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Data Updated on 7/22/2017

527 Groups
D - F

D Bruce Hawkins 2 Pac
D John Mccarthy Committee To Elect
D Picraux Campaign
D&M Limited Pac
D&S Political Action Committee, Inc.
D.C. Public Trust
D10 Forward
D4D Va
Da Vaughan Committee To Elect For Mo County Superintendent Of Schools
Dairy Business Association Conduit
Dairy Farmers For Colorado
Dairy Farmers Of America - Dairy Ed. Pac - Nevada
Dairy Institute Legislative Committee
Dairymen For Arizona
Dalati For Anaheim
Dalbey For City Council
Dale B. Tillery Campaign
Dale Brueggemann For Congress, Inc
Dale Glading For Congress 2008
Dale Haas Campaign Fund
Dale Harris For Congress
Dale Hinson Campaign Committee
Dale Nathan For Attorney General
Dale Patrick Ingle Republican Candidate Dist 12
Dale Peterson For America
Dale Schmidt For Dodge County Sheriff
Dale Wells For State Representative
Daley Progress Administrative Fund
Dallas Citizens Community Engagement Committee
Dallas Committee On Urban Affairs ("Dcua")
Dallas Green Alliance
Dalton For Hawaii Campaign
Dalton Jantzen For State Representative
Daly For Congress
Damato For Assembly
Dan Mayfield Campaign
Dan Bacon For Council
Dan Brakewood Friends Of
Dan Claitor For Senate Committee
Dan Clark For Circuit Court Judge
Dan Collison For Congress
Dan Cullinane Committee
Dan Dalager For City Council
Dan Davis For Congress Committee
Dan Degrow For Attorney General
Dan Flores For School Board 2012
Dan Herbert For City Council
Dan Huberty Campaign
Dan Kramer For Assembly 2002
Dan Kyle Campaign Committee, Inc.
Dan Lamey For Maryland
Dan Mccollum For Illinois Senate
Dan Meyer For Assembly
Dan Patterson Campaign
Dan Phillip For Congress
Dan R. Eastman For Senate
Dan Robinson For N.C. 29Th.Senate District
Dan Rutherford Campaign Committee
Dan Saban For Maricopa County
Dan Serna Campaign For State Representative
Dan Severson For Representitive
Dan Srp For Supervisor
Dan Swecker For Senate Campaign
Dana Matheny For Congress
Dandrow For State Senate
Danet For Congress
Daniel Bradford Campaign
Daniel Clark For Council
Daniel Gelber Candidate For Florida House
Daniel J Thimesch Campaign For State Representative 93Rd District
Daniel Landolfi - House Of Representatives
Daniel Mannor For Commissioner
Daniel Swisher For Congress
Daniel Sydor For Aliso Viejo City Council 2010
Daniel Wright Burgess Jr Campaign Fund
Danielson For Iowa House Committee
Danny Craig
Danny Dexter For Judge Campaign
Danny Ferguson Campaign Fund
Danny Mccomas Campaign
Danny Sparks For County Commissioner
Danny Tillman For Congress
Danny Wan For Assembly
Danny Wan For City Council District 2
Daraka K Larimore-Hall For Cdp Secretary
Darden For State Court
Darigold Political Action Committee
Darius Little For City Council
Darke County Young Republicans
Darla Eden For Tax Commissioner
Darlene Fairley In 2002
Darneille 2002
Darner For Delegate
Darrel Thompson Ward 6 Exploratory Committee
Darrell Carter For Senate
Darren Gilreath For Whitley Co. Sheriff Campaign Fund
Darrio Melton 2010
Darrow Aiona And Friends
Darryl Dunlap For Commissioner, Committee To Elect
Darryl Smith For Seattle City Council
Daschle Democrats, Inc.
Dava J. Tunis Campaign
Dave "The Dwarf" Flood For Congress
Dave Aronberg Campaign
Dave Bing Leadership Committee
Dave Bitner For Chairman Campaign
Dave Delle Donna Civic Association
Dave Dreyer For Judge Committee
Dave For Doylestown
Dave For Ld11
Dave Freeman For Assembly
Dave Garrison For Congress
Dave Gordon For Mayor
Dave Hunt For State Senate
Dave Johnson Citizens To Elect
Dave Knutson Volunteer Committee
Dave Larock For Delegate
Dave Martin Campaign
Dave Mccoy For Us Senate Committee
Dave Mueller For Sheriff Committee
Dave Nutter For Delegate
Dave Pine For Assembly
Dave Reichert Campaign Committee
Dave Reines Volunteer Committee
Dave Robertson For Representative
Dave Robertson For Representative
Dave Sitton Congressional Exploratory Committee
Dave Slater Campaign Fund
Dave Unruh For County Commission
Davenport For Senate
Davenport Mckesson Political Action Committee
David A. Paterson For Lt. Governor
David Allen For State Representative
David B. Gaultney - Campaign
David Barr For State Representative
David Bernsen Campaign
David Bonior For Governor
David Brent For Superior Court Judge
David Brinkley For Congress
David Brock Smith Committee To Elect Curry County Commissioner
David Burt Campaign
David Bushman For Congress
David Chiu For Assembly 2014
David Chiu For Dccc 2012
David Chiu For Mayor 2011
David Clark For Congress
David Cooper Friends Of
David Counts Campaign
David Crowe For Arizona Exploratory
David Crowe For Congress
David Crowley For Congress
David D Russell Campaign For Re-Election
David Darby Committee To Elect
David Davis For State Representative
David Della For Seattle City Council Committee
David Denkin Campaign
David Dileo For Congress
David Do For Ward 1
David Dobson For Burbank Usd Trustee 2013
David Ed Larson For 42A Volunteers
David F. Harvey Campaign
David F. Weinstein-Nc Senate
David Ford For State Senate Committee
David Gay For Syracuse
David Glauber For State Senate
David Hall Campaign Committee
David Hall Election Committee
David Hann For State Senate
David Hedrick For Congress
David J Rivers Committee To Elect To District Court - Department 10
David Jerome Bennett For Congress
David Lewis For Nc House
David Livingston Committee To Elect Sheriff
David Mason For Judge
David Mead For Senate
David Minshew
David Nance Campaign
David Peet Committee To Elect
David Pena For State Rep
David Phelps For Cyd
David Proudfoot Friends Of
David Pruhs For State House
David R. Langhorst Committee To Elect
David Rice Candidate County Commission District 4
David Richardson For Better Government
David Rivera Campaign
David S Brown Enterprises Pac
David Sandoval For Sheriff Fund
David Seaman For Congress
David Shepard Citizens For
David Stone, New Rochelle Committee To Elect
David Vitter Exploratory Committee
David Vitter Exploratory Committee
David Wall For District Court Judge
David Walters Campaign Fund
David Weeks United States Senate Campaign
David Woods For Congress
David Woolfork Sr For Sheriff Committee To Reelect
David Zylak For Sheriff
Davidson County Republican Party
Davidson Election Campaign
Davie Citizens For A Better Future
Davie Dem Club
Davis 2014
Davis Campaign
Davis Democratic Club
Davis For Sunnyvale City Council 2011
Davis For Superior Court Judge Ein 80-0002511
Davis For The House
Davis Wright Tremaine Client Pac (Oregon)
Davy Lowman For Nc House
Dawkins Construction
Dawn Avants
Dawn For State House
Dawn Klockow For Judge
Dawson For Recorder Committee
Day For The House Committee
Daylin For Congress
Dayton Inaugural Committee
Dayton Recount Fund
Dayton Transition Fund/Dayton Recount Fund
Dbh Management Consultants Pac
Dc Campaign Committee For Working Families
Dc Cents Invest Pac
Dc Committee To Restore Public Trust
Dc Fairplay
Dc For Democracy Pac
Dc Freedom Pac
Dc Seniors United Political Action Committee
Dc Vision Pack
Ddoris M. Gentry
De La Fuente For State Senate
De La Torre Legal Defense Fund
De Rose For School Board 2014
Dealers Direct Givers Fund
Dealers Interested In Government
Dean 2010
Dean Clukey Campaign Fund
Dean Elliott Campaign
Dean Florez - Office Holder Account
Dean Florez For Lieutenant Governor
Dean Gardner For Assembly
Dean Johnson For Sheriff Committee
Dean Kumpuris For City Board
Dean Kumpuris For City Director
Dean Lickliter For State Representative
Dean R Florez For State Controller 2014
Deanna Candler For City Council
Dearborn County Positive Growth Pac
Dearborn Police Officer's Legislative Fund
Deb Fischer For U. S. Senate, Inc.
Deb Gullett 2002
Deb Tillman Committee To Elect For Rep
Debbi For Congress
Debbie Barnett For Boon Township Trustee
Debbie Coven 2004
Debbie Hannifan For State Committeewoman - Republican
Debbie Maire Walsh Committee To Elect
Deborah Butler For County Commissioner
Deborah Hess Kern County Supervisor Candidate
Deborah Newcomb Committee To Elect
Deborah Ross For Representative Committee
Debra Bowen For Secretary Of State
Debra Carrillo For Superior Court
Debra Stuchlik For Register Of Deeds
Decarlo Citizens For Much Lower Taxes
Decarlo For Delegate 2013
Decarlo For Much Lower Taxes 2009
Decarlo For School Board 2009
Decatur County Republican Central Committee Holding Corporation
Decatur-Morgan County Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Decision America, Inc.
Declaration Alliance Political Action Committee
Declare Michigan
Dedering For Wi
Dee Kelly For Texas Senate
Deeds For State Senate
Deere & Company Political Action Committee - Iowa
Defenbaugh For Council
Defend Justice From Politics
Defend Justice From Politics, Inc.
Defend Louisiana, Inc.
Defend Sheriff Joe
Defend Your Castle Committee
Defenders Of Wildlife Action Fund 527 Account
Defense Of America, Defeat Al Qaeda
Defense Usa Coalition
Defrancisco Re-Election Committee
Defronzo For State Senate
Dekalb County Young Democrats
Del Mar Taxpayers For Fairness
Del Mar Works
Del Monte Foods Pac
Del Schwab 4 Commissioner
Delaney For Senate
Delaware County Republican Central Committee
Delaware County Republican Committee
Delaware County Republican Party
Delaware County Tea Party
Delaware Medical Political Action Committee
Delaware Modern Whig Party
Delaware Right To Marry Political Action Committee
Delaware State Uaw Pac
Delaware Tea Party Coalition
Delegate Vincent Callahan Committee
Delisi Communications Pac
Della Volpe 2001
Della Volpe 2003
Deloitte And Touche Llp State Pac
Deloitte And Touche Partners California Fund
Deloitte Ohio Political Action Committee
Deloitte Texas Pac
Delray Citizens Coalition
Delsfa Pac
Delta 4.0
Delta Breeze
Delta Dental Plan Pac
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc. Epsilon Iota Chapter
Deltona Citizens Action Committee Inc
Deluca For Legislator Committee
Demand Progress (Non-Federal Account)
Demarco And Lincoln For Council
Demastry For Sheriff
Dembench Llc
Demicco 2014
Demmer For City Council Committee
Demmer Volunteer Committee
Democracy Engine
Democracy For America - Non-Federal
Democracy For Colorado
Democracy For Connecticut Political Action Commitee
Democracy For Nevada
Democracy For Suffolk County
Democracy For Tippecanoe
Democracy Fund
Democracy Still Works
Democracyfest Incorporated
Democrat Club Of Southwest Volusia County
Democrat Gun Owners Of Marion County
Democratic 21St Century Club
Democratic Action Center Of The South Bay
Democratic African-American Women Caucus
Democratic Association Of Secretaries Of State
Democratic Association Of Sugarloaf Township
Democratic Attorneys General Association, Inc.
Democratic Business Pac
Democratic Campaign Council Of Ventura State
Democratic City Committee
Democratic Club Of Big Bear Valley
Democratic Club Of Haledon
Democratic Club Of Moreno Valley
Democratic Club Of Palisades Park
Democratic Club Of Pasadena Foothills
Democratic Club Of Santa Maria Valley
Democratic Club Of Sunnyvale
Democratic Club Of The 50Th Ward
Democratic Committee Of Sharon Hill
Democratic Council Candidates For Old Bridge
Democratic Electoral Majority Pac
Democratic Executive Com
Democratic Executive Committee Of Indina River Co.
Democratic Executive Committee Of Manatee County
Democratic Executive Committee Of Volusia County
Democratic Forum Of Silicon Valley Pac
Democratic Governors Association
Democratic Governors' Media Fund
Democratic Grassroots Coalition, Inc.
Democratic Issues Agenda
Democratic Judicial Campaign Committee
Democratic Leaders For Our Community
Democratic Leadership Committee Of Connecticut
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
Democratic Legislative Victory Fund - First
Democratic Legislative Victory Fund - Second
Democratic Liberty Party
Democratic Lieutenant Governors Assoc., Inc
Democratic Luncheon Club Of San Bernardino
Democratic Majority 2002 Nonfederal
Democratic Majority Pac
Democratic Municipal Officials
Democratic Nucleus Club Of Pima County
Democratic Party Of Brown County
Democratic Party Of Carbon County
Democratic Party Of Georgia
Democratic Party Of Hawaii
Democratic Party Of Illinois
Democratic Party Of The 47Th Ward
Democratic Party Of The 49Th Ward
Democratic Party Of The 7Th Congressional District Of Wisconsin
Democratic Party Of Washoe County
Democratic Pro-Business Aliance
Democratic Professionals Council, Inc.
Democratic Road Back Pac
Democratic Senate Majority Fund Nonfederal Account
Democratic Seniors Network Inc
Democratic State Parties Organization, Inc.
Democratic Town Committee Branford
Democratic Town Committee Of Danbury
Democratic Unity
Democratic Unity Organization
Democratic Victory 2004
Democratic Voices
Democratic Voices Of The South
Democratic Voter Project
Democratic Voters Of The Central Coast
Democratic Wings
Democratic Women Caucus
Democratic Women In Action Slate Mailer Organization
Democratic Women Of Galveston County
Democratic Women Of The Desert
Democratic Women Of The Sacramento Mountain Area
Democratic Women Of The San Fernando Valley
Democratic Womens Alliance
Democratic Womens Club Of Florida
Democratic Womens Organization
Democratic Youth National Organization
Democratic Youth Strategy Council
Democrats 2000
Democrats Against Government Waste Ie Committee
Democrats Delivering Change
Democrats Electoral Majority Pac
Democrats Fight
Democrats For 57 58
Democrats For A Better California
Democrats For A Fiscally Responsible County Legisl
Democrats For Americas Future
Democrats For Better Government, Inc.
Democrats For Brick
Democrats For Change In Secaucus
Democrats For Cuomo
Democrats For Education
Democrats For Education Reform - New York State
Democrats For Education Reform Independent Committee Illinois
Democrats For Education Reform Independent Expenditure Pac
Democrats For Education Reform Political Action Committee
Democrats For Education Reform Wa Pac
Democrats For Israel
Democrats For New California Leadership
Democrats For Public Education
Democrats For Quality Representation
Democrats For Reform Of The Massachusetts Legislature
Democrats For The Future
Democrats For The Future Non-Federal Account
Democrats For Victory In 2004
Democrats Independents Supporting Dick Riordan
Democrats Of Ocean County
Democrats Of The Claremont Colleges
Democrats Of The Desert
Democrats Of The Oklahoma State Senate
Democrats Of The Verde Valley
Demolitics Issues, Inc.
Denenberg For Congress
Denis Bilodeau Friends Of
Denise L. Nappier For State Treasurer
Dennigan For Congress
Dennis Cardoza For Senate
Dennis D. Wohlford For Ar State Land Commissioner
Dennis Daugaard For Lieutenant Governor
Dennis Denny Galloway Friends Of
Dennis H. Armstrong Campaign
Dennis Hession For City Council Campaign
Dennis Kaczor For Calpers
Dennis L Habedank
Dennis Mcnerney For Bergen County Executive
Dennis Paul Campaign
Dennis Saffran For City Council
Dennis Shane Bryant For State Rep
Dennis Small For Lewis And Clark County Commissioner
Denny Altes Campaign Fund
Deno Hicks Campaign Fund
Denson For District Judge
Dental Access And Prevention Political Action Comm
Dental Care Access Coalition
Dental Group Practice Pac
Dentists Of Oregon Political Action Committee
Dentists Political Action Committee
Denver 2008 Tribute Committee
Denver Citizens For Responsible Leadership
Denver County Republican Central Committee
Denver Democratic Central Committee
Denver First, A Political Party
Denver Good Government Committee
Denver Jobs Alliance
Denver Metro Young Republicans Small Donor Committee
Dep Sheriffs Orange Co Indep Expend Comm
Depalma 2013
Deptford Twp. Fire Fighters I A F F Local 3592
Deputies For A Safe St Bernard
Deputy Sheriffs Association Of Alameda County
Deputy Sherriffs' Association Of Santa Clara County Pac
Derbha H. Jones Judge Candidate
Derek J Bailey For House
Deroc Pce
Deron Williams For City Council
Derossett For Congress
Derossett Torch Leadership Fund
Derrick Hickey For County Commissioner
Derrick Kitts For State Representative
Desert Hot Springs Police Officers Assn Pac
Design And Constructors Pac
Designing For America Political Action Committee
Designing Future Community Initiatives
Designs On The White House
Desimone For Alderman
Destefano For Nevada
Detectives Endowment Association-Cope
Detert Legislative Election Committee
Detroit Auto Dealers Pac
Detroit Can
Detroit Forward
Detroit Justice Fund
Detroit Police Officers Assoc. Political Action Co
Detroit Political Action Group
Detroit Regional Chamber Pac
Detroit Vision Fund Pac
Detroit Xpac
Devin Dwyer For Council
Devon Anderson Campaign
Devon Energy Corporation Oklahoma Political Action Committee
Devout Democrats
Deyoung For Assembly 2010
Dezarn For State Assembly
Dial 2014
Diana Webster Biehl For City Council
Diandra Hosey's Campaign
Diane Dixon For City Council 2014
Diane Feiler Campaign
Diane M Para People For Para
Diane Rosenbaum For Representative
Diane Stinney Committee To Elect To Pemberton Council
Diane Trautman For City Council
Dianne Brannen Campaign
Diaz For School Board 2013
Diciccio For City Council
Dick Boundy For Supervisor 2010
Dick Clinch For Council
Dick Devos For Governor
Dick Kravitz For Florida House
Dick Moore Campaign Committee
Dick Murphy For Mayor
Dick Pac
Dick Posthumus For Governor
Dickie Green For Sheriff
Dickson City Democratic Committee
Dickson County Federation Of Democratic Women
Diederich For District Attorney Coalition
Diedrich For Congress
Diggs Brown For Congress
Dighton Democratic Town Committee
Digital Medical Records Initiative, Inc
Dignity Ca Seiu- United Long Term Care Workers Local 6434
Dildilian For Congress
Dilkes For City Of Hollywood
Dill For Us Senate
Dillman For Sheriff
Dillon 2002
Dillon For Supervisor 2012
Dina Nguyen For Supervisor
Dinapoli For New York 2006
Dingus For Judge
Dipa Shah For Hillsborough County School Board - District 6
Diplomats & Military Commanders For Change
Dirk Kempthorne For Governor
Disability Advocacy Rights For Tennessee
Disability Pac, Sponsored By Assn Of Ca Life & Health Ins. Companies
Disability Party, Ltd
Disabled Alumni Of America
Discovery Bay Republican Women Federated
Dist.Council Of No.Nj Assn.Of Bridge & Ornamental Ironworkers Pac Fd.
