliance Ie Pac
California Tribal Business Alliance State Candidate Pac
California United Homecare Workers Pac
California Victory Committee
California Voice
California Voice Smo
California Vote Project 2014
California Voter Registration Project 2000
California Votes
California Water Association Pac
California Water Political Action Committee
California Wind Energy Association Political Action Committeee
California Wins With Women
California Workers' Compensation Defense Attorneys Assn Ed Fund Pac
California Working Families 2010 Committee
California Young Professionals Voter Guide
California Young Republican Voting Guide
California's Future
California-Nevada Conference Of Operating Engineers Pac
Californians Advancing Education
Californians Against Illegal Immigration
Californians Against New Taxes, No On 1A Committee
Californians Allied For A Prosperous Economy
Californians Allied For Patient Protection Pac (Capp Pac)
Californians Allied For Patient Protection Political Action Committee
Californians Allied Patient Protection Independent Expenditure Account
Californians Building A Healthy Future Dr. Pan Ballot Measure Comm.
Californians For A Balanced Budget And Better Economy
Californians For A Better Economy
Californians For A Better Economy 2004
Californians For A Better Government
Californians For A Better Tomorrow
Californians For A Better Way
Californians For A Clean Energy Future
Californians For A Democratic Majority
Californians For A Strong Economy Michael Rubio Ballot Measure Comm
Californians For Accountability - Support Roth For Senate 2012
Californians For Accountability Richard Alarcon For Assembly 2012
Californians For Balance And Fairness In The Civil Justice System
Californians For Better Jobs And Education Committee
Californians For Clean Water
Californians For Coastal Protection
Californians For Common Sense
Californians For Common Sense
Californians For Compensation Refor
Californians For Economic Prosperity To Support Tim Sbranti
Californians For Education Reform Support Gloria Romero For Spi
Californians For Election Accountability
Californians For Fiscal Accountability
Californians For Fiscal Accountability And Responsibility
Californians For Good Jobs, Safe Streets And Outstanding Schools
Californians For Good Schools & Good Jobs
Californians For Government Accountability
Californians For Independent Government
Californians For Jobs & Education
Californians For Jobs And A Better Legal System
Californians For Jobs And A Strong Economy
Californians For Kashkari For Governor 2014
Californians For Neighborhood Preservation
Californians For Pension Reform
Californians For Public Employee Health And Security
Californians For Public Safety And Education
Californians For Putting Studentsfirst
Californians For Quality Government
Californians For Quality Healthcare
Californians For Quality Paramedic Services, Sponsored By Rural/Metro
Californians For Reform
Californians For Responsible Choices
Californians For Responsible Economic Development
Californians For Responsible Healthcare
Californians For Riordan
Californians For Sensible Government
Californians For Stability - No On Recall
Californians For The Support Of Early Education
Californians For Traditional Mariage
Californians For Trust Responsibility Unity And Empowerment Pac
Californians For Voter Equality
Californians For Voter Turnout Education & Registration
Californians Represented
Californians To Protect Our Democracy
Californians To Retain Justice Kathryn Werdegar
Californians United
Californians United For Liveable Communities
Californians United For Public Safety Independent Expenditure Committe
Californians United To Reform Educaion
Californias Future Pac
Calitics Calipac
Calitics Federal Political Action Committee
Callicott For State Senate
Callifornia Association Of Health Facilities Pac
Calpasc Northern California Pac
Calpasc Orange County-Inland Empire Pac
Calpasc Political Action Committee
Calpasc San Joaquin Valley Pac
Calpers Retirees For Henry Jones
Caltia Pac, Sponsored By The California Travel Industries Association
Calvert County Young Democrats
Calvin Denham-Magistrate-Race Candidate
Calwa Political Action Committee
Cam Mangels For Assembly
Camarella For City Council
Cambiando California-Jerry Brown For Governor 2010
Cambridge Community College Center Foundation Pac
Camden City Republican Committee
Camden County Republican Committee
Cameron Blau Campaign Fund Of
Cameron County Texas Democratic Party
Cameroonian National Congress
Camille A. Morvant, II For Lafourche District Atto
Camille Buras Campaign Committee
Camillus Democratic Committee
Cammick For County Council
Camp Dresser And Mckee Political Action Committee
Campaign 2000
Campaign Account D. Alan Hays, Rep.
Campaign Account For Loranne Ausley
Campaign Account For Sandra L. Murman
Campaign Account For Terry L. Fields
Campaign Account Of Jim Ward
Campaign Account Of Amy Stein For County Commissioner - District 1
Campaign Account Of Anna Cowin
Campaign Account Of Diana Lewis
Campaign Account Of Eric Hersh
Campaign Account Of George B Gainer County Commiss
Campaign Account Of J. Dudley Goodlette
Campaign Account Of Jay Olchak
Campaign Account Of Joseph M Lee
Campaign Account Of Joshua Padgette
Campaign Account Of Kendrick B. Meek
Campaign Account Of Larry Campbell
Campaign Account Of Loranne Ausley - State Senate District 6
Campaign Account Of Mark King Leban
Campaign Account Of Marlon Luis
Campaign Account Of Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda
Campaign Account Of Paul D. Eichner
Campaign Account Of Scott J. Silverman
Campaign Account Of Stacy Ritter
Campaign Account Of Stephen Hogge
Campaign Account Of Sue Carlson
Campaign Account Of Vicente Lago
Campaign Account To Elect Phillip J. Brutus
Campaign Acct Of Bill Kinsaul, Clerk Of Cir Ct
Campaign Acct. For John M. Griesbaum
Campaign Acct. Of Frank Sanchez For Mayor Of Tampa
Campaign Committee For Doug Oglesby
Campaign Committee For William Poser
Campaign Committee Of Raymond C Adkins
Campaign Committee To Elect Angelo Piazza III
Campaign Committee To Elect Bill Stinson
Campaign Committee To Elect Duane G. Roberts Jr.
Campaign Committee To Elect Jay Privette
Campaign Finance 21 Company
Campaign Finance Reforms
Campaign For 2016
Campaign For A Democratic Majority
Campaign For A Fiscally Responsible Lafayette
Campaign For A Great State
Campaign For A National Majority
Campaign For A Progressive Future
Campaign For Alison Rampersad
Campaign For Americas Future - Cc Fund
Campaign For Andrew Marcontell
Campaign For Andy Coy For Commissioner
Campaign For Arizona's Future Pac
Campaign For Atlanta 2009, Inc.
Campaign For California's Future
Campaign For Charles King
Campaign For Civic Participation
Campaign For Dominick Impastato Inc
Campaign For Don Ammerman
Campaign For Don Nicholas
Campaign For Erika Beltran
Campaign For Houston Families
Campaign For J. Kevin Carey
Campaign For Lane Commitee
Campaign For Larry Mcdow For Shelby County Sheriff
Campaign For Liberty
Campaign For Maine
Campaign For Nebraska's Future
Campaign For Old Growth
Campaign For Paul Soileau
Campaign For Primary Accountability
Campaign For Rod Shoap Lee County Sheriff
Campaign For St. Paul's Prosperity
Campaign For Texas
Campaign For Texas Families
Campaign For The Moderate Majority
Campaign For Virginia Families Political Action Committee
Campaign For Walter Foster, 13Th Circuit, Group 7
Campaign For Women's Health
Campaign Fund Of Katie Kratz Stine
Campaign Fund For Christine Ward
Campaign Fund For Jared K Carpenter
Campaign Fund For Karey Bresenhan
Campaign Fund For Kimberly Yarlott
Campaign Fund Of Allan Francis For State Representative 26 District
Campaign Fund Of Andrew Mcmichael
Campaign Fund Of Carolyn F. Purcell
Campaign Fund Of Chris Hartley For Louisville Metro Council
Campaign Fund Of Christopher S. Nordloh
Campaign Fund Of Crissy Greer
Campaign Fund Of Dan Craigie
Campaign Fund Of Daniel Mongiardo
Campaign Fund Of Deanna Wahlman
Campaign Fund Of Franklin K. Jelsma
Campaign Fund Of J Steve Ward
Campaign Fund Of James Buckmaster
Campaign Fund Of Lisa Willner
Campaign Fund Of Marcella Goodin
Campaign Fund Of Mark Foglesong
Campaign Fund Of Marzian For State Representative
Campaign Fund Of Ricky Hostetler
Campaign Fund Of Ryan Quarles
Campaign Fund Of Tom Coleman
Campaign Money Watch
Campaign Of Addie L. Greene
Campaign Of Andrew Siegel
Campaign Of Betty La Chance For House Of Representatives District 49
Campaign Of Bill Berger
Campaign Of Daniel Webster For State Senate
Campaign Of David Simmons
Campaign Of Dorothy L. Hukill For State Representative Dist. #28
Campaign Of Eric R. Myers
Campaign Of Fred Schott
Campaign Of J W (Bill) Bartleman
Campaign Of Janet Cruz Rifkin 2016
Campaign Of Jeff Bauer For Seminole County Public School Board
Campaign Of John C Cooper
Campaign Of Judge Susan Aramony
Campaign Of Karen M Miller
Campaign Of Kevin P. Steen
Campaign Of Lee Benjamin
Campaign Of Marcos F. Lorenzo, M.D.
Campaign Of Mary F. Kohnke
Campaign Of Michael C Heisey
Campaign Of Mike Whitehead
Campaign Of Rob Mackenna
Campaign Of Steven P. Deluca, County Court Judge
Campaign Of Tom Anderson
Campaign Of Tom Anderson
Campaign Of Webster Barnaby
Campaign Of Will S. Kendrick
Campaign To Elect Amos Amerson
Campaign To Elect Arie Friedman
Campaign To Elect Bill Weisenberger
Campaign To Elect Bob Allen
Campaign To Elect Bob Atkins
Campaign To Elect Bob Buckhorn
Campaign To Elect Bob Hastings
Campaign To Elect Bobby D Vincent
Campaign To Elect Cara Pavalock For State Representative District 98
Campaign To Elect Dan Clifford
Campaign To Elect David Dugan
Campaign To Elect Denise Lasher
Campaign To Elect Dennis Cadle
Campaign To Elect Donna M. Burrowes
Campaign To Elect Dorsol Plants
Campaign To Elect Douglas Johnson
Campaign To Elect Eric Strachan
Campaign To Elect Erich Sachs
Campaign To Elect Guillermo Willie Chacon For City Of Miami Comm
Campaign To Elect Heidi Wills
Campaign To Elect Jacqueline Hogan Scola
Campaign To Elect James L. Exline
Campaign To Elect Janet Cruz
Campaign To Elect Jim Best County Court Judge
Campaign To Elect Jim Swann
Campaign To Elect Jim Thatcher
Campaign To Elect Joe Montibello
Campaign To Elect Joe Negron
Campaign To Elect John Forrester
Campaign To Elect John Pellicciotti
Campaign To Elect Jonathan Robertson
Campaign To Elect Josh Burgin
Campaign To Elect Joyce Dove
Campaign To Elect Judge Jesse Harris 2002
Campaign To Elect Judith Judy Paul
Campaign To Elect Julie Palmer
Campaign To Elect Lavenski Smith Court Of Appeals
Campaign To Elect Lewis Brunner
Campaign To Elect Linda Haskins
Campaign To Elect Linda Pearson
Campaign To Elect Little And Barnhard
Campaign To Elect Louis Escobar
Campaign To Elect Marcelo Llorente
Campaign To Elect Mark Drury
Campaign To Elect Mary Angie Garcia
Campaign To Elect Matt Hagen City Court Judge
Campaign To Elect Mavel Ruiz
Campaign To Elect Michelle Alvarez-Barakat
Campaign To Elect Mike Mitchell
Campaign To Elect Mike Whitehead
Campaign To Elect Paul Lachelier
Campaign To Elect Read Ballew
Campaign To Elect Rev Gloria Johnson
Campaign To Elect Riley Morgan For Sheriff
Campaign To Elect Robert K Henriquez
Campaign To Elect Robin Freeman County Judge Seat
Campaign To Elect Romeo Perez
Campaign To Elect Rudolph Maloy
Campaign To Elect Ryan And Barnhard
Campaign To Elect Sonja Linman
Campaign To Elect Stephen Baer For Dallas Co Criminal District Court 7
Campaign To Elect Susan Chapman For 12Th Judicial
Campaign To Elect Walt Schumm
Campaign To Elect William F. Guman
Campaign To Elect Wini Cannon
Campaign To Re Elect Bob Mc Caslin
Campaign To Re-Elect Ann Mcclure
Campaign To Re-Elect Betty Brown
Campaign To Re-Elect Claudia Isom, Circuit Judge
Campaign To Re-Elect David Gee
Campaign To Re-Elect Frank Peterman, Jr.
Campaign To Re-Elect Jeri Beth Cohen For Circuit C
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge Celeste Hardee Muir
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge D. Bruce Levy
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge Lisa Thacker
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge Myriam Lehr County Judg
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge R. James Stroker
Campaign To Re-Elect Judge Robert N. Scola, Jr.
Campaign To Re-Elect Ken Hagan
Campaign To Re-Elect M.C. Leist
Campaign To Re-Elect Manuel Menendez, Jr.
Campaign To Re-Elect Sheri Carver
Campaign To Reelect Martha Tanner
Campaign To Retain Judge Lisa S Walsh
Campaign To Send Richard Cash To Congress
Campaign Truth.Org
Campaigne Committe To Elect Ernie Drake
Campbell Committee
Campbell For Speaker Committee
Campiagn Account Of Phil Hylander
Campiagn To Re-Elect Andrew L Siegel For Circuit Court Judge Group 37
Campton Understands Responsible Expansion
Campus Greens Political Action Committee
Can Do Conservatives Of America Inc
Canchola For City Council 2013
Candace Andersen For Supervisor
Candaele For College Trustee
Candice Bennett For Board Of Supervisors
Candidate For Circuit Judge
Candidate Map
Candidates Political Action
Candy Haddock For State Representative
Candy Pettus For Santa Ana School Board
Canegata For Senate Committee
Cannabis Action Pac, Sponsored By The Ca Cannabis Industry Association
Cannabis Action Solidarity Pac, Sponsored By The Ca Cannabis Industry
Cannady For State Senate
Cantor Metzger & Franco 2009
Canvass For A Cause
Canvass For A Cause Pac
Canyon County Republican Central Committee
Canyon Democrats
Cao Pac Aka Mdeyepac Of Ca
Capaign Account Of Dr. Carmine A. Priore
Capca Pac
Cape Fear Conservatives
Capg Physician Group Pac
Capistrano Unified Children First Inc
Capital Associates Political Action Committee
Capital City Committee
Capital City Glbta Democratic Caucus, Inc.
Capital City Republicans
Capital County Politcal Action Committee (Cc Pac)
Capital Pac Of Indiana
Capital Region Business Political Action Committee
Capital Regional Credit Union Pac
Capital Township Sangamon County Republican Trustee Team
Capitol 405 Group Pac
Capitol Black Staff Pac
Capitol Caucus Leadership Fund
Capitol Club Political Action Committee
Capitol Committee
Capitol Leadership Pac
Capozzi For Mayor
Capparelli For Congress Committee
Capparelli For Cook
Capparelli For Mwrdgc
Cappiello For Senate
Caprice Young For School Board
Caproc Llc Political Action Committee
Car Of Illinois
Carbon Free Votes For Fran Pavley A Project Of Edvoice Inc
Carbon Free Voting 2008
Carcieri For Governor
Cardinal Bank Political Action Committee
Cardinal Pac
Cardiovascular Consultants Political Action Committee
Care For Senate Seven
Care Membership Organization, Llc
Care Not Cash Committee
Care Pac
Care Pac
Carefirst Associates Pac
Carey Baker Campaign
Carey For Council
Carey For Probate
Cargas For Congress
Caribbean American Network Pc
Caring For Californians Sponsored By Seiu Uhw West And Cahhs
Caring Vermont Parents Action Fund
Carl A Parker-Pac
Carl D. Holmes For State Representative
Carl J. Domino For State House District 83
Carl Parrish Committee
Carl Persis Democratic Candidate Fl State Dist. 26
Carl Petersen Will Changethelausd Board In 2015
Carl R. Griffith Campaign Account
Carl Thompson For State Representative
Carl Wimmer For Congress
Carlos A. Gimenez Campaign Fund
Carlos May For Congress
Carlos Thomas Ketcham For City Council
Carlos Zaragoza For Assessor
Carlsbad Police Officers Association Iec
Carlsbad Police Officers Association Pac
Carlton Fields Committee Of Continuous Existence
Carly For California
Carmel Republican Women Federated
Carmen Sabatino For Mayor
Carmine For Congress
Carnes For Council Committee
Carney Election Committee
Carol Chumney Campaign For State Representative
Carol Chumney For Shelby County Mayor Campaign
Carol For Mayor
Carol J. Wessel For State Represenative
Carol Liu For Assembly
Carol Liu For Assembly 2002
Carol Nestler, Committee To Elect
Carol Richards Tusa Campaign Fund
Carol Rupe For State Board Of Education
Carol Schwartz For Mayor
Carol Somers 2002
Carol Wilson For Alderman
Carole Hayashino For Assembly
Carole Jean Jordan Campaign
Carole L Andrews Campaign Account
Carole Migden Leadership Committee
Carole Sussman For City Council
Carole Wells For Congress
Carolina Business Coalition Education Fund
Carolina Commerce Fund
Carolina Conservatives United
Carolina Majority Pac
Carolina Mountain Emergency Medicine Pac
Carolinas Healthcare System Employees Federal Pac
Carolinas Healthcare System Employees Nc Pac
Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association Nc Pac
Carolinians For Change
Carolink Political Action Committee
Carolyn Edmonds For King County Council
Carolyn Horn For State Senate
Carolyn Jefferson Committee
Carolyn Tomei For State Representative
Carolyn Y Staley For State Rep District 32
Carpenter For Senate
Carpenters Appreciation Award Political Fund
Carpenters Fund For Growth & Progress
Carpenters Local 126 Pce
Carpenters Local 626 Political Action Committee
Carpenters Local Union #1539 Political Action Committee
Carpenters Local Union 104
Carpenters Local Union 200 Polit Action Fund La787
Carpenters Local Union 200 Political Action Fund
Carpenters Local Union 351 Pce
Carpenters Political Action Committee
Carr Pac
Carrick For District Attorney
Carrico For Delegate
Carrie Ruud For Senate Volunteer Committee
Carriker For District Attorney Committee
Carroll For Congress
Carson City Democratic Central Committee
Carson Property Owners And Taxpayers For Good Government
Carter Congress
Carter For Governor Campaign
Carter For Governor, Inc.
Carter For Nevada State Senate
Carteret County Democratic Party
Carteret County Republican Womens Club
Carteret General Democratic Organization
Cartwright For Congress
Cary Bass Campaign
Cary Burns Campaign - Florida House District 52
Cary Capparelli For Congress
Cas For Better Jobs & A Stronger Economy To Elect Bob Wieckowski 2014
Cas For Full Employment & Balanced Growth-Sebastian Ridley Thomas Bmc
Cas For Integrity In Government Opposed To Hayashi For Senate 2014
Casa Political Action Committee
Casa Grande Democrats
Case For Congress
Case For Recorder
Case Governor
Case Pac
Casey A Daniels Member School Baord At Large Candidate
Casey Committee
Casey For Attorney General
Casey For Mayor
Casey For Treasurer Committee
Cashiers United Methodist Church
Cass County Republican Womens Club
Cassell Campaign Committee
Casspac Us
Castelli 2004
Castle For Commissioner
Catalina Democrats
Catania 2002
Catawba County Republican Party
Caterpillar California Dealers Pac
Cathedral City Police Officer's Assn Political Action Committee
Catherine Douglas Political Campaign
Catherine Hanson Campaign
Catherine Kitty Kimball Supreme Court Cmpg Fd
Catholic Citizens Committee Pac
Catholic Views Council, Inc
Catholic Vote Tv
Catholics For Ohio, Inc.
Catholics For Political Responsibility
Cathy Belter For Senate
Cathy Green Ocwd 2010
Cathy Laubaugh For Munroe Falls Mayor
Cathy Munoz For Senate
Cathy Munoz For Senate
Caton Health Corporation
Cause Law Enforcement Independent Expenditure Committee
Caye For Judge Committee
Cbai Political Action Committee
Cbia Epic
Cc Services, Inc. - Country Pac
Cca Lbcc Pac
Ccdm Industries, Inc.
Ccg Pac
Cchc Med Pac
Cdf Firefighters Voters Guide
Cdg Pac
Cdphp Pac (Capital District Physicians' Health Plan Pac)
Cea Political Action Committee
Ceasefirepa Pac
Cecil Brown For Psc
Cecil County Patriots Inc
Cecile For City Court
Cecilforcongress Committee
Cedar Pac
Cedric Crear For State Senate
Ceidc, Inc Nfp
Celeste For Congress
Celestyne Williams Campaign
Celia Foy Castillo For Court Of Appeals Com.
Cement Masons Local 526 Pac
Cemetary & Mortuary Association Of California Pac
Cemetary Association Of Oregon Pac (Cao-Pac)
Cenerpoint Pac
Cenetric, Inc.
Centennial Beverage Pac
Center Advocates Pac
Center For Dda And Community Supports Pac
Center For Economic Choice And Freedom
Center For Legislative Excellence
Center For Policy Reform (Ssf)
Center For Voter Advocacy Inc
Center-Right Coalition Of New Jersey
Centerist Political Action Committee
Centerpolitics Political Action Committee
Centra Inc. Federal Pac
Centra Inc. Michigan Pac
Central American Federation
Central Arkansas Victory Pac 2006
Central Brooklyn Medical Group Pac
Central California Leadership Alliance Independent Expenditure Pac
Central California Leadership Alliance State Candidate Pac
Central City Association Political Action Committee
Central Coast Democratic Coalition
Central Florida Citizens For Justice Cce
Central Florida Leadership
Central Il Bldg & Const Trades Council Pac
Central Mata-Pac
Central Oklahoma Business Alliance
Central Oklahoma Doctors Committed To Tort Reform
Central Perimeter Business Alliance Inc Georgia Pac
Central Texas Home Builders Assn Political Action
Central Texas Tea Party
Central Valley Leaderhip Fund
Central Valley Pac 2000
Central Valley Progressive Political Action Committee
Central Wyoming Conservative Political Action Committee
Centre County Association Of Young Republicans
Centreville Township Fundraising Corporation
Century Transportation Authority Campaign
Centurylink Colorado Employee Pac
Centurylink Corporation Arizona Political Action Committee
Centurylink Nebraska Political Action Com
Centurylink New Mexico Pac
Centurylink Oregon Employees Political Action Committee
Centurylink Utah Political Action Committee-Qwest Ut Pac Before Merger
Cerritos Faculty Staff And Community For Carmen Avalos For Cerritos Co
Certidied Public Accountants' Committee For Political Action
Cfhla Political Committee
Chacon For Assembly
Chad Lee For Congress Inc
Chad Macinnes For Congress
Chad Mcgowan For Senate
Chad Mcgowan For Senate Inc.
Chaffee For Council
Chafin Campaign Committee
Chairez For Supreme Court
Chairman Chris Healy Fund
Chairmans Club
Chamberpac Independent Expenditure
Chamberpac Small Contributor Committee
Champion Pac
Champions Of The Wood River Trails
Chan For State Senate 2004
Chander For Anc
Chandra For Prosecutor
Chang 2004
Change 4 Kids, Inc.
Change America Now
Change California - - Newsom For Governor 2010
Change In 04 Voter Fund
Change In Our Community
Change Maryland, Llc
Change Md Pac
Change Minnesota
Change Newburgh
Change On The Dime Pac
Change To Win Committee For The American Dream
Change To Win Political Education
Change West Virginia Now
Change Wichita Advocacy Group
Changepac 2004
Changepac 2004
Changing 30 For The Better
Changing Florida's Future
Changing Florida's Future Pc
Chapin Political Action Committee For Fairness
Chappell For Congress
Character Counts 2008
Charlene Briner For Senate
Charlene Zettel Campaigns
Charles B. Adams Campaign Committee
Charles B. Peatross Campaign Committee
Charles Biely For Judge
Charles Curtiss Campaign Committee
Charles D Wise
Charles Fisher Candidate For Florida House Of Rep
Charles Friedman Committee To Elect For City Council
Charles H Drawdy Jr Campaign Account
Charles Jagneaux Cmpg Fd
Charles K Windes Candidate Okaloosa
Charles Kinnison House Of Delegates
Charles Manne For City Council 2012
Charles Manne For City Council 2014
Charles Perniciaro Campaign
Charles S. Dean Campaign Account
Charles Smith For Governor Of Tennessee
Charlie Bronson Campaign
Charlie Crist Campaign For Attorney General
Charlie Crist For Florida
Charlie Daniels Secretary Of State Campaign
Charlie King 2002
Charlotte County Government Policy Council Pac
Charlotte Makes Cents
Charlotte Mecklenburg Republican Womens Club
Charlottesville Tomorrow Voter Education Fund
Charon Jw Motayne
Charter Action
Charter Communications, Inc. Montana Political Action Committee
Charter Communications, Inc. Wisconsin Political Action Committee
Charter Communications, Inc. Wyoming Political Action Committee
Charter Community Pac
Charter P.A.C.
Charter Pac
Charter School Pac, Inc.
Charter Schools Advocates Pac
Charter Schools Pac
Charter Schools Political Coalition
Charters Of Freedom Party
Chase Bank Texas Fund For Good Government
Chase Williams For Wilson County Commission
Chatham First Pac
Chatt. Pac - Legislative Arm Of The Hbast
Chavira For Glendale
Cheesesteak Veterans For Truth
Chellis For State House District 94
Cherish California's Children Inc Political Action Committee
Cherokee County Action Fund
Cherokee County Republican Party
Cherokee County Teen Republicans
Cherokee County Young Republicans
Cherokee For Tony Guice Inc
Cheryl Azcona Friends Of
Cheryl Chow Campaign
Cheryl Johncox For Ohio
Cheryl K. Thomas County Judge Campaign
Cheryl M. Chow For School Board, District 7
Cheryle For Senate.Com
Chesapeake Energy For Texans
Chesapeake Oklahoma Pac
Chesapeake Republican Leadership Council Inc.
Chesilhurst Republican Club
Chester County Victory Committee
Chesterfield County Republican Womens Club
Chet D Traylor For Us Senate Campaign
Chevron Phillips Chemical State Pac
Chewning 2010
Cheyenne County Community Band
Chicago Heights Area Green Party
Chicago Lakefront Political Organization
Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee
Chicago Neighborhoods Preservation Pac
Chicago Port Council Maritime Trades Dept. Pac
Chicago Title Staff Pac
Chicagoland Apartment Association Pac
Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management Pac
Chico Citizens For Accountable Government
Chico Greenline Coalition
Chico Republican Women Federated
Chico Vision 2000
Child Development Center Of St. Joseph
Child Protection League Pac
Childers For Congress
Children First 2009
Children's Pac
Childrens Campaign Fund
Childrens Health Is A Priority (Chip)
Childrens Health Live And Developmental Pac (State)
Childrens Protective Rights Fund Pac
China Clay Producers Association Political Action
Chinese American Citizens Alliance - San Francisco Lodge
Chinese Americans For Newsom
Chinese-Americans For A Better San Francisco
Chino Valley Democratic Club
Chino Valley Professional Firefighters Pac
Chiropurpose- Pac Of New York
Chisholm 72 Pac
Chisholm For Congress
Chisholm For Senate
Chivukula For Congress
Chmielewski For State House District 13
Choice In Healthcare Committee
Choice Pac
Choose Chelmsford Politica Action Committee
Choosing A Better Future, Inc.
Choosing Right For Florida's Economy And Education
Chris Andrade For Congress
Chris Biggs For Attorney General
Chris Bragg For Superior Court Committee To Elect
Chris Bugbee For Judge
Chris Cameron For Ga Senate
Chris Comer Committee To Elect
Chris Daniel Campaign
Chris Doherty For Pa
Chris Dolphin For County Commissioner
Chris Dorworth For Hd 34 Campaign
Chris Dunn For Eastern Oregon
Chris Essel For City Council 2009
Chris Essel For City Council 2009 - General
Chris Frandsen Campaign Of
Chris Geissler Citizens For
Chris Gillett Campaign
Chris Hart Campaign
Chris Hart For County Commission
Chris Hart For Mayor
Chris Hatch For Texas House District 97 Campaign
Chris Hayes For Congress District Two
Chris Jones For Escambia County Property Appraiser
Chris Kelley For City Council 2014
Chris Mann For State Assembly 2014
Chris Marquez For Congress
Chris Nelson For Secretary Of State
Chris Peden For Congress
Chris Reilly 2012
Chris Ridley The Committe To Elect
Chris Saxman For House Of Delegates
Chris Shepherd For Indiana State Senate Sixth District
Chris Stagman For State Representative
Chris Tobe State Rep: District 60
Chris Winn For Congress Committee
Chris Wright For Assembly
Chris Zimmerman For Arlington County Board
Christa Duplantis Campaign Fund
Christa Hazel For School Board
Christensen 4 Senate
Christensen For Republican State Committee
Christian Attorneys For Texans Pac
Christian Coalition Political Fund, Inc.
Christian Fathers For California
Christian Party Of North Carolina
Christian Patriot Fund
Christian Principles For Politics
Christians For A Change
Christians For Life And Liberty
Christina Sanchez Campaign To Elect
Christina Shea For Mayor 08
Christine Baker For School Board
Christine Passey Committee To Elect
Christine Rodriguez-Lara For Council
Christine Thron For Maryland
Christman Enterprises, Inc. - Pac
Christopher Fernandes For County Commissioner
Christopher G. Atkins For State Representative
Christopher L. Byrd For State Senate
Christopher Max Ziadiebroward County Commissioner Race Candidate
Christopher T. Boyer, Committee To Elect
Christopher Williams
Christy Riley For City Council
Chrysler Minority Dealers Association Political Action Committee
Chs Mississippi State Political Action Committee
Chuck Cazalas For County Commissioner Campaign
Chuck Flum For Us Senate
Chuck Hopson Campaign
Chuck Kiester Campaign Fund
Chuck Malone Campaign
Chuck Marino For U.S. Senate
Chuck Miller For State Representative
Chuck Morse For State Senate
Chuck Riley For State Representative
Chuck Tyson For Nc State Senate
Chula Vista Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Chula Vista Voters Against Corruption, Opposing John Mccann For City C
Chula Vistans For Responsible Taxes
Chumney For District Attorney
Church Of Barabbas
Chvala Legal Defense Fund
Cianchette For Governor
Cifuentes For Dnc
Cincinnati Tea Party
Cincinnatians For Jobs Now
Cincinnatians For Progress Pac
Cindy Lerner For Florida Senate
Cindy Morgan Campaign Committee
Cingular Wireless Cce
Cinnaminson Republican Campaign Committee
Cir, Seiu Local 1957 Health Care Advocacy Fund
Ciresi For Senate
Cisco Communication(Friends & Family Wireless)
Cissell For Probate Judge Committee
Citezens To Elect Steven Mobley
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Colorado
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Tennessee
Citizen Action By Public Employees
Citizen Action By Public Employees
Citizen Action Ofr Fair Elections
Citizen Action, Inc.
Citizen Action/Il Progressive Action Project
Citizen Alliance For A Strong Economy
Citizen For Academic Freedom For South Carolina
Citizen For Equality
Citizen For Responsible Goverment
Citizen Leader Coalition
Citizen Leader Pac
Citizen Power Campaign
Citizen Protection Association, Inc.
Citizen Soldier Fund - Non Federal
Citizen Tea Party Coalition, Inc.
Citizen's Committee For North Kansas City Schools
Citizen's For Florida's Future
Citizen's For Omaha's Future
Citizen's Voice
Citizens & Taxpayers For A Better California
Citizens 4 Doris 2016
Citizens 4 Joseph
Citizens Acting Together For Change
Citizens Action Fund
Citizens Advocating For Social Equity
Citizens Advocating Responsible Environmential Solutions
Citizens Against A Tax On Our Cell Phones
Citizens Against Backroom Deals
Citizens Against Bigger Government And Higher Taxes, Inc.
Citizens Against Classifying Vapors As Tobacco
Citizens Against Corruption
Citizens Against Higher Beverage Taxes
Citizens Against Incorporation Pac
Citizens Against Red Light Cameras
Citizens Against Resource Exploitation
Citizens Against Rtid
Citizens Against Safeclear
Citizens Against Sprawl, Inc.
Citizens Against The Oxford Casino
Citizens Against Voter Fraud
Citizens Against Walker
Citizens Against Waste & Corruption Inc.
Citizens Against Wasteful Spending
Citizens Alliance For A Progressive Arkansas
Citizens Alliance For Accountability In Government
Citizens Alliance For Floridas Economy
Citizens Alliance For Responsible Leadership, Inc.
Citizens Alliance For The Inland Empire
Citizens And Business Coalition For Loma Linda
Citizens And Businesses For A Sound Environment And Economy
Citizens And Labor For Good Government
Citizens And Taxpayers Political Action Committee
Citizens Anti-Crime Committee
Citizens Brushback Fund Inc
Citizens Building Colorados Future
Citizens Campaign For Fair Work, Living Wages, And Labor Peace
Citizens Club For Growth
Citizens Committe To Elect Frank V. Lasalata San J
Citizens Committed To A Safer Jacksonville
Citizens Committee For Camille George
Citizens Committee To Elect Bobby Shriver For La County Supervisor 201
Citizens Congress 2014, Inc.
Citizens Desiring Accountable Government, Eco
Citizens First
Citizens For A Tax Free Internet
Citizens For A Better America
Citizens For A Better Arizona
Citizens For A Better Berkeley
Citizens For A Better Brookhaven
Citizens For A Better California Sponsored By A Coalition Of South Bay
Citizens For A Better Central Florida
Citizens For A Better Charleston
Citizens For A Better Citrus
Citizens For A Better Colorado
Citizens For A Better Commonwealth
Citizens For A Better Daytona
Citizens For A Better Denver
Citizens For A Better Florida Cce
Citizens For A Better Florida, Inc.
Citizens For A Better Future Inc
Citizens For A Better Lee County
Citizens For A Better Lincoln
Citizens For A Better Los Angeles Supporting Huizar For City Council
Citizens For A Better Louisville
Citizens For A Better Michigan
Citizens For A Better Minneapolis
Citizens For A Better Oakridge
Citizens For A Better Omaha, Incorporated
Citizens For A Better Palm Beach County Inc
Citizens For A Better Pennsylvania
Citizens For A Better Pensacola
Citizens For A Better Shelby County
Citizens For A Better Solano County
Citizens For A Better South Florida
Citizens For A Better Southwest Florida
Citizens For A Better St Johns
Citizens For A Better St. Louis
Citizens For A Better Steger
Citizens For A Better Sutherlin
Citizens For A Better Tomorrow
Citizens For A Better Tomorrow
Citizens For A Better Tomorrow
Citizens For A Better Waller County
Citizens For A Better West Palm Beach
Citizens For A Brighter Future
Citizens For A Brighter Tomorrow
Citizens For A Brighter Tomorrow Pac Inc.
Citizens For A Business-Friendly San Diego (Kilroy Realty, Lp)
Citizens For A Concord Municipality
Citizens For A Democratic America Corp.
Citizens For A Free America
Citizens For A Greater Essex
Citizens For A Greater Florida
Citizens For A Greener Future
Citizens For A Master Plan (Camp)
Citizens For A Moderate America
Citizens For A Modern Minneapolis
Citizens For A New Puerto Rico
Citizens For A New Waukegan
Citizens For A Progressive Corvallis
Citizens For A Progressive Florida
Citizens For A Progressive Florida Pc
Citizens For A Progressive Wisconsin Pac
Citizens For A Progressive Wisconsin Political Fund
Citizens For A Prosperous Michigan
Citizens For A Prosperous Oregon, Inc.
Citizens For A Responsible Government
Citizens For A Responsible Leadership
Citizens For A Responsive Troy Government
Citizens For A Safe & Strong San Jose Supporting Liccardo For Mayor
Citizens For A Safe & Successful Summit County
Citizens For A Safe And Healthy Fresno
Citizens For A Safe And Prosperous America
Citizens For A Safe Community
Citizens For A Safe Community
Citizens For A Safe Denver, Inc.
Citizens For A Safe Foruth Of July No On Measure Z Grand Terrace
Citizens For A Safe Fourth Of July No On Measure X Fontana
Citizens For A Safe Fourth Of July Yes On Measure Aa Westminister
Citizens For A Safer Airport
Citizens For A Safer Buckley
Citizens For A Safer Central Florida Inc
Citizens For A Safer Fresno
Citizens For A Safer Lafourche
Citizens For A Safer Mesilla
Citizens For A Safer Miami Dade
Citizens For A Safer Oklahoma
Citizens For A Safer Pinellas
Citizens For A Sane Arizona
Citizens For A Smarter Charter
Citizens For A Sound Health Plan
Citizens For A Stable Colorado
Citizens For A Strong Ag
Citizens For A Strong America
Citizens For A Strong Arkansas
Citizens For A Strong Chicago
Citizens For A Strong Judiciary
Citizens For A Strong Senate
Citizens For A Stronger S.D., Inc.
Citizens For A Sustainable Economy
Citizens For A United River Grove
Citizens For Abbey Mortemore
Citizens For Academic Excellence In Eanes
Citizens For Accountability In Politics Political Action Committee
Citizens For Accountability On Iraq
Citizens For Accountable Agriculture - Committee To Oppose Measure D
Citizens For Accountable Government
Citizens For Accountable Government, Cce
Citizens For After School Programs
Citizens For Alexander Haas
Citizens For Allan Monat
Citizens For Allison
Citizens For Ament
Citizens For America's Future
Citizens For An American Future Of Exceptionism Inc
Citizens For An Eithical Judiciary
Citizens For An Enterprising Democracy
Citizens For An Independent Judiciary
Citizens For An Independent Judiciary Political Co
Citizens For An Open And Responsive Government
Citizens For Antonio Tony Munoz
Citizens For April Troope
Citizens For Arizona Policy Political Action Comm
Citizens For Arizona's Future
Citizens For Arlene Shoemaker
Citizens For Ashvin Lad
Citizens For Aviation Security
Citizens For Balanced Government
Citizens For Balanced Growth Sponsored By New West Riverside, Llc
Citizens For Banton
Citizens For Barefoot
Citizens For Barry Park
Citizens For Bassett Schools - Yes On Measure V
Citizens For Bassi
Citizens For Baumgart
Citizens For Beaubien
Citizens For Beavercreek Schools
Citizens For Bennington
Citizens For Berrios
Citizens For Better Communities
Citizens For Better Courts
Citizens For Better Government
Citizens For Better Government In Davis 2012
Citizens For Better Government Slate
Citizens For Better Health Care
Citizens For Better Kentucky
Citizens For Better Leadership
Citizens For Better Neighborhoods
Citizens For Better Roads
Citizens For Better Roads
Citizens For Better Schools
Citizens For Better Schools
Citizens For Better Schools
Citizens For Better Schools In Support Of Lamotte For La Usd 2011
Citizens For Better Transportation Political Action Committee
Citizens For Better Transportation, Inc.
Citizens For Betters Schools In Support Of Vladovic For Lausd 2011
Citizens For Bill Blair
Citizens For Bill Ferguson
Citizens For Bill Mahar
Citizens For Bill Mitchell
Citizens For Bill Owens
Citizens For Bischoff
Citizens For Blake P. Sercye
Citizens For Bob Bowie
Citizens For Bob Coleman
Citizens For Bob Eleveld
Citizens For Bob James
Citizens For Bob Margett
Citizens For Boulder's Clean Energy Future
Citizens For Brad Lager
Citizens For Brad Webb
Citizens For Brandi Moreland
Citizens For Brian
Citizens For Brian Feldman
Citizens For Brian L. Baker
Citizens For Brian Younker
Citizens For Brice Stewart
Citizens For Bridging The Gap
Citizens For Bruce Herzfelder
Citizens For Brungard
Citizens For Bryan P. Hilton
Citizens For Bryan Pratt
Citizens For Burmeister
Citizens For California Reform
Citizens For Cancer Awareness
Citizens For Cancer Awareness
Citizens For Canfield
Citizens For Canton Township Road Levy
Citizens For Capital Improvements
Citizens For Carl Hansen Campaign Fund
Citizens For Carol
Citizens For Casey Urlacher
Citizens For Cc2
Citizens For Change
Citizens For Change, Inc.
Citizens For Charles A. Hartke
Citizens For Charles Starr
Citizens For Charron
Citizens For Charter Government
Citizens For Chester Slaughter
Citizens For Choice Wet/Dry 2008, Inc.
Citizens For Christian A. Smith
Citizens For Churchill
Citizens For Cindy Noe
Citizens For Ciotti
Citizens For Civility In Palm Beach County
Citizens For Clatsop County Charter Integrity
Citizens For Claypool
Citizens For Clean Water And Land
Citizens For Colorado
Citizens For Common Good, Inc.
Citizens For Common Sense
Citizens For Common Sense
Citizens For Common Sense
Citizens For Community Action
Citizens For Community Improvement
Citizens For Compassionate Cce
Citizens For Competitive Electricity
Citizens For Conservative Leadership
Citizens For Conservative Values
Citizens For Conservative Values
Citizens For Constitutional Governance
Citizens For Constructive Change Committee
Citizens For Continued Hospital Excellence
Citizens For Copeland
Citizens For Cornelius Kelly
Citizens For Cotten
Citizens For Counting All Votes In Palm Beach County
Citizens For Creighton
Citizens For Cynthia M. Santos
Citizens For Dallas Cowboys Park
Citizens For Dan Blue
Citizens For Dan Brown
Citizens For Dan Burling
Citizens For Dan Knorr
Citizens For Daniel Solis
Citizens For Danielle Rowe
Citizens For Darrell Decker
Citizens For Darrell Missey
Citizens For Dave Schmidt
Citizens For Dave Winters
Citizens For David Gay
Citizens For David Thalheimer
Citizens For Davidson
Citizens For Davis
Citizens For Dawne D. Lindsey
Citizens For Dd Levy
Citizens For Debra Olson
Citizens For Democracy
Citizens For Democracy
Citizens For Denny Mcnamara
Citizens For Dependable & Reliable Leadership
Citizens For Destefano
Citizens For Diana
Citizens For Dianne Y. Byrum
Citizens For District Attorney Bill Lafortune
Citizens For District Attorney Richard A. Brown
Citizens For Doherty
Citizens For Doug Struyk
Citizens For Doug Weiland
Citizens For Douglas C. Phimister For Judge
Citizens For Dunn
Citizens For Dusenberg
Citizens For Dyson
Citizens For Eamon Kelly
Citizens For Economic Balance
Citizens For Economic Freedom
Citizens For Economic Opportunity
Citizens For Economic Progress, Inc
Citizens For Ed Emery
Citizens For Edward Acevedo
Citizens For Effective Government
Citizens For Effective Law Enforcement, Inc.
Citizens For Effective Leadership, Inc.
Citizens For Ehrhardt
Citizens For Elaine Nekritz
Citizens For Elaine Z. Slobod
Citizens For Election Of Dale R. Marlar 2002
Citizens For Elfreda T Mathis
Citizens For Empowerment
Citizens For Empowerment
Citizens For Environmental Excellence
Citizens For Equal Representation Of Lorain County
Citizens For Ervin
Citizens For Ethical And Effective Leadership
Citizens For Ethical Campaigns
Citizens For Ethical Government
Citizens For Ethical Government Inc
Citizens For Ethical Leadership
Citizens For Ethical Leadership
Citizens For Ethics And Integrity In Government Ie
Citizens For Everett Medic One
Citizens For Excellence In Education- Yes On Measure E
Citizens For Expanding Opportunities
Citizens For Fair And Open Courts
Citizens For Fair Representation
Citizens For Fair Taxation Pac
Citizens For Fairness
Citizens For Fairness And Jobs Supporting Chris Cate
Citizens For Fairness Equality & Jobs
Citizens For Felix Gonzalez
Citizens For Fell
Citizens For Fell
Citizens For Fiscal Leadership
Citizens For Fiscal Responsibility
Citizens For Flaherty
Citizens For Flood Prevention
Citizens For Florida
Citizens For Florida Prosperity
Citizens For Floridas Future
Citizens For Fogarty
Citizens For Foley
Citizens For Foley Campaign Committee
Citizens For Folsom S Future
Citizens For For Dr David R Allen
Citizens For Fran Dennis
Citizens For Francisco Perez
Citizens For Fraser
Citizens For Fred Moulton
Citizens For Free Enterprise, Llc
Citizens For Future Progress
Citizens For Galetti
Citizens For Garton
Citizens For Gary V. Hodge
Citizens For Gayle Berry
Citizens For Gene Gerrard
Citizens For Gene Schulter
Citizens For Glenn F. Reibman
Citizens For Goldwater
Citizens For Good Government
Citizens For Good Government
Citizens For Good Government
Citizens For Good Government
Citizens For Government Accountability
Citizens For Government Accountability, Inc.