District Council Of Iron Workers Pac
District 10 Alaska Republican Party
District 12A Team
District 14 Republican Slate
District 14 Republicans
District 16 Democrats
District 22 Political Forum
District 23A Tom Marks Campaign
District 279 United
District 38 Regular Democratic Club, Inc,
District 48 Republicans
District 78 Independent Candidate
District 8 For Betty Williams
District Council 21 Pac
District Council Of Ny And Vicinity Of Ubcja Political Action Committe
District Of Columbia Hospital Associaton Pac
District Twelve Educators' Association Pace
Dittmar For Senate Committee
Diverse Charities For Families & Schools
Diversity Pac
Dixmoor First For Trustees
Diy Politics Pac
Diypolitics.Org Pac
Djd 07
Dlae Smith For State Representative
Dm Pac
Dmitrich For Senate
Do Your Job
Dobis For Representative
Docpac - Cce
Docpac- Ohio
Docs 4 Patient Care, Inc.
Doctors Council Seiu Cope
Doctors For Affordable Healthcare
Doctors For Healthcare Leadership Independent Expenditure Committee
Doctors For Healthy Communities Pac
Doctors Of Corpus Christi Political Action Committee
Doctors Of Optometry For Better Health Care, Sponsored By Cal-Opac
Doctors Offering Competitive Solutions Pac - Texas
Doctors, Nurses & Patients For A Healthy Washington
Doctors-Patients Alliance Of Illinois
Dodge For Recorder Committee
Dodie Londen Excellenc In Public Service Series
Dodie Londen Series
Dog Owners Of Greater Scarborough
Doherty For Us House
Dohring For City Council 2014
Dolan For Arlington
Dolls For World Peace
Dolphin Democrats
Dominic Pileggi For Senate Committee
Dominion Leadership Fund
Dominion Leadership Trust Political Action Com Inc
Dominion Political Action Committee Maryland
Dominium Political Fund
Don Betzold For Senate Committee
Don Couch Campaign Committee
Don Davis Campaign
Don Davis N C House Committee
Don Deleon For Congress
Don Hansen For City Council
Don Howard For Clerk Of Court
Don Hyun For Congress
Don Kent For Riverside County Treasurer
Don Mcleary For State Senate
Don O'brien For Senate
Don Payne For Congress
Don Sanders For City Council
Don Siegleman Campaign Fund
Don't Mess With Textbooks
Donald B. Bagley Committee To Elect
Donald Cheeks
Donald Martin Fo Holland
Donald O Burnette Campaign Of
Donald Obrien Campaign Account House District 24
Donald Rinaldi For State Representative
Donbach For State Representative
Donka For Congress
Donn Janes For Congress
Donna Bebo For Congress
Donna Fiala Campaign
Donna Geber Office Holder Committee
Donna Hart, Candidate, Florida House District 79
Donna Jacobson For Mayor
Donna Melzer Campaign
Donna Nelson For State Representative
Donna Snodgrass Committee To Elect Calpers Bofa Seat B
Donnell Jones Political Committee
Donnelly For Assembly
Donnelly For Probate Judge Committee
Donnie Hall Jr For Ballard County Jailer
Donohue For Judge
Donovan For Senate Llc
Dont Bank On Sink
Dont Deny Hope Inc.
Doolan For Congress
Doral United/Unidos Por Doral
Dorchester Democratic Club
Dorian K. Damoorgian
Doris Fransein For District Judge
Doris Maloy Campaign
Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall
Dorothy Lenard Friends Of For Mayor
Dorsey Political Fund
Doucette & El-Tohamy Committee To Elect
Doug Beckham For City Council
Doug Belden Campaign
Doug Belden Campaign Fund
Doug Bower - Enough Is Enough
Doug Clark For Tn State Representative
Doug Conkey For State Committeeman
Doug Fuller Committee To Elect
Doug Gillespie For Sheriff
Doug Harms For Assessor
Doug Henry For State Senate Campaign
Doug Hodge For State Representative
Doug Hoffman For Congress Inc
Doug Jackson Committee To Elect
Doug Lamalfa For State Assembly
Doug Lingner Friends Of 2003
Doug Lingner Friends Of 99
Doug Little For Arizona Corporation Commission
Doug Skemp For Judge Campaign
Doug Walker For Senate
Doug Wiles Candidate For Florida House District 20
Douglas County Democratic Central Committee
Douglas County Physicians Pac
Douglas County Republican Central Committee
Douglas County Republican Central Committee
Douglas For Congress
Douglas R Belden Jr Campaign
Douglas R Hughes 4 Governor
Douglas Smith County Commissioner Campaign
Douglas Totty For Hickman Co Sheriff
Doukas For The City Council
Dover Parents And Students Success Pac
Dover Township Republican Municipal Committee
Dow Agrosciences Iowa Political Action Cmte
Downey For State Senate
Downriver Democratic Organization
Downstate Democratic Victory Fund
Downstate Infrastructure Awareness And Advancement Fund
Downtown For Democracy Non-Federal
Downtown Santa Monica Business
Doyle Wayne Ball Friends Of
Dpav - Disabilities Political Action Voice
Dpbg Political Action Committee
Dr Andrey Bundley Friends Of
Dr Dan 4 Congress
Dr Felix For Mayor
Dr Friese For House
Dr Huang For City Council 2014
Dr Khalfani For Freeholder Inc
Dr Lowry Election Committee
Dr Pac
Dr. Bob Deuell For Texas Senate
Dr. Dan Kelly For 12Th A.D.
Dr. Gene Davidson For State Senator
Dr. Jim Billie For Governor Campaign, Inc.
Dr. Peter Arellano For Supervisor 2010
Dr. Phil Polakoff For Assembly 2008
Dr. Rob Steele For U Of M Regent
Draft Allen West For President 2012
Draft Bloomberg Committee
Draft Cheney 2012
Draft Committee For William Taylor For President
Draft Emmer 2014
Draft Fitz
Draft Tom Tancredo For President, Inc.
Draftpalin4President, Inc.
Dred Scott Party
Dreikorn For Congress
Dreikorn For Senate
Drendall For Probate Judge Committee
Dressler For Surrogate
Drew Curtis Committee To Elect
Drew Marzullo For Selectman
Driehaus For Congress
Driving North Carolina Forward, Inc.
Drug Court Works
Drug Policy Action Colorado Committee To Regulate Marijuana
Drug Policy Action Dc Committee To Support Cannabis Reform
Drug Policy Action Fund For Maine
Drug Policy Action Fund For New Mexico
Drug Policy Alliance Network (Ssf)
Drug Policy Alliance Network Fund
Drug Policy Alliance Network Fund For California
Dsfda Pac
Dte Energy Co. Pac - Ny
Duaine Duffy Campaign Fund
Duane Jackson For Congress
Duchy Trachtenberg For Congress
Duck Pac
Dudley Spade For State Senate
Duke City Rising
Duke City Working
Duke Lane Jr For City Council
Dulles Corridor Users Group
Dump Ashcroft
Dunegan For Governor
Dunkin Donuts Franchise Owners Mass Pac
Dunmire For Congress
Dunn For Elected Office Aka Dollars For Dunn
Dupage County Building Trades Pac
Dupage County Democratic Central Committee
Dupage Victory 2014
Durell Peaden, Jr. For Florida State Senate
Durham Partnership For Progress
Durham-Orange County Libertarian Party
Dustin Mcdaniel For Governor Inc.
Dusty Rhodes Campaign
Dutchess Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Dutra For Assembly 2002
Dutter For President
Duvall For Missouri
Dvorak For Prosecutor Committee
Dwayne Bohac For State Representative
Dwayne Chesnut For Regent
Dwight D. Lewis
Dwight Fullingim For Congress Committee
Dwight Stigler Campaign Fund
Dworkin For Teaneck Council
Dykema Gossett State Pac
Dynegy New York Pac
Dynegy Texas Political Action Committee
E F O Brown For Third Ward Council
E M Buddy Childers Campaign
E Texas Med Ctr Reg Hlth Syst Political Action Com
E-192 Power Forward Project
E-Cottage Industries
E. Ziegler Campaign
E.M. Repub. Comm. Counc.
E3 Election Fund Inc
E3 Pac, Inc
Each Vote Counts Pc
Eades For Executive Campaign Committee
Eagar4Us Pac
Earl C Elrod For City Council
Earling For Snohomish County Executive
Earnest Willliams Candidate For House
Earth Army
Easley For Senate
East Bay Business Coalition Supported By Attorneys Engineers Taxpayers
East Bay Republicans
East Brunswick First Democratic Party
East Central Florida Chamber Alliance
East Central Florida Chamber Alliance Cce
East Central House Repuiblican Comm
East Citrus Democratic Club
East County Business Pac
East Hampton Town Democratic Committee
East Hampton Town Republican Committee
East High For Mccain
East Political Action Council
East Providence Taxpayers Association
East Valley Tea Party
Eastenders P.A. C.
Easterly For West Salem
Eastern Jackson County Ministerial Alliance
Eastern Massachusetts Bricklayers People's Committee
Eastern Mata-Pac
Eastern Missouri Senate Pac
Eastern Oklahoma Doctors Committed To Tort Reform
Eastern Panhandle Freedom Fund
Eastern Washington Pac
Eastern White Pine Administrative Fund
Eastman State Of Tennessee Pac
Easton Taxpayers Association Pac
Eastside Democratic Club
Eastside Integrity Pac
Eastside Pac
Eastsiders For Mee
Ebony Elephant
Eckert Seamans Pa Government Pac
Ecodev Pac
Economic Freedom Alliance
Economic Freedom Foundation
Economic Freedom Fund
Economic Growth Council
Economic Justice Coalition For Truth
Economic Leadership Pac
Economic Progress Pac
Economic Recovery Committee For Don Kurth For Assembly 2010
Economic Strategy Group
Economy Political Action Committe
Ecrc Chairmans Club
Ed Allen State Senate Campaign
Ed Anderson Campaign Account
Ed Clere For State Representative
Ed Haisch Campaign For
Ed Harris Committee To Elect
Ed Hildreth 4 Tumwater
Ed Homan Campaign
Ed Melton For Fayette County Commission
Ed Mills For Senate Campaign
Ed Oconnell For Freeholder
Ed Perry For State Senate
Ed Potosnak For Congress
Ed Potosnak For Congress
Ed Reyes Officeholder Account
Ed Scruggs Campaign For Austin City Council Dist 8
Ed Sterner For King County Council
Eddie For Congress
Eddie Frankum For Kaufman County Sheriff
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Goodall For House
Eddie Smith Campaign To Elect
Edison Democratic Organization
Edison First Corporation
Edmonds Citizens For Public Safety
Edmonds Fire Fighters Local 1828
Edney For Assembly 2010
Edpac, The Political Coalition For A+ Schools
Edsonya Charles For City Attorney
Educate Dallas
Educate Florida
Educate Ohio
Educate Saint Louis
Educate Springboro
Educate The Voters Committee
Educate Your Vote - A Project Of The Coalition For Literacy
Educating All Children In Kansas Political Action
Educating Voters
Educating Voters For Jobs Against Avalos And Adachi For Mayor 2011
Education 1St Pac
Education 2000
Education Accountability Alliance
Education Alliance Pac
Education And Opportunity Fund
Education And Technology Pac-Nonfederal
Education Austin Political Action Commitee
Education Choice For The North Bay, Supporting Leff Brown For Sb
Education Excellence Initiative Committee
Education First
Education Leaders For High Standards
Education Leaders Support Anthony Portantino For Assembly
Education Leaders Support Burbank School Board Pres Paul Krekorian
Education Leaders Support City Council President Alex Padilla
Education Leaders Support Fire Chief Bill Mccammon
Education Leaders Support Supervisor Cynthia Murray For Assembly
Education Matters Pac
Education Opportunity Pac
Education Revenue Task Force
Education Support Employees Assoc - Tip
Education Voter Guide
Education Voters Political Action Fund
Educational Justice Political Action Committee
Educational Opportunities Pac
Educators And Healthcare Workers For Strong Commun
Edukalb, Inc.
Edupac, Inc.
Edvoice For The Kids Pac
Edvoice Independent Expenditure Committee
Edward Garcia Campaign Of
Edward S Rapier Jr Campaign Committee Inc
Edwards Campaign
Edwards For Congress
Effective Communication Unites All Americans
Effective Florida Leaders
Effective Florida Leaders Pc
Effie B. Woodard,Campaign For Clerk Of Court
Efo Beenstock Pace Watson
Efo Berryhill White & Carpenter
Efo Carlin Kozub Cantwell & Howell
Efo Carlin Kozub Stewart & Cantwell
Efo Carlin Kozub Stewart And Cantwell
Efo Schoenborn Green Jung & Siboczy
Efo Schoenborn Green Mcconnell & Siboczy
Efo Vince Farias
Efo White & Carpenter
Efo White & Copper
Eickholt For Congress
Eight Is Enough Committee
Eighth Congressional District Republican Committee
Eighth District Democratic Committee Non-Federal
Eighth District Republican Victory Fund
Eiland Nyc
Eileen P. Thornton For Hamilton Council
Eisenberg For City Attorney
Eisland 21St Century
El Cerrito Police Employees Association Pac
El Dorado Citizens United
El Dorado County Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee
El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs Assn Pac
El Dorado County Farmers, Businesses, And Homebuilders For Responsible
El Dorado County Voters For Local Control
El Dorado County Young Democrats
El Paso County Medical Society Political Action Committee
El Paso Electric Company Employee Pac
El Paso Progress Pac
El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats
El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats Political Action Committee
El Paso Young Democrats
El Pasoans For Equality
Elaine Beech
Elaine Hammers For Senate
Elaine O'brien 2010
Elaine Zamora For Supervisor 2010
Elara Pac
Elden H. Morris For Georgia General Assembly
Elder Citizens For Better Government
Eldercare Coalition, Inc.
Eldon Strong Committee To Elect
Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, Inc.
Elearning Pac
Elec. Fund Of The Pennsauken Demo. Munic. Committ
Elect Abigail Morgan Coggin
Elect Aker
Elect Amherst Republicans
Elect Andrea Miller For Congress
Elect Ann Welch Mayor
Elect Barry Brickner Committee
Elect Beau Clark Llc
Elect Betty Komp
Elect Bill Cramer Circuit Judge
Elect Bill Loftus State Rep.