Citizens For Government Reform
Citizens For Govornment Accountability And Transparancy
Citizens For Grant Hammer
Citizens For Great Schools Pac
Citizens For Grodenchik
Citizens For Grossmont Hospital
Citizens For Hanaway
Citizens For Hank Martin
Citizens For Harmon
Citizens For Harry Bossey
Citizens For Hartnell College - Yes On Measure H
Citizens For Hawkins
Citizens For Hazel Park School Improvement
Citizens For Healthy Children, Inc.
Citizens For Healthy Teeth
Citizens For Hean
Citizens For Heidi Holan
Citizens For Henrietta Turnquest
Citizens For High Schools
Citizens For Higher Education
Citizens For Highland's Future
Citizens For Hillsboro Schools
Citizens For Hollinger
Citizens For Homer Glen
Citizens For Honest Government
Citizens For Honest Government
Citizens For Honest Government Pac
Citizens For Honesty In Politics
Citizens For Honorable Government
Citizens For Horton Election Committee
Citizens For Horton Election Committee
Citizens For Housing And Urban Growth
Citizens For Houstons Future
Citizens For Improving City Gov't
Citizens For Improving Redondo
Citizens For Inclusive Politics
Citizens For Increased Voter Participation
Citizens For Independence
Citizens For Informed Voters
Citizens For Infrastructure Improvements
Citizens For Ingrid Burnett
Citizens For Integrity & Dependability
Citizens For Integrity In Government
Citizens For Integrity In Government
Citizens For J. Ikaika Anderson
Citizens For Jack Jackson
Citizens For Jack Mccutchan
Citizens For Jake Zimmerman
Citizens For Jamaal Simpson
Citizens For James D. Brosnahan
Citizens For James M. Houlihan
Citizens For Jane Koeller
Citizens For Jason Panos
Citizens For Jay Wasson
Citizens For Jeffrey T Hibbs
Citizens For Jeffrey Wellbaum
Citizens For Jenkins Leggero
Citizens For Jerry Esrig For Judge
Citizens For Jerry Paszek
Citizens For Jewel Ware
Citizens For Jim Estepp
Citizens For Jim Goldberg
Citizens For Jim Hinkamp
Citizens For Jim Horn
Citizens For Jim Martin
Citizens For Jim Watson
Citizens For Jjc
Citizens For Joan Deaver
Citizens For Joan Harms
Citizens For Jobs & School Pac
Citizens For Joe Smith
Citizens For Joe Zelle
Citizens For John A. Smith
Citizens For John Ahern
Citizens For John C. Warren Jr.
Citizens For John Yudichak
Citizens For Johnsburg First
Citizens For Jon Hagler
Citizens For Jonathan Bilden
Citizens For Jonesboro's Future Inc
Citizens For Joseph Robach
Citizens For Joshua C Griffin
Citizens For Judge Bloom
Citizens For Judge Frizzell
Citizens For Judge Lloyd B. Zimmerman
Citizens For Judge Mary Jane Trapp
Citizens For Judge Michael J. Stamm
Citizens For Judge Powell
Citizens For Judge Ricigliano
Citizens For Judge Shirley Troutman
Citizens For Judicial Excellence
Citizens For Judicial Excellence Pc
Citizens For Judicial Integrity
Citizens For Justice Helen Meyer
Citizens For Justice Rita B. Garman
Citizens For Kane
Citizens For Kanzler
Citizens For Katheryn Shields
Citizens For Kathy Bahner
Citizens For Keith Parker
Citizens For Kelvin Fisher
Citizens For Kenn Gardner
Citizens For Kenneth Williams
Citizens For Kenyatta Johnson
Citizens For Ketchikan's Future
Citizens For Kirk Herath
Citizens For Klamath County Schools
Citizens For Klein Kids
Citizens For Kordus
Citizens For Kucinich In 2004
Citizens For Lancaster's Future
Citizens For Lane Shetterly
Citizens For Larry Lauterbach
Citizens For Larry Snyder
Citizens For Larry Wolpert
Citizens For Law Order And Ethics
Citizens For Lawrence Morrissey
Citizens For Lehner
Citizens For Lengenfelder
Citizens For Leroy Myers, Jr.
Citizens For Leslie Juby
Citizens For Liberty
Citizens For Liberty
Citizens For Limited Government
Citizens For Linda Mosley
Citizens For Linda Quezada
Citizens For Lisa Markovitz
Citizens For Liz Barrett
Citizens For Louis Wood
Citizens For Lovejoy
Citizens For Lower Property Taxes
Citizens For Lower Taxes
Citizens For Lynn Westmoreland
Citizens For Maloney
Citizens For Mannix Dba Mannix For Oregon
Citizens For Marcyan
Citizens For Maria Antonia Berrios
Citizens For Marian Miller
Citizens For Mark N Lee
Citizens For Mark Shriver
Citizens For Mark Zalcman
Citizens For Mary Krueger
Citizens For Mary Ruth Edwards
Citizens For Matt Dixon
Citizens For Matthew Peek
Citizens For May
Citizens For Mayor Diane Harkey-Stop The Recall
Citizens For Mcauliffe
Citizens For Medical Care For The Poor And Uninsur
Citizens For Mell
Citizens For Meyer
Citizens For Miami Beachs Future
Citizens For Michael Baumgartner
Citizens For Michael Ledonne
Citizens For Michael Megill
Citizens For Michael Minton
Citizens For Michael P. Stopka
Citizens For Michael W Freeman
Citizens For Michelle Corkadel
Citizens For Michigan
Citizens For Michigans Future 2002
Citizens For Mickelson
Citizens For Middle East Policy
Citizens For Mike Carrell
Citizens For Mike Horton
Citizens For Mike Kelley
Citizens For Mike Kelly
Citizens For Mike Mclachlan
Citizens For Mills
Citizens For Milton Community Preservation
Citizens For Moore
Citizens For More Freedom
Citizens For More Michigan Jobs
Citizens For More Responsive Government
Citizens For Moving Damascus Forward
Citizens For Mrh
Citizens For Much Lower Taxes
Citizens For Mushinsky
Citizens For Myers
Citizens For Neighborhood Safety
Citizens For Neighborhood Schools
Citizens For Neighborhood Schools
Citizens For Neild
Citizens For Neptune By-Pass
Citizens For New White House Tenant
Citizens For Nichole C Patton
Citizens For Nieves
Citizens For Nonpartisan Politics
Citizens For Noonan
Citizens For Norm Maleng
Citizens For North County Coastal Cities
Citizens For Nuby For Justice
Citizens For Oblinger
Citizens For Odonnell
Citizens For Onayemi
Citizens For Open And Honest Government
Citizens For Open Elections
Citizens For Open Government
Citizens For Open Government In Mount Pleasant
Citizens For Our Community College
Citizens For Our Public Schools
Citizens For P Ben Arredondo
Citizens For Palm Coasts Future
Citizens For Palomar College - Yes On M
Citizens For Pat Hughes
Citizens For Pat Thibaudeau
Citizens For Patricia Bynes
Citizens For Paul Kaupas
Citizens For Peoria County Board
Citizens For Pepper Committee
Citizens For Peraica
Citizens For Peter Herzog
Citizens For Peterson Campaign Com
Citizens For Phil Georges
Citizens For Pike Road Pac
Citizens For Pima Community College Integrity
Citizens For Political Accountability
Citizens For Political Change
Citizens For Positive Change
Citizens For Pre-Trial Justice Coalition Pac
Citizens For Principled Leadership
Citizens For Principled Leadership Pc
Citizens For Private Enterprise Isupac
Citizens For Professional Law Enforcement
Citizens For Progress
Citizens For Progress
Citizens For Progress
Citizens For Progress & Integrity
Citizens For Progress And Good Government
Citizens For Progressive Representation
Citizens For Progressive Richland
Citizens For Property Rights
Citizens For Property Rights -Cypress
Citizens For Property Tax Reform
Citizens For Public Broadcasting
Citizens For Public Integrity
Citizens For Public Safety
Citizens For Public Service
Citizens For Public Transportation
Citizens For Quality Development
Citizens For Quality Education
Citizens For Quality Education
Citizens For Quality Government
Citizens For Quality Health Care, Llc
Citizens For Quality Living
Citizens For Quality Of Life
Citizens For Quality Planning
Citizens For Quall
Citizens For Quick To Congress
Citizens For Randy Asbury
Citizens For Randy Guy
Citizens For Rauschenberger
Citizens For Rebecca Kaplan For Mayor
Citizens For Recreational Water
Citizens For Reform
Citizens For Reform For Miami-Dade County
Citizens For Reform In Minnesota State Senate District 12
Citizens For Rene Desmaris
Citizens For Representative Government 2010
Citizens For Republican Values
Citizens For Resonsible Representation
Citizens For Responsibility In Government
Citizens For Responsible And Balanced Growth
Citizens For Responsible Annexations
Citizens For Responsible Community
Citizens For Responsible Community Leadership Pac
Citizens For Responsible Government
Citizens For Responsible Government
Citizens For Responsible Government
Citizens For Responsible Government - Mooresville
Citizens For Responsible Government And Sensible G
Citizens For Responsible Government, Llc
Citizens For Responsible Growth Of St. Pete Beach, Inc.
Citizens For Responsible Leadership
Citizens For Responsible Leadership & Ethics
Citizens For Responsible Legislation
Citizens For Responsible Local Government
Citizens For Responsible Research
Citizens For Responsible Taxation Llc
Citizens For Responsive Government
Citizens For Responsive Government
Citizens For Responsive Government Pc
Citizens For Responsive Government, A Coalition Of Business, Labor, An
Citizens For Ribas
Citizens For Richard Bradley
Citizens For Richard Lerner
Citizens For Richard Massafra
Citizens For Richard Stevens
Citizens For Rick Ingram
Citizens For Rio Schools In 08
Citizens For Risinger
Citizens For Road Referendum
Citizens For Rob Seubert
Citizens For Robert Alt
Citizens For Robert Hurt
Citizens For Ronald M Serpico
Citizens For Rosendo Mercado
Citizens For Ross Fulton
Citizens For Rudd
Citizens For Ruth Kagi
Citizens For S. Louis Rathje
Citizens For Safer Streets
Citizens For Safety
Citizens For Safety & Security
Citizens For Sales Tax Referendum
Citizens For Sampron
Citizens For Sandra Romero
Citizens For Sane Government (Pac)
Citizens For Santiago
Citizens For Sara Feigenholtz
Citizens For Sarantou
Citizens For Sarver
Citizens For Saunders, Inc.
Citizens For Sayers
Citizens For School Readiness
Citizens For School Revenue Recovery
Citizens For Schrim
Citizens For Scott Maloney
Citizens For Selby
Citizens For Sensible Law Enforcement
Citizens For Sensible Solutions, Inc.
Citizens For Shannon Hartkemeyer
Citizens For Sharon White
Citizens For Sheldon A. Harris
Citizens For Sheriff Joe
Citizens For Sheriff Kralik Committee
Citizens For Sherry Krainick
Citizens For Sidney H. Mathias
Citizens For Sig Hutchinson
Citizens For Simi Valley Schools
Citizens For Sipes
Citizens For Slone
Citizens For Small School Districts
Citizens For Smart Governance
Citizens For Social Reform Pac
Citizens For Soderstrom
Citizens For Sohl
Citizens For Sommers
Citizens For Sound Media
Citizens For Sparks
Citizens For Spencer Black
Citizens For St Vrain County
Citizens For St. Angel
Citizens For Steffen
Citizens For Steve Kelley
Citizens For Steve Kunzweiler
Citizens For Steve Moore
Citizens For Steve Swyers
Citizens For Steve Thomas
Citizens For Steve Wolcott
Citizens For Steven Williams
Citizens For Stewart
Citizens For Stonecipher
Citizens For Strength And Security
Citizens For Strong Natrona County Schools
Citizens For Strong Schools
Citizens For Suarez
Citizens For Sullivan
Citizens For Susan Garrett
Citizens For Sutherland
Citizens For Syverson
Citizens For Tackett
Citizens For Tackett Committee
Citizens For Tackett Committee
Citizens For Tam District High Schools
Citizens For Taxpayers Rights
Citizens For Ted House
Citizens For Texas
Citizens For The 2011 Mokena School Referendum
Citizens For The American Dream, Llc
Citizens For The Commonwealth
Citizens For The Election Of William Harding Davis
Citizens For The Future
Citizens For The Future Of Carroll County
Citizens For The Future Of Troup County Inc
Citizens For The Future, Inc.
Citizens For The Improvement Of Parks In Petaluma - Pfor
Citizens For The Liberty Center Library
Citizens For The Library
Citizens For The Library
Citizens For The Maricopa Community Colleges
Citizens For The North Cache Museum
Citizens For The O'fallon Police & Courthouse
Citizens For The O'fallon Police Station & Courthouse
Citizens For The Preservation Of Rural Lifestyle
Citizens For The Prevention Of Sonoma County Bankruptcy
Citizens For The Republican Congress
Citizens For The St Pete Pier, Inc.
Citizens For The Water District
Citizens For Therapy Reform, Inc.
Citizens For Thomas Benedetto
Citizens For Thomas M. Pelagatti
Citizens For Thorp
Citizens For Threlkeld
Citizens For Tim Benn
Citizens For Tim Braun
Citizens For Tim Krivanek
Citizens For Tim Simms
Citizens For Tom Allen
Citizens For Tom Bennington
Citizens For Tomorrow
Citizens For Tony Manansala
Citizens For Tort Reform, Inc.
Citizens For Traditional Values
Citizens For Transparency And Integrity In Government
Citizens For Transparency In Government, Inc.
Citizens For Treesh For Senate
Citizens For Troy Committee
Citizens For Truth
Citizens For Truth
Citizens For Truth
Citizens For Truth
Citizens For Trutin
Citizens For Uniting Greenwood
Citizens For Universal Health Care
Citizens For Vacaville's Future, A Coalition Of Civic Leaders, Local B
Citizens For Valerie Twanmoh
Citizens For Veitch
Citizens For Victory
Citizens For Vincent Buys
Citizens For Virgil Wallace
Citizens For Vulich
Citizens For Waddell
Citizens For Wallis Brooks, Inc.
Citizens For Walt Bivins
Citizens For Watson
Citizens For Wendell Jones
Citizens For William E. Alexa
Citizens For William Edgar
Citizens For Wilmington Public Library
Citizens For Youth Development Through Sports
Citizens For Zavaras
Citizens Fortracy
Citizens Fund For Margaret Smith
Citizens Helping Elect Cheryl Kagan
Citizens Iinvesting In Schools For Our Kids
Citizens In Action, Inc.
Citizens In Support Of Liberty And The Existence Of A Higher Power
Citizens Network 4 Recall Of Flores Castro And Quinonez
Citizens Not Subjects
Citizens Of Central Florida Committee
Citizens Of Economic Freedom
Citizens Of Edgewood For A New Beginning
Citizens Of San Miguel
Citizens Organized For Public Safety
Citizens Pac
Citizens Pac
Citizens Political Action Commitee
Citizens Political Lobby Organization
Citizens Protecting For Our Water And Forests
Citizens Protecting Prospect Heights
Citizens Protecting Rights Political Committee
Citizens Protest
Citizens Speaking Out Committee, Inc.
Citizens Speaking Out, Inc.
Citizens Supporting Classroom Excellence
Citizens Supporting Emmerich
Citizens Supporting Madison Village Police
Citizens Supporting Mike Nofs
Citizens Supporting Mike Nofs For State Representa
Citizens Supporting Positive Leadership
Citizens Taking A Stand For St. Louis County
Citizens To Clean Up The Mess At City Hall
Citizens To Elect Aaron Staebell
Citizens To Elect Adonnis Shaw
Citizens To Elect Adonnis Shaw
Citizens To Elect Al Juhnke
Citizens To Elect Allen Icet
Citizens To Elect Alo Hill
Citizens To Elect Bill Deeken
Citizens To Elect Bill Eickmeyer
Citizens To Elect Bill Gratz
Citizens To Elect Bob Caulfield Mayor
Citizens To Elect Bob Costa
Citizens To Elect Callie Melton
Citizens To Elect Carl Wilson
Citizens To Elect Charles Barrett Sheriff
Citizens To Elect Chuck Berg
Citizens To Elect Clyde Ballard
Citizens To Elect Daniel L Peters
Citizens To Elect Darrell Carter Judge
Citizens To Elect Dave Morell
Citizens To Elect David J Sabathne
Citizens To Elect Deneese Owen
Citizens To Elect Dennis Richardson
Citizens To Elect Diana Wilhite 4Th District State Representative
Citizens To Elect Diann Bomkamp
Citizens To Elect Donald R. Watts
Citizens To Elect Doug Camenzind
Citizens To Elect Doug Ervin
Citizens To Elect Dr Jack Gordon
Citizens To Elect Duane Cheney
Citizens To Elect Dwight Evans
Citizens To Elect Eberhardt And Weigand
Citizens To Elect Edward Crim
Citizens To Elect Edward J. Gaffney
Citizens To Elect Ernie Dehaas Judge
Citizens To Elect Eron Berg
Citizens To Elect Ferguson For Sheriff
Citizens To Elect Francine Adams
Citizens To Elect Frazier Garner
Citizens To Elect Frederick Collins
Citizens To Elect Gordon Anderson
Citizens To Elect Hess State Representative
Citizens To Elect Jack Goodman
Citizens To Elect Jack Rushin
Citizens To Elect Jacqueline Y. Collins
Citizens To Elect Jamal M Barnes
Citizens To Elect James West
Citizens To Elect Jason Rogers Williams, Llc
Citizens To Elect Jay Scott
Citizens To Elect Jeff Fine 200
Citizens To Elect Jerre Clauss
Citizens To Elect Jim Lavelle Judge
Citizens To Elect Joanne F Fehn Judge
Citizens To Elect Joe Birkett
Citizens To Elect John A. Mayfield
Citizens To Elect John Artimez Judge
Citizens To Elect John Wright
Citizens To Elect Jon Strods
Citizens To Elect Joyce Mcdonald
Citizens To Elect Judge Bill Musseman 2010
Citizens To Elect Judge Jean Baptiste
Citizens To Elect Judge Kenneth James Cortesi
Citizens To Elect Judge Michael J. Powers
Citizens To Elect Judge Rosemary Collins
Citizens To Elect Judge Rosemary Collins
Citizens To Elect Judy Bowman
Citizens To Elect Justice Melton
Citizens To Elect Karole Stockton
Citizens To Elect Kathleen Marie Burke
Citizens To Elect Kathy Mosley
Citizens To Elect Kevin Wimsett
Citizens To Elect Kris Cohn
Citizens To Elect Kris Cohn, An Ill. Nfp Corp.
Citizens To Elect Leon Stille
Citizens To Elect Lucas Yonkman
Citizens To Elect Mark Doumit
Citizens To Elect Matt Wilson
Citizens To Elect Michael A Booker
Citizens To Elect Michael D. Theisen
Citizens To Elect Michael J. Burke
Citizens To Elect Michael Mcmahon
Citizens To Elect Michael Todd
Citizens To Elect Michael Verdone
Citizens To Elect Mike Fielding
Citizens To Elect Mike Nerheim
Citizens To Elect Miller, Tamburro And Connolly
Citizens To Elect Nathan Johnston
Citizens To Elect Paul Arena
Citizens To Elect Payne
Citizens To Elect Ray Roberts For Sheriff
Citizens To Elect Rich Black
Citizens To Elect Rick Chatterton
Citizens To Elect Rick Kraai 88Th District Rep.
Citizens To Elect Rob Burton
Citizens To Elect Robert Schillerstrom
Citizens To Elect Ron Wesen
Citizens To Elect Ronda G. Wison
Citizens To Elect Sakellariou Circuit Judge
Citizens To Elect Scott Davis
Citizens To Elect Shari Bjorklund
Citizens To Elect Sheila Raddatz
Citizens To Elect Starr
Citizens To Elect Steve Conway
Citizens To Elect Susan Phillips
Citizens To Elect Susana Mendoza
Citizens To Elect Suzanne Elder
Citizens To Elect Terri Jeffreys
Citizens To Elect Terry Gallagher Also Known As John T. Gallagher
Citizens To Elect Terry Light
Citizens To Elect Thomas W. Murphy
Citizens To Elect Tim Hoeft
Citizens To Elect Tim Price Commissioner
Citizens To Elect Todd Courser
Citizens To Elect Tom Dempsey For State Representa
Citizens To Elect Tony Fremarek
Citizens To Elect Tony Graff
Citizens To Elect Valoree Maycock
Citizens To Elect William A. Oconnor
Citizens To Elect William Burch
Citizens To Electmike Niecestro U S Senate
Citizens To End Corruption
Citizens To Incorporate Navarre
Citizens To Keep B. Jean Crane As Chief Magistrate Judge
Citizens To Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe, Inc.
Citizens To Lower Our Unfair Taxes
Citizens To Protect Fair And Clean Elections
Citizens To Protect Groton Townships Future
Citizens To Protect Ohios Heritage
Citizens To Protect The Gardens
Citizens To Protect Walnut
Citizens To Re-Elect Cary Bozeman
Citizens To Re-Elect Dave Somers
Citizens To Re-Elect Joseph Berrios
Citizens To Re-Elect Patrick J. Levar
Citizens To Reclaim Miami-Dade County
Citizens To Reelect Brock Jackley State Representa
Citizens To Reelect Brock Jackley State Representa
Citizens To Reelect Judge Tamra Gormley
Citizens To Reelect Roger Bush
Citizens To Restore Grafton Township
Citizens To Retain Judge Broughton "Bo" Earnest
Citizens To Return Nick Demartino
Citizens To Stop The Power Grab Spons By Pacific Gas And Electric Co
Citizens Trade Campaign Political Action Committee
Citizens United
Citizens United For Change In The 20Th Ward
Citizens United For Justice
Citizens United For Less Taxes
Citizens United For Liberty & Freedom
Citizens United For Lower Taxes
Citizens United For Protecting Our Community
Citizens United For Reform
Citizens United For Truth Inc
Citizens United Not Timid
Citizens Voice Party Of Elmwood Park Nfp
Citizens Who Oppose The Pearce Recall
Citizens Who Support Maines Public Schools 527 Pac
Citizens Winning Hands
Citizens With Commoncents
Citizens With Ujvagi
Citizens Working To Fix Howard County
Citizenship For A Safer North Las Vegas
Citizenship Fund, Inc.