Elect Bill Meyer
Elect Bob Ransom Campaign
Elect Bob Schwartz
Elect Bobbie Landers, 14Th Assembly District
Elect C Barney Metz
Elect California Women Political Action Committee
Elect California Women Small Contributor Committee
Elect Caruso 2000
Elect Chad George
Elect Clancy Committee
Elect Connie Taylor
Elect Dale Despain
Elect Dale Young For Commissioner
Elect Darwin Fox For County Commissioner
Elect David Bulova
Elect David Shehorn
Elect Ed Brocksmith For House District 4 Committee
Elect Ed Thompson Campaign
Elect Edevold
Elect Elaine Committee
Elect Flaherty 2014
Elect Frank Leffingwell
Elect Gary Wells
Elect Gleason 2002
Elect Holberg Committee
Elect Huffman
Elect Ian Gilyeat
Elect Jack Cherry
Elect Jackson Commissioner
Elect Jacob Franklin For County Clerk
Elect Jacqueline D. Williams
Elect Janet Huckabee Campaign Committee
Elect Jeff Farrington Committee
Elect Jeffrey J Busch For Montgomery County Clerk Of Courts
Elect Jennifer Inc
Elect Jerry Hamlin
Elect Jim Evans
Elect Joe Egan
Elect Jon Cardin
Elect Joslin State Representative
Elect Judge Don Adams Campaign
Elect Judge Jean Marie Martwick
Elect Karam For Council
Elect Katherine Nakamura
Elect Ladendorf
Elect Larry Mckenney
Elect Larry Rice Committee
Elect Laurie Dolan
Elect Letonia Jones
Elect Mark Crawford
Elect Mark Crockett
Elect Maurreen Elizabeth Connors Justice Illinois Appellate Court
Elect Michael A. Urban
Elect Michael Anthony Flores
Elect Michael Javorsky
Elect Micheline Doan
Elect Mike Crawford
Elect Mike Timm For Sheriff
Elect Nassar To City Council 2012
Elect Nodler Committee
Elect Otano
Elect Pat Steadman
Elect Philip Mayer For Probate Judge Committee
Elect Randy Myers Sheriff
Elect Randy Oaks For Sheriff Committee
Elect Randy Pronschinske Committee
Elect Richard Bagley State House Distric 18
Elect Rick And Phil
Elect Rick Mckiddy State Senate
Elect Robert Nichols
Elect Roemmelt
Elect Rose Hau Atherton Council 2014
Elect Roth Judge Committee
Elect Sabrina Petersen
Elect Sandra Cook-Bensley
Elect Schreck
Elect Sheldon Whitehouse
Elect Snyder Committee
Elect Steve Harrison-Former Steve Harrison 2014 Exploratory Committee
Elect Stew Jenkins Assembly
Elect Susan Wilson
Elect Sydney Dudikoff U S Senate Committee
Elect Teresa Hall For Judge
Elect Terrance Cumby 2015
Elect Theresa Makuen
Elect Tim Grussendorf For House
Elect Timohy
Elect Tom Runions
Elect Tom Tangretti Committee
Elect Tom Williford
Elect Township Council
Elect Varma
Elect Wanda Grone Ic Treasurer
Elect Wayne Hancock Campaign
Elect Wayne Seguin
Elect Welch
Elect Women 2012
Elected Mayor Now
Election Committee For Diana E. Bajoie For State
Election Committee For Henry Borger
Election Digest - A Project Of The Coalition For Literacy
Election Fund 2000 Petrillo-Fleming
Election Fund For David Boyne Council
Election Fund For David Boyne Mayoral Candidate
Election Fund For Francis Womack
Election Fund Gerofsky Surrogate
Election Fund Of Assemblyman Bob Smith
Election Fund Of Assemblyman Sean Kean
Election Fund Of Bathelus-Nasi-Rodriguez
Election Fund Of Blee And Damato
Election Fund Of Cecilia Laureys
Election Fund Of Drwal Eicher & Novak
Election Fund Of Edward Zipprich
Election Fund Of Frank Druetzler
Election Fund Of Gary Hirsch
Election Fund Of Gehin-Scott & Anderson
Election Fund Of Gennaro And Munoz
Election Fund Of Hladik And O'hern For West Caldwell Council
Election Fund Of Holly Schepisi For Assembly
Election Fund Of J. Christian Bollwage
Election Fund Of Janice Maly
Election Fund Of Joe Azzolina
Election Fund Of Joel M. Weingarten
Election Fund Of John F. O'connell
Election Fund Of Joseph Maceri
Election Fund Of Marge Caldwell-Wilson
Election Fund Of Marty Small For Mayor
Election Fund Of Myers
Election Fund Of Powers And Sebastian
Election Fund Of Robert J Martin
Election Fund Of Robert Rivas For Assembly
Election Fund Of Senator John Lynch
Election Fund Of Thomas P. Giblin
Election Of Frank G. Pelzman
Elections Matter
Electionwatch Florida, Inc.
Electric & Gas Industries Assn Pac
Electric Power Associations Of Mississippi State Pac
Electrical Workers 46 Pac
Electrical Workers Local Union 145 Political Action Com
Electwes2008 Com
Elephant Talk, Inc.
Eleven Million Strong
Elfant For Constable Campaign
Elgin Republican Team
Eli Lilly And Company New York State Pac
Elihu Harris For Assembly 2000
Elisabeth French For Circuit Judge
Elisabeth Motsinger For Congress
Elite Fitness Inc.
Elizabeth Ames Jones Campaign
Elizabeth Burmaster For State Superintendent
Elizabeth Pomeroy For School Board
Elizabeth Rodriguez For City Council
Elk Grove Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Elk Grove Education Association Political Action Committee
Elk Grove Firefighters
Ellen Anderson For Senate Campaign Committee
Ellen Reif Circuit Judge Campaign
Ellen Sue Venzer
Eller Volunteer Committee
Ellgass For Senate
Elmore County Democratic Central Committee
Elton For Senate
Emblemhealth New York Pac
Emerge America
Emerge Arizona Women For A Democratic Future
Emerge California
Emerge Kentucky, Inc.
Emerge Maine
Emerge Maryland, Inc.
Emerge Massachusetts, Inc
Emerge Nevada
Emerge New Mexico
Emerge Oregon
Emerge Wisconsin
Emergency Care For Florida
Emergency Medical Political Action Committee
Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee
Emergency Physicians Of Florida Cce
Emerson Electric Co. Responsible Government Fund
Emerson's Illinois Responsible Government Fund
Emerson's Missouri Responsible Government Fund
Emery For Commissioner
Emily's List Non-Federal
Empac Small Contributor Committee
Empire Health Pac
Empire Leadership Council
Empire State Association Of Adult Homes, Inc Pac
Empire State Association Of Adult Homes, Inc. Pac
Empire State Leadership Pac
Empire State Petroleum Association Pac
Employees Political Information Committee
Empower Illinois
Empower Illinois Media Fund
Empower Inc
Empower Newark
Empower Pac
Empower Political Action Committee
Empower Pueblo Today
Empower Texans Pac
Empower The Taxpayer
Empowering Children Pac
Empowerment For The New Century
Empowerment Nevada
Empowerment Party
Encino Oaks Republican Women Federated
End Business As Usual In Sacramento Support Chris Garland Asm 2010
End Of Session Bash Committee
End Pac Inc.
End Police Brutality Now!
End Stop And Frisk
Ending Spending Action Fund Wisconsin
Endler For Senate Volunteer Committee
Endorsed Van Buren Conservative Committee
Energize Colorado
Energy First Pac
Energy For The Economy Sponsored By Energy Companies
Energy Leaders Political Action Comm. Of Energy Future Holdings Corp
Energy Transfer Employee Management Company Pac (Energy Transfer Pac)
Energy Transfer Partners Texas Pac
Energy Ventures, Inc.
Engageri Pac
Engardio For District 7 Supervisor 2012
Engineering Companies Of Virginia Pac
Engineering Contractors' Association Pac
Engineers For Better Government
Engineers Political Education Committee Separate Education Fund
Englebright For State Assembly
Engler Administrative Account
Engoron For Civil Court Inc.
Enhancing Community Pac
Enhancing Our Quality Of Life
Enigmatic Affiliate
Enoch George For Sheriff Committee
Enough 2008
Enough Is Enough
Enough Taxes Already
Enpac- Ny
Enrique Padron Campaign
Ensuring Oklahomas Future
Ent Dems
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Arkansas Political Action Committee
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Colorado State Political Action Committee
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Florida Political Action Committee
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Massachusetts Political Action Committee
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. New York Political Action Committee
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Co. California State Pac
Enterprise Washington's Jobspac
Entertainment Industry Coalition
Entertainment Union Coalition
Enviro Pac
Environment Colorado Action Committee
Environment Colorado Voter Action
Environment2004 Action Fund
Environment2004, Inc.
Environmental Accountability Fund
Environmental Campaign Fund
Environmental Caucus Of Democratic Party Hawaii
Environmental Defense Pac
Environmental Event Management Group
Environmental Health And Justice Campaign Fund
Environmental Lands Acquisition And Management Pro
Environmentalists For Truth
Envision Ogden
Epec Ny Education Fund
Epu Project
Equal Access To Education Pac
Equal Justice Illinois Pac
Equal Marriage Florida
Equal Opportunity In Education Project - State
Equal Opporunity To Education Politcal Action Committee, Inc.
Equal Responsibilities
Equal Treatment For All
Equality California Political Action Committee
Equality California Voter Information Guide
Equality Florida Action Network Inc
Equality Florida Action Pac, Inc.
Equality For Alabama
Equality Hawaii Action Fund
Equality Illinois Pac
Equality In Marriage
Equality Ohio Campaign Fund
Equality Pac
Equitable Resources Inc. State Pac
Erath Repeal Action Committee
Ergon State Political Action Committee
Eric Arnold Committee To Elect
Eric D Alegria For City Council 2011
Eric Durbin For Iowa
Eric F Gilbert Citizens For
Eric Garza For Cameron County District Clerk
Eric Hingsberger Friends Of
Eric Koch For State Representative District 65
Eric Maloney For Congress
Eric Mar For Democratic County Central Committee 2012
Eric Mar For Supervisor
Eric Reed For Belmont City Council
Eric Reeves For Senate
Eric Rollings Campaign To Elect
Eric Zahnd For Platte County Prosecutor
Erich Miller For Congress Committee
Erickson Retirement Communities Federal Pac
Erickson Retirement Communities Ma Pac
Erie County Chapter Of Progressive Democrats Of America--Nys
Erie County Democratic Party
Erik Anderson For Delegate
Erik Lyon For Chico Unified School Board 2010
Erik Poulsen Campaign
Erik Stromberg Committee To Elect
Erin Sitterley For Seatac City Council
Ernst & Young Comm. For Good Govt.
Ernst And Young Llp - California Pac
Erny Spears For Supervisor 2010
Eros Promotions, Inc.
Ervin For Court Of Appeals Committee
Ervin Odum For Sheriff
Escambia Federated Womens Club
Escondido Coalition For Open Space And Community Revitalization
Escondido Firefighters Pac
Escondido Tax Fighters Association
Esp For County Commissioner
Espero For Congress
Esposito 08
Esposito 2010
Essent Healthcare Inc. Political Action Committee
Esser For Senate
Essex West Hudson Labor Council Cope
Estabrook For Manhattan
Estrada Committee
Eternal Vigilance Society
Ethel Simms Julien Campaign
Ethical Revenue Initiative Politcal Action Committee
Ethical Standards Now
Ethical Tax Allocation Pac
Ethnic Republican Coalition
Euca Political Action Committee
Eugene J. Seaman Committee
Euille For Congress
Euille For Mayor
Euille For Mayor
Eunice M Ulloa For Mayor
Eureka County Republican Central Committee
Eva For Mayor
Eva Guzman Election Campaign
Evan Brunetti For Probate
Evan Jenkins For Senate Committee
Evan S Frasure For Sec. Of State Committee To Elec
Evan Zelig For Windsor Town Council 2014
Evans For Congress
Evans, John Friends Of
Everett For Colorado
Everett Wilcox For School Board
Everglades Trust
Evergreen Progress
Every Citizen's Voice
Every Citizen's Vote
Everyday Americans
Evolution Dawn, Inc.
Evolution Fund For America
Evolve Austin
Evolve Ok
Ewing For Representative
Excelerate Energy Pac
Excellence In Government
Excellence In Public Service
Excellence In Public Service Series, Inc.
Excellence In Public Service, Catherine Todd Bailey Founder, Inc.
Excellence In Public Service, Inc.
Excellence Is Key Eco
Excellent Schools Pa
Excelsior Energy Inc Pac
Executive Council Of Homeowners Echo Pac
Executive Office Administrative Account
Executive Political Action Committee
Exelon Generation Company Pac (Exgenpac)
Expand The Vote
Expansion Pac
Experience That Counts
Exploratory Committee To Elect Sal Tinajero
Explore Cafero
Extempers For Prosperity
Eye Pac - Pa Academy Of Ophthalmology
Eye-Pac Of The Texas Ophthalmological Association
Ezcorp Political Action Committee New York
F A C T Of Lake Worth
F Gegare For General President 2011
F.A.C.T. Committee
Face It America
Fact Check Florida
Faculty Association Of Rancho Santiago Ccd Pac
Faculty For Our University's Future
Faculty For Our University's Future Local Committee
Faegre And Benson Fund
Fair Access To Capital Political Action Committee
Fair And Balanced Pac
Fair And Impartial Retention, Inc.
Fair And Open Competition - San Diego
Fair Courts For Us Committee
Fair Courts Pac
Fair Election Districts Yes On Measure B
Fair Elections Ohio
Fair Elections Seattle
Fair Insurance Rates In Monroe
Fair Judge Committee
Fair Political Action Committee
Fair Public Policy Coalition, A Committee Of Ca Horse Racing Companies
Fair Share Pittsburgh Action Fund
Fair Share Usa
Fair Taxes For America Pac, Inc
Fairbanks Republican Women Federated
Fairbanks Republican Women Federated State Pac
Fairfax Coalition Of Police Pac
Fairfax County Employees Union Political Action Committee
Fairfax Deputy Pac Local 5016
Fairfield 2011
Fairfield-Suisun United Teachers Association Pac
Fairhurst For Congress
Fairhurst For Supreme Court Justice
Fairness First
Fairness For Automotive Consumers
Fairness For Senior And Disabled Taxi Drivers
Fairness In Employment For The Central Valley Comm
Fairness Pac, Inc.
Fairpac, Sponsored By Civil Justice Association Of California
Fairtax Political Action
Faith & Freedom Action
Faith In Texas Fund Pac
Faith Matters
Faith Pac
Faithful Catholic Citizens
Falchuk For Governor
Falcon Jamie Citizens To Elect
Fall River Ward 1 Republican Committee
Fall River Ward 2 Republican Committee
Fall River Ward 6 Republican Committee
Familias Latinas De California
Families & Teachers For Safer Schools
Families And Children Of Palmetto Bay
Families And Freinds For Vance
Families For A Better Florida
Families For A Better Idahp
Families For Affordable Health Care
Families For Better Burbank Schools
Families For Better Education
Families For Cape Coral's Future Pac, Inc.
Families For Change
Families For Cindy Montanez
Families For Conservative Values
Families For Floyd County
Families For Free Enterprise
Families For High Quality Education
Families For Jobs & Equality
Families For Judge Bogle
Families For Lower Taxes
Families For New Leadership, Inc.
Families For Safer Neighborhoods
Families For Tax Cuts
Families For Tax Relief
Families For Victims' Rights
Families Pac
Families To Re-Elect Leticia Vasquez
Families Working Toward Financial Freedom
Family Business Pac
Family Business Political Action Committee
Family Defense Fund
Family Farmers Alliance
Family For Good Government State Pac
Family Lawyers For Good Judges
Family Medicine Political Action Committee
Family Research Action Political Action Committee
Family To Elect Ruth Turner For Kcmo City Council
Family Values Association
Family Winemakers Of California Pac
Fanelli For Congress
Farbman Committee
Farm Ny Pac
Farm Pac
Farm To Market Pac
Farmer Jim For President
Farmers Allied For Responsive, More
Farmers And Legal Reformers For A Stronger Economy
Farmers Employee And Agent Pac - Pennsylvania
Farmers Employee And Agent Political Action Committee Of Delaware
Farmers Employee And Agent Political Action Committee Of Montana
Farmers Employee And Agent Political Action Committee Of North Dakota
Farmers Employees & Agents Pac
Farmers Group Inc Employees And Agents Pac
Farmingdale Democratic Executive Committee
Farmingdale First Team
Farmington Future
Farnham For Senate
Fasano For State Senate-34
Fasca-Tn State Pace
Faulk For Congress
Faust 4 Congress
Fausz For Supervisor
Favola For County Board
Faye Culp Campaign
Fayette County Young Republicans
Fayetteville First
Fbia Pac
Fea Solidarity Fund, Inc.
Fed Cce Nonpartisan Pac For Good Government
Fedele 2010
Federal Expres Maryland State Political Action Committee
Federal Express New York Political Action Committee
Federal Express Rhode Island State Political Action Cmte
Federal Express Vermont Political Action Committee
Federal Women Palladian Politcal Action Committee
Federalist National Party
Federation Of Democratic Women Of Cibola County
Federation Of Iowa Insurers Pac
Fedex Arkansas State Pac
Feeney Friends Of
Feminist Majority State Pac
Fenty 2006 Exploratory Committee
Feral Deposit Insurance Conglomeration
Feral Reserve System
Fernando Chacon For Councilman
Ferracone For San Bernardino Community College District Board Of Trust
Ferrier For State Senate
Ferriero For County Chairman
Ferris For City Council
Ferrucci For Congress
Fertig For Probate
Ffp Strategies
Fiar Districts, Fair Elections
Fic Pac
Fidelis Media Fund
Fidelity National Financial Commitee Of Continuous Existence - Florida
Fieger & Fieger, P.C.
Field Pac
Fifth Square Pac
Fifty Plus One Wyoming
Fight Against Brownsburg Annexation
Fight Back Campaign, Inc.
Fight Back Colorado
Fight Back For Justice Fund
Fight Back New York
Fight For The Future
Fighting For Florida's Families
Fighting For Our Future Pac
Fiki For Texas
Filipino American Caucus Of San Diego County
Filipino American Coalition Pac
Filipino American Democratic Club Of San Francisco
Fill In The Gap
Film Pac
Filmakers For New City Leadership
Financial Reform In Government Network
Finch For Assembly
Finger In The Senate
Finish Fighting For Integrity Pac
Finkelnburg For Senate
Finney For Sheriff Volunteer Cmte
Finney For Treasurer
Finstad For State Representative
Fiona Ma For Supervisor
Fire Fighters
Fire Fighters Against Union Political Abuse
Fire Fighters For Fair Government
Fire Fighters, Local Farmers, And Business Owners Supporting James Gor
Firearms Freedom Fund
Firebaugh 2002
Fired Up And Ready To Go Action Fund
Firefighters & Peace Officers For Hannah Beth Jackson Ie
Firefighters Action Support Team
Firefighters For A Better Los Angeles To Support Jose Huizar
Firefighters For Balanced Budgets And A Safe Bakersfield
Firefighters For Public Safety Pac
Firefighters For Sacramento City
Firefighters Local 1186 Pac
Firefighters Organized, Ready And Committed In Emergencies
Firepac 10
First Amendment Alliance Inc.
First Americans For A Better California
First Citizens State Pac
First Coast Conservatives
First Congressional District Victory Fund - Nonfed
First Decade Political Action Committee
First District Democrats
First In Freedom Pac
First Republicans Forum, Inc.
First Responders For Sheila Kuehl For La County Supervisor 2014
First State Freedom
Firstpac For Political Freedom
Firstvote Pac
Fiscal Accountability Pac
Fiscal Advocacy Fund
Fiscal Conservative Alliance Florida Pac
Fiscal Conservative Pac
Fiscal First Indiana Pac
Fiscal Sanity
Fiscally Sound Delaware Llc
Fisette For Arlington
Fisher For Ohio
Fitzpatrick For The People
Fitzsimmonds For State Senate
Five Fifteen Isnt Working
Five Four One
Fix Austin Traffic Pac
Fix Lansing Get Michigan Back To Work
Fix Michigan Fund
Fix Pinal Government Committee
Fix Us First
Fixing America Starting Today
Fixing Michigan Fund
Fixittogether.Org, Inc.
Fl Assoc. Of School Psychologists Committee Of Continuous Existence
Fl Concrete Products Association's Political Committee
Fl Pba Local Pac
Fl Republican Women's Network
Fl School Board Association Constitutional Amendment Issues P C, Inc
Fl Society Of Interventional Pain Physicians Political Action Committe
Fl-08 Nominee Fund
Fla State Lodge Fraternal Order Of Police Governmental Awareness Proj
Flagler County Professional Firefighters' Association Local 4337 Pac
Flagler County Republican Executive Committee
Flagler Forever Committee
Flagstar Georgia Pac
Flagstar Indiana Pac
Flagstar Pac
Flaherty For Senate
Flanagan For Governor Committee
Flanders For Cromwell
Flasha - Pac
Flerlage For Congress
Fletch Political Action Committee
Flexible Pavements Political Action Committee
Floirda Heritage Cce
Flopac-Florida Optometric Political Action Committ
Flordians For Preserving Sight
Florence County Republican Party
Florence County Republican Womens Club
Florence Fisher For City Council
Flores For Congress
Florida 2020
Florida Acorn Pac
Florida Acre
Florida Action League, Inc.
Florida Afl-Cio Committee Of Continuous Existence
Florida Afl-Cio Committee On Political Education
Florida Afl-Cio Elect
Florida Agents For Insurance Reform
Florida Agribusiness For Responsible Government
Florida Alfa Pac
Florida Alliance Of Ideas And Results, Inc.
Florida Architects Political Action Committee
Florida Assisted Living
Florida Assoc Of Ins & Financial Advisors Pac
Florida Association Of Health Plans Pc
Florida Association Of Health Plans, Pac
Florida Association Of Health Underwriters Political Action Fund
Florida Ballot Initiative
Florida Bankers Association Political Action Committee
Florida Building Material Assoc. Pac
Florida Business For Better Government Cce
Florida C P A Political Action - Committee - North Inc
Florida C P A Political Action Committee - Central Inc
Florida C P A Political Action Committee - South Inc
Florida Campground Political Action Committee
Florida Cares Pac
Florida Carpenters Regional Committee Of Continuous Existence
Florida Cdm Political Action Committee
Florida Chamber Free Enterprise Cce
Florida Chamber Of Commerce Alliance, Inc.
Florida Chamber Of Commerce Cce
Florida Chamber Of Commerce Pac
Florida Chamber Trade & Logistics Pac
Florida Citizens For A Responsible Government Pc
Florida Citizens For Change
Florida Citizens For Change Inc
Florida Citizens For Good Government
Florida Citizens For Good Government Inc
Florida Citizens For Smart Justice
Florida Citizens For Social Reform Political Committee
Florida Citizens United (Eco)
Florida Citrus Mutual Political Committee
Florida Citrus Mutual State Committee Of Continuou
Florida Coalition For New Conservative Leadership
Florida Committee For Conservative Leadership
Florida Committee For Conservative Leadership
Florida Community Alliance Pc
Florida Community Pharmacy Pac
Florida Conservative Action Committee
Florida Conservative Alliance
Florida Conservative Caucus
Florida Conservative Leadership Fund
Florida Conservative Majority
Florida Consumer Alliance, Inc.
Florida Consumer Alliance, Inc.
Florida Cow Pac
Florida Cpa Pac Inc
Florida Crane Owners Council Inc Pc
Florida Credit Union Political Action Commitee
Florida Crossroads
Florida Cruise Leadership Committee, Inc.
Florida Cruise Pc
Florida Crystals, Inc. Pac
Florida Democracy Project Inc.
Florida Democrats For Life Pac
Florida Education Association Advocacy Fund
Florida Education Association Quality Public Educa
Florida Electrical Pac
Florida Enterprise Foundation
Florida Fairness Alliance
Florida Family Medicine Political Action Committee
Florida Farm Pac
Florida Federated Republican Women
Florida Federation Of Republican Assemblies
Florida Federation Of Teenage Republicans
Florida Film Pac Committee Of Continuous Existence
Florida Fire Spigot Pc
Florida First
Florida First Forever Inc.
Florida First Initiative Inc
Florida For All, Inc.
Florida For Life
Florida Forum For Social Justice
Florida Forward
Florida Foundation For Liberty
Florida Free Market Committee
Florida Freedom Alliance
Florida Freedom Coliation Inc
Florida Freedom Council
Florida Freedom Council
Florida Freedom Fund
Florida Freedom Pac
Florida Fresh Start Cce
Florida Funeral Directors Pac (Cce)
Florida Future Alliance
Florida Glbt Democratic Pac
Florida Governance Fund
Florida Health Initiative
Florida Hospital Assn Pac For Healthy Communit
Florida Hospital Assn Pac For Quality Hlth Care
Florida Hospital Association Pc
Florida Hospital Association Pc For Healthy Communities
Florida Hospital Association Pc For Quality Health Care
Florida House Victory, Inc.
Florida House Victory, Inc.
Florida Independent College Alliance Pac
Florida Independent Concrete Assoc Products Inc Pc
Florida Innovation Fund
Florida Insurance Council (Fic) Political Committee
Florida Jobs First, Inc.
Florida Jobs Pac
Florida Jobs Pac, Cce
Florida Judicial Watch, Inc.
Florida Justice Reform Committee
Florida Justice Reform Group, Inc.
Florida Laborers Political Committee
Florida Lawyers Action Group Tr
Florida Leadership Alliance
Florida Leadership Association Cce
Florida Leadership Committee
Florida Leadership Committee Cce
Florida Leadership Council
Florida Leadership Forum Committee
Florida Leadership Forum Inc.
Florida Leadership Forum, Inc.
Florida Leadership Fund Cce
Florida Leadership Network
Florida Libertarian Pac
Florida Liberty Federation
Florida Liberty Fund
Florida Mainstream Democratic Alliance
Florida Mainstream Democratic Forum
Florida Mainstream Democrats
Florida Mainstream Forum, Inc.
Florida Mainstreet Merchants
Florida Manufactured Housing Association Pac Inc
Florida Marine Contractors Cce, Inc.
Florida Millennium Fund
Florida New Democrats
Florida New Federation Of Republican Women
Florida Next!
Florida Nurserymen Political Action Committee
Florida Ob-Gyn Pac
Florida On The Move Ii-Cce
Florida On The Move Iii-Cce
Florida On The Move-Pc
Florida Onsite Wastewater-Pac
Florida Open Goverment Political Action Committee
Florida Operators Association
Florida Operators Association Cce
Florida Optometric Cce
Florida Organization Of Agents
Florida Orthodontists For Freedom
Florida Orthopaedic Political Action Committee
Florida Osteopathic Medical Association - Pca
Florida Patriot Fund
Florida Pciaa Committee Of Continuous Existence
Florida Pediatric Pac
Florida Pharmacist Political Committee
Florida Phosphate Committee Of Continuous Existence
Florida Phosphate Political Committee Inc
Florida Physical Therapy Assoc. Pac
Florida Pirate Party
Florida Policy Council
Florida Political Action For Candidate Election
Florida Professional Employer Organization Pac
Florida Property And Casualty Assoc./Agents-Pc, Inc.
Florida Property And Casualty Association-Pc, Inc.
Florida Psychologists For Prescriptive Authority (Fppa)
Florida Public Adjusters Protecting The Insuring Public
Florida Public Employees
Florida Public Health Fund
Florida Public Safety Council Inc
Florida Public Services Union Political Committe
Florida Quality Of Life Council Inc
Florida Recreational Vehicle Political Committee
Florida Recyclers Association, Inc. Cce
Florida Recyclers Association, Inc. Pc
Florida Residents For Responsible And Responsive Government
Florida Restaurant And Lodging Association Pac No. 2, Inc.
Florida Restaurant And Lodging Association Pac No. 3, Inc.
Florida Restaurant And Lodging Association Pac, Inc.
Florida Retail Beverage Political Action Committee
Florida Retail Political Action Com
Florida Rheumatology Pac
Florida Rises
Florida Roofing Sheet Metal And Ac Contr Assn Pac
Florida Roundtable
Florida Rv Pac
Florida Senate Victory Committee
Florida Senate Victory, Inc.
Florida Shopping Center Pac
Florida Small Lec Political Action Committee, Inc.
Florida Society Anesthesiology Pain Pac
Florida Solutions Committee
Florida Space Coast Alliance
Florida Surveying And Mapping Political Action Committee, Inc.
Florida Taxpayers Alliance
Florida Taxpayers Association-Eco, Inc.
Florida Technology Authority Inc.
Florida Together Pac Inc
Florida Transportation Builders Association - Ftba Transpac
Florida Transportation Builders Association-Ftba Transpac
Florida United Pac
Florida Utility Watch Incorporated
Florida Vet Force Cce
Florida Veterinary Medical Association Pac
Florida Victory Fund II
Florida Voices
Florida Voters Fund
Florida Watch Ballot Committee
Florida Water Service Political Committee
Florida Whig Party
Florida Women Are Watching
Florida Workers Advocates Candidate Campaign Act.
Florida Workers Advocates Pac
Florida Young American's For Freedom Pac, Inc.
Florida Young Democrats
Florida's Cardiology Pac
Florida's Future
Florida's Future Pac Inc.
Florida's Future Today Eco
Florida's Next Generation Political Committee
Florida's Right To Know Political Committee Inc.
Florida's Voice For Early Learning
Floridaoil.Org, Inc.
Floridas Best Choice
Floridas Working Families, Inc.
Floridian Partners Political Action Committee
Floridian's For Progress, Inc.
Floridians Against Regressive Taxes
Floridians Associated To Insure Responsible Laws (Fairlaws)
Floridians First
Floridians First, Inc.
Floridians For A 21St Century Economy, Inc.
Floridians For A Better America Inc.
Floridians For A Better And Brighter Future, Inc.
Floridians For A Better Economy
Floridians For A Better Future, Inc.
Floridians For A Better Tomorrow
Floridians For A Brighter Future
Floridians For A Brighter Tomorrow, Inc.
Floridians For A Conservatice Future
Floridians For A Good Economy
Floridians For A More Informed Electorate
Floridians For A New Direction
Floridians For A Strong 67
Floridians For A Strong 67 Pc
Floridians For A Strong Economy
Floridians For A Strong Future
Floridians For A Stronger Democracy
Floridians For A Stronger Florida, Inc.
Floridians For A Stronger Tomorrow
Floridians For Accountability And Justice
Floridians For Accountable Government
Floridians For Action
Floridians For Actions
Floridians For Better Government
Floridians For Better Government Pc
Floridians For Change
Floridians For Children And Families
Floridians For Clean Energy
Floridians For Common Sense
Floridians For Conservation, Inc
Floridians For Conservative Leadership Committee
Floridians For Conservative Leadership In Goverment, Corp
Floridians For Conservative Leadership Inc
Floridians For Conservative Values
Floridians For Constitutional Integrity
Floridians For Economic Freedom
Floridians For Economic Leadership
Floridians For Economic Opportunity Inc
Floridians For Education And Economic Development, Inc.
Floridians For Effective Government
Floridians For Effective Government
Floridians For Effective Leadership In Government
Floridians For Effective Leadership Inc
Floridians For Effective Leadership, Inc.
Floridians For Efficiency In Government
Floridians For Equitable Government
Floridians For Equitable Insurance Practices
Floridians For Equitable Laws
Floridians For Ethical Government
Floridians For Ethics And Truth In Politics
Floridians For Ethics In Judicial Elections
Floridians For Ethics, Inc.
Floridians For Excellence
Floridians For Fair Insurance Regulation
Floridians For Fairness Action Fund, Inc.
Floridians For Fairness And Equality
Floridians For Families Future
Floridians For Fiscal Integrity
Floridians For Freedom
Floridians For Honest Government
Floridians For Honest Politicians
Floridians For Industry Jobs And Growth Eco
Floridians For Innovation In Education
Floridians For Integrity In Government
Floridians For Integrity In Government
Floridians For Integrity In Government, Inc.
Floridians For Internet Access
Floridians For Jobs 2012
Floridians For Justice
Floridians For Liberty
Floridians For Liberty And Innovation
Floridians For Long Distance Access
Floridians For New Leadership
Floridians For Opportunity
Floridians For Our Defense Economy
Floridians For Practical Solutions
Floridians For Principle Based Government, Inc.
Floridians For Prosperity And Economic Liberty
Floridians For Public Integrity
Floridians For Public Workplace Safety
Floridians For Quality Education
Floridians For Quality Education Pc
Floridians For Quality Health Care
Floridians For Quality Public Education
Floridians For Responsible Government, Inc.
Floridians For Responsible Leadership Inc
Floridians For Responsive Government Inc.
Floridians For Stem Cell Research And Cures, Inc.
Floridians For Strong Families
Floridians For Strong Leadership
Floridians For Strong Leadership Pc
Floridians For Sustainable Agriculture Inc
Floridians For The Future Of The Developmentally Disabled
Floridians For The Right America
Floridians For Truth And Integrity In Government, Inc.
Floridians For Truth And Justice
Floridians For Truth In Politics
Floridians For Water
Floridians For Water Protection And Sustainability
Floridians Investing In Good Government
Floridians Reclaiming Our Government
Floridians Seeking Common Ground
Floridians Supporting Infrastructure & Jobs Pc
Floridians To Protect The Constitution
Floridians United For A Sustainable Economy
Floridians United For A Sustainable Florida Pc
Floridians United For Common Sense, Inc.
Floridians United For Freedom
Floridians United For Liberty
Floridians United For Our Childrens Future
Floridians Uniting For A Stronger Tomorrow, Inc.
Fluoride Free Philomath Pac
Flynn For Senate 2003
Fmtk Labor Council Committee On Political Ed
Focus By Eyemd
Focus For Patient Care
Focus Irving Pac
Focus On Floridians Future
Focus On Quality Care
Focus South Dakota, Inc.
Foley For Judge Committee
Foley For Senate Volunteer Committee
Folks For Florida's Future, Inc.
Folsom Fire Party
Fonfara 2002
Fontana For Senate
Food Political Action Committee
Football Fans For Truth
Fop Action
Fop Andrew Jackson Lodge Pac
For A Better America
For A Better Florida
For A Better Tracy
For Country, Inc.
For Freedom
For Freedom Conservative Network
For God's Sake
For Montclair
For New Jersey Families
For Our America Pac
For Retirement Security Elect Theresa Taylor To Calpers Board 2014
For Stratford
For The Good Of Illinois Pac
For The Love Of Dumont
For The People
For The People 2014
For The People By The People Eco
For The People Us.Org
For The Richmond
For Tourism Jobs - Vote Parnell
For Wauconda
For Woodbury 2011
Forcade For Congress
Forcum Citizens For
Ford Motor Co Civic Action Fd - Michigan Pac
Ford Motor Co. Civic Action Fund - Missouri
Forest Committee
Forest Resources Council Pac
Forestar Committee For Responsible Government
Forestry Political Action Committee
Forsyth County Young Republicans
Forsyth Leadership Pac
Fort Bend Conservative Club
Fort Bend County Libertarian Party
Fort Bend Republican Pac
Fort Bend Young Republicans Inc
Fort Collins Ranked Voting
Fort Mitchell Forward
Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters Local 124 Pac
Fort Worth Employees' Retirement Fund
Fortaleciendo Comunidades, Fortaleciendo California
Forthright Pac
Forum For Democratic Change Inc
Forward 6: Twink For Alder
Forward Alaska Inc.
Forward Colorado
Forward Fort Worth Partnership
Forward In West Kentucky, Llc
Forward Leadership Fund
Forward Long Island State Pac
Forward Mississippi Pac
Forward Mt Voter Fund
Forward North Fulton
Forward Pac
Forward Prince William
Forward Tennessee Pac
Forward Together
Forward Virginia Political Action Committee
Forys For Congress
Fosbury For Idaho
Foster Campbell Campaign Committee - New
Foster For House Committee
Foster For Senate
Foster Robberson For Attorney General
Foundation For A Republican Majority - Farm Team
Foundation For Conservative Values
Foundation For Conservative Values
Foundation For Constitutional Protection, Inc.
Foundation For Delaware's Futrue, Llc
Foundation For Florida's Future Action Fund, Inc.
Foundation For Freedom
Foundation For Leadership Integrity Cce
Foundation For The Future
Foundation For The Future
Foundation For The Future
Foundation To Protect America's Future
Foundation To Save Jobs And Stop Unfair Taxation
Founded On Truth
Founders Pac
Fountain Valley Business Roundtable
Four Directions Political Action Committee
Four Price For State Representative
Four Winds Partnership
Fourth Amendment Fund Pac
Fowler For Chair
Fowler For Kansas City
Fox And Friends Of Lancaster County
Fox For Mayor 2015
Fox Valley Friends Of Labor Pac
Fox-Young Campaign
Fpf, Inc. Florida Fire-Pac
Fpf, Inc. Florida Fire-Pac District 1
Frack Action Usa Pac
Frack Free Nation
Fragrances And More By Keisha,Llc
Fraguela For Senate, Inc.