Citiznes For Heather Grandgeorge
Citiznes Who Support Maines Public Schools Pac
City Action Coalition Inc. Dba Christ Covenant Coaltion
City Action Coalition Pac
City Adminisrative Account
City Council Integrity Committee Pac
City Democratic Committee Of Burlington Vt
City Of Altoona
City Of Buffalo Republican Committee
City Of Fresno Profess Employees Assn P.A.C.
City Of Orange Police Assn Pac
City Of Williamsburg Republican Committee
City Residents Opposing Ed Lee For Mayor 2011, Spon By Afscme
City Watch Political Action Committee, Inc.
Citzens For A Better Fire District
Citzens For Bill Witham
Citzens United To Save America, Inc.
Civic Alliance For A Sound Economy
Civic Pride Of Boone County, Llc Pac
Civic Pride-Cce
Civic Youth Political Action Committee
Civil Engineers For A Civil Government
Civil Engineers For Infrastructure
Civil Justice Pac, Inc
Civil Rights Council
Civil Rights Front
Cl Holley For Congress
Clackamas County Citizens For Jobs
Clackamas Leadership Fund
Claiborne For County Commissioner
Clapham Pac
Clare Ross For State House
Clare Ross For State Senate
Claremont Foundation For Progress
Clark Bisbee For State Representative
Clark Bisbee Leadership Fund
Clark Bisbee Leadership Fund
Clark County Democratic Central Committee
Clark County Democratic Party
Clark County Fire Fighters L-1908 Pac
Clark County For Better Government
Clark County Republican Committee
Clark For Assembly 2012
Clark Hill Political Action Committee
Clark Hill Thorp Reed Political Action Committee
Clark Thompson For Mayor Committee
Clarke County Civic Betterment , Inc.
Clarke County Civic Betterment Inc.
Class Of 2002 Southside Leadership Fund
Classen For Seattle
Classical Conservative Coalition
Classrooms For Kids
Classrooms For Our Kids - Yes On Measure Aa
Claude Pope For Chairman
Claudia Davenport Campaign Account
Claudia L Shivers For Council Member - City Of Winston Salem
Clay Citizens' Voice Political Committee
Clay County Republican Executive Committee
Clay Morgan Campaign Committee
Clay Phillips Campaign For Tampa City Council
Clayton 2010 Campaign
Clean Government Colorado
Clean House Pac
Clean Money Now - Yes On 89
Clean Power Pac
Clean Slate Now
Clean Slate Now Colorado
Clean Water Action Education Fund
Clean Water Advocates Of Boulder
Clean Water Healthy Communities
Clean Water Portland
Clean-Up Florida
Clear Course
Clear Peak Colorado
Cleat Pac
Clem Munno For Congress Committee
Clemens For Senate
Clergy Leadership Network, Inc.
Clermont County Democratic Party
Clermont County Democratic Party
Clermont Liberty Pac
Clermont Tea Party Pac
Cleveland Anderson For Delegate
Cleveland County Republican Party
Cleveland For Governor
Cleveland Metro Park Committee
Cleveland Teachers Union C.O.P.E Fund
Click Back America
Cliff Bentz For State Representative Committee
Cliff Katona For Twin Falls County Sheriff 2016
Cliff Marcek For District Court Judge
Cliff Newton For State Senate
Cliff Roberts Campaign
Clifford Somers Campaign For State Legislature District 57
Clifford Waldeck Friends Of
Cliffside Park Democratic County Committee
Clifton Nj Tea Party Organization
Clifton Sudler For County Executive
Clint Davis For Circuit Judge Group 3
Clint Didier For Senate
Clinton Canady III For Ingham County Circuit Judge
Clinton County Democratic Committee
Clinton County Republican Commottee
Clinton I. Young,Jr. Campaign Committee
Clo Fontenot Campaign Fund
Close The Gap Ca
Clovis Citizens For Yes On Measure A
Clovis Firefighters Association
Clovis Firefighters Association
Clovis Firefighters P.A.C. 990910
Club Charter Committee
Club For Growth Committee Missouri
Club For Growth Oregon
Club For Growth Wisconsin Pac
Club For Growth.Net
Club For North Carolina
Clyde A. Giordano Campaign Committee
Clyde Fuller For School Board
Clyde Vanel For New York
Cm To Preserve & Protect The Historic & Natural Resources Of Whittier
Cmg Pac
Cmte For Healthy Kids In Support Of Richard Pan For Assm 2010
Cmte To Elect Eugene Jorissen For State Representa
Cna Citizens For Good State And Local Government
Cnty Road Assoc Of Michigan Rural And Urban Streets And
Coachella Valley United To Win Political Action Committee
Coachella-Imperial Valley Strategies Pac
Coaches! 101 (Pac)
Coal Miners For Truth Voter Fund
Coalbed Methane Association Of Al Pac
Coalition Against Victimless Crime Laws
Coalition For 21St Century Economic Development
Coalition For A Better Berkeley - Sponsored By The Berkeley Chamber
Coalition For A Better Colorado
Coalition For A Better Florida
Coalition For A Better Los Angeles To Support Nury Martinez
Coalition For A Better Los Angeles, Spons By Plumbers Local Union 78
Coalition For A Better Memphis 527 Account
Coalition For A Better Southeast
Coalition For A Cleaner Santa Monica
Coalition For A Conservative Northwest Florida
Coalition For A Greater Houston
Coalition For A More Perfect Union
Coalition For A Safer California
Coalition For A Stronger America
Coalition For A Stronger Lee County
Coalition For A Stronger South Florida
Coalition For Accessible Physicians
Coalition For Advancing Freedom
Coalition For America's Future
Coalition For American Values
Coalition For Americas Future-Nonfederal Account
Coalition For An Honest Government
Coalition For Arkansas' Future
Coalition For Better Communities, Inc
Coalition For Better Government
Coalition For Better Housing Pac
Coalition For Better Schools And Communities, Spons La Cnty Fed Of Lab
Coalition For Better Transportation
Coalition For Bipartisan Progress
Coalition For Building A Better Tomorrow
Coalition For California's Future Pac
Coalition For Change
Coalition For Civil Sidewalks
Coalition For Colorado's Future
Coalition For Conservative Leadership
Coalition For Contracting Fairness
Coalition For Economic Progress
Coalition For Economic Prosperity And Jobs
Coalition For Energy And The Environment
Coalition For Ethics And Accountability In Government
Coalition For Excellence Political Action Committee
Coalition For Fair Employment In The Inland Empire Pac
Coalition For Fairness And Fiscal Responsibility, No On Measure M
Coalition For Financial Freedom
Coalition For Fiscal Responsibility
Coalition For Florida Families, Inc.
Coalition For Florida's Families
Coalition For Good Government
Coalition For Good Government
Coalition For Good Government De
Coalition For Health Care Access And Liability Reform
Coalition For Healthy Babies
Coalition For Integrity In Government
Coalition For Jobs And Environmental Balance
Coalition For Jose Gardea For City Council 2013
Coalition For Judicial Integrity, Inc
Coalition For Justice And Equality
Coalition For Legislative Integrity
Coalition For New Leadership
Coalition For Ohio's Future
Coalition For Oklahoma's Future, Inc.
Coalition For Pas Future
Coalition For Progress
Coalition For Progress In Iraq
Coalition For Quality Communities
Coalition For Quality Communities
Coalition For Quality Healthcare
Coalition For Regional Excellence In Leadership
Coalition For Renewable Natural Gas Pac
Coalition For Responsible Government
Coalition For Responsible Government
Coalition For Responsible Leadership
Coalition For Responsible Transit
Coalition For School Reform To Support Galatzan, Sanchez & Vladovic Fo
Coalition For Sensible Government
Coalition For Smaller, Smarter Government
Coalition Of Affordable House-Cce
Coalition Of Affordable Housing Providers Cce
Coalition Of Affordable Housing Providers Pc
Coalition Of American Jobs, Inc.
Coalition Of Americans For Political Equality
Coalition Of Automotive Retailers Political Action Committee (Car-Pac)
Coalition Of Coastal Communities For Lorie Zapf For Council 2014
Coalition Of Concerned Christians Foundation, Inc.
Coalition Of Greater Scottsdale Political Committee
Coalition Of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials
Coalition Of Jefferson Inc
Coalition Of Latinos For Political Advocacy
Coalition Of Minnesota Business Pac
Coalition Of Physicians And Surgery
Coalition Of The Santa Monica City Employees Pac
Coalition Of Unrecognized Tribes
Coalition One
Coalition To Defend The American Dream
Coalition To Insure Michigan's Future
Coalition To Keep San Diego Working (Keep Pac)
Coalition To Protect Education And Health Care
Coalition To Protect The American Dream, Inc.
Coalition To Rebuild Government
Coalition To Restore California's Middle Class
Coalition To Save Florida Jobs
Coalition To Save Richmond Jobs
Coalitionbuilder.Org, Inc.
Coast Democratic Club Of Mendocino County
Coastal Conservation Oregon Pac
Coasthills Federal Credit Union
Coastsiders For Quality Living
Cobb 2012
Cobb Fendley Pac
Cobb For Regent
Cobb-Lamarche Recount Fund
Cobia For City Council
Coblenz For Congress
Coca-Cola Refreshments Inc. Employees Pac
Cocerned Citizens To Elect To Dale Blunier District Court Judge
Cochran For Senate
Cocoa Beach Hotel And Motel Assoc. Cce
Cody William Goldthrite For Mayor
Coenen For Mayor Inc.
Coffee Party Progressives
Cogdill For Assembly
Cohen & Company Pac For Accountable Public Servants
Cohen Campaign Committee
Cohen-Davis 2002
Coin Pac
Coinpac (Colorado Independent Political Action Committee)
Coker For Senate
Colapierto For Senate
Colapietro For Senate
Cole 4 Congress
Cole County Democratic Central Committee
Cole For City Council
Cole For Council Campaign Committee
Coleman For Arkansas
Coleman For Treasurer
Coles Citizens Action For Responsible Education Committee
Colgan For State Senate
Colia L Clark For Senate
Colin Bowden Friends Of
Colin Plese For School Board
Colleen Burton Campaign
College Democrats At Barry University
College Democrats At Usf
College Democrats Of Indiana
College Democrats Of Massachusetts
College Democrats Of North Texas
College Democrats Of Ohio Pac
College Republican Federation Of Nevada
College Republican Federation Of Rhode Island
College Republican National Committee, Inc.
College Republicans For Kleinhans Llc
College Students For A Better America
Collier Business Community Pac
Collier Children's Trust Proponents
Collin County Republican Party
Collins For Chairman
Collins For Council
Collins For Toledo City Council
Collision Industry Trust
Colo. Assoc. Of Realtors Issues Political Action C
Coloradans Creating Opportunities
Coloradans For A Better Future
Coloradans For A New Majority
Coloradans For A Sound Economy Independent Expenditure Committee
Coloradans For Change
Coloradans For Common Good
Coloradans For Convenience
Coloradans For Economic Opportunity
Coloradans For Experienced Leadership
Coloradans For Experienced Representation
Coloradans For Family Equality
Coloradans For Freedom And Opportunity
Coloradans For Integrity
Coloradans For Justice
Coloradans For Leadership
Coloradans For Life
Coloradans For Truth
Colorado Accountable Government Alliance
Colorado Afl-Cio Political Fund
Colorado Alliance For Working Families
Colorado Assoc. Of Realtors Political Action Commi
Colorado Bipartisan Alliance
Colorado Campaign For Children And Public Schools
Colorado Campaign For Jobs And Opportunity
Colorado Charter Voice, Llc
Colorado Chiropractic Pac
Colorado Citizens Coalition
Colorado Citizens For Accountable Government
Colorado Citizens' Alliance
Colorado Civil Justice League Pac
Colorado Clean Energy Fund
Colorado Community Alliance
Colorado Concern
Colorado Conservation Victory Fund
Colorado Conservation Voters Action Fund
Colorado Conservation Voters Action Fund - Sdc
Colorado Conservation Voters Campaign Fund
Colorado Conservation Voters Independent Expenditure Committee
Colorado Conservative Voters
Colorado Construction Industry Coalition
Colorado Counts
Colorado Credit Union Legislative Action Committee
Colorado Dairy Farmers Political Committee
Colorado Dental Small Donor Committee
Colorado Families First
Colorado Families First
Colorado Federation Of Republican Women (Cfrw)
Colorado First Project
Colorado For Kopp
Colorado Freedom Fund
Colorado Health And Families Llc
Colorado Hearthfund Pac, Llc
Colorado Hearthfund Sdc, Llc
Colorado Hearthfund, Llc
Colorado Hispanic Republicans
Colorado Integrity Alliance
Colorado Landscape Architects Pc
Colorado Leadership Coalition
Colorado Leadership Fund, Llc
Colorado League Of Taxpayers Action Fund
Colorado Liberty Fund
Colorado Mining Association Political Action Committee
Colorado Moms Demand Action
Colorado Neighborhood Alliance
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters
Colorado Protectors Of Public Schools
Colorado Public Affairs Council
Colorado Public Safety Fund
Colorado Republican Assembly
Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee
Colorado Republican Leadership Fund
Colorado Republican Senate Campaign Committee Llc
Colorado Senate 2002
Colorado Tax Watch
Colorado Values
Colorado Values
Colorado Voter Information Project
Colorado Voter Project
Colorado Wins Action Fund
Colorado Wins Sdc
Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association Action Fund
Coloradoans For Change
Coloradoans For Reform In Higher Education
Coloradoans For Responsible Leadership Llc
Columbia County Citizens For Good Government Incorporated
Columbia County Democratic Party Scholarship Fund
Columbia County Independence Party Committee
Columbia County Young Democrats
Columbia Republican Town Committee
Columbiana County Republican Party
Colville Superior Court Committee
Com Mittee To Elect Zack Hearn
Com On Individual Responsibility
Com To Elect Bob Oshea
Com To Elect Jacqui Colyer Fl House Rep 109
Com To Elect Jean Schodorf-State Senate
Com To Elect Judy
Com To Elect Larry R Strickler Fl Hr Dist 37
Com To Elect Steve Benson Judge
Com To Elect Vivian T Miller
Com To Re-Elect Anne Mcdonald
Com To Re-Elect Marco A Santia-39Th District Judge
Com To Re-Elect Terry R Spence
Com To Support Gomez Hernandez Peres & Oppose Ioannidis Pacheco Ortiz
Com. To Elect Wilson For State Representative 87
Com.On Jobs Candidate Advocacy Fund
Comcast Corporation & Nbcuniversal Political Action Committee - Usa
Comcast Corporation Political Action Committee Of Massachusetts
Comcast Corporation Texas Pac ("Compac-Tx")
Comcast Political Action Committee Of Maryland
Comite Municipal Pnp De Corozal
Comittee To Elect Alcombright
Comittee To Elect Jack Pommer
Comittee To Elect Marcus Conklin
Comittee To Elect Nadine Bopp To Mwrd
Comittee To Elect Rachel Farrell
Comittee To Elect Rob Patridge
Comittee To Protect Great Burlingame Schools
Comittee To Retain Judge Steven Leifman
Comity To Elect Tracy Salazar
Comm For A Stronger Florida
Comm For Measure C Better Schools For Our Children
Comm Of Citizens Firefighters And Police Officers
Comm Protect Political Rights Minorities Candidate
Comm To Elect Butch Anderson
Comm To Elect Charlie Dent
Comm To Elect G Jones
Comm To Elect Judge Rebolini Supreme Court Justice
Comm To Elect Judge Robert Ross To Supreme Court
Comm To Elect Leslie Schmalzried Madison County Treasurer
Comm To Elect Mag Michael R Osaer Macomb Cir Judge
Comm To Elect Steve Hill To State Senate
Comm To Protect Workers Voice Against 75
Comm To Re-Elect Amanda Williams Judge Superior Ct
Comm To Reelect Thirtysixth District Court Judge Paula G Humphries
Comm Workers Of America Az State Council Pac
Comm. For Good Gov't In Margate - T/A United For Margate 2007
Comm. For Jesse Mandujano-Corona City Council 2002
Comm. For Safe San Jose Neighborhood Support Nguyen For City Council
Comm. Supporting The Recall Of Mckinley, Bankhead & Jones
Comm. Suzanne Gunzburger Campaign Acct. 2002
Comm. To Elect Abraham Levy Nyc Council Dist. 46
Comm. To Elect Coatsey Ellison Judge Clayton Sup C
Comm. To Elect Debbie Springer Circuit Court Clerk
Comm. To Elect Kim Hunter As Hall County Tax Comm
Comm. To Elect Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. To Assembly
Comm. To Protect Homecare For Seniors And People
Comm. To Re-Elect H. Doug Everett
Comm. Wayne Arnold
Comm. Workers Of America - D2 Pec
Commercial Development Political Action Committee (Pac)
Commercial Real Estate Pac
Commissioner Furnari Campaign Committee
Commissioner Of Revenue Pac-(Corpac)
Commissioner Probolsky For Water Board
Commite To Elect Andrew Goad
Commitee For A Stronger Maryland
Commitee For Wamp Change
Commitee To Elect
Commitee To Elect Jane Page Thompson
Commitee To Elect Joe Freeman
Commitee To Elect John Birchenough
Commitee To Elect John Erickson To School Committee
Commitee To Elect Judge Brown
Commitee To Elect Leo F Bartolini Jr
Commitee To Elect Linda Pfeilsticker
Commitee To Elect Mark Hill
Commitee To Elect Roger Sheets
Commitee To Fix Our Flooding
Commitee To Re-Elect Judge M. Sue Kurita
Commitment To Opportunity, Action And Community Health
Committe For Jeff Thomas
Committe To Eect Horace D Cotton
Committe To Elect Billy H Ezell
Committe To Elect Blaine Doucet Sulphur City Judge
Committe To Elect Bob Buckhorn
Committe To Elect Carl Von Epps
Committe To Elect Carlotta Harrell
Committe To Elect Carolene Mays
Committe To Elect Charles Bannister
Committe To Elect Charles Nebel Probate & Family Court Judge
Committe To Elect Chris Hennis
Committe To Elect Chris Wallace
Committe To Elect Ed Kimball
Committe To Elect Ed Rabel To Congress
Committe To Elect Elaine G Martin
Committe To Elect Eric Wisener
Committe To Elect Erick Hunt
Committe To Elect Fonda Crandall
Committe To Elect Fulton Sheen For 88Th Dist. Rep.
Committe To Elect George Dini
Committe To Elect Gerald V. Hayes Judge
Committe To Elect Ian Jackson
Committe To Elect Jack T. Marionneaux
Committe To Elect James Hardy
Committe To Elect Jeff Bueche
Committe To Elect Jim Honeyford
Committe To Elect Joe Ford
Committe To Elect John Lechner
Committe To Elect Judge Aliotta Supreme Court Judg
Committe To Elect Judge Joe Butner
Committe To Elect Kathy Taft
Committe To Elect Ken Bennett
Committe To Elect Kirk A. Williams
Committe To Elect Luis Facundo
Committe To Elect Patricia M Deimango Supreme Cour
Committe To Elect Patrick Jacobwith
Committe To Elect Pauline Cummings
Committe To Elect Randolph S Smith
Committe To Elect Rick Knapp For Judge
Committe To Elect Robert Craig State Representative
Committe To Elect Robert Hedlund
Committe To Elect Senator Manny M. Aragon
Committe To Elect Steve Pressman
Committe To Elect Tammy Murray-Cousins
Committe To Elect Terry Embler
Committe To Elect Tyler Veliquette
Committe To Elect Walter Osborne Chancery Clerk
Committe To Re-Elect Berwin Hanna To Norco City Council 2011
Committe To Re-Elect Brenda Lee
Committe To Re-Elect Jeannette James
Committe To Re-Elect Joel Peterson For School Board
Committe To Re-Elect Judge Margaret C. Reilly
Committe To Re-Elect Judge William H. Cannon
Committe To Re-Elect Leanne Jasset
Committe To Reelect Judge Deborah A Thomas
Committe To Send Mr. Smith To Washington
Committee For The Election Of James G. Starkey
Committee Against Corruption
Committee Against Political Corruption & Special Interests
Committee For A Balanced Public Policy
Committee For A Better California
Committee For A Better Chicago
Committee For A Better Commerce
Committee For A Better Florida Inc
Committee For A Better Future
Committee For A Better Islip
Committee For A Better Lehigh Valley
Committee For A Better Melvindale
Committee For A Better Milwaukee
Committee For A Better Missouri
Committee For A Better Nevada
Committee For A Better Pittsburgh
Committee For A Better State Government
Committee For A Better Tampa
Committee For A Better Tomorrow
Committee For A Brighter Brighton
Committee For A Common Sense City Council
Committee For A Conservative House
Committee For A Democratic Future - Non Federal
Committee For A Diverse Government
Committee For A More Democratic California
Committee For A More Secure Future
Committee For A New Economy (Steinberg Ballot Measure Committee)
Committee For A Positive Change
Committee For A Pro-Choice New York
Committee For A Progressive Franklin
Committee For A Prosperous Florida Pc
Committee For A Republican Majority
Committee For A Safe And Prosperous Oxnard Supporting Macdonald
Committee For A Safer Los Angeles
Committee For A Safer Michigan
Committee For A Safer Rancho Cucamonga
Committee For A Safer San Francisco
Committee For A Safer Santa Clarita
Committee For A Secure And Better Harris County
Committee For A Sound Public Policy
Committee For Accessible Government
Committee For Accountable Government
Committee For An Affordable Community Center
Committee For An Affordable Residential Environment
Committee For An Innovative Florida
Committee For Anesthesia Safety
Committee For Austin's Future
Committee For Balanced Stewardship
Committee For Better Infrastructure - Yes On Measure B
Committee For Better Schools
Committee For Better Schools
Committee For Better Schools Now
Committee For Bill Schuck
Committee For Boardman Public Safety
Committee For Bob Morton
Committee For Californians For Religious Freedom.Org
Committee For Cas Taylor
Committee For Change
Committee For Charles G. Morrow III
Committee For Charter Public Schools
Committee For Columbus Young Professionals For Barack Obama
Committee For Community Leadership
Committee For Community Values
Committee For Concerned Penssylvania Families
Committee For Conservative Government
Committee For Conservative Leadership In Florida Inc
Committee For Continued Progress
Committee For Continued Quality Education
Committee For Council Reduction
Committee For Darren Brinksneader
Committee For Dion Louise Aroner
Committee For Economic Development
Committee For Economic Growth
Committee For Effective Florida Leadership
Committee For Effective Government Pac
Committee For Effective Representation
Committee For Efficient Government, Inc.