Frain For O'fallon Mayor
Fran Florez For 16Th Senate District
Fran Florez For Assembly
Fran Florez For Assembly 2010
Fran Florez For City Council 2012
Fran Hancock Campaign
Fran Ulmer For Governor
Frances P Pueo - Candidate
Francis C. Heitmeier Campaign Fund
Francisco Paco Barragan For Assembly 2012
Frank Artiles For State Committeemen
Frank Atkinson For Sheriff Campaign
Frank Bruno For State Senate
Frank Clark Friends Of
Frank Farkas Campaign
Frank Feldhaus For Mayor 2002
Frank Forrest Buck Committee To Elect
Frank K Rollason City Of Miami Commissioner District 2
Frank Madia Campaigns
Frank Mann Campaign
Frank Marchiano Friends Of
Frank Mcenulty For President National Committee
Frank Morse For State Senate
Frank Piliere For Congress
Frank Rynd Campaign
Frank Simpson For Senate 2010
Frank Washington, Jr. Campaign Fund
Frank Weeden For Mayor
Frank Williams Committee
Frankenmuth Pac
Franklin County Democratic Party
Franklin County Reagan Coalition
Franklin For Congress
Franklin Forum Pac
Franklin Freeman For Supreme Court
Franklin H Caplan For Mayor Campaign Account
Franklin Pac
Franklin Ramirez Citizens For
Franklin Township Regular Democratic Organization
Franklin Womens Republican Club
Franklin's List
Franklyn Vorrhies Indiana 25
Fraternal Order Of Constables Political Action Committee
Fraternal Order Of Police Capital City Lodge 9 Pce
Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 5 Pac
Fraternal Order Of Police Of Ohio Inc Pac
Fraternal Order Of Police Of Ohio Inc Pac
Fratta 2001
Frayer For County Commissioner
Fred Brown For State Representative Campaign
Fred Brummer Campaign
Fred Costello For Mayor Of Ormond Beach
Fred Cullis For Congress
Fred Hoyt Campaign Fund
Fred Hunt Committee To Elect
Fred J Jackson Campaign
Fred J, Barrows Committee To Elect
Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee
Fred Keeley For Assembly
Fred Kratky For State Representative
Fred Strahorn For State Represneative
Fred Thiele Citizens For
Fred Walker Campaign For Bay County
Frederick County For Chris Mason
Frederick M Kalisz Jr Election Committee
Fredericks For Trustee
Fredrick Bramante For Governor
Free Assembly For Constitutional Thought
Free Democratic Republic Party
Free Enterprise Committee
Free Enterprise For America
Free Enterprise Fund
Free Enterprise Fund Action Committee
Free Enterprise Fund Committee
Free Enterprise Political Action Committee
Free Expression Pac
Free Government Party
Free Market Advocates
Free Speech
Free Speech Coalition
Free Speech Pac
Free State Pac
Freeda Cathcart For 17Th District Va House Of Delegates
Freeda Cathcart For 17Th District Va House Of Delegates
Freedman State Senate
Freedom & Unity Pac, Inc.
Freedom 14
Freedom Alliance Colorado
Freedom And Responsibility Pac
Freedom Ballot Access
Freedom Billboards Of Texas
Freedom Caucus Committee Of Continuous Existence
Freedom Club State Pac
Freedom First Committee, Inc.
Freedom First Pac - Ia
Freedom First Pac - New Hampshire
Freedom Focus
Freedom Fund Political Action Committee
Freedom Minnesota Pac Inc.
Freedom New York
Freedom Patriot Tea Party
Freedom Political Action Committee
Freedom Works Non-Federal Pac
Freedommaker Coalition Of Indiana
Freedommakers Of Dubois County
Freeholders Kelly & Lacey Committee To Re-Elect
Freelancers Union Political Action Committee
Freeman For Senate
Freeman Physician Group Pac
Freemarkets, Inc. Political Action Committee
Freeport-Mcmoran Arizona Political Action Committee
Freeport-Mcmoran Colorado Political Action Committee
Freeport-Mcmoran New Mexico Political Action Committee
Freeport-Mcmoran New Mexico Political Action Committee
Freeport-Mcmoran Texas Political Action Committee
Freinds For Fred Turnier
Freinds Of David Shaffer
Freinds Of Joe Mcatee
Freinds Of Ken Fody
Freinds Of Paul Sanford
Freinds Of Rod Jetton
Freinds Of Scott Quinn
Fremont Police Association Pac
French Family Pac
French Family Pac
Frenship Communities Political Action Commitee
Fresh Air Delmarva
Fresh Air Inc Nfp
Fresh Start For America Project
Fresno Citizens For Good Government Political Action Committee
Fresno Citizens For Safe And Healthy Neighborhoods
Fresno Coalition For Qual. Schools, Jobs And Comm. Services, Supp. Blo
Fresno Parents, Classroom Teachers, And Nurses For Student Acheivement
Fresno Police Officers Association Political Action Committee
Fresno Sheriff's Correctional Sergeants Association Pac
Fresno Teachers Assn. Pac For Education
Frf Beauty Industry Council Political Committee
Frf General Retailer Political Action Committee
Frf Grocery Council Political Action Committee
Frf Grocery Council Political Committee
Frf Home Furnishings Political Action Committee
Frf Pharmacy Council Political Committee
Frf Political Committee
Frf Quick Service Restaurant Political Action Committee
Frf Retail Beverage Council Political Committee
Frf Specialty Retailer Organization
Friedberg For Judge Election Committee
Friedman For Senate
Frieds With Sebastian Ulanga For Bronx Borough President
Friend Od Ted Daligdig III For Council
Friend Of Dennis Gallagher
Friend Of Lynda Lloyd
Friend Of Michael Chambrella
Friend Of Patrick Salyer
Friend Of William Bill Winslow
Friend Of William Obrien
Friends Of Catherine E. Pugh
Friends & Family Of Ron Kouchi
Friends & Neighbors In Support Of Mike Garcia District 7 Supervisor
Friends Against Illegal Redistricting
Friends And Family For Curtis Jones
Friends And Family Of Mizdebz
Friends And Neighbors For A Safe And Prosperous Community
Friends And Neighbors For Jeff Ilseman
Friends And Neighbors For Tom Moffatt
Friends And Neighbors Of Pat Gardner
Friends For A Better Brevard
Friends For A Better Broward, Inc.
Friends For A Better Michigan
Friends For A Safer Honolulu
Friends For Acosta 2002
Friends For Adam Sedlock
Friends For Alfonso Davis
Friends For Allyson Y. Schwartz
Friends For Amanda
Friends For Amy M Meyer
Friends For Anna Montana
Friends For Bill Holmes
Friends For Bill Kehner, Councilman
Friends For Bud Blake
Friends For Calvin Say
Friends For Carol Anne Philips
Friends For Chad Christensen
Friends For Charles Hochberg
Friends For Charles Thompson
Friends For Chip Maxfield
Friends For Christopher Roberts
Friends For Chuck Devore
Friends For Cindy Reid
Friends For Corey Murata
Friends For Croucher
Friends For Darren Yancy Inc
Friends For David Farhat
Friends For Dean Anderson
Friends For Dean Zimmermann
Friends For Debbie De Leon
Friends For Deering
Friends For Don Shilesky Committee
Friends For Doris D Kelly
Friends For Doug Ross
Friends For Dwight Evans
Friends For Ed Thompson
Friends For Education - Sales Tax Referendum
Friends For Elizabeth O'fallon
Friends For Facemyer
Friends For Farrow
Friends For Ferrante
Friends For Firestone
Friends For Fitz
Friends For Flores
Friends For Floyd Prozanski
Friends For Fowler
Friends For Fran Amos
Friends For Freedom And Prosperity
Friends For Frizzell
Friends For Gary Cirulli
Friends For Gary Hanson
Friends For Gerri Schroder
Friends For Haledons Education
Friends For Harris-Laboy
Friends For Hultgren
Friends For Humphrey
Friends For Isaac For State Legislator Committee To Elect
Friends For James Hardway
Friends For James R. Aiona Jr.
Friends For Jeff Spiegelman
Friends For Jim Avery
Friends For Jim Guest
Friends For Jobs And Greener Communities In Hawaii
Friends For Joe Hackett
Friends For Joe Mcdermott
Friends For John Quinn
Friends For Juan M Soliz
Friends For Judicial Integrity
Friends For Judy Devriendt
Friends For Karen Keiser
Friends For Keith Buck
Friends For Keith Kaneshiro
Friends For Kuhl
Friends For Larry Deangelis
Friends For Leo Van Hollebeke
Friends For Leo Van Hollebeke
Friends For Lincoln Davis
Friends For Linnenbringer, Frank Becker, Treasurer
Friends For Marietta Seaman
Friends For Meagan Simonaire
Friends For Michael Nowakowski
Friends For Mike Mcentee
Friends For Mike Ramone
Friends For Norma Champion
Friends For Obama
Friends For Paula A Gomora
Friends For Peter Koo
Friends For Preston Brown For Senate
Friends For Rabe
Friends For Raymond Amundson
Friends For Ricardo Lugo
Friends For Rich Brauer
Friends For Rodney Tom
Friends For Scott Henderson
Friends For Senator Hoffmann
Friends For Seniors
Friends For Signe Godfrey
Friends For Stacelynn Eli
Friends For Stacey Hancock
Friends For Stella Black
Friends For Steve Gomes For Merced County Superintendent Of Schools
Friends For Taghkanic Campaign
Friends For The Election Of Dean Skelos
Friends For The Election Of Dean Skelos
Friends For The Reelection Of Nicolette M. Pach
Friends For Todd H. Stroger
Friends For Tony Thaw Compaign
Friends For Val Barschaw Gop
Friends For Van Robinson
Friends For Wala Blegay
Friends For Wayne Cooper
Friends For Wesley Cornwell
Friends For Westerville Parks
Friends For Wiener
Friends For William A Hussey For City Council 2014
Friends For Zamora
Friends If Greg Marrow
Friends In Support Of Jeff Stone For Senate 2010
Friends Of Alex Borgognone
Friends Of Selim
Friends Of "Chuckm"
Friends Of 340B Pac
Friends Of 63Rd Ward Democratic Executive Committee
Friends Of Aaron Merreighn
Friends Of Abel Maldonado
Friends Of Adrian Joyce
Friends Of Adrian Rousseau
Friends Of Al Tisch
Friends Of Alan P. Zukerberg
Friends Of Alan Zukerberg
Friends Of Alex Coogan
Friends Of Alex Von Zur Muehlen
Friends Of Alexander Cotoia
Friends Of Ali Gadelhak
Friends Of Allan Mulligan
Friends Of Allegretti For Judge
Friends Of Allen D Perdue
Friends Of Allen Wayne Warren
Friends Of Alvin Parra
Friends Of Amos Young, Jr.
Friends Of Amy Oselio
Friends Of Amy Tavio
Friends Of Anaconda Head Start
Friends Of Andre Walker
Friends Of Andrew Concannon
Friends Of Andrew Hardwick & Associates, Inc.
Friends Of Andrew Hohns
Friends Of Andrew Korge
Friends Of Andrew Lanza
Friends Of Andrew Raia
Friends Of Andrew Woerner
Friends Of Andy Billig
Friends Of Andy Dinniman
Friends Of Andy Olson
Friends Of Andy Womack
Friends Of Angela Brown
Friends Of Angela Fortner
Friends Of Angela Weeks
Friends Of Ann Doyle
Friends Of Ann Lawall
Friends Of Ann Marie Smith
Friends Of Ann Schwab
Friends Of Ann Somerset
Friends Of Anna Duleep
Friends Of Anne Marie Gurney
Friends Of Annette Atkinson
Friends Of Annette Breiling
Friends Of Annette Gurdo
Friends Of Anosh Yaqoob
Friends Of Anthony Bartolotta For Waterford Trustee
Friends Of Anthony Veliz
Friends Of Anthony Verna
Friends Of Anthony Williams
Friends Of Antonovich 2004
Friends Of Araminta Hawkins
Friends Of Arlene P. Bluth, Inc.
Friends Of Armond Agakhani
Friends Of Aron Carleson
Friends Of Arthur Cheliotes
Friends Of Arts, Parks, And Recretion
Friends Of Ashley Heffernan
Friends Of Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz
Friends Of Aubry Stone For City Council
Friends Of Audrey I. Phefer
Friends Of Aurora Austriaco
Friends Of Ayesha K Brantley
Friends Of B. Teri Burns For School Board 2010
Friends Of Babur Lateef
Friends Of Baldwin Park A Sponsored Committee Of Bisno Development Co
Friends Of Banks For Sheriff
Friends Of Barack Obama
Friends Of Barb Gersna
Friends Of Barbara D Holtzman
Friends Of Barbara Hoffman
Friends Of Barbara Jensen
Friends Of Barbara Kreamer II
Friends Of Barbara Kyle
Friends Of Barry Moore
Friends Of Basheer Jones
Friends Of Bates Mattison
Friends Of Bay Health Plan
Friends Of Baylor Med
Friends Of Becky Lemler
Friends Of Ben Bentzin
Friends Of Ben Miranda
Friends Of Ben Miranda
Friends Of Benicia Schools Yes On Measure I
Friends Of Bertha C. Kawakami
Friends Of Beth Braznell
Friends Of Beth Gottstein
Friends Of Beth Moura
Friends Of Beth Smayda
Friends Of Beverly Cocke
Friends Of Bilik Defazio
Friends Of Bill Berg
Friends Of Bill Bosworth For District Judge
Friends Of Bill Callejas
Friends Of Bill De Blasio 2003
Friends Of Bill Frank Committee
Friends Of Bill Frick
Friends Of Bill Haine
Friends Of Bill Hansell
Friends Of Bill Hembree
Friends Of Bill Holmes
Friends Of Bill Janis
Friends Of Bill Leonard
Friends Of Bill Lockyer
Friends Of Bill Magee
Friends Of Bill Masterson
Friends Of Bill Paulk
Friends Of Bill Pocan
Friends Of Bill Reed
Friends Of Bill Rinaldi
Friends Of Bill Simon For Governor
Friends Of Bill Toal
Friends Of Bill Trapp
Friends Of Bill Wright
Friends Of Billy Dalto
Friends Of Biotechnology Pac
Friends Of Bishop & Bolger
Friends Of Bishop Edward R. Turner
Friends Of Blair Ewing
Friends Of Blair Milo
Friends Of Blondell Reynolds Brown
Friends Of Bob Austin
Friends Of Bob Behnen
Friends Of Bob Capano
Friends Of Bob Curran
Friends Of Bob Dixon
Friends Of Bob Dutton
Friends Of Bob Emerson
Friends Of Bob Flick
Friends Of Bob Franklin
Friends Of Bob Frisch
Friends Of Bob Gaffney
Friends Of Bob Greer
Friends Of Bob May
Friends Of Bob Montgomery
Friends Of Bob Oaks
Friends Of Bob Oshea
Friends Of Bob Pacheco
Friends Of Bob Pacheco
Friends Of Bob Rhodunda
Friends Of Bob Tom
Friends Of Bob Unger 2006
Friends Of Bob Zemel
Friends Of Bobby Carter
Friends Of Bobby Rush
Friends Of Bobby Shriver For Supervisor 2014
Friends Of Bobby Simmons
Friends Of Bola Omotosho
Friends Of Bonin
Friends Of Bonnie C Brennan
Friends Of Bonnie Crawford
Friends Of Bonnie Garcia 2004
Friends Of Bonnie Garcia 2006
Friends Of Bonnie Walton
Friends Of Bonnie Wolfe
Friends Of Boyd Dunn
Friends Of Brad Greer
Friends Of Brad Hoylman
Friends Of Brad Peck / Brad Peck For Congress
Friends Of Brandon Hayden
Friends Of Brenda S Stedham
Friends Of Brendan Woodward
Friends Of Brent Sailhamer
Friends Of Brett Benedict
Friends Of Brett Blomme
Friends Of Brian Dubie
Friends Of Brian Eybs
Friends Of Brian Ferruggiari
Friends Of Brian K. Mchale
Friends Of Brian Myers For Coroner
Friends Of Brian Oneill
Friends Of Brian P Noonan
Friends Of Brian Roberts
Friends Of Brian Roberts
Friends Of Brian Roslund
Friends Of Brian Thoburn
Friends Of Brian Trodden
Friends Of Brian Wooworth
Friends Of Brick
Friends Of Brien Poffenberger
Friends Of Brittany Catchpole
Friends Of Bronwyn Black-Kelly
Friends Of Brooks Mountcastle
Friends Of Bruce Anderson
Friends Of Bruce Castor
Friends Of Bruce Keough
Friends Of Bruce Rogers
Friends Of Bruno Bellissimo
Friends Of Bryan Dial
Friends Of Bryan J. Block
Friends Of Bryan Traylor
Friends Of Buddy Staigerwald
Friends Of Build The Block
Friends Of Byron Donalds
Friends Of C Hines Inc
Friends Of Callie Sullivan
Friends Of Cam Parry
Friends Of Cambrian Schools
Friends Of Caprio
Friends Of Carl Andrews
Friends Of Carl Vogel
Friends Of Carlo Melini
Friends Of Carlos Avelar
Friends Of Carlos Avelar 2002
Friends Of Carlton Wills
Friends Of Carmen Amedori
Friends Of Carol Hall For State Senate 2002
Friends Of Carol Robinson
Friends Of Carri
Friends Of Carrion
Friends Of Carroll Uselton
Friends Of Cascade Valley Hospital
Friends Of Casey Miller
Friends Of Cassie Mae Brewster
Friends Of Catherine Cortez Masto
Friends Of Cathllen M Vitale
Friends Of Catholic Health Care
Friends Of Ceasar
Friends Of Cecil Brown
Friends Of Chad Olsen
Friends Of Chael Sonnen
Friends Of Chapin Rose
Friends Of Char
Friends Of Charles A. Stormont
Friends Of Charles B Records
Friends Of Charles Bacarisse
Friends Of Charles J. Hynes
Friends Of Charles Kong Djou
Friends Of Charles Lefkowitz
Friends Of Charles Nesbitt
Friends Of Charles Williamson
Friends Of Charley Wilson
Friends Of Charlie Barbuti
Friends Of Charlie Denison
Friends Of Charlie Holley
Friends Of Charniele Herring
Friends Of Chennault 2012 Pac
Friends Of Cheryl Chase
Friends Of Cheryl Gaines
Friends Of Cheryl Mueller
Friends Of Chevette A Valentine
Friends Of Chris Adams
Friends Of Chris Benge
Friends Of Chris Boice
Friends Of Chris Bracco
Friends Of Chris Craig
Friends Of Chris Demas
Friends Of Chris Duquin
Friends Of Chris Eckert
Friends Of Chris Exarchos
Friends Of Chris Falk
Friends Of Chris Hanzlik
Friends Of Chris Hart
Friends Of Chris Jorge
Friends Of Chris Kannady
Friends Of Chris Moews
Friends Of Chris Nuzzi
Friends Of Chris Ortloff
Friends Of Chris Reykdal For State Representative, District 22
Friends Of Chris Robinson
Friends Of Chris Sandy
Friends Of Chris Sherer
Friends Of Chris Shoemaker
Friends Of Chris Thieneman
Friends Of Chris Thomas
Friends Of Chris West
Friends Of Chris Widener
Friends Of Chris Wright
Friends Of Chris Young
Friends Of Christine Kehoe 2002
Friends Of Christmas
Friends Of Christopher Adams
Friends Of Christopher B. Spuches
Friends Of Christy Joy
Friends Of Chuck Bates
Friends Of Chuck Comrey
Friends Of Chuck Fuentes
Friends Of Chuck Mahlik
Friends Of Cindy Chavez
Friends Of Cindy Lowery
Friends Of Civic Plaza
Friends Of Cj Ferry
Friends Of Claire Banasiak
Friends Of Claire Mccaskill Committee
Friends Of Claude Mattox
Friends Of Clay Athey
Friends Of Clay Shaw
Friends Of Clayborne
Friends Of Cliff Hutchison
Friends Of Clinton Transit
Friends Of Coast Colleges - Yes On M
Friends Of Cody Knotts
Friends Of Colleen Leary
Friends Of Colorado Hospitals
Friends Of Community Colleges
Friends Of Community Colleges
Friends Of Comrie 03
Friends Of Connie Williams
Friends Of Cordova For Assembly
Friends Of Corvallis
Friends Of Corvallis
Friends Of Cory Booker For City Council, Inc.
Friends Of Cottonwood
Friends Of Coward & Ramos
Friends Of Craig Benson
Friends Of Craig Gocha
Friends Of Craig K Wimberly
Friends Of Craig Zucker
Friends Of Cris Rogers
Friends Of Crossroads
Friends Of Crystal Wade
Friends Of Cuesta College
Friends Of Cultural Institutions
Friends Of Curt Josiassen
Friends Of Curt Schroder Committee
Friends Of Cynthia L. Boyce
Friends Of Cynthia Lobo
Friends Of Cynthia Rubenstein
Friends Of D
Friends Of D Flowers
Friends Of D. Page Elmore
Friends Of Dafny Irizarry
Friends Of Daine Grey, Jr.
Friends Of Dale Camhi
Friends Of Dale Tampke
Friends Of Dalia Palchik, Dalia Palchik
Friends Of Dallas Heard
Friends Of Dalmas-Clarke
Friends Of Dan Campos For Maryland
Friends Of Dan Chriestenson
Friends Of Dan Farrington
Friends Of Dan French
Friends Of Dan Greenberg
Friends Of Dan Lucas
Friends Of Dan Mahony, Jr
Friends Of Dan Mckew
Friends Of Dan Milz
Friends Of Dan Nelson
Friends Of Dan Quart
Friends Of Dan Schneckenburger
Friends Of Dan Terbrack
Friends Of Dan Yerdon
Friends Of Dana Young
Friends Of Danae Roberts
Friends Of Dane Deutsch
Friends Of Dane Tidwell
Friends Of Daniel Marcin
Friends Of Daniel Tyman
Friends Of Daniel Valenzuela
Friends Of Daniel Varela
Friends Of Daniel Winfrey
Friends Of Dannielle Glaros
Friends Of Danny Dukes
Friends Of Danny Williams
Friends Of Darius Miller
Friends Of Darlena W Burnett
Friends Of Darlene Allen For
Friends Of Darlene Madenwald
Friends Of Darrell L. Gavrin
Friends Of Darrell Steinber
Friends Of Dave Betts
Friends Of Dave Butler
Friends Of Dave Cogdill
Friends Of Dave Hansen
Friends Of Dave Hunt
Friends Of Dave Kralle
Friends Of Dave Siebert
Friends Of David A Paterson
Friends Of David A. Dunton
Friends Of David A. Morris
Friends Of David Adelman
Friends Of David Alsup
Friends Of David Askew
Friends Of David Brinkley
Friends Of David Chang
Friends Of David Couch
Friends Of David Ferguson
Friends Of David Friedman
Friends Of David Graves
Friends Of David Gugerty
Friends Of David Hunt
Friends Of David J. Carucci
Friends Of David J. Goggins
Friends Of David Kakishiba
Friends Of David Kettlewell
Friends Of David Kirby
Friends Of David Knowles
Friends Of David Naus
Friends Of David Palsrok
Friends Of David Parker
Friends Of David Ramadan
Friends Of David Roa Pruitt
Friends Of David Sander
Friends Of David Sudberry
Friends Of David Weprin
Friends Of David Weprin
Friends Of Davida Amenta For Trustee
Friends Of Davion E Percy
Friends Of Dawn Walker
Friends Of Dean Depiero
Friends Of Dean Florez For Senate
Friends Of Dean Florez For Senate
Friends Of Dean Florez For State Treasurer
Friends Of Dean Longo
Friends Of Deb Hermann
Friends Of Deb Kolste
Friends Of Debbie Coven
Friends Of Deborah Gerritzen
Friends Of Deborah Kubiak
Friends Of Deborah Lopez
Friends Of Dede Alpert
Friends Of Delegate Verna L. Jones
Friends Of Delvis Dutton
Friends Of Demetra
Friends Of Demetrios Jimmy Mougolias
Friends Of Denis White
Friends Of Dennis Campbell
Friends Of Dennis G Pilla
Friends Of Dennis Linthicum
Friends Of Dennis Maze Political Campaign
Friends Of Dennis Mehiel
Friends Of Dennis Semler
Friends Of Denny Coffman
Friends Of Derek Anderson For Napa City Council 2014
Friends Of Derek J. Howell
Friends Of Derrick Smith
Friends Of Derwin Rushing
Friends Of Destefano
Friends Of Dfl Women
Friends Of Diana Reyna
Friends Of Diane Neiper
Friends Of Diane Schendel
Friends Of Diane Watkins
Friends Of Diane Z. Grasse
Friends Of Dicenso
Friends Of Diciccio 2002
Friends Of Dick Cranwell
Friends Of Dick Glover
Friends Of Dick Monteith
Friends Of Dick Shellenberger
Friends Of Dick Stevenson
Friends Of Dick Zimmerman
Friends Of Dilip Paliath
Friends Of Dina Nguyen
Friends Of District 21
Friends Of Doc Kelly
Friends Of Don Dearmon
Friends Of Don Harmon
Friends Of Don Lang
Friends Of Don Lehe
Friends Of Donna Bebo For State House 2014
Friends Of Donna Farris Hardy For Chancery Clerk
Friends Of Donna Gerber
Friends Of Donna Lichtenegger
Friends Of Donovan Dela Cruz
Friends Of Doreen
Friends Of Doris Giomi
Friends Of Dotty Chaney
Friends Of Doug Bovin
Friends Of Doug Davert
Friends Of Dov Hikind
Friends Of Dov Hikind II
Friends Of Downstate Democrats
Friends Of Dr Felix Roque
Friends Of Dr Scott Roberts
Friends Of Dr Vernon Hayes
Friends Of Dr. Paul E. Miller
Friends Of Drew Richardson
Friends Of Dymally
Friends Of Ed Angleton
Friends Of Ed Barber
Friends Of Ed Barber
Friends Of Ed Decoste
Friends Of Ed Edmundson
Friends Of Ed Jones
Friends Of Ed Lynch
Friends Of Ed Martin
Friends Of Ed Murray
Friends Of Ed Romaine
Friends Of Ed Szczesniak
Friends Of Eddie Rodriguez
Friends Of Education
Friends Of Education Pac
Friends Of Edward J. King
Friends Of Edward M Maloney
Friends Of Effective Government
Friends Of Eileen Beehan
Friends Of Eileen Daily
Friends Of Eli Rivera
Friends Of Elihu Harris For Assembly
Friends Of Elise Chapline
Friends Of Elizabeth Cano
Friends Of Elizabeth Pyden
Friends Of Elizabeth Scheeler
Friends Of Elle K. Kurpiewski For Congress
Friends Of Ellen Jaffee
Friends Of Eloy Morales Jr
Friends Of Emu
Friends Of Eric Bradley
Friends Of Eric Fingerhut
Friends Of Eric Postma
Friends Of Eric Reid
Friends Of Eric Sklar
Friends Of Eric Sloan
Friends Of Erick Wyatt
Friends Of Erik Hartung
Friends Of Erik Seligman
Friends Of Ernie Martin
Friends Of Ernie Martin
Friends Of Eva Moskowitz
Friends Of Fabian Nunez
Friends Of Fairhaven Pac
Friends Of Farinholt
Friends Of Farm Bureau Political Action Committee
Friends Of Farmers Insurance Pac
Friends Of Felicia R. Collins
Friends Of Felipe Merino
Friends Of Feliz For Mayor
Friends Of Fillmore
Friends Of Fire District 2 Committee
Friends Of Fire Station 6
Friends Of Fisher Committee
Friends Of Fishers, Pac
Friends Of Fleischmann
Friends Of Floridas First Coast
Friends Of Foo
Friends Of Foothills Democrats
Friends Of Foust
Friends Of Frank Andrews
Friends Of Frank Catalina
Friends Of Frank Chopp
Friends Of Frank Commisso
Friends Of Frank Farina
Friends Of Frank Oliver
Friends Of Frank Petrone
Friends Of Frank Skartados
Friends Of Fred Francis
Friends Of Fred Gruhn
Friends Of Fred Overton
Friends Of Fred Thompson, Inc.
Friends Of Frederick E. Berry
Friends Of Frederick Hutchinson
Friends Of Freed
Friends Of Freeda Cathcart For Roanoke
Friends Of Frick For Commissioner
Friends Of Gail Giaramita
Friends Of Gail Koretz
Friends Of Gallagher
Friends Of Garrison
Friends Of Gary Brown Jr
Friends Of Gary Daniels
Friends Of Gary Jeandron
Friends Of Gary Morris
Friends Of Gary Reese
Friends Of Gary Schank
Friends Of Gary Thompson
Friends Of Gary Wade
Friends Of Gayle Harrell Congressional Campaign
Friends Of Gayle Pacheco
Friends Of Genaro Q. Bimbo
Friends Of Geoff Klein
Friends Of Geoffrey Baum
Friends Of George Gollin
Friends Of George Matta
Friends Of George Nakano
Friends Of George Villegas
Friends Of George Whitaker
Friends Of Gerald Clark
Friends Of Gerald Cleary
Friends Of Gerald Frazier
Friends Of Gerald Vanwoerkom
Friends Of Gerald Vanwoerkom
Friends Of Gerard Martineau
Friends Of Gertrude Dolly Kildee
Friends Of Gifford Miller
Friends Of Gil Kahele
Friends Of Ginny Fields
Friends Of Glen D. Gilmore For Mayor
Friends Of Glenda Franklin
Friends Of Glenn Ivey
Friends Of Glenn Nye
Friends Of Glenn Steil, Jr. For State Rep.
Friends Of Glenwood Springs Rural Fire Protection Disctrict
Friends Of Gloria Lawlah
Friends Of Goforth
Friends Of Gonzalo Barrientos
Friends Of Gordon Fiddes
Friends Of Gordon Humphrey
Friends Of Grady Romblad
Friends Of Grand Valley
Friends Of Grant Woodard
Friends Of Greg
Friends Of Greg Aghazarian
Friends Of Greg Erb
Friends Of Greg Evans
Friends Of Greg Leveling For Sheriff
Friends Of Greg Lincoln For City Council
Friends Of Greg Macpherson
Friends Of Greg Pallen
Friends Of Greg Stallings
Friends Of Greg Stanton
Friends Of Greg Stein
Friends Of Greg Warnock
Friends Of Gregg Hart
Friends Of Gregg Kravitz
Friends Of Gretchen Driskell
Friends Of Guerrera 2008
Friends Of Guy Kay
Friends Of Hans Dunshee
Friends Of Haqqi
Friends Of Harold Smith Jr.
Friends Of Harry Bronson
Friends Of Harvey Morgan
Friends Of Harvey Sparks
Friends Of Heather Giugni
Friends Of Heather Heidelbaugh, Inc., T/A Heidelbaugh For Council
Friends Of Heather K. Somers
Friends Of Helen Diane Foster
Friends Of Helen Knipe Smith
Friends Of Helen Sears
Friends Of Henry Conyers
Friends Of Herb Smith
Friends Of Herbie Felton
Friends Of Herman Baertschiger
Friends Of Herman Cain Inc
Friends Of Higher Education
Friends Of Hollis French For State Senate
Friends Of Horowitz And Nematzadeh
Friends Of Howard Cadmus
Friends Of Howard Pearl
Friends Of Howard Shrout For Prosecutor
Friends Of Hugo Schulz
Friends Of Hunt Downer, Inc.
Friends Of Independent Higher Education In Pennsylvania
Friends Of Iowa
Friends Of Ira Ruskin
Friends Of Isla Blanca Park
Friends Of Israel Cruz
Friends Of J. Lowell Stoltzfus
Friends Of Jack Allen For Mayor
Friends Of Jack Cairnes
Friends Of Jack Hansen
Friends Of Jack Westwood
Friends Of Jack Wilson
Friends Of Jackie Dingfelder
Friends Of Jackie Scott
Friends Of Jackvony
Friends Of Jairam D. Thakral
Friends Of James A. Rurak
Friends Of James Conklin
Friends Of James Dixon
Friends Of James E. Shadid
Friends Of James For Judge
Friends Of James H Cappello
Friends Of James J. Sexton
Friends Of James Johnson
Friends Of James Jones
Friends Of James Morris
Friends Of James O'sullivan
Friends Of James Perry
Friends Of James Pierson
Friends Of James Skoufis
Friends Of James Whitfield
Friends Of Jamie Shopland
Friends Of Jane
Friends Of Jane
Friends Of Jane Ohearn
Friends Of Janet Greenip
Friends Of Janet Jordan
Friends Of Janine Boyd
Friends Of Janis Martin Campaign
Friends Of Jared Esselman For Office
Friends Of Jared Polis, Inc.
Friends Of Jason Allen
Friends Of Jason Epps
Friends Of Jason Ibrahim
Friends Of Jason Nelson
Friends Of Jason Renaud
Friends Of Jason White
Friends Of Jason Zona
Friends Of Jay Bozievich
Friends Of Jay Paterno
Friends Of Jay Schneiderman
Friends Of Jay Song For School Board 2014
Friends Of Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Friends Of Jeanne Oddo For Alderman
Friends Of Jeanne Shaheen
Friends Of Jeannette O Neal
Friends Of Jeff Bennett
Friends Of Jeff Coelho
Friends Of Jeff Dahlander
Friends Of Jeff Ghrist
Friends Of Jeff Helgeson
Friends Of Jeff Merrill
Friends Of Jeff Newman
Friends Of Jeff Nixon
Friends Of Jeff Williams
Friends Of Jeffrey Lyons
Friends Of Jeffrey Tobolski
Friends Of Jenn Gaddis
Friends Of Jerome Horton
Friends Of Jerry Castro Committee
Friends Of Jerry Cooper
Friends Of Jerry Denney
Friends Of Jerry Keen
Friends Of Jerry Nesmith
Friends Of Jerry Political Action Committee
Friends Of Jerry Young
Friends Of Jesse Flores
Friends Of Jesse Johnson
Friends Of Jessica Tavara
Friends Of Jesus Carlos Moreno
Friends Of Jesus Gonzalez
Friends Of Jim Battin
Friends Of Jim Bennett
Friends Of Jim Brandt
Friends Of Jim Brennan
Friends Of Jim C. Perry
Friends Of Jim Compton
Friends Of Jim Conte
Friends Of Jim Ferguson
Friends Of Jim Foley
Friends Of Jim Gallagher Committee
Friends Of Jim Gibbons
Friends Of Jim Gibson
Friends Of Jim Grossnickle
Friends Of Jim Lloyd
Friends Of Jim Mullins
Friends Of Jim Palmer
Friends Of Jim Phillips For Mayor
Friends Of Jim Ports, Jr.
Friends Of Jim Smith
Friends Of Jim Thomas
Friends Of Jim Trautz
Friends Of Jim Troutman For Mdj
Friends Of Jim Voutourr
Friends Of Jim Zupancic
Friends Of Jimmy Evans
Friends Of Jimmy Hart
Friends Of Jo Ann Graves
Friends Of Joan Millman
Friends Of Joan Pagones
Friends Of Joanne Huelsman
Friends Of Jody Landers
Friends Of Joe Anderson
Friends Of Joe Bartlett For Delegate
Friends Of Joe Blackburn Candidate Committee Organization
Friends Of Joe Cammarata
Friends Of Joe Coniglio
Friends Of Joe Flores
Friends Of Joe Jagelka
Friends Of Joe Kelley
Friends Of Joe Lorintz
Friends Of Joe Marine
Friends Of Joe Mcculloch
Friends Of Joe Mcginn
Friends Of Joe Pishioneri
Friends Of Joe Schanno
Friends Of Joe Sullivan
Friends Of Joe Swartz
Friends Of Joe Torres
Friends Of Joe Torsella
Friends Of Joe Wilkinson
Friends Of Joel Bomgar
Friends Of Joel Giambra
Friends Of Joel Hussey
Friends Of Johanna Kiernan
Friends Of John
Friends Of John Bartlett A Nj Nonprofit Corporation
Friends Of John Boerger
Friends Of John Cifelli
Friends Of John Coldiron
Friends Of John Corbett
Friends Of John Corrigan, Inc.