Committee For Equitable Representation, Inc.
Committee For Erik Schlueter
Committee For Ethics In Government
Committee For Excellence In Government
Committee For Excellence In The Disd
Committee For Fair And Honest Political Practices
Committee For Fair Competition In Telecommunications
Committee For Fair Property Taxes
Committee For Fair Representative Government
Committee For Florida Citizens
Committee For Florida's Education, Inc.
Committee For Floridas Economic Future
Committee For Floridas Future
Committee For Frank Lopez National City Council
Committee For Free Enterprise
Committee For Freedom
Committee For Good Government
Committee For Honest Government
Committee For Honesty And Accountability Opposed To Castaneda Asm 2013
Committee For Jill P. Carter
Committee For Jobs And Growth
Committee For Judge Feinman
Committee For Judicial Excellence
Committee For Justice & Fairness - Wisconsin
Committee For Justice And Economic Freedom
Committee For Justice And Fairness
Committee For Justice Fund
Committee For Keeping Integrity In Government
Committee For Keeping Integrity In Government
Committee For Kim Brown For Judge
Committee For Law Abiding State Senators
Committee For Leadership And Progress - Ny
Committee For Leadership And Progress - Virginia
Committee For Legislative Action
Committee For Legislative Reform And Term Limits
Committee For Local Control Of Santa Monica Airport Land-Clcsmal
Committee For Mary Skinner
Committee For Maryland's Progress, Inc.
Committee For Measure La Canada
Committee For Measure M
Committee For Michael Lerman
Committee For Milwaukee's Future
Committee For More Manufacturing Jobs
Committee For Oen Government
Committee For Oklahoma City Momentum
Committee For Optimistic And Outstanding Leaders
Committee For Pamela Cherry
Committee For Pension Fairness
Committee For Progressive Values, Inc.
Committee For Proven Conservative Leadership
Committee For Quality Education
Committee For Quality Government
Committee For Quality Healthcare
Committee For Quality Leadership
Committee For Quality Legislators
Committee For Quality Representation, A Coalition Of Local Manufacture
Committee For Rancho Santa Fe Children And Schools
Committee For Ranked Choice Voting
Committee For Re-Election Of Judge Tom Quirk
Committee For Reelection Of Howard A. Ruditzky
Committee For Reelection Of Larry J. Green
Committee For Responsibility In Government
Committee For Responsible Gaming
Committee For Responsible Government
Committee For Responsible Nurse Anesthesia
Committee For Responsible Politics
Committee For Responsible Regulation And Taxation
Committee For Responsible Representation, Inc.
Committee For Responsible Retirement
Committee For Responsible Solutions
Committee For Responsible Stamford Republican Leadership
Committee For Responsive Government
Committee For Retention Of Judges 2000
Committee For Ridgecrest Roads Initiative
Committee For Roosevelt Allen Jr.
Committee For Safer Neighborhoods And Lower Taxes Pac
Committee For Sensible Marijuana Policy
Committee For Smart Gorvernment
Committee For Smart Growth On Long Island, Inc.
Committee For Such A Time As This To Elect Shelia Mariah Bolar
Committee For Sue Adams
Committee For The Advancement Of Stem Cell Researc
Committee For The Election Of Angelina Carver - Hr33
Committee For The Election Of Kyla Cromer
Committee For The Election Of Mark Richman
Committee For The Election Of Peter Hack
Committee For The Future Of East Baton Rouge, L.L.C.
Committee For The Incorporation Of Wildomar
Committee For The Ingham County Land Preservation Millage
Committee For The Re-Election Of Dr Don Parazo
Committee For Truth In County Government
Committee For Truth In Government Of Kansas
Committee For Unemployment Insurance Reform
Committee For Washington's Future
Committee For Wilson 2002
Committee For Working Families, Spons. By Cal Labo
Committee For Yes On Measures X And Y
Committee For Yes On P For Ocean View 2012
Committee For Yes On W For New Schools
Committee In Favor Of Measure A
Committee In Support Of King For Clerk
Committee In Support Of Police & Fire
Committee Of 500
Committee Of Automotive Retailers Car
Committee Of Citizens To Protect Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Committee Of Florida Agents
Committee Of Good Government
Committee Of One Million To Defeat Barack Obama
Committee Of Safety Net Hospitals Of Florida
Committee Of Teaching Hospitals Of Florida
Committee On Political Education Of Riverside And San Bernardino Count
Committee On Political Education, Aft Local 1911
Committee On U.S.-Armenia Issues
Committee Ro Reelect Judge Kenneth B. Followill
Committee Supporting Utilities And Competitive Com
Committee Supporting Voters' Wishes Over Public Land
Committee To A.J. Thomson
Committee To Celebrate Fresno's Future
Committee To Cleanup Kern
Committee To Continue The Progress Of El Segundo
Committee To Control Wasteful Spending
Committee To Defend And Protect Anaheim
Committee To Draft Carl Hewitt
Committee To Draft John Sholden To The 304Th Distr
Committee To Draft Michael Bloomberg
Committee To Elct Michael Caruso For Mayor
Committee To Elect
Committee To Elect C. F. Barnes- State Repr.113Th
Committee To Elect A New School Board
Committee To Elect A.J. Thomson
Committee To Elect Aaron Simpson
Committee To Elect Aaron Ward Commissioner
Committee To Elect Adam Horn School Board
Committee To Elect Adam Pittman, Inc.
Committee To Elect Afoa Lutu & Le'i Thompson For Governor & Lt. Gov
Committee To Elect Al Krause
Committee To Elect Al Nava For City Council 2009
Committee To Elect Al Raines
Committee To Elect Alan Garcia
Committee To Elect Alan Grayson
Committee To Elect Alan Silvia State Representative
Committee To Elect Alan Swanson
Committee To Elect Albert Ochoa
Committee To Elect Alberto G. Santos Mayor
Committee To Elect Alex Evins County Chairman
Committee To Elect Alex Johnson To Lausd Board Of Education 2014
Committee To Elect Alexander Weimer
Committee To Elect Alisa Klein
Committee To Elect Allan Berg
Committee To Elect Allison Ball For State Treasurer
Committee To Elect Alvin Sims
Committee To Elect Alvin William Maupin
Committee To Elect Amy Chelini
Committee To Elect Andi Lipman
Committee To Elect Andrea Harrison
Committee To Elect Andrea Laiacona Dooley 2008
Committee To Elect Andrea Price Janzen
Committee To Elect Andres Ramirez
Committee To Elect Andrew J Gleeson
Committee To Elect Andrew Koor
Committee To Elect Andrew Thomas For State Rep.
Committee To Elect Andrew Wong
Committee To Elect Andy Rojas
Committee To Elect Andy Welch, Inc.
Committee To Elect Angela V Miramontes For Probate Judge
Committee To Elect Ann Perry
Committee To Elect Anna Clemens Gass
Committee To Elect Anne Mahon
Committee To Elect Anthony Angelone Judge
Committee To Elect Anthony M Keane
Committee To Elect Anthony Marnell
Committee To Elect Anthony P. "Tony" Lewis
Committee To Elect Anthony S Dedola Jr Judge
Committee To Elect Ariel Guerrero
Committee To Elect Armbruster
Committee To Elect Arthur Shapiro
Committee To Elect Aubrey Jones Sheriff
Committee To Elect Audra Strickland Officeholder Account
Committee To Elect August Gus Junior
Committee To Elect B.J. Carson
Committee To Elect Babbitt-Koeppe
Committee To Elect Barbara Calhoun
Committee To Elect Barbara Dibble Fostoria Municipal Court Judge
Committee To Elect Barbara F. Bailey
Committee To Elect Barbara Jones
Committee To Elect Barbara M Meyer
Committee To Elect Barbara Stephenson Treasurer
Committee To Elect Barlos
Committee To Elect Barry Laiche For District Judge
Committee To Elect Barry Sehlin
Committee To Elect Becky Nace
Committee To Elect Ben Kieckhefer
Committee To Elect Ben Oakley
Committee To Elect Ben Westlund
Committee To Elect Beth A. Ross
Committee To Elect Betty Boyd
Committee To Elect Bill Davis For Lt. Governor
Committee To Elect Bill Flynn
Committee To Elect Bill Gargan
Committee To Elect Bill Garrard
Committee To Elect Bill Gunn
Committee To Elect Bill Habermehl
Committee To Elect Bill Hartnett
Committee To Elect Bill Howard
Committee To Elect Bill Kissner
Committee To Elect Bill Porter
Committee To Elect Bill Redding
Committee To Elect Bill Todd
Committee To Elect Bill White
Committee To Elect Blane Black Judge
Committee To Elect Bo Karpinsky
Committee To Elect Bob Buckhorn
Committee To Elect Bob Cherry
Committee To Elect Bob England To Nc House
Committee To Elect Bob Glass Glass For Governor
Committee To Elect Bob Jackson
Committee To Elect Bob Jeniski
Committee To Elect Bob King For Presiding Commissioner
Committee To Elect Bob Mcconnell For Congress
Committee To Elect Bob Morain
Committee To Elect Bob Pacheco
Committee To Elect Bob Patterson
Committee To Elect Bob Payne County Court Judge
Committee To Elect Bob Quarterman
Committee To Elect Bob Redlinger
Committee To Elect Bob Travis
Committee To Elect Bob Turner
Committee To Elect Bobby Shriver Supervisor 2014
Committee To Elect Bodack
Committee To Elect Bonner Stiller
Committee To Elect Bosworth Cools Hannay And Schueppert
Committee To Elect Bouchard
Committee To Elect Brad Wilson
Committee To Elect Brandon Derr
Committee To Elect Brandon Loggins
Committee To Elect Brandon Vick
Committee To Elect Brandon Wegge
Committee To Elect Brant J Parry
Committee To Elect Brenda Davis For Mayor
Committee To Elect Brenda Ford
Committee To Elect Brendan Brandt
Committee To Elect Brent Brown
Committee To Elect Brent Craig
Committee To Elect Brian Bergman
Committee To Elect Brian Bock
Committee To Elect Brian Bond
Committee To Elect Brian Bosma
Committee To Elect Brian Bushweller
Committee To Elect Brian Delgrosso
Committee To Elect Brian Dodge
Committee To Elect Brian Hobgood
Committee To Elect Brian Joyce
Committee To Elect Brian Lauterbach
Committee To Elect Brian Scroggins
Committee To Elect Brian Strickland, Inc.
Committee To Elect Brian Vandusen
Committee To Elect Brice Wiggins
Committee To Elect Briggs Hopson
Committee To Elect Brinton Skalnik
Committee To Elect Britnee Timberlake
Committee To Elect Brody Kane
Committee To Elect Bruce Altizer
Committee To Elect Bruce Goforth For Nc House
Committee To Elect Bruce Hezlep
Committee To Elect Bruce Holland
Committee To Elect Bruce Rood
Committee To Elect Bryan Johnston
Committee To Elect Burrus For Ohio
Committee To Elect C. Devore-Parks
Committee To Elect C. Max Schenk
Committee To Elect Cal Dunlap
Committee To Elect Caleb Mardini
Committee To Elect Calvin Woodard For Wilson County Sheriff
Committee To Elect Candidates To Republican Office (Cecro Pac)
Committee To Elect Cara Lero Pucheu
Committee To Elect Carl Bunce
Committee To Elect Carl S Henderson Dayton Municip
Committee To Elect Carl Washington
Committee To Elect Carlos R Cortes
Committee To Elect Carlton Smith
Committee To Elect Carol Gamble
Committee To Elect Carol Jackson
Committee To Elect Carol Karafotis
Committee To Elect Caroline M. Murray For Town Council
Committee To Elect Carolyn Klein
Committee To Elect Carolyn S. Allen
Committee To Elect Carson Lyons
Committee To Elect Cary Kelly
Committee To Elect Catherine Barrett
Committee To Elect Catherine Constantinou Judge
Committee To Elect Catherine Rich-Daniels
Committee To Elect Catherine Tinney Rome To Assembly
Committee To Elect Cathy Richardson
Committee To Elect Cathy Wolfe
Committee To Elect Cecil Hale
Committee To Elect Centofanti For School Board
Committee To Elect Chance D. Corbett
Committee To Elect Charles Boles
Committee To Elect Charles J. Marquardt
Committee To Elect Charles P. Andrews III
Committee To Elect Charles Schrumpf
Committee To Elect Charles Williams-City Council
Committee To Elect Charles Woodall
Committee To Elect Charlotte Tatum
Committee To Elect Charlton Allen
Committee To Elect Cheryl Allen
Committee To Elect Chick Heileson
Committee To Elect Chris Asselin
Committee To Elect Chris Colasuono
Committee To Elect Chris Davis
Committee To Elect Chris Durant
Committee To Elect Chris Edes
Committee To Elect Chris Fava
Committee To Elect Chris Flask To Vusd
Committee To Elect Chris Glaeser
Committee To Elect Chris Moore 2002
Committee To Elect Chris Neill For Mayor
Committee To Elect Chris Oliver
Committee To Elect Chris Walsh
Committee To Elect Chris Werner
Committee To Elect Christine Winans
Committee To Elect Christopher Altier
Committee To Elect Christopher Barrett
Committee To Elect Christopher Carthy
Committee To Elect Christopher Chub Boudreaux
Committee To Elect Christopher Mills
Committee To Elect Christopher O. Carter
Committee To Elect Christopher Pengra
Committee To Elect Christopher R Widener
Committee To Elect Chuck Burris
Committee To Elect Chuck Hammond Edh Csd Board 2010
Committee To Elect Chuck Winn For Assembly
Committee To Elect Chuck Woodard
Committee To Elect Chumley Sheriff
Committee To Elect Cindy Ferrell Ashwood Judge 2010
Committee To Elect Circuit Judge Paula A. Gomora
Committee To Elect Claiborne
Committee To Elect Clancy Jayne
Committee To Elect Clay
Committee To Elect Clint Stennett
Committee To Elect Clinton Schaad
Committee To Elect Cody Knotts
Committee To Elect Cody R. Knotts
Committee To Elect Coleman
Committee To Elect Colette M. Greggs
Committee To Elect Colin Braudrick
Committee To Elect Cooke For Colorado Sd13
Committee To Elect Corey Klein
Committee To Elect Cory Atkins
Committee To Elect Craig Fitzhugh
Committee To Elect Craig Spadafora
Committee To Elect Craig Williams
Committee To Elect Criag Mathias
Committee To Elect Cullen Tonry
Committee To Elect Curtis Sidorski
Committee To Elect Cy Gulassa Trustee For Peralta Community Colleges
Committee To Elect Cynthia Stone Creem
Committee To Elect Czetli
Committee To Elect D Vincent Faris - Clermont Cty Prosecuting Atty
Committee To Elect Dale Burkett
Committee To Elect Dale E. Lefferts Judge
Committee To Elect Dan Cowen
Committee To Elect Dan Halloran For City Council
Committee To Elect Dan Hickey
Committee To Elect Dan Mahoney
Committee To Elect Dan Overcash Clerk
Committee To Elect Dan Pogorzleski
Committee To Elect Dan Stuart
Committee To Elect Dana Todd
Committee To Elect Daneya Esgar
Committee To Elect Daniel Bosley
Committee To Elect Daniel Botelho
Committee To Elect Daniel E. Harrington
Committee To Elect Daniel F. Wilensky
Committee To Elect Daniel J. Acciavatti
Committee To Elect Daniel Martinez
Committee To Elect Daniel Proskauer
Committee To Elect Daniel Ryan Hitchcock
Committee To Elect Daniel Williams
Committee To Elect Danny Hamrick
Committee To Elect Danny Waynick State Rep.
Committee To Elect Darcy Kuenzi
Committee To Elect Darell Edie
Committee To Elect Daron Hall
Committee To Elect Darrell Pollock State Rep.
Committee To Elect Darren Whipkey Magistrate
Committee To Elect Darryl Brackeen Jr
Committee To Elect Darryl Derbigny
Committee To Elect Dave Bing Mayor
Committee To Elect Dave Carey
Committee To Elect Dave Dorsey For Sheriff
Committee To Elect Dave Friedman
Committee To Elect Dave Hunnicutt
Committee To Elect Dave Wilson
Committee To Elect Dave Young For District Attorney
Committee To Elect David A. Chandler
Committee To Elect David Berger
Committee To Elect David Blanchet - 15Th Judicial
Committee To Elect David Chandler
Committee To Elect David Eisenthal
Committee To Elect David Gordon
Committee To Elect David Grossberg
Committee To Elect David Hall
Committee To Elect David J. Mealor
Committee To Elect David Kaiser
Committee To Elect David Klim
Committee To Elect David Lillard
Committee To Elect David Massengill
Committee To Elect David Miller For Congress
Committee To Elect David Miller-Martini
Committee To Elect David Orentlicher
Committee To Elect David Portuesi 16Th Cir. Judge
Committee To Elect David Proulx
Committee To Elect David Robinson
Committee To Elect David Rust
Committee To Elect David Schoen
Committee To Elect David Segal
Committee To Elect David Sidiropolis
Committee To Elect David Smith As Associate Circuit Judge
Committee To Elect David Steadman For Sheriff
Committee To Elect David Taylor
Committee To Elect David Trotter
Committee To Elect Davis-Kohl, Impallaria, Paliath
Committee To Elect Dawn Carr
Committee To Elect Dawn Morrell, Rn
Committee To Elect Dawn Ryder
Committee To Elect Deal Judge
Committee To Elect Dean Moore
Committee To Elect Deb Havens
Committee To Elect Debbie Gignilliat Buckner
Committee To Elect Debbie Matthews
Committee To Elect Debbie Regala
Committee To Elect Deborah Capps For District Judge
Committee To Elect Debra March
Committee To Elect Deloye Burrell
Committee To Elect Dennis Flynn
Committee To Elect Dennis Malak
Committee To Elect Dennis Pile
Committee To Elect Dennis Stapleton
Committee To Elect Derek Renfroe
Committee To Elect Derrick Hickey
Committee To Elect Derrick Napier For Sheriff
Committee To Elect Devon J Noll President In 2012
Committee To Elect Dewayne Hill
Committee To Elect Diana Reyna
Committee To Elect Diane C Phillips
Committee To Elect Diane Denish
Committee To Elect Diane Landis
Committee To Elect Don Al Middlebrook
Committee To Elect Don Chance
Committee To Elect Don Crawford
Committee To Elect Don Glavich
Committee To Elect Don Nydam To San Bernardino Community College
Committee To Elect Don Ritze
Committee To Elect Don Robinson
Committee To Elect Dona Irwin
Committee To Elect Donald M. Mosley
Committee To Elect Donald X Clavin, Jr., Receiver
Committee To Elect Donna Hicks Trustee
Committee To Elect Donna Toussaint
Committee To Elect Donnie Copeland
Committee To Elect Doody Judge
Committee To Elect Dorian Bond
Committee To Elect Doug Clemens
Committee To Elect Doug Ericksen
Committee To Elect Doug Freeman
Committee To Elect Doug Jones
Committee To Elect Doug Jones
Committee To Elect Doug Marks For Congress
Committee To Elect Doug Mayers
Committee To Elect Doug Quelland
Committee To Elect Doug Reichley
Committee To Elect Doug Scripps
Committee To Elect Doug Sutherland
Committee To Elect Dr Joseph Bouie Jr N O City Council D
Committee To Elect Dr. Beverly R. Love Senate 26
Committee To Elect Drivon For Judge
Committee To Elect Duane K. Reed
Committee To Elect Dumezich
Committee To Elect Ed B Broussard
Committee To Elect Ed Burke
Committee To Elect Ed Coleman
Committee To Elect Ed Featherston
Committee To Elect Ed Pacheco
Committee To Elect Eddie Madden
Committee To Elect Eddie Vanbogaert
Committee To Elect Edith Hough
Committee To Elect Edith Shoals
Committee To Elect Edith Warren To The House
Committee To Elect Edward E. May, II
Committee To Elect Edward J. Canfield
Committee To Elect Eileen Mccaul
Committee To Elect Elaine Milito
Committee To Elect Elechi Kadete
Committee To Elect Elena
Committee To Elect Elio Forcina
Committee To Elect Elizabeth Hunt For State Senate
Committee To Elect Elizabeth Poirier
Committee To Elect Ellen M. Spodek
Committee To Elect Ellen Yacknin
Committee To Elect Ellis Ivory, Inc.
Committee To Elect Elvage Murphy For Judge
Committee To Elect Elyse Shuster
Committee To Elect Emma Jean Watson For Supervisor District 5
Committee To Elect Emmanuel Zibakalam
Committee To Elect Eric
Committee To Elect Eric J Glazier
Committee To Elect Eric Johnson Mn House 3A
Committee To Elect Eric M. Schooley
Committee To Elect Eric Onnen
Committee To Elect Eric Todd
Committee To Elect Erickson For Congress
Committee To Elect Erika Kohl
Committee To Elect Erin Canzano
Committee To Elect Erin S Thompsn
Committee To Elect Ermine Todd
Committee To Elect Ernest Chism
Committee To Elect Ernest G Cook For Sheriff
Committee To Elect Ernest G. Merisotis
Committee To Elect Eva Guo
Committee To Elect F D Ricigliano To District Cour
Committee To Elect Faith Grimm
Committee To Elect Felix A Deluca Sheriff
Committee To Elect Flinn County Mayor
Committee To Elect Francisco Meneses For Maryvale Jp
Committee To Elect Frank M. Oneill
Committee To Elect Frank Morganthaler
Committee To Elect Frank Thaxton Caddo District J
Committee To Elect Frank V Polischuk
Committee To Elect Franklin Edwards
Committee To Elect Franklin Freeman
Committee To Elect Frann Anderson
Committee To Elect Fred J. Deel
Committee To Elect Fred Keas For State Rep.