Friends Of John Daniel For Sheriff
Friends Of John Davis
Friends Of John Diprimio
Friends Of John Faso
Friends Of John Flanagan
Friends Of John Garfield
Friends Of John Gill
Friends Of John Gosek
Friends Of John Horhn - A New Direction
Friends Of John Hurson
Friends Of John Ingersoll
Friends Of John J. Millner
Friends Of John J. Toomey
Friends Of John Jordan
Friends Of John Kimbell
Friends Of John Kruk
Friends Of John Landers
Friends Of John Lauritsen
Friends Of John Ludlow
Friends Of John Mabrey
Friends Of John Mccann
Friends Of John Mccomish
Friends Of John Mcdaid
Friends Of John Mcnally
Friends Of John Miller
Friends Of John Nelson
Friends Of John Oboyle
Friends Of John Obrien
Friends Of John Pippy
Friends Of John Rachor
Friends Of John Rice
Friends Of John Rock
Friends Of John Rodney Bartlett. Jr.
Friends Of John Rowland
Friends Of John Ryder
Friends Of John Schmid
Friends Of John Seale
Friends Of John Seminerio
Friends Of John Shields
Friends Of John Smaligo
Friends Of John Stevens
Friends Of John Stroup
Friends Of John Venditto
Friends Of John Watkins
Friends Of John Young, M.D.
Friends Of Jon Hoadley
Friends Of Jon Kuhl
Friends Of Jon Riki Karamatsu
Friends Of Jonathan Dine
Friends Of Jonathan Lee
Friends Of Jordan Little Inc
Friends Of Josefina Aranda
Friends Of Joseph Berrios
Friends Of Joseph Pak
Friends Of Joseph Scarnati
Friends Of Joseph Solomon
Friends Of Joseph Wright
Friends Of Josh Beckett
Friends Of Josh Jensen
Friends Of Josh Simpson
Friends Of Josh Young
Friends Of Joshua Esteves For Modesto City Council 2011
Friends Of Joshua Strickland
Friends Of Joshua Walker
Friends Of Joshua Young
Friends Of Joy Walker
Friends Of Joyce S. Johnson
Friends Of Judge Anne Ashby
Friends Of Judge Campbell
Friends Of Judge Emily Pines
Friends Of Judge Fred Bonner
Friends Of Judge Geary Kull
Friends Of Judge James R. Chylinski
Friends Of Judge Jessie Walsh
Friends Of Judge Joan M Genchi
Friends Of Judge Joe Gray
Friends Of Judge John Damon
Friends Of Judge John G Marks
Friends Of Judge Ken Wise
Friends Of Judge Leonard
Friends Of Judge Louis Butler
Friends Of Judge Maier
Friends Of Judge Mattina
Friends Of Judge Quinn
Friends Of Judge Sexton
Friends Of Judge Sharon M Lovallo For Erie County Family Court
Friends Of Judge Stephen Ukeiley
Friends Of Judge Tom King, Jr.
Friends Of Judge Ugell 13
Friends Of Judge Wynne
Friends Of Judy Jacobs
Friends Of Julia Gouge
Friends Of Julian Schreibman
Friends Of Julie Curry
Friends Of Julie Korenstein
Friends Of Julie Parrish
Friends Of Julissa Ferreras
Friends Of Justice Lacava
Friends Of Justin Coussoule
Friends Of Justin Johnson
Friends Of Justin Ross
Friends Of Kafton & Tilis
Friends Of Kalei Akaka
Friends Of Kamal Hubbard
Friends Of Kapszukiewicz
Friends Of Karen Minnis
Friends Of Karl Myers
Friends Of Karla Boyce
Friends Of Kath Klausmeier
Friends Of Katherine Cowan For State Representativ
Friends Of Katherine Maestas
Friends Of Katherine Nakamura
Friends Of Kathi Seay
Friends Of Kathleen Falk
Friends Of Kathleen Thomas For Senate
Friends Of Kathy Brand, Inc.
Friends Of Kathy Lamberg
Friends Of Kathy Lecompte
Friends Of Kathy Watson
Friends Of Katie Blakeman
Friends Of Katie Eyre
Friends Of Katie Riley
Friends Of Katie Thompson
Friends Of Kay Alexander Committee
Friends Of Keenan Gottschall
Friends Of Keith Scalia
Friends Of Kelley Kostin
Friends Of Kelly Henshaw
Friends Of Kelly M. Burke
Friends Of Ken Genser
Friends Of Ken Halla
Friends Of Ken Holdorf
Friends Of Ken Ito
Friends Of Ken Kraft
Friends Of Ken Maddox
Friends Of Ken Peterson
Friends Of Ken Stolle
Friends Of Kenneth Bolton To Congress2010
Friends Of Kenneth Corn 2002
Friends Of Kenneth Hiraki
Friends Of Kenneth Padilla
Friends Of Kenneth Tocyloski
Friends Of Kent Shafer
Friends Of Kerry Mazzoni
Friends Of Kevin Bouchey
Friends Of Kevin Boyle
Friends Of Kevin Carney
Friends Of Kevin Copeland
Friends Of Kevin De Leon
Friends Of Kevin Joyce
Friends Of Kevin La Valle
Friends Of Kevin Mcdonald
Friends Of Kevin Walling
Friends Of Kim Plache
Friends Of Kim Velez
Friends Of Kimberly Dubuclet
Friends Of King For Congress
Friends Of Kirby H. Porter
Friends Of Kirt Jacobs
Friends Of Kitty For Oregon
Friends Of Konrad M Wayson
Friends Of Kosman For Judge
Friends Of Kristin Muir
Friends Of Kristin Thompson
Friends Of Kristine Shaw
Friends Of Kurt Bradburn
Friends Of Kurt Cavanaugh
Friends Of Kurt Lowry
Friends Of L. Jack Lutz
Friends Of La Realtors
Friends Of Lacey Schools
Friends Of Lamar Lemmons
Friends Of Lambertville Public School
Friends Of Lamott Ebron For State-Representative
Friends Of Lance T. Mason For State Representative
Friends Of Lani Kawahara
Friends Of Larry
Friends Of Larry Cramblett
Friends Of Larry Crider
Friends Of Larry Dominick
Friends Of Larry Edmonds
Friends Of Larry Myers
Friends Of Larry Pankey
Friends Of Larry Price
Friends Of Larry Spicer
Friends Of Latrice Westbrooks
Friends Of Lau Pannucci Conti And Calderone
Friends Of Laura De Castro
Friends Of Laura Gillen
Friends Of Laura Ruderman
Friends Of Laurette
Friends Of Laurie Monnes Anderson
Friends Of Laurie Zaneski
Friends Of Lawrence Andolino
Friends Of Layne Diehl
Friends Of Lee Ferrell
Friends Of Lee Lundrigan
Friends Of Lee Mcintosh
Friends Of Lee Rosner
Friends Of Leesa Perazzo
Friends Of Lei Sharsh
Friends Of Lei Song
Friends Of Len Kowalski
Friends Of Leon Mcclaflin
Friends Of Leroy Comrie
Friends Of Lew Barnes
Friends Of Lewis Long
Friends Of Lex Johnston
Friends Of Libby Garvey
Friends Of Lili Bosse
Friends Of Lin-Dai Kendall
Friends Of Linda Flores
Friends Of Linda For 4J
Friends Of Linda Hall
Friends Of Linda Ichiyama
Friends Of Linda Kabot
Friends Of Linda Kabot Count On Kabot Campaign
Friends Of Lindsay P. Henry
Friends Of Ling Ling Chang
Friends Of Lisa Borders
Friends Of Lisa Gladden
Friends Of Lisa Woolery
Friends Of Liz Kniss
Friends Of Lloyd Banks
Friends Of Lobo For City Council
Friends Of Lois Deberry
Friends Of Lois Garey
Friends Of Long Beach - A Committee Supporting Vice-Mayor Garcia
Friends Of Loren Baker
Friends Of Lori A Boozer
Friends Of Lorne Adrain
Friends Of Lorraine R. Inouye
Friends Of Los Angeles
Friends Of Lou Jones
Friends Of Lou Martin
Friends Of Louie Lujan
Friends Of Louis Inc
Friends Of Louisiana Real Estate
Friends Of Luann Poti
Friends Of Luanne
Friends Of Lucy Nesheim
Friends Of Luella Costales
Friends Of Luke Scroggins
Friends Of Lyn Shaw
Friends Of Madison County Pac
Friends Of Maggy Krell For District Attorney 2014
Friends Of Major Riddick
Friends Of Make Oakland Better Now
Friends Of Manuel Castaneda
Friends Of Marc Coda
Friends Of Marc Elrich
Friends Of Margaret Carroll
Friends Of Maria Baez
Friends Of Maria Grunwald Agazaryan
Friends Of Maria T. Viramontes
Friends Of Marilyn Balcombe
Friends Of Mario Dire
Friends Of Mario F Hernandez For City Council
Friends Of Mario Mattera
Friends Of Marion Fry 2014
Friends Of Mark Barnett
Friends Of Mark Battaglia
Friends Of Mark Clear
Friends Of Mark Cuthbertson
Friends Of Mark Desaulnier
Friends Of Mark Fang
Friends Of Mark Farouk
Friends Of Mark Foley
Friends Of Mark Frazer
Friends Of Mark Garcia
Friends Of Mark Grozio
Friends Of Mark Hashem
Friends Of Mark Herring
Friends Of Mark Johnson
Friends Of Mark Leyes
Friends Of Mark Nakashima
Friends Of Mark Nuaimi
Friends Of Mark Painter
Friends Of Mark Rozmus
Friends Of Mark Rozzi
Friends Of Mark Rupprecht
Friends Of Mark Sandridge
Friends Of Mark Snyder
Friends Of Mark Weprin 2013
Friends Of Mark Whited
Friends Of Mark Wright For Supervisor 2012
Friends Of Marlborough Township
Friends Of Marleen Suarez
Friends Of Marlene Canter
Friends Of Marlene Carlson For Circuit Clerk
Friends Of Marlon Millner
Friends Of Marta Lebreton
Friends Of Martha Niland Lamparelli
Friends Of Martha Shugart
Friends Of Marti Allbright
Friends Of Martin Beeson
Friends Of Martin Causer
Friends Of Martin Dubinski
Friends Of Martin Rogowsky
Friends Of Marty Golden
Friends Of Marty Kerins
Friends Of Mary Ann Love
Friends Of Mary Esther Bell
Friends Of Mary Gallegos
Friends Of Mary Kane
Friends Of Mary Newby
Friends Of Marybeth Mcgowan
Friends Of Matt Bartolo
Friends Of Matt Brown
Friends Of Matt Burden
Friends Of Matt Davis
Friends Of Matt Lesser
Friends Of Matthew A. Guerra
Friends Of Matthew Dodrill
Friends Of Matthew J. Farrell
Friends Of Matthew Meng
Friends Of Matthew Pachman
Friends Of Matthew Stegman
Friends Of Maura Kelly
Friends Of Maureen Kelly
Friends Of Maureen Maguire
Friends Of Max Williams For State Representative
Friends Of Maxine Postal
Friends Of May Mizuno
Friends Of May Newburger
Friends Of Mayor Freeola
Friends Of Mcdonnell For Sheriff 2014
Friends Of Mcgrady
Friends Of Mckinley Price For Mayor Pac Political Action Committee
Friends Of Mcnamara
Friends Of Meagan Biello
Friends Of Measure E
Friends Of Megan Lynott
Friends Of Melody Scalley
Friends Of Melvin Hollowell Committee
Friends Of Mia Love
Friends Of Micah Lasher
Friends Of Michael Alonge
Friends Of Michael Athmer
Friends Of Michael Bieker
Friends Of Michael Colon
Friends Of Michael Debose
Friends Of Michael Fitzpatrick
Friends Of Michael Frey
Friends Of Michael G. Sak State
Friends Of Michael Hitchings
Friends Of Michael J Plowman
Friends Of Michael Kaplowitz
Friends Of Michael Klein
Friends Of Michael Kurtianyk
Friends Of Michael L. Williams
Friends Of Michael Linder
Friends Of Michael Magne
Friends Of Michael Morrill
Friends Of Michael Reilly
Friends Of Michael Scotto
Friends Of Michael See
Friends Of Michael Stafford
Friends Of Michael Sussman
Friends Of Michael Vaughn
Friends Of Michele Nash-Hoff
Friends Of Michell Skipworth
Friends Of Michelle Hilhorst
Friends Of Michelle Kidani
Friends Of Mike Amodeo
Friends Of Mike Breslin
Friends Of Mike Bryant
Friends Of Mike Cary
Friends Of Mike Curtin
Friends Of Mike Davis Ohana
Friends Of Mike Dell
Friends Of Mike Delph
Friends Of Mike Doyle
Friends Of Mike Duncan
Friends Of Mike Einhorn
Friends Of Mike Gardner
Friends Of Mike Gianaris
Friends Of Mike Gordon
Friends Of Mike Hanley
Friends Of Mike Hilgers
Friends Of Mike Hope
Friends Of Mike Kelleher, Inc.
Friends Of Mike Knapp
Friends Of Mike Kowall For State Rep
Friends Of Mike Kowall For State Senate
Friends Of Mike Ludwig
Friends Of Mike Makela
Friends Of Mike May
Friends Of Mike Mcallister
Friends Of Mike Mcdowell
Friends Of Mike Oliverio
Friends Of Mike Robinson
Friends Of Mike Thompson
Friends Of Mike Turner
Friends Of Mike Wensman
Friends Of Mildred S Wheeler
Friends Of Miles
Friends Of Milt Grady
Friends Of Mindy Jaffe
Friends Of Mineral Area College Pac
Friends Of Mo
Friends Of Mohegan Sun
Friends Of Mokena
Friends Of Molly Clifford
Friends Of Monica Keenan
Friends Of Monserrate
Friends Of Morgan Griffith
Friends Of Morgan Osborne
Friends Of Morgan Philpot
Friends Of Morongo Basin Schools
Friends Of Moses Dixon
Friends Of Mount Sinai Medical Center
Friends Of Mpc, Yes On Measure I
Friends Of Mullaney And Paolini
Friends Of Mykale Garrett
Friends Of Myron Lowery
Friends Of Nadine Hunt-Robinson
Friends Of Nancy E English
Friends Of Nancy Floreen
Friends Of Nancy K Samuel
Friends Of Nancy Macmorris-Adix
Friends Of Naomie Jean-Philippe
Friends Of Nathan M Haney
Friends Of Natural Gas Pac, Inc.
Friends Of Nayab Siddiqui
Friends Of Neal Goodman
Friends Of Neil Lynch
Friends Of Neil Quinter
Friends Of Nell Soto
Friends Of Nicholas Bouquet
Friends Of Nicholas Desando
Friends Of Nick Micozzie
Friends Of Nick Molnar For Council
Friends Of Nick Moraitakis
Friends Of Nick Rerras
Friends Of Nicole M Price
Friends Of Noach Dear
Friends Of Noam Bramson
Friends Of Norman Siegel
Friends Of Norman T. Pruitt, Jr.
Friends Of Norman Wood
Friends Of Npgop 2008
Friends Of Npgop Campaign 2009
Friends Of Ntcc-Pac
Friends Of Obie Patterson
Friends Of Oc
Friends Of Odette Ramos
Friends Of Ohio Hospitals
Friends Of Olga Butler
Friends Of Orrin Johnson
Friends Of Oscar Mendoza
Friends Of Otterman
Friends Of Ovid-Elsie
Friends Of Pam Oconnor
Friends Of Pam Roth
Friends Of Pam Slater 2004
Friends Of Pamela Spradling
Friends Of Parks
Friends Of Pat A Jones
Friends Of Pat Farr
Friends Of Pat Gordon
Friends Of Pat Spychala
Friends Of Pat Steadman
Friends Of Pat Strebel
Friends Of Pat Vecchio
Friends Of Patricia Acampora
Friends Of Patrick Arnold
Friends Of Patrick Gonzales
Friends Of Patrick Lynch
Friends Of Patrick Sheehan
Friends Of Patsy Bonincontri
Friends Of Patti Grande-Rieder
Friends Of Patton
Friends Of Patty Berg
Friends Of Paul 2009
Friends Of Paul Annunziato
Friends Of Paul Davis
Friends Of Paul J. Donato
Friends Of Paul J. Tavares
Friends Of Paul Jennings
Friends Of Paul Moreno
Friends Of Paul Newell, Inc.
Friends Of Paul Olijar
Friends Of Paul Senzer
Friends Of Paul Vallone
Friends Of Paul Wilkening
Friends Of Pavel Payano
Friends Of Pedro Nava
Friends Of Penny Kotterman
Friends Of Pete Mcgowan
Friends Of Peter Coffey
Friends Of Peter Hormel
Friends Of Peter Hurtado
Friends Of Peter J Creegan
Friends Of Peter Mayer
Friends Of Peter Morra
Friends Of Peter Murphy
Friends Of Peter Nichols
Friends Of Peter Parsons
Friends Of Peter Silva For Congress
Friends Of Peter W Kelderhouse
Friends Of Phil Andrews
Friends Of Phil Fortunato
Friends Of Phil Giltner
Friends Of Phil Hanson
Friends Of Phil Hawkins
Friends Of Phil Henderson For Deschutes County Commissioner
Friends Of Phillip Dabney Jr
Friends Of Phillip Hamilton
Friends Of Phoenix
Friends Of Phyllis Quatman For Judge
Friends Of Pia Harris
Friends Of Pierre Gilbert For Laguna Hills City Council 2010
Friends Of Pilla Committee
Friends Of Pineyro For Senate
Friends Of Port Freeport
Friends Of Poway Unified School District
Friends Of Poway Unified Schools
Friends Of Pueo
Friends Of Quality Education Political Action Committee
Friends Of Rachel Kern
Friends Of Ralph Hudgens
Friends Of Ralph J Bisquert
Friends Of Ramona Barnes
Friends Of Rancho Santa Fe Schools, Yes On Prop. Y
Friends Of Randall H Gorman 2010
Friends Of Randall Wilson
Friends Of Randy Franke
Friends Of Randy Leonard
Friends Of Randy Wells
Friends Of Rashawn Davis
Friends Of Ray Meier
Friends Of Ray Overton
Friends Of Raymond Bigelow
Friends Of Raymond Capone
Friends Of Raynard Torres
Friends Of Rebecca Kane
Friends Of Rebecca Nightingale
Friends Of Rebekah Bowers
Friends Of Redding (For)
Friends Of Reed Shiraki
Friends Of Renee Butts
Friends Of Renee Gill Pratt
Friends Of Representative Bob Ryan
Friends Of Rex Smith
Friends Of Rich Blumenthal
Friends Of Rich Borer
Friends Of Rich Cappelli
Friends Of Rich Costello
Friends Of Rich Vial
Friends Of Richard Baker
Friends Of Richard Devlin
Friends Of Richard Fale
Friends Of Richard Goddard
Friends Of Richard M Badger
Friends Of Richard Nuttall
Friends Of Richard Romero
Friends Of Richard Simmons For State's Attorney
Friends Of Richard Wishnie
Friends Of Richard Zaccaria
Friends Of Rick Dollinger
Friends Of Rick Hutcheson
Friends Of Rick Koch 2002
Friends Of Rick Miller
Friends Of Rick Nava
Friends Of Rick Perry
Friends Of Rick Rose
Friends Of Rick Smith
Friends Of Rick Wolfe
Friends Of Rickie L. Richards
Friends Of Rj Smith
Friends Of Rob Garagiola
Friends Of Rob Gardier
Friends Of Rob Hanlon
Friends Of Rob Schaaf
Friends Of Rob Wheeler
Friends Of Rob White
Friends Of Robert Bobby Talley
Friends Of Robert Brown
Friends Of Robert C. Newman
Friends Of Robert Cermeli
Friends Of Robert D. Barra
Friends Of Robert Estes
Friends Of Robert Goldsobel
Friends Of Robert Harris
Friends Of Robert Keesler
Friends Of Robert Paul Spencer
Friends Of Robert Ricketts
Friends Of Robert Sauceda
Friends Of Robert Straniere
Friends Of Robert Wittenberg
Friends Of Robert Yochem
Friends Of Roberto Uranga For College Board
Friends Of Robin Kelly Sheares
Friends Of Robin Sutherland
Friends Of Rocco Elefante
Friends Of Rocky Chin
Friends Of Rodney Arthur
Friends Of Roger Madon
Friends Of Roland Davis
Friends Of Roland Talton
Friends Of Romano For Mayor
Friends Of Ron Agor
Friends Of Ron Holt
Friends Of Ron San Angelo
Friends Of Ron Villanueva
Friends Of Ron White
Friends Of Ronald Barron
Friends Of Rose Cook
Friends Of Rose Walker
Friends Of Rosemarie Okeefe
Friends Of Ross Hunter
Friends Of Ross Walden
Friends Of Roussan Etienne Jr.
Friends Of Roy Herron
Friends Of Ruben Gallego
Friends Of Ruben Marquez II
Friends Of Russ Bogh
Friends Of Russ Chilton
Friends Of Russ Decker
Friends Of Russ Millette
Friends Of Russ Purvis
Friends Of Russell Kokubun
Friends Of Russell Turner
Friends Of Rusty Cates
Friends Of Rvc
Friends Of Rw Jenna
Friends Of S Archye Leacock
Friends Of Safe And Clean Santa Monica Beaches Yes On Proposition V
Friends Of Sal Pennelle
Friends Of Sally Zuniga Flowers
Friends Of Sam Allevato Against The Recall
Friends Of Sam Blakeslee
Friends Of Sam Moku
Friends Of Sam Nixon
Friends Of Sam Yingling
Friends Of San Jose Evergreen College Yes On G 2010
Friends Of Sandra Abercrombie
Friends Of Sandra Douglas
Friends Of Sandra Stabile Harwood
Friends Of Sandra Vassos
Friends Of Sandy Garrett
Friends Of Sandy Gordon
Friends Of Santa Rosa City Schools
Friends Of Santos
Friends Of Sara Gonzalez Committee
Friends Of Saschane Stephenson
Friends Of Satchell
Friends Of Schoenberg
Friends Of Scot Mckenzie
Friends Of Scott E Desjarlais
Friends Of Scott Fernandez
Friends Of Scott Fishkind
Friends Of Scott Hammond
Friends Of Scott Hollis
Friends Of Scott Hughes In The Lockport 5Th, Inc.
Friends Of Scott Mills
Friends Of Scott Nishimoto
Friends Of Scott Saiki
Friends Of Scott Starr
Friends Of Sean Bielat
Friends Of Sean Holihan
Friends Of Sean Kilkenny
Friends Of Sean M. O'laughlin
Friends Of Sean Malone
Friends Of Sean O'donovan
Friends Of Seattle Victory Fund
Friends Of Senator Edd Houck
Friends Of Serena Cruz
Friends Of Shaffer For Senate
Friends Of Shaker Nelanuthala
Friends Of Shane Broadway-State Senate Campaign
Friends Of Shannon For City Council, 2012
Friends Of Shantiel Simon
Friends Of Sharon Nelson
Friends Of Sharon Wallin
Friends Of Shaun Kawakami
Friends Of Shawn Boyd
Friends Of Shawn Hamamoto
Friends Of Shawn Keene
Friends Of Sheamus Bonner
Friends Of Shelley Truex For Family Court Judge
Friends Of Shelly
Friends Of Shep Wilbun
Friends Of Sheriff Lee Baca
Friends Of Sheriff Lee Baca
Friends Of Sherri Butterfield
Friends Of Sherry Nealon-Fanucci
Friends Of Sheryl Delozier
Friends Of Shirley Gee
Friends Of Shirley Horton
Friends Of Shirley Price
Friends Of Shoemyer
Friends Of Shop Dine And Play In Ocean City
Friends Of Sidikman
Friends Of Sierra College - Yes On B
Friends Of Silver Falls School District
Friends Of Smithies Newyork
Friends Of Spadaro
Friends Of Spear Lancaster
Friends Of Stace Nelson
Friends Of Stacey Reece For A Better Hall County
Friends Of Stan Fox
Friends Of Stan Koki
Friends Of Staszak
Friends Of Stephanie Mcclellan
Friends Of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Friends Of Stephanie Singer
Friends Of Stephen R Long
Friends Of Stephen Strader
Friends Of Steve Bailey
Friends Of Steve Dicterow
Friends Of Steve Dougherty
Friends Of Steve Kestell
Friends Of Steve Kinsey
Friends Of Steve Malfitano
Friends Of Steve Mintline
Friends Of Steve Neuenschwander
Friends Of Steve Newgard
Friends Of Steve Newman
Friends Of Steve Oppenheimer
Friends Of Steve Russo
Friends Of Steve Shaffer
Friends Of Steve Tolliver
Friends Of Steven Choi 08
Friends Of Steven Puckett Jr
Friends Of Steven W Blake
Friends Of Stewart Greenleaf
Friends Of Stu Brody
Friends Of Suarez
Friends Of Suffolk Downs
Friends Of Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson 2008
Friends Of Susan 2006
Friends Of Susan 2006, Inc.
Friends Of Susan 2010, Inc.
Friends Of Susan A. Berland
Friends Of Susan Anderson
Friends Of Susan C. Lee
Friends Of Susan Cacace-Dibbini
Friends Of Susan Fong
Friends Of Susan Hartley
Friends Of Susan Morgan
Friends Of Suzanne Gallagher
Friends Of Suzanne Shumway
Friends Of Sy Smith Inc
Friends Of Syaed Ali
Friends Of Tallmadge Fire & Ems
Friends Of Talmadge Branch
Friends Of Tamara Otero
Friends Of Tashea Brodgins
Friends Of Ted Erickson
Friends Of Ted Lempert Committee
Friends Of Ted Lieu
Friends Of Ted Mason
Friends Of Ted Vigilante
Friends Of Tee Gorham
Friends Of Terez Amato
Friends Of Terica Lamb
Friends Of Terrence J Mcguire
Friends Of Terrie L. Suit
Friends Of Terry Barnard
Friends Of Terry Beyer
Friends Of Terry Lavalley
Friends Of Terry Norman
Friends Of Texas Tea Party Pac
Friends Of The 520 Corridor - Neighbors Opposing Prop 1
Friends Of The Benzie Bus
Friends Of The Border Patrol
Friends Of The Boy Scouts
Friends Of The Chairman
Friends Of The Cia-Fbi-Nsa
Friends Of The Committee To Recall Alberta Dalring
Friends Of The Eighth District
Friends Of The Fire District
Friends Of The Firefighters
Friends Of The Fresno Chamberpac
Friends Of The Great Park Pac
Friends Of The Kpoa
Friends Of The Montrose Community Recreation Center
Friends Of The Msboa Pac
Friends Of The North Sacramento School District
Friends Of The San Joaquin Valley Political Action Committee
Friends Of The Schools
Friends Of The Seminole Tribe Cce
Friends Of The Taxpayers
Friends Of The Texas Latina Caucus
Friends Of The Town Of Delafield Fire Department
Friends Of The Town Toyota Center
Friends Of The Track Pac
Friends Of The University Political Action Comm.
Friends Of The West Lafayette Taxpayer
Friends Of Thelma Harper
Friends Of Themis
Friends Of Theresa M Roche
Friends Of Therese Sander
Friends Of Thomas F Diviny
Friends Of Thomas Frank
Friends Of Thomas G Shaughnessy
Friends Of Thomas W Reming
Friends Of Tidwell
Friends Of Tim Drea
Friends Of Tim Green
Friends Of Tim Holler
Friends Of Tim Hugo
Friends Of Tim Male
Friends Of Tim Moore
Friends Of Tim Schmitz
Friends Of Tim Smith
Friends Of Tim Walton For Assessor
Friends Of Timothy M Sempf
Friends Of Tina Pierce
Friends Of Tiom Driscoll
Friends Of Tobias Russo
Friends Of Todd Kritzwiser
Friends Of Toi W Hutchinson
Friends Of Tom Berg
Friends Of Tom Calderon
Friends Of Tom Cerizo
Friends Of Tom Corbett
Friends Of Tom Einhouse For School Board
Friends Of Tom Eldridge
Friends Of Tom Fox
Friends Of Tom George
Friends Of Tom Hallinan
Friends Of Tom Leonard
Friends Of Tom Martin
Friends Of Tom Mccarthy
Friends Of Tom Mccarthy
Friends Of Tom Mcgarrigle
Friends Of Tom Milton
Friends Of Tom Moss
Friends Of Tom Norman
Friends Of Tom Reeves
Friends Of Tom Reitano
Friends Of Tom Roberts
Friends Of Tom Rust
Friends Of Tom Saunders For State Representative
Friends Of Tom Schweich
Friends Of Tom Suozzi
Friends Of Tom Umberg
Friends Of Tom Wyss Committee
Friends Of Tommie Broadwater
Friends Of Toni L. Foulkes
Friends Of Tony Barton
Friends Of Tony Campbell
Friends Of Tony Corcoran
Friends Of Tony Lam 2010 For Midway City Sanitary District
Friends Of Tracey Austin
Friends Of Tracey Liskey
Friends Of Tracy Nakano Bean
Friends Of Transit
Friends Of Trapani For Mayor
Friends Of Trauma Star
Friends Of Travis Bird
Friends Of Trevor Reid
Friends Of Trip Pittman
Friends Of Troutdale Police
Friends Of Tyler Hill
Friends Of Ucc
Friends Of United Immigrants Slate
Friends Of Utd
Friends Of Val Verde Schools - Yes On L
Friends Of Valerie Longhurst
Friends Of Van Wanggaard
Friends Of Vaughan Toney
Friends Of Vellie Dietrich Hall
Friends Of Vernon Holmes
Friends Of Vicki Berger
Friends Of Victoria Delaguerra Seaman
Friends Of Victoria Franks
Friends Of Vince Difilippo
Friends Of Vinnie Vesce
Friends Of Virgil Wiles
Friends Of Virginia Dixon
Friends Of Virginia Tompkins For Judge
Friends Of Vivian Fisher
Friends Of Wallace
Friends Of Wally Straughn
Friends Of Walter Hughes
Friends Of Walter Long
Friends Of Wanda Brown
Friends Of Washo And Clauss
Friends Of Wayne Coates
Friends Of Wayne H. Brown
Friends Of Wesley Reed
Friends Of West Hollywood
Friends Of West Hollywood A Committee To Elect
Friends Of West Lafayette Community Schools
Friends Of West Michigan Business-Gr Area Chamber
Friends Of White County Schools
Friends Of Will Barclay
Friends Of Will Hobbs
Friends Of Will Oswall
Friends Of William J. Kelly
Friends Of Yolanda Fuentes
Friends Of Yossi
Friends Of Zach Dasher, Inc.
Friends Of Zach Greenhill
Friends Of Zachary Hatcher
Friends Of Zeke Kalua
Friends Of Zina Pierre
Friends Supporting Debra Walker For Supervisor 2010
Friends Supporting Jim Mcdonnell For La County Sheriff 2014
Friends Supporting Michele Martinez For City Council 2014
Friends To Elect Alan King Probate Judge Pl 2
Friends To Elect Barron Banks
Friends To Elect Cathy Young
Friends To Elect Charles Londo
Friends To Elect Christine M. Tartaglione
Friends To Elect Con Rivers To Congress 2010
Friends To Elect Connie Ladner For Circuit Clerk
Friends To Elect Dan Fuller
Friends To Elect Dave Bailey
Friends To Elect Dawn Mccoy
Friends To Elect Deb Young For Mdj
Friends To Elect Dennis Suskind
Friends To Elect Don Large
Friends To Elect Donna Kalunian
Friends To Elect Elizabeth Bookspan
Friends To Elect Elliott Muse
Friends To Elect Eric Pettigrew
Friends To Elect Felipe I Rodriguez
Friends To Elect Frank Edwardi For Council At Large
Friends To Elect Frederick Collins
Friends To Elect Greg Shaw
Friends To Elect Heidi Sellers
Friends To Elect Jeff Brown
Friends To Elect Joe Booth
Friends To Elect John Bocciolatt For Sheriff
Friends To Elect John Daley
Friends To Elect John Willingham County Commission
Friends To Elect Julie Weller, Inc.
Friends To Elect Kady Ann Davy
Friends To Elect Karla Templeton County Commission
Friends To Elect Kaye Whitehead
Friends To Elect Ken Dooner
Friends To Elect Kristy Sprague
Friends To Elect Latrina Carr
Friends To Elect Ledford
Friends To Elect Lois Mcmahan
Friends To Elect Louise Kern
Friends To Elect Marilyn Rasmussen Campaign 2004
Friends To Elect Mark A King
Friends To Elect Mark Allen
Friends To Elect Melissa Harrell
Friends To Elect Michael Stinfer
Friends To Elect Patrick Slattery
Friends To Elect Percy Bland
Friends To Elect Rich David
Friends To Elect Rick Campbell
Friends To Elect Ricki Barlow
Friends To Elect Robert Shuler Smith
Friends To Elect Roger Crandall
Friends To Elect Scott Stopa
Friends To Elect Steve Southerland
Friends To Elect Stevens Mayor 2012
Friends To Elect Susanna Lisotto
Friends To Elect Teefy & Germanio, Councilmen
Friends To Elect Tony Knotts
Friends To Elect Tyrone P. Dumas For Miwaukee Cty
Friends To Elect William Gaylor
Friends To Elect William H.Goodman
Friends To Elect William Hornbarger
Friends To Elect Yvonne Bolton
Friends To Re-Elect Addie Eckardt
Friends To Re-Elect Judge Koon
Friends To Re-Elect Norman H. Conway
Friends To Reelect Sharon Cissna
Friends To Support Todd Rogers For Sheriff 2014
Friends To Win
Friendsofpeter Teahen
Frisbee For Congress Campaign Committee
Frisco Area Republican Women
Fritz Volunteer Committee
From Our Hands To Yours
From The Roots Up, Inc.
Frommer For Asssembly 2002
Frontier And Rural New Mexico Political Action Committee
Frost Committee, Aka Committee To Elect Paul Frost
Frost For Dnc Chair
Frriends Of Thomas Spencer
Frugal Hoosiers For Mitch
Frumin At Large
Fsaa Cce
Ft. Lauderdale Residents Opposed To Taxpayer Abuse
Ft. Worth Firefighters Committee Fo
Fta Pac, Inc
Ftba Transportation Pac
Fts International Texas Political Action Committee
Fuel Merchants Assoc Of N J For Good Government
Fuelcell Transport Pac
Fulbright & Jaworski L L P Texas Com
Fulton County Democratic Committee
Fulton County Republican Committee
Fund Against Corruption In Texas
Fund For A Better Iowa
Fund For A Conservative Future Non-Federal Account
Fund For A Progressive Georgia, Inc.
Fund For A Prosperous Maine
Fund For A Republican Future
Fund For A Secure America
Fund For A Stronger Iowa
Fund For A Working Majority
Fund For American Opportunity- Educational & State Accounts
Fund For Colorado's Energy Future
Fund For Floridas Future
Fund For Freedom Committee, Inc.
Fund For Freedom Inc
Fund For Genetic Equity
Fund For Georgias Future
Fund For Green Values
Fund For Michigans Future
Fund For Nevadas Future
Fund For Pa Leadership
Fund For The Future Of Virginia
Fund To Protect Working Hoosiers
Fund To Uphold The Constitution
Funds Per Call, Inc.
Funkhouser For Kansas City
Furnari For Senate, Inc.
Furniture Industry Pac Sponcered By Calif Furniture Manufacturers Asso
Fuse Votes
Future Conservative Leaders Independent Expend Pac
Future Conservative Leadership Committee
Future Deeds
Future Democrats Of America
Future Florida Leaders
Future Freedom For Oklahoma
Future Is Bright Campaign
Future Is Ours America Committee
Future Leaders Of Maryland Pac
Future Leaders Pac Inc
Future Leadership Committee
Future Leadership Organization
Future Mississippi Pac, Inc.
Future Of Racing In Oregon Group Pac
Future Of Texas Pac
Future Pac
Future Pac
Future Prince William
Future Tennessee Pac
Futurepac, Llc
Futuro Pac


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