Committee To Elect Gail Schwartz Cu Retent
Committee To Elect Garion Bunn
Committee To Elect Garrett Bradley
Committee To Elect Garry Bearden
Committee To Elect Garry Scearce Commissioner
Committee To Elect Gary F. Byrd
Committee To Elect Gary L. Smith, Jr.
Committee To Elect Gary Lorenz District Court Jud
Committee To Elect Gary P. Lehmann
Committee To Elect Gary Passenti
Committee To Elect Gary Pulliam
Committee To Elect Gary Tofanelli
Committee To Elect Gary Whiteman
Committee To Elect Gayle Pacheco To Assembly
Committee To Elect Gemma And Scherer
Committee To Elect Gene A Rauhala
Committee To Elect Gene Chewning In 2006
Committee To Elect Gene Davis
Committee To Elect Geoff Simpson
Committee To Elect George A. Davis
Committee To Elect George Crump To Nc House
Committee To Elect George F Hutchinson
Committee To Elect George F. Johnson IV
Committee To Elect George J Williams
Committee To Elect George Johnson
Committee To Elect George Lane
Committee To Elect George Underwood Judge
Committee To Elect George Wilson
Committee To Elect Gerald Couch
Committee To Elect Gerald E. Loehr
Committee To Elect Gerald Lacrosse & Edward Zakar
Committee To Elect Gerald Potvin
Committee To Elect Geraldine Pickett
Committee To Elect Gianna Buchanan
Committee To Elect Gina Russell Tracy 2008
Committee To Elect Giovanne R Merlo
Committee To Elect Glen Casada
Committee To Elect Glenda Kelly
Committee To Elect Glenn Davis
Committee To Elect Glenn Hawes Supervisor District III
Committee To Elect Glenn Richardson
Committee To Elect Glenn Wilson To Us Congress
Committee To Elect Gloria Avery-Prease
Committee To Elect Grant Carlson
Committee To Elect Grant Russel
Committee To Elect Greens To Mwrd
Committee To Elect Greg Ewing Sheriff
Committee To Elect Greg Guidry
Committee To Elect Greg Jones
Committee To Elect Greg Macmaster
Committee To Elect Greg Markley
Committee To Elect Greg Newton For Norco City Council 2011
Committee To Elect Greg Pettis - 2002
Committee To Elect Greg Wright To Douglas County Auditor
Committee To Elect Gregory A. Heeb
Committee To Elect Gregory Lamarr Perry 6B District Attorney
Committee To Elect Gregory Parish
Committee To Elect Gregrhi Love For School Board
Committee To Elect Guy Romero
Committee To Elect Guy W. Glodis
Committee To Elect Guy Z. Derryberry State Represn
Committee To Elect Gwendolyn Bruns
Committee To Elect Hank Henning
Committee To Elect Harlan Shober
Committee To Elect Harold D Mclendon Superior Court Judge
Committee To Elect Harold Lerner
Committee To Elect Harris & Lonergan
Committee To Elect Harry James Heistand
Committee To Elect Harry Sawicki
Committee To Elect Heather A T Connolly
Committee To Elect Heinz M Rudolf
Committee To Elect Helen Marrone
Committee To Elect Helen Miller
Committee To Elect Helen Schlereth
Committee To Elect Herb Font-Russell
Committee To Elect Herman Griffin IV
Committee To Elect Hetherington State Representati
Committee To Elect Horton To N.C. Senate
Committee To Elect Houston E. Nelson III
Committee To Elect Howard Futch
Committee To Elect Howard Wallack
Committee To Elect Hubert Yopp Wayne County Commissioner
Committee To Elect Huel Harris District Judge
Committee To Elect Hugh Bassette
Committee To Elect Hugh Young
Committee To Elect Ian Parkinson Sheriff
Committee To Elect J. Harvey Davis
Committee To Elect Jack Arnold
Committee To Elect Jack Brandenburg
Committee To Elect Jack Burrell Mayor
Committee To Elect Jack Hawes
Committee To Elect Jack Kennedy For District Court Judge
Committee To Elect Jack Lynch
Committee To Elect Jack Wagner, Lt. Governor
Committee To Elect Jackie Craig For School Board
Committee To Elect Jackson For Commissioner
Committee To Elect Jacques Lurie
Committee To Elect James B. Leary
Committee To Elect James Brummett President
Committee To Elect James Cassidy State Representat
Committee To Elect James Cecile
Committee To Elect James Cox
Committee To Elect James Dawson
Committee To Elect James E. Kuhn - Appeals
Committee To Elect James E. Kuhn - District
Committee To Elect James Eldridge
Committee To Elect James F. Haning II
Committee To Elect James Fuller
Committee To Elect James H. Power
Committee To Elect James Hughes Superior Court Judge
Committee To Elect James L. Endres
Committee To Elect James M Pocchia
Committee To Elect James Patrick Murphy
Committee To Elect James Pistorius
Committee To Elect James Ryan
Committee To Elect James Segel
Committee To Elect James Stewart
Committee To Elect James Thor
Committee To Elect Jane Gillis To Wayne County Circuit Court
Committee To Elect Jane Morrison
Committee To Elect Janell Hart Commissioner At Large
Committee To Elect Janette Mckay
Committee To Elect Janice E. Ellis
Committee To Elect Jason Crowell
Committee To Elect Jason Fincher
Committee To Elect Jason Krzysiak
Committee To Elect Jason Robinson
Committee To Elect Jay Coburn
Committee To Elect Jay Roberts
Committee To Elect Jd Masur
Committee To Elect Jd Winteregg
Committee To Elect Jean Lamothe
Committee To Elect Jean Schodorf
Committee To Elect Jeanne Edwards
Committee To Elect Jeff Cusat
Committee To Elect Jeff Davis
Committee To Elect Jeff Knox
Committee To Elect Jeff Kruse
Committee To Elect Jeff Strickland Sheriff
Committee To Elect Jeffrey A. Herman
Committee To Elect Jeffrey Dontz
Committee To Elect Jeffrey Dontz
Committee To Elect Jennifer Hensal
Committee To Elect Jennifer Mcgrath
Committee To Elect Jennifer Mitchell Earley For Mayor
Committee To Elect Jennifer Pollard
Committee To Elect Jeremy Williams
Committee To Elect Jerome Grant
Committee To Elect Jerome Hopewell For City Marshal
Committee To Elect Jerome Patrick Tina
Committee To Elect Jerome Rice For City Council
Committee To Elect Jerry Abramson Mayor
Committee To Elect Jerry Kratz
Committee To Elect Jerry Long
Committee To Elect Jerzy J Jachimczyk
Committee To Elect Jill Booth District Judge
Committee To Elect Jill Clark As Henn. Cty. Jud
Committee To Elect Jill Halliburton
Committee To Elect Jim Arciero
Committee To Elect Jim Arp-Fayetteville Council
Committee To Elect Jim Atterholt
Committee To Elect Jim Barnett
Committee To Elect Jim Bensberg
Committee To Elect Jim Black
Committee To Elect Jim Boyle
Committee To Elect Jim Brochin
Committee To Elect Jim Ferguson
Committee To Elect Jim Ferrell
Committee To Elect Jim Gibbons
Committee To Elect Jim Goodwin Criminal Court Judge
Committee To Elect Jim Liner Marshal
Committee To Elect Jim Marzilli
Committee To Elect Jim Moeller
Committee To Elect Jim Oliveira
Committee To Elect Jim Patterson
Committee To Elect Jim Rundberg
Committee To Elect Jim Sobien
Committee To Elect Jimmy Carter
Committee To Elect Jimmy Strong.
Committee To Elect Joan Gist
Committee To Elect Joan M. Menard
Committee To Elect Joan Warren Family Court Judge
Committee To Elect Joanna J. Daniels
Committee To Elect Joanne W. Bowie
Committee To Elect Joe Altomonte & Bonnie Krause
Committee To Elect Joe Belasco
Committee To Elect Joe Brown
Committee To Elect Joe Caffrey
Committee To Elect Joe Dunn
Committee To Elect Joe Greeley
Committee To Elect Joe Grillo
Committee To Elect Joe Mcettrick
Committee To Elect Joe Miller
Committee To Elect Joe Ollinger
Committee To Elect Joe Smith
Committee To Elect Joel Champion
Committee To Elect Joel Johnson
Committee To Elect Joey Dominguez
Committee To Elect Johansen
Committee To Elect John Benca For Anderson County Council
Committee To Elect John Bennett
Committee To Elect John Carroll
Committee To Elect John Economopoulos Judge
Committee To Elect John F Danehey
Committee To Elect John F Roques
Committee To Elect John Greene
Committee To Elect John Grubesic
Committee To Elect John Hart
Committee To Elect John Hawk
Committee To Elect John Hoffmann
Committee To Elect John Holley Sheriff Of Bertie County
Committee To Elect John J Harrington
Committee To Elect John J Wilson Jr
Committee To Elect John J. Currid
Committee To Elect John L Kovach Commissioner
Committee To Elect John L Lennie Thompson Jr
Committee To Elect John L. Bohanan, Jr.
Committee To Elect John Laird
Committee To Elect John Mccoy
Committee To Elect John Michael Guidry
Committee To Elect John Mohyi
Committee To Elect John Nonna
Committee To Elect John Odonnell For State Senate
Committee To Elect John P Revels Sheriff
Committee To Elect John P. Fresolo
Committee To Elect John Piscatelli
Committee To Elect John Quirk
Committee To Elect John Robin Free
Committee To Elect John Robin Free
Committee To Elect John Rodgers
Committee To Elect John Sams
Committee To Elect John Saunders
Committee To Elect John Scibak
Committee To Elect John Shock
Committee To Elect John Warren
Committee To Elect John Wayne Tucker
Committee To Elect John Witwer
Committee To Elect John Worth Wiles
Committee To Elect Johnny Anderson
Committee To Elect Johnny Panos Dek Cnty St Ct Jud
Committee To Elect Johnny Rouse
Committee To Elect Johnny Shaw
Committee To Elect Jon Sheerin
Committee To Elect Jonathan Leavitt
Committee To Elect Jonathan Lutz
Committee To Elect Jonathan Macarthur
Committee To Elect Jonathon Dunn
Committee To Elect Jose A Figueroa
Committee To Elect Joseph A Fiorella
Committee To Elect Joseph Digirolamo
Committee To Elect Joseph J Segui Chief Magistrate Judge
Committee To Elect Josh Maxwell
Committee To Elect Josh Mcgrath
Committee To Elect Joshua Fonte
Committee To Elect Josiah Dennis Coleman
Committee To Elect Jr Gaines
Committee To Elect Juan Ramos
Committee To Elect Juan Tudela Lizama
Committee To Elect Judge Banich
Committee To Elect Judge Bernard Harwood
Committee To Elect Judge Cason
Committee To Elect Judge Catherine Cholakis
Committee To Elect Judge Charles Hogshead - 2002
Committee To Elect Judge Chris Maier To Rensselaer County Court
Committee To Elect Judge Gentry Caudill
Committee To Elect Judge George Hutchinson
Committee To Elect Judge James R. Ahler
Committee To Elect Judge Jason Greenlee
Committee To Elect Judge Joe Butner
Committee To Elect Judge Jose J. Baca
Committee To Elect Judge Judith J. Gische
Committee To Elect Judge Lucy Inman
Committee To Elect Judge Lynn R Nakamoto
Committee To Elect Judge Matthew Wilson
Committee To Elect Judge Philip S. Milone
Committee To Elect Judge Porter
Committee To Elect Judge Ralph J Porzio
Committee To Elect Judge Renzi
Committee To Elect Judge Rothschild To 5Th Circuit
Committee To Elect Judge Stephen L Greller
Committee To Elect Judge Swinton
Committee To Elect Judge Sword
Committee To Elect Judge Tom Ray
Committee To Elect Judge Wiggins
Committee To Elect Judgejames Kaddo To The Superior Court
Committee To Elect Judith Levey Meyer For Superior
Committee To Elect Judy Manning
Committee To Elect Judy Thomas
Committee To Elect Julia Joseph-Simon
Committee To Elect Julia Patterson
Committee To Elect Julianne Sylva For Judge 2014
Committee To Elect Justin Berns
Committee To Elect Justin Faber
Committee To Elect Kalani Hoo
Committee To Elect Kamal Jain
Committee To Elect Karen Braxton
Committee To Elect Karen Faett
Committee To Elect Karen Martynick
Committee To Elect Karen Mcclure
Committee To Elect Karl B. Erickson
Committee To Elect Kate Campanale
Committee To Elect Kate Hogan
Committee To Elect Katherine Mcguirl
Committee To Elect Katherine Zarate Dulany
Committee To Elect Kathlyn Fares
Committee To Elect Kathryn Firestone
Committee To Elect Kathy Afzali
Committee To Elect Kathy Clark
Committee To Elect Kathy Nowaski
Committee To Elect Katie Morrison And John Jones
Committee To Elect Katy Pattillo
Committee To Elect Keith Bowers, Jr.
Committee To Elect Keith D. Williams
Committee To Elect Kelly Lovelace
Committee To Elect Kelly Nguyen
Committee To Elect Kelly Wolford
Committee To Elect Kelvin Robinson For Dc Council
Committee To Elect Ken Carlson
Committee To Elect Ken Cheuvront
Committee To Elect Ken Crowley
Committee To Elect Ken Fipps
Committee To Elect Ken Furlong Sheriff
Committee To Elect Ken Hodges D. A.
Committee To Elect Ken Jones
Committee To Elect Kennedy To Congress
Committee To Elect Kenny Griffis
Committee To Elect Kenny Torgeson
Committee To Elect Kenny Williams County Commissioner
Committee To Elect Kenya M Lee
Committee To Elect Kerry Tuttle
Committee To Elect Kettler And Higgins
Committee To Elect Kevin Cecil Sheriff
Committee To Elect Kevin Clancy
Committee To Elect Kevin Collier
Committee To Elect Kevin Glover
Committee To Elect Kevin Jett Sheriff
Committee To Elect Kevin K. Shoeberg Washington County Attorney
Committee To Elect Kevin Poirier
Committee To Elect Kim Thompson
Committee To Elect Kimball 14
Committee To Elect Kirsi Allison-Ampe
Committee To Elect Klima Aumann Frank
Committee To Elect Klingenberg Judge
Committee To Elect Kowalski And Szumigala
Committee To Elect Kris Pickering
Committee To Elect Kurt Haskell
Committee To Elect Kyle Ford
Committee To Elect L.George Distel
Committee To Elect Lance Evans
Committee To Elect Langert & Halvorsen
Committee To Elect Larry Clark
Committee To Elect Larry Cooke
Committee To Elect Larry J. Ward
Committee To Elect Larry Ledoyen
Committee To Elect Larry Scroggs
Committee To Elect Larry Stagg As Judge Of The Superior Court
Committee To Elect Laura Cardamone
Committee To Elect Lauri Clapp
Committee To Elect Lavan & Belasco
Committee To Elect Leaders For Reform
Committee To Elect Lee Ann Platt
Committee To Elect Lee Fabrizio
Committee To Elect Lee Fergus Circuit Judge
Committee To Elect Lee King
Committee To Elect Leemarie Gomez For General Assembly 2013
Committee To Elect Leigh Bordley For School Board
Committee To Elect Leigh E. Anderson Buffalo City
Committee To Elect Lela Pittenger For United States Senate
Committee To Elect Leland Cheung
Committee To Elect Len Bodack
Committee To Elect Leon Jukowski
Committee To Elect Lester Lowe
Committee To Elect Letitia James
Committee To Elect Libby Hernandez
Committee To Elect Lida Harkins
Committee To Elect Linda Lawson
Committee To Elect Linda Meisenheimer
Committee To Elect Linda Morrison
Committee To Elect Lisa A Marino For Judge
Committee To Elect Lisa A. Maniscalco
Committee To Elect Lisa Heddens
Committee To Elect Liz Fehrmann
Committee To Elect Liz Harris
Committee To Elect Lora Thomas
Committee To Elect Loren Stuckert
Committee To Elect Lori Compas
Committee To Elect Lori Deyoung
Committee To Elect Lori Saine To Hd63
Committee To Elect Louie For Mayor
Committee To Elect Louis Connolly
Committee To Elect Louise V. Snodgrass
Committee To Elect Lour Dimare To Tewksbury Township Committee
Committee To Elect Lu Busse
Committee To Elect Lucky Reddy
Committee To Elect Lucretia Pecantte-Burton
Committee To Elect Lucy Mason
Committee To Elect Lucy Mason
Committee To Elect Luetkemeyer
Committee To Elect Lydia Villarreal
Committee To Elect Lyndon R. Carlson
Committee To Elect Lynn Hettrick For Assembly
Committee To Elect Lynn R. Wachtmann
Committee To Elect Lynne S Hilowitz Clarkstown Town Justice
Committee To Elect Maddox For Dekalb County Sheriff
Committee To Elect Manning Superior Court Judge
Committee To Elect Manoli Loupassi
Committee To Elect Marc Lovecchio Judge
Committee To Elect Marc Terry
Committee To Elect Marcia Jensen For Town Council 2012
Committee To Elect Marcus L Hunter
Committee To Elect Marcus Mercante Staley
Committee To Elect Margarita Prentice
Committee To Elect Margo Bills
Committee To Elect Maria Triandos
Committee To Elect Marianne Auriemma & Santo Calabro
Committee To Elect Marie E Redd For County Commision
Committee To Elect Marie E. Redd
Committee To Elect Marie J. Parente
Committee To Elect Marie St. Fleur
Committee To Elect Marie Ward
Committee To Elect Marietta M Paquette
Committee To Elect Marilyn Castle
Committee To Elect Marilyn Morton
Committee To Elect Marina Faz-Huppert
Committee To Elect Mark Alliegro
Committee To Elect Mark Amodei
Committee To Elect Mark Banks
Committee To Elect Mark Brandon Nv State Senate
Committee To Elect Mark C Bodanza
Committee To Elect Mark E. Hughes
Committee To Elect Mark Ferry
Committee To Elect Mark G Mastroianni
Committee To Elect Mark Gazarek
Committee To Elect Mark Hatfield
Committee To Elect Mark Hunter
Committee To Elect Mark Luttrell
Committee To Elect Mark M Jones
Committee To Elect Mark Manendo
Committee To Elect Mark Ridley-Thomas For Assembly
Committee To Elect Mark Sadd
Committee To Elect Mark Thompson
Committee To Elect Mark Welyczko
Committee To Elect Mark Young
Committee To Elect Marks & Kutschbach
Committee To Elect Marques & Lavan
Committee To Elect Marsha Abell
Committee To Elect Martin Fischer
Committee To Elect Martin Mozitis
Committee To Elect Martinez To City Council In 2013, Sponsoredbyseiu99
Committee To Elect Marty King
Committee To Elect Marty Lamb
Committee To Elect Mary Ann Nihart
Committee To Elect Mary Anne Mason
Committee To Elect Mary Barrientos
Committee To Elect Mary Barzee Circuit Court Judge
Committee To Elect Mary Devereux
Committee To Elect Mary France
Committee To Elect Mary Grant
Committee To Elect Mary Moss
Committee To Elect Mary Pearl Compton
Committee To Elect Mary Taylor
Committee To Elect Mary Thomas
Committee To Elect Maryanne Lewis
Committee To Elect Maryellen Pollack
Committee To Elect Mason Simons
Committee To Elect Matt Nelson
Committee To Elect Matt Pirrello
Committee To Elect Matt Ramsey
Committee To Elect Matthew A Hodge
Committee To Elect Matthew Dodd United States Congress
Committee To Elect Matthew Molyett
Committee To Elect Matthew Woodmancy
Committee To Elect Maureen A Sweeney
Committee To Elect Maureen Dahill
Committee To Elect Maya Silva
Committee To Elect Mayor Dewald
Committee To Elect Melvin Priester Sr
Committee To Elect Meri Keiser For Santa Rita Usd Board Member - 2013
Committee To Elect Mia Hodgins
Committee To Elect Michael Behm Regent
Committee To Elect Michael Bornn
Committee To Elect Michael Coombes
Committee To Elect Michael Dash
Committee To Elect Michael Flores To The Board 2014
Committee To Elect Michael Fq San Nicolas
Committee To Elect Michael Headrick
Committee To Elect Michael Letson As Lawrence County District Judge
Committee To Elect Michael Mcmahon
Committee To Elect Michael Medway
Committee To Elect Michael Meyer Von Bremen
Committee To Elect Michael Olguin State Rep.
Committee To Elect Michael Plunkett
Committee To Elect Michael R. Redlich Write-In Candidate For President
Committee To Elect Michael Ranalli Supervisor In 2014
Committee To Elect Michael Rary Incorporated
Committee To Elect Michael Ridgeway
Committee To Elect Michael Scionti
Committee To Elect Michael T Gannon
Committee To Elect Michael Tautznik
Committee To Elect Michael Thompson
Committee To Elect Michael Todd
Committee To Elect Michael Weeks
Committee To Elect Michele Cotner
Committee To Elect Michele G Sorice
Committee To Elect Michele Morel
Committee To Elect Miguel Lopez
Committee To Elect Mike Brasfield Jefferson County
Committee To Elect Mike Fife
Committee To Elect Mike Gepfrey
Committee To Elect Mike Hays For Sheriff 2012
Committee To Elect Mike Kayser State Rep.
Committee To Elect Mike Lake
Committee To Elect Mike Tedesco
Committee To Elect Mike Winsten
Committee To Elect Miller
Committee To Elect Miller & Stager
Committee To Elect Mitchell A. Needelman
Committee To Elect Mitchell Setzer
Committee To Elect Molinaro Legislator
Committee To Elect Monte Smith
Committee To Elect Moore & Tyler
Committee To Elect Morelli
Committee To Elect Morgan Oyler
Committee To Elect Murray S. Carr
Committee To Elect Mykita Cherry
Committee To Elect Nadine Ramsey
Committee To Elect Nancy Doty
Committee To Elect Nancy Feeney
Committee To Elect Nancy Franchini
Committee To Elect Nancy Skorupa
Committee To Elect Naomi Rivera
Committee To Elect Natalie B. Broussard
Committee To Elect Natalie Ybarra For Bp School Board 2011
Committee To Elect Neal St. Onge
Committee To Elect Necia Christensen
Committee To Elect Nelson France
Committee To Elect Nelson Inz
Committee To Elect Nicholas Carlson
Committee To Elect Nick Coleman
Committee To Elect Nick Kahl
Committee To Elect Norma Comnick City Council 2014
Committee To Elect Norma I Trueblood To Pemberton Council
Committee To Elect Norma Torres
Committee To Elect Olivia Mathews
Committee To Elect Otto Bean, Jr.
Committee To Elect P Marie Mccourt
Committee To Elect Page Mcclendon
Committee To Elect Pam Resor
Committee To Elect Pamela Aurelien
Committee To Elect Pamela Comstock 2012
Committee To Elect Pamela Cotten
Committee To Elect Pat Brown
Committee To Elect Pat Commane
Committee To Elect Pat Hailey
Committee To Elect Patricia A. Haddad
Committee To Elect Patricia Campbell
Committee To Elect Patricia Sanders Court Of Appeals Judge
Committee To Elect Patricia Sward-Malczewski
Committee To Elect Patrick Hisel
Committee To Elect Patrick J. Hogan
Committee To Elect Patrick Waite
Committee To Elect Patti Buckley Malcolmson
Committee To Elect Patty Campatelli
Committee To Elect Paul Danielson Circuit Judge
Committee To Elect Paul Demakis
Committee To Elect Paul E Garcia
Committee To Elect Paul E. Streich
Committee To Elect Paul G Ray
Committee To Elect Paul J. O'hora
Committee To Elect Paul Jay Stapleton
Committee To Elect Paul Malone Vwd Div 3 2014
Committee To Elect Paul Mccommons - Sheriff
Committee To Elect Paul Mckenzie
Committee To Elect Paul Monaco
Committee To Elect Paul Norcross
Committee To Elect Paul Smith
Committee To Elect Paul Wayne Godfrey
Committee To Elect Paula Elefante
Committee To Elect Pearl Burris Floyd
Committee To Elect Pete Vitale
Committee To Elect Peter L Livermore
Committee To Elect Peter Moraga
Committee To Elect Peter Mott
Committee To Elect Peter Orput Washington County Attorney
Committee To Elect Peter Pantoliano For Board Of Education
Committee To Elect Peter Pantoliano For East Ward Council
Committee To Elect Peter V. Kocot
Committee To Elect Peterson
Committee To Elect Phil Bendily
Committee To Elect Philip Doyle
Committee To Elect Philip M. Marshall
Committee To Elect Phillip Bahakel Circuit Judge Place 20
Committee To Elect Phillip E Thompson
Committee To Elect Phillip Johnson
Committee To Elect Phillip Walker Judge
Committee To Elect Polly Ruggles
Committee To Elect Positive Candidates
Committee To Elect Prentiss Grant
Committee To Elect R. Lee James State Representative
Committee To Elect Rachelle Frazier Ky State Representative
Committee To Elect Rafael Augusto
Committee To Elect Ralph Hudson
Committee To Elect Ralph J Bisquert
Committee To Elect Ralph Trenary
Committee To Elect Ramona Raybin
Committee To Elect Ramsey
Committee To Elect Randall Olsen
Committee To Elect Randy Jackson
Committee To Elect Rashon Hasan
Committee To Elect Ray Kasperowicz
Committee To Elect Ray Miller
Committee To Elect Regina Ward
Committee To Elect Reid Andersen
Committee To Elect Reid Stone For City Council
Committee To Elect Reiman
Committee To Elect Renee S. Unterman
Committee To Elect Renee S. Unterman State Senator
Committee To Elect Republican Team
Committee To Elect Reuel Todd
Committee To Elect Ric Bryant
Committee To Elect Rich Rosenthal
Committee To Elect Rich Whitney
Committee To Elect Richard A Jarvis III
Committee To Elect Richard D. Feinberg
Committee To Elect Richard Debolt
Committee To Elect Richard Emmons To The 9Th Congressional Dist
Committee To Elect Richard H Yetter III
Committee To Elect Richard Lara
Committee To Elect Richard Wernette Superior Court Judge
Committee To Elect Rick Burke
Committee To Elect Rick Cronauer
Committee To Elect Rick Dwyer
Committee To Elect Rick Glazier
Committee To Elect Rick Hamill
Committee To Elect Rick Johnson
Committee To Elect Rick Laws
Committee To Elect Rick Meechan
Committee To Elect Rick Mottice
Committee To Elect Rick Shaffer State Representati
Committee To Elect Rickey Peete
Committee To Elect Rj Morris Tax Commissioner
Committee To Elect Rob Briley
Committee To Elect Rob Liston Judge
Committee To Elect Robert A Hawke
Committee To Elect Robert A. Chaisson
Committee To Elect Robert Blendu
Committee To Elect Robert D. Kuzman
Committee To Elect Robert E. Torres Supreme Court
Committee To Elect Robert Forti
Committee To Elect Robert H Harrison, Jr. District
Committee To Elect Robert J Sutherland
Committee To Elect Robert L Toussaint
Committee To Elect Robert Lobron To Lafayette City Council 2012
Committee To Elect Robert Myers
Committee To Elect Robert Oleary
Committee To Elect Robert R Egan, Circuit Judge
Committee To Elect Robert Rebello For City Council
Committee To Elect Robert S. Creedon Jr.
Committee To Elect Robert Wenner
Committee To Elect Robin Taylor
Committee To Elect Rochelle Garner
Committee To Elect Roger Ford State Representative
Committee To Elect Roger Hines
Committee To Elect Roger Hines
Committee To Elect Ron Camacho
Committee To Elect Ron Chernisky
Committee To Elect Ron Kabat
Committee To Elect Ron Longtin
Committee To Elect Ron Mariano
Committee To Elect Ron Mark
Committee To Elect Ron Mcguffie Sheriff
Committee To Elect Ron Mendes
Committee To Elect Ron Rhine State Representative
Committee To Elect Ron Richard
Committee To Elect Ronica Herman For State Representative Dist. 92
Committee To Elect Rosalind Kurita
Committee To Elect Rose Ann Antich
Committee To Elect Rosemary Mcauliffe
Committee To Elect Rosemary Womack Assemblywoman For District 23
Committee To Elect Ross Miller
Committee To Elect Ross Mulligan
Committee To Elect Roy L Mankins
Committee To Elect Russell Pearce
Committee To Elect Ruth W. Provost
Committee To Elect Ryan Ferrie
Committee To Elect Ryan Mulholland
Committee To Elect Sam Bacote
Committee To Elect Sam Hawk
Committee To Elect Sam R. Collins As Circuit Judge
Committee To Elect Sam Scott
Committee To Elect Sam Zamarripa
Committee To Elect Sandy 4 Judge
Committee To Elect Schlottach
Committee To Elect Scott Babcock
Committee To Elect Scott Dullea
Committee To Elect Scott J. Crichton
Committee To Elect Scott Smith
Committee To Elect Scott T. Rupp
Committee To Elect Scott Trimble
Committee To Elect Scott Turner For Congress
Committee To Elect Scott Wadland
Committee To Elect Seamus Whelan
Committee To Elect Sean Reardon
Committee To Elect Sean Smith District Court Judge
Committee To Elect Sean Vangordon
Committee To Elect Sedalia Sanders State Senate
Committee To Elect Senator Rand
Committee To Elect Senator Tim Lanane
Committee To Elect Seth Harp
Committee To Elect Shari Buck To City Council
Committee To Elect Sharon Aarons Justice Of The Supreme Court
Committee To Elect Sharon Clarke For Civil Court Judge
Committee To Elect Sharon Grosfeld
Committee To Elect Sharon Hudson
Committee To Elect Shell Mercer
Committee To Elect Shelley Gardner Idaho State Senate
Committee To Elect Shelley Goodman Taub
Committee To Elect Shelli Weisberg
Committee To Elect Shelly Macneill
Committee To Elect Sherman Collins Jr.
Committee To Elect Sherman Toppin For Judge
Committee To Elect Sherry Appleton
Committee To Elect Shirley Franklin
Committee To Elect Shirley Hankins
Committee To Elect Siebenaler
Committee To Elect Simmermon & Manahan
Committee To Elect Simpson For Surrogate
Committee To Elect Skipper M. Drost, Judge
Committee To Elect Slenker For Judge
Committee To Elect Snitchler In 2008
Committee To Elect Soraya Diase Coffelt Governor
Committee To Elect Spencer Mcdonald
Committee To Elect Srote
Committee To Elect Stackhouse For Judge
Committee To Elect Stan Driver State Representativ
Committee To Elect Stan Edwards Newton County Boe
Committee To Elect Star Moffatt
Committee To Elect Stefanie Linares
Committee To Elect Stephanie Hendricks
Committee To Elect Stephen A. Zappala, Jr. Distric
Committee To Elect Stephen D Hull
Committee To Elect Stephen Dolgos
Committee To Elect Stephen Grefer
Committee To Elect Stephen H. Stetler
Committee To Elect Stephen Kozlowski
Committee To Elect Stephen Northington
Committee To Elect Stephen Tabor
Committee To Elect Steve Altick
Committee To Elect Steve Clark
Committee To Elect Steve Hill For Knox Co Trustee
Committee To Elect Steve Johnson
Committee To Elect Steve Kline
Committee To Elect Steve Mead
Committee To Elect Steve Pestka State Representati
Committee To Elect Steve Pestka State Senator
Committee To Elect Steve Pohlman
Committee To Elect Steve Shahan
Committee To Elect Steve Simmons
Committee To Elect Steve Stamson
Committee To Elect Steve Stanford
Committee To Elect Steve Theriault
Committee To Elect Steven A. Baddour
Committee To Elect Steven Brandt
Committee To Elect Steven Brenize
Committee To Elect Steven F. Stapleton
Committee To Elect Steven Roberts
Committee To Elect Sue Benham
Committee To Elect Sue Schoemehl
Committee To Elect Susan Cacace
Committee To Elect Susan Curlee
Committee To Elect Susan Gravellese
Committee To Elect Susan M Felice And Thomas F Peck
Committee To Elect Susan M. Tripp, Circuit Court J
Committee To Elect Susan Sadler Pettis County Circuit Clerk
Committee To Elect Susan Withrow For City Council
Committee To Elect Susan Woods Powell
Committee To Elect Tal Hutchins
Committee To Elect Tammy Gore
Committee To Elect Tanya Giddings
Committee To Elect Ted Murphree
Committee To Elect Ted Yeager
Committee To Elect Temple For Mayor
Committee To Elect Teressa Raiford
Committee To Elect Terri Austin
Committee To Elect Terry Beck For Wexford County Sheriff
Committee To Elect Terry Neff Division II Judge
Committee To Elect Terry Suominen
Committee To Elect Thailund Green
Committee To Elect Thayer For Congress
Committee To Elect Thayer Vershoor
Committee To Elect Theresa Spahn
Committee To Elect Thom Gray
Committee To Elect Thomas David Bilyk
Committee To Elect Thomas Deakins
Committee To Elect Thomas F. Oconnell
Committee To Elect Thomas M. Mcgee
Committee To Elect Thomas Rielly For Senate
Committee To Elect Thomas Taylor
Committee To Elect Thomas Terranova
Committee To Elect Thomas Wrenn
Committee To Elect Tim Bishop Coos County Commission Position 2
Committee To Elect Tim Chichester
Committee To Elect Tim Filbeck
Committee To Elect Tim Irvine Commissioner
Committee To Elect Tim Jay
Committee To Elect Tim Sheridan To Congress
Committee To Elect Tim Werner
Committee To Elect Tina Brown
Committee To Elect Tina Miller Parker For Colbert County District Judg
Committee To Elect Tito Jackson
Committee To Elect To Council Nierstedt & Palmer
Committee To Elect Todd Johann
Committee To Elect Todd Kusnierz
Committee To Elect Tojo Thomas
Committee To Elect Tom Bordeaux
Committee To Elect Tom Bromwell
Committee To Elect Tom Buckel
Committee To Elect Tom Campbell
Committee To Elect Tom Child
Committee To Elect Tom Donaldson
Committee To Elect Tom Haughey
Committee To Elect Tom Horne
Committee To Elect Tom Hoye Mayor
Committee To Elect Tom Jakubiec To School Board
Committee To Elect Tom Keegan
Committee To Elect Tom Lawless To Congress
Committee To Elect Tom Mcdonald
Committee To Elect Tom Mcmahan For Georgia State Hd-001 Campaign
Committee To Elect Tom Rice
Committee To Elect Tom S White
Committee To Elect Tom Scott
Committee To Elect Tom Spangler
Committee To Elect Tom Stark
Committee To Elect Tommie Brown
Committee To Elect Tommy Potter
Committee To Elect Tommy Williams
Committee To Elect Toni Morris For Congress
Committee To Elect Tonia P. St.Germain
Committee To Elect Tony Abbatangelo
Committee To Elect Tony Jordan
Committee To Elect Tony Laszacs
Committee To Elect Tony Sandoval For Heber 2013
Committee To Elect Traci Lawson Mcbride For School Board
Committee To Elect Tracie Roberson
Committee To Elect Tracy Dempsey For Senate
Committee To Elect Tranquilli For Judge
Committee To Elect Trent Skaggs
Committee To Elect Tro Broussard Judge Llc
Committee To Elect Ty Wessell
Committee To Elect V Fawn Walker
Committee To Elect Val Ogden
Committee To Elect Val Ogden
Committee To Elect Val Price District Judge
Committee To Elect Valerie Adair
Committee To Elect Valerie Gotch Garrett
Committee To Elect Vanessa Atterbeary
Committee To Elect Vicki H Hoover
Committee To Elect Vicki Walker
Committee To Elect Vicki Walker
Committee To Elect Vincent Dino For Palmdale Water District
Committee To Elect Vincent L Johnson For Judge
Committee To Elect Vincent M. Smith, Inc.
Committee To Elect Vincent Solomeno 2010
Committee To Elect Vinny Demacedo
Committee To Elect Virgina Lemon
Committee To Elect Virginia A. Rugai
Committee To Elect Vivian A. Houghton
Committee To Elect W.B. Butch Lindley Supervisor
Committee To Elect Wally Hicks
Committee To Elect Walsh Ricci Del Sardo To Wayne Board Of Education
Committee To Elect Walter L Starghill Jr
Committee To Elect Walter Timilty
Committee To Elect Warren Potter
Committee To Elect Wayne Bush
Committee To Elect Wayne Kuechler
Committee To Elect Wendy Greuel For Mayor 2013,Sponsored By Seiu Ultcw
Committee To Elect Wes Wagner
Committee To Elect Wickes County Judge
Committee To Elect Will Young For Commisioner
Committee To Elect Willard Hughes
Committee To Elect William Bonk
Committee To Elect William E Robinson
Committee To Elect William E. Horsey
Committee To Elect William Feegbeh
Committee To Elect William G. Barnes To The United States Senate
Committee To Elect William Hollis Jr City Councilman
Committee To Elect William J. Giacomo Supreme Cour
Committee To Elect William J. Phelan
Committee To Elect William Keen
Committee To Elect William Kephart
Committee To Elect William Konopnicki
Committee To Elect William T. Kleinpeter
Committee To Elect Willie Ray Starling
Committee To Elect Wilma Brown
Committee To Elect Wilma Sherrill
Committee To Elect Wolf Lawton
Committee To Elect Woody Degan
Committee To Elected Rufus Fields
Committee To Electr Mcclure 2002
Committee To Elelct Lauren Hopkins
Committee To Elrct Spedding & Kocubinski To The Assembly
Committee To Empower Our Community
Committee To Enact Initiative 975
Committee To Hold Allen Warren Accountable, Oppose Warren City Council
Committee To Improve Florida's Economy
Committee To Improve Nevadas Economy And Education System
Committee To Incorporate Damascus
Committee To Keep Deerfield Beach Safe
Committee To Keep Elma Teresa Salinas Ender Judge
Committee To Keep Judge Diaz
Committee To Keep Judge Dixon
Committee To Keep Judge Mcthenia
Committee To Keep Judge Newkirk
Committee To Keep Judge Robert Leonard
Committee To Keep Judge Silkworth
Committee To Keep Judge Tim Henderson
Committee To Keep Mcmurran R O D
Committee To Keep Michael Duggan Prosecutor
Committee To Lead Education And Roads
Committee To Make Kc Epic
Committee To Preserve An Ideal Partnership
Committee To Preserve Burlington County
Committee To Promote Upstate Manufacturing
Committee To Protect Calpers-Support Jelincic For Calpers Board 2009
Committee To Protect Cotati-Rohnert Park Schools
Committee To Protect Florida
Committee To Protect Floridas Seniors Inc
Committee To Protect Inglewood Services
Committee To Protect Mo Families Pac Fund
Committee To Protect Nevada Jobs
Committee To Protect Northwest Florida Values, Inc.
Committee To Protect Our Community
Committee To Protect Our Families
Committee To Protect Paulding County Ic
Committee To Re Elect Hank Gianvecchio
Committee To Re Elect John Stafford
Committee To Re Elect William A. Grant
Committee To Re-Elect Allen Ruble Alan Q Zaring Treasurer
Committee To Re-Elect Ann Mckown Dist. Court Judge
Committee To Re-Elect Ben West, Jr.
Committee To Re-Elect Beverly A. Lund
Committee To Re-Elect Bill Fromhold
Committee To Re-Elect Bill Herrmann
Committee To Re-Elect Bob Ward
Committee To Re-Elect Bob Wasserman
Committee To Re-Elect Bob Waterston Fresno Co Supv
Committee To Re-Elect Brian Knuuttila State Rep.
Committee To Re-Elect Cecilia Massetti Superintendent 2014
Committee To Re-Elect Charles Barron
Committee To Re-Elect Chief Justice Jim Hannah
Committee To Re-Elect Cirillo
Committee To Re-Elect Councilman-At-Large Rigo Rodriguez
Committee To Re-Elect Dan Baker
Committee To Re-Elect Darryl T. Owens
Committee To Re-Elect David Mcbride
Committee To Re-Elect David Pudlin
Committee To Re-Elect David Wesley To The Superior Court
Committee To Re-Elect Dawson Jackson Judge
Committee To Re-Elect Dennis Zine
Committee To Re-Elect Doug Stang
Committee To Re-Elect Drew Shapiro
Committee To Re-Elect Ed P. Reyes
Committee To Re-Elect Gary Herbert Mayor
Committee To Re-Elect Gaylon Harper
Committee To Re-Elect Gene Wriggelsworth Ingham Co
Committee To Re-Elect Guills - 2006
Committee To Re-Elect Hannon State Senator
Committee To Re-Elect Helen Diane Foster, 2003
Committee To Re-Elect Jackson Bedford
Committee To Re-Elect John F. Quinn
Committee To Re-Elect John Ferraro
Committee To Re-Elect John J. Binienda
Committee To Re-Elect John L Nunes
Committee To Re-Elect John Lovick
Committee To Re-Elect John N. Wozniak
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Alan Kalkin
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Angiolillo
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Barry Salman Justice Supreme Court
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Bert Brown
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Carpinello
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Cook
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Dale Segrest
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Dana Mitchell Jaffe
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Donald E Belfi
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Frederick J. Lauten
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Gary Kamp
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Hurlbutt
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Janowitz
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Joan Cooney
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Joseph A Fiorella
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Karen B. Yellen
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Kennedy
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Kenneth J. Fogg
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Leonia J Lloyd To 36Th District Court
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Manny Crespo
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Michael R. Smolenski
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Montalvo
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Pam Taylor Johnson
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Peter R. Lopez
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Roberto M. Pineiro
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Robinson
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Scott Ramey
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Sharah Harris
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Sheldon Schwartz
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Steinheimer
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Tod J. Kaufman
Committee To Re-Elect Judge William J. Giovan
Committee To Re-Elect Judge Wolke
Committee To Re-Elect Justice Harold See, Inc.
Committee To Re-Elect Justice Jerome C Gorski
Committee To Re-Elect Justice Lucindo Suarez
Committee To Re-Elect Justice O'connell
Committee To Re-Elect Kathy Haigh
Committee To Re-Elect Keeler
Committee To Re-Elect Kelley Dial
Committee To Re-Elect Kevin J. Craig
Committee To Re-Elect Kevin Kopetz
Committee To Re-Elect Krissy Polimeno
Committee To Re-Elect Kylene Dunlap Brown
Committee To Re-Elect Layla H Zon District Attorney
Committee To Re-Elect Lew Kirschner
Committee To Re-Elect Lillis Brown
Committee To Re-Elect Linda Grabowski To The Northfield Boe
Committee To Re-Elect Linda Johnson
Committee To Re-Elect Liz Reynolds For Mayor
Committee To Re-Elect Mac Horton
Committee To Re-Elect Margaret Grumbach
Committee To Re-Elect Marilyn Howard
Committee To Re-Elect Marsha Swanson
Committee To Re-Elect Marty Bracco & Chrisitine Graves
Committee To Re-Elect Marty Coates
Committee To Re-Elect Mary Beth Hynes
Committee To Re-Elect Mary Margaret Haugen
Committee To Re-Elect Mary Pratt
Committee To Re-Elect Mary Sue Maurer
Committee To Re-Elect Mcconnell
Committee To Re-Elect Michael C. Richman D.J.
Committee To Re-Elect Michela Alioto-Pier
Committee To Re-Elect Michele Henson
Committee To Re-Elect Minor For Valley Wide Board Of Directors
Committee To Re-Elect Mulliken
Committee To Re-Elect Newton 2002
Committee To Re-Elect Newton 2003
Committee To Re-Elect Patricia Lantz
Committee To Re-Elect Paul D. Connick
Committee To Re-Elect Paul D. Connick, Jr.
Committee To Re-Elect Peter J. Daley
Committee To Re-Elect Phil Rockefeller
Committee To Re-Elect Phyllis Ranko Matheny
Committee To Re-Elect Pierre Hascheff
Committee To Re-Elect Ray Chutz Ditrict Judge
Committee To Re-Elect Rebecca M. Olivier
Committee To Re-Elect Rebecca Robak
Committee To Re-Elect Reilly
Committee To Re-Elect Rep. Jeff Merkley
Committee To Re-Elect Richard Young, Jr. State Sen
Committee To Re-Elect Ron Thurman Chancellor
Committee To Re-Elect Rosa Franklin
Committee To Re-Elect Rubio For Supervisor
Committee To Re-Elect Sally Huntington
Committee To Re-Elect Sandy Adams
Committee To Re-Elect Sharon D Crawford Circuit Clerk
Committee To Re-Elect St Representative Dale Erdey
Committee To Re-Elect Stephanie Arma Kraft
Committee To Re-Elect Steve Cooley
Committee To Re-Elect Sue Landske
Committee To Re-Elect Susan Gerard
Committee To Re-Elect Terry Q. Alarcon
Committee To Re-Elect The Hon. Gerard J. Hansen
Committee To Re-Elect Thomas F. Barraga Nys Assemb
Committee To Re-Elect Thomas J Brown III Cir Judge
Committee To Re-Elect Tolli And Duthie
Committee To Re-Elect Tom Newman
Committee To Re-Elect Tracy Worley
Committee To Re-Elect Una H R Keenon
Committee To Re-Elect Velma Veloria
Committee To Re-Elect Vicky Watson
Committee To Re-Elect Vivian Freeman
Committee To Re-Elect W. W. Herenton Mayor
Committee To Re-Elect Walter Bailey, Solicitor
Committee To Rebuild Maine's Middle Class
Committee To Rebuild Sandusky
Committee To Recall Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Committee To Recall Betty Rexford
Committee To Recall Da Eric Nisley
Committee To Recall Dale Washam
Committee To Recall Howard Wand
Committee To Recall Janet Chin
Committee To Recall Richard Pardy
Committee To Recall Roy Ashburn
Committee To Recall San Marino Councilman Kneier
Committee To Recall Suhsd Trustees Cartmill Mccann Ricasa 2012
Committee To Recall The Mayor Of Portsmouth
Committee To Recall Vincent Ceriello
Committee To Reelect Spada 91
Committee To Reelect Bill Harris
Committee To Reelect Chad Prosser Chairman
Committee To Reelect Chuck Woodard
Committee To Reelect Desiderio Kehner & Edwardi
Committee To Reelect Jake Flake
Committee To Reelect John Riley
Committee To Reelect Judge Gerald Hardcastle
Committee To Reelect Judge Michael J. Tlbot
Committee To Reelect Judge Ronnie Thompson
Committee To Reelect Judge Steve Elliott
Committee To Reelect Kerry L. Spruill
Committee To Reelect Mary Lou Horner
Committee To Reelect Nan Grogan Orrock
Committee To Reelect Rhea Miller
Committee To Reelect Rich Bockelmann
Committee To Reelect The 27Th District Legislators
Committee To Reinvent Richmond
Committee To Renew School Funding: Yes On I And J
Committee To Restore Integrity In Politics, Inc
Committee To Retain Chief Justice Castille
Committee To Retain Circuit Judge Cecilia Altonaga
Committee To Retain Judge Augello
Committee To Retain Judge Coleman
Committee To Retain Judge Darrin P. Gayles
Committee To Retain Judge Don Miller
Committee To Retain Judge Karen Ostrye
Committee To Retain Judge Keith B. Rogers
Committee To Retain Judge Lita Popke
Committee To Retain Judge Martin
Committee To Retain Judge Michelle Leavitt
Committee To Retain Judge Nanaruth Carpenter
Committee To Retain Judge Nelson K Brooks
Committee To Retain Judge Nicholas J. Schiralli
Committee To Retain Judge Richard L. Collins, Jr.
Committee To Retain Justice Bobbe J. Bridge
Committee To Retain Tamie Frasier For Treasurer-Tax Collector 2010
Committee To Retain The Balto. Co. Orphan Judges
Committee To Retire Campaign Debt Of Bruce Mccondu
Committee To Safeguard Ac Transit
Committee To Save Arkansas Jobs Pac
Committee To Save Our Economy
Committee To Save The West Strip Park
Committee To Stop Lembke
Committee To Stop Wasteful Spending
Committee To Strengthen Ohio
Committee To Support Daniel Recht For Sbc Board Supv Dist 4 2014
Committee To Support John Leos For Anaheim City Council 2012
Committee To Support Measure S
Committee To Support Ofarrell For City Council
Committee To Support Warwick
Committee To Sustain Our Paramedics
Committee To Transform Michigan
Committee To Turn Things Around
Committee To Write-In Beverly Oneill For Mayor
Committee Working To Beautify And Activate Miami's Waterfront
Committtee To Elect Marta Kolejda Almodovar
Commmittee For Orange Beach Educational Excellence, Inc
Common Cents For The Common Good
Common Cents North II
Common Good Va
Common Ground
Common Sense
Common Sense
Common Sense & Sound Public Policy G-Pac
Common Sense & Sound Public Policy Sc-Pac
Common Sense Coalition
Common Sense Coalition Llc
Common Sense Coalition Pac
Common Sense Connecticut
Common Sense Delaware Pac
Common Sense For Americans Pac
Common Sense For Floridas Heartland
Common Sense For Oregon Pac
Common Sense For The Valley Pac
Common Sense In Florida
Common Sense Information
Common Sense Leadership Committee
Common Sense Leadership For Florida
Common Sense Matters
Common Sense Now - Pac
Common Sense Ny
Common Sense Pac
Common Sense Pac Nj
Common Sense Part
Common Sense Policy Now
Common Sense Sammamish
Common Sense Solutions For Maines Future
Common Sense Values
Common Sense Virginia
Common Sense Virginia Pac
Common Sense Voters Sf 2010
Commonsense For Oregon Pac
Commonsense Va
Commonwealth Association For Responsible Government
Commonwealth Edison Co. (Comed Pac)
Commonwealth First Pac
Commonwealth Future Fund
Commonwealth Future Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee
Commonwealth Leadership Fund
Commonwealth Policy Pac, Ucc
Commonwealth Signature Industry-Csi Fund
Commonwealth Sportsmen's Alliance
Commonwealth Transportation Pac
Commonwealth Victory Fund
Commttee To Elect David Gee
Communication Workers Of America Local 1037
Communications Workers Of America Cope - Va
Communications Workers Of America District 1 Pac
Communities First
Communities For A Fair New York
Communities For A New California-Fresno Committee
Communities For California Cardrooms Pac
Communities For Good Government
Communities For Quality Education Action Fund
Communities For The Civil And Family Justice Center
Community & Military Affairs Coalition
Community Action Network
Community Assistance Program Cce
Community Bancpac
Community Banker Pac
Community Bankers Assoc Of Al Pac
Community Bankers Association Of Ks Action Committee
Community Betterment Council
Community Care Coalition Of Washington
Community Civic Participation Project-No To Recall, Yes To Bustamante
Community Coalition Advocacy Slate
Community Coalition For El Cerritos Future
Community Coalition For Local Schools
Community Coalition For Responsible Growth
Community College Pac
Community Development Group
Community For Rhs
Community Free Democrats, Inc.
Community Leader Alliance For Superior Schools
Community Leaders
Community Leaders For Neighborhood Preservation
Community Leaders Of America
Community Leadership Committee
Community Leadership Pac, Inc
Community Legacy Fund Local Pac
Community Members For Campo
Community Members For Guadalupe Guzman For Trustee Area No 5 2013
Community Oncology Alliance Pac
Community Preservation Fund 2020
Community Strength Coalition
Community Support Pac
Community United For Compton, Inc.- Political Action Committee
Community United For Education
Community United For Safety
Community Voices Together
Comp Pac
Compare Decide Vote
Compass Bancshares, Inc. Pac - Florida
Compass Bancshares, Inc. Pac - Texas
Compassionate Capitalism
Competitive Enterprise Growth Political Action Committee
Complete Quonset
Comporium Pac
Comprehensive Pension Reform For San Diego
Comptia Pac
Compton Democratic Club
Compton Forward
Con Bunde For State House
Concern For Better Government
Concern For Efficient Government
Concerned Americans For Responsible Government
Concerned Citizens
Concerned Citizens For A Responsible Judiciary Pac
Concerned Citizens For A Safer America, Inc.
Concerned Citizens For California-C3
Concerned Citizens For Families Of Stanford
Concerned Citizens For Family Values
Concerned Citizens For Jeff Beard
Concerned Citizens For Miami-Dade County Schools
Concerned Citizens For New Jerseys Future
Concerned Citizens For Public Safety
Concerned Citizens Of Bethlehem Area School District
Concerned Citizens Of Florida Inc.-Eco
Concerned Citizens Of Inglis
Concerned Citizens Of Keya Paha County
Concerned Citizens Of Michiana
Concerned Citizens Of Oak Forest
Concerned Citizens Of Onlsow County
Concerned Citizens Of Orland Park
Concerned Citizens Of Smith County
Concerned Citizens Political Action Committee
Concerned Citizens' Alliance
Concerned Educators For Jerry Brown For Governor 2010
Concerned Families For Political Reform
Concerned Homeowner Association Members Pac
Concerned Parents For Better Schools
Concerned Realtors Committee
Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution, Inc.
Concerned Residents Of North Naples, Inc.
Concerned Residents Of Seven Hills
Concerned Taxpayers Of Bristol Borough
Concerned Voters Alliance
Concerned Voters Of Miami Beach
Concord Administrative Fund
Concrete Paving Association Of Minnesota
Confucian Temple
Congressional Black Caucus
Congressional Leadership California Fund
Congressional Leadership California Fund II
Congressman Tom Davis Virginia Victory Fund
Connected, Vermont
Connecticare Political Action Committee
Connecticut Young Republicans
Connecticut Assoc Of Realtors Political Action Com
Connecticut Dental Political Action Committee (Codpac)
Connecticut For Matthew Oakes
Connecticut Forward
Connecticut Issues Project
Connecticut Laborers Political League
Connecticut League Of Conservation Voters Pac
Connecticut Majority Team Pac
Connecticut Pirate Party
Connecticut Probate Judges Association For Local Courts Inc
Connelly For Assessor
Conner For Pennsylvania
Connie Espe For State Representative
Connie Wilson For State House
Connolly Congressional Exploratory Committee
Connolly For Council
Conrad Odom For Senate
Conroe Citizens For Fair Laws Spac
Conservation Action Pac
Conservation Colorado Independent Expenditure Committee
Conservation Council Of Nc--Conservation Pac
Conservation Futures
Conservation Voters For Idaho Action Fund
Conservation Voters New Mexico Action Fund
Conservation Voters Of Michigan Pac
Conservation Voters Of Pennsylvania Action Fund
Conservation Voters Of Sc-Pac
Conservation Voters Of Virginia Beach
Conservative Action Alliance
Conservative Action Fund
Conservative Action Fund - Alabama State Pac
Conservative Alliance For America
Conservative Alliance Of Tennessee Pax
Conservative Americans Pac Inc
Conservative Business Leaders Pac, Inc.
Conservative Buzz
Conservative Christian Action Team Pac
Conservative Citizens For Justice, Inc.
Conservative Citizens Of South Carolina
Conservative Coalition For Alabama
Conservative Coalition For American Values
Conservative Education Network Inc
Conservative Hispanic Coalition
Conservative Leaders Of America
Conservative Leadership Alliance
Conservative Leadership Coalition
Conservative Leadership Committee Inc
Conservative Leadership Council Of Northwest Colorado
Conservative Leadership For America's Future
Conservative Leadership For Arizona
Conservative Leadership For Arkansas
Conservative Leadership For Florida
Conservative Leadership Fund
Conservative Leadership Political Action Committee
Conservative Leadership Team Slate
Conservative Majority Project
Conservative Media Action Committee, Inc.
Conservative Oklahomans For Legislative Transparency Inc. Colt Pac
Conservative Party Of Dewitt
Conservative Party Of Louisiana, Inc.
Conservative Party Of Pennsylvania
Conservative Party Of The United States Of America
Conservative Patriots Initiative
Conservative Principles For Florida
Conservative Reform Pac
Conservative Republican Caucus Of North Carolina
Conservative Republican Defense Fund
Conservative Republican Voters Coalition
Conservative Republicans Of Southern Johnson County
Conservative Senate
Conservative Students United
Conservative Values Coalition Inc
Conservative Values Coalition Pac
Conservative Victory Inc.
Conservative Voters Forum
Conservative Voters Of Texas
Conservative Voters' Coalition
Conservative Young Guns Fund
Conservative Young Professionals Of Milwaukee
Conservatives Acting For Responsible Leadership
Conservatives Are Back
Conservatives Fight Back
Conservatives For A Better Colorado
Conservatives For A Better Jacksonville
Conservatives For A Better Tomorrow
Conservatives For A Better Volusia
Conservatives For A Strong America
Conservatives For Congress Committee
Conservatives For Florida, Inc
Conservatives For Republican Reform
Conservatives For Truth
Conservatives Of Democratic America
Conservatives On The Move
Conservatives On The Move Pac
Conservatives United
Conservatives United For Responsible Environment
Conserve Wisconsin Political Action Committee
Conserving Arizona's Land & Water
Consolidated Business Political Action Committee
Consolidated Communications Pac Inc - Federal
Constellation Energy Group, Inc. State Pac
Constitution Party Committee For Franklin County
Constitution Party Of Coos County
Constitution Party Of Maryland
Constitution Restoration Initiative
Constitution Revision Committee
Constitutional Guardians Of The Second Amendment
Constitutional Media Usa
Constitutional Property Rights Association
Constitutionally Ordered Federal Recall Election
Constiutional Defense Fd Pac
Construction & General Laborers Local Union 304 Pac
Construction Cooperative Coun
Construction Employers Association
Construction Material Assn Of Ca Rockpac
Construction Trades Coalition
Construction Workers Local 1076 Education Committee
Constructors Association Pac - Capac
Constructors For Good Government
Consulting Engineers And Land Surveyors Issues Fund
Consulting Engineers Council Of Oregon Pac
Consumer Advocacy Political Action Committee
Consumer Attorneys Association Of Los Angeles Political Action Committ
Consumer Attorneys Of California Consumer Protection Fund
Consumer Attorneys Of California Political Action Committee
Consumer Credit People For Responsible Government
Consumer Specialty Products Association Pac
Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates
Consumers For A Fair Court
Consumers For Clean Water Pac
Consumers For Impartial Courts, Inc.
Consumers For Quality Water
Consumers For Responsible Government
Continental Dairy Products State Pac
Continue Atlanta's Progress, Inc.
Continued Good Government
Contra Costa Coalition For Business And Jobs
Contra Costa County Dsa Independent Expenditure Pac
Contra Costa County Young Democrats Dba Contra Costa Young Democrats
Contra Costa Fund
Contra Costa Hispanic Pac
Contra Costa United For Responsible Growth
Contractors For A Better Colorado
Contractors Political Action Committee
Contruction Employers Assoc Pac
Convention People's Party North America
Conway Area Chamber Pac
Conway For Assembly 2010 - Connie
Conway For Assembly-2012
Conyers 13Th District Legal Expense Trust
Cook 2002
Cook County College Teachers Union - Cope
Cook For Congress
Coolidge City Council 2014
Cooper For Congress Committee
Cooperation For Progress Corp
Coos County Democratic Central Committee
Cope Of Pff Local Aft 6161
Copeland For Lt Governor
Coppell Republican Women's Club
Cops-Citizens Outraged By Political Sleazebags Inc
Coral Springs Fop Lodge 87 Pac, Inc.
Corbett For Assembly
Corbett For Congress
Corbett For Council
Corcoran For Pa Senate Committee
Corey Noland For St Joe County Council
Corinne Westerfield 4 Congress
Corn Pac South Dakota Corn Growers Assn.
Corn Roast Pac
Cornwell Election Committee
Corona Firefighters Legislative Action Group
Corona Norco Republican Women
Corona Police Officers Association Political Action Committee
Corona-Norco Teachers Assoc Cntas Com For Better Schools
Correction Captains Asso. Political Action Committ
Corruption Committee To End
Cortez-Perez Campaign
Cory Hoffman For Congress
Cory Pulsipher Sheriff
Cose-Greater Cleveland Growth Association Pac
Cosgrove For Delegate
Cosmopolitan Chamber Of Commerce Political Action
Cost Of Readington A Nj Non Profit Corporation
Costa Mesa Firefighters Pac
Costa Mesa Police Officers Association Iec
Costa Mesa Police Officers Association Pac
Costa Mesans 4 Responsible Government
Costume Designers Guild Local 892 Pac
Cosumnes Communities Together
Cote For Congress
Cotpac, Inc.
Cotten For City Council
Cotter For Justice
Couch White Political Action Committee
Council For A Sustainable America
Council For Better Government
Council For Better Government
Council For Effective Government
Council For Florida's Future
Council For Good Government
Council For Republican Principles, Inc.
Council For Senior Floridians
Council For Stronger Neighborhoods, Inc.
Council Leadership Fund
Council Of Auto And Truck Retail Car-Pac
Council Of Nj State College Locals
Council On Global Democracy
Counsel For A Responsible Hamilton Government
Country First
Country Oaks Committee To Elect Robert Abboud
Country Roads Pac Non-Federal
County Executive Administrative Account
County Prosecutor Administrative Account
Courage Campaign
Courage Campaign State Pac
Courtney English For School Board
Courtney Wester For School Board
Coutu Friends Of
Cowboy Tea Party
Cowdery For Senate
Cowdrey For Commissioner
Cowell For Treasurer
Cowles For Senate
Cowley County Citizens For Good Government
Cox Arizona Political Action Committee
Cox Arizona Political Action Committee Fund For Effective Leadership
Cox For Metro
Cox Smith Matthews Political Action Committee
Coyle For Sheriff
Cozen O'connor Empire State Pac
Cozen O'connor First State Pac
Cozen O'connor Garden State Pac
Cozen O'connor Pac
Cozen O'connor State & Local Pac
Cp-Usa 527 Group
Cpm Law Pac
Cqa Community Health Political Action Committee
Cra Greater Sacramento Restaurant Pac
Cra Political Action Committee
Crabtree For Congress
Craig Allen For Congress
Craig Astor For State Representative
Craig Bishop Campaign
Craig Borchelt For Accountable St Louis County Gov
Craig Bowden For Congress
Craig Burridge Election Committee
Craig Deroche For State Representative
Craig Fry For State Representative
Craig James For United States Senate
Craig Lanier Campaign Committee
Craig Smalley For Mayor Inc
Crangle For Congress Committee
Crawford For Congress
Cray Inc. Employee Political Action Committee
Craycraft For State Senate
Create Change Support Joan Buchanan Independent Expenditure Committee
Creating Possibilities
Creating Possibilities
Crecca 2002
Credible Voices, Inc.
Credit Union Coalition Of Texas Friends Of Credit Unions Pac
Credit Union Development Fund
Credit Union Legislative Action Fund
Credit Union Legislative Action Fund
Credit Union Pac Of North Carolina
Credit Union Pol. Action Council
Credit Union Political Action Committee
Credit Union Political Action Committee Of Missouri
Credit Union Reactionary Effort
Credo For Congress
Creola Opportunity Association Pac
Crescent City Citizens For Safe Water Yes On Measure A
Crescent City Neighbors Dentists & Physicians To Protect Our Children
Crescent River Port Pilot Crppa Local Pac
Cressman For Secretary Of State 2014
Crete Township Democrats
Crime Victims - United For Safe Communities
Crime Victims United Of Virginia
Crime Victims United Prop. 34 Political Action Cmt
Cris Pac
Crisco 2002
Crisis & Conflict Counsel
Critical Health Systems Of North Carolina Pac
Crittenden County Republican Executive Committee
Crockett 4 Ohio
Croft For Governor
Crone For City Council
Cronin For Governor
Crosier For House Of Delegates
Crow For Representative
Crown Pac (Pa)
Crp Leadership Committee
Crppa Local Pac
Cruise Industry Community Fund
Cruise Lines International Association California Pac
Crumbacher For Sd 48 2014
Crutchfield For Senate
Crystal Lamotte For Senate
Crystal Siembida Boggs For Columbiana City Council
Crystal Towers Youth Development Program
Csg Leadership Pac
Csg Pac
Csno Pac
Csu Fresno College Democrats
Ct Automotive Retailers Political Action Committee
Ct Black Republicans And Conservatives
Ct League Of Conservation Voters Pac
Cte Cynthia A. Bower For Taylor City Clerk
Cte. To Elect Laura Brown For Recorder Of Deeds
Ctfa's Committee For Responsible Government , Sponsored By The Ctfa
Ctia - The Wireless Association California Political Action Committee
Ction Committee
Ctizens For Joe Zelle
Cttee To Elect Joyce J. Pearson For City Council
Cuadros For Board Of Education 2011
Cuba Property Rights Initiative, Inc.
Cuban Americans For Change, Inc.
Cuccinelli For Senate
Culberson For Congress
Cullen Sweeney For Judge Committee
Culpepper Campaign Fund
Culver City Democratic Club
Culver City Police Officers Association Pac
Culver For Ward 2
Cumberland County Citizens For Fair Taxes
Cumberland County Democratic Committee
Cumberland County Regular Republican Org Inc
Cumberland County Republican Committee
Cumberland Gulf Leadership Fund
Cummings Pac
Cummiskey 2002 Committee
Cunningham Campaign Committee
Cunningham For Corporation Commissioner Committee
Cunningham For Nc Senate
Cunningham For School Board
Cupertino Chamber Pac
Cure Cancer Pc
Cure For Civil Court
Currie For State Representative
Curry For Newport Beach City Council
Curry Pac
Curt Cobb Campaign
Curt Huckaby For Circuit Judge Committee
Curtas, John For Judge
Curtis A. Calloway Campaign Fund
Curtis For Congress
Curtis Richardson Campaign
Curtis Richardson Campaign Account State Senate District 6
Curtis Vaughn For Congress
Curtright For Governor
Cusd Children First Forward
Cut Taxes Now Pac, Inc.
Cut Taxes Now, Inc.
Cuthbertson For Assembly
Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
Cwa Community Action Fund
Cwa District 3 Cope Local Funds
Cwa District 3 Political Education Committee
Cwa District 6 Political Education Committee
Cwa Local 1034 Cope
Cwa Mi Education Committee
Cwa Nj Political Education Committee
Cwa Non-Federal Separate Segregated Fund
Cwa Ohio Voter Legislative Committee
Cwla Pac
Cy-Fair Republican Women Pac
Cylvia Hayes For State Rep
Cynthia Brown For Senate
Cynthia Coad For Supervisor
Cynthia Coffman For Ag
Cynthia Doty For Assembly
Cynthia Massey Campaign Fund
Cynthia Stafford Campaign
Cynthia Williams Campaign
Cyprus Action Network Of America Cana , Inc.


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